September 17th, 2008


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What song have you listened to repeatedly before and always had the wrong lyrics to part of? (Like on that old commercial where the girl sang pour some shook up ramen instead of pour some sugar on me)

Will you tell me about your username?

What did you major in and/or what is your current profession?

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Do you have a general outline for what you want to do with your life and when, or are you just playing it by ear?

ie: do you know when you want to get married, have kids, what kind of a job you want, where you want to live, anything else that might factor into your plan?

My answer:
have a house and move in with the boy by may
get married to said boy in approximately 2 years
pay off my student loan and car in the next year
graduate in the allotted four years, since that's all that my scholarship covers!
eventually have lotsa babies. No rush on that one though.


Mitty box

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I'm moving soon to a town where I won't know anybody. I will be moving closer to a friend with 2 daughters around my son's age though. My new house will be on her way to church every Sunday.

Even though I am not very religious, should my son and I start going to church so we can make friends?

He would be in the nursery and not with me during the sermon. I've been with her once before a year ago and the church had a lot of people I went to high school with that attended. I'm not a social butterfly and having my friend introduce me to people may help me be less shy. FWIW, it's a Baptist church.
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What physical "imperfections" (as in something that's considered not conventionally attractive) do you find attractive in others?

My answer: crooked smile (god, that's usually so hot), nose bumps, large noses on guys, moles, messy hair

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What's the weirdest lie you've ever told?

I got all of my friends to believe that I had read Lord of the Rings until I finally confessed the truth. My one friend is still mad at me about it.


While driving ever so innocently to my shop this morning, I came in contact with a group of fuck mooks. One of them decided it would be cute to hit me in the face with a spit ball. Being a mature adult I calmly wiped off the spit from my face and continued on.

But now I am home and I would like to pretend I got revenge on this asshole.

1. What should I have done?
2. What would you do if someone spit in your face for no reason?
3. Does anyone have a bat?

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Is anyone here from the UK and could please give me some quick information???

To make a long story short, if you had to help a child (17, with younger sibling) who was being abused by their parent, who would you tell them to contact? They are no long in high school and just re-moved in with their abusive mother from their grandmother's who has fallen very ill.

Is there a phone number for like Social Services here in the USA? I don't know if what I'm finding on Google is correct and I really am worried about this girl and would like to try to help her.

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I just pressed a button on my cell over and over again untill the battery went down one bar.
What's the last useless thing that you did because you were bored?
What question do you always dread for people to ask?
What if anything are you the most proud of in your life?

wild kingdom...

There's a scarlet macaw flying loose in my neighborhood. I keep on hearing it and saw it once. (Red feathers against green trees. Oh, you blend right in, honey.)

What weird things have you spotted in nature lately?

And if you haven't seen anything weird, what is your favorite animal related video?

What is your favorite animal related fact?
I <3 TLV

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For people who don't have IRL friends (or those who do and just don't do interesting things with them): How do you spend your time when you're not online? I'm getting bored of TV.

ALTERNATIVELY, what's your favorite baby animal photo?

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Who is your favorite Monkee? As in, the band The Monkees, not the animal.

Davy Jones
Mike Nesmith
Mickey Dolenz
Peter Torke

And for the kids who aren't familiar with the glory that is The Monkees...

Do you care whether or not a singer writes their own music?
Christopher Meloni

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For the past 2 weeks, I've been waking up almost exactly an hour before my alarm goes off. It doesn't matter what time my alarm is set for - 5:30, 6, 7... An hour before, I'm wide awake (although I can usually go back to sleep).

1) What's up with that?
2) How can I convince my body that this is completely unnecessary?
3) What weird/annoying things does your body do that you wish it would stop?

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guys, I think I'm a witch. My grandmother on my fathers side was a quarter witch and I heard it was genetic. I keep getting urges to ride broomsticks. I've begun to cackle uncontrollably. I have strange dreams involving black cats and goat sacrifices. And all of a sudden I have a dire fear of water.
Is this just a head cold or do I need to buy a cauldron?

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1. How fast do you drive? How much over the speed limit do you drive? What's the fastest you've ever driven?

2. I've had a pound of navy beans soaking overnight. What's a good way to cook them?


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do you consider flirting with someone else cheating on your s/o?

how about fantasizing about someone else in your life?

thinking about being with someone else in your life?

do you like bean and cheese burritos?

