October 3rd, 2008

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My grandma offered to cosign on a vehicle for me. The only problem is she lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Missouri. Would she be able to fax or mail the papers in or would she have to be present to sign it?

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how do you ask someone to be in a civil union with you? what is the f'ing verb here?

fill in the blank: "so and so and i are getting _____" not married...

when this civil and in no way religious situation begins, what is that day called?

i'm just trying to picture someone down on one knee asking someone else WILL U CIVIL UNION ME??

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girls, has anyone ever told you that your vagina is cute? if not, what's the weirdest thing someone's said about your vag?
my ex told me this over myspace recently, and i was like what the fuck?

guys, what's the weirdest thing someone's ever said about your peen?
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Is it still considered necrophilia if both parties are deceased? Zombies, for example?

Do you like haunted houses? What's the best one you've ever been to?

If you are in the Chicago area, have you heard about the new haunted house at Navy Pier? la_fee_verte_ and I were there tonight. It's pretty badass.

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tqc, should i apply at my ex's workplace? i got fired from my shitty part time job two weeks ago and have $2 in my bank account. i just reapplied at lowes, but i really need a full time job and idk where else to look.

- they pay well (my ex makes $11.75 an hour and has no degrees besides a diploma)
- i could get full time
- i could get health insurance
- i already know like four people that work there, though i'm only friends with one of them

- 45 minutes from my house (and an hour away from school)
- the hours i would work are not convenient at all (either 7am-2pm, or 2pm-11pm) and would somewhat interfere with school

so wtf should i do? the distance is really deterring me.

eta: i'm not sure what i'm doing because my ex is taking a while to respond. he said "packing and ap line" which i think are two different positions. the place dehydrates fruit.

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Best Buy sells Apple products now. I didn't know this because I hadn't been there in months. this makes me happy because I have a Best Buy credit card. but right now it only has a $600 limit.

TQC, should I up my limit and get a mac computer?

how many credit cards do you have?

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early morning brain scrubbing.

what one thing have you done/engaged in/experienced that the general public may consider "bizarre?"

alternatively if you are not that interesting, what can you just not come to terms with, despite a want and/or attempt?
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What would you like discuss this morning, and with whom?
Would you mind talking to me instead? Falling asleep, sry 2 say. Will talk when I wake up in five hours.

Oh and for those of you with piercings, how much did it cost? What did you have done?

One last question: Do you give snaps for Jesus?

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Good morning, TQC! It's finally Friday!

Are you guys morning people? What do you do to wake yourself up? How long does it usually take?
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I have a midterm in my political communications class in three and a half hours. I've only read about 330 pages of the 520 page book.

Am I going to pass?

Can YOU name the Republican and Democratic tickets from every election 1952-1992? (No cheating.)

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Don't you feel like you've learned something today, TQC?

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Is there some way to successfully make a complaint against a professor?
Who would I go to, should I make a petition, any suggestions?

I have the worst professor I've ever encountered. My class seems to feel the same way, some people come into class in tears. There has to be some way to make this known to administration without them throwing it aside.
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So I'm making a friend a duct tape purse for her birthday. I want it to feature Slash from Guns N Roses. My plan is to make a stencil of him and trace it onto the duct tape and cut it out so I can slap it right on the purse, making a sort of silhouette.

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How can I turn an image into a silhouette? Is there a certain free image editing software I could use?
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1. What temperature does it have to be outside before you start using the heat? I just turned mine on this morning!

2. If you go to the gym, what time of day do you go?

3. Do you PERSONALLY feel the effects of the bad economy? In what ways? What changes have you made, if any?

Feeling Good Inside

So last night, I was lying in bed with my boyfriend. We weren't doing anything, just relaxing and I had my hand over his chest. I could feel his heart beating and I began thinking how it's been beating like that for the last 63 years and how everything in the body's connected. I thought of how grateful I am that he's alive, and so healthy and how lucky I am to have him in my life.

When was the last time you had a moment like that, of pure gratitude, realisation and happiness? What was it about?
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I had a pre-interview on the phone today for a teller position at Bank of America. The woman I spoke with said that if I'm selected to move forward with the interview process, the next person will be looking for enthusiasm in my voice.

