October 5th, 2008

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do you ever run into people from the past and find it to be really awkward? or how do you feel when this happens? what did you say? what did you wish you said?

tonight i was at the store and in front of me in line was my foster dad from 2 years ago when i lived in foster care. it was really awkward and i kinda freaked out. i was really nice and said hi and stuff and asked him how he was, but what i really wanted to say was "thanks for giving a shit about us after we left asshole" i kinda wished i did but im glad i didnt.

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For the people who watch anime,

Would you please list the series you've seen?
Would you tell me which were your favourites?

Since apparently only non-anime watchers are on TQC right now, what is your favorite popsicle flavour?

Do you have a favorite M&M colour?

Speaking of dreams...

TQC, I had a dream last night that I was singing very loudly and equally as horribly in my car at the world's longest stop light with my windows down and the lady next to me kept giving me dirty looks. i can't remember if she actually said anything though, I woke up feeling embarrassed.
What would you have done if you were her?
What song will you loudly and shamelessly rock in your car? My ex and my friend and I used to always have to be ridiculous when we heard Wham!'s Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go) I should have assumed he preferred peen to vag then, y/y?
I was in the liquor store and saw white grape flavored vodka, would this taste like more alcohoic wine? What flavor vodka do you drink?
How impressive are you? Will you impress me?

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TQC, I'm moving house in less than two weeks!

This is good, because one of my current housemates is a drama llama. Now, I'm trying to decide which day to move.

Considering the following removalists' rates, against the fact that I want to get away from Drama LlamaTM asap., which day do you think I should move?

Saturday: (The previous girl moves out of my new room.)
Sunday: $120/hr
Monday: $90/hr
Tuesday $76.5/hr

I can get the day off work Mon or Tues with no problems.

[Edit:] Yeah yeah, you're right, Tuesday's the best idea. *kicks dirt* Goshdarnit TQC, you're just so sensible...

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if your friend makes you do something you dont really have the money for and that you dont want to go because of money but you would otherwise, so they pay do you feel obligated to pay them back?
This is so ridiculous.
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Why is photobucket soooooo agonizingly slow tonight? I want to upload my pictures so I can regal tqc_updates with descriptions of the Push Button Hotel, but it's seriously gonna take me like two hours to upload fourteen pictures. For Christ's sake. Anyway.

What do you suggest I do with four Peace Corps shirts I still own (two of which are polos)? I could probably get away with wearing the tshirts, but only a tool will walking around in polos for an organization they are no longer a part of.

Does it piss you off when people end sentences in prepositions?

What is your favorite mnemonic device?
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quick! I just messed up my laptop power cord bad. I like accidentally split it, and the inside metal wire is exposed and like...snipped and frayed. I have NO MONEY. Can I fix it? Quick! My battery is running out fast.

Random question at 2 AM:

Do anyone remember the first song they heard, or have any childhood songs? Do they bring back any strong memories? I'm just curious, since I was talking about this with my sister.

My childhood songs were "You Are My Sunshine" and "I Will", by The Beatles, which my mom used to sing to me, and Elton John's Madman Across the Water, which my dad used to play for me.
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I'm watching Sex and the City (the movie).. why does Carrie have duct tape on her cellphone? I mean is it there for a certain reason? I've never seen the TV series so idk.

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tqc, maybe you can explain this insanity.

my ex's friend wants to trade his truck + the rest of the loan for my ex's car. the truck is worth around $6k, according to this. my ex's friend took out a loan which, a year later, still has $14k left to be paid. WTF.

in addition, my ex actually WANTS TO GO THROUGH WITH THIS. his car is worth around $1k. WHAT IS THIS SHIT? why the hell was the loan for so much and why the fuck does my ex want to take on the remainder of this loan?
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1. How would/do you feel about dating someone who is significantly more intelligent (as in, book smart) than you are?

Edit #2 Sorry. I decided to reword this question a bit and get right to the point...
2. Let's say that you're in a relationship with someone who loves to play WoW. Suppose that for many reasons - time, money, energy, to name a few - you are not interested in pursuing this hobby. Your partner enjoys discussing the game extensively with you, though, and seems to have not caught on that you sadly do not care. Do you tell them this, or avoid insulting them and feign interest?

3. What's your favorite type of salad dressing?

Thanks for responding. :)
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If you care, which current Broadway show's closing is the saddest? Legally Blonde, [title of show], Xanadu, RENT, etc.