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I just had thisCollapse ) conversation online. The only thought in my head at the time is how bad their grammar was. So the question is...

When is the last time that you felt old?
Do you have any faith in our education system?
Which will destroy the earth first, Global warming or text messaging?

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Okay, since the concensus last night was that my new phone(a KRZR), which I picked simply because it looked less problematic then the shitty blackberry I had, is really shitty and probably going to cause problems.

I still have a buffer zone where I can take it back, and since I wasn't thrilled with the sound quality, I think that's what I might do.

So, TQC, my question for you is: What is a good phone I should get? I do a lot of texting if that helps.

And I'm not getting another blackberry. The trouble that thing gave me wasn't worth the easiness.

bring on the snark tqc :)

long story short: i am (decent) friends with my boyfriend's (of 2.5 years) ex gf. I don't get jealous often at all, and I even took it so far as to live with the girl last semester. She is extremely slutty (I know she's my friend, but really, it's a bit ridiculous) and very manipulative. Today my boy and i were discussing things we've given up lately (smoking, soda, etc). I mentioned that I gave up doritos, which I love, and he said he eats them everyday. I asked him how, cause we never carry cash and our school's caf doesn't accept plastic. This girl and my boy work together, unfortunately, and apparently, she has been bringing him a bag of doritos everyday for a while, sometimes with a little note attachted. he said it was kind of like a tradition because he stole her doritos once.

as I am typing this shit out, I know that I'm overreacting, but i want to get your opinion. it's just very annoying.

 i'm sure you will, now that i just read that all over, but do you think I'm being a bit of a baby?

also, why is it so easy to be super nice to someone you really don't care for?

if you don't care about my childishness, what was the last song that you heard that just made you wanna get up and dance your ass off?


Because you care about my college life...

1) For my African-American Lit class, we have to do a paper/presentation on an African-American artist of some type (actor, writer, painter, etc, etc)and discuss their impact on American culture. The problem is, the two people that immediately sprung to mind, we're studying in class (Spike Lee and Maya Angelou). Any awesome suggestions for me, TQC?

Failing that,

2) Which of these books should I get through first? Jane Eyre, Tales from the 1,001 Nights, or The Souls of Black Folk? I have to read them all eventually, though I've read Jane Eyre before and could conceivably fake it.

Failing that,

3) What is your favorite Spike Lee movie? I love Do The Right Thing and 25th Hour.

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my bffl is a year below me in school and is picking colleges this year. she's very smart and looking to go to a state school (NY, so a SUNY)

her b/f goes to potsdam and she looked into that school and was like "OooOooOoh i wanna go there!" her and her b/f got serious really quick (ILU in 2 weeks) and it's her first b/f. she's way smarter than going to potsdam

am i being a bitch for telling her that going there is a bad idea? i told her that i think that the decision to go is heavily influenced by her b/f and that she's too good for that school. she thinks i'm trying to get her to go to the college i do (which idc really if she does) and she just says that "i think i'd like a place like potsdam a lot more it's a smaller town and stuff."

do you think it's really my place to tell her that it just seems like a bad idea? i am never a bitch to her, like we never fight, and idk why but her and her relationship with her b/f always bothered me.

this really didn't make that much sense but thxtqc.

Which sounds better?

I am taking a class twice a week and I walk everywhere. Right now I'm on the Monday/Wednesday option, the class being from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The class is about a ten minute walk from work and then another ten/fifteen minute walk home.

I have the option to take the next module of the class at the same time, same days, same place, OR I can switch to Tuesday/Thursday from 5:15 to 8:45 p.m. On Tuesdays it would be in a building right across from where I work, but then it would take me 20 or 25 minutes to walk home. On Thursdays it would be in the same building I'm in now, ten minutes from work and 10/15 minutes from home.

Which option sounds better? On the one hand, as it starts getting darker I'd rather not walk home at 9:30 at night. Plus I'd get a different teacher on Tuesdays/Thursdays and I'm not thrilled with my current teacher. On the other hand, I'd rather get the classes over with earlier in the week and it gets dark so early here that within a matter of weeks there won't be a huge difference between 8:45 and 9:30.
Cowboy Ew


So my job is to cook for a dude and his wife,breakfast/lunch/dinner..and right now I'm blank on what to make for dinner. What should I make? Last night I made chicken tacos, the night before that it was baked halibut. Don't suggest pasta because he doesn't like a lot of pasta (wtf?) and it has to be something that can sit in the fridge for a couple hours and re-heat well.

