September 30th, 2008

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If you went to/are in University (or something similar), how did you decide what to study? Was it something you always wanted to do or something you grew to like after you started it? How did future career opportunity influence your decision in picking a course? Any advice?

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the 30th (today/tomorrow/yesterday) is a day of remembering 3 significant anniversaries in my life. They are not happy anniversaries.  

Does September 30th stand out for you in any meaningful way?

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Hey TQC,
It's been awhile. But, as per schedule, I am sick every other month with a disastrous cold and sore throat.

What do you find is the best cold medicine?
I've tried:
Advil Cold & Sinus, Tylenol Cold & Sinus, COLD FX, Benylin Cold & Sinus, Neo Citron, Sudafed, and I'm running out of options. Maybe I should make a cold-cocktail of some of these?

What do you find works best for you?

EDIT: For those of you who never get sick, and have strong immune systems, another question:
TELL ME about your best kiss, your first kiss, your worst kiss, and your last kiss. :)

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What is one thing you wish you could do really well?

I'm watching this guy on the tonight show play the piano and I'm so jealous

Do you use a top sheet?

Sometimes, but I only started recently

What's under your bed?

Art supplies, shoes and random shit


do multiples (twins, triplets, etc) run in your family? if so, how are you related to them?

if they don't run in your family as far as you know, do you have any in your family anyway? again, how are you related to them?

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-Would you ever convert to another religion or pretend to follow a religion for love?

Ex. If you fall in love with a Muslim man and he wants you to follow all practices and traditions of Islam even though you aren't a Muslim, Would you? Or vice versa if your a guy?

or would you just give up on the relationship? 


- What is the craziest change you have ever made to your life because of a SO?


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What do you think is the strangest thing your body can do?

Have you every competed in anything like sport or an activity, on a national or international level?

What impression do you get of Britain from the British people in this community? Or is there anything you have learnt about them? - Like i have learnt quite a few of the differences in word usage like jelly from you Americans :)

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Would you rather...?

lick your grandma
punch your grandpa

Would you rather...?

Urinate on one of your parents
Defacate on live television

Would you rather...?

Sit in a rusty tub with cockroaches
Sit in the dirt with beetles crawling over you

Would you rather...?

not be able to sleep for 2 weeks
Not be able to eat for a month

Would you rather...?

Walk naked through blackberry bushes
Walk naked through your town penguin-style?

Would you rather...?

Eat a worm
Eat a cricket

Would you rather...?

Have a permanent smile
Have a permanent erection

Would you rather...?

Have all of your hair look/feel like pubes
Be competely bald

Would you rather...?

Fight Mike Tyson
Talk like him

Would you rather...?

Catch your parents having sex
Have your parents catch you having sex

Would you rather...?

Be eaten by ants
Be eaten by lions

Would you rather marry...?

an ugly billionaire
a hot poor person

Would you rather experience life like...?

a video game (which one?)
a movie (Which one?)

Who would you rather punch in the face?

Your mom
The pope

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1. Is taking a call in a vehicle for the duration of the trip when one other person is in that vehicle rude, normal or something else?

2. What is your favorite flavor of Ramen?

3. What is your semi-realistic dream job?

Edit: What's something snarky I can tell people when they're on the phone during our drive?!

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What's the closest proximity you've been to someone BESIDES your partner while having sexytime?

ETA: As in, having another person be in the same bed, same room, next room, etc. while you were getting the sexing.

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as a result of a conversation with my ex, i have three questions:

1) do you think cavemen had buttsecks with each other? he seems to think they did.

2) can you hyperextend your tongue? if not, wtf can you do to it that would cause it to hurt for two days?

3) what's the best way to get rid of shaving bumps? i have until 6am thursday to get rid of them.

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For the Australians (and non- North Americans, basically):

Do you know what a "credit usage ratio" is, in relation to credit cards, and how it relates to credit ratings? Do you know what your credit rating is? Are you even familiar with the term "credit rating"?

(Inspired by #1 & #2.)

It just seems that it's much more of a topic of interest to Americans. I don't know why that would be, though.