For me, it's Legally Blonde. I don't care what anyone says, that show is kickass. I don't know [tos] that well, but from what little I've heard, I LOVE it. Just think it might have done better Off-Broadway.
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I just went to the market to buy food. I had $4 in my pocket on the way out. This $4 needs to last me until Tuesday. While walking to my car a man asked if I had any change, I lied and said no. Then guilt got to me and I turned around and gave him my LAST $4.

1. Was this stupid?
2. What would you have done?
3. If you believe in Karma how will I be rewarded?
4. Since I have NO money now, what are you going to cook for me?

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tqc, what really good movies would you recommend to a 19 year old guy? he likes pulp fiction and american history x and zombie movies and boondock saints and super troopers. i already downloaded the dark knight and am going to make him watch it asap but i need more movies for us to watch, because we're running out of episodes of penn and teller's bullshit and there's nothing on tv at 7 am.

eta: i will also be watching this movies and i hate really gorey stuff like saw and texas chainsaw massacre and stuff.

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1. What's a book or movie that you have found inspirational or uplifting?

2. Will you share something that reflects your personal sense of humor, whether you think other people will 'get it' or not? For example, one day when there were a lot of picture posts, I had the urge to post one that said 'post a picture of yourself in the dark with no flash,' just to see how many people would join in and post solid black images.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I want to go as a sea urchin for Halloween, so I wanted to stick my hair up those liberty spikes.

My hair is a few inches past my shoulders. Should I get it cut so it's shorter, or can I pull it off as is? Also, what do I use in my hair to make it stick out like that?

EDIT: Oh yeah, and how difficult will it be to get whatever styling products I use out of my hair?


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There are always one or two ants crawling on/around my bed, desk, and computer. I feel like they love my computer because there is always one crawling on it, even though it's clean. I sprayed the window and corners with Raid, but there's always one or two freaking ants. What do I do to get rid of them?

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Abortion: for or against?

Would our country fall with a woman president?

Do you believe in the death penalty?

Are you for or against premarital sex?

Do you believe in God?

Do you think same sex marriage should be legalized?

Do you think its wrong that so many Hispanics are moving to the USA?

A 12 year old girl has a baby should she keep it?

Should the alcohol age be lowered to 18?

Do you believe in spanking your children?

A mother is declared innocent after murdering her 5 children in a temporary insanity case what do you think?


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This morning when I woke up I got this text message from one of my really good friends:

"Get this... yesterday, my loony mother got taken away. My whole street was blocked w/ like sixteen cops, an ambulence, and a fire truck... I had quite a day yesterday. I'm soo exhausted. And dude im fuckin traumatized. When they brought her out of the house cuffed, she gave me the dirtiest look ever. I dont think ill ever forget it. She even kicked out the back window of the cop car... Anyways shes in prison right now and in a bit she'll be institutionalized. "

What am I supposed to say to something like that?
What can I do for her?
How can I help her?
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1. I was at the gym today and for whatever reason, started looking at everyone's hands. I only saw one person (male) wearing a wedding ring/band. Do married people not go to the gym? Do they have better/happier things to do? More interesting ways of exercising? Or do people not wear their wedding jewelry to the gym? When I was married, I literally NEVER took off my ring.

2. Do you know of anyone who has cheated during the "honeymoon phase" of a relationship?

3. I like to cook. No one ever taught me how, though. Everything I do cook comes out well but I have no technique so I end up using a million and one dishes because things get confusing during preparation and I often avoid certain recipes because I don't understand like, three phrases and have no one to really call for advice. Is there anywhere I could learn what things like "browning the meat" (is that cooking it all the way through? making it so some of it is brown? all of it?), "cook the meat til it's heated all the way through", all the different cooking techniques (braising, broiling, etc) mean, without taking an in person class and without googling a new term every time I come across it? (I have a feeling this whole question doesn't make sense).

4. If you don't know the answer to 3, are you the same way as me? A decent cook without any technique?

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My SO and I have a bunch of people over every Sunday for football. We drink, have dinner, and the guests USUALLY leave at 12/1 AM.

I have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow and bedtime needs to be 11 at the very latest.

My questions, because I'm HORRIBLE at this sort of thing:

At what time would it be reasonable to kick everyone out tonight?
How do I let everyone know that it's time to leave without being rude or whiny?

