September 18th, 2008

Luis sloooow

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When you finish talking to someone on the phone, do you say goodbye/bye/cya/some equivalent?

What country do you live in?

I have noticed people on American TV shows don't farewell each other on the phone My friend thinks it's an American thing. I think it's a TV thing. 

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TQC, I really REALLY need a drink, but I have no idea what to fix! Here's what I have:

Grand Marnier
Triple Sec
Cream Liqueur

What yummy drinks could I make with any of those?

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What animal - that currently doesn't fly - would you make able to fly?

Do you pluck your eyebrows or get someone else to shape them?

On a scale of 1 -10 how gross is your keyboard right now? 1 : being pristine and squeaky clean and 10 : being hmmm there might be a new fungi growing in there somewhere

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dear tqc, i have a flight in which i have to be ready for in about 3-4 hours, would you A) stay up and sleep on the plane, B) Take a nap and risk being late or C) wait until the last possible second then fall asleep and miss your flight?

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Forgive me if this is a silly question, but I have never had a cold sore before. How do they start? I have a small bump on my top lip and it is really irritating me.  I just noticed it tonight and it doesn't really hurt, but moreso irritating...

Save yourself, hamsterpeople

You wake up one day after a night of drinking to find yourself in your bedroom, but you're completely naked and trapped inside a giant hamster ball. It's soundproof and unbreakable. If sound can't travel out, then air probably can't travel in. You have a limited about of time to free yourself before a very strange death finds you. Probably an hour of air before it's too late. And you really have to pee.

1. How do you save yourself?
2. Do you hold your pee or just let yourself go?
3. Will this experience influence your willingness to drink in the future?

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I hear over and over again that youth is wasted on the young. I don't mean this to be a depressing post, but

1. How old are you? (optional question)

2. What do you regret fretting over when you were younger?

3. What do you wish you could've done more?

4. WHat do you wish you could've done less?

5. Any additional comments?
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If you were to make a reality show like 'the Real World' with TQC members, which ones would you put in the house and why?

Assume a limit of 10.


If you get both feet stuck in somebody's butt while footing them, how would you get to the hospital?


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m I drunk?
Ever hung out with a band after the show?
What's the best concert you've ever been to?
Why do dance party girls want to talk to me in front of their frat boy boyfriends so I can't smooth talk them out of those itty bitty dresses?

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inspired by this post.

if you get cold sores, do you feel obligated to tell new partners that you get them? do you feel bad if you don't tell them? do you actually tell, or not?

i never tell anyone because i don't think it's a huge deal because something like 85% of american adults get them anyways, but a few comments in there are making me feel like a bad person for never letting people know.

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1. How old are you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/fuck buddy?
2. How long have you been dating?
3. How long did you wait to have sex, and why?
4. How often do you have sex?
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What is something you always have a back-up supply of just in case?

Do you have back-ups at your work/school, ie a toothbrush or extra make up at work as well as at home?

How forgetful are you?

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What is one thing you used to do as a child that you still do as an adult today that some might find weird or immature?

I am a 37 year old female who still reads Mad Magazine like its my job.

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how would you feel if you woke up and found your parent had gone to McDonald's for breakfast and didn't bring you anything?

frankly, i don't feel very loved. i didn't actually want anything but i'd like to be asked!
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper


So, I was downloading some harmless Harvey Birdman episodes thru Acquisition (like Limewire) and when I opened one file to see a particular episode, it was PORN! Of course, I watched it anyway...but this porn was....MAGIC. Everytime I played it, it would have a different "story". I mean, there was no story, it was just straight up sex and bjs. But if I rewound it (Quicktime), I'd see different scenes and I could only see them if I started watching starting there.

So, can anyone explain this MAGIC PORN to me?
Have you ever encountered MAGIC PORN?
Do you make any...............MAGIC PORN?
Or is all porn.....................MAGIC to you?
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For those of you whose SOs have an LJ and have you friended, what are some advantages to this? What are some disadvantages?

