September 23rd, 2008


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1. For your first time having sex did you tell your partner that you were a virgin?

2. Have you ever been someone else's "first time"?

3. Was your first time special or just messy and awkward?

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Would you rather be 300 pounds, fairly well adjusted with friends (no boyfriend) and a good life aside from the stares you get in public


A  nice body with a very serious drug problem, a bad boyfriend, friends and family who view you with mostly disain?
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1. So, you just realized you have a very unpaid, very reckless speeding ticket. You've clearly missed your court date. What do you do? What is someone supposed to do? *You do have a warrant out for your arrest.

2. What are your legal troubles?
Slap that baby!

Damn mice.

What could cats possibly have to dream about? I'm not asleep right now because I don't have the heart to move my two sleeping felines, who are curled up on either side of my left leg, twitching like they've both caught a mouse with ADHD.

Also, I just renamed after four years. Is this (a) a pathetic attempt for acceptance, (b) a pathetic attempt to reinvent myself, or (c) a cry for help a diabeetus mummy icon?
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When you're feeling anxiety about something, what are some of your strategies to control it?

I play the worst-case-scenario game. I think about the worst thing that could happen and then I think about why that's not so bad. (Like if I get into a minor fight with my boyfriend and I am fretting about it, I think, "Well, the worst thing that could possibly happen now is he could break up with me" even if I know he isn't going to, and then I think about the positive things about being single.) It can help put things in perspective sometimes but I am always looking for other methods because I have a lot of anxiety.
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Today my car battery died and I had to wait nearly 3 hours for the tow truck. Fortunately it was in a parking lot in front of a Starbucks and I had a book with me, so it could have been a lot worse.

Do you have any horror stories about car problems? Where do you think is the worst possible place for a car to suddenly stop working?

[Edit: Also, does anyone want to Halloweenify my Miso icon with a pumpkin or other Halloweeny goodness?]
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TQC, my husband forgot to take out the trash and recycling and it's garbage night. I don't want to do it myself because there are roaches the size of sedans out there and many other kinds of bugs. Also I am afraid of the dark.

Should I:

Leave it and be mad at him all week while tripping over bottles and cans in the kitchen?
Suck it up and do it myself?
Wake him up and make him do it even though he'll be all cranky and he has to get up in a few hours for work?

Also, WHY did I eat those pizza rolls??? I was not hungry! I feel like puking now, which makes me not want to take out the trash even more.

EDIT: OKAY okay I'm going. Wish me luck! If I'm not back in 15 minutes, the roaches, cicadas and spiders have taken me hostage.

EDITEDIT: I MADE IT BACK ALIVE!!! I saw no roaches, but I did encounter Godzilla Spider of the 4th Dimension, but he luckily decided to make his web on the side of the porch instead of right in front of the doorway like before. Also, I took a Zantac and a Rolaid like a proper old person with heart burn so hopefully I'll be able to sleep soon.
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If you're watching an eBay item, at what point do you swoop in and make your bid? Like, in a seven day listing, do you just bid on Day 5 and leave it, whatever happens happens? Or do you wait until the final hours to make your first move?

since the topic is sex

I am not getting my homework done tonite (or EVER, apparently).

Should I go to bed now and hopefully glean rest from what little time I have left to sleep, or should I go get some sweet, sweet lovin' and deal with the consequences tomorrow?
This is so ridiculous.

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I've had my current journal since 2003, but stopped updating it in May of 2007 before I left for Panama. Now I want to have a journal again, but none of my friends list is active, and I dunno, I'm the kind of person that rips all the pages out of an old notebook before she starts using it for stupid shit like keeping lists, so it makes sense in my head to start "clean with a new journal."

So should I start a new one? Or should I quit my bitching and just continue with soupcan?

On a completely unrelated topic, do you ever think you see a living creature or person in your peripheral vision only to turn your head and see random objects? For example, I thought I just saw a cat (even though I know full well one doesn't exist in this house) only to turn my head and see a white t-shirt and a pair of flip flops. Sometimes I think I see people and scare the shit out of myself.

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So I've been talking to this girl since about June.  and I'm seriously starting to fall for her and she likes me back and has been talking about maybe coming to visit in a few months, from North Carolina (I'm in Louisiana).   


