September 26th, 2008

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Assuming that you are out of high school and have been for quite some time, what percentage of people are you still friends with?

If you are still in high school, sucks for you.
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TQC guys,

Would you be willing to wear a dress for an entire day and go about things as normal if there was no money involved?

If you'd do it for money, how much would it take, assuming you can't tell anyone why you're doing it until afterward?

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i just started Prozac a couple weeks ago. i love it so far but some things are bothering me, like i get really really tired but i cant sleep at all. also i'm not hungry at all i feel constantly full so i've only eaten like 400-500 calories a day. D: is this really bad? what should i do, just force myself to eat anyways?

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Poll #1267201 creep factor

Which of these things/places do you find to be creepy in general?

wooded areas
under the bed
dark closets
historic sites (battlegrounds, forts, old jails, etc.)
mortuaries/funeral homes
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If your significant other told you they would most likely get back together with their ex (a specific one was named) if the two of you didn't work out, how would you feel about that?

I was told this today and saw it as a huge red flag. I feel very hurt. He doesn't understand why in the world I feel as such.

How would YOU feel?


does anyone know where i can watch the movie "stepmom" online? i cant seem to find it anywhere and its way too late to go out and rent it or buy it. i really want to watch it. =]

*i feel like crying a lot tonight.
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Inspired by your_number1's post.

So, I have blonde hair except for the roots (2in right by the scalp, to be specific). It lightens as it grows out, I guess. This makes it look like my hair is perpetually unwashed, though. Is there any way to fix this without ruining the black streaks I have (one on either side of my face)?

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Unattractive seventeen year old high school dropout wants me. Bad, y/y?
Works with my bestie. Bad, y/y?
How do you blow off a rather large (not really jiggly large, but tall) hormonal teenager for good without being raped/killed?
How do you blow off said teenager and keep him as a friend because he has good partying connections and a convincing fake ID, also without raping/murder?

If you don't care, when was the last time you had a horrible day and how did you make it better?
Mine was today and I've been slowly making it better by being at least mildly acidic towards anyone I feel is retarded. I know I practice great therapy methods.

OH. I watched Across the Universe the other day with one of my friends because neither of us could ever finish it before. We both came to the conclusion that it was less satisfactory than everyone said it was. Does anyone else feel this way and can you point out why you didn't like it?

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Have you ever had to turn someone down because you were already in a commited relationship, even though you thought this person was really attractive? 

- Do you avoid making new Guy/Girl friends because you don't want to cause jealousy in your relationship? 

- What are your thoughts on swingers? 
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1. i just googled myself and this random ass person search website knew me and the town i live in! what?! how did they know this?? i'm only 17 too so it's not like i own my house... :(

2. what's the best thing that comes up when you google yourself?

3. is there anything that is actually you? what is it?
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Today my gramma told me she thought I was a lez and was surprised to find out I like guys too. She also called me a twat because she thought it meant something like 'twit'. I had to explain to her what it meant. lol

What has an extremely naive relative done lately that made you laugh?

I got a car finally! We found a gorgeous Aqua HHR and my mum dicked 'em down to 18k even, got them to pay the sales tax, and got a 5.8% APR.

What has made you happy recently?
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Alright, so Collapse )

Okay, did you read the backstory? So, based on this, everyone is being really cool about it, save for one person who is taking it as a personal attack against her. This person is really close to me and has done so much for me and saved my ass about a million times when it came to RL issues. She seems to think that me leaving was immature and selfish, when I'm seeing it as the other way around.

I don't want to lose this person as a friend, yet she won't accept any explanation that I'm giving her as anything more than excuses. What do I do to save the friendship we have?
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I put a spell on you

I was just at the laundry mat and this huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge woman had taken almost all of the machines. Plus it was quite a task just to get *around* her. She started fussing and being annoying so the owners tried to tell her to leave. She started speaking in strange tongue and throwing her arms around. I think it was a curse or juju, or craziness. But just for fun lets say it was juju.

1.If I was in the room, am I affected?
2.If so, whats going to happen to me?
3.How can I reverse the juju?
4.Did she steal my panties?


