September 19th, 2008

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How do you feel about women who don't shave at all?

If you were attracted to a woman and you discovered that she doesn't shave, would it make you less or more attracted to her? Or would it not alter the way you view her at all?
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For those of you that have read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, which one was your favorite? How many times have you read it? How many times have you read the series?

My favorites are The Long Winter and On the Banks of Plum Creek. I really can't decide which one I like more. I've read all the books countless times since I was little.

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I was just reading the deviantartsnark community rules. What's an "/i/ board"?

Also, what's the shittiest thing to happen to you this week?

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, the friend I was planning to go to San Fran with had to cancel, and I really wanted to go with her. Another gal is coming now because the plane tickets were already paid for, but (the original) friend feels terrible squared and it really bothers me, because she really earned this trip, I think. (It was a gift from me/my family)


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TQC, will you tell me something stupid you or someone you know has done?

I got my mom a scented candle shaped like an apple. Here's how the conversation went:
M: It looks so real! Are you sure it's a candle?
A: Yea. It smells nice, too.
M: *smells it* Ooo it smells good. *bites it* OH GOD IT TASTES HORRIBLE
A: It's a candle!
M: It looks like an apple, though! D:

On another note, what is something other people consider boring that you love?
I love Harvest Moon games, they're a relaxing change from other games I like to play. Also I really love counting things for some reason. If I was locked in room full of stuff I had to count I'd be totally excited about it.


I need some new books to read. I read almost anything (except trashy romance or most mysteries and sci-fi) but my favorite kind of literature is Historical Fiction. That having been said, some of my favorite writers are Sarah Dessen, Jodi Picoult, Phillipa Gregory, Meg Cabot, and Tom Perrotta.
Taking this into consideration, what books can you recommend to me?

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I had a difficult conversation with my mother earlier about religion and sexual orientation. She is very difficult to speak to because she is a hardcore Christian who has trouble being tolerant of others and likes to go on rants before they've even finished what they are saying. I am going to send her an email but I wonder if this might make things worse.

Can you please tell me what you think TQC?
Collapse )

Sorry if it's TL;DR. I just really need some opinions, thoughts, and/or advice.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Say your roommate has gone home for the weekend. One of your two suitemates is asleep and the other is out. The other suitemate should be coming back relatively soon, and she usually comes through your room when she comes back late, so as not to slam the door and wake up her roommate.

You really want to masturbate like nobody's business and you are one horny little animal. You don't want your suitemate to walk in on you, though. You don't know when she's coming back, but you're going to go to bed within the next hour as you've got a class in 8 and a half hours.

What do you do? How do you quell the horny?

ETA: Bed is lofted, so you kinda have to do it at your desk for a handful of reasons.

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it seems to be disability day so here we go.
what's the damn problem with YOUR eyes, tqc?
I have glacouma and i am nearsighted. and everyone becomes a faceless blur at fifty yards. I see movement well though. maybe I'm a dinosaur.

also, wear glasses? I don't wear them but should. So I can survive without, but fuck, it's nice to see things sometimes

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So today at work, I had a family come in...a father and two children. The father was wearing a (what looked normal to me) normal type turban, but the children were wearing a turban-type scarf on their head that was wrapped tightly with what looked like a BALL forming underneath the turban at the top front of their head.

Does anyone know what type of turban that is? Or what would make them wear it that way (specific religious beliefs, etc)?

If you don't care....

Will you tell me about your work drama? Or friend drama? I'm bored.
Brother of the soul.

I'm all hyped on Mountain Dew!

I've asked this before but, WHATEVER.

So which would probably be more expensive to live in, The Bay Area [like right near SF] or anywhere on the islands of Hawaii?

[other optional choices to include are San Diego and Australia]

EDIT: Also, which would be the BEST choice? Eh?

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What do you do for a living?

Have you always known what you wanted to do?

What would you say to someone who had no idea what to do, had just quit their job after working in retail since they left college, pretty much is apathetic about doing their CV and has little confidence in themselves?

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You know how drinking's always a good idea, y/y? If you disagree, when is it a bad idea? I kind of want to drink, but being drunk and bored blows. What should I do? Will you entertain me? TQC is kind of a crappy option because I'm on my phone and it's pissing me off.
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I remember hearing of a technique that some people use in poetry (and many other things, I'm sure) as to increase the power of the message they're trying to send. I don't know what it would be called, but I'm interested in reading about it...but I don't know what keywords I'd use to find it. So maybe someone here knows about it.

