September 25th, 2008

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For my beginners jewelry/metalwork class I'm supposed to have five different design options for each project in my sketch book.  I suck majorly at drawing.  Do you think he's just looking for the general idea or should they be super intricate drawings? 
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I used to shop at Lane Bryant.  Lately, in the last year and especially in the last few months, everything I buy from there falls apart.

Where can I buy quality, cute clothes in my size?  There I am usually a 16.  
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1. Have you ever had a panic attack? What was it like?

2. If you've had them- if you have a panic attack when you're hanging out with someone, what should that person do/not do?

i like my best friend :(

well yeah, she already knows, its been like this for like 2 years or so. We kinda just push it to the side because she has a bf and i kinda want what's best for her... or let her do her own damn thing. last night i had a dream of us kissing in grand central and i don't know what to make of it. Its very rare that i have dreams about us being together. Should i tell her? Have you ever had a crush on ur best friend? what happened?
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Geek question!

For those of you who play roleplay games, be they the tabletop kind, the single player video game kind, the MMORPG kind, the LARP kind, whatever....... what is your "type?" What sort of character do you like to play, no matter the setting? What sort of classes and races are always your favorite? Or are you more likely to mix it up and play something completely different every time?

Me, I love stealth classes. There's just something really fun about being so stealthy I don't have to be all that strong. Plus being a backstabbing jerk is great. ;) I also tend to play really short races for some reason. Gnomes, Halflings, Hobbits, that sort of thing. I don't know, I think I just like being cute but deadly.

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Do poison ivy scars go away?

I first noticed the rash back on August 10. I still have marks on the spots that I had the rash. Some have faded more than others, but they're still noticeable.
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best tactic?

My son of a bitch boyfriend cheated on me, and I decided to give him a second chance.

I would say to him, "If you ever do this again, I will fucking dump your ass."

But in our (slightly complicated) situation, that might not be the best thing to say, because I'm not 100% sure that he'd consider me that much of a loss right now. I want to keep him on his toes, but I don't want to turn him off.

What's a good threat to use?

EDIT: People~~! I really appreciate your concern, but really now! My question hasn't been answered! I'm not looking for relationship advice here... like I said, it's complicated; I'm not necessarily a dumb bitch with no clue. I've been cheated on before where I dumped the fucker without a look back, but I've decided I'm going to keep this one (like I said, it's complicated!). No more validation/explanation necessary... thanks for the commiseration though. But doesn't anyone have an answer to my actual question?
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For those who watch Doctor Who, what episode/alien/weird thing creeped you out the most?

I find the gas mask "Are you my mummy?" kid/people quite creepy, and the Ood, and the clockwork men from The Girl in the Fireplace. And now I'm watching Blink and I'm very creeped out by the weeping angels too.

I post a lot

Are you a paranoid passenger?

I can not ride as a passenger in a vehicle. I mean, I can, but I'm nervous the whole time, especially in the front seat. If the driver doesn't drive the way I would, I brace myself for impact. lol

I am going on a 4 hour road trip on Friday and I'll be a passenger and I am so nervous.
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If you are at all familiar with my Would You Wear It? polls, are you aware the stuff is supposed to be hideous?

Of course I know the stuff is supposed to be hideous.
I was not aware of this, I assumed you liked the stuff.
I'm not familiar with these polls.
jerry bf

morbid. but ....

okay, so as of today i know (distantly) of two people/families who have ran over & killed their toddler with their automobile. (one was riding with the dad and got out somehow and was run over (in may), the other got out of the house and was backed over by the mom (today))

i'm not trying to be judgemental, but HOW does this happen?

srs/non-srs answers welcome.
it's a horribly tragic subject but i am just beside myself with the curiousity!
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I know that Google Calendar is really cool, and you can do many things with it, but something I wish they did is have it on my desktop all the time so I could see it always.

Do you know of any interactive calendars that I can plan stuff on that would also act like a desktop?

Also, what is the most hurtful thing someone has said to you?

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I made the mistake of turning on my radio on the way to work:
"you wouldn't want to miss our coverage of the Brad & Angelina split-up"

why do so many people care about something so pointless?

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For the coffee/tea/morning hot beverage drinkers (said beverage hereby referred to as coffee):

Do you brew your own coffee at home/work, or do you buy a prepared drink most of the time?

