October 4th, 2008

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What is something that your really into or interested in that a lot of people where a while back but not anymore?

For me id say Duran Duran I'm obsessed with them even though everyone was obsessed with them 20 years ago and over it.

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TQC, I know you all to be sensitive and mature, so I come to you for validation.

Okay, I have this friend. She's real high maintenance, married and totally in love with me. Our relationship is somewhat volatile because her husband makes her unhappy and I think she takes out her sense of hurt and inferiority and helplessness out on me. Because her husband has made her so messed up, she's a nutbag. Like, one second she's all, "I LOVE YOU, I WANT YOU, DO ME" and the next, "I hate you so much, you jerk." Between the "I love you" and "you jerk," I don't do anything. I'm not just saying that. I don't do anything mean or rude or even lightly messed up to her. I guess I just don't pay her enough attention when she needs it, but that can't be helped. I have a job and a life and family issues right now.

So, today I told her that I'm done. I'm quite through with never knowing whether she's hot or cold, whether she loves or hates me. I can't stand that I piss her off by doing all of nothing. Honestly, not even a rude word. In all this time, I've tried very hard to be patient with her. No matter how mean she gets, I never shoot back. In fact, as she tells me she hates me, I reply with something sweet like, "well, I think you're wonderful" to try to make her feel better.

Anyway, I told her that I was done today.

And what does she say, "You're such an asshole."


[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Hey TQC. I live in an apartment attached to my landlady's house. She and her friends are outside right now playing guitar and singing loudly right up against the wall of our bedroom. They all semed rather drunk when I was dropped off by my friends after I hung out with them, and that was several hours and (probably) beers ago. I have to get up around six tomorrow to go to work, and right now I'm trying to fall asleep on the couch in the living room, but I can still hear them. I'm SO freaking tired, you guys, I got like no sleep last night.

How annoyed do you think my landlady would be if I went outside and nicely explained the situation and asked if they could please stop making so much noise? I mean, this is all her property, I would be kind of annoyed if someone who was renting a part of my house told me to keep it down. But then again, I'm really tired andnot thinking straight....

EDIT: OMG, it just started raining, like really hard, and they all went away. Yay!

tune into CNN

TQC, are you waiting for the OJ trial verdict for kidnapping?
Did you know he was first acquitted 13 years ago TODAY for murder?
Will someone make him his prison bitch by tomorrow?

EDIT: guilty on all counts, 12 felonies, probably will spend his life in prison.

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TQC - I come to you because I weirded my friend out earlier with this question:

I'm a 20 year old girl who is sexually attracted to 45-55+ year old men, especially grey-haired hippies/musicians.
Is that inappropriate of me?

Insomnia: Becoming Insane

So about three and a half hours ago, I thought I was going to be a real wise guy and go to sleep very early. You see, I have to take the SAT tomorrow morning (yep, wet behind the ears), so I obviously need a lot of concentration seven hours from now. Unfortunately, not only have I barely studied (don't ask me why, you'll just be dissapointed), but now I can't get to sleep no matter what I try. My girlfriend accidentally woke me up an hour and a half ago and I haven't been able to sleep since. I tried closing my eyes for 45 minutes, but that didn't work. Are there any tricks to beat this and fall asleep quickly? I'm getting pretty desperate. Thank you.

(Obviously I can't hit my head with a frying pan--or something similar--until I fall asleep. I sort of need my brain later this morning.)
The Girliest Taco

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My university is planning on nearly eliminating the sale of bottled water on campus.

We keep getting polled by the student union and by the newspapers about whether or not they should get rid of bottled water.

Would you vote to eliminate the sale of bottled water on campus?

More info: The tap water is pretty bad. I fill up my water bottle, and if I open it up within a few hours it already smells exactly like pool water. There are also very few (if any) water fountains in some buildings.

In the main dining halls, there are soda machines that will also dispense water...but most students use paper cups instead of the well-hidden reusable cups.

I'm pretty much in the minority in saying that I don't want them to stop selling it altogether...yeah, I'm horrible for the environment. Sorry.
dianna agron ;;

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I'm getting about 4 inches or so of my hair cut off tomorrow

Should I straighten it before I go to the hairdresser so they can see how long it really is?

Because it's quite frizzy/curly so if I didn't it'd look shorter when they first look at it than it actually is...

