September 27th, 2008


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1. I hear mineral make-up is good for your skin. Problem is I hear this from ads, so is mineral make-up just better than other (chemically) make-up, or is it better than not having minerals all over your face?

2. I want to make a snazzy vest, but I don't currently have a pattern. Any tips?

a)What is the last thing you made/created (or tried to)?
b)How'd that go?

4. Would polar fleece underpants be an awesome idea? They totally would, wouldn't they? Yeah. Fuzzy.

5. Will you be voting in the USA election?
I won't, because I live in (and am a citizen of) Australia :( Wish I could though because it effects me anyhow.

Hold up!

Did anyone else know that Jennifer Hudson's fiancee was one of New York's suitors on I Love New York??? I can't remember his name, but he was an attorney, and she thought he was too nice. I think it was down to him, Buddha, and Chance at the end. Jennifer, you can do better!

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what's something that you don't mind "splurging" on?
skin care products and makeup

what's something that you always buy cheap?
food and clothing

do you like peanut putter & banana sandwiches?
i really want one right now, but the peanut butter is all the way in my car and i have no bread
Cowboy Ew

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How many of you Beatles fans out there love the move "Across The Universe"? I mean I know I do, and little love the Beatles like I do. Maybe I'm crazy, but I love how it makes me feel. I don't care. I know they're covers, I KNOW the Beatles did it better...but it gives me goosebumps. Am I crazy?

P.S. I don't fucking care if you think I'm crazy :) I'm so in love with everything this movie says.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Every time I try to open up porn on my laptop, it starts overheating and crashes. If I'm just surfing or reading, it'll last for hours without overheating, but as soon as I open up any type of porn site or even vids already on it, it overheats. I can also let it sit an entire day without being on, turn it on, pull up some porn, and it'll overheat within five minutes.

It's cockblocking me, isn't it?
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petit prince


why was there just a commercial on cnn international (in london) for a kia car, priced in dollars, in spanish?

when's the last time you ate peanut butter?
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TQ fucking C help me. yet once again i find myself completey obliteratingly drunk and on the internet. i had my work leaving do tonight and like so many mixed emotions. I also made ultimate woopsie and snooggeed a guy he was 19 and i am oldie at 27. it was fun but he has a gf and i was all horny and pushy. i am jsut gonna pretend with him it never happened, but why oh hy to i get myself all in therse situations?

love you all :D
clara bow

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When was the last time you saw someone get what they deserved?

My sister's bf moved all her shit into the spare bedroom and said to stay as long as she wants but to give 30 days notice if she moves.  She's been taking pills her friend gives her and sleeping with her ex husband and I'm glad he's grown a pair because he's so kind and my sister has been such a bitch to him.

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1:  Inspired by this, do any of you hold a doctorate?  Are you called Dr.?  What did you get your doctorate in?

2:  If you live in a house with just one restroom, someone is in the shower and you really have to pee, what do you do?  What do you do if you have to poo?

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So I just got a phone call from the Vet. Looks like we will be putting Spunky down tmrw morning:C
I want to make her a last meal. Something that she will love.

1. If you were a dog, and you had to chose your last meal, what would it be? Details please.
Fly Away

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1) How likely is it that the earth will stop rotating at some point, flinging us all in to space?

2) If it very very gradually decreased rotation before stopping completely, would we still be flung off?

3) And what would happen if our orbit changed (moved closer to the sun, further away, changed shape, etc)?

4) Do you stay awake at night thinking about random things, too?

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i know that these political questions are all over the place here lately, but i really really want to know the answer to this question.. especially from people in my peer group.

if you're a sarah palin supporter, what is your argument against those who think she's under qualified and/or inept?

have you heard any of her interviews? do you honestly think she makes sense at all?

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For the last 6 months I've been living at my boyfriends apartment rent free, not paying for any food or dates, not paying for any of my own clothing, entertainment, fancy drinks, toiletries or anything at all (and I almost always get the things I would buy just because I had money books, makeup). I think I've used my own money about three times since being here despite having a full and PT job.