If you buy your coffee, do you bring your own reusable mug, or do you just get a disposable one? Have you ever considered getting/using a reusable mug? Why did you decide against it?

Have you guys seen that trend of home crafted reusable coffee sleeves? They're touted as a good way to personalize your coffee cup and create less waste. This strikes me as stupid because they're a reusable add on for a disposable product. Most of the waste is in the cup and lid. Has this occurred to anyone else?

Do you know of any other products like this, that claim to be reducing waste but actually enable waste?
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What about science do you refuse to believe?

I refuse to believe that Pluto is not a planet. But that's mostly because my mnemonic device doesn't work if it's not. :-( And I generally root for the little guys.

I hate talking to people

My mom is trying to make me call her. She gives me a date and tells her I must call her on that date. Last time I worked out a time that would be convenient for me to call her, but this time she is trying to make me call her at 9 p.m. I use the phone at work because there is a land line and that gives me the best rate for my calling card. I go to bed around ten, usually, and I'm not going to come to work that late. And while there is a land line available at my apartment it's my landlords' and I have no idea if they would be charged because calling card companies really like to sneak extra fees in.

Also, my mom is making me pay for all the calls and even told me that I needed to call from my cell phone (which already charges me a ridiculous monthly amount and then charges me extra for doing things like accidentally going on the internet for two seconds) if I had to. And that would almost definitely end up costing me a load of money.

What should I do about this?
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Does anyone understand what I mean when I say that I love animals I just don't want to really have to take care of them, or touch them..or see them?

I'm not a hater, I just don't want them near me, animals should be out THERE, not staring at me while I eat.

My friend said I obviously don't like kittens just because I said I don't want to touch or see them.

And I want to make salmon for dinner or some sort of fish dish, what should I make? I'm out of ideas.
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Have you ever had cholecystitis?

Have you ever had cholecystitis (i.e. an inflamed gallbladder)?

If yes, what did you eat/drink while waiting for your surgery?

I can't even keep water down right now. I left a message with my surgeon but he hasn't called back yet, and Google isn't giving me anything useful. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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1. I just managed to drop a q-tip down a vent in my house. Is my house going to burn down when we start running the heat?

2. I'm watching Northern Exposure. Do you think this counts as doing research on Sarah Palin?
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What are you listening to right now?

Why does my co-worker think that Ohio is a province in Canada? Because seriously, I've shown her maps to prove that Ohio isn't in Canada and yet she still asks me at least once a week.

Even if it jumped the shark long ago, will you be watching the new season of Survivor (it starts up again tonight, in case you weren't aware)?
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OK republicans, conservatives, people who don't think Obama should be in power. We know you're out there, we know you feel outcasted and shunned because you are not of The Way The Hope Brigade. So here's your chance.

Please let me know,
Why is your candidate the better candidate? You don't have to name your candidate if you don't want to. Just let me know, why is yours better? If you're list is to long, would you list the top 5 reasons?

Why should I NOT vote for Obama? And again, if we're talking about going on and on and on, would you list the top 5 reasons?

Since we not only vote for Presidents but also Vice-Presidents, why is your VP the better candidate? If you feel like Ramblin' Rose, would you list only the top 5 reasons? If you're preferred candidate has not/did not choose a VP, who would you like to see as only a "hearbeat away from the presidency"?

Now let's get negative. What are the top 5 issues that are holding the Democrats back? What prevents them from being the party that you want to go to?
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What is flyingkt219 going to get her BFF for her 21st birthday? I would check to see what she decided on but it seems we provided answers too "gayy" for her and she has deleted.

Do you find "omg RANDOM" humor funny? If not, did you used to? When did you stop finding it funny?
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Have you ever written to a company requesting a donation for a non-profit organization?
Where did you write?
What were you asking for?
How did you not sound like a mooch when writing said letters, even though that's essentially what you were doing?
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*iz ded*

If your family member recently died, would you be bothered if you came back to work and there in black and gray on your schedule were the words, "GRANDFATHER HAS PASSED AWAY!"?

Do you think it's ethical, in a work environment, to display such things on an employee schedule if they can view said schedule?

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Why are Australian chicks' accents so sexy!!?