[I haven't been to a hairdresser without my mother paying, seeing as I've been cutting my own hair for like 4 years]
[[ETA I live in the UK if that makes a difference]]
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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i. When was the last time you felt lonely?

ii. Do you make friends easily?

iii. Will you take this personality test and post your result? (Not a time-consuming test.) Do you feel like what it says of you is mostly true? Are the interests listed your interests? Do the adjectives describe you (for the most part)?

iv. I stepped on a nail 2-3 months ago. I swear I can sometimes feel my skin tingling where I stepped on it, and it tickles/annoys me. Any idea if this tingling is psychological or actually physical?

M'gonna post my answers in a comment.
Saccharine disposition!


I'm trying to find reputable sources for at what age it's safe to start eating raw sushi. I've seen everything from four years old to twelve years old. Does anyone have any reputable links?

My nine-year-old nephew really wants to try raw sushi.

Help, please?

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1. what's the last really unattractive thing someone has said to you?

2. when is the last time you were really, really drunk? and I mean unable to walk straight drunk.

1. this guy I was sorta seeing said to me on the phone tonight while in the bathtub, "I'm making a mohawk with my belly button hair"

2. my birthday, September 12. I can't even remember how much I drank.
swine flu fishes
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I'm pretty sure the author of my psychology textbook pulled the entire section on subliminal advertising out of his ass.

What sort of 'hidden' images do you see here?


ETA: I'll post the 'official correct answers' in a bit. You're gonna be like "... What??"

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i live in Madison, Wisconsin. i want to go downtown to watch the Manchester United game but the Iowa/Michigan game is on.

what's the likely hood it's going to be too big a deal here for me to get at tv to watch the United game?

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so my boyfriend's brother is getting married soon. the problem is is that i dont really like his family and they make me feel extremely uncomfortable/ignored, . (ex/my boyfriend will go visit them after months of not going home and they will all sit in the livingroom and NOT talk. it's so weird. he says it's just the way they are. i dont know about you but my family actually communicates and is welcoming.) ANYWHO... my boyfriend wants to stay at his brother's house. it will be crowded and awkward and we'd probably sleep on the livingroom floor. I, on the other hand, want to get a motel room. I just checked hotels.com and i can get a decent one for 44 bucks. my boyfriend is dead set against getting a room and I am dead set against staying with his brother (OO! i forgot to say that we weren't even invited to stay at the brother's house, my boyfriend just assumes there will be room!)

my question is.... if you were in this situation, would you go ahead and book a room or give in to staying somewhere crowded only to feel unwelcome?
titanic, rose, jack

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I'm a high school student (senior) and I'm looking into working for Kaplan Test Prep because I did so well on the ACT.  Questions:

1. Is it possible to work there while still in high school?  A friend who used to work there told me it was, but I think she worked there a few years ago.
2. If it is possible, on the application it asks for college and graduate studies but not high school.  I'll feel a bit stupid leaving it all blank..should I just explain in the 'pertinent information' section?
3. What else should I include in the 'pertinent information' section to make them want to give me a job?
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A group of 5 family friends has been backpacking through the U.S. for the past month, and I'm seeing them tomorrow for the first/last time. They're from the UK, and they will be leaving shortly after. What should I get them to remember the U.S.? (maybe California specifically) Something that is practical-- that they could actually use/keep and won't take too much effort to pack away?

Thanks TQC!

testing your music knowledge

I'm making a playlist about California. What songs must be included?

I've already got:
California - Phantom Planet
California Dreamin' - The Mamas and the Papas
Going to California - Led Zeppelin
Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
California Love - 2pac

I'm making another playlist that includes a lot of catchy music. What do you consider catchy that should go on there?
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Decide my life, please!

I was planning on meeting some friends at the museum at 12, giving me time to grab something quick and probably unhealthy on the way there. I just got a call saying the museum doesn't open till 1, so I have an extra hour to perhaps sit down and have a decent meal.

Should I:
~Go have some breakfast foods at one of the many places that does that around here?
~Go have Indian food?
~Go have Japanese food?
~Go have Italian food?
~Forget all those and listen to some other suggestion you might have for me?
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Word fail help

What is the name for the event where, after you hear a new word, you constantly hear it over and over again?

It's called _______ ___________ Phenomenon, and I need TQC's help in filling the blankets. The words are from a Western European language... German maybe. Thanks.
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Will you describe to me what your luggage/overnight bags look like?

