September 29th, 2008

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My brother is getting a little bit of leave this month from from his tour in Iraq and he's coming to see me on the 30th. I'm very excited/nervous because I haven't seen him since last December.

The problem is, the last time I saw him at his home in Colorado, two weeks before he deployed, I left him a letter. It was a letter filled with all the things I wanted to tell him before he left but was too afraid to because of our somewhat-distant relationship. I told him I loved him (for the first time ever) and that no matter what happened in Iraq he could always count on me in the end.

I guess I'm just worried about whether I can hold up my bargain. I know he's killed people and he's seen some of his friends get hurt pretty badly. I'm afraid he might have changed and I don't know if I'm ready to see what he's like.

My questions are: Should I be worried about this and if he has changed, what should I do? I love him so much, but I don't know what our relationship will be like. I want him to be the same Guitar Hero-loving, SciFi geek he's always been, but something tells me he wont be.

What do I say to him? How do I act? What the hell should I do!?

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have you ever felt like none of your friends can relate to something you're dealing with and thus felt like you had no one to talk to? wtf do you do?

me and my boyfriend broke up like two weeks ago and none of my friends have gone through a break up (where they actually still want to be with the person) like this in ages. i keep drinking for lack of something better to do but uhh, you can't exactly get advice from a bottle of vodka.
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this is the infamous tomato soup cake that people make faces at, when they hear the name of it. Would YOU eat this?

ugh ugh messy computer business...sorry...

ps: i would cut it but it keeps f'g up...
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I like really highly stylized movies, such as Kill Bill or Sin City. The more it seems like it came straight out of the pages of a comic book (whether it's actually based on a comic book or not), the better. What other movies do you think I would like, based on that criteria alone?

EDIT: I have seen 300, fear not!

The Chlorine Feeling

Lately, I've been getting this feeling in my belly and nose. Have you ever swam too long in a pool and gotten that sick, chlorine feeling? Like you swallowed too much of the chemically water or gotten it up your nose? I've been getting that feeling in my stomach and nose lately, even though I haven't gone swimming in years.

I think it might be stress. What could be wrong with my stomach that would make it feel that way?

Edit: Not pregnant. No sex.

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What do the economy and your boyfriend have in common?
They both went down on me this week.

Will you share a 1 or 2 liner with me?

Will you please show me a picture of your favorite TQCer?

What are your favorite letter, number, color and object?

truth or dare.

1. What's the weirdest/most embarrassing thing anyone has dared you to do? Did you do it?
2. What's the most personal question anyone has ever asked you? Did you answer it (truthfully)?

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I really want a salad. I could get lettuce mix and make one at home or make one at the salad bar. The bar is a little more expensive but I will have a much fancier salad (but no lettuce for later).

What would you do?

What's for breakfast for you?
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Hey TQC...

My first class has been cancelled. The same teacher does my second class in thirty minutes, so that class may be cancelled as well.

Poll #1269045 I have no class!

If my second class is cancelled, what should I do for an hour?

Study at home
Putz around the computer lab
Go home and chill and/or do chores
Go to work for an extra hour
Go get my driver's license renewed, bad hair day be damned
Try to take over the world!
Feed a child for just pennies a day
Something else posted in the comments

Video conferencing goodness

Is there a way to set up a call between all these people without first gouging my eyes out? Preferably free. I've already tried Skype (can't do more than 1-on-1) and SightSpeed (more than 1-on-1 isn't free). Any help is wonderful. Thanks. :)

User 1: PC (Logitech)

User 2: Mac (iSight) or PC (Logitech)

User 3: Mac, does not have camera yet, so it can wait

User 4: Mac, iSight

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My office has a big wipe-board that my friend Nicole uses as a daily quote board. Nicole is out of the office for two days so I was given the task of coming up with quotes, but I'm having some difficulty. What are some of your favorite non-political quotes? My office is becoming rather vicious with the US presidential election getting closer, so we're trying to steer clear of that. Thanks!