Secondly, this is my new baby nephew, don't you want to eat his face off? I do.
Pit Bull: Reindeer

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Dear TQC,

As you may know, my parents have a new puppy. Today is my day off and I'm stuck baby sitting the puppy, so I want to go socialize her somewhere. But other than the park or the pet store, I can't think of anywhere that there would be a lot of foot traffic, and that it wouldn't be weird for me to just sit there looking cute. Preferably also cheap.

Any suggestions of where I should take my puppy?

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The faculty at my university just went on strike. The longest time they have been on strike for is a month, and they are completely unsure how long this one will go on for. It could end tonight for all I know, lol.

What would be your reaction to having all your classes cancelled? My friends are a mix of "yay! sleep in time" and "fuck I paid a couple thousand for this??" while I don't really mind as long as it doesn't go on forever. I had a quiz scheduled today and I'm pretty stoked I get more study time.

Keep in mind that this missed classtime will just be moved into our vacations, ie a week we get off in October and March that's meant for catching up.

Is anyone else addicted to searching through the animals on

If you are, what do you search for on there?

Are you searching because you're honestly thinking about getting a pet or for some other reason?

***EDITED TO ADD:*** If you have a favourite on there, care to share the link?

My favourites right now are Toby (who has been on there way too long) and Dori (a deaf border collie).

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Blazing Saddles rape the shit out of em

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Ex porn star Traci Lords appeared in Penthouse when she was 16 by using a fake ID and lying about her age. She then went on to star in quite a few pornographic films before she turned 18, when she did one last porno movie (her only legal porno movie) and "retired". All of these movies were produced with the impression that she was older than she actually was. She got a lot of people in a lot of trouble.

It is my understanding that it is now illegal to own that issue of Penthouse as well as those movies produced before she was of age.

My question is this:
If you knew someone who owned that issue of Penthouse and/or some of those movies that were filmed before she was 18, would you be repulsed? Would you consider them a sexual deviant or pedophile? Should that person be arrested and registered as a sex offender?

What if it was a close friend, SO or family member?

edit: This is assuming that you discover it now, when they know that she was legally under-age for performing in porn.
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I have this tiny little nick on my lip where I accidentally cut myself, but it won't stop bleeding. It's been bleeding for nearly two hours, despite my applying pressure and what not. It's such a tiny little cut and I can't really put a bandaid over it, are there any good home remedies to stop bleeding? I need to go out!
Hawkeye - best of the best

simplicity is the key to everything

Somewhere in the Summer of 1997 I introduced LaruDebbie to my best friend, and almost a brother of sorts these days given how much Mom likes him, KevinniveK. As one of those types that don't get up till the crack of noon, we got there about 9am, he wasn't quite up to being seen at that point so we raided his kitchen. Not so unusual, there wasn't much in the way to eat so I got creative.

I made us some mayo & ketchup sandwiches.

She thought it was a tad sketchy till she tried it...then she thought they were brilliant!

When you're kind of low on supplies and shopping isn't as immediate a solution as your tummy would like, what sort of concoction have you fallen back upon fairly regularly? Or, to put it another way, whatr're some of your more creative snacks??
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why does pizza hut take an hour to deliver from 15 minutes away??!????#~

don't they realize i'm hungry??@!$$$$

what was the last risk you took? was it worth it?

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How big a deal was it to decide to move in with your sig. other? Who moved in with whom, or did you move to a new place? What did your friends and family think? Was adjusting difficult? Did it make your relationship stronger or more tense?

No real reason for asking. I'm just curious.

the invisible poor

Do you know anyone who has been severely affected by the state of the economy? How so?

When someone asks you what class you're in (lower, middle, upper) how do you answer? How do you define these classes, and why do you fit, if you feel like sharing?

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1. Do you hate any of your family or friends' spouses?
a. Do you make it known that you don't want to see the spouse or do you just keep up a superficial relationship with them?
b. Is it possible to still have a relationship with a sibling if you hate their spouse?