Do you like the songs that Santana does with various singers?  Which one is your favorite?
"Just Feel Better" feat. Steven Tyler

What is a song or artist you really like that you are ashamed to admit?
Bon Jovi

Stop breaking down, baby, please, stop breaking down.

which of these great BLUES songs have you ever enjoyed?

Statesboro Blues, allman brothers
Yer Blues, beatles
Tripping Blues, dave matthews band
Subterranean Homesick Blues, bob dylan
Roadhouse Blues, the doors
Bellbottom Blues, derek and the dominoes
Stop Breaking Down Blues, the rolling stones
I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues, elton john
Madison Blues, george thorogood and the destroyers
Long Gone Lonesome Blues, Hank Williams
Folsom Prison Blues, johnny cash
Cocaine Blues, johnny cash
Deacon Blues, steely dan
Milkcow's Calf Blues, the greatest rocker of all time robert johnson
oh suzer, i only wish i knew more of these blues songs, but i pledge to listen to more.
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TQC, why does everyone feel the need to violate my personal space today?
First my teacher in drawing not only hovered close enough to touch but also picked up a few of my pencils and colored part of my picture.
Now this guy just walked into the break room, walks up to me, peers at my laptop screen questioning something on it, and then sits down opposite me at this tiny one person table. He won't stop talking to me despite my clear disinterest in communicating with him.

What would you suggest to prevent further incidents from occurring and maybe to get rid of this guy? srs and non-srs answers plz.
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I enjoy eating

fried catfish
green tomato relish
beans and cornbread
biscuits and gravy
frogmore stew
bread pudding
barbecue brisket or pork ribs
black eyed, purple hull, or field peas
red beans and rice
banana pudding
moon pies
wilted lettuce
none of the above

eta:Frogmore Stew - not an actual stew but a "boil" of sausage, corn, crabs, and shrimp popular in the Low Country of South Carolina

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Which type of sex act would you submit to on the first date? Assume you're very attracted to the other person and very compatable

Give oral
Receive oral
'titty fucking'
Spanking/light S/M
Water games
I wouldn't have sex on the first date

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Saturday is my best friend's wedding. I'm his best man and I'll be giving a speech at the reception. I've been assured that all the old folks that will be there have bad hearing and I've been given permission by both bride and groom to say whatever I want.

A couple years ago (before he met his soon-to-be-bride)he was complaining about not meeting the right women and stated, "I just want to find a girl that will let me stick my penis in her." It just happened to be spoken at a coffee shop, and loudly enough that EVERYONE there heard. We've teased him about it since.

Can I make a reference in my speech along the lines of being happy for him that he finally found a woman that'll let him stick his penis in her?

Or is that one of those, "You can say anything you want, but don't say that" kind of things?

Or, should I just stick to the whole sentimental route and see how many people I can make cry?

ETA: I don't think I could say the whole penis thing in front of his parents and her grandparents anyway. Also, as *daha* pointed out, if he wouldn't say it (and he's saying he wouldn't), that's a great gauge to determine that I shouldn't say it either. As in, Even *daha* won't say it? Damn, avoid that shit, yo.
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don't read this question if you are overly empathetic/emotional. it's my problem, and i really just need to know what's going wrong.

Collapse )

again, i'm sorry this question is such a downer. i promise when things start looking up, whenever that may be, i'll post at least five upbeat questions.
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1. TQC, I'm asking for more money at work today. If they refuse I'm quitting. How is this going to work out for me? How can I convince myself to go through with it? I have a lot of trouble speaking up.

2. For those of you who work with kids, how often did you get sick when you first started? How often do you get sick now? How long have you been working with them?

Last year was my first year working with kids and I pretty much had a cold from October to May. It was miserable, it completely ruined my vacation too. Everyone said it would be better this year but I already have my first cold and I'm going on vacation soon =[

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Guys, I want to be racist for Halloween.
What does 
hexkitten  look like irl?

ETA:  But seriously though, there was a firefighter who had a standoff with the cops and apparently he went to my church. 
What are some "Huh" coicidences you've had before?

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I took an extremely disappointing and crappy "Controversial Questions Quiz" yesterday and felt that I should rewrite it. I've included my draft.