The lease is coming to an end and we're both moving back to our parents to save money for our trip to India for New Years.

How can I repay him for everything he's done for me. By paying for me 100% he's allowed me to save up a lot of money (none of which he wants me to touch until India). He's probably spent no less than $500-$600 a month on me every month. What can I do to show him how much I appreciate and love him.

Other than sex....see we're virgins.

Just kidding...we fuck like rabbits. Anything else I can do?

Toddlers + TV

Curious Gerorge and Thomas the Tank Engine for a 2-year old - going to developmentally cripple him, or perfectly ok?

(My ex lets him watch DVDs kind of a lot, but I recall coming across articles (which of course I can not longer locate) saying that TV before like the age of 3 or 4 is bad. I don't think a little here and there is awful, but then I don't know.)

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Tonight I'm going to a "hoes and CEOs" party. WTF should I wear? Pictures are a plus.

edit: i have no preference as what id rather be but i defintely dont want to wear a full suit aha

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i'm going to washington dc in a couple weeks.

is that the sort of town where i should rent a car, or will public transportation do the trick?

any other advice on what to go see? *edit* i'm interested in general education, especially anything geeky or scientific, so the air & space museum is a definite stop. i like history. i also really like nightclubs, so we'll be out a lot partying.


I enjoy listening to

A Fine Frenzy
PJ Harvey
Imogen Heap and/or Frou Frou
Jenny Lewis and/or Rilo Kiley
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Tegan & Sara
Fiona Apple
Regina Spektor
Ani DiFranco
The Donnas
none of the above
Slow Mo Guys - Gavin


Poll #1268037 How do you like your apples?

How do you like your apples?

Not Peeled
With Peanut Butter
In Juice form
I hate apples
Oranges are better

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Have you ever had a teacher who had rules about how you organize your school stuff? (as in, size of binder, how many divider tabs you use, what type of folder, etc- I even had one teacher specify binder color)

I remember it happening in like, 5th grade to teach kids how to stay organized...but I'm a junior in college and I have a teacher specifying what size binder I need and how many divider tabs it must have.
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Does anyone know of a website where you can submit your recipes for it to store them all for you?

Or something along those lines..
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So what's your weekly schedule like?

Monday: School 8am - 10pm
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: School 8am-1pm
Thursday: Observations 7am-1pm, Tutoring 6pm-7pm
Friday: Work 10am-3pm
Saturday: Work 3pm-8pm
Sunday: Work 6am-10am

What's your favorite day of the week?

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If you knew you're co-worker smoke pot and did coke in front of her very young kids, would you call child services on her? would you call the cops? would you not do anything? would the circumstances change if you knew that she spent her entire paycheck on drugs and alcohol and not food for her children?

Do you have an innie or outie bellybutton?

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Dear TQC,

There is a kitten stuck in a drainage pipe near my house. It appears to be clinging to its dead mother. I've been able to hear it crying for a couple of days now, but we only just figured out where it was coming from. We can't get the cat to come out.

I've called the humane society and animal control, neither are answering even though their sites say they should be open. Where should I try next? Is the fire department a good idea? Do you have any tips for getting kittens out of pipes?

I think I read this question in a Time magazine...

Let's say that you and a group of other people are hiding in a building (or a basement or whatever) from other people who have weapons and will kill you if they find you. In the place you are hiding, there is infant that is will not stop wailing and crying (the infant's mother is not present, if that matters) If the baby does not stop crying, the people who are out to kill you will surely be alerted to your hiding spot. Would you smother the infant to death in order to make the crying stop, and therefore save the rest of the people with you? Or would you be unable to do so?

Is anyone else looking forward to the new Joss Whedon series Dollhouse? It's going to have Amy Acker in it (Fred from Angel) and I think it looks interesting.
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it's a bebe boy

A good friend of mine is having her second baby in December. She's not having a baby shower this time around and when I asked what she needed, she said diapers, wipes, and nursing pads would be more valuable than a pot of gold with a leprechaun dancing on it.