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Did my poli sci exam take me such a short amount of time because I effortlessly passed it, or because I had no idea what I was doing and failed miserably? I honestly can't tell.

What's the hardest exam you've ever taken?
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Validate me plz, TQC.

I have a 9 am lecture and a 10 am test today. The 9 am lecture has attendance (no specific number of days, just "come and participate") but he doesn't always take it and often when he does he thinks everyone's there when everyone clearly isn't. I can get the notes from a friend. I've missed a couple days but I don't make it a habit, and I haven't looked at these flashcards for my 10 am test for a while. Am I justified in skipping my 9 am in order to semi-cram for my 10 am?



Let's say that you have to die tomorrow in a freak accident.  You'll die doing whatever you love or whatever you have always wanted to do.  Conditions will be perfect just so fate can prepare for your death -- so it's possible to have snow in summer or anything extraordinary like that.  If you try to avoid doing what you love so you don't die, you'll end up dying in the worst way you can imagine.

What will you be doing when you die?

What is the worst possible way to die?
Getting stung by a swarm of bees.


Biggest Loser Club?

Has anyone ever used the biggest loser club online? It looks simple enough but I'm worried about the cost of food. Do the shopping lists get pretty expensive? And in general, did you like it?


Its Friday!

Any fun plans?

I am hoping to go spend the evening drinking a few around the fire pit with my brother and SIL.  If that doesn't pan out I'll be sitting here, waiting for all of you to ask questions so I have something to do....sad.

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why is it that many people are quick to rag on palin for being pretty? they make dumb comments about her hair, her glasses, and her imaginary bikini shots.

same goes for hillary clinton. they all teased her about 'wearing the pants' and 'being a bitch'.  you don't see people saying that obama looks like a scrawny arabian baboon, now do you?

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Imagine for a second that a new proposition was on the ballot where you live this November. The proposition is for women to be allowed to walk around in public topless if they choose to do so. Would you be for or against this proposition?

I don't know
This is already allowed where I live.

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Should I go pick a shitload of apples this year? My aunt has something like 12 apple trees and plans on just letting them all be. What can I do with all the apples, besides making shitloads of apple pie?

What are your favourite fruits and berries? I like gooseberries.

edit: thanks! I hope my aunt approves of me roaming in their backyard. Apples!

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I recall reading something a while ago about somebody finding John Lennon's "Imagine" offensive so the other day I googled something to the effects of "Is John Lennon's Imagine offensive" and found quite a few people feel that way.

Do you think the song is offensive/insulting?

If not, what do you think of people who do?

I think people who do are missing the point of it and being to sensitive. Their view is that he is saying everybody should be exactly the same and that religion etc. is bad. The way I see it he is singing about the things people have fought and killed over and how sad it is that they cause such violence and how nice it would be if these things that seem to cause such hatred in people didn't exist.

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Does anyone in here have a 2003 Kia Rio? Or a close model year, with an owner's manual?  I need to know how to get the air conditioner to stop coming on when I switch to defrost mode. 

Internet searches have told me that the information is in the manual, but alas, nobody seems helpful enough to post the actual information I need.
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If you could elect one person (living or dead) to become President just so you could hear them give the State of the Union address, who would you pick?

My students and I have chosen Dr. Seuss. That's the only way we'd actually pay attention to the speeches.
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where did "how is babby formed?" come from?

do you like hot wings?

what are the best hot wings to get?

should i get off my ass and get my shit together and get the two hour drive to my mom's over with?

shower or bath?
shag the hash browns


I just called about the position in the computer lab on the campus of my college I interviewed for yesterday. They told me, "You were a really good applicant, but we decided to go in a different direction."

What the hell-ass does that mean?


Gobble gobble v2.0

Thanksgiving dinner:

Mashed potatoes and gravy
Carmelized apples and leeks
Halved squash with cranberries (so gorgeous, the squash is the bowl for the berries)
Green Beans with parsley and shallots
Mushroom Soup
Mixed greens salad

Is this enough? Is this enough variety? We're all big eaters so I know the amount isn't a problem. What would you add to this?

