September 20th, 2008

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What would you do if you trusted your father and he lied to you (most likely he had reasons but you believe that you could have understood him if he had told you the truth)? Would you tell him that you know that and try to clarify everything or just pretend that nothing happened because you don't want him to lie more skilfully next time? Would you be able to trust him any longer after that?
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Would you ever take ballroom dancing lessons?

Are you a little bit country or a little bit rock and roll?

Ten points to whoever knows where these next questions are from:

How are you enjoying this nice Miami weather?

Have you ever been to Europe?

How many fingers am I holding up?
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There was this TV that lasted like 3 episodes that came on CBS. The song they used in the commerical was the Calling's Our Lives or Where ever will you go I can't remember. The show was about a kid and baseball thats all I remember. What was the name of the show?

Has there been any show that you've liked a lot but it only lasted a few episodes?
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Are there any instances in which Kings/Queens have been known by their last name? As in King [last name] or Queen [last name]? It seems to always be first names, which is understandable, but I'm wondering. If its happened, any examples?

hypothetical situation

You're at your new job  and you watch two-old timers gab away about another worker, A. They mutually dislike A and the first old timer says out of the hundreds of workers, that A is the slowest worker she's seen in her entire career working there. The second old timer shoots back "Yeah that's the thing about Africans, the only thing they do quickly is dance!"

What do you do in this situation? Realistically?

Roman Murder
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Credit cards

My sister and I both just signed up for our first credit cards. I'm a year older than her, I make more money and I've been paying back my college student loans for a year without being late once. She, on the other hand, has yet to pay back any of her loans, makes less than I do, and has more loan debt than I do.

But she got a higher spending limit on her credit card than I did. We both got approved, but her limit is $1,000 higher than mine.

WTF? Is there a reason for this, or is my bank just fucking around with us?
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Should I go to work tomorrow?

Right now it's a race between getting fired and quitting. My boss is a piece of shit asshole misogynist who treats me like a fucking slave and won't even answer me when I ask "who is coming in later?" But I don't want to establish a bad reputation in this small industry or to fuck over my coworkers who would have to cover for me when I didn't show up. Unless it is the coworker who fucked me over last week by calling in sick an hour before her shift thus leaving me to work all night for her. SURPRISE!

I make good money at my current job but I could get a new job in seconds but I am moving next month so I should be saving money.

I <3 TLV

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In the new "I'm a PC" commercial, a guy says "I have 3 rings" and then a woman says "I have 1 ring". What is the significance of that? Or are they just showing how many rings they're wearing it?
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do you like having your mind blown? (inb4 i like having my cock blown or something similar)

would you state a fact or pose a question that would totally blow my mind?
(ive already solved the jesus/hot burrito conundrum already)
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While driving through rush hour traffic today I had an ASSHOLE cut me off almost causing me to hit an old lady. I had the top down on my car so I honked and gave him the finger. He screamed FUCK YOU. I screamed FUCK YOU MORE!!!!

1. What was your last best retort?

2. What did you eat today? I want details bitches! You know I love you, *mostly*

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I haven't slept in three days, so I started messing around with pictures in Photoshop. I really love what I did with this one photo of a friend and I kissing, but I can't figure out how to do it again haha. Something with blending options...I think? I want those cool squares back! I really need sleep.

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I'm home alone and I just heard a noise like a soft crash upstairs. The cats are with me, so it obviously wasn't them. What is it? Am I going to die? Why didn't I get a dog or an alligator instead?
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how was your kitten when you just got him/her? a teacher was giving them away and i went on got him a litter box and food, but he hasn't pooped or peed (i dont think?) but eats a lot. and he's constantly crying but i hear thats normal? sometime he explores my room other time he hides in a corner... :-/
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Pretend you're a test subject in The Milgram Experiment

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How far do you think you would go?

I'd like to think I would stop but honestly, I probably would go for quite a while. I might say something to the authority figure, voice my concerns, but as soon as he/she told me I had to continue, I'm pretty sure I would. I'm just that kind of person.
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My boyfriend's mom has a juicer. She's always making this really gross sludgy juice which is loaded with bananas, which I hate. They literally make me sick. I wish she'd make juice out of, I dunno, strawberries. Just strawberries, by themselves. Or here's a thought... oranges. Fresh orange juice would be amazing. But no. It's always this weird concoction of bananas and carrots and celery and who knows what the fuck else.