[Edit: lol, I now realise that next to zero Aussies other than me will be awake right now, oops.]

New question: My theory is that Americans think more about their credit rating/score than Australians, or just non-Americans. Any theories on why? Is this taught in American highschools at all?
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Why the hell does "I will Possess your heart" by death cab for cutie have such a long intro? can you think of songs with WAY TOO LONG intros or outros?
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would you like to swing on a star?

Truthfully, when was the last time you gave an honest effort to stop time with your fingertips?

When was the last time you gave an honest effort to move an object through telekinesis?
a few years ago, maybe around age 20 I spent a half hour on a lonely train ride trying to push a lipsmackers tube with my mind. haha. I was so certain I'd be able to!

Any other funny inhuman attempts you can think of?

How would you describe...

...color to a blind person? to a deaf person?
...computers and the internet to someone from the 1900s?
...birth control to the Duggars?
...being 'discrete' and 'respectful' to those of the Westboro Baptist Church?
...Rick-Rolling to those not familiar with it?
...feminism to Sarah Palin?

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I was about to make some Kraft Mac and cheese to take to school for lunch, but the expiration date on the box was 8 days ago. Since it was only 8 days ago, think I'll end up sick if I eat it?

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guys my sim had three sets of twins IN A ROW. she already has one kid at college and another one about to go. there are NINE sims and three cats. omg you guys.

if you play the sims, have you every had something like this happen? omg.

if you don't... idk, you should.
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ok gang, i need some advice-

at work we get "anti-social hours pay" for coming in early. normal work hours are 9:30am-6pm, but i started coming in at 7:30am at the start of february. i did this 4 months through the beginning of june, then came in at 8:30 for most of june, july, august. i have a coworker who was also working anti-social hours. he started coming in at 6:30am in late may through august.

we were given our anti-social hours pay last month. i received £186 and he received £404 (we're buds, so we were discussing it). THIS month, he got an additional £184 and i got nothing.

do you think that's fair? (genuinely, not "validate me plz")
if not, what would you do in my situation? (bearing in mind that you don't wanna get your friend in trouble for discussing pay)

edit: the process for giving this money is completely opaque and partially subjective, based on the "necessity" of doing the hours and the "level of inconvenience," neither of which are there explicit definitions of. i can do basic arithmetic, but it's not that cut and dry. i'm just asking if that 'seems' fair.
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Anyone here familiar with Tex Avery cartoons?

I'm looking for the Tex Avery cartoons with the crow that walks through
in the middle of the cartoon, whistling a tune. Seems to me that I remember
that the other characters in the cartoon would stop and scratch their heads
as to why he was walking through the cartoon.

Thank you in advance.
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So, in the relationship I'm in right now, one of us (not gonna say who) has Really Bad Credit. The other (not gonna say who) has good credit. Now, if the time comes for us to buy a house together, would it be possible to put only the good credit person on the mortgage application? Or is that not allowed, would they find out about/need to know about bad credit person? Since this seems like such a simple solution to the problem, I feel like I'm missing something.

Also: So in the nickname "Chi-Town," how do you say it? Shy-town? Chee-town? Chai-town? Help me, TQC.
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what do you think of people who are 24 years old, live at home, don't work or go to school, and play Mario Kart wii online from 11 pm to 4 am EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?!?!
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I always feel like there should be something worth watching on TV on Tuesday nights, but I checked the TiVo to-do list, and all there was were old reruns of Scrubs.

Is there anything on tele tonight that you're excited about watching? What?

AM eats.

-Do you ever eat typically non-breakfast food items for breakfast?

(And I'm not really talking about cold pizza/leftovers from last night, I am talking like you have to make the meal from the beginning.)

-What if your favorite breakfast ever?
(traditional and non)

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What type of costume are you going to wear?

Fictional character
Historical figure
A creature of some sort.
Something conceptual (like champagne or sorrow)
I'm not dressing up
None of the above. I will tell the world in comments.

Ladies, do you dress up sluttily for Halloween?

Yes, always.
No, never.
I would but I don't feel comfortable.
Sometimes, sure. :)
The outfit called for it that one time! I swear! It wasn't my intention!
I dress up sluttily year round.
I am not dressing up!

