September 21st, 2008

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I have this thing my friends and I call a "doll jaw". Its a vein that runs from the corner of my mouth to the outside of my chin and disappears at the jaw line. We call it this because if you were to darken it and draw another one on the other side, I would have the jaw of a doll. Does anyone else have this?

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What do you think about female ejaculation?

Edit: also... do you believe in it's existence, why or why not..
and do you have any experience with it (state whether you are male or female)

Have fun kids! :)

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Who in TQC would you most like to...
...Go to a concert/ spend the day with?
...Talk to?
Edit: The first 3 questions are in queue for tqc_anon 

If you could date any celebrity past or present, who would it be?

Popsicles in the shower aren't as good of an idea as they seem like, any other words of wisdom?
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Dr. TQC --
Why are my toes peeling really bad? Are they just dry or have I developed some sort of horrible foot disease from walking around barefoot in my dorm?
(I looked up athlete's foot, and they're not peeling like that...just sort of peeling like my skin is dry. Except, they don't seem dry..)

Also, how do I tell my mother that I burned my carpet under my bed?
It happened when I was about 13 and I was so embarrassed/scared to tell my parents that I moved my bed over it. They're getting new windows put in soon and my bed is right under the windows. :[
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I'm tired. Should I go to sleep or just wait it out and see if it goes away on its own?

Do you think aliens have to sleep, or is this a strictly earthling thing?

If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with all your extra time? (basically you'd have about 33 extra years to waste)
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So, I just watched Michael Moore's SiCKO.

Is that an accurate representation of your experiences with the American Healthcare system?

Do you think that it would be that way if the vote was compulsory? (idk just seems like the sort of issue the people would be interested in if they had to sit up and take notice)

Any healthcare stories you want to share with the class?

Any other thoughts?

Cos I mean, holy shit, dude. Here (Australia), I can go to a psychologist and it either costs me $10 or it's free, depending on which system I use to claim back on. Doctors, dental etc, the bulk of the cost is reimbursed. I don't think we have the most whizz-bang system, but it's pretty good.

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Are any of your great-grandparents still living?

I don't know

Describe your hair right now.

Original Wheat Thins - Yea or Nay

Never tried them

What is your sexual orientation?

Dude into dudes
Chick into chicks
Chick into both dudes and chicks
Dude into both dudes and chicks
Dude into chicks
Chick into dudes
I'd prefer not to answer.

How clean is your home right now? (10 is immaculate.)

Mean: 5.83 Median: 6 Std. Dev 1.72

Where are you right now?

United States
Somewhere else

Is Mango a good name for a green parakeet?

I'm undecided.

Today I... (If after midnight go by the most recent full day you had)

Ate something unhealthy
Had an orgasm.
Got some good news
Wore a seatbelt.
Purchased something.
Lashed out in anger.
Plungered a toilet.
Told an outrageous lie.
Applied makeup
Watched a movie from start to finish.
Used a lighter for something.
Kissed an animal.

Have you ever had bronchitis?

I don't know.
What's that?

How many biological kids do you have?

5 or more

Are you under 18?

Peyton sig

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1. Do you dream in black and white or color?
2. Are you male or female?
3. Do you consider yourself a creative person?

My answers:
1. Full color.
2. Female
3. Yeah.
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Is there one place you wish you could be right now?

I wish I could still be in Chicago. The Cubs just clinched the NL Central and I'm here in freakin' Minnesota instead of at the bars getting drunk like half of Chicago (I was debating on doing that anyway but it wouldn't be half as fun).

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it's been a while!

i went through a phase in my early teen years where i shopped at hot topic a lot. i ended up owning big, black, buckle-y boots and had no use for them when i decided i was no longer sad and angry. i never gave them up and i've just recently found them, and i want to put them to good use.

they look similar to:

i'd like to wear them this halloween, but i'm not sure what i could be. my nerdy boyfriend, who's going to be wolverine, wants me to be x-23. i was hoping for something not so.. comic book-related. so, what boot-wearing costume should i have for halloween?

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How many hours is 102GB of movies?