LJ features

Looks like LJ has expanded features to include texting and a couple other things. Or maybe it's always been there and I never noticed.

Anyone out there use the instant messaging feature?

Which client do you use?

Do you use it for its special features or was it just a random pick?
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are alot of the active askmeanything community members TQC rejects?

i mean, i belong to both for whatever reason, and i see posts every once in a while about "why did u get denied from tqc?!?!?"

why would you post in ama when you can post in tqc?

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What was the last gift you gave someone?

Have you ever given a gift to someone and they have reacted negatively to it? What did they say?

What's the most expensive gift you've ever given someone?
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I have 1 real close friend that i can talk to about anything, any time. he's a gay male and my ex boyfriend and my current fiancee both act threatened by  him in a way.

do you think it's cause of the friendship we have , the fact that he's a male,or the fact that he's gay?

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what are some things you've wondered about the world/environment? (preferably things more specific and in your environment...not like, why is the sky blue)

today i saw two patches of grass next to each other and one was really freaking green and the other one wasn't and i wonder why that is...
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Will you show me pictures of at least one of the following?:

1. your posture with a comparison picture of what you'd look like standing up perfectly straight

2. your complexion

3. your stomach

4. what you look like right now

Telemarketing Jobs from Home

Hello. I was wondering if any of you have ever did a telemarketing job from home? or if any of you know anyone who did. What companies will do it? I've been searching the net but most of them look like scams but I know THERE is some legit ones out there because I heard it being done before. I'm a student and there's like no employment around here at all, and I know these kind of jobs work well around school schedules.

i say, old bean

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ugh, what am I doing awake?
what are you doing awake?
how should I waste time until the other half of me is awake and moving?
shots or fonejacker? or both? POSSIBILITIES TQC.

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If you did something very bad, against confidentiality standards, overall just a very stupid, and completely out of character thing at work, almost got fired for it, and lost the trust of you manager, supervisor, and probably coworkers, what would be your next course of action?

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Today is a magical day.

The TQC Genie shall grant you one wish, what shall it be?

What was the last wish you made that came true?

If we went to Disneyland together, what ride would you take me on first?
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I've had the right side of my lip pierced for a year. I got braces in December. I want to get the other side pierced tomorrow. I have an ortho appointment on the 17th. Do you think it will cause a bunch of pain at my appointment because it will still be pretty new or do you think it will be tolerable?

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I'm horrible at making decisions TQC! Help me please? I've been seriously considering adopting a cat since my new condo seems awfully empty when I get home at night. I was just going to get one cat but I found someone giving away two perfectly good already neutered ones on my local freecycle group. They come with cat supplies (which is good because I don't have any) but they have to go together since they're brothers and don't like to be apart the OP has said. Since I have no other pet at the moment I have the space for them both. I haven't had a cat in years though so I'm thinking it's going to take a little getting used to.

Question is, do you think I should get these two cats or just wait until I find someone giving away an individual one?

Is getting two cats at once going to be too much of a challenge for me?

What are the odds someone else will adopt these kitties if I don't since there's two of them and the OP has said they have to be gone by the end of the month?

In search of bookbird

I took a major leave of absence from LJ as I worked through some tough times in my life, went through my divorce, and began to attempt to put the pieces back together. I have returnred and am missing an LJ friend. Bookbird, where are you?
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this weather has been so great. i'd love a hammock, but all of the ones i've seen are just so expensive. i've been checking craigslist and there haven't been any posts. does anyone have any hammock purchasing secrets? halp :(

x-posted (in desperation).
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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1. What is this from?: "my back begins to sweat and a paranoid thought occurs to me: everyone here knows I'm going to hell"

2. How do you text? Do you have conversations that are specific and to the point, or do you like to have conversations that go on all day? Do you text random things to different people throughout the day? ... etc.
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Tomorrow is my first day of real, live, post-college-graduation work!

Any tips?

Bonus question: I've been downloading episodes of the first season of Mad Men but I'm probably going to get the rest of it on Netflix. Can anyone tell me/show me where to find a list of what episodes are on which discs so I get the right ones?
Duh, answered. Thanks.

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It's diet time!