What do you think with come of this?

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I was reading a thread on facebook today and someone said something about "post birth abortions."

That would be good old fashioned murder, yes?

What's your favorite political euphemism?

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ETA: Fuck me, I got side-tracked. I meant ROSS Perot, not Rose.

You want to...

Be my new roommate
Eat pizza
Make cupcakes
Have sex in the bed your grandmother sleeps in
Eat a fist full of raw meat
Get over it already
Other in comments

You would have no problem...

Peeing on someone
Dressing up as a story book character
Blowing a complete stranger
Registering as a republican
Dressing up as a furry

All I have to say to you is:

For the sake of sex, you would be most likely to dress up as...

one of the Village People
Little Bo Peep
The trash man
A sandwich
Rose Perot
Clifford the big red dog
Austin Powers
Plastic dog poop
The guy from Right Said Fred in the Too Sexy video

Which would you be most likely to do?

Is there anything you want to know?


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TQC, HOW BAD OF AN IDEA IS EX SEX? i'll have to drive 45 minutes at like 6am to get it, but i haven't gotten laid in like two weeks and he's a really good lay. i will need to leave his house before 3pm, or else his parents will notice i'm there and will pitch a fit.


ETA ETA ETA: there is now talk of a possible threesome? Y/N?
Tim onstage!

Yeah, I fail at life. What else is new?

TQC, it's not even 5:00 AM yet my car won't start, my poor kitty cat has somehow aquired injuries on her face and neck, my homework that is due in just a few hours isn't done, I haven't slept in three days, and I lost my favorite pair of 2g plugs for my ears.

I only have one class today, and the professor who teaches it is very big into the whole, "If you can't make it, just e-mail me; it's all good," thing. Should I just give up for the day, go to bed, and get some sleep?

EDIT: Sleep it is. I'll go do that now. And as I sleep, answer this:

PIZZA OR TACOS? (Because apparently I need you to decide what I'm having for dinner later tonight, too.)
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Dating and the single parent

Imagine if you will for me please that you are a single parent. You have primary custody of your child, an 8 year old.

You meet someone you really like. You get along well and you are happier than you have been in a long while.

How long do you wait before you introduce your new partner to your child? Why?

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Will you tell me about your annoying friend? I think everyone has one. And the majority of us stay friends with them because we will feel bad if we *dump* a friend just because they are annoying. Details please.

My annoying friend is 50something years old. She is from Sweden. She talks about Sweden all the GOD DAMNED TIME. She was a cook at a chain restaurant so this gives her the right to brag about how awesome she is in the kitchen. She talks all the time. She has so much nervous energy she turns my hair gray. She points out my faults. She smokes all the time.

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Ok, hypothetical scenario time!

You live about a 5 minute walk from the train station, and you'll be catching the train to work, both activities are incredibly safe. You have to catch the 10:30am train to get to work on time.

What time do you get up, and what time do you start getting ready?

What time do you get up, and what time do you start getting ready, if getting ready only entails showering, dressing, doing your hair with minimum effort (brushing, putting into a pony tail or plait, or leaving down. something simple)?

Are you the type to give yourself plenty of time to get ready, or do you leave it as late as possible and then rush?

(because it's not like my flatmate gets up as late as possible then rushes through showering and getting ready nearly every day or anything, often saying "I'm late I'm late!")
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As some of you know, one of my jobs is as a professional tutor at the college in my town.  I mostly tutor basic English stuff, or the medical administration classes.  I was set up with an appointment today to tutor a student in a course called "Intro to Microcomputing", which is basically an introduction to Microsoft Office.  I took the class at that college a few years ago and got an A (which I'm guessing is why I'm tutoring it) but it's kind of not in my realm.  Does anybody have any hints or tips when it comes to tutoring students about software?   Is there some specific approach I should use?

Or, if you don't care about my teal deer, what's your preferred morning beverage (coffee, tea, juice, etc.)?

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You are visiting a forest in which every inhabitant is either a knight or a knave. Knights always tell the truth and knaves always lie. In addition some of the inhabitants are werewolves and have the annoying habit of sometimes turning into wolves at knight and devouring people. A werewolf can be either a knight or a knave.