I took my first actual tequila shots today, with high quality tequila, sea salt, and organic limes. It was still pretty sick. What's your favourite alcohol?

Not the first time

In the past few years, I have blacked-out several times. Once was during an MS seminar (I am diagnosed), another time was at my house when I was in the bathroom, when I was taking a shower with my ex, and then again last night.

Now my question is this: could it be anything else aside from the MS? Lack of some nutrients/healthy nonsense? This is getting ridiculous and one day I am going to black-out in a less-than-ideal situation. Help, please.

Oh. And my neurologist once told me that I need to lay down, no matter where I am or the situation, when I feel the signs that it might happen (which I felt last night, ignored, and blacked-out). Then again, I could be walking in the middle of the street and laying down would be impossible.

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Will you show me a crappy camera phone-type quality picture of yourself?
Do you go to each of your friend's individual journals, keep up with them on the all-inclusive friends page, or not bother with any of them?
Are very visible collar bones, wrist bones, spines or rib cages more attractive/least repulsive?
If we were going to spend the day together, what would we do?

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How old were you when you first started using the Internet regularly?

What year was that?

What did you use it for, mostly?

Sorry, all questions that would have been asked before, but I haven't seen them recently.
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I need your help

I think my boyfriend is going to propose to me tonight so I need to get horny quick!

He has been asking me about what I want for a ring for months now, he has planned a vacation, he is talking about buying a house and I think I know why he is having the house cleaned and running around like a silly boy:)

1. Will you post something that makes you horny? A song, a poem, a picture, a painting, a video?

2. If you are married, will you tell me the proposal story?

3. If you are not married, will you tell me your proposal fantasy?

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Let's pretend you have a family member that is a firefighter and was working on a large fire. While working, they were on a helicopter that crashed and they died.

Would you file a wrongful death lawsuit over an accident?

What's your opinion on wrongful death lawsuits and the families?

Shouldn't they have had a life insurance policy on the breadwinner in the family?

(taken from a situation back at home)

Perfect Oral Hygiene

What is the order of perfect oral hygiene?

There is:
mouth wash
tongue scraping

Anything else I'm missing?  Does that seem like the correct order to do things?

I learned from my dentist that rinsing with mouth wash is supposed to be the first step to loosen food particles but I don't know where to go from there.  I Googled but I only found techniques for flossing and brushing.  I found a dental community but it was last updated a week ago, so I turn to you.

Also, do any of you use toothpaste that is free of sodium lauryl sulfate? If so, what do you use and where did you get it?

I Googled that too but it seems like you have to buy the toothpaste online... or I'm not looking hard enough.

k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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My house often survives off cold cuts. I don't know which ones to get for this week.

Last week I had roast beef, honey turkey, provolone and pepper jack. And with all the combinations I tried, the sandwiches were kind of, eh.

Any suggestions for coldcuts or sandwiches?

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I'm looking into getting a new router, my Linksys one is getting old and I didn't really like it all that much anyway. What kind of router do you have? Do you like it?

My dad called me earlier and is asking me all kinds of computer questions that I don't know how to answer. A new user suddenly turned up on his laptop at startup, with a password he can't figure out, and they have all the admin power for the computer so he can't delete it. He also can't burn CDs anymore for some reason, so he can't back up any of his files. I suggested sending it to the manufacturer or going somewhere to get it fixed because I have no idea what to do. Do you have any suggestions on what he should do?


TQC, if it would save the life of the person you love the most, would you taste their pee?

Do you ever find that the usual repertoire of curse words doesn't do justice to your frustration/anger/whatever, and make up your own?

Band with tuba and strings called Tuba Ligaton - yes/no?

Will you let me in on your favorite in-joke?
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Does anyone know if cinnamon powder mixed with a little water will stain a white counter?

My boyfriend and I have been dealing with ants in our kitchen, and I've noticed that they really fucking hate cinnamon. So I have it sprinkled all over the counter tops, and I've mixed some of it with water to make a paste so I can get it on vertical surfaces. But we're renting this apartment, and I don't want to have to take a bunch of money out of our security deposit so my landlady can get a bunch of brown cinnamon stains out of her counters.