These are not particularly fun things to shop for, so while I'm going to put together a care package with those practical things included, I want to get them a few fun things as well. What else should I include in the package?

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I'm looking for some of the lists, you know the ones 'You know you're a child of the 60's, 70's, or 80's' 

Do you know any or where I can find some?

I have to discuss in an essay if life is better now than back then and these lists are giving me some good ideas. I'd LOVE to find the one that has things like 'You could go out and play all day long, no one knew where to find you' 'Your parents actually sided with the law' and 'You were afraid of the weird old guy that lived round the corner'

That type of thing.

Thank you in advance!

k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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I'm looking forward to cooking dinner either tonight or tomorrow night. It will probably be tomorrow night.

I've already decided on Roasted New Potatoes With Bacon & Cheese because it's so perfect for the first fall meal I prepare, but I'm at a loss as to what I should serve with it. It is, afterall, mainly a side dish.

Any ideas/suggestions?
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Pleasant surprises!

When was the last time you found something unexpected when you weren't looking for it?

My boyfriend just moved and when we were packing and unpacking, I found my garter from senior prom. I guess it had just been lost in his room ever since! Haha

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does it bother you if your car gets scratched or dented? do you try to take care of your car? do you keep it clean, take care of routine maintenance, that sort of stuff?

i backed my new car into a cement post and my friends were like, "one would think you'd be more careful!" i try to be careful. but i'm also like, meh, it's a tool.

Keep your coins -- I want change.

1. What is the biggest change you have made in your life so far?

1a. How long did it take you to do it, once you decided you wanted to do it?

2. We often try to change things, but are rarely successful. What benefit do we get from talking about change if we're not going to follow-through and make it happen? If there is no benefit, why do we do it so much? - Where the party at?

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TQC, how can I get rid of these hiccups? I've had them for almost 30 minutes. I've tried drinking water and holding my breath. No dice.

What condiments do you put on your burgers? Any strange ones that you've come to love?


I don't know that Halloween actually has an official meal night, like a lot of other holidays, but I hae known a few people that had dishes prepared for just this occasion.

Is there anything inparticular that you favor having for All Hallows Eve?

Also, what's your favorite Halloween candy?
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Where have basic good manners gone? How can we get them back into society?

Also if you were one of the movie stars pre-1970 who would you be?
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They grow up so fast. ;_;

I'm supposed to start teaching my boyfriend to drive a manual today. He claims to know the basic mechanics of it. I thought I knew too when I started out. I quickly learned I was wrong. In theory it is quite simple but synchronizing all the right movements turned out to be kinda tricky. I'm going to take him to a huge empty parking lot.

For those of you that know how to drive a manual transmission, what did you find helpful when you were learning?
Any tips on making this as painless as possible?
Want to take bets on how long its going to take me to kill him for stalling the car out?
Where should I dump the body if he wrecks my car?
girl reading by ourescape

therapy questions

So I'm at the point where I think I need therapy. But, I also probably need meds. Do I go to a psychologist first, and they recommend a psychiatrist? Or is it the other way around?

How do I go about finding a psychologist who I match well with? I have insurance, but I don't trust my normal doctor well enough for a recommendation.

If you've ever had troubles forgiving yourself for past mistakes- any tips? How did you manage to forgive yourself and let stuff go?

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What was the last thing that made you laugh?

I broke a knife in two on a Carvel cake. I KNOW. Sometimes I just don't recognize my own strength.

Which Sailor Scout would you prefer to be in the world of Sailor Moon?

What is something you collect/want to collect?

I want to collect nutcrackers; the fancy, imported ones.

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How often do you overdraft your checking account?

How often is your checking account balance under, say, $50? Under $20?

Do you have overdraft protection?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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What does a college student get for a fellow college student who is getting married for her bridal shower? (other than a vibrator or other sexual toy: this is for a friend, I don't want to scare her :P)

ETA: Apparently she's not got a gift registry anywhere.

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While it's pretty impossible to automatically hate all cops themselves (because "police(wo?)man" is only a job, not a different species, I think people forget that too often), do you find you have a general dislike, general appreciation, or general apathy towards them? Does it depend on the situation?