ETA: Won't yams be overkill due to the squash??? And if my MIL makes her homemade mac and cheese, will that be overkill due to the stuffing and mashed potatoes?

Haruhi disappearance
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1) What have you learned today?

2) My knees have felt very uncomfortable lately when I bend them. They're fine when I walk, run, etc...but while at rest they have this tight, almost sore, uncomfortable feeling. Mostly when they're bent, it's still uncomfortable but less so when I straighten my legs. I'll see my doc if it keeps up, but any ideas as to what it could be? It's both knees.

3) What health problems do you have?
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Should I go see Michelle Obama and Jill Biden speak tomorrow? It's 10 minutes from home, free, and at 10am. Other options include sleeping in and doing nothing.

What was the last movie you watched? Did you like it?

How would you feel about a TQC spin off that was all polls?
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Congratulations. You have a fairy godmother! She says she's willing to give you one thing you ask for, and it can't be infinite money or multiple requests. What do you want?
debbie downer

the poll goes on despite my illness.

Which of these OPEN songs make you want to stab your ear drums out?

Wide Open Spaces, the dixie chicks
Open Arms, journey
Open, the cure
Into the Great Wide Open, tom petty
Open Mic, eminem
With Arms Wide Open, creed, lulz
Hands Open, snow patrol
Open Book, cake
Open Your Heart, madonna
Eyes Wide Open, ashlee simpson
oh suzer, please get well soon, because weak poll is weak.
oh suzer, i don't know all these songs, but i'm sure some of them suck.
none of these songs suck.
201Özil <3 :D

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how long do you think is TOO long for a family visit?

my aunt and uncle are coming into town tomorrow night, and while i love when family comes to visit, they're staying with us for 3 WEEKS. it's only my mom and i here and we both need to work full time to keep up with all of the bills, so we both can't take more than a few days off really, so i just feel that this long of a visit is a little intrusive. what do you think?

i'm hungry.

anyone have a recipe for super yummy egg-free chocolate brownies?

what are you allergic to?

what band/singer do you really want to see live?

what was the best concert/music festival you've been to?
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Poll #1267553 Hey, did you know your poll is friends only? Part 2

Has anyone threatened legal action against you this week?

This Week? Bitch, I'm beatin' them off with a stick as we speak.
I'm a Saint. I do no wrong.
Yes, and it's well deserved.
No, not yet. *looks around*

What the fuck is going on in the news?

I've been stoned since the Clinton administration left office. It's the only way to survive.
Fuck the news.
The Government going to make us pay for someone else's mistake and McCain is protecting his Bulldog by making sure the press can't get close enough to see that it's wearing lipstick.
Dude, are you living under a rock?
Who cares.
I don't live in your stupid country.
What, you don't know?

Will you tell me a random something or other?

Oh My God, Beta Profile Pages!

*HORK* (that means vomit)
Maybe the stupidest thing to hit LiveJournal since the Advisory Boards
I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Me likey!
I'm stabbing my eyes out because they are so fucking ugly and I don't deserve to see anymore.
Eh, not bad. They could use some work though.
I like some aspects. However, mostly its shit.

Do you like the smell of manure?

I can't smell it anymore because I grew up on a farm and have become desensitized to it.
I just threw up a little in my mouth.
Doesn't bother me, but I don't seek it out.
I kind of like it.
You do know it's animal shit you're smelling, right?

Are you a member of picture_tqc?

What now?
Yeah, but I just lurk.
No, but I will be in about ten seconds.
Yes. However, I don't feel my pictures are good enough to post.
It looks like another cheese wheel community.
Fuck you. Photographs are a product of the devil and you're all sinners!
Your community sucks and I hate you.

What invention/modern day product has improved your life?

What are your thoughts on Aaron Eckhart?

I'd like to peal off all his skin and make a dress out of his flesh.
He is one fine lookin' hunk of man meat.
Isn't he in that new movie Towelhead? That's racist.
Worst portrayal of Harvey Dent, ever.
Eh. I could take him or leave him.
I still don't know who you're talking about.

Should I be a moderator?

Kitty lite
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Kitties Need Homes!!!

Who wants a kittie?

