September 16th, 2008

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here's the 411: i live in a dorm room. we have a set of outlets on three of our four walls, an overhead fluorescent light, and a sink with a light and a gfci. all of a sudden, the three main outlets lost power. the overhead light still works, the sink light works, and the gfci works. we found the breaker box and none of the breakers have been tripped.

tqc, what the HELL is wrong with this?

bonus question: if it -is- a breaker... is there any way to figure out which one it is without flipping them all in the process? i really don't want to piss off my hallmates. the breakers aren't labeled except for the ones that control the fire alarm. it's really shady.

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Does masturbating to girly magazines make me gay?
What's the most sexually deviant act you've participated in lately or ever?
Has anything embarrassing ever happened to you during sex? What was it?

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dear tqc,

in a little over a month i'll be leaving for boot camp for the air force. Lately i've been feeling lonely and i haven't been with a girl in over a year... my last gf was actually in between that time but due to a series of unfortunate events, we didn't get to see each other for the 6 -7 months we we're "together." I'm thinking i should go all out on trying to find someone either to just hook up with or actually find a partner. What would you do if you had 5 weeks til you left your home for months at a time? Would you whore yourself out or wait it out?

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Continuing in this tmi line of questioning going on...

Aside from getting a little taste from kissing your partner post-oral, have you ever deliberately 'tasted yourself'?
Do you like how you taste?

Have you ever had a one night stand?
A threesome?

finger nail

recently someone bit my nail really hard during an altercation, the nail turned black and got really swollen. i went to the doctors and got a tetnis shot and they put a hole in my nail to drain the blood, well its been a few weeks and my nail is still black and it seems to be that the nail has not grown at all since the incident. the fingernail also like raised up a bit so i picked at the blood underneath it which scabbed. will my fingernail fall off? or what should i do to help it heal back to normal?
mulder pencils

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do you have a band that you can listen to and it brings you, i don't know how to put it, i guess a feeling of clarity and peace?

for me, it's manchester orchestra. oh, how i love them.

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Where would you consider to be the most uncomfortable or painful place for someone (or something) to bite you? (bathing suit areas don't count :P)

Do you sleep with your blinds/curtains open or closed?

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Order is important and may save the universe. Which should I watch first: "Notes on a Scandal" or "Pan's Labyrinth"?

And so I don't screw up tonight's sex? aliens? validate me? sex? virginity? validate me? sex? aliens? sex? sex? cats?
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is it obvious?

I might actually be going to a costume party for halloween and I have this costume idea but I want to make sure it's obvious so I won't have people asking me all night what i'm supposed to be.

Is it obvious? WHO AM I?

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Should I wear this, y/n?



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So in the past week a girl I know has managed to....
-Drag me to the mall and have me help her shop for shoes and jeans
-Drag me to the grocery store and stick me with picking out and then hauling the heavy groceries back to campus on foot where we used MY PS2 as a DVD player for her last minute bright idea of having a movie night
-Play video games in my room two nights in a row, dragging me outside and/or having me walk her back to her dorm both times
-Call me "kiddo" without suffering massive bodily harm
-Secure my help in re-arranging the furniture in her room
-Express absolute zero romantic interest; which makes her enthusiasm to hang out with me and have me help her when the guy she wants to bone could do the same exact things all the more mind boggling.

TQC, has this girl managed to make me her bitch?
Should I stop doing her favors now or later?
This all started because I felt intense guilt over not remembering her name (although she doesn't know that I forgot her name). Have I made up for this yet, in your opinion?

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How old were you when you got your menstrual period?

Validation- Am I the only one who thought they were dying?
Holy.Shit. 10 years old, blood in your panties and school starts in 1/2 hour!! story of my life
My Boys

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Inspired by the PostSecret Blog....

- Would you ever post your number on the internet and let complete strangers text you their deepest, darkest secrets?

- Would you ever text a stranger your deepest, darkest secrets?

ETA: this is assuming you'll never find out each others real identities.
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If you get both hands stuck in someone's butt while fisting, how would you get to the hospital?