Which of the following have you dressed up as over the years?

Any Superhero
Fairy/Fairy Princess (there is so a difference y'all)
Cartoon/Disney Character
Bumble bee/lady bug

Which activity have you participated in, on Halloween or otherwise?

TPing someone's property
Mailbox Bashing
Prank calls
Haunted Houses
Trick or Treating after the age of 15
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Assuming you feel perfectly healthy, if a doctor told you "actually you just THINK you're healthy because you've been sick for so long you're used to how it feels. The sickness isn't deadly or anything, you can live a perfectly satisfying and long life with it. I can fix you, however, take it away completely... and you'll feel totally different"...

Would you go through with the treatments? Or would you be okay living the way you feel, which has worked just fine for you so far?

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There's probably a really simple way of doing this, but I can't seem to work out what it is at the moment, and Word's help feature isn't giving any useful information.

I'm writing an exam paper, and the article that students need to read in it needs to have each fifth line numbered, like in this example:

Formatting it SHOULD be easy enough to do manually my pressing the Tab key at the start of each line, or writing a number and then pressing the Tab key at the start of each fifth line. However, Microsoft insists on giving its unwanted 'help' by tabulating the entire paragraph each time I try doing that, which makes it impossible to have the space at the start of the line to place the numbers.

Is there some way of setting up the document so that it can be formatted the way the one in the above picture is?
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It's my birthday today.

1. What's your favourite birthday song?

2. Does your birthday fall on a holiday?

3. It's rainy today, do you love the rain as much as I do?

4. What did you get for your last birthday?

5. What did you do for your last birthday?

6. What do you plan on doing for your next birthday?
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anyone know where I can get some mod-style black and white earrings? Every google search gives me the same exact (clip-on) pair. I love that pair but I have pierced ears!

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I know this isn't the relationship question club, but here is sort of a general (but applicable to me) question.

why do some guys flirt all the time and never make a move?

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Do you think people who marry their first boyfriend or girlfriend are more likely to get a divorce or be unhappy than a marriage where the couple has dated other people before they met each other?  Do you think having at least one broken heart in a person's lifetime is all part of the growing up experience?

Waffle fries or curly fries?  What's the best dipping sauce for any french fries?
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1. What are your favorite quotes?

2. What are your favorite online shopping sites?

3. Of the items on your amazon wishlist (or any other wishlist), what do you want the most?
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I have an excellent chance of getting hired at a video store across town. This is not career planning, this is, "I need a paycheck tomorrow." I also have fair chances with three other job prospects, and if I can take on two part time jobs that'll be just fine with me. I just fear accepting a job then having to turn down a better one.

Will you help me rank these part-time or seasonal drone jobs in order of good, should I have the freedom to choose from among them?
*Hastings cashier/associate
*Party City cashier/associate
*Starbucks (inside Target) coffee... lady (?), subject to Target's policies rather than Starbucks's

edit If the party store is going to be that much of a nightmare, then what is so rotten about it?


I still have trouble coloring inside the lines, unless my coloring tool is quite sharp or precise. What childhood skills have you failed to master?

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Hey TQC. Got some ?s for you.

What's the fastest you've ever fallen in love?
How long did that last?
Was it worth it no matter what happened?

Does it annoy you when your SO is being silly for no reason?
Or do you just join them in it and let the silly run it's course?

What's your favorite smell?

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I'm going to Las Vegas next week for my birthday. I don't really want to carry around a whole bunch of American money with me (I'm a Canadian), so I was mostly going to use my Visa to pay for food, shows, etc. I plan on having about $1000 to spend (not including hotel and transportation, of course), but that's not set in stone.

How much cash would you take with you? I was thinking ~$300, but maybe I should take more than that?
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Where I work sucks. The manager knows I want as many hours as possible, between the days that I have to take off for class. So what does she do? First she only schedules me for one day this week, and when I went in to pick up my check, the schedules for the upcoming two weeks had been posted, and I was not scheduled AT ALL FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS!! ZOMG! I had to talk to the general manager, and I asked him if I had been fired or something, and he said no, but he did not do the schedule, so he gave me three days, which will help much, especially when my car's "service engine soon" light just came on as I was driving to class earlier... grr.