You are interviewing three inhabitants, Sam, Joe, and Carl, and it is known that exactly one of them is a werewolf. They make the following statements:

Sam: I am a werewolf.
Joe: I am a werewolf.
Carl: At most one of us is a knight.

Given that there is exactly one werewolf and that he is a knight, who is the werewolf?

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If you're out of college already what's something you miss about it?

What's something you don't miss about it?

For all those who are still in college what's something you think you will miss/won't miss?

Question for the ladies

So I met this girl at church yesterday.  We've been catching each other looking for the past couple of weeks, so I decided to go for it this week.  We talked on the way out to our cars, just chatted the small talk, and then went our seperate ways.  I was going to leave it at "See you next week," but as she walked away I had a "DOH!!  You idiot!!" moment.  I caught up to her, asked her if she'd go out to dinner with me this week, and got a very excited "Yes."  She gave me her number, I called her last night, and set up a date for Friday night.

My plan is to take her to dinner at a small local pizza parlor.  Then, since she's new to the area, I figured we could go hit up the yearly city festival downtown and walk around, listen to the bands, etc...ultimately ending up down on the beach (she told me she loves the beach) where they have a really cool pier with vendors and performers and all kinds of neat stuff (the weather is supposed to be great that night).

[if you TLDR'd it, here's the actual question]

I figure that takes care of food (hole-in-the-wall pizza place), something kind of unusual and locally-flavored (festival), and something that I know she enjoys (beach).

Good idea for a first date, or cheesy?
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Should I have a cheesesteak or beef and vegetable soup? :O

My rabbit is staring at me! What is he thinking?

I'm using some three-step Clearasil junk for my horrible face, and it's clearing up slowly - What was the last small thing that made you happy?

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OMG TQC I was just on my way into the kitchen to make some pancakes (and cookies! I posted about making cookies last night but I was too sleepy) when I saw something small and dark on the floor. IT WAS A COCKROACH. D: D: D: (It was dead, but still... that doesn't make it better!) I have lead a sheltered life and have never encountered a cockroach in the context of my home, and especially considering that I HATE with the burning passion of a thousand suns things that scuttle *shudder* I am more grossed out than I can remember being in the recent past. EUGH. And to make things worse? The kitty has been playing with it.

What is the last totally disgusting thing you've seen?

Also, should I still try to go make those pancakes? Or should I go puke? And how do I pick it up and get it in the trash without actually touching it (even through a paper towel, I'd still be able to FEEL the fucker)?
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Have you ever had granola cookies? Are they any good? Do you have any good recipes for granola cookies?

I have a shitload of granola and I'm getting tired of eating it as is, so I want to make something with it. Here is the recipe I am thinking of using.

I have normal baking stuff but I don't have any oatmeal, chocolate chips, or dried fruit (and no, I'm going to ask my neighbor to borrow some).

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What are your thoughts on people who believe that the Holocaust never even happened (or websites like

I just went into the "Aryan Den" on stickam, just for personal research purposes D: I feel dirty after talking to these people. So, if you don't have an answer to the above question, show me something uplifting, please?

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I have already used Google and Yahoo, but my keywords aren't bringing me what I want.

I am doing a paper against prescribing ADD/ADHD medications so readily to our children. I need to find an article (not a blog or column) with an opposite position. I have to refute an article that supports giving Ritalin and other ADD/ADHD drugs to children.

Have you ever read an article like what I'm looking for?
Or, even better, do you of any articles that you could give me the link to?!


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what do you think it means that i dream about tornadoes so often? i've had at least 2 or 3 dreams about tornadoes a year for years and years now. it's practically clockwork, every 6 months.

do you have reoccurring dreams?
do you have reoccurring theme?

