October 1st, 2008

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Would you enter into a long distance relationship wih someone over the internet?

I've been in one, and would do it again
I've been in one, and would NOT do it again
I am currently in one
Something else to be explained in comments

Would you fly to another country to meet with said person after six months of being together over the internet?

Depends on the country
Something else to be explained in comments

Would you move to that other country to be with the person after only a year?

Depends on the country
Something else in the comments

On a scale of one to ten, what is the square root of nine?

Mean: 3.18 Median: 3 Std. Dev 1.24

Best kind of orange?

Moro (Blood)
Something else, because the OP couldn't think of any more

Turkey or Duck?

Teel Deer
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1. If you don't like American Apparel, it's because you're an uptight, poor fatty, y/y?

2. How much money do you think the people who check inmates' assholes and vaginas get paid?

3. What's the worst job you can think of?


1 - We all know that fish/omega 3/etc is meant to boost IQ and whatnot, but are there any foods which might boost creativity? It sounds silly, but I am drawing a total blank at the moment in my studying, which doesn't involve "learning", remembering etc..

2 - Where do you turn to for inspiration?

3 - Anyone got experience with newspaper design analysis? I have a bit, but am currently trying to comment on the Independent and not getting far.

4 - Sex: tires you out, or wakes you up?

5 - I should have a fair bit of work done before my lecture in oo..10 hours time - stay up late & work, or get up early & work?

6 - What do you keep putting off?
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Wearing a costume to class on Halloween y/n?

Does your answer change depending on what the costume is like? (ie, how elaborate/tight/revealing/scary/controversial/etc it is?)


Ok, tqc, advice time.

I'm about to go over my friend Jen's apartment. We have been sleeping together for a few weeks and the recent increase in affection towards each other leads me to believe we're more than friends with benefits. There is a 95% chance that I will stay for the night. However, we are both really shy about these things and even though it's a regular occurrence, we never SAY that I'll stay over. Would it be too brazen or embarrassing for me to wear tomorrow's clothes and bring my school stuff to her place so that I don't have to walk across campus tomorrow morning? Or should I sacrifice the morning ease for comfort tonight?

What would you do?
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Out of curiousity, does anyone know whether anyone has ever collected stats on how many people identify with a particular political ideology (eg: liberalism, libertarianism, marxism, socialism etc), versus the number of people who don't?
Edit: 'People who don't' -eg, people who aren't into politics and people for whom the various categories just don't apply.

How would you describe your politics?
How would you describe the politics of the party/candidate you're most likely to support/vote for?
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If you rate things (like movies) on a five-star scale, how do you break down the numbers?

Is 3 stars a good rating or does it mean the movie's pretty average?
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Where you live, is it Carl's Jr. or Hardee's?

Do you ever find out more about the people behind the camera of a TV show/movie because you like it so much? Did you ever become a fan of someone behind the scenes (writer, director, etc)?

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i'm an RA and am making a bulletin board. the board will be filled with quotations about sex by various celebrities. i'd like a creative title, but "let's talk about sex, baby" is so tired. any other ideas?
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I am having a small gathering at my place this Sunday and OF FUCKING COURSE every fucking financial situation possible has struck me as well. There is no way I can back out, or postpone right now as well. So, my friends, please give me your best party on a budget advice.

The food is taken care of, it's actually a Tastefully Simple party I promised I would host for my friend, so that is out of the way. I explained the situation and she said she would bring the drinks for me, so we're clear on that. Have any other suggestions for a low-income party?

And I mean it, I am scraping together $50 for this thing :o/

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There's a regular customer at my work who comes in about 40 mins before closing time and orders a large black filter coffee, drinks it fairly quickly, leaves, then about 10 mins before closing, he comes back in and has a small black filter coffee. This is a fairly regular occurence.

What is he doing inbetween his coffees? Why doesn't he just drink his two coffees in a row instead of running away for about 20 mins inbetween?

Also, whenever someone orders a large, black americano, I think of Barack Obama.
Is this because there are similar sounds in each phrase,and Barack Obama happens to be a black American, or am I a big fat racist?
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We had teenage wizards (Harry Potter). Then we had teenage vampires (Twilight). [I am comparing them strictly on the basis of their insane, out-of-nowhere popularity here. I am not implying they are of equivalent quality.]