Every time, she asks if I want any and I say no, thank you, but she gives me a glass anyway. I don't want the juice to go to waste because I know produce can be expensive, and I appreciate the thought and all, but it seriously makes me gag.

How do I convince her that really, no, REALLY, I don't want any of that yucky juice?

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Do you purchase items off of ebay?
Have any winning tricks?

There are a pair of shoes that I REALLY want and I've already fucked up one try on another auction and really don't want to screw up again.

How do I snag this out from someone at the last second?

and people wonder why I don't sleep

In my musings and wanderings around livejournal I found wtf_omgz. It's not what you'd call work safe. Probably not safe for the home either. Can't really think of anywhere it would be safe really but that's not the point. My curiosity being what it is promoted this thought and I only listed the community for comparative purposes.

Do you know of, or can you find, a more offensive and/or disgusting community than that?
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Have you ever participated in a craft show or craft fair? do you have any advice for a first-timer?

I will be specializing in photography. I plan on selling both actual prints (in different sizes) and note cards of my pictures, BUT I am stuck on figuring out just how many prints to make of each picture.

It's an all day thing so I don't want to end up running out of stuff.. but at the same time I don't want to end up having a ton of prints left over.


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Have you ever lost your voice due to a respiratory infection? What was your cold like a few days before it happened? How long was your voice gone/damn-near-impossible for?

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When you start out writing in a notebook in one color ink, do you HAVE to continue in that color?

Why am I so weird? If I start with black ink, even if I only have a blue pen, I would spend time to hunt down another one to use instead.

I'm already behind on my homework, I've had this class only twice this this a really, really bad sign?

Will you tell me about your worst teacher/professor?

This guy whose homework I'm putting off, gave us a TWENTY-ONE page syllabus. He never explains anything and he emails me five times a day. I go in wanting to beat the shit out of him and I leave feeling pissed off like it's nobody's business

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I dyed my hair black recently.

If I put a pink dye over it, do you think it will have a tinge of pink in the sun or will it end up as a complete & utter fail?

Edit; Ok then. I guess it will fail. I'll go pout now, then do some housework.

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1. What happens if little bits of styrofoam get in the washing machine?

2. How can I learn to run?
I regard running as a superpower, but I don't know where to start.

3. How can I learn to jump over a fence?
This is also one of the things on my self improvement list.

4. Red hair suits me, but I'm naturally a brunette. Both my sisters are red heads, why does the universe not like me?

5. My sewing machine is FINALLY up and running (though the bulb has blown - where can I get a new one? anywhere other than a sewing shop?) what basic projects can I sew? More complicated than a pillowcase or something, but less complex than a pair of pants.

6. I want to have a ferret play date with a friend of a friend. Will this be cute? supercute? or embarrassing, as my ferret will get bored with the others after ten seconds and go to sleep?
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I feel cute today! TQC, do you feel cute today? Will you post a picture of yourself so TQC can tell you just how cute/hot/I'd-hit-that-like-the-fist-of-an-angry-god/okay you are? ;)
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Hey guys. So. I need to take two more classes next semester to graduate... what looks interesting?

Psy Sex Behavior
Psy Personality
Abnormal Psychology
Abnormal Child Psychology
Creative Writing Essay
Late Medieval Europe
Gender and Sexuality in Europe
Women from 1900
Civil War and Reconstruction
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Another question from the same friend from a few nights ago:

You have a cousin of the opposite sex. You aren't close to them, you just know they exist. You might see them every once a year or whenever at a family reunion.

Then by some miracle, you find out that they made this porn video with the same sex as themselves and that other person is the hottest thing you can imagine. Anything they (the other person, not your cousin) do can send you off the edge and you'll experience bliss like you've never experienced before.

Would you watch this video?

If you didn't understand that, say you're a guy, and you have a female cousin who made this porno with the hottest chick ever. Would you watch the porno?

Edit: Now, any cousin (you just know exists, not close) did a porno with any gender of your choice, would you watch it?

Edit again: Friend of mine is just ick about watching any porn that involves someone he's related to.
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Can anyone tell me what generally happens the first time you see a chiropractor for a consultation/adjustment?