How could I practice having enthusiasm in my voice for a phone interview?

Have you ever worked for Bank of America?
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There have been a few happenings in the United States over the past decade that have led to people saying "if (insert event) happens, I am moving out of the country." The most obvious example I can think of is Bush winning two elections.

Do you know anyone who said this?
Did any of them follow through?

Inspired by Winter

I absolutely hate the winters in New Jersey. Too cold and then I don't wanna get up. I wish I could move to Florida or some other nice warm state.

If you could move to another part of the country you're in, what would it be. Also, what do you like about the winter, if anything?

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1. what color/print scarf should I get to match my navy blue pea coat? or link me pretty ones from the interwebs.

2. tell me the coolest/most interesting thing you've learned lately? share it, please! i want to learn!

3. what are you doing this weekend?

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I need to make 80's themed cupcakes. How should I go about doing this?

I was thinking of making the rainbow cupcakes that were popular a few months ago in bakebakebake but trying to get them neon colored. This seems HARD though!

Do any of you have better (easier) ideas?
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For those of you who've had orthordontic work, did you have a fixed bottom retainer, or a removable one?

A dog is hit by a car, and the driver doesn't stop to check on the dog. The dog dies. Who's at fault, the driver, or the owner of the dog?

So far my cellphone has broken, my hair blowdryer has broken AND my computer broke. Tell me, TQC, why is this happening!?
Cloud :: call waiting

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Should I get dressed, or should I continue sitting around in my pajamas with ice on my knee, trying to make up for pushing things too hard yesterday?
If I'm not going anywhere or doing anything today, does it really even matter?

What did you have for dinner last night?
Bratwurst and homemade German potato salad, which is looking like a good lunch right about now.


Hey, I'm 17 and just about to finish Year 12. I'm strongly considering going to the Australian College of Natural Medicine and am 98% about to enrol. But I was just wondering/hoping if there was anyone in here that has attended there doing any kind of diploma or degree. (I'm going to do the Bachelor of Naturopathy degree at the Melbourne campus.) It would be really really really useful if anyone had any experience there and could tell me anything at all about it? Pros/cons etc?
This is really important to me so I would appreciate it greatly if anyone had any information (either from personal experience or friends') ASAP.
Thankyou very muchh :D 

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Do you think you are a good employee?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being Employee of the Year, who goes above and beyond expectations, and 1 being George Costanza), where do you think you fall? And why?

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Do you ever feel really socially awkward after going through long periods of studying and not going out? Then when you start to hang out with people again you feel kind of out of touch with society and feel really socially awkward?

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Would you rather fight a polar bear with a flare gun (one shot) or a harpoon?

Would you rather fight with a knife or a tire iron?

Would you rather wake up and find two rats having sex on your stomach, or a large cockroach sucking on your tear duct for moisture?

who IS the black magic woman?

which of these MAGIC songs have you enjoyed in your rich musical past?

Strange Magic, elo
Magical Mystery Tour, the beatles
Magic Bus, the who
Magic Man, heart
Black Magic Woman, santana
A Kind of Magic, queen
Magic Dance, david bowie
Magic Carpet Ride, steppenwolf
Magic, the cars
Old Black Magic, louis prima
Do You Believe in Magic, the lovin' spoonfuls
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, the police
Puff the Magic Dragon, peter paul and mary
Magic, olivia newton john from the musical "xanadu"
oh suzer, this experience was magical, but i don't know some of these songs

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Are you friends with your ex-SO? Why? How long were you friends for before you dated? How long were you broken up before you were strictly platonic friends again? Did feelings come back for you/your ex-SO?

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TQC, I have been invited tonight to a launch party for a local business. The theme of the party is Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Would you like to be my date? If you say no will you at least have dinner ready for me when i get home?
Do you like pink champagne?
Should I wear pink to blend in or should I wear something that contrasts?
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Which VP was the V.I.P.?

For those of you who saw the vice presidental candidate debate last night, who do you think won?

Palin by a large margin
Palin by a nose
Biden by a large margin
Biden by a nose
It was a draw

After the debate, what was your impression of Joe Biden?

