October 2nd, 2008


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What's the one thing your significant other does that if you were to casually mention it on lj with no other context as to what kind of a good person they are, that everyone who saw it would say you really should dump them for doing that thing/having that particular quality?

What other qualities do they have that cause you to overlook or forgive this one thing they do?
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Car Towage..

Stupid question alert!

My boyfriend's car was towed about 5 years ago. Where would it be now? He was out of state at the time, and his family didn't bother to tell him until years later that it had been towed by the county (due to expired tags).

Did it get crushed/chopped/etc? According to the local tag office the registration is still in his name (but several years expired). My MAIN question: Is there any way we can get his car back? Yeah, I didn't think so...

Sorry for being a newb, don't hate! :P
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I needed to make an appointment with someone at the college here. I emailed them on tuesday afternoon and they emailed me back quite late on tuesday evening. I think it was almost midnight. They said I should pick a day and time (thursday or friday afternoon) and let them know. I still emailed them back on tuesday night suggesting thursday afternoon at 2. It's now about 10 past midnight on thursday and I still haven't heard anything.

Will they still answer or should I assume the time I suggested is okay and just go there for that time tomorrow?

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Follow-up to toothpaste question below...

Do you wet the inside of your mouth before brushing?

I always swish some water around before I start brushing. It feels weird for me if I don't wet with water first.
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To celebrate lots of work getting finished I had two beers and collapsed on the couch after a late office night. Now I'm a little too tipsy to be able to decide simple things for myself. Luckily I am a member of a community who will micromanage my evening for me, if only I will ask nicely!

So... should I eat the sensible salad I picked up on the way home, or pull out the frying pans and make hash browns and fried eggs like I am craving?
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Anyone ever ordered prescription drugs from online pharmacies from outside of the US? Which ones aren't total scams, if any? Some of the generics listed that aren't available in the US are offered infinitely cheaper than in the US, and it's hard to Google for site reviews.
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Is it weird that I view people as their icons on lj? For example: If you're 70 years old, but have an icon of a 16 year old anime chick as your icon, I view you as a 16 year old when I converse with you.

Am I the only one who suffers from this?

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Is the Star Wars continuity as perfect as this kid in my hall says it is?

How important is continuity in a series to you? Does it bother you if things don't quite match up?

Do you make things up for yourself when something isn't explained in canon? ETA Will you give an example?
This is so ridiculous.
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Have you guys taken the Myers-Briggs Test?
Here it is if you haven't!

What was your Personality type? What does The Myers-Briggs Foundation describe you as?

I am ENTJ.
Frank, decisive, assume leadership readily. Quickly see illogical and inefficient procedures and policies, develop and implement comprehensive systems to solve organizational problems. Enjoy long-term planning and goal setting. Usually well informed, well read, enjoy expanding their knowledge and passing it on to others. Forceful in presenting their ideas.
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Help me resolve a stupid debate I'm having with a friend! If you use mouthwash, does it only make sense to use it when you brush your teeth in the morning? Or does it makes sense to do it when you brush your teeth before bed as well?
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Is it customary to bring a date to a wedding? I feel weird going by myself, but how do I know if I am allowed without asking flat out?

If you don't care: Have you ever been apple picking? (I went for the first time this weekend)

Also, if you cannot pay attention in class, how do you pass the time?

I'm cracking myself up but everyone else seems to be looking for the exit

I was at the grocery store today and happened to look at the covers of the gossip magazine, one headline caught my attention "Anna Book's painful decision she lost the battle with the overweight" now it might just be me but for me losing battles is something you do with serious disease like cancer.

Now to the question now that she "lost the battle with the overweight" what will happen now? She will eat everything in sight? She will abandoned her singing career and become a plus size model? She will toss the scale out the window? Something more witty I can't think of?

Now I Know that being overweight can be hard to deal with but I think the headline is just a tad bit dramatic. I also realize that most of you never heard of that woman before so I'm putting a photo of her under the cut as a visual aid to what I'm talking about.

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ETA a word in the subject because coming up with a silly subject wasn't bad enough, I had to leave out a word as well.
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What's your favorite type of pen? What makes it better than the rest?

Do you write in print, script, or a combination of the two?

What do you think your handwriting says about you?

If you hated math and/or science in high school, what could have helped you enjoy it more? Or at least get through it with fewer homicidal thoughts?