It's about using only words with certain sounds that unconsciously/subconsciously? give certain/different feelings and can bring up different, yes, that, feelings. Anyone have anything?
Manhatten of the Dr sort

Music Question

Can you help me with my beach play list?

I'm drawing a blank and can not think of anything to listen to while I lounge on the beach.
I love acoustic/jazzy type stuff.
Johny Butler Trio
Jason Mraz
Justin Nozuka
Jack Johnson...
I didn't just pull from the "j " section in my music either.
Pink Floyd
Iron and Wine

[ugh, constant roommate and parental drama]

My parents have told me that the only problems I have with my roommate [who has noisy sex constantly, leaves period stained clothing downstairs, never washes/cleans and recently left pubes on the kitchen range] is that she is [a little] thinner than I am and has constant boyfriends so I must be jealous.

Do all Asian parents think their daughters are fat? Do they realise that if their daughters lost any more weight they'd vanish?

Are my parents justified in calling me lazy because waking up at 8-9 am when I am home on holidays is too late? What if they are very old and have no trouble waking up at four or five am?

How do I convince my paranoid parents that I feel strongly justified in moving out of my terrible living situation and am tired of sleeping in the bathtub to avoid flea bites which the landlady/roommate (and her cat) won't fix? I am not breaking lease either.
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I recently found out, a guy I had sex with years ago, was spreading rumors that he ran a train on me with his friends.

Have you ever had a sexual rumor spread about you?

Have you ever srpead a sexual rumor?

What was the rumor?

How do you feel about now?

ETA: "run a train" means when guys line up and have sex with a girl one at a time right after each other.

Relgious Discrimination

Long time no post here.

I have a project for a class about religious discrimination in the workplace. We're trying to think of a clip from a movie or tv show that would be pertinent to show during our presentation. Anyone have any suggestions? Someone from "The Office" would work great but I can't think  of any episode off the top of my head...

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When people call themselves "old" at the age of 28 are they just trying to illicit sympathy or do they honestly think they are old?

My boss at the age of thirty was telling me how his metabolism had drastically decreased because he was so old. Uh, isn't 30 like the peak age for health?
Bert Shocked

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How would you design your favorite shrimp? (to eat, not to have sex with)

Salt n Peppa'd
Cocktail Sauce
Tartar Sauce

might be a shot in the dark, but...

Does anyone feel like they have something that is too nice? Like it's too nice for you because you've never had anything as nice as that and it doesn't feel like it should be yours? Like things would feel more real or more happy if you had something that was less nice, but closer to what you were used to? Does this make any sense at all?
real men read


Have you ever had what you might consider to be a prophetic dream? Like, you dreamed about something only to find out some point later that something in your dream actually happened but there was no way you could have known about it when you dreamt it? Have you heard of that happening to someone else you know?

When you think of things that happened in the past, like in grade school, with friends that you still know, do you remember how they looked then or does your mind insert how they look now?
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When was the last time you gave into something you didn't like?  What was it?

My puppy just got a card out from under the coffee table (A MICHAEL'S CUPON) and tore it to shreds while I was upstairs.  I took away the last big chunk he was chewing on and he just sat and STARED at me, so I was like oh fuck it since I had to clean up everything anyway and a few more pieces wouldn't kill me.  Bastard.
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I'm not sure what class I should sign up for. I'm trying to tone/get into shape but also have fun. Help me decide?

a. belly dancing
b. aerobics & strength training
c. cardio kickboxing
d. gentle yoga
(EDIT) e. ju jitsu

Also if you've taken any before, can you tell me your experience? TIA! (:

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Be well.

Dammit, I meant to reply to a question.  Now that this is posted and I can't delete...

How are you?

ETA:  How many of you have accidentally posted a response as a new post or posted your personal journal in a community?

berry tart

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One of my best buddies [who is in Iraq] sent me an email the other day saying that we can't be friends anymore because his family doesn't like the fact that I'm white. We've been best friends for 2 years. Why is he just now telling me this?

my friends all drive porches, i must make amends

which of these CAR songs have you ever enjoyed...even once?

Pink Cadillac, bruce springsteen
Cadillac Ranch, bruce springsteen
Little Red Corvette, prince
Jaguar, who
El Camino, ween
Mercedes Benz, janis joplin
Bitchin Camaro, the dead milkmen
Mercury Blues, steve miller band
Hot Rod Lincoln, commander cody + the lost planet airmen
Stranded in a Limosine, paul simon
Little Deuce Coup, beach boys
GTO, ronny and the daytonas
Greased Lighting, from the musical 'grease'
Piece of Shit Car, adam sandler
oh suzer, when it comes to car songs, i am outta gas here, but maybe if i knew them better.
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If you were offered 50k Euro (haha, I am international) to eat only one ethnicity of food (food ethnicity? food from one ethnicity? however that's best phrased) for one year, what ethnicity would you pick? Why?