I managed to completely surround an ant in cinnamon, and the guy was freaking the fuck out. He probably still is. It's really funny to watch. Am I a terrible person?

Should I go get a turkey sandwich over at Safeway before going to work?
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in what ways do you find yourself "damned if you do, damned if you don't"?
what constructive ways have you found to deal with that particular situation?

if that doesnt apply or is too heavy, would you please share something positive or uplifting with us?

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Part 1) What are some misconceptions people have about you?

Part 2) If you had to describe another TQC member in 5 words who and what would they be?
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QOW Read


I'm going out in about an hour to buy a laptop!

Question: should I go for the extended warranty, or just depend on the manufacturer's warranty?

Also: How do I keep the salesperson from talking me into a pink laptop because I'm a giiiirrrruuullll?

Extra Credit: We had to call the cops at three AM because somebody down the street was shooting a gun (turns out he was just shooting the ground, but shit, we didn't know that). We should totally move to a better neighborhood, y/y?
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It's time for college applications!

If/when you had to apply to college(s), did you have to write an essay? What did you have to write about?

Mine is "what do you expect from your college experience?" Easy peasy.
Flaming Sikozu


How long will cooked hamburger patties stay edible in the fridge?

What are some good, cheap, easy things to make for lunches that aren't sandwiches or lasagna?

What's you favourite thing to cook, and can you include the recipe please?

What things do you absolutely have to have in your pantry?
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To those of you who have dyed your hair multiple colors at one time with semiperm dyes like Special Effects or something:

Did the colors rub off on each other after the dying was done? My hair is Atomic Pink at the moment and I'd like to add in some purple to the under parts of my hair, but I'm wondering if the dye will rub off onto the pink hair above and below it.
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1. Do I play Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Galaxy, or Phoenix Wright?
2. When you play video games do you listen to the tv's music or do you provide your own?
3. Do you like peanut brittle?
4. Do you own any Harlequin, or any other brand, romance novels?

TQC, will you help me out?

1. Will you help me accessorize my Halloween costume?  I'm going as a forest nymph, but I'm not sure how I want to accessorize it.  I'd kind of like to wear heels too, so I'd really appreciate suggestions for that.  Bonus points for pictures!

Collapse )

2. Also, will you post pictures/tips for easy-to-do hairstyles and updos?  I really suck at figuring out what to do with my hair, so I always just end up wearing it down and curled under at the ends.  I want to start mixing it up more.  I'd really appreciate it! 

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Why does the girl sitting a couple seats away from me at work feel the need to pretty much yell about how she got "so wasted" last night and how she "kicked ass" at beer pong? Does she think it makes her  "cool"?

Also what toy did you always want as a kid but your parents never got for you?

So this is my first ever post and I expect lots of replies. Maybe?


i'm part of a few rabbit communities and i've heard quite a few users who look down on owners that feed their bunnies carrots, yet i've looked at a few sites about suggested vegetables (including and they seem to promote feeding carrots and carrot tops. i'm inclined to trust more than livejournal, but if carrots are good for them and a good source of vitamin A, why do owners view them as something that shouldn't be fed to them?

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Why is it that when you agree to go to some random event in the distant future it seems fun, but when you're confronted with it on the day of, you lose all desire to attend?

eta: Does this happen to you a lot or is it just me?

Which is the worst?

Which is the worst thing to find in your bedroom, blocking the door?

Big, black spider
Feisty born-again Jesus freak, 2 pots of coffee later, feelings 'really good' about getting someone saved today

Which is the worst thing to find in your pants?

Rip near the crotch
Brown stain on the butt
Cory Haim (he got into your pants, bb)

Which is the worst to find in your bed, naked?

SO's sibling
Best friend's SO

Which is the worst thing to find on the internet?

Sex video of you and your ex
Sex video of your SO and their ex
Sex video of Barack Obama and Mini-Me (it'll no doubt cost him the election)

Which is the worst thing to find in your SO's glove compartment (in their car)?