can someone please tell me how the hell did i click on a show in Milwaukee, WI and end up with a ticket to the same show in Washington, DC 5 days later?

seriously, HOW does that happen? and i know i clicked Milwaukee 'cause i sat there going "Milwaukee...Milwaukee...Milwaukee! *CLICK*"

i got everything sorted but now i'm out almost $6 and i'm confused as fuck :(

OH!!! and the first woman i talked to called me SIR! i'm not a man.
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does anyone use BitDefender?
i just bought and downloaded it and i can't get the damn thing to work.
it wants to run some online scanner before it'll install, but the online scanner keeps failing.

also -- please note that i checked the FAQ on their website, but there wasn't much in there.

clearly posting here was the good luck that i needed :]

what are you up to today?

Traveling for work....

Here's a question or five:

A) Do you ever travel for work? If you're in grad school, traveling for conferences counts too.

If yes:

B) Do you try to save money/travel cheaply (inexpensive hotels, cheapest available tickets, public transit instead of cabs if applicable, no room service), do you splurge (fancy meals, first/business class flights, fancy hotels, etc.); or neither? Why or why not?

C) Where have you been sent? Where did you like most/least?

If you don't travel for work:

D) Do you wish you did? Why or why not?

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Girl topic ewwwwwwwwww, keep out boys!1111!1!11!

So, ladies, what menstrual products do you use? Pads, tampons, OB tampons, cloth pads, mooncup? What's your favorite brand? Why do you use what you do? Is there something you'd like to try but haven't for some reason?

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So today I'm "recycling" my old car. This means I'm "donating" it to a charity, but it's not considered a donation because I'm not taking the tax write-off.

Instead, in return for my car I'm given the choice of four options:

  • $1500+ in grocery coupons (I get to pick what products the coupons are for) and 2 nights free hotel in a spattering of cities across the US
  • ~15% discount on a flight and ~30% discount on a cruise and 2 nights free hotel in a spattering of cities across the US
  • 2 nights stay at a Ramada Plaza Resort (little fancier than the 2 nights free hotel mentioned otherwise) and $1600 credit toward a 7-night cruise
  • 2 night stay at a Windham Resort (all-inclusive) in either Mexico (Playa del Carmen), the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic.

Travel expenses are not covered, aside from the option that gives me a discount on flights.

Which should I choose?

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What's the last thing you said to someone that went over a lot different than you intended it to and got taken the wrong way?

My friend was just telling me on IM that she's afraid she might be pregnant.  As nervous as she is, though, she's kind of excited, too.  She told me not to worry about her, and I told her, "I'm not worrying...I just wanted you to know that I'm always here for you in case you need kicking in the stomach or pushing down a flight of stairs or something."

Yeah...the sarcasm and the smile that went with it apparently were lost enroute through the interwebz.  Oops.

IRL Trolls, lulz

So last week these "Missionarys for the Preborn" (their spelling, not mine!) came to campus and put up their semi-ick displays of aborted fetuses (right outside the cafeteria, mind you) and "ZOMG THE GOVERNMENT KILLS PEOPLE" propaganda.

Today I got an email from the head of the group, a "Letter to the Editor" for the next issue of the paper. It was basically "THIS IS WHY WE'RE AWESUM GUISE GO BABIEZ", and more propaganda.

I sent back a somewhat nasty email, and telling them to never contact me about this kind of crap again--it does not belong in my newspaper, nor do we even HAVE a "Letter to the Editor" section! They were on campus, they could have read the frakkin' paper..

Question: When these IRL trolls inevitably email me back and try to convert me to the "good Christian ways", what kind of snarky/trollish 'propaganda' should I send back to them?

srs/non srs answers are welcome!

ETA: I don't think being pro-life is "crap", per se. Just the way they go about demonstrating their beliefs is crap. And the propaganda they spew out of megaphones and send in emails.

Also: what kind of cream cheese do you like on your bagels? I like strawberry or plain. om nom nom.

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Should I install The Sims 2 on my laptop?