What are some good dinners I can make that are easy and healthy?
I have an oven, a stove, a microwave, zip'n'steam bags, and pots and pans.
It needs to be good for leftovers for at least one day, preferably two.
I don't like tomato chunks (tomato sauce and ketchup are fine) and peppers. I love love love veggies, and eat a lot of chicken, but I'm open to beef and fish!
My favorite dinners are stir fry (I eat this like every week) and tortellini alfredo with chicken and broccoli (but that's not healthy D:)
Milhent forest
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What song made you cry last?

For me it is Abba - Slipping Through My Fingers. I cried when I heard it in Mamma Mia, and right now it is on the repeat in my playlist. And I'm crying again.
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Can beggars be choosers?

I signed up for an ornament exchange for this message board I post on. We have a thread in which we state our ornament preferences. I just said I didn't want something having to do with angels or anything really religious. But the person I'm buying for has an ENORMOUS list of really, really specific things and then also listed things that her daughter likes. So basically, she is requesting two ornaments.

I had already picked out an ornament before I received my partner. It is a gorgeous, EXPENSIVE Royal Copenhagen ornament and I wasn't going to pay that much attention to my partners' preferences because I had specifically picked this one out.

Do I have more obligation now to scrap my idea since it doesn't really fit into her preferences or does my partner have the obligation to just accept whatever I send her since it is a gift? And since she listed her daughter's preferences am I "supposed" to buy something specifically for her daughter as well? I really can't afford to do that.

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okay, i'm freaking out.

do you bite the skin off your lips? do you get cold sores or canker sores? what's the difference?

thing is, when i am really stressed and have dry lips, i tend to bite my lips more. i did this yesterday & little bumps appeared because i was biting them so much. i carried on because i couldn't help it & today i have two cold sores. well, they look like cold sores. they're really uncomfortable and on my bottom lip. i've been looking online and it says you can only get cold sores from herpes - wtf?! there's NO possible way i could have herpes or have kissed someone with herpes.

have i got herpes?!?! where have i got it from?!?! what do i do?!?!
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Inspired by another post:

TQC, when you screw up and then you try to work to be trustworthy again, how long should you try before giving up? I mean, past a certain point, it becomes clear that people weren't going to give you another chance anyway. Where's the line for you? Does type of relationship matter? Have you ever made the decision to walk away after screwing up?

Also, what's the thing you're most looking forward to in the next 2 years?

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I just heard my father and uncle tell the story of when my father shot the TV with his bb gun while his parents were watching a Western. apparently he got the guy sneaking up on the hero. I didn't realize how similar my father and I were/are.
what weird stories have you heard about your parents' younger days that surprise you?
does this story make you think you're more or less like your parents?
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So if you lived in a two-person dorm room, and for various reasons your roommate left and checked out until January and you have the room to yourself until Winter Break/December 12th, what do you do with her half of the room?
James Franco joint



Okay, so I am trying to see if I am spending too much money. I am generally pretty cheap, but I don't know...
Since August 25th:
Food/Living Expenses: $345.22
Gas: $136.57 (this will normally not be this high. I drove 900+ more miles than normal)
Eating out: $115.16
Fun: $34.21
Trip to Chicago/tattoo: $423.85 (again, this was a ridiculous once in a lifetime thing)
Summer debts paid off: $306.80
Money to Savings: $84

Does this seem reasonable minus the trip to Chicago and insane gas prices?

How much do you spend on groceries/life expenses in a month?


what would you do if you had one night in Bangkok and 1 million bahts (about $30,000) to spend?

PS: yes... I know... the world would be your oyster. but what else?

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Poll #1272955 Blindness!

How do you feel about the controversy around the Blindness?

I don't care and I'm going to see it anyway.
I care a smudge, but I'll ultimately see it.
I'm not seeing it because of the controversy.
I'm only seeing it because of the controversy.
Who the fuck cares? They're blind, how do they know firsthand it's demeaning and barbaric?
Brach's mellowcreme pumpkins are delicious, Lauren.
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I'm watching a show on the History channel about crucifixion, which leads me to the question: how would you choose (if you had to) to be executed?

you can not choose being shot in the head.

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If your dreams involve you, are you usually in your body or looking on from outside?

Hypothetical situation: let's say you're dreaming about killing yourself, and you're in your own body. You pull the trigger/swallow the pills/jump off a bridge and succeed... then what happens?

inspired by a previous post

Have you/would you lend out something expensive to a friend? Would it matter if they were a close friend or not? Would it matter on how expensive it was? What if your friend REALLY NEEDED it for some reason? What if it was your car?