I need corrections, amendments, comments, or someone to point out questions that are too long or pointless. Also, I need adjustments to questions that are just plain unfun to answer, or corrections / recommendations to remove questions with too much bias.

Finally, if you could recommend additional questions, fill in the last few categories I am missing, or just give me general feedback that would be fantastic.

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have you ever had to get some kind of surgery? was it scary?

i just found out i have to get jaw surgery, where they are going to break my bottom jaw and pull it forward and put plates in. im so freaked out.
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My 10-week-old just discovered his penis. I should record this in his baby book and then show it to every girl he dates in the future, y/n?
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Have you ever taken an online course? How did you like it?

If you have your Bachelors degree, how long did it take you to get it?

How old were you the first time you lived completely alone without roommates?
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For all you Shakespeare snobs out there

I watched the Kenneth Branagh version of Much Ado About Nothing, and I have a few questions:

1 Why is Denzel Washington playing Don Pedro? Is Don Pedro supposed to be black? I appreciate Denzel as an actor, but it seems out of place if Don Pedro is not black, since his brother is played by Neo (aka Keanu Reeves).

2 Is it just me, or does Kenneth Branagh just chew up the scenery?

3 Did Michael Keaton play Beetlejuice in this film as well? He just changed his name from Beetlejuice to Dogberry? y/y

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The question about "are you watching Survivor tonight?" got me thinking...

do you ever feel obligated about something completely irrational??  I feel like I *have* to watch Survivor because I always have. 

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Would you please link me to some sites you think are well-designed &/or some you think are poorly-designed?

I'm having trouble finding some good designs because you can pick holes in everything & there sure are some ugly sites out there.

hail to the chief

For some creative/amusing reason that I can't come up with right now, YOU have the ability to choose the next President of the United States and his/her VP. Besides the following exceptions, it can be any two people you want:

1. No dead people. Zombies are too cool for politics.
2. No breaking the two term rule. (no Bush, no B. Clinton, etc.)
3. You cannot choose yourself for either position.

Who do you choose?
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You walk into an elevator with some girl who's in your new college course, but you have never spoken before. You say "Hi, you're in my class, right? My name is X." She smiles briefly, but instead of introducing herself she comments how your name is the name of some comic/book/manga, etc. She seems pretty shy.

Did you (I, obviously) just get totally dissed because she didn't introduce herself? Or not? Or is she just shy?

Why the fuck I am so focused on this?

Gee, I really hope she's not on TQC, this just happened like 20 minutes ago.
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Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love

Oh Drug Reps!

Hey TQC! Since I'm the receptionist I get to pick what all the docs and nurses on my floor will be eating when drug reps bring lunch. Bystolic is coming Friday, which would you tell them to bring?

Free food!

Space Aliens Potatoe Bar
Famous Daves
Johnny Carinos
Hornbachers Grocery Store Sandwiches
Green Mill Pizza
Ruby Tuesdays Salad Bar

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What happens if your former college (you transferred out of it) told you you owe them 1800 dollars by next week and there's no way you can possibly get 1800 dollars by next week?

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What's the dirtiest suggestive lyric you've heard in a pop song ever?


I'm gonna go with "Baby better come back, maybe next week, cause you see I'm on a losing streak" from Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones, referencing menstruation.

Or possibly "So come on and give it to me anyway you can. Anyway you want to do it, I'll take it like a man. Oh please baby, please, don't leave me in this jam Mickey" from Hey Mickey by Toni Basil. Referencing both anal sex and vaginal wetness.

And, of course, pretty much the entire song She Bop by Cyndi Lauper.

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For those of you who don't use your real name as your LJ user name, does your user name have a special meaning?

Why did you decide to make it?

For everyone:  If you're a frequent poster in a community and you decide to change your name, do you announce that you changed your name or do you think people will recognize you by your icon?
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I came home today to discover a black widow resting in a web on my front porch! I proceeded to hold my breath and silently freak out as I quickly got inside my house. Then I made someone else kill the thing because I would NOT touch it!

I hate spiders! D: Such a stupid fear, but I really really really don't like them! D:

Does anyone have any seemingly stupid fears that they just can't help?

Also, I want some pot. Anyone have pot?

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My five year old son has some serious opinions about style, and I agree with many of them.