I've never been, but I'm pretty sure I need to bite the bullet and just make an appointment. Doctors make me nervous. D:

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I need your assistance TQC - Some decisions are hard.
What should I have for breakfast?

Poll #1263448 Breakfast Time!

What should I make for breakfast?

Scrambled eggs
Tinned spaghetti on toast
Pancakes with maple syrup
A banana smoothie
Skip the food, just get some sexin'
Other (comment please)
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Poll #xxxx Drinking
Open to: all, results viewable to: all
Poll #1263714 Drinking

TQC, which do you prefer?

I don't drink
Other in comments

Why do I miss her?

We had a HORRIBLE break-up. We are nowhere near each other anymore (and even when we were together, the distance was about an hour and a half). We both said NASTY things to each other. I have no desire to get back together with her and she can say the same about me. She has moved on and so have I. So, TQC, why the hell do I still miss her?!
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1. There's something wrong with my computer. I can:
a.) take it to the Apple store near me on Tuesday.
b.) take it to the Apple store near my parents' house on Sunday, where I can spend the night because I have to do something with my mom Monday, anyway, but Monday is the day where the by I like doesn't have to work, so I was hoping we could have secret parties on Sunday.
c.) Take public transportation to Staten Island (2 hours) and go to the Apple store there, where I can basically see them any time today.

2. Is baking a boy a pie a nice way to tell him that you like him? He mentioned that he LOVED key lime pie, and that's like, the only thing I know how to make really well so I made him one but now I'm worried that he's going to think I'm creepy.

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what was something absurd that happened to you in the last week?

For me:

last night my friend and I went over to her step-mom's house, and she was getting drunk with all of her friends. So we get there, and they're talking about an old lady who got beat to death with a baseball bat, and I said "thats why id sleep with a gun under my bed" and one of the women goes "nobody does that" but then ANOTHER of the women goes into her room and pulls out a 9mm military issue hand gun, and this bitch was never in the military, m'kay.

So then three of the women either leave, or go to bed, and we're sitting out back with the gun lady. And she proceeds to start telling me about my future husband, and all this stuff about what he'll be like, etc. etc. and THEN she tells my friend that the type of man she's capable of marrying will never be able to compare to the type of man I'm going to marry.

And she's drunk, and me and my friend were stoned, and I was laughing so hard the entire time, goddamn. Last night was fucking ridiculous.


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So I was just reading theophania's livejournal and I came across this post:

I was just speaking with Mom about the economy, unemployment etc. You know how I usually don't follow American news, but this might affect me directly, if they start taking SSI etc away. She said that Myrl Linch, a bank that's been around for 158 years is in the whole for 16 billion dollars and that others are going under. I think it's safe to say we all know how Bush fucked up the country. She said if Obama doesn't get in, we're going to be in a depression. Already they're closing the boarders next month. No one, with or without a visa will be allowed to enter america but they can leave. the only jobs that'll be available are civil service.

I'm most curious about the bolded section. I do not believe it to be true, but bet that it is based off of some immigration policy that has something to do with next month. Anyone here know what's happening in reality that could cause someone to say this?

For 250k, would you....

Poll #1263835 For $250,000 would you....

....have a threesome with your SO and your sibling?


...spend 4 months in prison? Not a white color prison, but one where they send the troubled, unrepentent criminals


...get gold caps for every one of your teeth? You have to keep them in for a year. You won't have to pay to put them in and you don't get to keep the gold at the end of the year. Also, you can't tell anyone you're doing it for money. So, in short, a whole year with a grill like a rapper and you can't explain why


...have an affair? If you don't have a SO, pretend you have one. You have to bring someone home and have sex with them around the time your SO comes home from work. He/she has to catch you. You can explain to them that you only fucked the other person for a quarter of a million, and hope they understand and take you back if you want


...make a pro-Sarah Palin youtube video? It will be very popular and be a cultural phenomenon and will bring many voters around to vote for McCain as a result, and it might indirectly be a leading factor why Obama lost


...get tattoos on the back of your knuckles. On your right hand, it'll say SOOPER GEENIUS, and on your left, MASIVE BRAINES. Tattoos will be large and in eye-catching bright red ink. You have to have them on your hands for at least a year and you can't tell anyone you did it for money, or else you lose it all, so you'll have to come up with another reason why you got those tats

Peek- Art: Tara McPherson

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Okay. Say that someone was going to give you a million dollars for everyday in a row that you willingly suffered with intense constipation. Im talking about all day agonizing cramps. You know the kind im talking about. And you werent allowed to poop. How many days would you willingly suffer for the money?