If your answer is yes, then should I also install and EP? Which one?

If your answer is no, then what game should I put on here?

How is your day going? What time is it where you live?

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I have decided that I never* want a "real job"/career, and that I want to pursue academia above all else. I can live on very little money and I would work full-time hours at part-time entry-level jobs and have the freedom of being able to quit any time I want and being able to go home from work and not having to stress about preparing for the next day since I'd be doing the same stuff at work every day anyway.

Do you think this is a bad idea for most people? Have you ever pursued knowledge for the sake of knowledge without the intention to do anything with what you've learned? Do you think we are pressured too much and too early about finding ONE career path and sticking to it FOREVER?

*in the foreseeable future, but I'm sure I'll change my mind eventually
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Whats the longest you have been up for? Why did you stay up that long?

I think I reached my max today with 25 hours. I went to a concert last night and had to get back to college from NYC.
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1)What is your favorite culinary mishmashed mystery meat? I think bratwurst is the winner for me.
2)How big of a pumpkin shell would you need to keep your wife?
3)If you grow any of your own food, when do you plant it?

Another cheer me up question

I know these are on here all the time but I've had a really rough couple of days because of a breakup and I'm sad and brokenhearted. I wasn't too bad at first because he said he wanted to be friends and we are already good friends, but he has been ignoring me and I feel like no one's best friend anymore. What can cheer me up that doesn't include hanging out with friends [they're at school/work], drinking/drugs [did that last night] or sitting around being sad and watching lots of law & order svu?


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Non-certified doctors of TQC,

I've been getting dull headaches fairly frequently lately and I end up popping Advil like they're M&Ms to make it finally go away.  The pain is mostly from the top of my head to the back of my eyeballs.

What is/are causing my headaches?

What sort of remedies do you recommend?

How often do YOU get headaches?
2 - I didn't quite get hear that

I have no shame...

...well, maybe a little. Everybody's got at least some.

Still, I've had sex in front of crowds of people at sex parties and clubs, host clothing optional rooms at conventions I attend, and while I don't find myself all that good looking don't feel bothered a bit by this. Yet if I'm spending any time around family...why do I feel a compulsive need to duck for cover if I'm not wearing much of anything below the waist and a relative comes into line of sight?
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Do you know where the gif is that has two owls in top hats speaking quite articulately basically meaning "O rly?" "Ya rly"?
Collapse ) and I think it has another 3 after that. But maybe only one

Would you be a nude model?
Does it matter if it's for an art class vs a 'men's magazine' (not quite porn but still kind of iffy).

What's the weirdest job you've applied for?
Game show Host

Maybe I am not with the times...

Inspired by an earlier comment.

I went to the supermarket the other day. I saw two little girls playing around where they gather the shopping carts. They were using the bars to swing around and sit on. While they were holding onto the bars, I noticed that both of them had long(about 1/2") acrylic nails with french manicures. The girls looked about 4 and the older one was missing a few 7? idk

(I saw the growth and that's when I noticed they were not the press-on nails that little girls wear)

Would you allow a 4-7 year old to get acrylic nails? Why? Why not?

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So I’ve been applying a few places, one of them being Toys R Us for seasonal work. They sent me an email stating that they think I meet their qualifications for a position and direct me to a website. So I went there and it's the exact same application I filled out before. I filled it out again and waited. A week later I get the exact same email again. Neither email give any other instructions other than going to the application site.

Collapse )

So what exactly do they want me to do? Keep filling out applications or sit on my butt and wait around until they call me? They just keep sending me this same email!
Shit Happens

Lost Ticket

I have to provide a copy of the ticket I used for the Journey concert 9/10 for a music class. Problem? It was one of those printouts, and I can't find it! Does anyone have or know of someone who has a copy of a Ticketmaster concert ticket?

I'm so embarrassed. I mean, I put it aside specifically for this purpose.
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Here's the backstory: I had a breast reduction earlier this year for mostly medical reasons.

Here's the question: are they fake? My sister says they are because they were surgically reduced. I say they're not because nothing fake went into them.