AND I'm talking about the cops themselves while they're on duty and interacting with you, not your outlook of the job itself.

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When was the last time you were completely terrified? What happened?

My story: Last night, my boyfriend and I went over to a friends' house, an older couple that we know. It was our first time visiting their place. We're not great friends with them, but we're in the process of building a friendship, so we don't know them all that well. The wife was sick and spent most of the night in the bedroom, but the husband chilled with us all evening. He had the TV on, and that Stephen King movie Misery was on. We were talking and hanging out and watching the movie at the same time. Later in the evening, the wife comes out of the bedroom. My boyfriend and the husband had gone into another room. I said hello and she STARED at me and gave me this serious DEATH GLARE for about 5 seconds before saying really meanly/scarily "I think it's time for you guys to go home." In that moment she looked just like Kathy Bates, with her plumpness and short hair, and it TERRIFIED me. I seriously thought she was going to tie me to a bed and bash my feet in with a mallet. A couple minutes later, I had walked outside on the front porch for a sec, and accidentally left the screen door open. She came over and slammed the door really hard, right in my face. I walked back in and she said "What kind of person does that, just leaves the door open when the cat could get out? That was really DUMB." Again with the death glare, and me being terrified.

Aside from being horribly scared, I was really hurt too. Nobody has talked to me like that in a long time. :(

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Magic is real y/n?

Does anybody know any magic tricks that I could learn relatively easily?

I was thinking of dressing up like Criss Angel for Halloween and doing a few cheap tricks for the amusement of my friends.

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Im going to rent movies tonight. Ive been wanting to watch really lame but funny (imo) movies. I want to get Dude Wheres My Car, and possibly Yellowstone, maybe some older disney movies. What others should I get?

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Have you seen this ad?

What do you think of it?

Any other examples of pretty damn awesome ads you've seen online? I saw a Mac-and-PC banner ad once, and I've never paid too much attention to ads but I had to click on the sound button to watch that one. It was kind of awesome.
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Suppose you have a beef with one of your neighbors; the exact reason doesn't matter. You hire a hitman to kill him. Things don't go as planned and the neighbor and the hitman kill each other.

Legally and morally, what crimes have you committed?

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my 22nd birthday is just over a month away and i want to do things earlier in the evening that don't involve drinking since a couple of my friends aren't 21 and i don't want to leave them out the whole night. but i can't come up with anything other than the obvious like movie, laser tag, bowling.

TQC, will you come up with some fun activity ideas for a Friday night in November(preferably not too expensive)?

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my roommate (23) and i (22) get along very well. we also have three 19 year old boys living upstairs who we get along with very well. she decided we'd have people over tonight and that's fine. they're mainly her friends (some of whom i don't like), so i was like "oh maybe two of the guys can come down" and she said "well we should warn them that my friends are going to be 25 or 26, that's almost a 10 year difference" (POINT 1:'s a six year difference, and i'm quite sure they're all 24 and under anyway) then she added "i know my friends wouldn't want 19 year olds here.. they don't even want to hang out with college kids"

uhhh, i am a college kid. my roommate's boyfriend and all of the people that i know that are coming are college kids.
i quite like my upstairs neighbors and will only be friends with like 4 of the 10-15 people here tonight.
it's my apartment too.
her friends can suck it.

this was rude of her to say, y/y?

do you ever come here just to bitch? haha, i just did that.

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Do you have any quick and easy recipes that are cheap?
I'm sick of eating hot pockets and macaroni and cheese.

Easy like this:
I boil a box of bowtie pasta in 3 cans of Swanson chicken broth, and add a bag of frozen vegetables. I usually use the broccoli stirfry one, but any works, I'm sure. Then I put pepper and parmesan cheese on it. Its delicious.

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a couple months ago i found a piece of paper while rummaging through my parents junk drawers. on the paper, in my handwriting, it says

i filled up every space on the page. therefore, i have an aggressive personality. the kind that walks into someones house and offers helps myself to a drink.

the thing is, i do not remember writing this. i don't even know wtf it could mean. my handwriting is a bit sloppy with it, so it's possible i was drunk or something.

is that passage from somewhere? what could it be?!

srs and non srs plzz.