Anyway, the manager is nice and we seem to work well together, and I am always looking for work to do, but she refuses to schedule me. Is she just forgetting about me when she makes the schedule, or is she being a douche about not wanting to fire me by forcing me to quit??? TQC, I need to know!

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Has anyone else had one of those Viviano things from Starbucks? Do they make anyone else more full than if they'd eaten a complete 3-course meal?

What's the deal with that? I used to eat protein shakes a lot, but they never filled me up this well. Is it some sort of sinister Starbucks secret?

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Okay. One more question before I go back to work.

Alice Cooper!! show.

Who SITS through the whole thing and looks bored/unimpressed?

What kind of person threatens to toss someone from the second balcony because that person (the one who got threatened) was having fun and dancing a bit?

I ask you, TQC, would you sit placidly in your seat at a big show like that (doesn't matter whose show it is, but, seriously, Alice Cooper!)?

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How do you make yourself consistently productive?

I find that if I meet the minimum requirements of any given day, I spend the next day doing nothing to "reward" myself.

What food are you craving right now?
Give a dog a home

If Wishes Were Fishes

Is there anything you're wishing for, TQC?

Perhaps you want a paid account?
Extra userpics?
Five bucks to your paypal?
A rename token?
A knitted scarf?
A snail mail letter?

Tell us! Maybe someone will be generous and give it to you! Don't be shy now, aim for the stars!

(sf_drama is doing this right now and people are going to town... now let's all watch as the lurkers come out and want free stuff!)

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I don't know why I thought of this. But say I have two cartons of milk. One expires on October 2nd and one expires on October 10th.

If I mixed them, would they expire on like...October 8th? Or would I just have spoiled milk mixed with normal milk on October 2nd?

Also, I have to impersonate a member of Congress for American Government. I've narrowed it down but now I'm nervous I'm missing someone REALLY good. Who's your favorite member of Congress? Who would be most fun for you to impersonate? The crazier they are, the better.

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my face has a problem :(

i had a really cystic pimple on my face, and i couldn't help myself and messed with it a little. i made it worse, but let it go for two days or so. the other morning i got up and looked in the mirror, and i had a huge patch of rough skin around where the pimple was (which has healed by now, by the way). i was able to cover it up the first day, but the second day had out-of-control redness. now, on the third day, it's started to peel and exposed really sensitive skin that stings when introduced to something as gentle as blowing air. i have calamine lotion to cover it, but i don't know what to do. i'm not going to class because i feel like a troll, and i have a dinner tonight with friends :'(

do you know what is going on? and what do i dooooo?

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How would you feel if the person you're in love with performed a song from the heart (played an acoustic guitar and sang along) for you?

What's your opinion on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Good/bad?
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What should I get my dad for his birthday, an ipod which I will fill with songs I know he likes, or tickets to Monty Python's Spamalot? Or something else entirely?

I'm hesitant about getting the tickets after the Lewis Black ticket debacle in which he made me sell them on ebay.

What would you get for a man turning 59?

What keeps you awake?

College students and anyone who has to stay awake and keep concentrated: what works best for you? Do you manage to study only during the day, with naps.. etc?

What is the best for you: coffee, green tea, guarana, ginseng, enegry drinks...? Experiences, anyone?

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TQC, I'm pretty sure that I just failed a very important math test. Basically, this class is from hell and if I don't pass it I'm really not sure what I'll do. I even studied for several hours last night, but pretty much nothing I studied actually ended up being on the test. How depressed should I be right now?

What's the last thing that made you sad? How did you go about feeling better?
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I'm completely aware of how fat this makes me sound, and I can assure you. Your images of me are probably correct. I'm on my first period since having my son and I'm craving chocolate like nobody's business. I have brownie mix but no eggs.

Just how gross would it be for me to mix up the brownie mix sans egg and eat it with a spoon?
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When people give referral links to websites that provide otherwise free membership do you utilize them or are you an asshole like me, who goes directly to the website to sign up so they receive no benefits?