One of his favorite accessories is a red bow tie. He wore it to school today for the first time with a white short sleeved dress shirt, jeans and sneakers, and also had a nice wool peacoat.

Do you think he got teased?

Would you have teased him if you were a kid at his school?

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What's the most painful work-related injury you've ever experienced?

I was helping a 350 pound resident stand up two days ago and pulled something in my back. :( I can barely walk right now.

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i am facing a mini crisis. :( i am currently in university and i feel pressured to fit in. i am not in the us or in europe so i suppose things will be a little different? i feel out of place everyday. everyone's carrying expensive bags/wearing expensive clothes. most of them are REALLY outspoken and not shy at all. everytime i try to say something it's painful and i'm already trying my best. so my question is, have you ever been through a similar experience? i know the 'right' answer is to try not to fit in. but at least can i blend in? :( i'm trying but it doesn't seem to be working. mostly for the speaking up part.

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Why is my Google Street View marker-guy wearing a party hat and carrying balloons today?

I would guess it's because today's the anniversary of Street View being released in N. America, but Wiki says it's not.

Have you noticed this?
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I am so sad!

Anyone remember my post about my puppy who sometimes lifts his leg when he walks? Vet said he has a degenerative bone disease and his hip joint needs to be removed ASAP or it will go down his leg and he could fracture it and then it can't be fixed :(x1000

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What was the last piece of bad news you got?

Will you share some pictures of your pets?

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what makes someone sexy/attractive and/or beautiful? do females have to have a flat tummy, and a shapely body? do males have to have abs and muscle? or can any size be sexy? is it something different all together?

for me, i'm attracted to smart guys. they dont have to be in advanced placement classes.

i'm also attracted to guys outside my race.

added bonus-an accent

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Which do you think is worse?

a) Bad things happening to humans and the world knowing there is God.

b) Bad things happening to humans and the world knowing there is NO God.

Explain your choice, if you'd like.

**Let's all assume there is absolute proof of God's existence or absence of a higher being, just for the sake of the question**
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I know next to nothing about movies. I want to watch a movie with a good story, not too dramatic, gruesome, etc. A nice light life journey type story. One trhat will leave me with a smile on my face thinking, that was nice.

What do you reccommend?

Thank you :)
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My friend just sent me the name and number of a cute 23 year old guy who came into her store. She says I need to get back into the dating game (lol thanks). Apparently she got his name and number from an info card he filled out when he was buying his booze.

Should I call/text the guy? Make a new friend? Or more?

Or should I scold my friend for acting like a stalker?

Barack Obama

I keep reading on those "where the candidates stand" websites that Obama "Wrote law article that that fetus cannot sue mother."

Can someone put this in context for me? Was there a rash of prenatal lawsuits?


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this girl...melethPhotobucket

...Saves ger menustration and paints pictures and posters with it. Now, I'm not an expert on Feminism. But, it seems to me this is nasty as hell, even perverted. Example...Collapse )

Further, she posts the crap on open entries so other people have no choice but to look at it.

Am I a prude, or is this just a nasty practice born of extremism and ignorance?
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Are you going to get free Coldstone's Creamery ice cream from 5-8pm tonight?

How the hell do you backspace backwards? (ie. If I typed "My dog is named Bella" and my blinking cursor (this thing: |) is between the n and a in named, how would I delete a-m-e-d, in that order without moving the blinking cursor? [so deleting left to right instead of right to left]) *EDIT: forgot to mention I'm on a laptop! Figured it out! I have to hold FN & then hit delete. (:

What stressed you out this week?

This is SERIOUSLY bothering me

I can't decide what to do about my internship. My contract is from August 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009 so I still have eleven months to go, although I can terminate the contract if I so choose.

I have been working here for seven weeks and:
a. I haven't really learned anything or felt I had a "purpose" here
b. I feel like the entire time I've been here has been a waste of time and I really have not enjoyed it at all, ever
c. I vacillate between wanting to quit and thinking I could stick it out and possibly tolerate the job but not once have I actually enjoyed or liked it
d. I haven't really been able to "feel", if that makes sense - my experiences are giving me neither highs nor lows, I'm just sort of surviving
e. In general, my job is nearly pointless. I do less than an hour's worth of work almost every day, and it's not because I'm slacking, there just actually is nothing for me to do
f. I want to go home like whoa

So even though I keep telling myself that it will get better it has shown no signs of getting better at all and not one single moment have I thought that I am currently in a better situation than I was back home.