Zombie hypothetical

Say the zombie virus was not passed by bite, but transmitted sexually. It's an STD that kills you within the week, and your corpse becomes animated and joins the ranks of the walking dead. Just like regular zombies, they pass on their contamination by raping or orally pleasing their innocent victims. Instead of seeking 'BRAINS' as in the head organ, they're seeking BRAINS. Condoms are effective against the zombie STD, but it's as successful as stopping pregnancy or other STDs, so there's always a chance it might fail. Chastity belts are making a comeback as a preventative aid. Sexual promiscuity is now a punishable offense. Zombies don't look a lot like traditional zombies, because the virus is fast-acting and kills and resurrects you within the week. A lot of zombies will look fresh, a lot of them without much or any rot about them. One can carry the zombie virus like a normal virus for weeks before it breaks through their immune system, and then you have only days to live.

Now, you're single in this scenario

1. In light of the zombie STD...If you date someone now, are you less inclined to sleep with them or does it have no effect on your sex life?
2. Are the raping zombies better or worse than the traditional cannibalistic zombies?
3. If you had a friend who was a slut, would you try and keep away from them/avoid hanging out with them, just in case they were a carrier?
4. The STD is now being passed onto animals! If your dog or your friend's dog tried to hump your leg, would you kill it just to be safe?

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This was inspired by the post about being middle class- when asked to identify with a socio-economic class, do you reply based on how you were raised/where your parents fit, or based on how much money you yourself make? At what point/age do you think one should identify with the latter?

For example, my parents are upper middle class (or, lower upper class really I guess) and that's the environment I was raised in. I'm 24 now and live on my own and, based on my own salary, am pretty much broke as a joke. Now, it's a bit blurry because I still have the safety net of my parents and receive money and stuff from them for various things. So, I would still consider myself upper class but idk if that's really accurate.

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1. I'm thinking about going out of the country during one week over winter break, so anytime between December 14ish-January 14ish. The reason? I just really want to get away and experience something new. The thing is, I'm not sure which places are best to visit during the winter, and what has the potential to be affordable. Will you tell me about places you've visited, and give me some ideas on where to go? (ETA I live in the US, btw.)

2. Is it way too early to be thinking about Christmas?
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Your boss offers you a new position at your job, and still hasnt replied to if it pays more or not.
You'd go from 5 days, 40hrs a week, to 4 days, 40hrs a week, with rotating that extra day off (you also have your weekends off). It'd be going from the only receptionist on a floor that's drama filled and has a bad rep for not being able to keep thier receptionists, and a big desk facing a window to schedualing for every doctor in the hospital's chain and working in a cubical with 12 other girls, no windows. You plan to move in a year, so moving up isnt a big deal to you, even though the new job is located in the same floor as your boss and managed by your boss's daughter.

Do you take it? Or do you stay where you're at?

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Have you ever volunteered for the political party of your choice? Would you? What did/would you do?

I haven't decided yet, but I might be volunteering for the political party of my choice - making phone calls from home to remind people to vote and asking if they would like to volunteer.

This is going to suck as much as being a telemarketer, y/y?

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i have a flat screen computer monitor. how can i safely clean it? i don't have any special spray or anything, so i'm wondering if there are any household items that i can use--i'm doubting it, though.

EDIT: thanks, guys! i thought any kind of liquid would ruin my monitor, but i guess not! thanks!

inspired by someone kinda creepy.

If someone on LJ makes a post and embeds a picture from their photobucket/flickr/other hosting account, do you try to look up their account and go through their pictures?

If someone did this to you, how would you feel?

Is this internets stalking?

What if it took some work on their part to find your account?
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Should I get a second minor in Peace and Conflict Studies? Or should I just be lazy and take the minimum amount of classes my last year and try and do co-op?
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So I'm in the process of making a double batch of chocolate chip cookies, which calls for 4 eggs total. When it comes time to put the eggs in, however, I find that I only have 3. FUCK.

Is there anything else I can use in place of the egg that is not applesauce (because I don't have any plain applesauce)? or do I need to put that half of the batter-so-far in the fridge until I can get some eggs later this afternoon?

erica by mario

eating disorder communities

how does it make you feel to see all the communties on livejournal that focus on eating disorders and anorexia? sometimes, i'll browse the communities to see what they have to say, but it doesn't take long at all before it becomes unbearable to see and read what some people are doing to themselves.

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who is more annoying, Jared from Subway or the voice over Wendy's bitch?

Also, for those who have been to Subway recently-did you get the Scrabble tiles? I went last night but they told me it was over :( However the website says it's still gong.