Competent speaker. I think he compliments Obama well and addressed key points
Blah blah blah. Just another blathering politician. He only brings down the Obama ticket
Don't like him much at all. He could have been nicer to Palin
He talks around the topic well, but doesn't commit to anything really
Wow. Why can't he be president?
Weak. He should have gone after Palin more. He was way too restrained. Plus, he almost cried.

After the debate, what was your impression of Sarah Palin?

Very coachable. She's not a dimwit, but doesn't seem to have much opinion beyond what they she was trained to say
She's sharp. Edgy. She's a maverick. She kept Biden off-balance a lot
A little too folky and small town for my taste. What's up with that freakin' accent? Is this Fargo?
I love that she's folky and small town. I can relate to her easily.
She's still a ditz. This debate didn't change anything
One tough chick. She wasn't going to take any guff from Biden

Have any of the debates changed your mind come November?

Ruth Etting

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When I got back from overseas I found a big wad of cash, about $200 in Ethiopian birr, hidden in my bag.

What the hell do I do with it? Is there some kind of mail-in exchange service for exotic currencies?

ETA: Obviously I thought of going to a bank. Banks ALL OVER THE WORLD only exchange major and local currencies. And I'm in Idaho, so I would have a hard time even exchanging Euros here, much less a minor currency like birr. Heck, when I was in Sudan I couldn't change birr except at the border, and they're neighbors!
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So, hypothetically...

If you get fired from a job you didn't like, working for someone you kind of despise and definitely don't respect, AND they're going to keep paying you for the next seven months...

You should go out for a nice celebratory dinner, right? y/y?

Going Blind

I'm honestly curious and would like to hear from a sighted person's point of view. There's this movie called Blindness that's coming out soon. Many of my peers in the blind and visually-impaired community are really upset about it because of the way it depicts blindness. If you're curious, there's an entry about this at
. Anyway, what would you do if you suddenly went blind? What I mean is, how would you try to cope with it? Would you just give up or get help? I hope this is allowed, but if you've read the other post, do you feel upset about the movie? Would you watch it? If you're a member of any minority group, how would you feel if the movie was about your group?
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The Feud

For a number of assorted reasons I've ate lunch at home every day this week, something I don't normally do. As such I've managed to catch Family Feud--or, "The Feud" if you're nasty--on TV whilst eating. I've noticed that every family on the show has at least one big-breasted woman wearing a low-cut top. Is this an explicit requirement to appear on the show?

Additionally, how much of a pimp is John O'Hurley?

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What food is in YOUR kitchen? Post pix?

Off the top of my head: Gala Apples, cheese, spinach leaves, tuna fish, hamburger/tuna helper, fish, cereal, baked beans and protein powder.

What's your favorite recipe?
I don't know how to cook so I don't have one.

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1:  What was the last impulsive thing you did?

2:  Why didn't you wait?

3:  I lost my credit card about two weeks ago.  There hasn't been any activity on it, so I'm sure it's around here somewhere.  Do you think my card will show up right after I report it missing/stolen?
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I'm wearing a yellow shirt and yellow shoes.  My purse is black and white striped.  Do I look like a taxi cab? 

There's a music festival type of thing in Austin the 2nd weekend in November.  There are at least 10 bands that I would love to see and probably would not get the chance to see so many acts I love all in one spot in my favorite city.  Ticket price is $60.  Is that worthy, you think? 

Will you tell me about the worst idea you've ever had with the best intentions going in? 
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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I'm going to be an English tutor to a grad student from China.  How much should I charge per hour?

In Japan, I got $30/hour plus a coffee.  I don't think it's fair to charge anywhere near that much when she's actually like in America.

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Have you ever been to England?

Where should I go in the London area as a touristy thing in November?

Should I buy a bunch of British currency and consider it a savings-investment?
The Dude Abides

M.O. ?

ETA: "Mike Mansfield, a former leader of the Senate, said to me one day -- he -- I made a criticism of Jesse Helms. He said, "What would you do if I told you Jesse Helms and Dot Helms had adopted a child who had braces and was in real need?" I said, "I'd feel like a jerk."

He said, "Joe, understand one thing. Everyone's sent here for a reason, because there's something in them that their folks like. Don't question their motive."