Should I seriously contemplate quitting at this point or should I tell myself that it'll "only" be eleven more months and then I will have had the satisfaction of completing what I started?

If there is the possibility of me not quitting should I bring any of these issues up to my supervisor(s) since my problems have very little to do with the job and almost entirely have to do with the fact that it simply is not "my thing"?

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whens the last time you randomly thought of tqcer in your everyday lives?!?

the lift at my flatblock is broken at the moment and i have to go up the 4 flights of stairs. everytime i go up these stairs i like sway from side to side with each step saying/shouting/singing drinking beers beers beers, its from that tqc persons icon who i don't even know their name and i guess a film but i don't think i've seen it!!!!!!!! so going up those stairs, it reminds me of them.

i think i posted this in my journal by mistake but i fixed it

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this guy...godlikespong

...Saves gis poop and paints pictures and posters with it. Now, I'm not an expert on Poopinism. But, it seems to me this is nasty as hell, even perverted. Example...Collapse )

Further, he posts the crap on open entries so other people have no choice but to look at it.

Am I a prude, or is this just a nasty practice born of extremism and ignorance?
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My friend just sent me the following text message:


I am lacking creativity here, TQC. What should I ask?

Info that might make this more fun: I happen to have a crush on him, haha.

Yes, I know chain texts in ALL CAPS AND TXT SPEAK are annoying.

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To anyone going to school for education (or should I say, Education Majors?):
What are your requirements for certification?

What's the worst part of doing laundry for you?
I HATE putting my clothes away after I've dried them

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i believe this has been the worst day i've ever had at a job.
everything i've done today was apparently wrong. 
i want to do a combination of: cry/scream/whine/punch/walk out

have you ever felt this way at your job before? 

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two of my best friends are my friend and her boyfriend of 4 years. but he's pissed at me because i told my friend that he said she has a nice ass.

can someone explain this to me? it's not like she doesn't know.
Sookie Stackhouse
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You guys, I have a dilemma. I work in a bookstore and there's like nothing here that's catching my eye and I need a book to read!

Can you recommend some books for me? I will read pretty much anything, except for stories involving glittery vampires.
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Is this website a joke!?

EDIT: I'm not saying the idea of being an athiest or keeping God out of the government is a joke. It just seemed almost like they had taken an anti-drug campaign and changed "marijauna" to "Jesus." For instance:

It helps to give people the skills needed to recognize and resist the subtle and overt pressures that cause them to experiment with God or become involved in churches or church activities.

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Does anyone else leave TQC up when they go to sleep so that the next day you can pick up right where you left off and not miss any questions?

I overheard this dorky kid at the book store telling his friend that he asked to try out for the highschool volleyball team, only to be told, "If you don't have a uterus, you can't play."  Would any of you ladies care to be charitable and donate this poor boy a uterus so that he can fulfill his dreams of highschool volleyball stardom?

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if you could be anywhere else right now besides your current geographical location, where would you wish to be? transportation is not an issue, we have a private jet waiting for you.
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Will you please recommend an Oral Language Festival piece for a 6th grader that is good at impersonations, voices, and humor?

Do you have a favorite short story or poem? What?
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Does a jasmine/green tea soy milk latte sound delicious or disgusting?

I think it tastes pretty awesome.

What was the last good deal you got?

I bought a naval ring for 65 CENTS at work because the back room had been a piercing studio and the left over jewelery kept getting marked down for clearance and today sale section was 70% off.  Hell yes!
she blinded me with science!

One hard one and one easy one.

This is a long shot, but does anyone know the name of the board game that was developed by researchers trying to create a better chess program? They developed some kind of notation or paradigm for expressing the difficulty a computer would have predicting an opponent's moves in chess. Then they used that paradigm to design a game that would be even harder for computers to play, but still simple for a human to understand. I think there were four different kinds of pieces, and the original set had them styled after Egyptian gods. [Edit: fieryphoenix saves the universe once again]

Also, is there a file manager you can recommend for Linux or Windows that represents file and directory sizes visually?