Big spider
Underwear that doesn't belong to you
A gun

Who's the worst person to kiss while drunk at a bar?

Katy Perry (and you liked it)
Matthew Perry
Peri Gilpin (Roz from Frasier)
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I'm looking for something fun to do in Massachusetts or Rhode Island for Halloween. I was hoping to go to a concert but so far I've had to luck finding anything.
Do you know of anything going on in Massachusetts of Rhode Island on Halloween that is 18+?

If not, what should I do for fun on campus for Halloween?

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Tea que cee, should I be social?

There is a party at our neighbor's house this evening but I don't know if I wanna go-I know my parents will be going but I am so quiet and tend to feel sort of uncomfortable at most social gatherings where I have nobody to talk to-I feel like my parents would be talking to them so then I wouldn't really have anybody to talk to-On the other hand, it's food and it's better than spending my own money or sitting around I suppose and if I got THAT bored I live like two houses over so I could just leave quietly. So, should I go to the party even though there's a chance of my feeling somewhat uncomfortable and see what happens-if anything there is a free meal or should I just forgo it?

Problems reading from archived CDs and DVDs

Ok, my googling has not turned up any useful info.

I have a whole bunch of CD and DVD-ROMs storing archived data, each disk has a list of directories (like Jan02, Feb02, Mar03, etc). I'm looking to move the archives onto external discs. I'm using the same CD/DVD burner to read the discs as I did to burn them. I can get most of the data off the CDs or DVDs, but for some reason, I am unable to copy the last directory of files on each and every disc. This just seems too much for coincidence. The disks have been stored in protective sleeves and show no signs of scratches or anything.

I really would like to get all the data off. It just seems odd that it does the same thing on each disc, regardless of format (CD or DVD).

Can anyone here offer up any useful info or links?

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Hey, I have a bit of a problem making a decision.

I've never taken sick leave from work in my life, I've always been pretty healthy. Now, I have some rather nasty infected cuts in my hands, oozing puss and swollen, you can guess the details. The doctor prescribed me a ten day antibiotic cure. It would be all right for me to work, but my work is very physical and my hands get dirty - I have to, among other things, take 60 soil samples a day and in general roam around forests even when it rains. I'd need to keep my hands clean so the infection would heal, but I feel like an idiot to take sick leave for something so minor like this :S It's not like my leg is broken or something. I declined the sick leave and thought I can wear gloves, but really, no matter what type of gloves I wear my hands still get dirty because I need to be able to write all the time and it won't do with thick rubber gloves. Thin rubber gloves I'll just tear right away with my measuring equipment.
But, really, I just want my hands to heal, they hurt.. Should I just suck it up and ask for the sick leave on Monday? Will my boss think I'm a lazy idiot? I really don't know what people do in these situations - I'm usually never sick.

edit: This is also my last week at work! Then I'll just return the equipment.. it would be four days of about 9-hour days if I don't take the sick leave. If I do it's just returning the equipment after the leave and that's it.
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How should I decorate my laundry room?

I'm in there a lot and the bare walls are boring me. My aunt used to have pics of half naked men all over hers, should I do the same?

(no subject)

1. How often do you do laundry?

2. How many loads do you do when you do do laundry?

3. Do you separate your whites/darks/brights?

4. What kind of detergent do you use?

5. Do you have a washer/dryer in your home? facilities in your apt complex? Or do you go to a laundromat?

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i'm watching "Silent Hill"... creepy movie.

I think that if your cute little girl with big eyes starts drawing pictures of demons, you should not go to a haunted town seeking the truth. but what exactly would you do? take away the sketchbooks for a while, maybe? are there any ways to tell when your kid has gone evil?

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if you have/have had an eating disorder, do you think that's something you would eventually need to tell your significant other if your relationship became long term/serious?

on the one hand i feel like it'd be my private, personal business, but on the other i'd think i might feel very shocked and left out if someone that important to me kept something that big from me, like they thought they couldn't trust and confide in me like i thought they did/should.