2. Are your parents good cooks?
a. Did they teach you to cook?
b. Are you a better cook?
c. Do you own a crock pot?

3. Do you hate your boss or coworkers?
a. If so, is it because of how they do their job, or is it because of their personality in general?
b. If not, do you hang out with them outside of work, or do you have strictly work relationships?
c. Do you think it's weird for bosses/managers/supervisors to hang out with those that they manage/supervise/boss around?

the band AMERICA doesn't have any songs about AMERICA.

Poll #1261283 let the eagle soar.

which of these AMERICA songs do you unapologetically, secretly or proudly enjoy? and COME know you do.

America, from the musical west side story
America, simon + garfunkel
America, neil diamond
America, lee greenwood
America, spinal tap
White America, eminem
American Prayer, dave stewart (from that Obama video on youtube)
Breakfast in America, supertramp
Livin' in America, james brown
America the Beautiful, celine dion
American Idiot, greenday
Calling America, elo
America FUCK YEAH, team america
In God's Country, u2
hahaha, oh suzer, i just can't relate.

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are there any big sporting events being broadcast this afternoon?

more specific: is there any like baseball or football games that are going to get in the way of my going downtown to watch the Manchester United game on ESPN2?
emmett, QAF


I had some awesome chinese food last week that I can't stop thinking about so :

What's your favorite thing to get at a *Chinese Food restaurant ?

If it's takeou I love t : Chicken and Broccoli and/or Chicken Lo Mein (I'm simple)

or if it's PF Changs then Chicken fried rice or lettuce wraps.

*And of course by chinese food I mean the American-Chinese restaurant  food that could probably kill us.


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Are you ticklish?

What do you think causes ticklishness?

Do you enjoy tickling other people?

ETA Do you feel that people who aren't ticklish are missing out on something?

I'm ticklish just about everywhere. Touch me the wrong way and I squeal.

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Obviously, these are all bad qualities, but which one bothers you the most?

Poll #1261699 Palin=drone

Since this is a liberal community, let's talk dirt about Sarah Palin. What about her bothers you the MOST?

She lacks experience.
She probably can't juggle both the VP office and being a mother, especially of a 'special needs' child
She's a hunter, likes to kill animals from low-flying copters and wants to take polar bears off the endangered species list
Is corrupt. Billed the state of Alaska for 312 nights she allegedly travelled when she really stayed at home
She's not very informed. Really doesn't know much about world politics at all. Only been to Canada once, despite living next to it
Strongly pro-life. Even victims of incest and rape can't get rid of their womb inhabitants
The hypocrisy in pushing the effectiveness of abstinence-only education and having a pregnant teenage daughter
Forcing her daughter's boyfriend, who clearly doesn't want responsibility and is not ready, to marry her daughter
Supports the Iraq war and believes it's God's will
Doesn't believe in global warming
Advocates banning of books from public libraries, and threatened to fire librarians who don't agree
Abused her power as governor by trying to get her ex-brother-in-law fired
I like Sarah Palin

Do this or do that?


I live in a room that is attached to another one. I rented both from a friend, who also lives there, and rented one away to another girl because I cant afford both. She moved in at the beginning of September. We have a contract that gives me 3 months before she's allowed to move out.

She told me yesterday that she wants to move out because some friends of hers offered her a room and she wants to live with them. Which was kinda bitchy of her. But my question is:

Should I move out too because it seems stressful to find someone who doesnt have a problem with my room attached to them or do I quit too and seek a room that is not attached to another one?


EDIT: she's giving me the three months! I just fear the next one will have issues with the room being attached to his/hers too and this will turn out to be an endless cycle!

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I'm not sure what it's called or how to describe them but I am looking for those mind game things where after some questions the test "predicts" what an answer to a simple question at the end will be. The only example I can think of at the moment is one where you are asked several random questions and then at the end they ask you to think of a vegetable and then say "I bet you said carrot" which apparently many/most people will. So, does anybody know where I may find such things?
I <3 TLV

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Who are you according to various musical artists? For example, according to Nicotine and Shonen Knife, Jimmy is a kid who's really good at ping pong and watches porn every day.

[Edit: Google your name + "lyrics" =P]

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1. If you turned into an animal for a day (besides a human) would you have sex with another member of your new species?

2. If you turned into a furry for a day, would you have sex with another furry?

1. yes
2. no

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For those of you that have done a TQC meet up, how did you know who each other was?
Did you all wear a certain color? Meet somewhere specific?

Do you have any ideas on how the GR Meet Up people can recognize one another??