I have never since that moment in my first year questioned the motive of another member of the Congress or Senate with whom I've disagreed. I've questioned their judgment.

I think that's why I have the respect I have and have been able to work as well as I've been able to have worked in the United States Senate. That's the fundamental change Barack Obama and I will be bring to this party, not questioning other people's motives."

Do you think it's a bad idea to not question other people's motives?
oh mr. tea

In which I am mortified with myself

Omg. I did something I never, ever do, and I did it to the worst person to do it to.

The lowdown: I'm taking an editing and publishing class, and the final assignment involves interviewing an editor of a lit-mag or press. I was able to get someone, but I spelled her last name incorrectly, and didn't notice I did it TWICE until today. TWICE. Last name spellings are a huge pet-peeve of mine, since my last name is butchered by everyone on the planet. Needless to say, I'm mortified.

This person agreed to let me interview her, and I e-mailed her back about arranging specifics, but of course this was before I realized that her last name had an additional letter I'd been omitting.

The question: should I send her a follow-up e-mail just quickly apologizing for spelling her last name incorrectly, or just hope on a wing and a prayer that it doesn't deter her from continuing to arrange an interview with me?

edit: I just sent her a quick e-mail, per your collective commented advice.

A quick p.s.:

Dear [editor],

I am incredibly sorry that I spelled your last name incorrectly in my previous e-mails to you. I'm normally a real stickler about that, since mine gets butchered all the time, and I apologize (I'm quite mortified that I did that to you)!

With apologies,
[my name]
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let's say you're going to see a current band you like play a show tonight. They are going to cover a song by another band and you get to the choose the song. But it can't be a song they've covered before.

Who is the band and what do you choose?

Is there any song that instantly raises a band's credibility when covered well?


Does your workplace push their charities on you? Like giving you silly little perks (like getting to wear jeans on Fridays, etc.) for donating to their favourite charity?

My workplace does this and for some reason it annoys me. I do volunteer work and donate to various charities already, so I prefer not to donate to the one they keep pushing on us. Yet every month they come around and bother just those who haven't donated, trying to get us to donate.
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What is the best comic book/comic book superhero movie?

From Hell
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Sin City
Batman [1989]/Batman Returns
Batman Forever/Batman & Robin
Batman Begins/The Dark Knight
Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk
One of the old Superman movies
Superman Returns
The Crow
I have a life and don't watch comic book movies, you silly chicken sandwich
A movie that you don't have listed here, that I will mention in the comments.

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Is it okay to go to a frat house alone, even if there isn't a huge party or anything? Now, I don't mean "is it okay safety-wise"- I feel very safe in this house and have a lot of guy friends that I feel comfortable with, and I'm not looking to "get with anyone". My boyfriend goes to another school and I wouldn't do that. I just get really bored here especially in the evenings and don't want to spend another weekend in my room on my computer.
Now, you might ask why I can't just take a friend. The problem is, my one "partying friend" isn't allowed back in that house after some lame incident earlier in the year, and the rest of my friends either "abhor Greek life" or just don't go out at all, or act really lame when they do.
All I really want to do is go out and hang out with my guy friends in a low-key setting. However, I'm terrified of looking like a complete loser by going out alone, and I don't want to get into an socially-awkward situation if nothing is going on in the house. On the other hand, a couple guy friends did tell me to stop by this weekend if I'm out, and I'd really like to see people more often than I do. I'm a junior in college and wasted two years studying every single second of the weekends and it didn't help, so now I'm having a little more balance in my life, which involves seeing friends more.
Am I thinking too much into this? Should I just stay at home and be bored, or should I go hang out and risk looking a little lame?
I do like humor, but please do take this question semi-seriously:) Thanks!

Edit: Thanks, everyone:) I think you're all right- I'll just go, and probably make sure people will be there ahead of hand. There I went thinking too much again! I appreciate the quick replies!
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So, after many warnings from both Mom and myself, my little brother got his Ipod stolen and is saying he wants to stab the guy who did it and is "so pissed."

Should I feel any pity for him?
If so, will you help me find it?
If not, what was the last thing that was stolen from you?