(no subject)

What is something you know a lot about?

Will you tell us something unusual about that subject?

What is something you wish you knew about that subject?

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The Sex

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How do you know when a relationship is over and it's not worth trying anymore?
Do you like your In-Laws or your boyfriend/girlfriend's parents?
How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Mitty box

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How old were you when you got your first pet?
What was it?
How long after did it die?

I was thinking of getting my son a betta fish for his birthday/xmas. He'll be 4. Is this a good first pet? He desperately wants a hamster, but I think that'll have to wait until he's at least 5. Plus, they freak me out a bit, all quick and bitey.

edit: Obviously, he would not be in full charge of the care of the fish/hamster until he was much older. This is like "Introductory to Pets 101" or something. I am fully aware that my husband and I will be doing the majority of the work.
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How do I remove stains from my lovely hot pink JanSport? It's on its third year and has a lot of dark dirty spots on its bottom and the areas near the bottom. I don't want to hurt it, of course - so what's the easiest way to make it come clean? Do I dilute laundry detergent and rub it on it, or put Shout gel on it and wash it off by hand, lob it in the washer and hope it doesn't get torn to shreds? Talk to me, TQC.
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If I accidentally get hydrogen peroxide on my hair, but I immediately dry it with a towel, will it mess up my new dye job? I only mean a little bit, not like pouring the bottle out over my head.
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I read something online saying that "virtually no women pick up hitch hikers." Well, seeing as I have picked up a hitch hiker, would that make me virtually the only woman who has?

Femz: Ever picked up a hitch hiker before?

Everyone: What are your picking-up experiences? Have you ever hitch hiked?

Me: Only ever picked up one hitch hiker. The guy was really friendly/nice/fun. There was another hitch hiker I would've picked up if he wasn't on the freeway during rush hour. It would've been impossible to get back into traffic. And another time when my mom was driving and refused to pull over for the fellow. D: I've never hitch hiked, but I plan on hitch hiking/traveling once I'm out of college.
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so my dad and step mother have an outside only dog. meaning even in the winter they don't let it inside. what would you do with your dog? outside only or let it be inside?

edit - the dog does have a doggy door to the garage, but that's it.
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Sibling Things

So my little brother got an offer to go to a Metallica concert, but complained because it would be my dad taking him and he doesn't want to go with an adult, just his friends.
He's 14.
He also expects my parents to just hand him money when he does not do a thing around the house, keep his grades up, or even try to get along with me and my younger sister.

Is it just the hormones making him into a jerk or is he really as stupid as I'm wondering about now?
What were you like at 14 with your parents?

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I intend to go to a movie tonight while my partner's working, and I'm horribly torn:

Righteous Kill


Lakeview Terrace


Reviews are mixed for both so I'm having a lot of trouble deciding. Which would you recommend?

Inspired by a previous post :)

If the law was changed and compensation/custody were divvied up at the break down of *any* relationship (not just a marriage or civil union) what would change about the way people have relationships?

What would you think of this?

Would you ever sign a pre-nup?
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If you've ever been in a debate (either on the Internet or in a face-to-face situation) that didn't quickly degrade into something like "ur a fag" "no u" "no u" "no u" "no u" "fuck you" "urmom" "ur mom", did you have a particular method in debating?

By that I mean, did you just attack the points made by the other person, or did you attempt to reach some kind of understanding? Or did you just throw bricks at them until they stopped talking because they didn't know what the hell they were talking about?

If you don't get involved with debates because you have far more interesting things to do with your time, when is the last time you went to a theme park, why, and did you have a good time?

Regional sandwiches

I was discussing Buffalo food with a friend recently, and it occurred to me: A lot of America has its own variations on 'sliced beef on bread.'
Philadelphia has the Cheese Steak,
New York has Pastrami on Rye,
Buffalo has the Beef on Weck,
L.A. has the French Dip,
Texas (and associated parts, I suppose) have barbecued brisket sandwiches.

Am I missing any?