Do you like nice looking bags or do you not care as long as they get your stuff from point A to point B?

What is the most money you'd spend on a large suitcase?

Is 200-300 a ridiculous amount?
selina kyle


Are you an American?

Whether you're an American or not, what do you think of when you think of America?

What do you think best encapsulates American culture?
im french

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1. I need to print something. Many copies of something, in fact. I don't own a printer. I don't want to travel far in search of a printer. There's a Kinko's kind of around here- can I print regular things there? Where can I print 26 pages of something?!

2. What's your favorite recipe? Share?

inspired by a previous post

What do you expect out of friendship? Do you expect a group of people who have your back through thick and thin? Or do you just want lulz and people to shoot the shit with? Are you satisfied with your current group of friends?

I think expect more than what my current group is willing to give and I think that's why I'm unsatisfied.
matthew wig

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This is kind of an odd question and I'm not even sure how to phrase it.

Let's say you want something, someone, a lot. Whether it be a job, getting to know someone, you just want it. After awhile it seems like the universe has been against you in achieving it. Now if you're (somewhat) religious, would you think this is God's way of saying it's not meant to be, and if you're not religious would you take it as seeing as how everything has been against you so far, it may not be the right thing for you in the long run, you just don't know it yet? OR - would you work even harder for it?

Yeaaaah, this may be confusing but any answers are good. I just feel like I've been trying to make something happen and I have faced road block after road block and I'm wondering when I should stop wasting my time.

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What cell phone features do you rely on?
Address book, calendar alerts, task alerts, alarm clock, calculator.

Would life be the same or worse if you lost it?
Worse.  My cell phone is my only means of communication.  I don't have a land line.


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90% of the time when I listen to music, it's via my computer. I have a pair of really good Klipsch speakers that are starting to crackle/wear out (I've had them for a year or two.. I just listen to music pretty loud)

I'm going to Best Buy to purchase new speakers today. what kind should I get?

I want superb quality. price isn't really a huge issue, but I am aiming for <$100

if you don't know/don't care, what kind of speakers do you have on your computer?
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Obligatory Saturday post:

What college football game are you most looking forward to today?
Has your team already played, or do they play later?
Who do they play/did they play?
Score? Prediction, if they haven't played yet?

Wisconsin vs. Ohio State. Go Buckeyes!
They play later tonight, but I probably won't get to watch. :|
They play Wisconsin....I'm pretty sure OSU will kick Madison's ass.

If you don't care:

Do you like smoothies?

I have a strawberry-banana smoothie from Bolthouse farms. om nom nom.
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tqc, should i watch starship troopers or start on some homework right now? what are you doing today?

what was the biggest thing you got in trouble for as a young whippersnapper? how were you punished? i tried to run away on my bike, and my bike got taken away for a week. omg a WHOLE WEEK. it was so cruel a punishment to my seven year old mind--so not fair.
pink trees
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I somehow got a scratch on my laptop's screen. Its pretty small and I can deal with it but it is annoying me. If I run my finger over it, I can feel it a little bit. Do you know of a good product I can use to get rid of it? Can I even get rid of it at all?

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Is there a way to randomize cells of a table in Microsoft Word? Or is there a different program that will let me do this?

I made a worksheet to help me study Japanese kanji, but the words always being in the same order is hindering my progress a little.

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Does anyone feel like hopping on AIM and seeing if my web cam will sync up with their IM/their own web cam? I just got a new one today and I'm still trying to figure it out.

Screen name is A Cerebral Mosh if you're interested.
hate pimentos

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TQC, I just cut 14 inches off my hair.

What was the last drastic decision that you made? Do you regret it?

ETA: FINE. HERE YOU GO. Excuse any borked HTML, I'm not sure if I'm doin' it rite... the cut is not working, yes I'm trying to fix it


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have you ever had someone flirt with you or try to be nice to you but they always say the same thing.. or it just annoys you instead? will you tell me about it?

for example, this guy who's into me/I'm not into him, thinks it's cute to say "I need Kaycee hugs" .. he says it ALL THE TIME. I can just almost see inside his head as he thinks I'm so amused by it, but really I think it's damn annoying.

do you tell the person to shut off their cheesy bull or do you not say anything because they're trying to be nice/sweet/cute & failing miserably?