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1. Do you go to previous pages and answer old TQC questions?

2. How many pages back will you answer questions without feeling like an addicted weirdo?

3. Have you ever answered questions that were posted days/months before? Did you feel like a weird person?

4. Do you ever look at old questions and want to answer them, but feel like it's too late?
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Uncomfortable Question

Dear Tea Cue Sea,

What would you do if you found out your father had been molesting your niece (his grand daughter) when she was roughly ages 10-13? Would you turn him in knowing he would get jail time? Would your answer change if he was 75 years old and had terminal Leukemia? What if your mother begged you not to "take your dad away from her" and to "let him die at home in peace?"

Would you answer change if you found out that your niece wouldn't be able to get adequate therapy because even if she with-held her grandfather's name and relationship to her, she (or her mom and dad) could be compelled by subpoena to name him?
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I know a lot of people have already done this recently, but I'm bored sooo...

Does anyone want me to make them some sort of variation of their icon? Halloween or anything else? Just let me know what you want!

Edit: I'm already getting tired and I only got a few done. Eek! I WILL do the rest eventually, but for now I'm taking a break because I'm not doing good work anymore.

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Which phone should I get when I reinstate my contract?

LG AX300
LG AX155
Samsung Muse
LG Scoop
Samsung Hue
Motorokr Z6m
Kyocera KX12
Blackberry Pearl
Stick to the plain ol' Razr.

Lima beans?

Yes please!
No thanks.

Which are good colors for cars?

Neon green
Dark blue
Baby blue
Forest green
None of these

What would you most likely choose to eat if you were at McDonalds?

Just an iced coffee.
Value meal of some sort
A drink and a large fry
Just a sandwich (non-dollar menu)
Something off of the Dollar Menu.
Grilled Ranch Snack Wrap
Hot fudge sundae
Apple Pie
I'd starve.

Say something to cheer me up?

Did you watch the VP debates last night?

Sure did.
Off and on.

How hungry are you right now? (10 is STARVING)

Mean: 4.46 Median: 4 Std. Dev 2.56

Have you kissed a girl?

Yeah and I liked it.
No. I kiss boys, thank you.
I don't rightly know.
No, but that's only because I'm a loser.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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Some of you might be familiar with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the rumor of it being true. The 2003 remake stated at the end that "the case still remains open today". I think it was at the end/beginning of TCM: The Beginning that they stated some "stats" of the number of people to disappear that they suspected were killed by Leatherface. Most of you probably know that the story is not true. Though this site says it is based on an actual murderer, Ed Gein, who apparently wanted to be a woman and wore the skin of one. I don't know how reliable the site is.

Not quite as thrilling as the idea of a chainsaw murderer unaccounted for. So, I was wondering, does anyone know of any missing-murderer stories (or stories closely related to the concept) that are actually for certain true and really fascinating/interesting?

Or, a question that might have more answers. Do you/have you known anyone that was or became a murderer? Or have you ever encountered someone who killed anyone?

Me: Never knew anyone who killed. But my friend's mom said that she thinks the Green River Killer tried to pick her up. She was out walking and someone pulled over and tried to pick her up, and she said something along the lines of "fuck off, I'm not a hooker". And he left her alone. Later she saw the guy's face on TV and, well, was extremely disturbed.

Trick Or Treat!

Does anyone trick the trick-or-treaters anymore, or is it a guarantee that anyone opening the door will be giving out candy?

Does anyone trick the non-treaters anymore?

Have you tricked/been tricked on Halloween?

What kind of tricks are the best?
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1. are you sensitive to the negative or positive energy / auras of people around you (or that you interact with)?

2. what are your plans for this evening?

3. so i've FINALLY found someone to room with. the place is nice and lovely. we're going to talk over this weekend (or next week) about rules of the apartment, and paying bills and stuff. what will i most likely forget to mention or discuss with my new roomie (who's male by the way)?
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So, sex with the ex is good or bad?

He has a giirlfriend but it's an open relationship where both get stuff on the side. Thing about him is he's too shy to sex someone random so the g/f is getting more out of it than he is. There's a slight possibility that he may have some feelings for me still. He hasnt said anything exactly, Im just intuitive like that. I however, do not have any romantic interest in him. We broke up about 5 years ago and I am his best friend (though he aint mine). Since I have nothing at stake, I wouldnt necessarily regret it later. Im just horny, bitches!