What's your favorite? What does your region have?
Funny Games

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Are you color blind.
(Edit: ^I'm kiiind of retarded. Don't know how that missed its question mark. Put it there yourself. :o)

Me: No. But I've heard that 1 in every 3 men is, so I was curious to ask. I don't know of any particular statistic on color blindness in women, though.

Edit: Just googled this website:

"Some 10 million American men—fully 7 percent of the male population—either cannot distinguish red from green, or see red and green differently from most people. This is the commonest form of color blindness, but it affects only .4 percent of women. The fact that color blindness is so much more prevalent among men implies that, like hemophilia, it is carried on the X chromosome, of which men have only one copy. (As in hemophilia, women are protected because they have two X chromosomes; a normal gene on one chromosome can often make up for a defective gene on the other.)"

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TQC, for those of you who are religious or believe in that sort of thing, have you ever seen an apparition/vision of something?
I'm not sure if I'm using the right words but today I was driving past a hospital and I saw a bunch of people looking toward a window and taking pictures. It was an image of what looked like a saint and there was nothing around it i could see that  it could be reflecting off of and it was pretty cool.

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What is your favorite kind/brand of salsa? How spicy do you like it?

Right now I'm loving this local salsa called Oaxaca Mama Salsa. It is make your brain explodey hot. It is so hot that whenever I take a bite, I feel high. My head gets all spinny and I start to sweat. That's my favorite kind of salsa.

If you don't like salsa, what's wrong with you?
This is so ridiculous.
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1. I am not engaged and don't plan to be for quite a while. However, I cannot stop reading weddingplans WHY? Is it hormones? Or is that just applicable with babies?

2. When (and if) I go to the gym tonight, what should I do? I've already done kickboxing and spinning this week, but I almost threw up all over the place after kickboxing and spinning is borrrrrinnnngggg.

3. Why are there ants all over my computer?

4. What food item(s) are you absolutely CRAVING at this moment? I want Diet Coke, and someone somewhere mentioned something about half-baked brownies stirred up into a bowl. Oh, and ice cream. So I need to go to the gym clearly.
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1. Sooooo I decided to start going back to school, and I took 3 classes at a private business (2 year) school. I failed one of them. My parents are PISSED. I feel so bad. What can I do to make it up to them?

2. Unrelated, if you are depressed (like, medically or long term or whatever), how did you know?

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1. What is one type of food that is called by a different name outside of your country?

2. Freecell, Solitaire or Spider Solitaire?

3. Do you like pinball machines?

4. What was the last vegetable you ate?

5. How many Scientologists do you know?
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I have a question about Australian passports. I myself am an American citizen living in Australia - so this question is for my boyfriend. My visa expires on the 17th of October, and I'm set to depart on the 15th. The plan is for him to come with me and we'll actually be buying the tickets before we receive his passport due to the fact he turns 18 on the 7th, which is next Tuesday. Herein lies the problem - we're forced to prioritize the passport, and I was wondering if anyone's had to do this recently or knows someone who may have. We're not having it mailed back to us, instead opting to drive to Melbourne and pick it up at the passport office to cut off some of the time associated with posting.

BASICALLY, my question is - how long did it take, from the day the passport application was lodged, to the day it arrived? I'm stressing pretty badly as this whole process has been coupled with a few other issues which luckily we've been able to (mostly) figure out ourselves.

Help is mucho appreciated!
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Who do you think actually killed JFK?

Do you know anyone who believes what the government told us happened?

Considering how many people don't believe what we were told, don't you find it a bit disturbing that more people aren't really bothered by the fact the government lied?

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A few days ago, one of my housemates took the liberty to use the fact that I generously let them both use my laptop, to allow a friend of hers to connect remotely to my laptop and change shit around.

What a fucking asshole.Y/N?

Anyway, I'm now going to have my laptop password-protected at all times, and I'm going to be moving out soon anyway. BUT what I want to know is, there's still an icon in my Control Panel that says "ON Command Remote Host", and the Windows Firewall thing in Control Panel isn't working normally either (when I double click it, it tells me I need to start Internet Connection Sharing, then tries to start it but can't.)

How do I stop this other asswipe who think it's okay to fuck around with a third party's computer, from being able to access my computer from miles away?

