September 28th, 2008

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I have the old commercial jingle for the "Trouble" board game stuck in my head. Can you please share your favorite commercial jingle with us?

ETA: My lovely adelaidejewel had a brilliant idea: comment with a line from a jingle, see if anyone else can finish said jingle. :D

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Will you please give a detailed list of the items on your nightstand?

1. lamp with a bat beanie baby around the base
2. three soy candles (Method-lavender mint, Beanpod-herbs of essence, and clarity
3. photo of my friend and I taken upside down as we lay on the walkway. In dried flower frame
4. Ahava mineral hand cram-for all skin types
5. Bath and Body Works lavender pillow spray-a little less than half empty
6. black alarm clock
7. TV remote
8. Bic lighter

lower level-
9. spare batteries in a handmade wood box
10. flashlight
11. three CDs-Jack Benny, Edger Bergen, Stan Freberg
12. two books-first edition copy of Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon Days and Grimm's Fairy Tales
13. a match stick with no head...just a sad little stick :(

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there's nothing like clean sheets, am i right? siiigh.

also, i went to the nas/ludacris concert tonight at a local university and it was kickass/funny. what's your favorite ludacris song?

if you don't like ludacris, what's your favorite rap song?

if you don't like rap music, just what do you like then?!?!??!

have you ever gotten contact high at a concert before?
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Ethics and etiquette!

George died four years ago. He wanted to be buried at his country house, but his wife, Vera, buried him in the city with their adult children (who had died during George's long illness.) Sofiya, George's sister, got very angry and Vera for not burying George where he wanted to be buried, and the two haven't spoken since. Recently, Sofiya's husband died. He was pretty close with Vera, and was a pretty cool guy. Vera was NOT invited to the funeral and is very upset about it. Vera's grandchildren received no formal invitation to the funeral, but were e-mailed the information with the note, "attend if you please."

1. Who is more wrong? Who should apologize first?

2. What should the grandchildren do- attend the funeral and make their grandmother, Vera, sad, or not go and miss the funeral of someone they really liked?

3. Are you a forgiving person?

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Could you please tell me more about the University of Rochester and Georgia Tech? What's the atmosphere there like, or what have you heard about the atmosphere?

If it matters, I'm a math major.

(Thanks, theaxis_spins!)

Ice Cream

I am currently enjoying Ben and Jerry's Cake Batter ice cream.  YUM!

What is your fav Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor?

If you don't like B&J or ice cream in general, well sorry for your loss.

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So I'm in this one community where someone made a long, self-righteous post that made him look like a giant ass. When this was pointed out to him, by more than one person, he threatened to delete the post unless someone left positive compliments within the next hour.

Why do people look to Internet strangers for validation??

Why doesn't he just flounce already? Why an hour?

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I just overheard my father having a phone conversation yelling at the person on the other line saying, "I hope you get cancer, you good for nothing bitch!"

Who was he talking to?

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1. mcdonalds or burger king?

2. favorite computer game?

3. how much time during the average week do you spend watching TV?

(bravo- my boyfriend asked all these! he <3's TQC too!~!)
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I'm not reading the past entries. Not enough time or energy.

What celebrities did affect you to cry when you found out about their announced death? If none, don't necessarily answer.

For me, Steve Irwin, Heath Ledger and Paul Newman.

The Might Be Giants

Would you rather sing "Why Does the Sun Shine" in a planetarium while in character-a weird/hyper scientist singing to kids or "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" at the museum while dancing around throwing in traditional Turkish dance moves?

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I want to buy a new shirt, new jeans and some new shoes with money my parents are giving me as my early birthday present. I normally only wear t-shirts, but I want something different. And I don't wear female clothes. Oh, and they are only giving me $100.

What type of shirts could I consider?
What brand of shoes?
What kind of places should I look?

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if you were going to be a guest on any reality show, which would it be?
Which person on a reality show past or present are you most alike? In what capacity?

Will you show me a freaking picture of you already?!
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the name game.

You have a child on the way and for whatever reason, you and your partner want to give the kid a name beginning with the letter 'L'. What do you decide on?