So... what do you think the next giant young adult book fad will be about? Try to predict what will happen next so you can pat yourself on the back in a year if you ended up being right!

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do you have any scars from sex? have you ever had anyone ask about the scars? what did you tell them?

i have three right now and it'll be four after this new one heals. wtf! no one's asked me about it, idk wtf i would tell them if they did haha.

drunken questions

you walk into you friends bathroom and see a giant stack of books and a crossword puzzle halfway done. gross? would you read any of the books? do the crossword? (if there is a writing device near you.)
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Last night I had a dream that I had a cyst on my forehead and it was awful.

Have you ever had a cyst? What was it like? Where was was it? How did you get rid of it?

If you haven't had a cyst, how clear would you say your skin is? Do you enjoy popping pimples?

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Does anybody know this font?

I ganked the image from ljsecret so that whining nonsense is irrelevant but it looks just like my writing so I'd love to identify it.

I already tried identifont and no results matched.


Collapse )
don't touch me!

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I have been feeling pretty bad since Friday. I have serious nasal congestion, a bad cough, and I can't seem to kick it with over the counter meds (afrin nasal spray & tylenol sinus day & night).

Should I go to work and suck it up and get everyone else sick or should I go to the doctor even though it's unlikely he can do much?

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When repeat questions come up, do you reply anyway with a repeat answer?

If you like the Rolling Stones, what's your favourite Rolling Stones song?

And you can send me dead flowers every morning
Send me dead flowers by the mail
Send me dead flowers to my wedding
And I wont forget to put roses on your grave

Do you think the chorus of Dead Flowers (my personal fav) above is about forgiveness regardless of what the ex-girlfriend has done, or revenge in the sense of, 'you'll be dead first, bitch'?

It's my birthday tomorrow, but I found out yesterday my grandmother has been put on oxygen and 'made comfortable', and has only days to live. Needless to say I'm not really feeling like going out and celebrating, I'm mostly just hoping to hell she doesn't die bang on the day. Should I try and get out anyway, even if it's just to have a quiet drink or two with some friends?

Stressing over money

Does anyone else constantly stress over money? I know I have enough in the bank, even plenty to cover for many unexpected situations, and a regular salary, but I feel guilty every time I so much as buy lunch. I always feel the need to save as much as is humanly possibly and I feel bad for buying myself any treats at all, even inexpensive ones.

Any tips on how to get over these imagined fears?

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A very tall and very cute guy just peeked over my cubicle wall at me. He was waiting for someone across the hall from me. I was in the middle of drinking my V8 and I'm lucky I didn't spit it out all over my computer screen. Without much time to react I basically just gave him a confused look.

If someone did this to you, what would you think TQC?
Just some random curious office vagrant?
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I just got a facebook event invitation from the director of my honors program:

"Dr Ben Scafidi will lead a dinner-seminar on "America's Financial Crisis" -- how we got here and what can be about it. This is limited to 10 Ga College Honors students. Setting this up via Facebook is an experiment born of necessity" - it's next Wednesday from 6-8 pm.

Quick, TQC! Do I RSVP yes? Is this interesting or does it have potential to really blow? It's free food regardless, at somebody's house ...
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So I'm out of town babysitting my bossess grandkids, their 22 month old son has been walking around crying for mommy for the past 30 minutes, he wants nothing to do with me. I tried to distract him with food and tv and playing the guitar and funny games but he's not having it, do I just let him walk around sobbing or what? I feel bad ignoring it but he doesn't want me to touch him or anything..

[Edit: The cookie, baloon and Dora seems to have done the trick. Problem solved, thanks guys!]
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Is there a good way to tell a close friend/roommate that I believe it was their friend that stole our rent money and I no longer want him in our house? I don't want her to get defensive of him and start a fight, but I truly believe he is the one that stole our money.

Also, my parents tell me I should call the police, but I think it will be a wasted time because I have no proof who did it. Would you call the police? If it matters it was over $500 stolen.
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How can I squash this annoying sex drive that I have?