I need a scenario for a fake crime scene for my forensic science class. It has to involve hair that can be analyzed to figure out the most likely criminal. Ideas?

How do I make a map representing my customer's locations?

For the last three years I've been running a small business at home. I weld steel racks for bicycles, which are used for carrying groceries or whatever. They sell very well and I ship them all over the world.

Here's a picture of one.

I'd love to have a feature on my website which shows a map of the world and a dot representing every place one of these racks have been shipped. It might make an interesting visual aid for the site, and I suppose it could be a useful tool for marketing as well.

Does anyone know of a site or feature like this?
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When I switched my birth control a few weeks ago, my skin went from nice and pretty, to oily and pimply. Nuts. I have really dry skin, but really oily skin, too. Does anyone have any advice as to what kind of face wash I should use? Something on the cheaper side, if possible. Like, under 10 bucks a bottle.
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I have to eat breakfast every morning, or I get cranky and headachey around 10am, and then it's a long 2 hours till lunch. I want to make sure my breakfast is pretty nutritious, so I usually just choke down some kind of meal bar that has a lot of vitamins and whatnot in them.
HOWEVER, I am getting really tired of replacement food. I'd like to have something that's actually tasty for breakfast, preferably something warm. I've considered cold cereal with soymilk, because I'm lactose intolerant, but like I said I'd like something warm. Here are my restrictions:

I don't want to eat a million calories before noon, so eggs & sausage kind of isn't want I'm looking for.

I hate oatmeal, peanut butter and bananas.

Am I fucked? Any suggestions?

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Hai TQC!

I had quite a bit of wine last night. Im not exactly Hungover, but I can definitely feel that I drank. I've already drank some water and eaten oatmeal. (iI didnt have anything greasy in the house, haha)

1.) What is the next thing I should do to make myself feel better/more awake/more human like?

2.) What is one food or food combination that you like that others think is weird/gross?

My answer for number 2:
I like ketchup on baked potatoes
And I Love Spike on cottage cheese. :)

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TQC, last night around midnight I dyed my hair, and then I went to bed. I sweated a bit in my sleep, and I can feel a greasy hair situation coming on as the day progresses. Here's the dilemma: today is my sister's birthday and I'm taking her out tonight. Do you think it would be safe to wash my hair around 3 or 4 pm without fading or otherwise screwing up my new dye job?

If you don't care, what's for lunch/your next meal?

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Would you rather have a friend who speaks their mind when appropriate, even if they put their foot in their mouth a decent portion of the time, or a friend who keeps their mouth shut when they should speak up? Why?

edited to add: What if they are coming from a good place, the words just come out ass backward and sounding wrong, even if they'd be right if they could just say it better? Do you think you could still hear what they were saying through the foot in their mouth?
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Long car ride


Help! I am stuck in a car with four of my counterparts from work (all male, well... minus myself, lol) from Salem, OR to Seattle/Tacoma, WA today.

What should I bring/do to keep myself entertained???? ;_;
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So last night, on our walk, my 6 1/2 year old son said, "John McCain sucks."

I was about to tell him that I understood his feelings, but that there must be a more respectful way of expressing them, when we were interrupted by another walker.

Should I have said something?
What would you have said?

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i have a HUGE scar on my back. it is very noticeable and about the size of a dinner plate. i always get questions like, "omg... what happened?" i dont want to be rude... but i dont want to answer their question. (I usually say, 'it was an accident and i dont want to talk about it', but people seem to find this rude. how should I respond?

Multiple choice questions

Why on earth would someone leave a multiple choice question blank on a test? (Edited to add: This is a standard multiple choice test where each question is worth 3 points -- a wrong answer and a blank would get you the same deduction.)

What did someone recently do for you that you thought was especially nice?
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Can you fill in the blanks?

Poll #1271073 Music Sing-a-long!

I am _______, coffee black and egg white

In your head, in your head, ______!

You got a _____ ____, I want a ticket to anywhere

Every time I scratch my ____ down someone else's _____, I hope you feel it

When everything feels like the movies: yeah, you ____ just to know you're alive

I shot the ____, but I did not shoot the _____.

___ ____ ____, whatever will be will be

You were the same as me, but on your _____s.

____ through the heart, and you're to blame

This is ______, everybody make a scene!