For those whose SOs do not have an LJ, do you wish they did? Why or why not?

For those who are single, wanna make out? *wink wink* Okay but seriously though, for the single crowd... will you tell me something about the person you are currently crushing on?
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Ages ago, I worked at a Japanese restaurant/sushi bar owned by a wonderful Korean couple (who I loved). Anyway...

Here's the question.

Does anyone know of an Asian instant drink mix that could be referred to as "nut tea"? When it got cold out, my boss’ wife would make it for us, and that is what she called it. It was wonderful and I'm dying to have it again. It is a powder, in a rectangular tin. It reminds me of those International Coffee tins, but bigger. I think that it was Korean because she received it in care packages from her sister in Korea but since her English, while good, was limited and my Korean was abysmal I can't really be sure.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I sleep 8 - 8.5 hours or more per night, yet I'm always tired. I'm always cold. I have no desire to work. I physically cannot bring myself to concentrate at work. Nothing inspires me. I hate being at home, too, and always go to work really early and come home as late as possible to avoid seeing other people.

What is wrong with me?
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What are some small, seemingly inconsequential things that make you really happy?

Me, I love finding a song (or combination of songs) that perfectly fits the length of a commute.

Hewwo Thee Coo Thee.

I entered into a friendly contest with my bffs to see who could finish a jawbreaker first.
I swear to God, eating that thing has cut up my tongue so bad it bleeds. 

And now, I've developed some sort of speech impediment because of it.  I have to work today, so when customers come into the store, they stare at me like I'm slow.  I'm like, "Hewwo.  Hoooow are jew today?  If you hath any cebstuns, fweathe let me dough."

Collapse )

What's the last thing that happened that made you feel like an idiot?

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For those of you who live near the beach...

Do you go throughout the year? (Not necessarily in a bathing suit)
Have you ever seen snow on a beach?

I told a friend I was going to go for a walk there and he seems completely confused by it.

If you run on sand, do you usually wear sneakers?
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Worst social crimes

I'm doing a piece for my University newspaper on social crimes and I want your opinion on

  1. What you would consider to be social crimes eg. inconsiderate smokers, know it alls, people having loud public displays of affection, people talking during movies etc.
  2. What is THE worst social crime?

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1)What veterinary clinic do you take your pet to? Have you had a mostly good or mostly bad experience with them? What do you like/dislike?

2)Do you regularly read a newspaper of some sort? What's it called?

3)Coffee or tea?


So I'm trying to kick my Ambien habit, which means I'm getting about an hour or two of sleep each night, last night was day 3, I'm out of my mind tired and loopy. So this is the excuse I'm using to explain why I screwed up at work. I was printing these invitations for a BBQ my boss is having and on the RSVP cards I typed (and printed ALL OF THEM before noticing) "Please respond by October 10, 2005". He even proof read it before I printed them and we didn't notice.

So my question is, do I tell him or just let it be and act shocked when (if) he notices? OR, do I take a sharpie and make the 5's into 8's, ha. Dammit!
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I've been with my boyfriend for two months. Our date nights are becoming pretty predictable lately: movies, dinner, mall. Blah blah blah.

What's something fun and different we could do tonight? If it makes any difference, we'll be in the North Jersey area(Around Hopewell, Ewing, West Windsor, etc.)

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I'm going to a wine & cheese party on Friday. I need to bring a dessert - any suggestions with a recipe? I need something super tasty.

Also, what's the best cheap wine you know of?

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Do any of you have a personal trainer?

If the answer is yes:
1) Is it worth the cost?
2) How fit were you when you started with the trainer?
3) How fit are you now?
4) Is there anything one should know/ask before starting with a trainer?
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First post

This election has been annoying for the most part, yet it has made me think about how I view things a little more closely. I admit, I have no idea what the difference is between a democrat and a republican. I vote based on the issues at hand, rather than by party. Sometimes (like with city elections) I vote because one name sounds better than another. So here are my questions:

Who would win the presidential election in this set up:
A female candidate or an openly gay male?
Would it depend on their party, or the issues that they support?
Who is more likely to allow a gay male to run? (I was thinking democrats but my husband says republicans)
Do you think this scenario is likely to occur before we get the first female president in office?