Fake or not, they're bitchin' and I'm proud to be part of the itty bitty titty committee.

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tqc, i'm starving but i only have like $2 cash on me! i also only have $12 (in the bank) to last me till next thursday or so. wtf should i eat? the stupid cafeteria here doesn't take debit half the time so i have to go get fast food. my choices are:

burger king

i can't afford very much but i'm STARVING.

what did you have/are you going to have for lunch today?

ETA i am at school until 4 and i live with my parents. the $12 does NOT have to pay for groceries or anything important. also since i'm at school, i can't cook rice or beans or anything.
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Snap decisions!

Quick:  My father has decided to be extraordinarily generous and replace my cell phone that has decided to die.  I do not use a land line and so my cell phone is basically my only phone.  The fact that it has died in the middle of a job search where I am absolutely broke sucks and so he's stepped forward to help me out for the time being.  The problem is, I leave in 20 minutes.  This is sudden and he wants to handle it now.  Eeeeek.  

That said, I had a Blackberry Pearl.  I really loved it for the last two years until it finally gave out.  I'm a texter in the biggest of ways so a qwerty keyboard (or pseudo qwerty) is ideal.  I do talk on the phone from time to time.  I have to at least for now while I'm interviewing and looking for jobs but in the long run, this thing will probably get more use from emailing and texts.  

He's said I can pick whatever phone I think would work best for me sooooo .. I've narrowed it down to two choices:  Get another Pearl or try out the new Sidekick. 

What would you do?  Or is there another phone more awesome than either of those?  

The ability to take pictures/video is a bonus as well.  I use T-Mobile.  


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Am I going to hell because I laughed when I saw
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If given a chance to get away with it, would you hit and run?

Edited to add: I was hit by a car myownself. I was 12 years old and a car went up on the sidewalk at an intersection and mowed me down. Supposedly, the brakes failed and rather than hit a you know, metal object on wheels in front of her, the driver decided that a nice soft 12 year old body would result in less damage to her vehicle.

And it did, except for the blood on the hood and windshield.
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My proffessor has been talking about tools and he just wrote no tool for supernatual and science on the board.

He teaches New Testement, however I am not sure that is what he is talking about...

EDIT: My professor is bableling about ghoste, tools, the bible and diseases, what do they have in common?

What is he talking about?

What was the last thing someone told you?

EDIT: he just started going on about ghost, is that what he is saying?

validate me, tqc

My mother went through my stuff yesterday, and threw out a bag of clothes that I was going to wash because they were in a trash bag (my hamper was filled with sheets, and these were all winter-ish clothes that had been sitting in my closet for a while, so I wanted to wash them before I wore them). Since it had all of my sweatshirts in there, some jeans and over half of my t shirts in there, I freaked out.

She is now saying that it was my fault that they were in a trash bag and that she is going to only give me 60 bucks for it. There were at least 10 hoodies, 20 tshirts (mostly band t's which run around 15-20 bucks a pop) and pairs of jeans. I refused and said if she had let me deal with it (I have been working and doing school work since last Tuesday, and went to a concert last night on my one night of freedom) then this would have never happened. I also said that if she wants to give me money, it's going to be a lot more than 60 bucks.

If you were in this situation, what would YOU do? Am I a justified in my arguement?
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Healthy Supper

The SO and I are trying to cook more and eat healthier...any suggestions on what I can make using the following?

Chicken Breasts
Chicken flavored rice

..I have all those, and various spices between my roommate and I. Any easy suggestions? I keep thinking that the chicken needs a sauce or some flavoring somehow, and just cant figure anything out :(

Also, what's your favorite thing to cook?
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1. My friend is having seizures every few hours, and he's never had them before. He's been waiting for an MRI for 20 hours. What are your worst hospital experiences?

2. How do you deal with suddenly being the only single person in your group of friends?

The gall of you..[mildly teal deer]

Paging Dr. Tea-Queue-Sea!
Last night at work, I passed out, and after being taken to the ER, found out I have gallstones. I have to have them removed, and having never had surgery, I'm having a bit of a freak out. Also, I'll be missing classes. That's the worst bit, in my mind.