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I just made a personal call at work during which I noticed a button on my phone I'd never used before - I mistakenly assumed it to be the volume button and pressed it, activating speakerphone and allowing the office to listen in on my private conversation. I hit it again, but it didn't turn off. I had to hang up on the person.

TQC, what's the last embarassing thing you did?
Old Fashioned

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Ladies: Is it worth the money to get an expensive sports bra? I'm used to swimming when I wanted to exercise, but I just bought a membership to an shiny new gym and want to try out their machines and things. However, I have not had a proper sports bra... well, ever.

I'm a B-C tit, if that helps.

Calling all Halloweenies

I'm REALLY into Halloween and every year I try to add something new to my yard haunt display.  I enjoy getting into the construction - especially animatronics like flying ghosts, spiders, talking skeletons, etc.  For a while now I've been wanting to create a haunted pumpkin patch complete with animated pumpkins - like a rocking pumpkin (to appear as if something were insided), a pumpkin with a saw blade cutting out from the inside, etc.

I'm looking for other creative pumpkins (animated or not) that I can create and add to this display.  Any ideas?

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Which sounds like the most interesting theme night for stickam (video chat)?

Drinking night. Everybody has to drink
Naked night (no clothes allowed onscreen)
Everybody's on drugs (the substance of your choice)
Staring contest
TQC Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament
Everybody talks in a pirate accent for Talk like a Pirate day (September 19)
Halloween Eve stickam. Everybody wears a costume
Sock puppet night. Literally. Those with vidcams talk through socks with faces drawn on them
Strip trivia contest. For every question answered incorrectly, you pony up an article of clothing
Stickam just isn't interesting
i don't want to be friends

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Does every teenage Asian girl suffer from low self-esteem or do I just happen to be a magnet for them?

What is the best news of your day?
- Gogol Bordello is playing on my birthday! I am so seeing them.

What are you in the middle of reading?
- American Psycho


my boyfriend and I just moved out on our own and our house has limited foods in it atm but I want to teach myself to cook things here and there and make him some meals
and cookies are just fattening me up so I have to find something else to make lol

anybody know of any websites that you could like enter some things you have in the cabinets/fridge and it will tell you some recipes you can make with them? because I have never cooked in my life before now and until i get a job i need something to do while he's at work 12 hours a day =////

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If you could have one Mario powerup, and only one, for a limited time of course (LIMITING STAR INVINCIBILITY BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE AN OBVIOUS CHOICE) what would it be?
tanooki suits for all?
feathers and capes?

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I went out to lunch today with a friend and her boyfriend. This is really one of the handful of times I've gone out with her, and the first time I've even talked for an extended amount of time with her boyfriend.

He paid for lunch.
Do guys just feel the need to pay? Does it make you feel awkward when someone pays for you (especially when you don't know them)?
Do you usually split the cost on dates? What about dates with your SO?

I feel really uncomfortable when someone pays for me. I usually end up buying them lunch next time, but ...

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Have you ever bought and completed Makeyourownopoly?


What was your theme?
Did you hand draw, or print it out? (Gah so much ink)
Do you still play it?
Do you have any Makeyourownopoly-related stories or pictures to share?


What theme would you want to do?
Would you draw it or print it out?
What would you do with it when you were done?

I just bought it today. It's not as complete as I'd hoped, but from what I can tell it's mostly because of legal issues, and I have an extra Monopoly kit to add back in the pieces they couldn't put in. I bought it to use for the tupperware-party-esque consultant job I have with an emergency supplies store, so I can use it to explain items and emergency preparedness tips. LOL boring, I know, but I'm considering buying another one when I finish this one to use for something non-srsbizness-related.
Georgie - Smiles

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What was the last compliment you received? From who?

What was the last nostalgic item/song/show/thing/etc from your childhood that you encountered?

Do you use rich text or HTML when updating?

Anyone got any tips for exam preparation? I've got my final year exams coming up.

That I was kind-hearted. From a Nepalese guy I've not met before. We got to talking and he said it was nice for someone to just talk to him like any other person and not be suspicious of him.

I just bought Spice World on VHS. XD

Someday I'll be a flower

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Do you have a sewing kit? Like one of those little ones with all the little thread colors for "just in case"? If so, does it have a decoration on it? I saw a cool one recently with decorations and beads on the outside, but it was still really small, like a sewing kit for the purse.