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I'm making oatmeal raisin cookies and it says I need 2 egg whites. I already have one egg white because I used the yolk in some cookies I made a few hours ago. I need one more egg white.

Do you have any cookie type recipes that need one egg yolk?

Is it lame?

At about 3.30 a.m. I proposed to a friend that I should have a tea and cupcakes birthday party (my birthday isn't until February, I was just throwing the idea out there) and he said he'd come.

Do you think it's a stupid idea for someone who's turning 23 to have an afternoon tea and cupcake party? Would most people bother to show up, or do they just want alcohol?
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To anyone who has ever cheated on their significant other:

1) Why did you do it?

2) If you put yourself in your SO's shoes, do you think they should have forgiven you and/or stayed with you (regardless of whether or not they actually did)?
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TQC I'm having trouble concentrating on my schoolwork. I really do need to get a bulk of this project done but I've not had the motivation to do so in the last few weeks, simply because I hate what we're being made to do.

  1. How do I motivate myself and get focus?

  2. How do you usually, if you need to?

  3. Am I posting this question to really get advice or am I just procrastinating?

  4. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being 'not at all' and 10 being 'you bet it', how screwed do you predict I am going to be?

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Do you have a particular method to prevent deodorant stains when you're putting a shirt on?

If so, would you care to divulge it?

If that doesn't interest you, what does your deodorant smell like?

(no subject)

What would you do if you gave a "friend" your debit card information to help them pay a really important bill after they convinced you they would only use it for that one bill but then realized months later that (over the course of those few months & knowing that you have a large cash flow/many transactions) they'd been spending thousands of dollars at Sephora & Amazon on your dime?
Words Have Sex

TQC, you must help me with my insecurity!

In the post a while back where I shared a three-year-old picture of myself, guesses as to my age now were between 35 and 40.

I'm 27.

If I dye my hair, will I look younger? What color? Anything else I can change to take those years off? Flail, whine, and wangst, my mother had absolutely no problem turning 50, but I'm having major issues with 30. This was cool when I wanted to get into bars before I was 21, but seriously. I'm not going all extreme home makeover, but I'd like to look a bit closer to my age than freaking 40.

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  • libram

Strange questions

How much edamame is too much? CAN one have too much edamame? What would happen if you overdo it?

Those of you who call kiwi your favorite fruit, what's 2nd and 3rd on your list of favorites?
This is so ridiculous.
  • soupcan

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My boyfriend wants to go to a push-button hotel tonight because he's classy. Should I agree, or does that automatically make me a cheap prostitute?

If I go, should I document the comings-and-goings for adayinmylife, since I'm documenting the day anyway?

eta A push-button hotel is a hotel that looks like storage units. You drive up and park in a private garage, then feed ten dollars into your ~*private entry way*~ into this pimped out room with like neon lights and everything, and a plastic cover on the mattress. You have two hours. If you turn on the TV, the channel is automatically set to porn. A big pro is that there are hot water showers, which cannot be boasted about my boyfriend's home.

eta DE NUEVO FINE. Even though I just worked my ass off at the gym and might collapse mid-coitus, I am going. FOR YOU PEOPLE. And because some guy is installing a toilet and I wouldn't be able to take a shower otherwise. Pictures are coming to tqc_updates.


Good evening.

TQC, please tell me why i am bloated all the time? I eat healthy and workout, and I am not pregnant.


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So I'm thinking of going to the bar across the street later on. My favorite beer is Sam Adams, though I won't say no to a Blue Moon or something with a similar, medium body (not water like Corona, not a meal like Guinness). What kind of beer should I get, TQC?

It's Negro Modelo, guys. Thanks!
macro - procrastination cat
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Do you use the 'Memories' feature to mark LJ entries?
What about LJ's 'To-Do List'?

Which LJ feature (besides posting and commenting) would you say you use most?
Lisbeth Hair

(no subject)

1) What is your favorite board game?
2) If you were going on a road-trip across the US for your honeymoon and have never been to the US, where would you want to go?
3) Will you show me a picture of your cell phone?
4) Whats the worst movie you've ever seen?

I need flirting advice

Last night I started talking to a guy who is the brother of one of my friends. He lives in a city about an hour and a half away but comes to visit his brother on many weekends. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and is apparently looking for a new relationship. We really connected and he is really sweet. He even told me he loves it when I speak his language [I am a foreigner]. He also told me a couple times "We should get together sometime" and then I had him give me his phone number and requested him as a friend on Facebook.