My questions to you are:
-Have you ever had gallstones/ an infected gall bladder? 
-Did you have surgery to remove it? How long were you out of work/school after?
-How should I phrase my email to my professors, explaining that I'll be missing possibly two weeks of classes?
-General advice?


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I've noticed that regardless of when I sleep, or how much sleep I get, I feel tired during the day. Just now, I slept for over two hours, even though I slept for eight hours last night and couldn't sleep any more.

Simply put, I keep feeling sleepy around noon for no apparent reason. What's up with that?

Also, how do Eskimos get things like vitamin C in their diet? A lot of them are too far north for things like cranberries. Do they get it from animals? And if so, where do the animals get it from?
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Medical Advice

I got bit in a drunken altercation about a month and a half ago, I didnt do anything because it didnt really seem like it broke the skin, their were marks but I didnt think it bled or anything. Anyway it was a month and half ago and the bite still hurts. The pain has definitely gone way down but it still hurts a little (and marks are still there, scars i guess from the bite).

So my question is why after a month and a half does it still hurt? Its only slight pain but its making me paranoid.

And marks are still there, would it have had to break the skin in order to scar? Its the inside of my wrist. Help!

Since there have been a lot of food posts...

What should I make for dinner? All entrees will get served with a mixed greens salad and red wine YUM.

1. Boneless ribeyes with oven roasted potatoes OR sweet potato and yam oven fries, and sauteed mushrooms and broccoli.

2. Panko-fried chicken (white meat) with garlicky angel hair pasta (or a baked potato?) and sauteed green beans.

3. Roast chicken (dark meat), apples and leeks with rosemary-olive oil bread.

4. Calamari stir-fry style with green beans, garlic, broccoli, mushrooms and red onion, served over Basmati rice.

5. Chicken with black beans, corn, rice, cheddar, mushrooms and onions served in a tortilla.

Or would you mix and match between the different meats, starches and veggies? What did I miss? WHAT DID I GET WRONG??

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Poll #1269316 Political 'how dumb are we?' hypothetical?

The economy is swirling the toilet and things are dismal, and things are getting way out of hand in Afghanistan. There's 2 American presidental candidates running for office in November. In this scenario, they're not McCain and Obama, but 2 other guys. Based on what you know about American mentality, which of these guys do you think would probably win?

Republican. Southern. Has absolutely no plans about the economy. Only vaguely aware there was a war in Afghanistan. Only cares about guns, God and cheaper gas prices
Democrat. From Connecticut. Financial expert with great ideas for economic turnaround. Has good exit strategy for Iraq and how to bring peace to the middle east. Is an overeducated, metrosexual atheist

Same scenario. Different candidates. Which of these guys would win?

Democrat. Very intelligent. Has detailed, solid plans on how to remove our national debt and resolve Medicare and social security. Sounds a bit stuff and elitist. Doesn't like guns
Republican. Wears hunting camos everywhere, and carries a huge cross onstage to show his faith. Has no 'knowledge of nothin' and is proud of having no strong opinions of the world. Is very charismatic, good looking and likable.

Edit: stuffy

(no subject)

Have you ever straight up told someone "I don't like you" (in a non-romantic way)?

Has someone ever told you this, and if so how did you react?

When you need caffeine: Tea, coffee, or soda?
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(no subject)

1. I have to have two wisdom teeth taken out. Should I get knocked out or just use the laughing gas? I have the option of either.

2. Have you gotten wisdom teeth out? What were your experiences like? I'm scared :/
yummy beer!, yummy

follow-up to the near date-rape scenario

For those of you that may agree telling the parents is a bad idea in this post, is it primarily due to concern about the girl being punished on top of anything else?

Would your parents have punished you if you'd ended up in a similar situation?
If you think they would have, what type of punishment would they have administered iyo?