Mixed bag

1: What is your favorite small animal?
2: What is your favorite large animal?
3: How many books do you own?
4: What are you plans tonight?
5: What was the last thing someone gave you?
6: Cake or Pie or Other?

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validation post...or perhaps a conspiracy.

My boyfriend and I live in the same house. We sent off for our absentee ballots on the same day, via the same mailbox. HOW COME HE GETS TO VOTE BEFORE ME?!

He has his mail in ballot and I don't :(

Is this a conspiracy? Cause I totally changed my voting address way before he did and also I voted in the primaries and he did not.

tl;dr (but please DO-r)

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And if you didn't read, I have a bottle of Pinot Grigio in the fridge that is shouting my name. Should I get drunk this afternoon while I'm home by myself or should I wait until bf gets home and get drunk with him? (Even though no drunken sexytime can ensue because I have a massive head cold, boo :( )
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If you had a friend that did not acknowledge your birthday at all, would you wish her a happy birthday when hers came around?

If you had known her 30 years, would that make a difference?

(no, I'm not bitter at all.)
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If you found yourself with little to no time to spend on LJ/TQC, would you just give it up altogether? What if you were also losing interest?

If not, what would it take to make you give up LJ?
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bills, furnaces, and student orgs. Oh my!


1) My internet bill is due on Saturday. I mailed out the bill today. Will it arrive on time? The pay stub thingy says to allow 5 business days for mailing....I don't want my first bill to be late!

2) Why does my furnace not work right? It will heat the house for a while, but the fan is cranked So High that it blows out the flame. I do not know how to fix it, and my roommate says he tried to fix it but it's rusted or something (I wasn't totally listening). Why must it be 62F in my house in the morning? :(

3) Our school had a deadline of yesterday for student organizations to turn in their paperwork, in order to be recognized by the University. WHY was I never informed of this, as a president of a student org? There were no emails, no fliers in our mailboxes, NOTHING. Yet everyone else seemed to know about it...does the University just hate me?

Srs and non srs welcome, but I would prefer a more srs answer for the first question. :P
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For Those of You from the UK

So I'm studying abroad for the year in London and I need to buy some books for one of my classes.

What are some chain bookstores in the UK?

And for a slightly more fun question: if you had to make one book mandatory reading for everyone, which book would you choose? In other words, what book do you think everyone should read at least once in their lifetime?

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What's your favorite documentary?

Have you ever seen a documentary that would best be considered "docuganda," or propaganda in documentary form? What was it? Why would you consider it docuganda?

Would you consider this film propaganda in slapstick comedy form?

For The Coffee Drinkers Out There

1:  For those of you who go out for iced coffee, where do you like to go?
I've tried the vanilla iced coffees from McDonalds and Jack In The Box and the iced mocha from Starbucks but I have yet to find an iced coffee that I like.

2:  For those of you who make your own coffee (either hot or iced), how do you usually prepare it?
I like half of it to have powdered creamer and I add about 2-4 packets of Splenda and it tastes like caramel.  Suffice it to say, I only drink coffee if I can mask the flavor but I like the caffeine, so I don't want to stop drinking coffee.

3:  How many cups of coffee do you consume on average per day?
If I make it myself, one cup.  If I go out, I usually get a medium or a large which would be two or three cups, I guess.
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We all know that there are assholes out there who use people - lie, emotionally manipulate - simply to get into their pants, for physical/sexual fulfillment.

But have you ever known someone who uses people - without caring about what might happen to them as a result - for the sake of obtaining and feeling emotional infatuation?

(This can be either in addition to sex, or exclusive of sex, though specifying which would be helpful.)

Edit: Are they male or female?
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TQC, my boyfriend is coming from Seattle next weekend. I told him I will cook for him. He loves Italian food and I'm a pretty experienced cook but I'm cooking at his hotel room (this hotel has a full kitchen in each room) so I don't it to be TOO involved (like Lasagna).

What do you think I should make for him? We are making cookies after dinner together :)
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Do you watch/listen to the commentaries on your DVDs?

Which DVD commentary have you enjoyed the most?

I listen to the commentaries on most of my DVDs. It's a toss up which is my favorite - either the commentary on Weird Al's UHF movie, or the commentary on the classic Doctor Who story The Invasion.