I'd go with Leighton for a girl, Lucas for a boy.
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You are given the choice by some higher power to either save the life of your sister DISTANT COUSIN or 20 50 annoying reality tv celebrities (Omarasa, Romber, Kenley etc.) what do you choose and why?

eta: sheesh where's your morals


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Would anyone (outside Ireland) be able/willing to go here and tell me if they can watch the episodes on line? (The site automatically plays music, but you can pause it in the upper-right hand corner of the window)

I know most American TV network websites don't allow non-domestic viewers to watch shows on line, and my friend really wants to watch this show, but she'll be going away soon. I have no idea if RTE are bothered about international viewership though, so I thought I'd ask for help.


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What's the longest amount of time you've pined to kiss somebody before actually kissing them?

What was your most amazing kiss you can remember? Wat made it so amazing?

If someone called you child-like, would you take that as a compliment or an insult?

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What are 5 celebrities would you have sex with if given the chance? (if this has been asked recently, i apologize, i'm new)
mine are- Joaquin Phoenix, scarlett Johansson, Christian bale,Chris Cornell (soundgarden/audioslave) and we'll toss the obvious angelina jolie in there i guess too.
ETA- yes, it can be someone currently living or dead.

Inspired by my icon.

What old cartoon do you miss?

Who is more awesome? Reptar or Godzilla? 

AND do you say things from tv shows that no one remembers in normal conversation? I have been known to use the word "Spooty" from Angry Beavers.
Just wondering...

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A long while back, I remember seeing a word that meant "the carton of Chinese food found in the fridge of a bachelor." It was supposedly a movie term, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was. Does anyone know if this word exists - or, even better, what it is?

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Within the lifetimes of most people reading this, medicine will be able to do things that today would seem magical. It's entirely possible that the average human lifespan could be double what it is today, or even more. While a good thing on its face, that also has the potential to cause problems (think overpopulation, for starters).

What do you think the world would be like if everyone lived to be 150 years old?

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Would you take a trip on an old wooden boat? Like the kind that Columbus had, with the big sails and carved out women on the front, and crows nest.

Or are you just going to stick with newer boats?
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I want to start stocking up on books for my 7 year old nephew when I find them on sale. I have no idea what that age group reads - they are too old for baby books, but are they reading chapter books yet? Do you have any suggestions for books?
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I have two chicken breasts thawing... various spices, various side dishes, ect.


What should I make for dinner??

Preferably something that doesn't take more than an hour and a half. lol :)
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Have you ever been the victim of identity theft or fraud? How did you find out? When I did collections on charged off debt, I talked to people whose parents had taken credit or utilities in their names when they were, like, four years old. How low does a person have to be, really?

Is there any better way to spend a Sunday morning than propped up in bed with a laptop, with a purring cat curled up against both hips, screwing around on the internets? (No. Srs.)

I haven't watched TV in at least five years. What shows am I missing?

Do you take medication daily? What happens if you don't take it?

Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Mooooooooooooooom, why can't I play in the canaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal???

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I am posting my husband's old couches on CL. What kind of price would be a reasonable amount on Craigslist?

We're trying to get rid of them with the coffee table too. They're leather, hardwood framed, 6
months old, and he paid $1,600 for them.

EDIT: we took new and better pictures. Thanks for everyone's advice. Hope this works quickly.

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Does it annoy you when a group of people go out and the next day they say "Ohh yeah, we went out last night, we were going to call you!"?

Does this only happen to me?

What's the appropriate response to this?
(I said "Ohhh you should haveee?")

Why do people feel the need to tell you that they purposely left you out?

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1. You win five million dollars from the Publisher's sweepstakes and the same day as that big Ed guy gives you the check, aliens land on the Earth and say they're going to blow up the world in two days. What do you do?

2. Pretend I blew up the school...all the schools. Now that you're dead, what are you gonna do with your life?

What do you think of this poem?

Honestly, do you like it.   It has a lot of meaning behind it but I'll take both srs and non srs answers, I can handle it.