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Inspired by the job question down below.

Imagine that your boss calls you into his/her office to offer you a promotion! CONGRATS! you gladly accept it.

What would your new job title be? Whose place would you be taking?
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Poll #1265638 Hey, did you know your poll is friends only?

Do you watch [Adult Swim]?

You like to watch old people swim for 15 minutes while kids sit by the side of the pool waiting for free swim?
Wait, what?
Fuck yeah, every night.
I'm so l33t I watch In Video every Friday night.
Robot Chicken is like the best show ever!
Only Sunday nights when everything is new.
I'm too stoned to answer this question right now. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.
Smash Mouth 4 Lyfe

Will you tell me a secret?

What is your writing implement of choice?

Capillary-action dip pens
Fountain pens
Disposable pens
Mechanical pencils
Dipping my fingers in my most recent victims blood and leaving messages on the wall
I don't have hands you insensitive prick
A fucking pencil
Klingon doesn't translate into written word

What is the second rule of Fight Club?

When there is a poll with ticky boxes, do you

Check every box because you're an asshole?
Check only the boxes that apply?
Lie your ass off and check the box that you think everyone else's will pick so you can be cool?
Fuck you!

What do you think of Tilda Swinton?

Looks like an alien but a pretty damn good actor.
Don't you turn to stone if you look her straight in the eye?
She's alright. Strange, but alright.
Wait, who the fuck are you?

Were you a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout as a kid?

I was an Eagle Scout, BITCHES!
Girl Scout
Boy Scout
Couldn't be bothered

Should I be a moderator?


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Will someone put a god damned pumpkin on my icon for fuck sakes? I would like two pumpkin eyes. Thanks.
What do you want? I'm buzzed on champagne so I might give a little more than usual. *nudge*

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how can I raise my body temperature? I've been awake for nearly three days and it seems to have plummeted. I'm fully dressed, wrapped in a blanket and sipping hot tea and I can't stop shivering.
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Okay, I'm having a problem.

For the past few months I haven't been able to log onto an rp forum I'm a part of from my laptop and I've received an error message: Page Load Error - Address not Found.

I can log on fine with other computers and the page shows up with no problem, but from my personal laptop it's not working. No other sites are having this problem. I've tweaked with my security set up, restored firefox, restored my computer, and emptied cookies.

I've browsed around on the internet for answers and so far, nothing.

What else is there to do that I'm not doing?
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Since I wagged school to finish an assignment and I'm kinda hungry for junk food and I live close to a mall...

Which shop should I go buy from?

McD, Subways, sushi, Spice Traders (Indian meal), Kebabs on Queens, Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, BB's Cafe, or should I just stay at home and eat toast with marmite and cheese and drink water?

Now that you've picked a shop, what should I get from there?

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I’m filling out an application for a job. It’s just a general application, not business specific.

Anyhow, it’s asking for 3 references. It asks for their name, address, business, and years known, but not their phone numbers.

Since it’s not asking for phone numbers are they asking for personal addresses or the business’s address that you worked with them at?

Also, the 3 references I plan to use all live together in a house as roommates; will this look bad on the application if they want personal addresses?

age gaps

is it wrong for a 27yr old guy to date a 17yr old girl?

is an age gap that big ever ok?

edit*** what if it were the other way around, 17yr old guy and 27yr old girl?

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Do you have Tourette? How severe of a case do you have? Do you manage it with medication or through your diet or what? Does the medication help? What kind of tics do you have?

I was diagnosed ten years ago with a moderate case (I'm 22) but for the past 4ish years I've been virtually tic-free. I mostly managed it through my diet. No MSG or artificial coloring, all that junk. I was started on Celexa about a month ago and all of the sudden it's like I'm 12 years old all over again. I can't stop ticcing and it's really irritating me.

I haven't taken medicine for it since I was 18. Basically I don't know what advances were (or weren't) made to treat TS.

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i woke up at 3 am this morning and threw up, its defiantly a virus or something i haven't throw up in years. should i eat something, and what should i eat to make me feel better? i don't feel like i can hold anything down though.

when was the last time you where really sick and what did you have?
zen, rock

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I'm filling out an audition application and it's asking if I have a stage name. Should I make one up? Suggestions? My real first name is Anthony.