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When you wake up in the morning, regardless of whether you have school/work/etc that day, do you shower immediately and get dressed, or do you chill in your pajamas and watch tv/eat breakfast/whatever?

I like to sit in my pajamas and eat breakfast first. My roommate will wake up, shower immediately, and get dressed in that day's clothes before anything else. Sometimes I feel a little silly when she's clean and ready for the day and I'm all unshowered and still in my snowmen jim-jams.

Buy Me That!

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When was the last time you had your eye on something you really wanted that you honestly didn't need and probably couldn't use? What was it? Did you get it? I know I won't be getting mine until I can afford it. I may not get it at all.
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If you live in the U.S. or Canada or somewhere else with upcoming elections, who are you voting for and why?

Also, do you believe in God? If so, what do you think he/she/it looks like? And why didn't he/she/it make the world totally awesome instead of this bullcrap?

Could you pass the peas?
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1. What is the last thing you mailed out?

2. What is the last 'fun' thing you received in the mail? (i.e clothing you may have ordered, a letter from an old friend, etc)

3. What does your fall jacket look like? That is, if you even need one where you are!
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Imagine it's 20-30 years in the future. Someone who was a real jerk to you in high school or college is a major candidate for President (for whichever party you align yourself with). Do you look past their treatment of you and vote for them? 
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Do you/did you ever skip college classes?
If you did, did you set limits for yourself? (Only x classes a semester?)
Would you say you skipped more or less of your high school classes?

Do you have Election Day off this year?
Because I totally don't.
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Tomorrow I'm going to a show in Wilmington, Delaware. Is there anything in or around (30 minute drive) Wilmington worth seeing? I'm trying to decided if I should get there early or not.
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Which would you rather hear a 5-7 minute speech on: the effectiveness of facebook or the calcuability of World of Warcraft?

(so, it'd be about how effective facebook actually is, or how much money people blow on MMORPGs a year. I don't actually play WoW)

ETA: If none of the above, the speech has to be about an aspect of society that has been McDonaldized (made "easier" but all the "making easier" has actually complicated it: IKEA, self check-out services, etc.) and can be discussed in terms of its effectiveness or calculability. What do you think would be interesting to hear a speech about?
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Do you like to eat dinner at a fairly regular time? If so, about what time is that usually?

If you just eat it when you have the chance or when the mood strikes, will you please give the range of the hours in which you might have dinner?


Also, here is my halloween icon, courtesy of the fabulous lainy. I'm going to make it my default for the rest of the season, so here's a chance to block it if it happens to freak you out.

If you have a halloween icon, will you post with it here? If you happen to have more than one, please post your favorite.

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Did your parents make you feel totally ashamed of your body?

I can't talk to my parents about anything, they'll be like "LA LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" and my dad once made a huge show out of grimacing and covering his eyes when I was taking off my hoodie...and I had a full shirt underneath, the kind you wear in public without anything over it when it's not cold.

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Poll #1271388 Hey, did you know your poll is friends only? Part 42

When at home, where do you normally eat your meals?

kitchen table
dining room table
sitting on the floor wtih my plate on the coffee table
sitting on the couch
standing in the kitchen
i usually eat my meals out of the house
sitting on the floor wtih my plage on my lap
i snack so i stand at the pantry and just eat hand fulls of munchy food
sittin on my bed
at my desk
while rollerskating
i eat most meals while driving
i have a feeding tube

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Do you ever start to post a comment here (or anywhere, really) and then decide that what you have to say isn't worthwhile and just say forget it?

I do it all the time. I go to make a comment and think, "Why am I even writing this? Nobody cares!" and I'll just erase it.

Does anyone here from Boston know about the monthly Charlie cards? I had one for September that my dad paid for and I dunno if it'll still work for October. If my dad paid again would I have to get a different card or does the money just go toward the card I already have?

I'll find out in an hour when I go to take the bus, but I was just wondering if anyone knew offhand.

If nobody cared about any of that, will you tell me about your favorite scene of your favorite show??

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Hey! I'm visiting YOU.

What's something/somewhere that I have to see while I'm there? (Answer may not include peesh/vag)

Oh, yeah, where am I going?