Phone a friend
Phone a parent
Ride a bike
kitty + books

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what do you wear on a typical day?

if you drew a graph comparing the lateness of the hour to the amount of sex questions per hour on TQC, what would it look like?

what was i going to ask before, but forgot?

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Have you ever been banned from anything (on LJ or otherwise)?
Do you suffer from any clinically defined mental illness?
What's your favorite type of cookie?  
At what point does someone from the internet become 'real' to you?
Do we have anything in common?

If you took Differential Equations or Intro to Linear Algebra...

Differential Equations vs. Intro to Linear Algebra

1.) Which is more fun? Why?

2.) Which is more difficult? Why?

3.) Which would be more useful to take first?

After Calculus 4, I'm going to take one of these classes, but am not sure which to take.

Diff. Eq: Uses tools from algebra and calculus in solving first- and second-order linear differential equations. Students focus on applying differential equations in modeling physical situations, and using power series methods and numerical techniques when explicit solutions are unavailable. May include work with Laplace Transforms and systems of differential equations.

Linear Alg.: Introduces the vocabulary, algebra, and geometry of vector spaces in "R" and function spaces. Students use matrix methods and vectors to explore systems of linear equations and transformations. Also presents elementary theory of eigenvalues.

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My boyfriend posted some astrological thing about his sign in his LJ and one of the little "facts" was that Pisces tend to prefer the common whore to the virginal type (nice).

Some girl commented on his LJ and said "I'm one of those common whores you prefer?"

He said "What"

She said "i'm joking"

and he responded with "I get what you are trying to say. But you're not even close to a whore."

Wait, what the hell. Am I just really confused or....? What did she even mean by saying that?

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Do you have any close or IRL friends in TQC?
Do you pull punches on any of the questions because of it?
Are you ever afraid of reading their answers?
Have you ever found something out about a close friend that shocked you or made it uncomfortable to talk to them?

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I know the no multiple posts in a row rule...but I just had to ask.
Is it just me or are posts getting deleted or disappearing? I could have sworn that I saw 3 a min ago and now I only see one!
Since I'm already breaking the rules...
Do you have different things that you look for in online friends than in real life? Is there a separate criteria?
lost wolfwood


So um, apparently regular jeans are not so great for frisbee.. I've been doing that a lot lately and I ripped out the crotch of one pair pretty badly, and now this other pair I'm wearing is starting to go as well..

Any pant recommendations? At the moment I'm thinking a) wear the ripped pants till they're completely destroyed and b) buy sweatpants.

Just wondering what options are out there. I googled 'reinforced crotch' and came across a lot of lovely jean options. Came across jeans designed for motorcyclists, which ran 100 bucks (yikes), and some jeans designed for cyclists (80 bucks, yikes). Looking for something practical. If it's durable and lasts.. I guess I'd go as high as 40 bucks, but I really don't want to go higher.

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if someone has their myspace relationship status set to swinger, what does that mean to you?

when's the last time you wanted to physically assault someone and scream at them for a long while?
eta: WHY did you want to assault someone?

when's the last time you wanted to physically assualt someone, but then decided that vodka was a better idea? i just decided that right now!
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Should I get some beef jerky from the 7/11?
Am I full of fail or full of win for listening to crap like Thomas Dolby and Herbie Handcock? Does my age (20) change this answer?
Do you have Twitter? Wanna follow each other? My name on there is KingLegolasG
Kill Bill - Elle
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Do any of you know where the videos from Oprah's show yesterday are? Some morbidly curious part of me wants to watch them.

what the last thing you got yourself into when you really shouldn't have?

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-What are your dreams like? (Are they cohesive stories, just random colors and shapes, etc)

-Do you have incredibly fucked up ones like I do?

-After having a really fucked up dream about someone you care about, is it within reason to call them and make sure that they're still intact?

-Do you write down your dreams?

After my horrible dream, I heard crying. I went outside and there was a cat sitting by my window looking up at me. WHAT DOES THIS MEANZ? srs answers,plz.