Also, where else can I post this besides TQC (also posted on facebook, craig's list, etc) to get the word out? The need is really high right now due to some demolition work being done.

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Would you make and post a poem, hopefully an awesome one, using the online poetry generator found here?

So far, this is my best:

In the bedroom
Stop raping me

In the bedroom
I found a succubus
Another succubus
There are too many succubi

I have fallen to pieces
The Receptionist Classic

UPS can suck it.

When you order something and have it shipped to you, do you save the packaging?
If the company you ordered from called you up two months after you received the order and asked what size the box was that your stuff came in, would you still have the box?

And TQC, would you validate me and back me up in my belief that UPS has finally lost its fucking marbles? They want me to call up every customer we've shipped to in the last two months and see if they have the boxes still, so we can get the dimensions. SERIOUSLY. That is what the supervisor suggested I do.

How's the weather been AT NIGHT where you are? It was really too warm last night, but then sometime around 3AM, it got really cold. Fall, I love it.
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I hear Ed McMahon has become a rapper. Would you be interested in purchasing (or downloading) his album when it is released?

Edit: Oops forgot. What is your favorite dish using chickpeas/garbanzo beans?
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Help me TQC!

I want to tell my ex-girl I still have feelings for her because we're still close friends and I hate hiding things from her. We're both in open relationships with our boyfriends, but separated in distance from Cali to Ontario, Canada. However...I'm still a complete chicken when it comes to talking to women about feelings and such.

Will you either give me encouragement or advice on the situation?
If you don't give a shit, will you tell me something you're not good at?

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I need a nap, but I only have an hour between work and going out...not nearly enough time to sleep and shower, change, etc.

Should I lock my office door, turn out the lights, and go to sleep?


shampoo bars

i am considering buying shampoo in bar form.  the ones i am considering are all natural and some of them vegan. i am not a vegan, but im interested in any experiences with shampoo bars, or links if you have a favorite brand.

has anyone here tried them?

if so, did you like them better than normal commercial shampoos?
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A previous question made me wonder:

1a. Do you have an Amazon wish list?
1b. How many things are on it?

2a. Do you look at what they recommend for you?
2b. Do you rate items?

3a. Do you have a list of things you already own?
3b. How many things are on that list?

4a. What would you NEVER buy there?
4b. What do you prefer to buy there?

Collapse )
i don't want to be friends

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Did you ever have a moment that was so intimate it was scary?

Last night a good male friend of mine kept sniffing me, naming each scent he smelled on my body; his nose kept tickling me, and it was one of the sexist things ever. I'm not really into him like that, even though I've already professed that we're soul mates, but hot daammmn. It was super nice.

Edit: It wasn't creepy cause we walking about scents before he started to sniff and figure my scent out.

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Do you think Disney should acknowledge that The Lion King was inspired by (ripped off) Kimba the White Lion?
Do you think Disney should pay the Kimba creators royalties?
Which do you think is better?

Lion king is a million times better, but they still ripped off Kimba.

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Public Restroom Etiquitte

I'm taking care of my business at the urinal and the guy at the one next to me is yammering away on his cell phone.

I let loose with a fart loud enough that he pulled the phone from his ear and tried to muffle the phone against his shoulder. He then shot me a stern glance that falls into the "stinkeye" category (all puns intended).

I shot back with a glance that said, "You're yakking on the phone while in the lav and I'm the asshole?"

So, Who's the asshole?

Does your answer change if we posit that I purposely farted as loud as possible, just to fuck with him?

it's Poem time..

Afternoon TQC...

Is this poem good enough to be written in a birthday card? Or is it too "que"?:

"Autumn hill gather surplus shine
Fly bird chase before companion.
Colour green moment bright,
Sunset mist no fixed place."

What's your thoughts about this poem?

Edit: It's a chinese poem translated into English (word for word), hence why it doesn't make sense. lol.

"The autumn hill gathers remaining light,
A flying bird chases its companion before.
The green colour is momentarily bright,
Sunset mist has no fixed place."

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When out at a restaurant do you prefer wait staff who are attentive and always inquiring if you're happy or if you want anything else or do you prefer to be left alone until you call them over?