What should I say to him to get him to know I'm really interested but without sounding desperate? "Hey, next time you're in town and have some time we should get together, I'd really like to talk to you more"...I don't know, it sounds weird. He also has said he's going to be busy the next couple of weekends so should I wait a week or so before I try to contact him?

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Will turning off the tank filter during the night and the back on during the day kill the fish in the tank? EDIT Screw it, I'm not risking killing fish for sleep.

What TQC member do you think has the best default icon?

Do you doodle? You you think you doodle the same image all the time?

I think I draw the same face EVERY DAY.

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Are you every pissy about something you know you shouldn't be just because you're in a bad mood/tired?

I came home from work a little bit ago and I had been wanting some of the left over pizza for dinner for a while. When I got home it was gone, my parents had eaten it. But it's not like there was SO much left a few pieces some of which my dad ate for breakfast and them my mom had two pieces for lunch. It's not like they selfishly ate half a large pizza but I was tired so it pissed me off.

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Any recommendations for good movies currently in theatres?

Does it bother you when you go out to eat with people and they do not tip (as a rule, not just in times of bad service)? If the server did a good job, do you tip extra to make up for someone who won't tip?

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specific question: does anyone know if it's possible to embed your twitter updates to lj? i can't make that fucking LoudTwitter thing work so I was thinking of trying to integrate it. i'd like it either on my sidebar thing or on my profile but idk i can't make anything workkkkkkkkkkkkk.

sorry i can't think of a universal question. feel free to talk about anything here though omg.

pig butts
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What's for dinner? (grilled cheese and cold, cooked butternut squash)
What's something yummy you've made from scratch recently? (salmon cakes)
Do you know how to skate? (yes and I can do cool stuff, but my form isn't so great)

(no subject)

If I carve a pumpkin tonight, do you think it will last until Halloween?

Things to consider:
The next couple days will have high temp around 70 degrees
I will be doing a fairly intricate design from Pumpkinmasters
Night temps are in the 50s.

It's totally okay to carve another pumpkin if this one goes to mush, right?

politics :[

I can't understand how anyone can be really gung-ho for either of the US presidential candidates, because I think they're both so flawed. If you strongly support one candidate over the other, can you give me a really good reason why I should vote for them? Or maybe several?

(no subject)

1. What kind of heating system do you have in your house?

2. Is your bedroom tidy?

3. Have you ever eaten hot mango pickle?

4. What is your favourite quote from a play?

5. Have you ever been electrocuted by an electric fence?
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madeline OMG

...and you are?

So somebody friended me, cool, I go to check their info out...

It's all in Russian, they have tons of people on their "friends" and "friend of" list but no mutual friends, we have no communities (or friends) in common (except for paidmembers, but I almost never comment there)...

Am I being trolled? Spammed? Stalked?

What do I do?!?

Okay, so I'm late to the "Random Russian Friending" party.

When's the last time you were embarrassed, either online or in real life?
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

(no subject)

I can always tell when I am going to get a sore throat and I get such bad ones, the pain is awful. And I'm starting to feel my throat already and I was wondering if there are any suggestions you guys have to help me get rid of it or to stop it?

I'm so burried in school work, I can't afford to get sick.

(no subject)

1 - What do you regard as one of the best decisions of your life?

Taking a gap year, against the advice of my parents

2 - What is your philosophy on life?

Generally, you live once so if you want to try something, try it

3 - If you believe in God, do you go to church?

4 - What do you buy most often?

5 - When you post to the lovely, sexy TQC do you mainly post single or multiple questions?

(no subject)

What's the secret to your success?

Do you already have plans for New Years Eve? If so, what?