I'm greeted with silence

no words left to say

yet my mind is racing with questions.

To live again

remember how to breathe

waiting for the right moment.

Ride the high as long as you can

don't look down

Rock bottom is close behind

Trying to live in oasis

carefree, cool and calm

fooling everyone around you.

They don't ask, you don't tell.

swallow the key to your soul

it belongs to no one

keep your date with destiny

and she'll be good to you

don't count the days

slap on that smile

put on some shoes

for tonight you will dance.

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lets say....
you have been through a wide range of addictions in your life cutting, drinking, pill popping, sex, anorexia, binge eating, bulimia etc.
And you have pretty much cut out all of that except for the cutting
and lets say recently you got back into cutting right cause you dont want to have a bulimic relapse
but is that an ok kinda thing?
i mena doesnt everyone need SOMETHING to keep them going?
espically if its preventing a relapse?

EDIT PT2: ok how do yuo deal with these stressful situations?
whats is a healthy coping mechanism?

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Is there a livejournal community for everything?

Bored out of our minds, a friend and I "interest" searched "Top Gun" and a community came up about Scientology, fantasy/pilot fandom, and a "WE LOVE MEG RYAN" community.

What's the funniest/ most weird community you've seen on lj?

Taking the bible seriously: an exercise in amusing logic

It's Sunday, and that means it's bible time, TQC kiddies! Today we look at Noah and the Flood!

Genesis 7:1-3

7:1 Then the Lord said to Noah, “Go into the ark, you and all your household, for I have seen that you are righteous before me in this generation. 2 Take with you seven pairs of all clean animals, [1] the male and his mate, and a pair of the animals that are not clean, the male and his mate, 3 and seven pairs [2] of the birds of the heavens also, male and female, to keep their offspring alive on the face of all the earth

1. How many frikkin' members of each species is Noah bringing on board the ark exactly? 16? 2?
2. For the animals that were considered unclean to begin with, like the cloven-hooved beasts, did God just let them all drown? If so, how do we have bacon today?
3. Is it possible for an old man with limited resources and limited means of travel to track down and capture members of every species on earth, including critters in Canada and Austrlia?
4. Assuming the bible passage above declares 'seven pairs of all clean animals and 1 pair of unclean' of each species subject to flood rescue, how large would a vessel have to be to hold 16 of each kind, including elephants, hippos and rhinos?

20 Then Noah built an altar to the Lord and took some of every clean animal and some of every clean bird and offered burnt offerings on the altar.

5. How large would a fire have to be to burn 2 of every species on the planet?

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Assuming it wasn't going to kill you, if you had to be injured, of the three, would you rather be shot, stabbed or electrocuted?

When you and your friends get crazy ideas to do things are you usually the originator of the idea, the supporter, or the devil's advocate?
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In light of my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico in December, I ask you...

Are you going anywhere this winter? If you aren't, where would you go if you could?

What is your favorite vacation that you've taken? What made it so fun?
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Website designers?

I need a portfolio website made for my art but have no idea where to start. Where/how do I find someone to design a website for me? I can pay them but I can't pay a whole lot - I am not rich!

In case you can't tell by the fact that I'm positing this in TQC, I really am at a loss as to where to start!

Any help or advice appreciated.
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So, I emailed a paper to my Politics professor on Monday night. He just replied with the following line: "Grade: B". Nothing else.

Does it make sense for me to email him and ask him to expound? Doesn't that almost seem like a given? He might do so in class on Tuesday, but we have another paper coming up and I'd like to know what I did wrong so I can improve for the next paper.

How do I word this email so I don't sound like I'm bitching at him?

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I'm going to make Thousand Island dressing to put on our hamburgers tonight, do you think it would taste better fresh or if I made it a couple of hours ahead of time and let it sit (in the fridge of course)?

srs and non srs answers plz

when do you think you can say the bartender at the bar you frequent isn't just being nice but maybe likes you, too?

i have a crush on this guy who works at the bar me and my friends like to go to and we're really friendly 'cause we've got a couple things in common. but i have no idea if he's just doing his job and making friends with the customers or it's maybe a little more than that.
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My work team is having a potluck tomorrow. I want to bring something neat, that maybe they haven't had before. I don't have much time to make it tonight, maybe an hour or so. We don't have access to freezers/oven, so it will have to be something that can sit on a table for 5+ hours. Any suggestions?