Is there a particular dish that you would order above anything else if it were on the menu? If so, what?
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random words.

Have you ever had one of thoes moments when you say something out loud at random moments and w/o thinking what you are saying and others may think you are crazy for it?

For example the other day my SO and I were at wal mart talking about our fish laying eggs and then the 'dad' would eat them right away.  Well 5 mins later standing in line I said to him. "Well gee yeah that makes sence, Lets have babies and eat them"

I thought the lady in front of us was going to die!  I knew she was trying to stifle her laughter but it was pretty funny nonetheless.

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Inspired by Nine In The Afternoon by Panic At The Disco...

When does morning start?
When does evening start?
When does night start?

Basically, I want to know if you take the time into account or if it's the sun's position.

To me, morning begins with the sunrise, evening begins with the sunset, and night begins when it's completely dark.  2:00 in the morning is still night even though it's AM.  I've never had an in-depth conversation with my husband about it, but I remember he once maintained that evening begins at 6:00 regardless of whether the sun is out or not.

This is so ridiculous.
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I've had two job interviews in the past week and a half (one last Friday and the other one yesterday), and they both said that I was a very strong candidate and that they'd be getting back to me soon. The one yesterday specifically said they probably had a position for me and had to talk to Human Resources before calling me back. Neither of them have called me yet, which kind of sucks because I only have 400 dollars to my name. Did I not get either of the jobs, or am I freaking out way too soon?

Collapse )

EDIT Oh well shit, new problem. The first job just called and said they were so happy with me, and sorry for the delay but the boss will be talking with his associates and getting back to me on Monday or Tuesday. They're only offering 500 a month to begin with and no work visa, basically to be an admin assistant/personal assistant for foreign business people coming to Panama. Like writing itineraries and stuff. The other place is offering me a work visa and, as such, has to pay me at least 850 a month according to Panamanian law. The position there is Assistant to the Program Manager, and I'll be working on introducing 3G technology (like iPhones and shit) into Panama.

Instinct tells me to wait it out for the second job, but the people at the first job are too too nice. Should I let them down, even though I don't definitely have that second job yet? What would you do in this situation?

I put everything else under a cut because shit.
Haruhi disappearance
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1) When's the last time you "got the giggles" so bad you couldn't stop? Can you tell me a little about it? when I do this, I get to the point of tears streaming down my face and physically being unable to stop laughing, lol

2) Do you get silly/laugh easily when you're tired?

(no subject)

What's the worst thing to hear about having sex with a new person?

"Well, that really sucked. Where's the remote?"
"It really feels different with a woman. More squishy. After banging you, I think I'm strictly dating men from here on in"
"I gotta go. Just cause. I'll call you sometime. Seeya". No kiss
"Jesus, don't you know what the hell you're doing? What was all that nibbling stuff? I was so damn confused. Clearly, you don't get laid enough"
"I'm going to pop out for 10 minutes. I'm going to try and return these condoms before the store closes. I still have the receipt and it isn't like I needed to open the box"
"Now that we slept together, I know we're going to be together for a long, long time. Hell, I'll just say it. Let's move in together!"
"Easiest $20 I ever made. Man, I'd have sex with a watermelon if there was money involved"
*sniff* "You remind me so much of my ex. We were good together, and now he/she's with someone else!!" *SOB*
"Oh, that wasn't bad. It was...acceptable. Hey, who's your cute friend, btw? They look like they know how to screw"
"Let's call the child Chris. Oh, I'm pretty sure I just knocked you up. Condoms can't seem to stop my sperm. I've got 9 illegitimate children with the last 9 girls I've banged. Do you like the name Chris?"
"OMG. That was so amusing what you were doing back there. I had to bite my lip to not burst out laughing. I'm going to text my friend about it"
"That was really good, Pat. That's not your name? Um...was it Kelly? Corey? Give me a hint"
"Haha. Yep. I definitely urinated all over your bed. Man, I'm drunk"
"FYI, go to the free clinic tomorrow. reason. You'll thank me later"
"I think your sister gives better head"

Edit: Worst thing to hear AFTER having sex with a new person
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Hopefully someone here is a recovering addict who can help me with a problem. I've been sober 6 years now. Yesterday I had minor surgery and realized right beforehand that they'd be giving me pain killers (obvious, I know, but I just then realized that they'd be getting me high and that's a *bad thing*). When I tried to talk to the nurse about my concerns she was very ignorant and patronizing - she didn't seem to understand the concept of "addiction" at all and actually laughed at the idea that I would get addicted to the medication they'd be giving me.