For the sake of argument or speculating, if you were the parent of a 15 year old and something like this happened to your child, do you think you would need to know this?
How would you feel if you found out such information was not given to you?
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So, a fairly good friend of yours has a one night stand with a guy you both know, and you end up hearing about it a few weeks later from another source. Are you hurt that the fairly-good-friend didn't tell you about it directly, or do you not care?

What should I have for supper that's cheap and easy?
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What's your favorite "oh, that was them?" moment?


I decided to look up a correspondent from The Daily Show (Bob Wiltfong) today and found out he's the dad in that Domino's commercial where he lets the kids turn on the lamp for two seconds because they got a pizza. lol

Bert Shocked

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dudes, i want  a one pound fuddrucker burger,

would it be weird for me to just show up there by myself and eat a one pound burger? not say one word and then get up and leave?

wheres a place where i can get a giant burger and not look like a lonely fat person?


have you ever seasoned your food with the salt from your tears?
Baro Bitch Stare

(no subject)

I just got the urge to go to Walmart and fill ups cart with a bunch of stuff I need/want and then leave.
Should I go through with the plan?
To make it worse should I go through the checkout to get a total then claim I forgot my wallet?
What is the weirdest thing you've done in a store??

*EDIT* Darned ipod touch screen making it hard to type...ealmart. Sheesh!

(no subject)

a two-parter for you to chew on:

1. what's your zombie plan? details.

2. the markets crash tomorrow. banks fail. the sky falls down. however, the undead do NOT rise. is your zombie plan applicable in this situation?
This is so ridiculous.

(no subject)

FINALLY, I received one of those "pick up the money, deduct 10% and send it to Nigeria" emails that were going around about a year ago, scamming the shit out of everyone.

I want to report the asshole, but to which authorities I don't know. I mean, even if it is lame that I'm going to report him, he deserves it because he was stupid enough to tell me he was based in the Philippines, then in the United States, and FINALLY it came to Nigeria. That kind of stupidity deserves come-uppence.

Have you guys received this email yet?
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(no subject)

I'm making guacamole and tortilla chips tonight, from scratch, basically. I've never made guacamole before...what are some of your favorite recipes or special ingredients/ways of preparing it?

What is your favorite thing to make from scratch?

(no subject)

so my little sister who is 15 was given the date rape drug over the weekend at a party. she is one of those kids who is always getting in trouble for drinking and smoking. i guess some guy tried to take her upstairs but her friends stopped anyone from doing anything bad to her.
i told my parents and her school but now my whole family is pissed at me, my dad for telling my mom (she doesn't live with us) my mom for telling the school, and my sister for telling anyone about it. was it a bad choice to tell the school or my parents? i felt like i did the right thing but idk :/
also what should i do to help my sister?

(no subject)

So, I'm entering the world of ultimate geekdom. I played WoW last night and fell in love with it. But, being the n00b that I am, I'm kind of confused about what I need to buy/spend to start out. Obviously, the basic WoW...

Is Burning Crusades an expansion pack? I'm guessing I need this?
Is it better to pay monthly or every few months?
Do you play/have you played?

And come on, everyone wants to know... what are/were you?

I hate dating...

I was supposed to have a second date with a guy last night. He was still out of town and had to cancel and I told him to call me when he wanted to hang out again.

Would it be a bad idea to see if he wants to hang out on Wednesday? Or should I just wait for him? 

(no subject)

Do you ever find yourself repeating the same movie line quite often for no good reason? If so, what?

I find myself saying "Eva" in the way Wall-E did quite often, for no good reason beside I like saying it....and the word "redrum" alot like the boy from "The Shining".
Shirley Animated

(no subject)

Tee Kyoo Cee, should I drive downtown to work from 6 to 10 tonight (I set my own schedule and basically show up whenever I want, and also, I work with my boyfriend so I'd see him) or should I go right home to my grumpy roommate and make some dinner and try to cheer her up, then go to sleep early because I've been exhausted lately?

(no subject)

Have you or someone you know ever made a typo which caused trouble or could have caused trouble if not caught?