Would you rather.. lick ranch dressing off a public toilet seat? Or eat 4 random hairs found in a public gym shower?
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So my friend and I hung out Monday, he came to see me on my break at work on Wednesday, and he happened to be at the Taco Bell behind my house yesterday so we hung out for a few hours and he asked me to be his date to this formal frat thing tonight.  He totes wants to do me, y/y?

Also, I'm wearing this strapless dress tonight that fits me well, but likes to slide down about an inch when I move around.  I was thinking of stitching my bra into it to keep it in place.  Do you think that will work, or do you have a better idea?

Sleep Over!

TQC is having a sleep over party tonight!

What do your pajamas look like?

What position do you sleep in?

What will you bring with you?

Who will you park your sleeping bag next to?
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How the fuck do you keep black laundry from fading?  We have a municipal water supply, and that can't be helped. I always wash them in cold water, I've tried Woolite, Woolite for Dark Laundry, Cheer Dark, fabric softeners, NO fabric softeners, drying them on low heat... they still fade!  WTF, TQC?

What's that post secret community?

1. I can't find that postsecret comm. You don't post secrets yourself, but you send them to this person at a certain time/hour and them a bunch of them are posted in the same post by this person once a week... maybe.


2. Wht was your last meal? I+m hungry and don't know what to eat.
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1. Does a question have to contain a question mark to be considered a question?

2. How do you deal with your best friend getting a boyfriend? I can't deal with it D:

EDIT: If you answered "yes" to the above, do you say so because you are uneducated, an idiot, incapable of thinking for yourself, or you truly believe the answer is "yes"?

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What can I fill a beanbag with besides the standard beans?
My friend suggested real eating beans as both an expensive solution and an insult to all the world's starving people.

Any creative ways to keep a ferret cool?
It's spring and already getting close to the ferret-fatal temperature of 27ْC. I was thinking I could make an impenetrable hammock that I could put one of those icepack baggies in. Something along those lines.

What sandwich did you eat today?
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HYPOTHETICALLY speaking -- imagine you're flirting with someone you have a total boner for and they say "....or we could just go to your house and get drunk and make out" which makes you go "OO hellz yes!" BUT your house is a total mess as you haven't tidied up in like weeks.

Do you still take them and just warn them? Or does messy house become cock blocker? Does it matter based on how much you ~*like*~ them? Like are you more likely to say fuck the messy house for someone you like a LOT more than someone whose judgment you don't care about; or are you more likely to not want to fail to impress someone you like a lot by having a messy house?

ftr nobody is coming to my house to get drunk and make out, it's just a hypothetical. unless you want to.
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As a matter of fact, I am asking TQC to dictate my life.

I have 20 minutes to make this decision..
I'm exhausted. I didn't do much today but I'm still exhausted. And I'm feeling very achy (my back and knee). I have a family party tonight for my cousin's 30th. I want to go, because I had been planning on it, and I have the outfit picked out, and I was almost looking forward to blowing out my hair, doing my make up, etc. But I also don't really wanna go because I'm exhausted, achy, have schoolwork to do and would have the house to myself and a decent chance of phone sex with the bf.

If I go, I'd give my parents an excuse to leave after 4 hours because we're sharing a car to get there. What should I do?

ETA: I'll go. And take some sort of pain killer before I leave. Ty :)

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1. are you scared of....

the mentally disabled?

2. do you like penises circumsized or uncircumsized? (and why)

3. everyone is a little OCD... what makes you OCD?
Real children

More random!

1.) Why does my cat try to bury the flowers in the painting over my bed?

2.) Which is worse:
      a.) The fact that when my work computer lost its connection to the network, I called the helpdesk and complained about a blockage in my series of tubes, or
      b.) The fact that the helpdesk guy didn't get it.

3.) I know I've been out of the loop for a long time, but when did "this" start getting used in comments?

4.) What's the dumbest name you've ever seen anyone give their baby? (I saw Million'z'a'Dolla'z - no shit - and a friend told me about twins named LeTweet and LeTwat. LeTwat was the boy.)