Anyway, I did get high off them, and I really liked it and that freaked me the hell out. Is there a better way to deal with stupid nurses in the future? Should I have not taken any pain killers?

ETA: I was not scared of getting addicted to THOSE SPECIFIC pain killers. They did not give me pain killers to take home. Addiction is not about being addicted to one specific drug, it's about being addicted to getting high and escaping reality.
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(no subject)

When you clip your nails, do you do so with proper disposal in mind or do you let them just fly and ricochet off of the furniture?

If you're making out with someone new, and you're sure things are headed in the sex direction, and you're wearing hideous pantyhose under your dress/skirt, what do you do? WHAT IF? You have to put on the damn pantyhose. I don't care if you have before or not. You are wearing pantyhose.

Do you feel like leaving town right now?

(no subject)

my laptop just died. i feel like joining it. i am too poor to have an external hard drive, so its not backed up. that hard drive is still okay in and of itself, but i dont even remember if i have the extended warranty or not on it. its been over one year, and we're pretty sure that i don't.

is suicide too ridiculous of a response to this?

anyone else have their ENTIRE LIVES on one small object?

will you post something to cheer me up, thus extending my lifespan momentarily?

wanna smoke a bowl with me?
space, fire

Two Q's This Time!

1) It's rainy out and my throat hurts. What should I do to entertain myself? I am totally cool with sitting around on my computer, but I kind of want to be creative, so legitimate suggestions in that vein would be much appreciated.

2) I just bought a paid LJ account for a year. What should I do with my LJ now that it is paid? What do you do, paid users? (I really just felt it would be nice to give them $20 after 8 years of their service)

I hope you're all doing well, though, for srs. <3

PS: ohmygod, I just accidentally posted this to my college's livejournal community. how embarrassing!
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srs question

Do you wear shoes inside the house?

Why or why not?


ETA: I definitely do not wear shoes inside houses, but I know some people who do, and I keep seeing it in commercials and on tv. So I thought I would take a scientific poll of the community.

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Excuse me if these questions have been asked recently, I'm TQC-depraved (I mean, deprived).

1. How many people have you fucked/made love to/had intercourse with?

2. How many relationships have you been in?

3. WHAT was the best sex you ever had?

4. Who have you been most in love with, of your relationships?

5. Were 3 and 4 the same person?

(no subject)

Is a legitimate job finding website? A lot of the jobs on Yahoo! Hotjobs redirect there. I attempted to google and just got a bunch of other job sites that contain the phrase "" in their URLs so that did not work, so if anyone can answer from experience that would be awesome :)

ETA: I should probably mention that the reason I'm asking if a specific website is good is because I want to apply for a specific job but want to make sure I'm not selling my soul to scammers before I go and do it.
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Lots of signs up in my little cowshit-smelling town, exhorting people to "VOTE YES ON 102! YES FOR MARRIAGE!" Seriously, that's all that's on the signs, aside from the obligatory tiny print that's invisible from the street.

Based solely on the content of the sign, would you vote yes or no on 102?
burning goodness
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I haven't been able to sing for a week and a half now b/c I had an upper&lower respiratory infection, which turned into laryngitis and pheringitis. This is the only time I've been sick since school started in August. My Aural Training teacher told me to drop the class and try again next semester because I'm too sick to take it this semester. IYO, is she being reasonable, or overreacting? If you were the teacher, what would you do?

(no subject)

For those who watch Survivor:

Was last night's season premiere episode any good? My stupid DVR didn't record it while I was at work and I missed it. Did it look like it's going to be a good season based on what you saw last night?