I know people who have let other people borrow their cars, and that usually ends up in disaster. I don't understand why people do that. Not just for stuff like "hey let me go to the convenient store for some chips real quick" but like a more long term loan.

I don't let people borrow anything really. I will lend out a book or a DVD occasionally, but for the most part I don't trust people with my things. Learned that from direct experience.


Would you kindly link me to any website(s) you find interesting EXCEPT shopping-only sites online, as I have no monies?

ETA: Oh yesssss, please no linkies to Facebook/LJ/Myspace either


ETA II: Jeez, no more porn people!

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Poll #1272999 What to take?

If you're going over to a stranger's house for some reason or another what do you take with you to protect yourself?

a gun
a taser
a hired thug
a friend
a condom
cheese (to protect yourself from hunger)
baked goods
attack dog
wooden stake
throwing stars
a sword of some sort
a knife
a rope
other (please specify in comments)

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Do you ever do that thing where you're listening to music on your computer (but you're not really paying attention to it), and you pause partway through a song to go do something else, and then as you're coming back to your computer a song starts playing in your head, and you're like "wtf why am i thinking of this song," and then it turns out that was the song you had been listening to? And sometimes, when the song starts playing in your head, it plays at the exact same part you just stopped at?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about: how do you like your eggs?

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where do you do your grocery shopping?
what do you usually buy?
how much do you spend on these groceries?
do you do a weekly shop or buy when you need?
what's currently in your fridge and freezer?
how often do you think about food?
what was the last thing you ate?
what will you eat later?

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Why do the internet and AIM always look different on TV and movies?
I can understand copyright laws and whatever, but it seems like they could at least stick to the basics that we're all familiar with.

Why do the characters speak so close to each other -- like a few inches to a foot apart -- when there's a serious moment?

Why is it that when one character wants to speak to another in private, they only walk like two or three steps away?

And when the 3rd party is left while the two characters are talking right next to them, why can't they hear what's going on?

MLP - pinkie chicken

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Okay, we got Furbies. What about Tamagotchi/Giga Pet/Nano Pet/those little electronic bastards on keychains that your teacher hated and probably banned? Did you have any? What were they? How good were you at taking care of them?

(no subject)

I just fell asleep for five hours...at what point did it stop being considered a "nap"?

Do you have any tricks that make you feel better once you start feeling sick?

I have school for fourteen hours tomorrow, do you think I'll start crying on the way home?
What are you doing tomorrow?
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i'm alone tonight. the boyfriend is visiting family. i'm hungry. should i:

a) eat some leftover noodles and watch a movie


b) go to cheesecake factory with a book and satisfy my hardcore cheesecake craving

if you picked a, what movie should i watch?

OKAY im going~ i'm taking my sciencey books and my harry potter scarf and having a snuggly cheesecake dinner with my book date. nom nom nom CHEESECAKE.

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Have you ever had a dream about TQC or something/someone else from the internet?

What happened in the dream?

Who was the last person to insult you? What did they say?
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I let my close friend borrow my ipod touch that was in pristine condition. I rarely used it and he could have benefited from using it more than I could. It was in a case when I gave it to him. Today I got in his car and discovered the back is completely scratched up because he "doesnt like cases." Why the hell would anyone let an ipod touch get scratched up on the back when it was given to them in such good condition and it wasnt even theirs to begin with?

(no subject)

1) Is there some quintessential item of clothing that everyone in your city/state/area seems to wear? Do you own this item of clothing too?

Here in Seattle it's Columbia or North Face rain jackets. I'm pretty sure there's a law stating that you have to own one of these before you're allowed to live here.

2) Would you ever wear pajamas in public? I'm not counting special circumstances (like rushing to the hospital, or something), I'm just thinking of people I've seen wearing what are clearly pajamas at the grocery store, mall, or to attend college classes.

3) What's the most recent item of clothing you bought?
cubs hat
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Ok, I know this is a totally gross question and I'm sorry about that.

In two different public bathrooms this weekend, I've walked in and the first toilet was totally full of poop and lots and lots of toilet paper.

WTF is wrong with people?