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Will you post a picture of a house/condo/apartment/etc for sale in your city that costs $500,000 (or as close to it as you can find)? Also, what city is this property for sale in?

For those of you not in the US, here's a currency calculator to figure out your equivalent of $500,000.
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I'm really, really angry right now. Like, so mad I'm shaking. I'm mad at this one person who wants me to call them right now, but if I do, I will LOSE IT and quite possibly make a bad situation even worse.

What can I do to cool off?

BTW, I already tried exercising and it didn't work. I also already ranted to someone else about it, but that didn't help either.
clara bow

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As I was walking home from my work the guys at the Ford dealership flirted with me.  One drove me around in his golf cart and asked for my number.  I totes should go out with him to get a huge discount and buy a car y/y?  Or should I go flirt with the VW or Toyota guys?

Have you flirted your way into a discount?  What happened?

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Help me with a song? (rap/hiphop)
Currently top-40 rap/hiphop song
Very electronic sounding, like dance music without being a remix
Male vocalist
They say either "crazy" or "psycho" like 980458 times.
As in "I go crazy/ go crazy/psycho...she goes crazy/psycho...your mom goes crazy/psycho...the cat lady down the street is crazy/psycho" etc.

After more thought, it's totally "crazy" that they say.
Deet deet they go crazy
Doot doot they go crazy
Deet da da dee dee go crazy
Da deet deet go crazy
Doot doot they go crazy

Of course, deets and doots aren't actually sung :p

PS, not joining whatwasthatone for these types of questions, but thanks.

Another board helped me out, it's Pitbull - Krazy. But thank you all. Except moshimishi
mr jummy

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I got my absentee ballot for November's election in the mail a couple days ago and my name is misspelled! Are they going to shred my ballot when they get it? Should I write them a mean letter? Does it matter which state I'm "voting in?" Halp!

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If you accidentally found out your boyfriend purchased an engagement ring, but months pass and no popping of question, what possible explanations would be running through your head?

And how insanely crazy would it drive you to not just ask about it?

How many bras do you have?
How many in each color?

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I'm flying overseas next week. And I'm flying economy.

What can I say/do to get upgraded to business class?

My sister was recently upgraded just because the check-in chick liked her coat. I also know they frown upon straight up asking for the most part.
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1. Do your pets act lazy on rainy days? All my cat did today was cuddle with me. She didn't even protest when I picked her up and laid her on my chest for like 20 minutes.

2. Is it normal for young boys (age 4) to lie? Or say that they'd think about sticking a screwdriver through someone's head? (This happened to me tonight while I was babysitting).

3. What kind of medicine (if any) do you take for stomach issues?

(no subject)

What do you suspect is the cause of my nausea?

What is your most effective remedy for nausea?

Should i just make myself throw up heaps so the sick feeling goes away?
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Beverly Hills Chihuahua is obv the best idea for a movie ever, y?

What was the last thing to make you go "lolwut?"

What is something you'd like to change about your life?
I really want to just get rid of a lot of my stuff.


What's the grossest thing you've ever sent or received? My aunt once peeled off a massive scab from a motorcycle accident and sent it to her sister. At work. A few years later, she made earrings out of earwax for the same sister.

What do I want for dinner? Delivery options are pizza, Chinese, and Jimmy John's.

Any migraine sufferers out there? What's your drug of choice? Zomig and Imitrex do it for me, and thank God, because I have zero tolerance for narcotics. A half-dose of morphine puts me to sleep for at least 18 hours.

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Should I spend $100+ on a haircut? The last 6 haircuts I have had have been left me in tears. I am terrified to get a haircut and have spent days researching online.

There are a few "celebrity" hairdressers that have won a bunch of awards and been in magazines that I am considering, but I can't find any reviews (from real clients) anywhere.

I am rationalizing that they must be good to charge so much and be in magazines etc, but if they do a bad job I have bad hair AND am out $100+.