Do you keep it in your purse/car? If not, where do you keep it?

My answer:
We have one in the house somewhere, but I wouldn't even know where to begin with it. I can't sew.
Haruhi disappearance

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People who live in/around Boston:

Can you suggest fun things to do with a company for a holiday outing? Expensive-ish is fine.

If you don't care:
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being "Oh dear, I've soiled myself.", how much do you have to poop?
as a kite

(no subject)

In an average week, how often do you consume news/media from:
the radio?
the internet?
a print source (magazines, newspapers, etc)?

What kind of news/media do you most often consume?

Where do you consume the most news? (car, work, home, school, etc)

What country do you live in?

How old are you? Male or Female?


(no subject)

Are there days where you're really tired for no reason?

I got plenty of sleep last night and yet within a few hours of waking up I was wanting to take a nap-I've been tired all day.

Gander Mtn Mag

How many of you read, even buy stuff out of, Gander magazine? If so, is stuff usually worth the price you pay for it? The reason I ask is because I seen a jacket priced at about $400 bucks. Believe it or not.

(no subject)

What preconceived notions do you have about people from other areas? Like people in different states or counties, or in big cities or small towns.

Do I have to tell my current boss that I'm looking at other jobs? My sister was telling me that someone she worked with was fired when they found out she was looking for other jobs, among other things she was doing, and it made me worried.


If you were a member of the Academy, for which OUTSTANDING COMEDY TV SERIES would you cast your vote?

30 Rock
The Office
Two and a Half Men
Ugly Betty
i fail at suspending reality and just want to say that this could never possibly happen
i would abstain because they all suck donkey dick
how the flying fuck did that cracker ass charlie sheen show get nominated for anything?

If you were a member of the Academy, for which OUTSTANDING DRAMA TV SERIES would you cast your vote?

Boston Legal
Grey's Anatomy
The Sopranos
i fail at suspending reality and just want to say that this could never possibly happen
anyone who doesn't say the sopranos should and will be whacked
abstain, donkey dick

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Apparently, a medication I was on for the last nine months results in weight gain, rage, and depression!  That explains a lot.


Can you tell me about the worst side effects you've ever had from a medication?

Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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You have been called into the office of you boss for something that he called "a clear abomination against God, the country, and oh my God the kitchen is on fire." You go in, casually as you can, and try to inform him that you didn't MEAN to set the kitchen on fire, it's just that the giant cockroach monster was getting in the way of the fridge and you really needed your Activia© to keep you regular-- and having a bad diet has forced you to need it. He claims to understand, but docks your pay because the cockroach monster was going to be the new company mascot, and now they have to think of something else.

It isn't until you get home that night that you realize you've been followed by something. You turn, and don't see it. Then you do that cartoon character thing where you keep turning until eventually you see it. It's the cockroach monster, burned and leaking pus and all sorts of other fun and exciting things. It opens its mouth and cries out in fury. In the tussle that follows, you find yourself pinned to the ground with the jaws of of the cockroach monster dripping some kind of goo onto you.

It looks at you and manages to say, "What's your favorite breed of dog?"

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Where can I buy one of those coffee cups/tumblers that you can put photos in?

I've looked around and can't find any, but I know that they exist. I prefer to buy in store, and not online.
cat pic

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i have a huge amount of info to memorize for this virology course i'm taking. how am i going study for the midterm coming in 2 weeks??!!! what are effective study/ memorization strategies?

sex related journal articles

Hey, everyone-

First, a disclaimer: I'm not asking you to do my homework for me, but this IS a school related question. For my Sex and Relationships class we need to critique a news/journal/magazine article about a sex or relationship related topic. My teacher gave us some instructions on how to search for articles, and I've been looking at a few, but I don't want to use the same articles as everyone else (it's a class of 400 people and I'm guessing there will be a lot of overlap).

So, the question- have you read any interesting news or magazine articles about sex and relationships that you'd like to share with me? They must be published after July 1, 2008.

(I really don't want you to do my homework for me. Promise. I just figure more than one set of eyes on something like this could be useful.)

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I'm going with my husband to his 10 year high school reunion this weekend.

1. Did you go/will you go to yours?
2. Is this going to be as horrible as I'm expecting it to be?

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what has annoyed you so far today?

this kid i have to babysit. hes 3 and acts like hes still a baby that needs help to change his own pants! augh! im not babysitting this kid anymore >.< blahs
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I just heard Nickelback's song Never Again, and this one lyric confused me.