I haven't made any plans. Am I gonna be stuck with nothing to do?
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(no subject)

i want to carve an awesome rubber stamp. what type of image should i use? i've considered a silhouette and flowers but i definitely don't want to do flowers and i can't find a suitable silhouette. so far i've just made an elephant and it was pretty sweet.

i am bored :( i love the game bloons but i've played every type of it. is there a similar game i can play all night?
The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

Why is it that I can justify spending $50 on a halloween costume, $60 on a pair of shoes, and $20 on books, but I can't bring myself to order $100 worth of computer stuff? (I need an external HD--the one I'm looking at is $80--and some speakers for $30)

Is there anything that you really hate spending money on?
  • mediter

Baked Chicken

So I'm baking some good 'ol fashioned chicken. Sadly, I only have one of those "disposable" (tin-foil style) roasting pans. ;_;

1. Should I use olive oil on the chicken like I normally would, or will it burn/smoke when its in the oven?

2. Should I cover the chicken with a "lid" of tin-foil? Or leave it open?

3. I am using breasts (bone-in) and drumsticks. The breasts will take longer to cook than the drumsticks. How do I prevent the drums from getting too dried out?



- does eating spinach make your teeth feel weird? i can't even describe the feeling, but whenever i eat it (cooked or not), my teeth seem to have a strange texture. why does this happen?

- does asparagus makes your pee smell? it definitely makes mine smell..interesting. even the day after i eat it.
  • sssea

(no subject)

I'm in Massachusetts now, but I usually reside in North Carolina.

Anyway, I'm looking for anywhere I can get fried pickles up in Mass?

Any chain restaurants, or local places you know of?

(I know I can make my own, but I'd like to know where they are readily available)

(no subject)

Do you think  in general people have either positive or negative attitudes?
Are you negative or positive in general?
And were you ever one but you've now changed to the other? (ie from negative to positive)
Slow Mo Guys - Gavin


What kind of burger do you typically eat? Traditional beef, chicken, tofu, etc.

What do you put on your burger? What kind of bun do you prefer?

What side(s) do you have with your burger?
Cats pawing at mommy&#39;s face

(no subject)

If you were running for president, what would the American people who opposed you fixate on in order to convince people not to vote for you?
(ie, "McCain has had skin cancer!" or "Obama is from the same neighborhood of an unrepentant terrorist!")

Extra points for ridiculosity.
  • inaliel

procrastination, y/y?

Should I...:

1) Write my article for this week's issue of the paper? (Layout is tomorrow afternoon/evening.)


2) Say "fuck it" and write it in the morning, and instead proceed to eat junk (perhaps have a drink) while watching a movie?

I am clearly unable to make life decisions, TQC. :(
The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

What are some cover songs that did better/are more famous than the original?

Are there any songs that you were surprised to learn were covers?

I only learned last week that Nirvana's "The Man Who Sold The World" is a Bowie cover. I am so ashamed.
Noel Panda. Fat Chinese people.


How old are you?

How many sexual partners have you had? (I consider PIV or PIA to be what counts but some people consider oral as a notch in the bedpost, it's up to your own definition.)

Do you think that number's too few, too many, or just right for your age?

Do you wish your number was higher or lower or are you fine with it?

If you're a virgin, is it by choice or by force?
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bitch please

(no subject)

what are you doing right this second?

are you listening to anything? if yes, what?

what was the last thing you ate? when?

what was the last movie you watched?

what is the worst movie you've watched recently?

worst song you've heard?

can you blow smoke rings?

do you like canned fruit?

can you tell that i'm bored?

how often do you think that tqc sees questions about meatloaf?

(no subject)

Do you feel lame because you're home on a Saturday night?

- I don't because I made the decision to stay home and write a paper, but obviously I'm on TQC instead.

For you personally, what's the best thing a person can do during sex?

- For me, I think it would be either sorta biting my stomach or talking. I love talking during sex.

(no subject)

Because I'm having it right now!

which is the most true?
A)matzo ball soup is a good ANY time
B)matzo ball soup is a good late night snack
C)matzo ball soup is disgusting
D) A and B
E) I've never had matzo ball soup, what the hell is it?

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My Mum lives with me as she has poor health. And now I have an issue I need some help with.

It's been a while since anything as much as resembling the male species as stayed over at mine..in fact, it hasn't happened in the two years she hs lived here. So, now that it may be happening on occasion, how do I ask her to knock before she comes in?