ALSO I had the modem password-protected (you had to enter a password to access the management console through a browser), and the password was not one that was guessable, and he somehow got through that and changed modem settings and reset the password to the factory password. HOW did he do that? What's the fucking use of the modem console even HAVING a password? [Answer: reset button.]

[Edit: lol, sorry about the long, run-on sentences, and shall-we-say "convoluted" grammar!]
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I work at a grocery store in the back of the bakery. I generally only socialize with the rest of the bakery, except for the 15 minute breaks when I talk to people from other areas of the stores.

I've noticed that at the end of my shift (meaning our breaks don't coincide), a really cute cashier starts and I find myself going to his till and spending money on things I don't need to talk to him for 2 seconds.

How do I get to know this guy? This might be obvious to some but I'm normally a slightly quiet and shy person. Making small talk is not my specialty.
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I'm thinking about joining Contours a local gym nationwide in Australia. Does anyone know how much a membership costs? There is no membership costs on the website and when I tried to call it was closing hours.

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1.) What's the last song you listened to?

2.) What's the last thing you watched on television?

3.) What's the last thing you ate?

4.) Are you going to watch the Vice Presidential debate on Thursday? Do you think Biden is going to chew up Palin and spit her out?

My Answers:

1.) "A Well Respected Man" by The Kinks
2.) Judge Judy
3.) zucchini, green pepper and green beans, stir fried.
4.) yes. probably.

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I'm terrible at writing thank-you cards, or any sort of cards, but I'm writing a thank-you card for my English teacher from last year, thanking him for nominating me for a writing contest (which I won, so thanking him for teaching me, etc) and for writing college recommendations for me.

What are some good ways I can phrase things?

I've never been good at having "chummy" relationships with teachers, it's always somewhat awkward for me (doesn't matter if the teacher is male or female). So even though this guy is awesome and we're on good terms I'm not sure how to go about this.

EDIT: Follow-up: when was the last time you wrote a thank you note?
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Were you a planned baby? If not, what was the situation that concluded in the unplanned you? (If you know.)

Have you followed the Saw series? What are your overall thoughts on the series? Have you seen the Saw V preview? What do you think?

Me: Yes, I was planned.

Yeah, I've followed the series. I think the 1st will always be the best, the second the worst. The rest not necessarily impressive, except for the music choice in the credits for Saw IV. As what the series originally appealed to, I think its gone from that. Each movie has evolved further from it, it won't be going back and I no longer have high expectations for future movies. Saw V preview did not look impressive at all, same old, same old, but I will see it because I'm curious to see where its all going.

What, is there supposed to be a total of 7 in the series? At least it was planned.
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Help buying a sewing pattern

I have never bought a sewing pattern before... but I am going to be using the the jacket in this pattern set as a starting point for my Halloween costume. My bust/waist/hip measurements are 40/35/40. What size do I need to buy? Do I need other measurements to determine what size I need in the jacket? (I have a cloth tape measure if I do)

edit: figured it out... I must have a major case of the dumb tonight. Carry on.

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i bought some diapers online at and paid last night using funded paypal.
this is a site where individuals sell their own stuff in a forum atmosphere.
just now the lady refunded my money and said, "i am sorry, i can't sell these now."

this makes me extremely angry.
can we agree this is a jerk move on her part? or am i just butthurt?

UPDATE: i'm over it! thanks. haha.
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1. What do think about the legitimacy of ADD? Is it actually a disorder or are we just diagnosing peoples' personalities?

2. Do you have ADD? If so, how do you handle it?

3. ADD or not- have you ever taken ADD medication? What was the experience like for you?

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Two months ago I was sent a juror questionnaire for the first time. Twice I was called up, and twice (the latter would have been tomorrow) the court case was cancelled at the last minute.

I'm not sure how the system works everywhere in the world, but to those it applies to:

1. How many times have you been called for jury duty?
2. How many of those times did you actually have to show up?
3. How many of those times did you actually sit through the case?
4. How did it go? Was it intriguing, miserably boring, amusing, disturbing, or otherwise noteworthy?

5. Did you ever skip out on it when you were supposed to show up? What happened?