Masturbation isn't cutting it since I've become newly single and I'm not interested in actually having sex with anyone else yet. But I am fucking horny all of the time and it is a little distracting. Already on birth control.

the criminology... i mean, question club!

Physiognomy is the assessment of a person's character just by looking at their facial features. This study was promoted by Lavater in criminology, or in other words, he had a list of "criteria" for what criminals looked like. Though this was once extremely popular, naturally his influence waned as people realized not every criminal fit the bill. Things to look for in criminals included:

Wide or shifty eyes, possibly sunken in; a too large or too small head, and a broad forehead; little space between the forehead and the nose; thin, sharp or pursed lips; portruding canine teeth; a bony face; visible blue veins; a broad chin; an upturned nose; a yellowish complexion, and; a look that was "full of character."

Judging by this list, would you have been considered criminal back then? What applies to you and what doesn't?

blinkx video search engine...

On my gf's computer, when you go to blinkx.com and click on the search box, a TON of porn searches come up. Like, a TON. I asked my gf about it because it was A LOT of porn and she said the site has fake porn searches when you click on the search box and scroll through it. She says also when she tries to watch videos on the main page, porn search results come up instead.

Has anyone heard of this? I read something about how search engines can become "polluted" with fake porn searches but I can't remember where I saw it. So, is my gf right that blinkx.com has fake porn searches on it, or is she just a porn addict?
Bad chef


If that new guy that I hired a couple weeks ago calls me "Debbie" one more time I'm pulling him into my office for a warning. I've asked him very nicely to NOT call me that, as it's NOT my name.

I made it very clear that I expect him to call me (his direct supervisor) "Debra" or if two syllables are too many for him, "Deb". I made it clear that I don't use the name Debbie and that I don't like being called Debbie.

What do you think TQC?

Poll #1270472 One is my name, the other isn't

It's OK to call a person by a different name than they've introduced themselves to you with


You're over-reacting, it's insignificant


*edited to correct a formatting problem
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locker room etiquette

this is mostly directed at the ladies here, but guys can obviously answer all these questions, too.

so, i'm going to get a locker at my university's athletic centre to keep my stuff and shower after biking, and - long story short - i've been reading about etiquette and it's made me feel shitty, so

is it a common courtesy/necessity for women to have to be completely shaven and after a brazilian?
how long is "too long" to be naked in a locker room?
if i'm fat, should i just bring a large towel to cover myself up so i'm not making anyone uncomfortable/grossed out?
why does everyone who writes about locker room etiquette have such a huge problem with other women(people) being naked?
should i just give up while i'm ahead?
will you share some locker room stories with me?

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Last night (this morning?) around 2am there was a car going down my road really slow. They'd get just past my house, throw it in reverse, go about 1/2 mile in reverse and drive by really slow again.

WHAT WERE THEY DOING? Drunken driving on a Tuesday/Wednesday?
I live on a back country road, if that helps.

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What is your best way of dealing with someone trying to sell you something on the phone?

Do you enjoy hanging up on people? I always feel bad when I do it, but the lady would not accept that I didn't want to order newspaper.

(no subject)

Do you have "virgin" hair, as in hair that's never been dyed?

Or is your hair slutbag hair, and you dye it whenever you feel like it? If so, what colors?

I'm a dark brunette and I love my hair too much to ever dye it. I still get petted at hair salons because apparently they don't see untouched hair very often.


Do you think Northern California and Southern California will ever split into two separate states?

Why do we call California Nor Cal & So Cal instead of just saying "California"?

And why do NorCalians call Highway 101 "101" and SoCalians "The 101"?

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So I was trying to find people on facebook...just so I know what they look like. Because I have never seen them, or talked to them. I just had their emails because they're new in my workplace and the schedule is sent out by email. I searched for one, and he didn't have an account so I typed in the next guy...but then I realized I had INVITED him instead of just looking him up. I stopped the page before it finished loading....but I'm pretty sure it got sent.


Should I play it cool? Pretend it didn't happen? Add him as a friend?!?!?! Get some other coworkers to add him so it seemed like a group discussion? Add the other two new people????

Damn, facebook.


...ok so there's alot of retrofitting being done here in SLO,CA...
right now some sanding is being done to a bldg nearby,
but I'll I'm hearing is Chewbacca talking...