Come to New York and go to Montauk Point with meeeee

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how do you get help if you dont really want to be helped?
i know im fucking myself up really bad but i cant tell anyone i know and i cant stop, i dont want to stop but i know its so bad :(
i cant get myself to eat i dont eat i only consume about 200-400 calories a day or just eat nothing at all, when i do eat that little amount of food i sometimes puke it up, but i hate doing that so then when i dont i feel really bad like i did something horrible and i beat myself up over it.
it finally got to me today i just broke down. i cant tell anyone of my family or friends they would be stupid about it :\

now i feel like im wearing my heart on my sleeve D:

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1) Have you seen Choke? What did you think?
(I saw it today, and I wasn't very impressed; then again I didn't think much of the book, either. They did a good job adapting everything, though.)

2) Do you ever go to the movies by yourself? Would you? What do you think of people who do this?
(I kind of love going by myself. Although it was just me and one other guy seeing Choke today, and I was kind of uncomfortable since the movie was so dirty.)

3) Have you ever taken Lexapro? What for? What are your thoughts on it?
(I just got a prescription, but I'm not wild about the idea of medication, and not sure if I really need it anyway. Blah.)
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Do you know what's involved in getting sedation declared "medically necessary" for oral surgery? I may need to have an extraction and/or root canal, and being awake during this procedure is not an option. Soon as I hear anything going on in my mouth, cue the panicking and vomiting and grabbing of crotches of those near me to have something to squeeze in pain and fear.

Is the Atlanta zoo something to write home about?

If I do have oral surgery, will I be (a) stupid or (b) brave for flying the day after?

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if you had to choose one or the other, would you say you're the type of person who loves everyone or hates everyone?

when i was in middle school and high school i was always trying to convince myself i hated everyone but that's such a crock. i love everyone.
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Meatloaf, fuck yeah!

Imma go to my Mom's this weekend and surprise her by making meatloaf for her.

How do you make meatloaf?

If you just eat the loaf, what do you like in it?

Is there a macro for meatloaf (like there is for Fuckin' Bacon)?
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(no subject)

1. What do you do to stay in shape?

2. Let's say you've just met someone new. What is something that they could tell you about themselves that would automatically make you not want to befriend them?

3. What is your general opinion of the country that you live in?

4. Do you floss? If yes, how often?

5. Do you believe in ghosts?

ETA: 6. Do you shave with shaving cream, or just soap?
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Can you explain RSS feeds to me and how to use them in simple language? Can I use LJ to read RSS feeds? I honestly know NOTHING about them. I tried looking at Wikipedia but it all looked liked gibberish to me.

Do you like pudding cakes? What is your favorite flavor?

o/' I just don't know what to do with myself o/'

I would like to make dinner, but my SO is at a friends house, where they are no doubt bitching about me, because I am Lizard Queen of the universe. My SO also has the vegetables.

Poll #1270963 Make my decisions?

So what should I do?

Make dinner with tomatoes, tofu and carrots, which is what I have now.
Clean the loungerrom
Pin the vest I was trying to make together
Waste time on TQC/other internets
Have a bath
Research why all these cans of beans have exactly the same nutritional info
Look for jobs
Plant booby traps for when my SO gets home
Do some form of exercise (which?)
Other (I WILL explain in comments)

EDIT: Where is your Other godlikespong?!
i say, old bean

(no subject)

is your first name common?
how often do you hang out with people who have the same name as you?
does it ever cause confusion?

what is a name that would cause you to have issue with your parents for?
(s'cuse my sentence structure)
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In anticipation of the holidays/birthdays/etc...

Does anyone know of a website that acts like a gift registry/wish-list for multiple sources? Yeah, amazon.com has just about everything under the sun, but I've got a "wish list" of a ton of random things that can't be found in one place like that, and it'd be nice to be able to hand one url along with my email address off to the few people that care instead of dividing up the link list I've got going now.

Rome question

I'm going to Rome for the first time in about a month to visit three of my friends who are studying abroad there. On the third day I'll be there (when I'll kinda have a feel for the city but not really), they're going on a school trip and leaving me all by my lonesome.

So, what should I do during my day alone in a country where I don't speak the language?

(And, if you've been to Rome/are from there, do you have any suggestions for shops/bars/restaurants/locations that aren't really well known/touristy that I should check out?)
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(no subject)

I went down the Memory Lane today, so i have a question for you. What is your first memory? The one you can say about: "yes, I do remember this, it is not something my mind constructed from photos and stories."