Has anyone here had success with being on anti-depressants very short term (say, 6 to 12 months)?

I had a friend whose doctors put him on anti-depressants and assured him that he would only need them for a very short period of time, just as sort of a jump-start to him feeling better. I'm not entirely sure how long he ended up staying on them, but I didn't realize before that this was an option.

I would be willing to go on anti-depressants if I knew I wouldn't have a life-long dependency on them.
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My favorite little cousin in the world is turning 5 next month and I want to get her the best present ever, since I'm also her favorite.

I was thinking like a treasure chest of costumes for her to dress up in?  But since her birthday is a week before Halloween I figured that might get expensive. 

Any ideas on how to go through with this?

Any other ideas?

ETA: Any idea on where to get a cool box/chest to put it in?  I don't mind decorating it myself or anything, I just want something that will last and not just a regular square cardboard box.  Something that opens like a chest.
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Inspired by countdrunkula's post...

It seems the general consensus is that there is usually one person who loves the other more. Assuming thats the case, do you find that you're ALWAYS the one that loves more or ALWAYS the one that is loved more? Or does it change depending on who your SO is?

I feel like in relationships I always love less than I'm loved and I always feel guilty about it. But when it comes to friends and family I feel like I love *way* more than they do. I throw myself into my family and put them before everything. But thats a whole other topic....
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store pick-up

Have you ever ordered something online and picked it up at the store? What did you buy? What store was it?

I ordered shoes from Nordstrom and selected to pick them up since it's only 5 minutes away. However they didn't say where to pick them up. If any of you have ever done this, do you pick your stuff up in the department it's from, or at customer service? What if you order multiple things from different departments?
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Can you order these four letters into some kind of recognizable word (fill in vowels as necessary)? I'm trying to come up with a project group name using our 4 initials.


Ruining a kid's birthday party for money

For $2,500, would you crash a kid's birthday party at the park, and climb into the bouncy house (where all the kids are jumping happily) wearing ice skates and destroy the blow-up castle? The kids will cry and the birthday will be utterly ruined for that one birthday boy. You'll get away scot-free guarranteed


You get away and then are given another option. For $2,500, take the hired clown's place (under the maketup) and spend the full hour heckling and insulting the birthday boy in front of his friends? Mock his sexuality, accuse him of being adopted and that he secretly likes playing with Barbie dolls. All the kids will laugh at his expense and you'll probably ruin his life to some extent. You get another $500 if you make him cry


Finally, at the end of the party, there will be a water balloon catching contest. All the kids lined up in 2 rows and toss the balloon between them, and take a step back, and do so again, and repeat until someone has the balloon burst over them. Now, for $2,500, would you be willing to switch out the water balloons with ice balloons? Let's assume the kids aren't very bright and won't pick up on the added density. Good chance kids will get hurt, but nobody will see you switching the balloons


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I have a 5 hour trip on Wedensday, what movie should I download to watch?
I've been in a romantic mood lately, so anything romantic or comedy-romance.

When was your last road trip? Any interesting stories to tell about road trips?

I know some people who would throw up if they read in a moving vehicle. Do you feel dizzy reading in a car/bus/train?
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Despite the fact that you've bested him at least five times based on the questions I can remember, Satan has once again decided that it's time for him to stop watching QVC and ordering jewelery, and he's decided that the best way to remind himself that he's the eternal lord of darkness is to take it out on you for stealing his Dark Charizard. He decided that the only way to do this is to steal your boyfriend/girlfriend/favorite pet/stuffed animal/sex toy and hold it for ransom.

You venture down into Hell, and notice that he's really livened up the place-- he even installed curtains. But you seen your [whatever] hanging there over a bit of fire and AIDS ready to be turned into some multi-armed whore for Satan's minions/a sponge/a potato. He demands revenge and a rematch, and he demands it be done with Magic: The Gathering, because he just made this really cool deck and he wants to try it out. You, however, are armed with The Jesus Gun©.