BONUS QUESTION: how would you even bring that up?

eta: i'm not in a relationship or anything so this isn't really relevant. it's just something i've wondered about for a long time.
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When was the last time someone was unreasonable with you?

When was the last time you were unreasonable with someone?

What are you looking forward to?

Have you ever learned a language/tried to learn a language from a computer program? How did that go?

Will you be friends with me? :(

LJSeek down?

Is LJ Seek down for you? (And if the main page loads, does searching within communities (via "Advanced search") work?

Is it just that my Internet connection has been shaped down to dialup speed?

I used; they say it's down. Or at least, they say, "Huh? doesn't look like a site on the interwho."

And because LJ Seek being down is foiling my plans: Any recs for cheap upholstery steam cleaners or removalists in Melbourne, Australia? Yeah I thought not :( Argh.

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I'm planning a trip to the US (from Australia). Should I bother getting a VISA so i can work while I'm traveling around or just go over with no VISA and have to leave within 90 days?

NOTE: I would ideally like to stay as long as possible but I don't know if I can be bothered waiting for a VISA to be processed...

What should I do while I'm there?
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sorry for extreme stupid

This has been driving me crazy forever and I can't figure out how to google it properly cause I totally fail...

You know how people describe clothes by their fabrics, not by their specific material, but by their texture, like "knit sweater" or "fleece pants" etc etc

What is the word to describe dressy slacks by their fabric?

And for a real question, when was the last time you vacuumed?

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Will you please tell the class a little about yourself?

Are you allergic to anything? If so, what?

My bookshelf has 3 sections. I am going to re-organise them by colour - what colour order should I do it by?
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1. Am I the only person in the world who never learned how to swim or ride a bike? What kid things do you think you missed out on?
I want to learn how to ride a bike, but when I was a kid I never did because there was just nowhere to bike to. People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I can't do either.

2. I am buying tights. What colors should I buy??
Shadist (Wasp)
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Cornstarch, oh how do I tell which you are.

Ok here's an odd question.

My roomie reorganized the kitchen putting things in nice airtight containers. Only problem is she didn't label them.

So now I have flower, cornstarch, baking powder and perhaps baking soda. . .

The recipe I am working on calls for the cornstarch and I have no idea how to tell it from the others. (It's a kind of do it yourself Hamburger Helper)

Anyone know how to identify cornstarch without it being labeled?

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I'm looking for a laptop cooling pad. I've been looking online and it's hard to tell which kinds or good and which kinds are made of that creepy goo stuff that can leak all over you.

Do you have a good one? WHat kind is it?

Also, I don't know if this is normal, but the part on my laptop charger that you plug either the duckhead or the extension cord (I have a Mac) into gets REALLY REALLY REALLY hot. Like so hot that it hurts to touch. Is this a problem?! I'm kind of a baby about hot stuff, but this is SERIOUSLY hot. Can I get a cooling thing for that baby too?


Are you excited for your favorite TV show to start?
What are your favorites?

Collapse )

In preparation for the new season, I have been scrounging for The Office icons.
With that, does anyone have (or can point me to it) the "Boss of Dancing" gif icon?

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Which hotel would you get?

free parking, hookers out front(hookers are not complimentary), $60 cab ride from meeting place, no nearby public trans, $160/night
limited free or metered parking, no hookers, $20 cab ride from meeting place, nearby public trans, $200/night

eta: actually the first is within walking distance of a bus station, the second is in within walking distance of a subway station. so, um, sry if that changes your answer, but you can take the poll again.
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How would you feel if your SO (if you don't have a SO then sub in a bff or something) said that they detest presents (both giving and receiving) and never wanted to give or receive a present again?

(would you be disappointed that you'd never get to choose another present for them? Sad because you'll never receive a present from them? etc)


Hey tqc, my phone is slowly kicking the bucket. The battery only has a life of about 4 hours now, and sometimes it won't get texts. It is a Cingular HTC 8125. My favorite feature is the QWERTY keyboard that slides out.

What kind of phone do you have?

Is the pantech duo really that bad?