Poll #1271988 That question

Should I sex the ex tonight?


If no, why?

The Girliest Taco

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1. Do you guys think that Sarah Palin's lipliner is tattooed on?

I'm not convinced.

2. Why are there people sitting outside against my dorm building near the loading dock with a huge pile of backpacks and duffel bags in front of them? (Two of them are throwing frisbees.)

3. Why does my dorm have a loading dock? And why are there truck-backing-up noises that start at 3am? (There's nothing attached to my dorm, but every single morning there are vans and trucks with ladders on top of them making a huge amount of noise.) What are they loading?

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1 - Are you cold? How do you work when you're shivering?
I am freezing & can't turn the heating on because I live in a student household so we won't turn it on until the last possible moment as everything is so expensive right now.

2 - How the Hell do I get my hair to grow?
It's stupidly fine, shoulder length & never grows, so whenever I get it cut, it just gets shorter. I am lol-ing at the drama-eqsue nature of my question...

3 - What was the last type of sexual intercourse you had?
Oral, anal, vaginal etc..

4 - Do you trust print journalists [newspaper] or broadcast journalists [tv] more?

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How does the ornamental body fit into feminism?

Can pornography be feminist? Why or why not?

Can you point out any examples of feminist pornography, if you think it exists?

(no subject)

Two things:

First, I was at the hospital last Wednesday (the 24? IDK) and I had an IV put into the back of my hand. The fucker is still bruised and full of hurt. Is it ever going to get better, or should I just chop the damned thing off and get it over with?

Secondly, my older brother joined the Marines and he's going off to boot camp in a week. His going away party is tonight and I don't know what to get him. He can't really take anything with him except for maybe a Bible, which he doesn't want. I was going to get him a handful of postcards and stamps, but I couldn't find any that weren't super lame. So, I called him and asked him what his favorite kind of beer was and he said he had way too much beer as it is, but if I really wanted, I could get him a four-pack of Red Bull. I plan to do that, but that feels super lame. Can you think of anything else I could get him?

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so i was asked one of the most random questions by a stranger ever.

ok so i was at the laundromat and was reading my book. just minding my own business while waiting for my comforter to finish washing. i was taking it out of the washer to put in the dryer and the older lady washing next to me started chatting to me about my "pretty" comforter. i politely said thanks and that i really liked it as well. that was it.
so i'm reading yet again and waiting for my comforter to dry, when the lady comes up to me and asks if i could put her clothes into the dryer when they're done washing, cause she had errands to run. WTF????
i looked at her kinda crazy and said sure. but my comforter finished drying shortly after and i just left her quarters and booked it out of there.
my questions for you are....

why would she ask me to do this?
is it cause she's black and i'm half black? or cause i'm a girl and she's a girl?
was i too nice in making small talk w/ her that she felt comfortable enough to ask me this?
did i not look busy reading my book?
has this ever happened to you?
is it cause i'm young and she's old, thus i need to abide by what my elders say?
and lastly what's the weirdest command a complete stranger has asked you to do for them?

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This morning I was listening to the radio and they were talking about how there is a dating website for any type of person and went on to list several. One of them being disabled people. Somebody else asked if it was for disabled people to find each other or people who were somehow turned on by disabled people. Which caused another of the hosts to sing "She's got leg! She knows how to use it!"

Was it wrong of me to laugh at that? Would you have laughed?

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I was helping a friend who speaks English as a second language with her essay about ethnocentrism, and at one point there was some line about "African-Americans". In that context I suggested she use the term "black" instead, and if she wanted to be more general, "visible minorities". My justification is that not all black people are African or American.

Was this good advice? I was also thinking of the term "people of colour" - is that appropriate to use on essays?

(I apologize is this was worded in a way that offends anyone. Please don't fight.)

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1. Have you ever used Depo-Provera as a birth control method? What side effects did you experience?

2. Have you ever fallen in love with someone within a few days?

3. Do you have a favorite clothing brand? Why is it your favorite?