5.) What's the weirdest thing that's ever turned you on?
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I posted something similar to this yesterday.
I'm going to do one of these for my dorm room. I plan on making it about twice the size of a normal poster.

Collapse )

So which of these photos should I "rasterize?" (I made the poll a checkbox poll because I know people like checkboxes, but please only pick like one or two if you can't make up your mind.)

Number 1 (sleepy cat face)
Number 2 (two up close cat faces)
Number 3 (Inca Tern)
Number 4 (cat chewing hand)
Number 5 (inquisitive bird)
Number 6 (jellyfish)
Number 7 (crossed feet cat)
Number 8 (yawning/roaring cat)
Number 9 (art museum with wings)
Other (tell me in comments)
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What do you call those vehicles they use to carry baggage from the airport to the plane? The funny little flat things all joined up like toy trains. In the UK, specifically.

(no subject)

Generally, do you think people post too much personal information on the internet? Do you use your real name or give out personal information on a public forum? I keep everything as anon as possible.

While a lot of people take steps to protect their identity, I see a lot of people posting things and telling people things that I would never dare discuss in a public place like the interwebs. You never know when that stuff could come back to bite you in the ass.
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since you became sexually active, what's the longest you've gone without getting any?

what sounds more fun: watching the discovery channel while stoned, or watching the christian channel while stoned?

not counting crocs, what's the ugliest trend you can think of?

MLP - pinkie chicken

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Which of these are true?

Poll #1263844 What's True?

Which of these is trufax?

I can't sleep unless I have more than 2 pillows
I have to ingest caffiene in the morning or bodily harm might come into play
I cannot stand coffee
I take vitamins each day
I love to read, I just don't have the time anymore
I have, or once had, some sort of portable gaming device
My favorite animal hails from Africa
I am a very quiet drunk
I never seem to have an umbrella when I need one
I see no need for a flashy new cell phone - mine makes calls and texts and that's all I need

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TQC, last night i ran from the cops, and my so called "friend" ratted me out and so i got busted w/ pot (on campus) it's my first offense but i still feel like shit.

will you say/post something to make me feel better?

if not, can you tell me a story that involves you and the police?
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What's the best way to get revenge for people who take their dogs out and let them shit RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR BEDROOM WINDOW and don't ever ever ever clean it up?

(no subject)

Hola, Tea Cue See

Who is/are your favorite serial killer(s)?

Why is/are they your favorite(s)?

Collapse )

Also, what movie should I go see tonight?

Burn After Reading
Tropic Thunder (again)
Pineapple Express (again)
Righteous Kill
Dark Knight (again)
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1) How can I get out of this cranky, frustrated mood I'm in? 

My boyfriend is coming over in a while, and predictably, he will want sexytiem. However, when I'm cranky and frustrated, I don't want to be touched at all (not even hugs!). It's nothing he's done, it's just me being frustrated with myself and my newspaper. I can't seem to get out of this cranky mood. Alcohol probably won't do the trick, I get really angry when I'm drunk. :P

2) What should my boyfriend and I make for dinner?

We went out last night, so we're cooking in tonight. Except neither of us knows what to make. I do NOT like seafood of any sort, and Ryan will eat just about anything. No macaroni and cheese, because I've been eating it all week (leftovers).

3) What should we do after dinner?

Presumably there will be sexytiems. We're also gonna watch The Breakfast Club...which Ryan has NEVER seen (clearly, a crime against nature). but..then what?

4) Do you pick at your scabs? if so, why?

Yep, I do. Usually out of boredom, but sometimes I kind of like picking at it over and over until it leaves a scar. I find scars interesting, but I would never go purposely hurt myself to get one.

(no subject)

Why is my laptop a worthless piece of shit?
srsly. I was in the middle of watching a DVD yesterday when it decided to spazz out on me and now it cant even tell that there's a DVD in the drive. fuckin' vista.
will you show me something that will cheer me up? The DVD was Strangers With Candy Season 3, if that gives you an idea as to the sorrow I am feeling.

(no subject)

If you rubbed a magic lamp and a genie popped out and he said you can have 6 wishes - 3 for instantly gratifying wants and 3 for long term wants; what would you wish for?

What is your favourite movie of all time?
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Bug-eyed Earl

Go here?