What's the most complicated word you can spell?

Can you touch type?
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My neighbors just put a McCain/Palin sign in their yard. This is an act of war, y/y?

Should I nonchalantly walk by the sign with my dog and hope he pees on it? The chances of this happening are very high, because Corbin Dallas Multipass will try to pee on anything at least once.

Or, should I just take the high road and put an Obama/Biden sign in my yard? I already have a sticker on my car.
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madeline dialogue

What's it all about, Alfie?

Hey, Professor TeeCueSee... I'm either too poor or too dumb to understand what the bailout failure means to me.

I make minimum wage at a part-time job while I go to college - my fiance makes good money at a full-time job to help support me.

I own nothing, save a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird with a crappy paint job and no air conditioning.

I have one credit card with a balance on it, and it's through WaMu.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how financially phuq'd am I?

Non-serious answers only.

(no subject)

If you were independently wealthy, would you still work?

Would you do the same kind of work you do now (or intend to do in the future, if you're still at school)?

If there was a Citizen's Income which gave you the money required for basic living expenses (food, shelter, heating bills), how much work would you to do earn additional money?

(no subject)

okay so here's a lovely specific question. i have these pair of jeans and they're quite nice. unfortunately the 'artistic' rip on the right knee is torn wayyyyyyyyyyyyy badly so it goes from like.. the bottom of my thigh, past the knee and a little bit towards my shin. now, i'm running seriously low on jeans so i'm trying to think of how i can fix them.

do you think i should try and sew some sort of vintage fabric beneath the rip? that might look kinda cool. or lame. but i think cool.

is this easy to do if i did do it? i am no any tips?

and here's a random question.

what is the best thing that's happened to you today?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

About 2-3 times a week, my friends only LJ gets friended by a people that have journals written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Does this happen to you? What is going on here? If there IS a serious answer, I'd like it. If there isn't, I'd find your musing entertaining.

If you have no interest in my weird predicament would you rather drink a box of wine or eat a block of Velveeta cheese?
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QUICK!  The cereal gods of Kelloggland decree that three and a half people must be voted off TQC, or they shall let loose evil Trix bunnies, Keebler Elves, Snaps, Crackles, Pops, and Undead Tony Tigers upon the world!

More importantly, of the half person, which half would you vote off, and for what purpose would you keep the other half?

Or would you enjoy a world like that?


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1. I'm thinking of making chicken parmesan tonight. If I were to make some sort of potato dish instead of pasta as a side dish, how should I cook those potatoes? I was thinking of doing sea salt/turmeric/cumin potato slices but I wasn't if that goes well with chicken parmesan. Any suggestions?

2. What is my oven doing when it makes that clicking noise?

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can you list as many people as you can think of in your lifetime who have called you beautiful?

what about pretty?


has anyone told you they were blessed to know you?

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0) Would you like to comment on my icon? Because I know you're going to anyway, so you may as well get it out of your system and move on to the actual question.

1) The Veronicas were on earlier, which leads me to wonder, do people actually find twins getting it on (or acting all sexy towards each other) hot?
I mean, I'd like to - it's two exactly equally hot people getting together, If there was some sort of alternate universe or time travel thing going on, that would be cool, but because they're twins I'm too busy going "ewwwwww, incest!"

2) Would you have sex with alternate reality you?
Yes. Awesomeness.

3) Time travel you? If so, from when?
Yes I would. First thing! -no time for messages from the future- SEXORZ!

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Why do all the weirdies find my screenname and bother me?

Moreso, has anyone ever IMed you and been like "You were on my buddylist magically. So I figured I'd IM you"? Just.. lame.

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"Stand up for limited government and economic freedom. Stand up for the American taxpayer. Reject this bailout and vote no on the emergency economic stabilization act," Rep. Mike Pence, R-Indiana, said.

The billion dollar bank bailout is a bust.

Should we have passed it, America?

What's going to happen with this financial crisis now?

Veggie burgers.