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I recorded this week's episode of House on my DVR, and unfortunately it cut off within the last couple minutes of the show.
Can anyone fill me in on the final outcome of the episode, what did Wilson finally admit?

Also: I just heard two of my co-workers call each other "Tootsie Pop", awkward?
What's the last awkward thing you saw/experienced?

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What are some things you do that are very stereotypical?

(e.g., I'm Southern Californian and I use the word "dude" way more than I should)

eta - it doesn't have to be only words/phrases you use, it can be actions/preferences as well. :P
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A man is being accused of rape after he had sex with his wife who is in a coma. Is it rape? Does the fact that they're married matter? Would you want your SO to have sex with you while you were in a coma? Thoughts?

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I'm pretty stoned right now and there's an old lady outside ringing my doorbell every fifteen minutes. I really don't want to answer the door. Like I said, I'm stoned.

When your doorbell rings do you feel obligated to answer it?

Since I started typing this she's progressed to hitting the doorbell twice followed by some banging

Am I obligated to answer the door?!

How can I make this fucking lady go away?!?!

By the way I peeked out the window. She doesn't look like she's in mortal peril or anything.
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I just put on a pair of pants I haven't worn in a while. In the front right pocket I found a fortune from the dinner my parents took me out to before I left in January. It says "Your dreams will come true when you least expect it." This means I will pass my GRE on Saturday, y/n?

What is the last strange thing you found in your pockets?

Haruhi disappearance

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1) What is your favorite type of flavor? (ex: salty, sweet, sour, acidic, etc)

2) What is your favorite food texture? (crunchy, creamy, gooshy, chewy, etc)

3) When communicating over the phone, what is your biggest pet peeve that people do?


TQC, I have some tuna I want to eat for lunch. However there's a part time girl working in my office today and tuna is stinky.

Should I say fuckit and eat it anyway?

Or should I be nice and have something else? If so, what should I have?

LOL Overreaction

On and scale of 0-10 (0 being annoying and 10 being I WANT TO STRANGLE THE BITCH)...

How annoying is it when someone calls you, "hun"?

I just called JCPenny to cancel my picture appointment on Saturday. The lady asked, "can you hold" and I said, "no, I just need to cancel my appointment" and she goes, "ok, can you hang on, hun?" and put me on hold.
I SAID NO I CAN'T BE ON HOLD!! Gah. And, she called me, "hun", so I hung up. *shakes fist*

I was on a cell phone, y'all. When I booked the damn appointment I was put on hold for 13 minutes!! I'm sorry, but with their HOLD record I wasn't going to sit there for another 13, 15, 20 minutes just to cancel the damn appointment.
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I bought a laptop a week ago. I need to return it because the "i" key from the hey board fell off (I dIdn't drop the computer or anything, it just fell off).

I need to erase all of my information and bring the computer to the state in which I bought it. Do I need to to a whole destructive systems recovery? or would that erase everything on the hardrive including the OS?
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I just updated to firefox 3 finally and it's already annoying me. There's no back button, wtf?! There's a "refresh", "stop" and "home" button up on the left hand corner, but no "back"!! Does anyone know where the hidden BACK button is?!?!

That was boring, sorry. Here's something more interesting.

Are you afraid of Collapse )
Paul Dano

A kind of roll call?

If you have been a member of this community for some time, do you find yourself posting more or less than you did six months ago? A year ago?

Will you comment with the usericon you had when you joined?

If you are a new member, will you say hi?

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Somebuddy is mad at me for not sending an e-mail.
I hit send!!!!

Have you ever sent an e-mail but they never got it?
What happened to my e-mail? Is it in the dead letter office?