My grandmother bought my 1 year old this blue square pillow that kind of looks like a baseball base and it says "GO HERE" and when you squeeze it, there are blinking lights on it. It also has a loop on the back so you can hang it.

What is this for?
  • ujay

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My stepfather had his credit card info stolen the other week. Someone tried to buy around $29,000 worth of stuff from I was telling a friend about it last night and she said that the same thing happened to her grandma the other week; the same amount of money was unknowingly charged from the same website.

Anyone else?

If not, have you ever been a victim of credit card fraud or identity theft?
companion cube!

Early/Young Peas...

I have a low calorie Guacamole recipe (from that calls for "Early/Young Peas"...but when I went to the supermarket I didn't see anything with this label.  Closest I found were Young Tender Sweet Peas, and even google doesn't have an answer for me.  So...

What are early/young peas?  Do they go by another name?  And is there something I could substitute for them (keeping it low cal)??

(no subject)

1. What's the longest you've been single? Not counting the time between your birth and your first girlboyfriend.

2. Is it as socially odd to scratch your boobs in public as for instance scratching your ass?
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

(no subject)

So what are you supposed to do at a bar anyway, besides the obvious drinking? Do people really just sit, talk, and drink? Are there (word/mental) games or something?

I really don't understand the appeal. Cause I could just buy booze and make stuff at home and it would seem to be exactly the same as bar hopping with friends, except paying less and being able to hear what they're actually saying.
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1. if you've ever had a threesome whilst in a relationship, what happened to the relationship afterwards? was everything just peachy keen, or was there ~*major dramaz and jealousy issues*~??? i'm curious, because i have never come across a couple that has had a threesome and stayed together drama-free.

2. was it man-lady-lady, man-man-lady, man-man-man, or lady-lady-lady threesome?

3. besides any drama that may or may not have happened afterwards, was it good? would you do it again?

4. do you want to talk about something else instead?
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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer goes down in history like who?

I was singing the Rudolph the red nose reindeer song today and I sing it with the interjections thrown in like: "You'll go down in history!" (like Columbus)" . My husband had said he never heard it sung with the extra stuff thrown in there. Then I was talking with a friend and they said Rudolph goes down in history like George Washington but I had never heard of that before. How do you sing the song and where are you originally from? Maybe it's a regional thing. I'm originally from Texas, my husband from California and my friend from New York.

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My lurvely new laptop came bundled with MS Works. I have a perfectly good MS Office waiting to be installed. Works just looks like a slightly simpler version of Word and Excel. It made me wonder, what is the distinctive purpose of Works? Why do Microsoft produce two word processing programs?
Gaga: Elegant

(no subject)

What is your favorite local thing to do at night that doesn't involve grinding against other people?
What is your favorite local thing to do during the day that doesn't involve grinding against other people?
Any Chicagoans with a favorite local activity?
at seven

(no subject)

Have any of you ever made calls or done other volunteering on behalf of a political cause or campaign? What was the cause/candidate/whatever and what was it like?

I'm intrigued by the idea of making calls to people for Obama but mostly I'm just chickenshit.
misc - not a weapon

Get out your crystal ball

What do you think will happen to the prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay if Obama is elected?

Will Bristol Palin and her babydaddy move to DC if Palin is elected VP or will they stay in Alaska?

Do you think Israel will cease to exist as a state at some point in your lifetime?

Is there a limit to how much money China will loan the US?


1. Am I the only person alive who listens to a wide range of music? From.. I don't know... George Michael, Queen, Elton John to Robbie Williams, Shania Twain, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Frank Sinatra, Westlife, RHCP, Linkin Park, Buddy Holly, and W.A. Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Beethoven...? (It's a random list, not even of my favourites... except for Queen :D)

And it's just the beginning. It doesn't even begin to describe it. So when people ask me what I listen to, I can't even explain it. I'm not much into really 'current' music, but I like anything older. Especially bands from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Which many of my friends/people I just met don't know about. It gets annoying and irritating.

I just enjoy music. There seems to be a lot of bands and singers who hate one another. And I like them all . Silly, serious, moody, artsy, rock, pop, jazz, blues... I only don't like the talking songs and the screaming songs. Yeah.

2. How do I explain my taste in music to other people?
3. Is anyone else in the same or similar predicament?


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1. how many siblings do you have?
2. what are the names and ages of them?
3. do you ever wish you were an only child?