Or would you turn down the offer?
clara bow
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Dylan McKay or Brandon Walsh? 

The other guys are pretty much dumb or ugly, amirite?

If you have no idea what that's about, how much of a daily/weekly routine do you have?
I used to do the basics (eating, grooming, cleaning, etc) at pretty much the same time, but now that I don't have to go to school it's so weird being able to clean the bathroom on a Monday morning instead of the weekend. 
Pink Shoes

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My mum's work is doing a fundraiser for Princess Margaret Hospital and she needs to dress up as something beginning with either P, M, or H. Princess and pirate are already taken, so something besides those two. It also has to be something that she can work in so nothing that is hard to move in and nothing that will get hot after a while.

Any suggestions?
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would people notice if i wore a "chemise" that looked like Collapse ) in public? it's long enough to cover everything and stuff. it's a jersey material.

and, are you looking forward to the weekend?
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your thoughts on mystery meat?

I overheard something on the news yesterday that we may be selling genetically altered meat in the near future. Packages are not required to carry a label indicating such, unless they've changed anything in particular about it (eg. low fat meat), but when you think about it genetic engineering is also "something in particular." Very big one, too. Those silly scientists.

Your thoughts? Would you or would you not want to eat genetically engineered foods?

If this question has been asked before, let me know. I can ask something else. We can talk about ponies.

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i'm looking for a new digital camera. nothing fancy. i don't take pictures too often. i just realized how awful and old school my six year old 2 megapixel camera was a couple weekends ago at a wedding i attended.

any recommendations on decent but cheapish digital camera (< $200)? extra points if i can find it on ebay easily.
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Happy Weekend, TQC!

1. What are some ways you motivate yourself to do something, when you really don't want to do it?  Any unusual ways of motivating yourself?

2. What's your favorite puchase made for under $100?

3. What awesome plans do you have for the weekend?
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Does it bother you when you find out your significant other masturbated?

My wife masturbates just about every day, and although we have sex 3-4 times a week, and we never turn each other down, I still feel a little rejected knowing she does this.  I understand we all need time for ourselves sometimes, but I think I'd just rather not know when she does this.
Josephine Baker (feathers)

New shoes

I just got my new shoes in the mail. They are super cute and incredibly comfortable.

Only problem is, they gape a bit on the sides of my feet. I got them in 9M, but I've worn a 8.5W in the past—and these are maybe a little long. Shipping is free both ways, but it took a week for them to get here (way cheaper than Zappos, though).

Poll #1263301 New shoes

Should I:

Keep the 9M
Send back the 9M, and order the 8.5W
Send back the 9M, and order the 9W
Order the 8.5W, but don't send the 9M back until I try the other size
Order the 9W, but don't send the 9M back until I try the other size
See a licensed shoe professional
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Situation: My best friend was just minding his own business and this person we both barely know comes up to him randomly, starts talking to him and he gets the "creepy vibe" Dude asks him if he wants to come to this church of his, which has video games, money and women. Friend is more weirded out and tries to ditch him, but the dude cannot take a hint and follows him around really creepily, continuing to talk. I finish class and grab best friend, leaving campus.

What would you do if you were my best friend?
When's the last time someone who creeped you out came along?
Also, this guy apparently has watched my group of friends and "wants to figure out what kind of people we are". Am I gonna have to smack a bitch?
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hopelessly lost...

My sister passed away last night. (She had been taken Tylenol daily to combat a back ache and flu like symptoms of general aches. What she did not know was that the Tylenol was damaging her liver. She slipped into a coma yesterday morning and her organs failed her by night time.)

The thing is, she had a nine month old baby. The father is out of the picture. And with me being her only sibling, I am about to become his guardian. (Yeah, it's a dramedy come to life.)

This is my problem as well as my question, I have no idea how to raise a kid. To tell the truth, I had never planned to have any kids. Don't get me wrong, I love kids. But I was going to pass the whole task of continuing the family line to my sister. But now, I have a baby.

So, guardians of TQC, can you recommend any sites, books or anything of that nature that could give me a clue on what to do?

Do you have any sage advice to give?

I am really green here. I don't even know how to change a diaper, so any help from anyone would be appreciated. Thank you.