Last week I bought Morning Star veggie patties. I have never had a veggie burger in my life, so I thought hey- let's give it a try! The only logical thing I can think to do with it now is cook it and slap it on a bun like a hamburger. I don't have hamburger buns, so I got to wondering how else I can make my healthy attempt at a meal work. So,

1. Do you like veggie burgers? If so, have you had Morning Star's?

2. How do you make your veggie burgers? How do you eat them?
Family is a gift

Thank you Gift

What would you buy from the East Coast/South/South East for someone who's lived in California/Guam their entire life?  I need tobuy a thank you gift for a friend who's watching my zoo pets.  She collects snow globes and shot glasses, so I already got her a florida one of both of those, and I got her son a Gator Head *lol*  but now I'm out of ideas for other stuff for her and her daughter.. hrmm..
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Seeing as how my body has begun to reject any type of meat(beef, turkey, chicken, ham, etc) I try to put into my body I'm seriously looking into a vegetarian diet.

Do any of you have any helpful tips or good websites that will aid in my learning process?

Aside from that, would you like to share an unforgettable moment in your life?

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So I got a jay walking ticket last week, down here in Atlanta, Georgia. Awesome, right? My friends and I were loling it up, let me tell you. The ticket took forever to register in the system (I had to call the dept and enter the ticket number to get the cost), but now it has, and it's $207.00?!?! Is that absurd? I've been scouring the internet to see where I can find if this is correct. I have no car, no criminal record, no traffic tickets (due to no car). No warnings for anything. No record whatsoever.

TQC, if I go to court, do I stand any chance of fighting this thing to reduce the price? Any idea where I can find info on...yeah...jay walking laws and ticket prices? Thanks.

If that was too lame for you, what's the best restaurant/diner to go at 3 in the morning?
Cowboy Ew

Teal Dear: Don't Care

Answer as many of these as you'd like, or none of them, just for the love of God give me something to do:

Has your PMS gotten worse with age? How so exactly?

Why are men so stupid? Are women as stupid in their own special ways? Is EVERYONE equally as stupid but we just have to pick a side so we pick one and blame it all on the other team? Should I switch teams?

Shoot first, ask questions later? Or hold them at bay with your gun, try to get answers, and if all else fails shoot them? If you shoot them, do you shoot them in the face so they DIE, or do you shoot them in the leg just to give yourself a chance to get away?

Is that too many questions? Are you going to be all snarky with me now? Do I care?

Good god am I drunk already?
Grammar love!

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I am going to Switzerland (Zurich) with my friend for winter break (woo!). We are staying with her uncle's family.

This family is rather wealthy. They have a large house, are well-traveled (and have been in the US like a million times), and not lacking in basic necessities or fancy expensive things.

Question: what would be an appropriate gift for them, as a thank-you for their generosity? Should there be two gifts- one of gratitude and one for Christmas?

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What does TQC think of these boots? They would be worn during the winter months when the ground is all slushy. I'm thinking of either the yellow or the green colors.

Why have I had a headache all day? Head AIDS?

If you're in college, how are you doing so far? Have you had a lot of exams yet?

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Know any funny post-apocalyptic movies?

What movie is this?

Title has "samurai" in it, involves Elvis, and is post-apocalyptic.

I had it recommended to me, but I can't figure out what it is.
Purple Forest

Oh no...not "the talk"!

1. Do you know what "the talk" is?

2. Did you get "the talk" when you were younger?

3. What age did you get "the talk" and who gave it to you?

4. How was the experience..."the talk"?

5.  Do you think "the talk" is a dumb name?

The greatest poster on The Question Club?

Collapse )

Do you believe this person is truly the greatest poster on The Question Club?
Have questions been the most question-y?
What does it feel like to be in the same Club (TQC) as them?
Has their presence made your club feel truly elite?

Thank you! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:D :D :D
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Dear Upstanding Members of TQC:

Do you watch anime? If so, why? If not, why not?

What is your favorite anime? Tell me why you enjoy it in detail.
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