I mean, I guess that when I realized I was having a monster poop, I'd flush as I went along. Or, I'd flush before I starting throwing a whole roll of toilet paper in there. Short of neither one oft those working, I would tell someone at the counter that someone made a mess in the bathroom.

Why do people do that sort of thing?

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my friend finally told his mother he's gay(after been out to everyone else for like 4 years ha)!!!!!!!!!:)XD
how should we celebrate this momentus occasion?

would you rather be single or in a relationship?
po3 doll//calm


What's the dumbest thing you've done today?

I grabbed a baking sheet right out of the oven and burned the hell out of my hand. Owie.
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what are you having for dinner?
what's your favorite at-home dinner?
what's your favorite food when you're sick?
what's your favorite take-away?

do you think it's uncouth to request a 'doggy-bag' in a restaurant?

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this may sound silly, but how does one "plan" a roadtrip? my friend and i are in toronto and we want to end up in seattle. we don't have a time limit and money isn't too much of a concern, but how do you figure out routes and places to stay? will it really work if we just take off one day?

what is some roadtrip advice you can give us?
green addiction

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I'm looking for a Mark Ryden painting of a girl sewing her lips shut. Does anyone know what this piece is called? I've looked everywhere for it. It's not on his website, I couldn't find it on the fan sites, or even ebay. Help!

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What do you guys think of heavily penciled in eyebrows? Not the super high unrealistic ones, but the ones where people go over their natural brows.

Lately I've seen more and more women doing it VERY HEAVY, with a structured starting line at the beginning of the brow. Does anyone actually think this is attractive?

Edit: The ones that look kind of like stencils. Collapse )

iSketch anyone?

TQC, I just learned about iSketch this weekend, and am all wired on my migraine meds now which means bedtime is obliterated. Anyone want to play if I create a room?

ETA: "thequestionclub" room created!
it's in that place

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Do you have multiple friends with the same name?

How do you distinguish them in conversation so as to not confuse other people?

I have two friends named Stacy.  One we call by her last name, the other is "Red". 

(no subject)

1. Are you doing anything to make your community a better place?

2. If not, have you thought about doing anything in the future?

(Does not need to be anything big in order to be important.)


one of my dorm roomates pisses me off immensely. I live in a Suite with 7 other guys, and they're all super cool, except for evan. he's a complete douchetard.

Collapse )

anyways, how do I make him shut the fuck up and respect my space? I'd really rather avoid getting my RA to come in and deal with it.

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Earlier today I was talking to my husband about about my friend who had two baby girls a month after I had my son. Mid conversation, husband asks, "So, are they twins?" I kind of snorted and said, "Seriously?" He said, "What?" And then I said, "Think really carefully about this, sweetie." He still didn't get it.

I have literally spent the rest of the day laughing my ass off over this. What is the last thing that made YOU laugh your ass off?
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Paper journal

1) Do you write in a paper journal/diary?
2) If yes, how often?
3) What do you think is the ideal size for a journal? My current 18x23.5cm journal is in its last pages, and I'm not sure what size to buy.

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Does anyone have a really stellar egg salad recipe?

My only requirements are that I don't want it to be too mayonnaise-y. I dislike mayonnaise, and for the first time I've found an egg salad that I like, because of the lack of the mayo taste. Unfortunately the egg salad is at my local bagel shop, and is too expensive to be buying all the time. I'll probably be substituting the mayo for vegan mayo or aioli anyway, so if you have any good recipes with either of these in it, that would be great. I like mustard, but I don't want it to be too mustard-y either, somewhere in the middle is nice.

And so this question can be more general... do you like egg salad? What about potato salad? How do you like it made?
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How many of you have "Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen stuck in your head right now?

Is the bird really the word? And if not, what is?

Alternately, what is the last song you couldn't stop singing to yourself?

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Have you ever seen a therapist, or do you currently? Did/do you like them?

I've been to one other one, but I didn't like her much. She was a children's therapist and I was like 17, so I dunno why I got stuck with her. I'm calling to try and make an appointment tomorrow with one, since I think I'm finally falling apart. I'm more nervous than anything.
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Which is worse: religious nutjobs who insist on keeping someone alive via machines in order to prolong life and not murder them [eta: when the person is in a persistent vegetative state or otherwise not going to get better/regain consciousness] , or the other kind of religious whackadoodle that lets their child die of a very treatable condition because they refuse treatment. Why?