EDIT: Thank you, everyone, for your advice. I will go to my local library and check out those books, search those sites as well as hit up the hospitals and the churches for help. Thanks, again.

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Do you feel 'alone' about a particular thing that you struggle with? As if no one else in the world is having the same troubles you are?

If it isn't too personal, what is it?

Mine is that I'm unmotivated when it comes to school work, and I skip class and don't get homework done and I beat myself up about it. I'm 22 and this has been going on since I was 16.
pink trees
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anyone who knows plays

I'm looking for a play with a neurotic and/or anxious character. The more neurotic/anxious the better.

Edit:Because I had an epic fail and forgot a question

Do you know any plays with neurotic and/or anxious characters? Which ones?
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A friend of the family died early yesterday morning.  I figured that calling hours would be tomorrow, but instead they're tonight.  I came to work today in a decent shirt and kind of old jeans.  They're not ripped, but they're definitely worn and faded.

Should I go home and change before going to the calling hours?
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i just heard a song on the radio today on 105.9 (power) mostly just hip hop/rap/r&b station. it was techno almost and had "crazy crazy" that's all i really remember. my sister say they said, "crazy like your momma." i'm pretty sure it's a new song/new release since this is the first time i've heard it.

any guesses are welcome, help?
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What should I have for dinner tonight?

chili and cornbread
tandoori chicken and chickpeas
roasted tomato pizza
grilled cheese
nothing, fatty!

Are you or do you know any freaks? What makes you/this person a freak?

oh damn I forgot I just asked a question. should I delete this one?
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Anyone else miss the GamesDomain Castle? Stupid yahoo... :|

What were your favorite games on there? I liked the one with all the monsters, the memory game, and Treasure Crypt. My handles on there were Krayzie940 and aertzte, on the extremely off chance anyone remembers me =P

For those of you who have NO IDEA what I'm talking about... will you comment with your least frequently used icon? I used mine in the post.

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What should I ask for for my birthday? (assuming hookers and blow are already provided)
A guy I used to see is being kind of an ass but is still wanting me to go to his concert. Should I take my best girl friend, my best guy friend, or blow it off? (note that I'll probably be pretty butt hurt if I tell him to fuck off and his stupid band is more than locally famous in a year or two)
My roommate just left for a long weekend and everyone wants me to go out. Can I just stay home and have awesome naked alone time or do I need to suck it up and go out?
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TV Show question

I watch way too much TV.  And on one of the shows some guy was killing his girlfriends using zoological diseases or something like that.  Does anyone remember what show that is?

And if you don't care, how many different shows do you watch regularly?

At any given time there are probably 6 or 7 shows that I watch regularly - thank God for DVR.

aw | blink

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What is the arrow pointing to? The green or the purple area? (The Lingual tonsil or the epiglottis? There is no name for the dark space, so it can't be pointing at that! Argghhh...)
Collapse )

Edit: Never mind. It is pointing at the space between, which is called the vallecula. >_>
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TQC, I just tried to trim my bangs. They looked a little ragged, and since I can't afford a haircut, I figured I'd just take a tiny bit off to clean them up a bit.


I cut WAY WAY WAYYYY too much off. Now they're super short and look stupid if they're not clipped back.

I'm having a bad day already, and now I'd just like to stab my eyes out with the scissors for thinking this was a smart idea.

What can I do about this? Aside from waiting for them to grow out again (it took almost a year for them to get ridiculously long, so I shouldn't have TOO long to wait..) Is there a way to make them look cute/presentable other than clipping them back?

if it makes a difference, I usually part my hair so that more of it is on my right side (if that makes sense). I rarely wear my hair down, though, it's always up in a ponytail. And I cut them straight across (accidentally, which is how I wound up in this predicament.)

srs, non srs. whatevs. i need some cheering up. :P


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i know that a lot of people identify other users on here with their default icon, but do you ever do that to yourself?

Like, after having the same default for so long now, I see my icon I and think "caroline's livejournal" or something along those lines. how bout you?

Christmas dirty jokes? whaaaat?

So, I asked a customer to see her I.D today on her credit card purchase (i'm a cashier), and her last name was "Christmas." I made a comment to how I loved her last name, but that she must get that all the time. She tells me that she does, but she also gets a lot of dirty jokes about her last name.

So, my question is, what dirty jokes can you make to someone whose last name is Christmas? A coworker and I were trying to think of some, but were stumped.

bubble butt

What's the best way to get gum out of denim?