EDIT-O-MATIC I am validated!! Free ice cream for all!!!!!
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1. TQC I have some chicken I am going to pan fry, but I'm out of my favourite seasoning mix. I have breadcrumbs, and let us assume salt and pepper to go in the mix.... assuming a fairly well stocked spice cupboard, what would you add to the mix to flavour up your chicken?

2. Does your local big theme park open nights in the run up to Halloween?
Have you ever been?
How awesome was it?

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1. Have you ever been to a concert...with one or both of your parents? Is this weird?
2. What was the last concert you went to?
3. What's the next one you're going to?

I've been to 4 concerts with my dad: Roxy Music, The Who, King Crimson, and Jethro Tull. We're going to see the Dandy Warhols on Saturday, and people always think it's strange that I take my dad to concerts. But he's lots of fun at concerts, and it's always been our bonding thing.

I did see Weezer when I was 15 with my friend at the time and both of her parents, and that was super awkward.

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Have you ever had a doctor be insistent about something that you don't agree with?

I was on BC that made me really depressed, I told my doctor, we switched pills and now I'm 100 times better. She wants me to see a psychologist and refuses to drop it.

Should I just go so she'll leave me alone about it? What would you do?

When I went to the beach today, there were naked people URRRVERYWHERE.
Why are there never any attractive people at the nude beach? Have you noticed this?

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After 6 years of loyal service to me my calculator is finally on it's death bed. There are problems with the screen and graphics and all the buttons are starting to have their writing worn off. So I've decided to buy a new one. Right now I have a TI-86. Most of the people in my classes have either a TI-83 or a TI-84.

If you have a graphic calculator, which one do you use?

Do I really need to buy a TI-86 or should I just get a 83 or 84? Any recommendations?
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Are primary school teachers happy-go-lucky people?

Who do you think will burn out faster: totally over the moon happy people or totally cynical black humoured bitter people?

Have you seen the movie Happy Go Lucky? What did you think? If you have not seen it, does it appeal to you?

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

I have been talking with a girl that I met on and we have known each other for over a year,

and we have established that we would enjoy having sex with each other (in an abstract conversation of coarse), and last night she said that she would happily date me if I ever asked her (again in an abstract conversation)

What do you think about the situation TQC?

What do you think I should do?

Do you have any predictions for the future of our relationship?

(no subject)

I had this entry all typed up, and decided it was tldr, even for me.

So the short of it is:

A semi-friend of mine came into my newspaper's office today, and made a really inappropriate comment about my Letter From The Editor picture. Something along the lines of: "JO!  What IS this?! Boobs hanging out, curves like did you get to be so hot?!"

I would like to inform him that if he ever, EVER makes another comment like this again, I'll report him for sexual harassment. There were witnesses to this comment today, and in fact, my best friend almost punched the guy. I would also like to tell him how inappropriate that comment was, ESPECIALLY since he knows I'm not single.

Now, question: Would it be chickenshit of me to message him on Facebook and explain how inappropriate that was? He communicates best through Facebook, and I figure if I "speak his language" (so to say), he might get a clue. I mean, I know he's not going to change a damn bit, and this will happen again, but he needs to know he crossed a line.

Another question: Should my boyfriend also say something to this guy? I think he should. He got so defensive of his "territory" when I moved in with my best guy friend, and that kid is totally harmless. This guy is a bit unstable, ridiculously desperate, and needs to be put in his place.

Halp guise, I feel totally violated by that comment. :/

EDIT: A few things to clarify, since everyone's gotten their panties in a twist about me overreacting--

1) The comment in and of itself does not bother me. It's the person who said it, and the way he said it that is the issue here. The guy is not a co-worker, and I have no boss (I'm the top person in the organization!). He's just a former staff member (who graduated before I was ever in college).

2) My boyfriend saying something would not replace me saying something. I fully intend on speaking to this creep about it, but I was curious as to whether the BF should say something as well.