Whats your favorite feature on your phone?

Very different questions

Hypothetical. All prisons need to be emptied to make room for new parking lots. It's been decreed and it's going to happen. There is no third option or compromise. Just A or B....Now, what would you like to see happen to all the prisoners?

All prisoners are executed. Every single prisoner shot in the face until dead.
All prisoners are freed. Every single one of them

Can orthadox Jewish men pork their wives?

No. Pork is not kosher

(no subject)

What religion is the funnest/easiest to make fun of?

Do you have any jokes about them that you would like to share?

*So far:

1) Scientology
2) Mormonism
3) Jewdaism
4) Catholosism
5) d_capricorn09

(no subject)

If TQC participated in a charity human-auction, how much money do you think you'd sell for?

Who would you bid on?

What would you do with them for the 24 hours that they're yours?

Is anyone else obsessed with Beauty and the Geek like I am?
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Did you do anything productive today?

I went dumpster diving with my mom at Borders and got Heroes Season 2 and a bunch of other stuff.

Have you ever been dumpster diving? How did that work out for you?

Has anyone seen the movie Ghost Town and if so, was it good?
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I hate sleeping in increments >.

I've been working straight nights for the past 9 months but all of the sudden I cannot for the life of me sleep during the day anymore. At best I sleep 2-3 hours and then if woken up, I'm awake. Once my shift is over I go back to the normal sleep (at night) pattern. I can sleep fine during this schedule.
1. What are some tricks you use to fall asleep other than sleeping medications?
2. Have you ever dreamt you were doing something and then woke up performing it? (walking, peeing, eating)
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What kind of pets/animals do you have?

other (please specify)

You're considering buying a car from a dealer. They are asking $7000. From your research, the car is worth more than that. What do you offer to pay?

Asking price
Marginally less than asking price (~$6750)
Notably less than asking price (~6500)
Substantially less than asking price (~$6000 or less)
I tell the dealer they have underpriced the car and suggest they raise the price (which I am willing to pay)
Other (elaborate, please)

Do you have a haggle strategy for buying a car? What is it?

donk... donk... donk...

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If one of the requirements of parenthood were that you had to lick the poop off of your incontinent babies, like my cat has done for her six kittens, would you still do it?

Current parents, assuming you're happy with the child-rearing (hur hur) process already: if you had had to do that, would it still be worth it?

(no subject)

What would be harder to explain to a 'cave man', how a television works, or how a car works?

What do you think (besides those two) would be the hardest thing to explain to one?

If you were a caveman, what would you be most curious about in the world today?

*so far

1) TV
2)d_capricorn09 (wow, again?) <--- you cant use internet or cars for this one.
3) Porn

me - with gun
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What's the first site to pop up on Google when you search your LJ username?

What is the first image?

And for another Google game, put your first name into the image search... now, how many porn pictures are on the first page or results?

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In the past, what were you shunned for or criticized for a lot that made you subconsciously avoid doing that thing today?

For me, as a child, my brothers always called me out when I showed off so I've noticed that I try so hard to not do that to this day...I don't consciously try hard to not do it, but that's one of the things I avoid the most automatically. Also, in junior high, I was severely shunned by my group of friends for gossiping or talking shit about other people. That is something I definitely avoid today, and I'm glad to have learned that lesson.


Why don't I recognize any of the posters anymore?

I WANT TO MAKE MY LJ PROFILE PRETTY. I also want to make my journal pretty! All the weaboo girls have such sexy profiles/journals. Is it just CSS?
i&#39;m cool

independent films that I want to see

Does anyone know how to find an independent film that played at some festivals a year ago before falling off the face of the earth?

If you're interested, its called We Go Way Back. I've searched video stores, the website, amazon, and *other* movie sources, with no luck. I really, really want to see this movie!! Any ideas?

k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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I was gonna make dinner and I was so excited but it didn't work out because half of my ingredients fell on the floor. D: What should I make instead?

I can make pretty much anything I guess, but I'm lacking inspiration. And I need to actually eat dinner tonight, unlike the past 3-4 nights.
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