EDIT: If chosen for this audition, I would be fire breathing, in case that influences your suggestions.

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Hey TQC! I just got my new computer.

I'm so excited to be able to leave myself logged in to programs without worrying because I'm on my brother or sister's computer!

What are you happy about?
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Because my Politics class is boring, and because you love these posts!

What is true about you?

Poll #1265615 Truuuuuufax!

Which of these is trufax?

I think Italian food is better than Mexican
I rarely watch television
I use a media player other than iTunes
I love my Nalgene
I wore flip-flops today
I briefly considered just not getting out of bed this morning
It rained where I live today
I am voting, or would vote for, McCain
I hate science classes
I was president of one or more clubs in high school or college

What about these?

I own, or have owned, a JanSport backpack
I am under drinking age and drink regardless
I have tried hallucinogenic drugs
I don't like nonfiction books
One or both of my parents are teachers
I have never seen a Star Wars film
I haven't used a pencil that requires a pencil sharpener in over a year
I have spent a combined total of at least an hour on facebook today alone
I hate children over the age of 3
I hate children under the age of 3

Last trufax?

I don't really like to watch movies - don't have the attention span
I sometimes use my mp3 player while walking and pretend it's a soundtrack to my life
I have never been kissed
I am a virgin
I like pickles, but not cucumbers, or cucumbers but not pickles
All 4 of my blood-related grandparents are alive
I have 1 or more living great-grandparents
I've been in an ambulance as a patient
I've had my wisdom teeth out
I've been in a limo

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Why on earth are people so fascinated by the personal lives of others, namely celebrities?

(ie: Gossip magazines like US Weekly and OK, LJ communities like ohnotheydidnt, Perez Hilton, etc)


anyone here have asthma? i have the crappiest health insurance ever and i have no copay for clinic/hospital visits (plus i'm scared of doctors).  for the past year i have been having the following symptoms for about 30minutes to 2 hours at a time and at least 4 times a week:
shortness of breath,
the feeling that someone is sitting on my chest,
tightness in my throat (as if it's closing up),
and i feel and SOUND very winded (as if i weighted 300 lbs and just went up a flight of stairs).

first of all, i'm NOT 300 lbs. i am very physically fit. second of all, these "attacks" happen when i'm really not doing much (in other words, not physically exerting myself). these symptoms SUCK and i get lightheaded feeling since i am trying to freakin' breath. TQC, do i have asthma?
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Ever lie about something only for it to turn out true?

Like you lie to your parents about going to the library to study but you had the intention of going to a friend's place to muck around/party but then you either don't go or you and your friends end up studying anyway?
gasp zooey

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There's a dead cat outside my house. Correction: dead kitten. Apparently, my sister heard a cat-fight and went out to stop it, but it was too late for the kitten. Sooooooo...she left it there and didn't call anyone to come clean it up.  It's been there for a few days, apparently. IT SMELLS FUCKING DISGUSTING.

TQC, WTF DO I DO??  Who the hell do you call about this kind of thing?  Or should I just find it, scoop it up with a shovel or something, and put it in the dumpster?

sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b

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is there something you absolutely cannot stomach watching someone eat?

i dont know what so offensive to me about overripe bananas but i cant stand the thought of eating them, smelling them, or watching anyone else eat them....the only time overripe bananas are okay is in banana bread


1. Is there "good bacteria" that exists on the outside of one's body?
1a. If so, should we humans be bathing in yogurt? (Which flavor?)

2. Do you think diagnosable Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is funny or just plain fun?

3. Do you find Hollywood's portryal of OCD accurate and/or amusing?

4. Do you think that germs will eventually kill off the human race, directly or indirectly? If yes, how?
(An indrect example could be a world leading possibly being infected with syphillis that triggered insanity.)

(no subject)

What is the furthest you have been away from where you are right now in the last month?
Have you ever "baby-sat" an animal?
Most people love mushrooms or hate them. Do you know anyone who is neutral towards mushrooms?

(no subject)

Q: Which would you choose to do for a science fair?