EDIT: construction is going on that sounds like Chewbacca to me

when's the last time something like this has happened to you?

just wondering.. thanks.
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does your SO still talk to any of their ex's ?
does it bother you?
does your SO know the amount of people you've had sex with?
does it bother them?

no, but it would bother me
no, i dont think i even know.
the # i have come up with to tell him does bother him, even if he says it doesnt.

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Do you have black squirrels where you live? Are they bigger than the normal gray ones? The black ones here seem bigger and tougher than the regular gray ones, and they are always right outside my window, freaking me out.

ETA. If you live somewhere without squirrels, what sorts of small creatures do you see regularly?
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An intro:
Bush's "No Banker Left Behind Act" was defeated because of overwhelming public opposition. But now the politicians have come up with an easy answer.
In an unprecedented step, Congress is virtually shutting down its incoming constituent email. They are installing the digital version of riot police, protecting the politicians from an enraged population that demands to be heard. Congress has acknowledged that it is receiving millions of emails from the people of the United States, all opposing this theft of $700 billion to be handed to the richest bankers. People who try to send emails are likely to receive error messages and their emails will not go through during "peak hours."
Congress claims that this is a response to the overwhelming emails to keep their server from crashing; however, their server did not crash during the time they were receiving the most emails, and they quietly instituted this program late Tuesday afternoon.

The question: 
Will you place a PHONE CALL to your law makers (notice I'm not calling them "representatives") right now and tell them to vote NO on the rich banker golden bailout?
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Yesterday I bought one of those celery/carrot stick cups with ranch dip. HOWEVER, there was a third vegetable in the cup. It was white, and was very light and crisp/crunchy in texture. The cup did not list what vegetables were in it.

What do you think the white vegetable is? And where can I buy it?


Wow that was so fast! I think it was jicama, based on the apple texture comment. It was definitely not cauliflower (I should have specified that it was in stick form as well).
Thank you so much!

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Hello TQC :)

I am going to the library after I am done picking up my apartment.

Will you reccomend a great biography for me to check out?
If not, please reccomend a book in general.

Tanx :)

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Does anyone have a SO with a facial configuration that, in conjunction with your own, creates a situation where, when you kiss, someone's nose always gets in the way and/or you're always breathing in each other's face?

How are you and your SO alike?

How are you and your SO different?

Do you think it's more important that you and your mate be alike personality-wise, or that you enjoy doing the same sorts of things, and enjoy having the same type of lifestyle (and these ARE different things, if someone wants to argue)?

(no subject)


Your boyfriend introduces you to his friend: "John, this is my friend Susie"

What's your reaction to this?
Would you be upset?
How far into the relationship is this still acceptable? Is it acceptable at all?

...This is something that happened to me almost a year ago and it still annoys the fuck out of me, so I'm curious about what you guys think!

Dear Dr. TQC,

I've been experiencing intense vertigo for the past 2 days that comes and goes. I recently spent a ton of time flying and read that can cause temporary vertigo that will go away on its own.

How many days do you think I should wait before seeing my doctor?

Do you think it's safe to go to the gym?

Have you ever had vertigo?

Do you prefer red, green, or black/purple grapes?
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I really don't like this whole trend of 2 second opening credits for TV shows.  Will you show me the opening credits from your all time favorite tv show? Or your all time favorite opening credits or theme song?

(no subject)

does anyone here besides me sing in a choir?

if so, what part do you sing? also, what pieces are you currently singing?

i sing alto 2. i'm really an alto 1, but the director asked all the first altos if any of us would mind singing second, and i raised my hand, and he was like, "you're hired!" i sang second soprano in high school.

right now we're doing durufle's requiem.

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So I rolled my car over in the ditch...
It was about 1:30am on Sunday morning. I was getting home from work and I was on a dirt road with TONS of potholes. Deep ones. There was a deer standing there in the middle of the road and stupidly, I swerved for it. The potholes caused me to lose control of the vehicle (Explorer) and I ended up upside down in the ditch.