For everybody else:

Does it bother you when you miss one episode of your favorite TV shows? I have a hard time watching my shows if I miss an episode, I'd rather wait months for the repeats or even until it comes out on DVD to start over where I left off if I miss one. I don't have a problem catching up with the storylines, I just need to see things in order. TV OCD I call it lol.


Do any of you have a scale that WORKS? I've been through a few digital scales and they all seem to crap out and vary my weight between 5-10 lbs in the span of about 5 minutes.

Do you think an analog scale would work better? Halp. I just want something accurate.
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You're walking through a parking lot sometime around 12 midnight. There's recently been a power outage and bad electrical storm, but you really needed to get some milk and bread because there's gonna be some snow tomorrow and God knows if you don't have milk and bread the world will fucking collapse in on itself and you'll be left folding clothes for Satan while being impregnated with his vile seed-- where was I? Oh yeah.

As you're walking through the parking lot, you start hearing an odd breathing noise, like several people are exhaling right behind you with no real sense of rhythm and like they're on the phone trying to find out what you're wearing. You turn to see just what the hell is making the noise, when a bolt of lightning strikes and you see what looks like your old childhood friend, armed with a large knife and covered in blood and rusted chains. His mouth opens and he tells you that the end is near for you, and that you should have bought the wheat bread [Assuming you bought white bread. If you normally buy wheat, pretend you don't.], because it has more fiber.

He also starts attacking you with the large knife in his hand, saying stuff about how you killed him and the damnation of his soul. Bearing all of this in mind, will you:

1- Tell him you'll buy the wheat bread, in the hopes that he'll get off of you?
2- Use Dark Charizard, to destroy him and his... whatever the hell is going on?
3- Double-click the power cord?
4- Not go shopping while clearly under the influence of drugs?
5- Remind him that Halloween is still a long ways away, and he should put that up?
6- Beat the hell out of him with the container of milk?
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I have some Pastaroni (alfredo something) stuff I want to make, but it calls for 1 and 1/4 cup water, and 1/2 cup milk.  I have no milk! 

Should I just add more water?  Or forget all about it?  Will it taste super nasty?

I just had cashew brittle and it is amazing.  Just fyi.
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if you're 23 and you live at home because you're still working your way through college, should your parents get angry at you for spending the night out? wouldn't you be too old for that? what's a nice way of saying, 'hey look. i'm old. and i kind of need to do my own thing'?
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I'm off to buy yarn. Will you wish me good luck in picking the perfect variety to finish the lap robe I'm making? What happens to be on sale will have a big impact on my purchase, so luck is def involved.

Do you like the Spin Spin Sugar song, in any/all of its incarnations?

If I get hired at this one place, I'll need a new pair of shoes to fit regs. Should I go buy the shoes now, to make sure they're not out of stock or something, and return them if necessary? Or should I wait until I get hired and then hope I can buy my shoes?
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1. In a relationship, what would be a political dealbreaker? (e.g. if he/she was prolife, you would end it, etc.)

2. In general, what are some dealbreakers for you in relationships?
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Art project.

I'm doing a collage of drawings, paintings, and photos.


If you are a girl, will you post a picture of you, and your mom?

Do you think I look like my mom?

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How often do you clean your shower/bath?

How often do you clean the sinks?

How often do you clean the toilets?

Roommate drama: after three weekends of asking my roommate to clean the shower (I've cleaned all of the above so far, she hasn't), what should I do to drive this point home?


People sneeze. What can I say to them?

"Bless you" sounds is religious, and "Gesundheit" has the same gist, but translates more directly to mean "good health."

What alternatives are there to acknowledging someone after their sneeze? I am pretty polite and like acknowledgment/well wishing, but it sounds so... well, cheese-ball.

Yes, I checked wikipedia and saw these..
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But I'm hoping for something... a little more interesting.. and with less God. Thoughts?

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anyone know where i can get a ring like this:
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i really like those big/long rings but havent found any i liked...
if not, what are your favorite websites do to accessory shopping?
Josephine Baker (feathers)

Presidential debates

Poll #1267738 Presidential debates

Who is going to win tonight's debate?

Dark Lord McCain (see icon)
The hockey mom
Other, in comments

Does anyone know where to watch the debates online?
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For those who like taking photos

What kind of camera do you have?