1. Can Plant Cloning Be Used Effectively by Produce Growers?
- To determine whether cloning is a faster and more effective means for farmers to grow crops as oppose to traditional cultivating methods which may yield a lesser-quality vegetable or one that contains artificial chemicals and sprays.


2. Alcohol as a Fuel: Recycling Wastes into Energy
- To see if it is possible for a household to construct a simple and inexpensive still capable of recycling its fermented organic garbage into a grade of ethyl alcohol that would meet most of the household's energy needs.

Btw, do you think the topics above are rigorous enough for a high school level science fair? Oh and also let me know if you know of similar experiments.


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1. What's the weirdest pickled thing you've eaten?
I've had pickled watermelon. :)

2. For lefties, how did you figure out you were left-handed? Did you try writing with your right and realized something wasn't working, or did you intuitively start with your left, or what?

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have you ever said something negative about somebody in a LJ community or other online group only to find out they were also members?

Do you think there are any celebrity members on the down low here at TQC?

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1. i just bought Collapse ) on ebay. my shipment tracker (USPS) says Your shipment was accepted/picked up at 4:48 PM on September 16, 2008 in MONTEREY PARK, CA 91754 . I live in Buffalo NY. WHEN WILL THIS COME?!

2. someone was cooking something in the dorm. it smells good but then almost bad. what is it?

3. what's your favorite perfume/cologne/scent?

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1. I'm bored & tired of the internet & Mario Kart. Should I make dinner about an hour early, or not?

2. I've lost my head phones, which is lame. Should I buy some online & probably pay more than I should, or buy some when I buy books on Friday, and buy a lower quality pair?

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I have a checkbook cover that refuses to close itself properly because it was shipped flat.
If I put heavy stuff (ie myself or mylaptop or books) Should it flatten itself out?

Does anyone here even use checks anymore?

What kind of cake should I have for my 18th birthday? (pics or gtfo)

What color should I paint my nails?

Have you had problems with blockbuster?
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Si vis pacem, para bellum

Poll #1265811 Casus Belli

Did you believe that the US invasion of Iraq was justified when it began?


Has your belief changed since the invasion? That is, if you didn't believe it was justified then, do you believe it is now?

n/a - my belief has not changed

If you believe the invasion was justified, are you a current military member or veteran?

n/a - I don't believe the invasion was justified

Do you believe that the president was legally able to declare war on Iraq?


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can you touch your toes?
Can you reccomend a good calf-stretching exercise? For funsies, make it sound as sexual as you want.
I've got one. crouch down, put your chest as flat against your thighs, and try to straighten your knees as much as you can without taking your chest off your thighs.
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The short version:

You could do something really nice for a coworker whom you cannot stand, but it would mean spending time with her and what you are doing would be less useful for you. Do you do it?

Collapse )

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TQC, what would you do if you were trying to appraise a property and opened a closet to find the mummified homeowner?

Other than suddenly understanding why Mr. Mummy fell off the radar 10+ years ago.

Do you have a favorite pair of underwear? There's a sign in my laundry room about a missing "favorite pair." What makes a pair a favorite?

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Next week I am going to Canada (!). I plan on leaving school at 2:45p and getting to the airport between 3:45p and 4:00p. My flight leaves at 6:10p. Assuming that things go as planned, will this give me enough time?
I have one friend who says I should give myself 2-3 hours before and another who says that 1-1.5 hours is enough.

Also, should I trust my friend to drive my car back to her house from the airport?
What should I do if she wrecks it? Sacrifice her first child? Burn her house to the ground? Wreck her own car? I need good ideas, people.

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i could google this and get frusterated, but what are some good colleges/universities in nyc that aren't tooexpensive? i know money is a big deal so a school like nyu is out but i just want to live in the city. so if you've heard of a school or go to one tell me about it, and it'd make this search way easier :-)
doctor who - tardis

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1. Have you ever been on a game/reality/talk  show? Which one? What was your experience like?
My roommate in college was on Oprah with her family a couple years ago. Two of her siblings have a disease I can't remember the name of at the moment.

2. Which game/reality/talk show would you most like to appear on?
Cash Cab

cubs hat

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Looking down at your pants from above, when they are unbuttoned, which side is the button on?

Which size of your pants is your button on?

The left side