Do any of the usual answers actually work? Like peanut butter, lighter fluid, hot vingar, etc.

I ask because the most common answer tends to be freezing, which in my experience doesn't work, the gum gets slightly firmer but it still fairly tacky and definitely won't crack into little pieces or peel right off the fabric.

So does anyone know from experience a method that actually works? Anyone used one of the commonly recommended methods and had it ruin the fabric or anything?

The situation: black denim, white chewing gum stuck on the butt, as much scraped off the surface as possible so all that's left is the last bit that's totally mashed right into the fabric.
happy monkey


1. what can i do to keep from spending another weekend depressed in bed?
2. what are you up to this weekend?
3. can you tell me / show me something to cheer me up please?
Baro Bitch Stare
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What's the gas price where you live?
I just paid $2.99/gal...though regular price is $3.54/gal

What was the last thing that made you really happy?
that gas price promotion

What was the last movie you saw?

What is the next movie you'll likely see?
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omg i'm sorry i hate these questions

What do you like to do when you're low on cash and still want to have a fun/interesting night? Tomorrow is my only day to sleep in a bit, so cheap booze is in the budget but not too much past that.


Alternatively, how long can you hold it when you've gotta go?
when you've been drinking?
is it number one or number two?
Smooth Criminal

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Why am I having so many issues with iTunes lately? First it was my shuffle being stupid and now it won't acknowledge the fact that I have over $10.00 worth of store credits. Anyone else having this issue or is it just because Apple hates me for not having a Mac?


1.) What about your job (or school, or crack habit, or other daily obligation) drives you insane?
     Some days I swear I'm a glorified babysitter.

2.) Why did I decide management was a good idea?
     Couldn't possibly be the paycheck...

3.) What book should I read tomorrow?

4.) Do you ever refuse to watch a movie because a particular person is in it?
     John Travolta. He always looks greasy. And Angelina Jolie. Her lips freak me out. I mean, really.

5.) Have you ever accidentally exposed yourself?
     I introduced my genitalia to the busy intersection outside my apartment. Got out of the shower, heard a raging thunderstorm, and didn't think that my blinds were open.


Is there an adjective form of "probity"?

To fit in this blank:

"I passed the probity test; I am _______."

Or is it just, "I have probity"?

Have you ever had to undergo a thorough probity test? Pass / not pass?

My shitty part time job at the moment is for a bank. They wanted to talk to my former landlords and the Head of my department at my uni, even though I'm not even studying this year. I seem to have passed okay.
hate pimentos

(no subject)

TQC, I am upset with my husband and slowly but surely curling myself into a rock-hard anger ball.

Will you post something lulzy for me?

If not, will you tell me to quit being such an anxiety-fueled asshat and just get over it?

(no subject)

What is the little voice in your head telling you right now?

Is that little voice usually right or wrong?

Has that little voice ever gotten you into trouble? If so, what happened?

Who does the little voice sound like?
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tqc, i am feeble-minded and, like atomicide, cannot make decisions without your input. which movie thing should i put on for background noise while i paint?

what movie thing should i put on for ~*atmosphere*~ while i paint???

aquateen hunger force, season 1
ichi the killer
lord of the rings: fellowship
the pink panther
BBC planet earth


EDIT: i have been informed that liquor is quicker. NEW QUESTION! what cheap liquor should i buy for them?!?!? i don't really want to spend a lot of money on these guys.

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I found a grey really fucking adorable (looked like chinchilla fur) hopping mouse. It looks exactly like, and hopped like a kangaroo mouse but I didn't think we had them on long Island. I was able to get really close to it. What kind of mouse is this?

Also, how can I humainly catch this mouse? If my dad finds out we have mice, he will deem me responsible somehow (I keep pet rats and lizards) and he will make me get rid of all my pets.


Is there something that you look at (a picture or object) that makes your blood boil and makes you want to do violent things to people and other things?

Is there a thought that does the same to you?

What do you do when that feeling comes up?
Shirley Animated

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When was the last time you cried? How bad was it? Why did you cry?

A few hours ago, my parents called and made me feel like shit over my relationship. Again. I turned out so differently from what they expected, and it just reminded me that they don't really know me at all anymore. :(
Lucius Mic
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College Essays, Woohoo

If applicable, what did you write about in your college application essays? Anything interesting? Did you get in?

(I know what you're thinking, and no, I've already submitted mine)
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(no subject)

in order to preoccupy myself i've resurrected a list of songs i had on an mp3 cd back in the day. what program can i used to download some of these songs?

what program do you use to download songs?