It was pitch black outside. I ran to the nearest house and rang their doorbell, hyperventilating. I told them what happened and they calmed me down. Gave me some water to drink, called the highway patrol, called my SO, drove me back to the car, stayed with me 2 and a half hours while the highway patrol and the tow truck came out, and drove me home. They even offered to drive me into the urgent care center and everything. I couldn't have knocked on a nicer family's door. I am so grateful to them for all of their help.

What is something I could do to show my appreciation?

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I buy collector's dolls at garage sales and turn around to sell them on eBay, so my living room has a bunch of dolls that I just brought out to photograph. On top of this, I was playing the NSFW video ohbrilliantwhit posted when I got up to answer the door. It was my landlord coming to change an air filter.

Do you think I freaked her out, TQC?!

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If an employer accidentally overpays you (say, you're supposed to receive a raise of .50/hour but payroll instead starts giving you .75/hour), are you obligated to notify your employer? What happens if you don't, and the mistake isn't corrected, and your employer finds out later (say, six months to a year)? Can your employer take the money back? This isn't a matter of ethics but of legality.

Not my situation, but that of someone else I know. Personally I think he should let them know he's being overpaid for purely ethical reasons, but I think he'll be making the decision based solely on the legal question.

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I was on msn chatting with a guy, we met online. He wrote he was single, in his forties, lives alone.  
Out of the blue at 21.15 (during our first msn conversation) he writes: "I really have to go offline now".  (We must have been chatting no more then 10 minutes).
Not even a goodbye, not a "see u" nothing. I write: "have a nice evening" and it comes back to me because he was (you guessed it) offline :(

What do you think TQC?
Married? Was it his girlfriend that came in and he "had to go" or else?
Or was his house on fire?

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1. What's the best thing you've ever won on ebay or another bidding site?

2. With all of the surcharges and fees and such now, is it better for the amateur ebayer to try and sell things themselves or to take them to one of those little storefronts that does it for you?

3. EDIT: I have a cute polka dot prom dress to sell, what's a good lj sales community to try and put it up in?
sneaker love

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Can you post the following pictues that you took?

1) A classroom with a lot of people in it (maybe with you).
2) A cop not doing his thing for the lulz, any captions with that?

What's the last thing you bullshitted about?
china town

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Poll #1270678 Hey, did you know your poll is friends only? Part 17

Do you know who I am?

Why yes.
I'm new and don't understand this community
Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch.
You're going to think this is so shallow but what's your name again?
Did I hook up with you the other night when I was really drunk?
Why does it matter?
Anon runs thequestionclub
chat runs thequestionclub
What are you talking about?
Bring back your other icon
If by "know" you mean biblically, then yes.
You're not popular and I am so why would I know who you are?
I've been stoned since the Clinton Administration; I don't know whats happening.
Fuck no. Go away.
Stop creating polls. They suck.

Why did I just have a nervous breakdown?

Tell me what to do when I grow up....

I love math, but I can't just keep on doing math forever...I need a career goal.

What I want in a career:
1. Stability money-wise, and a job that makes pretty good money.
2. I need to somehow interact with people. My dad's an engineer and he says he just sits at a computer. That's why I don't know if I should go for engineering...
3. Love math...so maybe a career that requires taking math classes? Not that passionate about bio or chem. Haven't tried physics, so maybe I'll like that.
4. I love volunteering, and feeling like I'm making a big difference in the lives of others...so non-profit stuff attracts me. Maybe a career around that? (But having #1-3 would work just fine, so skip this if you know of a career that fits #1-3).

I'm currently a math major in my sophomore year...need to figure out if I should keep on going or not. Talked to someone who got her Master's in math, and she regrets it b/c there's nothing really for her to do. What career should I aim for?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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So I'm not entirely used to Microsoft Word on Vista yet. Every I press the enter key to start a new line, Vista Word automatically puts a space between the first line and the new line. Anyone know how to disable this automatic doublespacing between paragraphs?



for those of you who own rabbits. what kind of treats do you like to give them?

i bought some alfalfa sticks that my rabbit loves. i break one stick up and give him a half earlier in the day and the other half at later. i also heard that they love raisins/craisins, so i give him a couple a day. i'm looking for other treats that he might like for when he's good.
do the d.a.n.c.e.