Bearing in mind that my Mum is so overly sensitive that anything can get blown all out of proportion and can result in her in tears & thinking I'm being a bitch. No matter how nicely I put it. I don't want this happening again but I can't have her just walking in the room when I have the bloke I'm seeing staying over.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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tqc, why does my neighbor think i can't make my own decisions?

i texted him about picking up some mcdonalds on his way home from work. i said "three hamburgers and a small coke" literally at least four times (he kept saying "no cheese?" and "what kind of soda?" even though i said coke). so then he gets home from work and i ended up with a big n tasty, medium fry, and a giant coke. wtf?

we do each other favors constantly so i'm sure it wasn't a passive aggressive asshole move, haha. he also wouldn't accept money OR a piece of cake. why in the world does he get me this random shit? hahah

yesterday i asked him to pick up a frozen pizza for me when he was grocery shopping and he got me two, one pepperoni and one deluxe. i figured i'd just get one plain. what is with the generous and strange way that he does favors?

also, HOW CRAZY IS THIS? http://video.aol.com/video/caught-on-tape-beary-hungry-customer/2263105?icid=100214839x1211012187x1200661461
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lol i know this is dumb.

I was dreaming last night that I was at a party and there was a girl passed out, and some big jock guy goes over and basically humps her thigh until he finishes, then curls up in a blanket and goes to sleep.

But in the dream I was laying there watching and wondering... is that considered rape? She was fully clothed and he was buck naked.

What says you TQC, does non-consensual dry humping count as rape?
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how scary is shaun of the dead? i own it, but have not seen it. i feel like watching a simon pegg movie, but i'm a big, big baby and i'm home alone.

in other questions

what's the last kind of pop you had to drink?
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I have shocking skin. I finally have an appointment with a dermatologist on Thursday, to talk about how my skin flushes and itches with little provocation, and the horrible acne that didn't leave me in my teens.

Unfortunately, my skin has cleared up as much as it has in years. I know it is just because I am going to the dermatologist, my skin is trying to sabotage my attempts at treatment, and that it will return to normal shortly after the appointment. My skin has done this before.

I also know that the doctor will look at me like I'm crazy &/or lying if I tell them what my skin is normally like.

So, TQC, how should I go about returning my skin to its red, itchy, spotty normal in time for it to meet the dermatologist?

ETA: I 'm relying on your imagination, not your moral compass.
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Are you drunk? What are you drinking? Is it a special occasion? When did you start drinking?

(I'm kinda drunk. We got a case of Negra Modelo that we are working on killing. It's the Pens season opener today, and also I got a traumatizing haircut, so we're drinking. We started drinking at 2 when the Penn State game ended/Penguins game came on. Go Tyler Kennedy!)
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US voters

For those of you who are disappointed with the candidates for president--especially those of you who think they both are inadequate, or aren't sufficiently different from one another--who would you have preferred to see running?
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I have long hair and I like it that way, but I'm going to be getting a new haircut soon and I'd like something different so could you post any pictures of med-long, or long hairstyles or cuts that you like?

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For a couple of years Toronto has had this tradition called "Nuit Blanche" which translates to Sleepless Night. Basically all night Torontonians can roam the streets and it's a celebration of art and culture (as well bars stay open until 4 am instead of 2am)
Do you have any cool festivals in your city?
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Is it just me or is it oddly disturbing to see your best friend's boytoy slap her ass in front of you?

ETA: LOL ok I guess it's just me. :P At times she's like my little sister. The action just took me by surprise, I guess.
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My friends and I went to the local Halloween store today, and we saw a sexy Tin Man, sexy Wednesday Addams, sexy teddy bear, sexy Freddy Krueger, sexy mummy, and sexy Raggedy Ann, among other ridiculous costumes. It was painfully reminiscent of this.

So, TQC, what's the most absurd "sexy _____" costume you've seen?

Do they actually make Halloween costumes for women that don't make you look slutty or dumpy?
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If a smoke detector is chirping, that means its batteries need to be replaced, right? What if you don't have replacement batteries and it's midnight? Is it better to take the batteries out or let it chirp all night? (this is an apartment and there are people at the base of the wooden stairs burning pieces of paper, by the way. :|)

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My boss asked me to come in at 5am tomorrow instead of 6am again...
is God mad at me? is my boss? Who is?

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Even though I've been waking up early for almost two months, my body wants no part of it and it's making me miserable...
Feed the kitty

Hello ma baby


This little guy showed up in my garage this evening. I moved him to the back yard.

1. What the hell is a frog doing in, literally, the middle of the desert? A toad I could understand, but frogs?
2. What kind of frog is he?
3. What should I do with him?
4. I should totally name him Michigan J, y/y?