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Astronomy sky nebula 2

Why Does this Feel Creepy?

If I listened to all of the music/audiobooks that are on my ipod...it would take me a year and a half to finish them. And that's just 7 GB of the 80. *faints*

In other news, I refuse to watch the debates because I already know whom I'm voting for, and I can't stand watching debates. 1) The constant clapping and 2) the way the other candidates smile and nod while the other is speaking. *vomits*

Did you watch the debate? How much music do you have on your IPOD? Share!

(no subject)

If I make it to a good school, should I still go for it? Or go to a "worse" school? I'm scared that I might not cut it if I were to transfer to a "good" school. I've busted my ass off for 2 years at a community college and have a 4.0 because of that. I'm truly not smart at all. It takes me very long to absorb concepts, which is why I'm always studying.

My counselor says I have a chance at pretty good universities. I have a lot of extracurriculars, and I feel that my professors would write nice recommendations.

But a part of me is saying, "Go to a small state school that no one's ever heard of because you'll have a better chance of keeping your GPA there. You got a 4.0 at a community college, which probably doesn't mean much. You'll probably get like a 2.3 at the good school."

What would you do? I'm considering grad school, too, and I'm very certain that I won't keep my GPA up at a really good school. I need brains, and my study skills alone won't cut it.
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I saw a video clip this afternoon, I missed the beginning and cause I was in the gym, I couldn't hear the words. It just showed a daggy guy in a lounge room doing the running on the spot dance.

does anyone know what the dance move is called?

and what is the song?
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Dear TQC

Palin is a twat? Y/N

If N, I don't wanna hear why, cos I'll just lol and retort and this will turn into a political debate, which I'm really not up for right now. A simply Y or N will suffice.
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(no subject)

I saw a video clip this afternoon, I missed the beginning and cause I was in the gym, I couldn't hear the words. It just showed a daggy guy in a lounge room doing the running on the spot dance.

does anyone know what the dance move is called?

and what is the song?

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Guys, I've been buying meals at work too much lately either from the deli at the grocery store or the sub shop next to my job. While both places provide very tasty food the cost adds up. What are some tasty and fairly cheap things I can make either the night before or earlier in the day before I head to work?
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Scanning for viruses

So I've just set up a new Vista installation on my wife's laptop. It's Vista because hp - her laptop maker - decided to make this model a vista-only model and didn't provide any drivers for XP (forgetting any other OSs. Though, Ubuntu did pick up more devices right off the bat than XP and Vista combined).

Anyway, my question isn't really related to any of that. It's a clean system, not even an antivirus app installed (how clean can it be then, you might ask. well, you'd be surprised!). But I did install Firefox (which I'm typing in now).

So... why does Firefox say "Scanning for viruses" in the download window after downloading a file? Is there something built into FF? Vista? Is it just BSing me?

On another note, without starting any flame wars... what do you think of Vista? IMHO, it's pretty, but very much messed up in many other respects.
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(no subject)

1. Why is music important to you?

2. Why does it feel so good when you sing?

3. Are there any songs that give you a *spiritual* experience? If so, what song?

(spiritual does not need to mean religious, it just MOVES you)

edit: Videos and lyrics are love:) So post them!
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Non-rainy day ?s

1) If you became homeless God forbid, what kind of stuff would you put into your hobo bandanna?

2) Have you ever seen a glory hole in real life?

3) If you had to fake your death, how would you do it?

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I'm going to my first academic conference (actually, 2 of them) in a couple of weeks, where I will be meeting VIPs in my field. So the question is, TQC, what do I wear?
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Bathroom questions ahoy.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard is it to flush a public toilet? (1 being "I could do it in my sleep" and 10 being, like, God making a rock so heavy He Himself could not lift it.)

The girls in my dorm seem to find it dern near a 10.

2. Do those little paper toilet seat covers really make a difference at all?

Probably not, but I like to think it makes the seat a little less gross.

3. Have you ever encountered a stall with this logo?

My dorm's stalls are all made by these people.


Dear TQC,
I just found out that we're going to be allowed to wear costumes to work on Halloween. I'm having trouble coming up with something... What would you suggest?
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I have Trend Micro Internet security and it found a virus on my computer and it gives me 2 options: to clean it or delete it.

Is it better to clean the file or delete it?