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How long does it take you to write a 3-3 1/2 paper (approx. 900 words)?

A really long time. It takes me for-fucking-ever to even start thinking coherently enough to write the introduction. I'm very envious of those who can write an essay like it was nothing. :(
titanic, rose, jack

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I gave blood for the first time today, but when I got home my mom said I might have the blood factor thing Von Willebrand.  (Which is basically your platelets aren't sticky enough)  If I do have this, will they put me on the blood donor black list and will it prevent me from donating blood again?  I know that sometimes they don't need platelets and only need other parts of the blood so would I still be able to donate blood?

I don't know for sure if I have it but I hope I don't because I like giving blood!  


My supervisor is having me edit the textbook that about 300 students use per semester. She wrote the textbook and didn't copy edit it AT ALL so there are mistakes on nearly every page, but she allowed it to be used for this semester anyway and it's a total mess and every single student I've talked to has told me how much it sucked. However, even though I've told her that the students all have problems with the textbook she claims that the textbook is just fine and just wants to copy edit it. And now when I began to edit it I see that she had absolutely no idea how to format it so instead of using "page break" she just put a bunch of spaces at the end of one page until they came to the next page. She doesn't know how to use tables, either, so the formatting is 100% FUCKED UP. Every time I so much as press "enter" I am risking screwing up the entire textbook.

How am I supposed to tell her that she needs to scrap this and completely start over? How can I gently tell her that she needs to learn how to use Word? Is there any nice way I can break it to her that her textbook absolutely SUCKS?

I am so angry, seriously. Now all the responsibility to make it pretty falls on me and even if I do spend hours making it look okay the content itself is horrible!!!

EDIT: All right, I'm just going to have to say something like this: "I am unable to edit this because the formatting is completely mess up and I would risk ruining the entire chapter if I tried to change even one thing on one page. Some of the formatting is so messed up that I can't even tell what the page is supposed to look like, making it impossible for me to edit it. I am going to have to completely scrap the entire textbook and re-type it."

(no subject)

You turn into a dog. Would you rather have a constant home or be wild and free?

You turn into a tree. Would you rather be someone's prize and joy in their back garden to be admired, or in the local park with all the children climbing you?

You are still you. Just now in the form of a dog/tree.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

This is about generalizations

My aunt, who is in her 40s, just for background, also advises me to let the guy make the first move. She says that if the guy makes the first move, he will treasure the girl more (clearly this is applicable to hetereosexual relationships only) than if she made the first move. This seems slightly old-fashioned to me, but maybe it's still true. What do you guys think about all this?
Marilyn Monroe - green

(no subject)

I know I just posted but...

I swear my house is haunted. I've been hearing someone walking around downstairs in the middle of the night for the past several weeks. I know it's not any of my family members, because I'd hear them if they left their rooms.

Also, I've woken up to the sound of breathing right next to my ear. Kinda creepy.

TQC: Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one?

Take Your Pick

Question - Version 1: should I quit shit hole job A which serves no ultimate purpose save income in favor of shit hole job B that may be applicable to my future career? Specs:
  • Job A is closer (think bike-able), pays slightly better, but treats me like their personal errand girl and has fired or run off most of the people I enjoyed working with (and then given me their work-loads).
  • Job B is slightly further (think short car ride), pays slightly less, apparently has a bad rap for how they treat their employees, but is almost directly relevant to my field of study.
  • I'd only be in town for 10 months, so long term benefits, etc. aren't relevant.
Question - Version 2: How are your guys' experience as an employee or patron of Kindercare?

If more info is needed or desired to answer either question, ask and I'll edit with appropriate data.

(no subject)

What is your favorite kind of ravioli?  What kind of sauce do you like on it?

My favorite is mushroom ravioli, with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt, or a cheese sauce with grated romano on top!  I also love lobster ravioli and butternut squash ravioli.

(no subject)

If you accidentally discover a minor surprise (like if they went to to grocery store and picked up your favorite candy for dessert) your SO is planning, do you tell them you found it, or do you just let it them 'surprise' you with it later?

Do you have anyone on your Facebook that you know you should know, but you just have no clue who they are, but you accept their friend request anyway?