3) I don't mean "territory" in the "OMG MY BOYFRIEND CONTROLS MY EVERY MOVE" sense, it was more a figure of speech.


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A few days ago, someone posted a photo that CNN had posted regarding the recent economic woes. It had WTF on it, with this guy on what looked like a red and yellow fisher price phone/McDonalds food box. That was so hilarious. Can someone give me this image? I can't find it anywhere! A link to that original post would be nice too, if possible. Thanks!
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My take-home pay is approximately $600 every other week. How much can I probably afford to pay in rent per month?

(I'd also have to pay water, electric, internet, cell phone... wouldn't need cable. Or a home home. And of course I'd need groceries, and can eat relatively cheap if I have to. MIGHT have a car, but would like to be somewhere that I could get a bike and/or use public transportation to get around). And I'm thinking "if I lived alone." Don't want to have to have roommates again. *shudders*

(no subject)

1) A lady at work brought in these brownie-type things today and they were amaaaazing. But I forgot the name of it. It sounded like Snickerdoodle, but obviously it is not that. Sh-something? Idk! Help please? :(
It was like rice-krispies on the bottom (sort of) and chocolate on the top.

2) What are some good songs to add to a sex mixtape CD thingy? Besides "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones because that's already on there. =P

3) When you post a question on here do you tend to accidentally post it to your journal instead?
I keep doing that every single time! Ahh!

macaroni murder lady

edited for clarity

I'm going to dye my hair again. I don't need it actually Crayola-red, but I'm going for a vividly red color. Will you recommend your favorite brand of permanent at-home haircolor? Looking natural is not a priority. No, I'm not taking it to a salon.

If you use Pandora, what stations have you created for yourself?

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my friend said to me today something to the effect of "Sometimes I feel like I'm a little more special than most of the people I know."

she didn't mean it like "I'm so great" blah blah blah. i don't really know how to describe it. it was actually after a long tangent about how much she hates herself 99% of the time.

but my question is:

do you sometimes feel like you're maybe a bit more special than the people around you?
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1. One of my fellow classmates is hearing-impaired. I'll be working with her in a group project. Does anybody in TeaCueSee have any advice or experience in this area? (FTR, she has an interpreter. And I forgot to ask if she reads lips...)

2. Is there any way to prevent gas in cats? My kitten likes to fart on me.

(no subject)

What was the best thing you've ever got for FREE?

What was the most expensive but most useless thing you've ever bought?

What have you brought along for show and tell today?
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How do I explain to my Mum that I want us to live in separate houses? Currently she lives with me in my place as her health isn't too good and she has a poor memory but its not that bad that she can't live herself. I think she would do a lot better on her own.

She's difficult to talk to though and will take everything I say the wrong way. I know that explaining this to her is going to end in her sulking and crying like a child. Despite the fact I'm doing it partly for her best interests & moving away to a better area.

Note that its not that I want her to move out of my house, I want to move somewhere else. Whether she stays here or moves somewhere else doesn't matter. Also, I'm not bailing on looking after her, she doesn't need as much help as she thinks and will do better for herself on her own.

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can you fax acid?

Im going to nocturnal tommorrow but im in denver right now and im scared about getting it caught wen i try to get on the plane. so im thinking about faxing it to a freind tonight. can anyne tell me if this will work?

I forget how it goes

Is it?
Beer BEFORE liquor, you've never been sicker. Liquor BEFORE beer, you're in the clear.

Or is it?
Beer AFTER liquor, you've never been sicker. Liquor AFTER beer, you're in the clear.

And why is that anyway?
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So I was on Gaia and I found a topic with this character at the beginning: ♔

I thought it was a Chinese character at first, but it looked too round. So I enlarged it, and it turns out it was a little crown.

So I thought, "AWESOME! I wonder how I make it?" So I Googled it, but came up with 0 results. I know it's not an image because Word treated it as a character, and you can't put images or any HTML in the names of subjects on Gaia.

So what on earth is this character, why did it show up, and how can I get it for myself?