ETA: is it actually helpful to go talk to the stylist before booking an appointment? It seems to me like there's not much chance they'll actually admit "no, sorry, I can't do what you want, maybe you should go to someone else"

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For the Americans-

How worried are you about the economic crisis we're in?
What, if anything, are you doing to bring in extra monies/provide extra security (like, thinking of going back to school, changing fields, etc?)

and who is just getting drunk?

Fashion advice plz

I just bought this beautiful pair of black leather gloves with lining. They are long gloves. How can I make the lining stay in each finger, so I can actually put them on?

Should I just cut the lining? How do I do this without ruining the beautiful gloves?

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Have any of you bleached your hair at home? How long is it okay to keep the mixture in open air?

I want to do a test strip but I'm not sure if I should mix a smaller quantity or just mix it all and leave it for a bit, assuming the test strip is okay.

If not, can you tell me about a hair disaster you've experienced?

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1. If you could completely erase someone from your memory would you? Whose memory would you erase?

2. What cute pet names do you call you SO?

3. Do you think Dane Cook is funny?
What is your favorite skit by him?
Youtube videos are a bonus :)

(no subject)

When you were little, what was your favorite childhood game? Stuff like cops and robbers or hide and seek, stuff that didn't require toys. If your game is uncommon, will you explain it to us?
[lost] Goodbye lost

looking for advice- sorry if it's tl;dr

Last year after Jason (my husband) died, I ignored all the bills that came with his debt, because I didn't want to deal with them, and because how dare he leave me unprepared? So eventually that 11 thousand dollar bill for the air ambulance that I was so pleasantly ignoring showed up on my credit report. It brought my score way down cause I have a low income to debt ratio and it sucks ass. The man that contacted me offered me a settlement of x amount of dollars and it would just get deleted from my credit report. At the time, it was WAY too much and I said no thanks and agreed to make payments. Ten months later, I have made payments and the balance hasn't gone down. I called and they said that while the principal has gone down, it still is gaining interest like a bitch. The same man that I spoke to in January (who is really nice btw) said that they won't apply payments to the interest until after I pay the principal and that he could still offer me a settlement that would just delete it from my report, not show settlement. I was ready to offer x amount but he needs 2 grand more than I was ready for. So my thought is to keep making payments until income tax time comes around again and maybe by then I can just pay it off. The question is not the money, I have it, but I am so scared of spending all of it, because what happens if I spend all the savings and then something serious happens?

This is the really only negative thing on my credit. I am working to repair it since I was a fuck up when I was younger and I have a low score right now. What should I do? Do I pay it off right now and use up about half my savings, or do I wait til income tax time and use my refund for that?

edited for clarity.
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I want to send an anonymous email to no one in particular. Are there any websites that allow me to do this? I'm looking for a postsecret type thing, but I needed to say more than what fits on a postcard, and I really don't mind if it gets posted somewhere or not. I really just want what I typed to be out there, but to also be unknown.
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1. When you email someone, how do you begin the email?

i'm asking because whenever a professor emails me, they always seem to write "Dear Ashley" at the beginning, but I'd feel weird doing that back. Is this a common practice?

2. If you're in a relationship and your SO does not have an LJ, do you tell them about your LJ? How much do you tell them about LJ?
Running in Circles


For those of you who watched the debate the other night - did anything that was said during the debate swing you from one side to the other? Or to one side from the middle? As they're supposed to be speaking to the undecided voters I was wondering if they had done their job.

Did either of the candidates say anything that got you particularly excited? What?
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I'm making a mix CD for my friend of a bunch of songs that she should just know from existing. For example, I'm including "I Melt With You" by Modern English because apparently she has never heard that song. Do you have any additional suggestions as to what I might include, TQC? Pleeease?

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I just mixed tapatio hot sauce in my ranch dressing to dip my cold fried zucchini in and it's amaaaazing.

What are some easy to make concoctions you can think of off the top of your head?

Do you sometimes feel like you have to consult TQC with every thought that pops into your head?