1. two brothers
2. DJ (14) and David (3)
3. neither of them have ever lived with me so I was raised as an only child. I like it but it got lonely at times.
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Which feels better to you? Paying a huge compliment to someone and it is hugely accepted, or receiving a huge compliment from someone?
for me, i love when my compliments are hugely accepted cause speaking from the heart is rare for me

What was a huge compliment you paid to somebody that made you feel good?
my crush has this red shirt that looks so good on him that everytime he wears it, i think, "ugh what a beautiful boy." and yesterday after somebody else complimented it, he asked me "why does everyone tell me they like this shirt? it's just like all my others except red" so i blurted out "it makes you look beautiful" and he was like "wow. that was an amazingly huge thing to say" but then i super blushed.

What was a huge compliment that was paid to you that made you feel good?


Have any of your saved icons randomly changed themselves? Two of my icons have been replaced by icons I've never seen in my life. what the shit? apparently my computer is on crack.
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What would you do in the following situation?

You are engaged to a guy who you've been dating for 4 years. You love him, and know he would be good to you the rest of your life. But you would only feel content with him. There is another guy who your heart would prefer, who you feel right with. But you think he might leave you later and you're afraid to end up without anyone. (And your parents don't approve of him, either.)

So, would you stay with your fiancee who only makes you feel content, or would you give up him and the ring for the guy your heart wants you to follow, even if he might someday leave you?
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do you think that minority groups (in regards to race) segregate themselves by means of race-specific institutions and organizations? do you believe that affirmative action is necessary?

do you think that minority groups are more likely to live in poverty than majority groups because of discrimination or because of, well, learned behaviors and choices?

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Do you need a creative outlet in your life? What is yours?

What would someone have to bribe you with to lick the sole of the shoe of someone totally random (you do not get to see the person)?

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From the depths of your imagination, what's the scariest thing that could happen to you right now?

I guess if something smashed through my window. 900 people ~highrise dorms aren't too spooky.
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I really want to go downstairs and buy some Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Recent flavors I've tried are: Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream, Karamel Sutra, Half Baked, and Strawberry Cheesecake.

I want to try a new flavor tonight. What flavor should I buy? Also, what flavors do you love/hate (B&Js or otherwise)?
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1. Are you a reg in this community? Am I a reg?
2. If you were a Pokemon, what Pokemon would you be?
3. How old is your cell phone?
4. What do you color coordinate, if anything? {clothes and my school notebooks}
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Why the hell do people think they have the right to come up and touch my son when I'm at the grocery store? My reaction thus far has been to laugh nervously and push my cart the fuck away. I should be given license to break their fingers, though, right?
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What do you like doing on week-ends if you're with one or two people? What if it's raining?

(I like to bake, play volleyball, discover something with the bicycle, beat everyone at scrabble and I'm stumped as to what to do when it's cold. ): )

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Would you kill me for a million dollars?
How many articles of clothing are you wearing?
Do deaf people from different regions sign with an accent, different dialects, or is sign language 100% universal?
What's the largest age difference between you and someone you've dated? Girls, would you ever seriously date someone younger than you? Guys, would you ever seriously date someone older than you?
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Is your significant other into biting? Have you ever dated anyone who was into biting? I'm talking like biting your neck (and other places) 'til you've got hickies basically.

What is the strangest/most random thing your significant other has used to get you off, if any?

Any embarrassing/awkward sex stories?
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I'm watching First Blood (Rambo 1) for the first time right now. I just saw the Godfather trilogy about 6 months ago for the first time. I haven't seen The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Iron Man, the new X-Files movie, and nearly every other popular movie from the past year.

What movies has everyone else seen and you haven't?

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I just moved around my entire heavy ass bitch of a bed to put little lifts under the bed frame. I put everything back together and tada my bed is WAY TOO FUCKIN' HIGH.

...I want to sob. Is this a normal reaction?
Should I just say "fuck it" and try to fix it again tomorrow?

(This might be an easy job in a really open/empty space, but my room is about the size of the backseat of a Volkswagon and there's no room to do this shit again)

What was the last thing that really disappointed you?
What was the last thing that you put a lot of effort into?

So... I got the lifts off, and I put the boxspring on...but OH THAT FUCKING MATTRESS IS HEAVY. :(