(no subject)

What is your worst breakup story?
How long was your longest relationship that ended?
How long did it take for you to get over the most serious relationship of your life once it ended?
Are there any places you avoid?
Am I being a stupid whore for still being upset and crying about a very serious 2 and a half year relationship that ended on Saturday? Or am I still in the clear for being a blubbery bitch?

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TQC, I got a bike last week. I haven't been on a bike in 10 years, so I am learning how to ride all over again. APPARENTLY my legs are nowhere near as strong as they should be from carrying ME around all day, and I am having a huge problem going up any sort of hill (even though I have a 10-speed). This, I imagine, is partly due to my insecurity on a bike and thus I am still uncomfortable standing up and using my full weight to propel myself.

SO my questions are:
1. How long will it take me to be strong/secure enough to ride ~2 miles each way (to/from school) over hilly terrain?
2. Do you have any horror/hilarious stories about bike riding?
3. Any general tips to make a 20 yr old girl learning how to ride a bike feel less ridiculous? (I feel TOTALLY RIDICULOUS.)

Also, lol I posted this to anon first by accident. :( Stupid pull-down.

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Is anyone else having problems with isketch?

It won't let me logon. no matter what username I give (including a random order of letters) it keeps saying that that username is already being used. What's going on?

And is there a TQC game going on in there
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If you were walking through town and saw a policeman wrestling on the ground with someone, would you rush to help?

Would your answer change if you knew the fine for not assisting a police officer was up to $2000? (It has just gone up to that in New Zealand, from $40).

Do you think that is reasonable?

Someone was asked if it was reasonable on the news and they said "the police should do their own bloody work" - agree or disagree?

EDIT: Austin Hemmings (http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=austin+hemmings&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&oq=) was stabbed in Auckland recently for rushing to assist a woman who was being attacked. The woman survived, Austin did not. Was he brave or stupid or something else completely?
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Stupid questions about applying to colleges in the US.

When are you supposed to send your ACT/SATs if you applied to the school online? Immediately after pressing 'submit' or way before or way later or when?

How long does it take for the college to receive your test scores?

('Go see your counselor/teacher/whoever' is not good advice because I did that and nobody gave me a good answer.)

Thank you!

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It's now October so I thought I'd ask again what book(s) are you currently reading?

Have any of you read the Mitford series by Jan Karon? Any opinions on the series?

What book or series should everyone read at least once in their lifetime?

Doughnuts and Heroes

Any good doughnut recipes?
Is it better to make them in an electronic doughnut maker or a plastic thingy?
Taste is important, not shape.

In a dangerous situation are you going to be selfless or get the hell out of there?
Would it upset you to realise you're not the hero type, after some baddie breaks you?

I know I'm the get-the-hell-out-at-everyone-else's-expense type, so the baddies wouldn't be able to break me on that. I have no delusions of being a hero, particularly if I'm with strangers - if they were friends I would care, but otherwise I'm going to trample over you to get out.
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Stupid Question

This might be a dumb question but I've never painted before. My walls are currently a medium to dark lavender shade and I want to paint them light gray. I know that I'll have to prime them first because the gray will not cover the purple. Since primer is, what appears to me to be, just white paint-like material can't I just use white paint? They have paint that is cheaper because it came out the wrong shade that they resell. Since I'm just going to paint over it anyway, can I just use that if it's cheaper?

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I can't get one of the numbers to line up with the others when I run this program. Everything else works fine though. Should I just go ahead and turn it in (it's due at 10 tonight) and accept the few points that get taken off?

Should I try to finish the program, so all the numbers line up (one is not lined up with the rest) or just go ahead and turn it in now cause I'm tired of doing this?

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1) Wouldn't it be awesome if they made cigarettes that were good for you? Like, vitamins in cigarette form? Would you smoke a pack a day for your health?

2) Can you will yourself to pee? How do you do it? If I sit on a toilet and count down from 10, I will almost always pee before I get to 1, even if I didn't have to pee to begin with. Running tap water or thinking about waterfalls helps, too.

3) How many times a day do you poop? I think I poop too much and am probably not healthy.

4) A few months ago I asked for pictures of shaved heads. I shaved mine a few times, and now it's at an awkward growing-out stage. Do you have any pictures of what you did with your hair during an awkward growing-out stage? (Cute cuts/styles/hats/etc)?