Will you
1- Use The Jesus Gun© and shoot Satan in his unholy bastard chest?
2- Play Magic because Magic is awesome?
3- Taunt Satan further by defeating him in a pokémon battle with Dark Charizard?
4- File a restraining order against Satan so he'll stop bugging you while Wheel of Fortune is on?
5- Beat him to death with a jug of milk?
6- Double-click the power cord?
7- Leave your [whatever] because this is too much shit to deal with?

Brought on by a recent post.

Do you/your friends/your family have any scary health concerns?

Every so often my family freaks out that I have a tumor in my head, because there's a family history of cancer and because I've suffered migraines since I was four - the kind of migraines that are more like seizures than headaches. There's nothing wrong with me other than migraines, but I get pressured to go in for scans every now and again.

(no subject)

1) Do you have any OC habits?

2) If so what are they?

3) Do you take medication for them? And if so, what kinds, and did it help?

1) Yes.

2) I break words down into the letters, that are the number three in some way, somehow. It's hard to explain typing out. I do it more when I'm upset, and will figure out ways to break the word down, like I have little 'cheats'. And then we these are the number three, it's OKAY and it becomes zero, and is complete. It's hard to describe.

I know this is bad, because there are times when I'm so stressed I can't sleep, and I keep doing this, or all I can focus on is the words people are saying by breaking them down. So I get annoyed when people assume I'm OCD because I like things clean. I'm not a clean fanatic, I just like things clean.

3) No. I just always assumed it was 'part' of me, but lately I've been wondering about getting meds, or help.

ETA: I aren't goodz with words 'n stuffz. =( x 1000

ETA2: I explained in a comment, sorta, how mine works.

I'll try.

The word: dog.

Now there's different ways to do it. And this will be long, since I'll space it to try to explain the cheats.

DOG - The D is 2, because it's a letter and has a closed portion, a 'whole'. O is also a 2. G is a one. So that would be 5. Then the word itself can count as one number, so DOG = 6 which = 3 which = 0.

Now if it's dog it's different. dog = 8, because d = 2, o = 2, but g = 3 (if I want it to, sometimes I'm okay with it being 2) because it has a hole AND it has a drop. Then if you count the word, which I normally have to do, it's 8. If I don't count the word, or the drop on the g, it can be 2, so then dog would = 6 = 3 = 0.

There are a lot of other things, but my mind does it automatically, and if it's too pressuring then I may have to think of ways to make the words equal 3, so they can equal 0.

Now, if it's a sentence it can be different, sometimes I can capitalize letters at the beginning to make it equal 3, sometimes I can't. It's just I'll know when it's okay, and when it's not.
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Do you like the types of icons that are posted in icon communities?
I do not. They seem fancily done, ie. demonstrating their use of photoshop, but don't actually look any good, or convey what the original picture did.

I was looking for some amusing Star Trek: TNG icons. Do you know of any?
Particularly the one where it looks like Picard is bukkake-ing Wesley.
Macros will also please me.

Which sci-fi character would you most like to screw?

(no subject)

What band/performer have you seen live most?
Are they your favourite?

What band/performer did you last see live?

I seem to have seen Lostprophets live 3 times although they're not my favourite by any means and I saw Dragonforce last night which was pretty sweet.

(no subject)

If you were an action figure, what would your accessory/outfit be?

I'd have a hammer, a notebook full of revolutionary wankery and a shotgun painted neon green. oh and an upright bass I can drag along behind me.
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TQC, I just won $7 in the Powerball lottery!

1) Have you ever won anything from the real lottery?

2) Have you ever won a scratch off ticket?
I won $50 on my first ever scratch off at age 12.

3) What's the coolest thing you've ever won from anything?

4) What's the stupidest thing you've ever won?
I got a stupid brass Buddha statue and a damn plant from one of those secret santa revolving gift type things.
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1. Have you ever known anyone who had a brain tumor? What happened?