The living room becomes a boxing ring
it's time to run when you see him
coming licking his hands
She's just a woman
Never Again

I know exactly nothing about fighting, so what the crap does this mean? Does having spit covered hands help punching-wise, or is it just something people do when they feel like beating peeps up sometimes?

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What's the oddest/most depressing warning you've seen on an object?

Mine is "Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic pillow away from children. Do not use this pillow in cribs, beds, carriages, or playpens. This product is intended as a packing product only." It's on a air thingy they put in a package I just got. D: I'm really hoping no one ever actually put it in a baby's bed thinking it was a good idea.

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what is on your clipboard? (for those of you who haven't figured it out from numerous posts before these, it's your CTRL- V or apple-V.)
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What are you anticipating?
The Colbert Christmas DVD, obvs. And rehearsal tomorrow.


I told my friend he was cute and he rolled his eyes and said "you know I don't think I'm cute," I responded "Does anybody?"

1. TQC, do you think you are cute?

I always tell my daughter she is pretty in hopes that she will never doubt it. But then I started to wonder.....

2. Which is worse?: Somebody who doesn't believe they are attractive or somebody who really believes they are attractive?

3. One of my favorite black t-shirts is missing. My laundry is done, my room is clean, and I haven't come home topless that I can recall. Where is my black t-shirt?
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Tech Question

So I did something stupid and can't fix it. On Youtube on the top right of the video player has anyone ever seen the thing that says block? Well I clicked it by mistake and now I can't see the video player. Any ideas on how to fix it and bring my player back? I'm using Mozilla on Vista if that helps any. kthnx :D
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I have both an upper AND lower respiratory infection. At the same time. How is this even possible? Exactly how shitty is my immune system that this is so?

My stomach hurts in the way that only exceptionally strong antibiotics can make a stomach hurt. What can you recommend to soothe it?

What is your current illness?

Do you know what you want?

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I'm sure the answer is simple, but I am tired and can't recall how it worked last time.

Firefox was being funky so I reinstalled it and now the built-in spell check is gone, I thought that it was just automatically on the browser but do I have to do something to get it?

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 If I'm tapering a prescription of eyedrops and I miss a drop, would it be better to take an extra drop the next day or add an extra day in?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about or don't care, what are you watching for tv tonight?

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why does my mother breath reall heavy and make the most disgusting noises when she eats?
is she an imbecile with no control over her body?

does the sound of people eating really disgust you too?

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will you tell me an interesting fact (that is true) about yourself, that people wouldn't expect from you?!!?

i'll tell you one:
once upon a time whilst being naughty on lsd i wrote the most epic shakespearey-tragedy type story about a character who basically was me having this tragic time and then killing herself with a hair dryer in the bath. it was 23 double sides long and it had no punctuation and was spelt wrong and was in crazy fast handwriting, it took me 4 and a half hours to write and i didn't talk to anyone or do anything else for that whole time. i still have it, my boyfriend and some of my friends have read it and say its actually very good but i think its horrible and disturbing!!!!


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When was the last time you were in a cemetery?
Who were you visiting/paying your respects to?
Do you have any rituals or things you like to do while there?

I just finished Dead Like Me :( Which show should I get into next?
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Job question!

Situation: You look on the job postings and find one asking to help a disabled woman with hygiene and her job as an art director, meaning you will be cleaning and bathing her, running around and being her gopher. It's from Sat. from 5:30 pm to Monday at 7:30 am. No idea how old she is or why she is disabled.

$360 bucks per weekend. Can't be a smoker and need a valid driver's license.

Worth it?
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Poll #1261234 domains names

which domain name looks/sounds/whatever the best?
something entirely different that i will suggest in a comment
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How often do you take public transportation? What's your favorite form of public transport?

My favorite form of public transport is:

Ferry Boat

Also, those familiar with the DC area:

Where is the best place to park during a weekday and walk around to see the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, etc?

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1. If you were selling a PSP-2000 (Darth Vader Special Edition) with a case, charger, and seven much would you sell it all for? It's in good condition. Decent games.

2. What are your thoughts on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"? I bought the Season 1 and 2 set yesterday. Is it good?

3. K'Nex or Legos?

4. Am I the only one who likes Futurama more than Family Guy?