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I need help finding a song.
I have the song; it is on a mix cd someone made for me in August of 2007, and I can't ask them what it is for personal reasons.

I have googled the lyrics endlessly, but I have found nothing.
I typed out the entire lyrics to the song in hopes that someone will know.

The song is very cheery and pop-ish sounding. I think the singer is male, but kind of feminine-sounding.

Collapse )

Does anyone know what it is?

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What IRRITATES you? person, place, thing, word, animal, idea

All the god damned Halloween icons. fuck your pumpkins.
and when a chick slaps a guys penis against her tongue when giving a bj. Whats the point of that maneuver?
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Have you ever done a package vacation or gone to a retreat or resort? Where did you go? What was it like? This place looks wonderful - has anyone been there or another retreat in Hawaii? I'm especially interested in trips to other countries (outside the US).
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Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit about Halloween and thinks that grown adults dressing up is silly and kind of disturbing?

I certainly don't look down on anyone who does "do Halloween", ALL of my friends do, I just don't get it, I've tried, I just can't.
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Does anyone know a good site to watch shows from the History Channel? Like 'The Universe.'

ETA: Also, what about all their documentaries? The one-hour stuff they show? I moved out and don't have cable anymore.
it's in that place

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My SO and I live about 40 minutes away from each other.
My friend of 6+ years lives 15 minutes from my SO.
The three of us spend a good amount of time together, but I am an admitted-workaholic and they hang out together without me on a semi-regular basis.  Once or twice every few weeks.  They go to concerts I don't care for, watch football (which I don't care for, lol) and various other things. 

Is that weird?

Note: I don't think so, but some of my friend's co-workers have said so.

Bowie - mic belting

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1. If you have a lot of 'stuff' to do, are you a 'get it done all at once' type or a 'spread it out so it's not ridiculous' type? (I think my still being at the office at 8pm puts me smack dab in the first category. Also in the 'give it up already' category. But I'm nearly done, honest!)

2. Can you make anything with origami?

3. Stolen from another website... as a kid did you have any significant misconceptions about sex? Care to share?

4. If a bail-out plan for the economy is approved, where does that money come from? I mean, do they just go ahead and print it at the mint? Are we going to end up buying loaves of bread with wheelbarrows full of useless paper money at some point?

5. Restaurants! What do you order when you eat...
a) Indian?
b) Mexican?
c) Italian?

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so a girl from craigslist wants me to instant message her on aim. i have no idea what she looks like. what should i say? how do i ask her for a picture without being like oh hai i don't like uglies?

srs and non srs answers.

ps- is meeting someone worthwhile on the internet even possible? this is kind of weird.

ETA: the other thing that is weirding me out is the chance that i might already know her.. or what if she knows my friends? what if i send her a picture and she's all "omg i know u bb" and tells all my friends i'm using craigslist to pick up chicks?

ETA again: nevermind, she is not attractive.
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Hi tqc<3

what is your opinion on long distance relationships?
by this i mean like 2 hours or so away from eachother, not like some next country ¬_¬
do you think they work? etc..

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Tell me what's on your mind.
What do you wanna know? Whatcha thinking about? What's making ya happy, sad, angry, confused, anything at all.
Just share with me something. Anything. I don't even care what. You can even tell me what you ate today, a memory, a dream, a fear, a hope. I don't care. Just sayyyy whatever.

Edit: Me, I'm thinking that I must stop obsessing over a boy who treats me badly, that I hate being sick, that I'm really lazy, and that I want chili with garlic bread. That's all.
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TQC, should I dress up as Little Miss Muffett for Halloween? My team has suggested this, since I'm terrified of spiders. Maybe I'll go as neo-fem Little Ms. Muffet.

Does your office do anything for Halloween? Ours does. I won the prize for scariest costume one year - went as a nun.

Do you think you get paid enough for what you do?

How desperate would you have to be to sell your body to get by? I read an interview yesterday with someone who said it was a pretty easy move for her to make when she realized ends weren't meeting. I have to think she lied. Had to double-check to make sure I wasn't on theonion.com.