Do you mostly use auto mode, or do you like to set things like the speed or aperture yourself?

Do you ever take photos on film rather than digital?

Will you show me a recent photo you're proud of, and the best photo you think you've ever taken?

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zombie baby cede! :D

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I have to stay awake to drive to the next state over... in a geo metro. How can I do this???

The group we are staying with hasn't responded to my e-mails, are we going to sleep in the geo?

Have you ever ridden/driven in a geo metro?
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If you read Sweet Valley, who did you like better and why.. Elizabeth or Jessica Wakefield?
Which twin did you actually identify with more?

If you didn't read/like Sweet Valley, what were your favorite adolescent books?
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Beethoven - Halloween
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Guys, I don't want to be in my house. It's 6:30 at night. I'm trying to get a hold of my friend but his phone was stolen. I have one-hundred-and-forty dollars to spend willy nilly. I kind of need clothes and an eyebrow wax, but other than that..what should I do?

How shitty was your day on a scale from one to ten?

lulz advice needed

TQC, I need your sage dating advice as I've been stuck in a bad dating rut since last August.

Guy I was dating pulled a classic, "Suddenly don't want a gf but I probably secretly wanted the sex you didn't give me". So whatever, I put myself back out there, no big deal.

I have a profile on OKcupid, as silly as it is. I'm really shy and I'm not good at meeting people. ANYWAY!

I had a really attractive guy contact me and we have a lot in common from Opera music, to sun conures. We decide to meet tomorrow for dinner and a movie. We are going to my favorite Vietnamese place in NYC as well as an IFC film. I'm excited to say the least.

TQC, my problem is that when I meet people from offline, I'm really shy and I guess I come off as awkward. What advice would you have for me so I have a chance of this working out?

Srs and non-srs <3
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If you have a job, what was the last time you argued with a customer? What was the outcome? Did it make you want to kill things like it made me want to kill things?

(Long story short: I work in advertising, and between the last business year and this, we raised our rates across the board. I had a customer who simply could not understand this and accused me of charging JUST HIM more money. He proceeded to insult me and condescend to me. I almost hung up on him.)

Debate question: is anyone here being forced to watch the debate against their will? I was going to watch it anyway, but man, having to take notes on it for a class because it'll be on the exam is balls.

Is the truth right in front of us?

First off I believe we are all one. And the whole point of life is to win it by coming together as one. To be able to say "We won"
Sound is everyTing :) and that they are both like water because they both have waves, and both represent change. (Music) 

Ok so I highly enjoy disecting words.  I believe that words should be broken down the same way food is broken down to be digested.
After all words are food for thought. The same way the 6 sided box(our prison) is broken down to break dance on.
That said.. I just want to know what you guys think of this little "explanation" of cats and dogs and the letter "E"

"E" stands for Everything, by the way:
Everything, Everyone, Existence, Electricity, Evolution, Ego, Earth, Ears, eYes. Emotions, Equality, Empty Etc...
It's the 5th letter of the alphabet and 5 senses make our reality. 5 fingers on One hand for the High 5 in the sky.
With that, it gives a whole new meaning to E. That yes it IS the 5th letter, but it represents Everything.

FelinE- [Fel-in-E]. It hurts to fall in E and be Exposed to Everything. It makes you Empty. (Me"OW")
CaNine- [See-a-Nine]- the divine nine will protect you from the pain with ("Bark")
Is this a coincidence? Dog spelled backwards is God, and a dog is man's best friend.
And I think life is a mirror because he created Man in his exact image -which  then makes even more sense.

So cats scratch and bring pain when you are Empty and the dog comes and chases them away.
In the Bible King Nimrod unites the Kingdom of Babel under one language. As I am sure that is what this sounds like to many.

I just want to know what you guys think. If you think I'm on crack so be it lol. Just tell me HOW it doesn't make sense please
this stuff actually haunts me.

Real Stupidity


TQC, was this the week from hell, or what?

Why do you suppose there's not more frontal male nudity in movies?

Is there an actor that would entice you to see a movie if you knew he'd be nekkid?