What's the biggest raise you've ever gotten, TQC?  Did it make you feel appreciated?  Have you ever had a raise that you felt you didn't deserve?

What about getting so small of a raise that it's insulting?

I just found out that when the company I'm working for (it's a temp to hire position) hires me in a couple weeks, I'm getting a 10% raise!! not to mention an awesome benefits package.  Oh, and a yearly bonus ranging from 4-9%.  How awesome is that?

What should I do to celebrate? 

(no subject)

I was just at a campus activities meeting for my college and they're basically looking for cool events to do on campus and/or bus us kids out to.

Do you have any cool ideas of what we could do?

We have this huuuuuge field right by a lake that would be PERFECT for a big like outdoor event like a concert/picnic thing, so thats the only thing I could come up with.

We're in Florida, and we're already planning trips to football games, and to Halloween Horror Nights.
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There's a girl who sits at my lunch table who seems to be ignorant about most everything. Anytime I say something about anything that happened in the news, she never knows what's going on and tells us she'd rather not pay attention to anything outside of her little world. all she talks about is "omigod, I wonder if he really likes me!" and "omigod this French homework is so harrrddd" and "don't tell anyone, but i think *insert name of senior who i've never heard of* is a bitch!" She just seems so shallow and unwilling to learn anything. Today we were discussing studying abroad, and she told us she probably would hate it because she "doesnt think she can stand it."
Do you know anyone like this?
I just can't imagine why anyone would choose to be oblivious to the world around them.
or am I just being too judgemental? I'm not sure if I'm doing a very good job at describing her; she just seems very disinterested in anything outside of shopping and boys.
Queen B

(no subject)

I'm finishing work in a few weeks and would like to leave a thank you gift since everyone there was really nice. I'd like something more original than leaving a box of sweets but still relatively cheap. What can I get them tqc?
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(no subject)

I keep spending money on useless crap I don't need and I figured that if I donate money to charity instead, that stops me from buying pointless shit to clutter my house and actually does some good at the same time. I'm not sure what charity/charities to donate to, though. Give me guidance, TQC?

What is your favourite charity?
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(no subject)

TQC, I ate some chicken bouillon. I only wanted a little bit and then I stopped paying attention and I'd eaten... more than a little bit. I realize it's gross, shut up. It tasted delicious.

Now, I am shaky and clammy and I feel dizzy. This happens sometimes even when I don't eat parts of bouillon cubes. Pretty much my entire extended family has diabeetus.

Do I have AIDS?

Do you like hats?

(no subject)

TQC, I'm applying as a transfer to a college I really want to go to for Spring 2009. For whatever reason, I'm nervous I won't get accepted into their nursing program. I figure, though, I'll choose a second major, and then change majors to nursing in the Fall if that happens.

Would that even work, you think?
What major could I choose that is similar? Health Sciences, biohemistry, biology, chemistry, etc?

lol this is awkwardly posed.

Do people wear yoga pants for like regular lazy day pants out of the house?

I have a couple pairs like these that are so cute and so comfortable but they feel so thin and vulnerable that I wonder if it would look inappropriate to wear them out at all.

People have come to my work wearing pajamas and even hoochie shorts before so there is no dress code, I just wonder if it looks inappropriate to wear tight pants on any level? Thoughts? Do you ever see people wearing yoga pants just out and about?

Would you feel awkward if a coworker was wearing tight yoga pants?


Why is foot care not covered by insurance plans? Routine foot care isn't covered (clipping toenails, bunions?) unless it's medically necessary. I guess that makes sense..?

What are you having for dinner? :P


Hey! So I'm doing an assignment on self-fulfilling prophesies for my psychology class, and I'm just wondering...

What stereotypes do you think are associated with being vegetarian? For example, if you had just found out that I was a vegetarian, what would you immediately assume about me? Also, what if you found out I love animals, and I'm all for animal rights?

(By the way, you aren't doing my project for me by answering this - don't worry. I'm just trying to decide whether or not it's a good example to use).