2. My roommate's boyfriend had been complaining of weird headaches, blurry vision and randomly losing the ability to grip things. This morning he had a huge seizure and they're running all these tests and stuff. It's pretty scary. What the heck do I say to my roommate?

(no subject)

should I get rid of this icon? every time I ask a question I get responses along the lines of "OMG SAMOA I love those" and it's starting to get on my nerves.

I don't care.
OMG SAMOA!!! I love those!

eyebrow trauma :(

Would you freak out over your eyebrows, if you were to get them waxed and the person totally messed up on it?

I'm just wondering because this happened to me, and my boyfriend doesn't understand why I'm freaking out over my eyebrows. He keeps telling me that I'm overreacting. (The lady made them too small and one, I swear, seems slightly arched while the other doesn't and they don't start out at the same area.)

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whenever i eat a fairy cake i can never be bothered to take off the little paper cup case bit so i just eat that bit too!!! is that bad for me on a continuous level??????! what do you do that you do because you can't be bothered to do something else?

do you like milk? I DETEST IT BECAUSE ITS SOLID WHITENESS what the hell!!!! is there any other drink that is so solid of one colour? it's like drinking white. my boyfriend loves it and it causes issues and also conflicts.

(no subject)

My co-worker who is a guy, 5 years younger, VERY metrosexual/borderline gay said to me : "You're so HOT when you stand like that" and proceeded to tell me I'm so HOT in certain situations.
And then he turned back around as if it was nothing and went back to work.

What is the weirdest thing that a coworker has ever said to you?

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are any of you on birth control yasminelle?
have any of you noticed and HUGE emotional break down say once every 3 months?

i have been on if for 6 motnhs now and it had happened twice at the exact time (one week before my period) and last for 1-2 days
my p.m.s is pretty under control otherwise so its like a p.m.s exploding volcano!! Im really happy with it otherwise and not sure if its cause im just plain crazy!

any similiar experiences?
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If you had to describe one situation that feels like being tied to the hood of a yellow rental truck being packed in with fertilizer and fuel oil, pushed over a cliff by a suicidal mickey mouse, what would that situation be?

What is your least favorite musical?

(no subject)

How often do you wash your clothes? (for example: do you wear once & wash or do you wear something several times before washing it)

What are some TV shows you used to like but stopped watching? Why did you stop watching them?

What's the most played song of all time on your playlist?

Tell me something random about you.
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MOA//Sexy and fun!

Obviously I have nothing to do with my day.

Do you know anyone who plans to vote for McCain, on an elemental level, just because his running mate has ladybits?

Why do women always discuss their bra sizes, but you never see men discussing size? (srs and non-srs totally welcome) If you're a guy, have you ever peeked? I mean, after the inquisitive pubescent age.

Why does Christina Ricci look better in this movie that's on with a bruise all over her face than she does in most other movies? And is anyone else as freaked out as I am by Angelina Jolie's lips?

What's the longest you've been without power? Did you miss the internets more than basic utilities?
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1. What songs would you put on a CD you would be using in an alarm clock? (good songs to wake up to)
2. Why are there sport grips on tampons? Do you put them in while jumping hurdles?

(no subject)

Why do I suddenly want ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery when it's about 63° out and I've never even been to a Cold Stone?

Should I drive the 15 or so minutes it takes to get there and get something or should I just ignore the random craving and save my money?

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have you seen sleepless in seattle?
If you did, did you also think that it was one of the worst romantic movies ever?
Do you also hate romantic movies in which the characters don't even know each other, but are so sure that they are so meant to be and so in love?

I think it brings up stupid expectations of what a relationship and romance should be to the feeble minds of women.
Slow Mo Guys - Gavin

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One of my roommates has left macaroni and cheese on the stove in a pot for a week. It's starting to mold.

She's never ever home to clean it up, and she's an absolute slob. We don't want to do it for her, because this sends the message that it's okay for her to do this shit. I would dump it on her bed, but she sleeps in my room, and she probably won't be home until tomorrow anyway.

What do we do? Srs and non-srs, plz