(no subject)

Let's say you've had sex with 3 guys or girls.
With #1 you had sex once. You dated, had sex and broke up.
With #2 it's a one night stand. Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am
With #3 you've had sex 390423 times because you're in a long-term relationship with them and they're the only one you've had meaningful sex with.

So, ummm... do you say you've been with 3 sexual partners or 1? (NOT TECHNICALLY) Like, if someone was to ask you.
I think I'd say something like, "I've been in 1 serious relationship"

I mean, if a friend asked you something like, "how many people have you slept with?"
Not a potential sex partner.
It's All Good

TQC Veepstakes

So, TQC needs another mod... who would you nominate? Since TQC is pretending to not be high school student council, please say why your nomination would be qualified to help lead TQC. Foreign policy experience or proximity to Russia is a plus.

Note: I have a pretty good idea of who I'm picking, and let me tell you, TQC, John McCain's VP pick will pale in comparison to mine.

(no subject)

For the past few months you've been remodeling/doing work on your house off and on. Because somebody isn't always home to let in the various workers you let pretty much all workers know where they can find a key to the front door. All the workers seem pretty honest and on the up and up but all together a good number of people now know where they can find a key to your house...and have been inside and therefore able to scope out what's in your house.

Even though you've spoken/chatted with most of them on several occasions and they seem nice enough, would you be at all uneasy? Would you change the locks or find a new spot for the key, just assume they are/were all as honest as they seemed and not do anything?
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You have a bottle of Patron. What do you do with it? Anything more creative but not sacreligious than chilled, salted, limed shots, or would that just be blasphemy?
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What interests on your profile are not shared by any other users?

And let's not be bitches and take people's unique interests.

Mine: Bloomington Bagel, the post war era

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Wonderin Why

1. Why are you people so against LD relationships?
2. Why do people feel the need to bash and call out others IRL and online? (calling them liars, bashing their looks, etc)
3. What is your favorite soda?
4. Paper or plastic?
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In your romantic relationships are you more of a 'don't go to bed mad' person or can you drag out the same fight for days?

If the latter, what is the longest you've ever drawn out one fight?

If you're mad at your SO, do you yell and scream, throw things, ignore him/her until you receive an apology, talk it out like rational adults or what?

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What should I get my partner for our first anniversary? She's not big on jewelry (and she already has a necklace and ring), and flowers are a little too for-the-now for me. We already have plans to go out of town, too.

I just want to get her something special, greatly romantic, and out of the ordinary. Specifically something that will really surprise her and mean something. It's important.

Any suggestions? Sexual serious and non-serious answers. Just keep in mind that my funds are severely limited.
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Fandom Question

So I have a fandom question for you guys. When you label a fanfic do you consider a Buffy/Angel fic a crossover or the same fandom as Angel is a spin off from BtVS? Same for all the CSI,  the Law and Order series, and for Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane.

So the question is what do you consider to be a crossover fanfic?
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This phrasing of this might seem a bit awkward, but now I'm fucking curious:

What item do you have the most of?

(Like, I have more books than I have movies, or sets of stemware, or shoes, etc.)
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For those of you with AIM

Has this ever happened to you?

ATTENTION (9:36:23 PM): Video session initiated.
ATTENTION (9:36:23 PM): You do not have a camera.
ATTENTION (9:36:48 PM): Video session disconnected.

AIM seems to think I do not have a camera. Any idea how to fix this? I updated AIM, I updated my camera. I have the HP built in webcam on my laptop.

For those the rest of you, do you use instant messengers like AIM, Yahoo, MSN?
Do you video chat ever?
Where should I go to video chat with my friend if AIM keeps being poopy?
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Should I wear tons of braids and a bandana to work tomorrow in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day? (Note: the guy I work for is a pirate fan. It is very unlikely that he would mind me doing this)

When is the last time you were in costume? (Halloween does not count) What were you and why were you in costume?