Still having puppy problems

So for most of that wild puppy behavior we plan on taking him to a training class. But my biggest problem is that he still goes poop in my house. He hardly ever has potty accidents. We got the dog on July 4th. He is now 18 weeks old. We tried just being very attentive at first and rewarding with treats and praise for going outside. And he is punished by showing him his accident and taking some time in the kennel. He is spoiled and hates going out when it is raining or cold. Of course I make him and I go with him, but he usually hurries up and goes pee, then waits by the door to come back in. About 10-15 minutes later I will find a fresh pile of crap somewhere in the house. I have sat outside with him for 10-20 minutes waiting for him to #2 outside, but he wont. Now I am wishing I had tried to paper train him. (of course it was suggested to me after we had tried this way for awhile) Is he too old to start over with a new way to housebreak him? Do you have any suggestions?
Cowboy Ew

I've got the need, the need for speed

Why is there an advertisement for 25 years of Tom Cruise on LJ?

Yesterday I was walking my bosses dog and as we approached this certain spot he stopped, perked up his ears,tucked his tail between his leg, started whining and tried to hide behind me. He was staring at this spot across the street so I stopped and looked to figure out what he was looking out but there was nothing there, the street was empty and quiet. So he started walking, almost running, away down the street at the same time trying to hide behind me, tail still between his legs. I got totally freaked out and started walking fast with him away from the scary spot and the whole time he kept looking back at the spot, still whimpering.

What the hell was his problem?

And in keeping with the theme:
Say someone tells you their "magic number" what number do you react with: "What a slut"?

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Have you ever had food poisoning?

If so, will you describe indetail what happened to you when you got said food poisoning?

What did you eat?

ETA: So if I had food poisoning yesterday, I probably still wouldn't be ok to go to work today, y/n?
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Have you ever met someone who looked just like someone famous?

Who did they look like?

I just met someone who looked like the lead singer of Breaking Benjamin but a little younger. I also know a friend of a friend who looks EXACTLY like a blond Julia Roberts. Has her smile and everything.
jesus riding falcor
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Los Angeles day trip

I live about an hour and a half north of Los Angeles, visit quite a bit, and have seen most (but not all, remember!) of the tourist-y things there. My friend and I are planning on heading up to the Getty Center this Friday because it's free and we'd like to spend a day doing cultural, fairly inexpensive (max. 20 dollars inexpensive) things there. The Getty Center will not last all day. Do you have any exciting places to point us to that young people with open minds would enjoy?
How about inexpensive, noteworthy places to eat?
We want to be cheesy tourists for a day.

Where would you like to spend a day at?

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TQC, can you all send me some good vibes and good energy so this ridiculous problem I have will blow over?
Or even post some good macros? Something to make me laugh =)
It's way too complicated and pointless to explain, I just want it to be gone.

Here's a poll for your kindness:
Poll #1260506 Mike Phelps

Did you enjoy SNL with host Mike Phelps this past Saturday?

Yes, it was hilarious
No - he definitely doesn't have a career in acting
Sure, it was alright
I didn't watch it
Other: in comments

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Yes, but what are your thoughts on chain text-messages?

What is your opinion on it? Maybe you have that one friend who suddenly got the bright idea to send those messages along the lines of if you forward this to your friends, you'll meet your true love!, or maybe you think it's downright stupid. Hell, maybe you send them yourself! Bonus points for posting your favorite chain texts here (read: most annoying?).

Also, unrelated: I use Burt's Bees shampoo, which smells good at first, but when I straighten my hair it smells a lot like weed. Has anybody else experienced this strange phenomenon?
The Receptionist Classic

Your Receptionist Needs Help

TQC, I need your help. I've decided that one of you will be officiating my wedding next month. If you are up to taking this very important role, what would the ceremony be like?

Please give me a sampling of the vows you would have me and the Mister say so I can make my decision.

Also, what would you wear? Pics plz so I can coordinate the flowers at the site.
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Where is a place in your state/province/territory/district/county/wherever that you've never gone and would like to visit?

What is your favorite cheesey, touristy thing to do?
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Okay, so here is a question:

I have some "friends" who have apparently been talking about me behind my back. I have heard from people that "all" of my friends have been talking and are worried. Why, I'm not too sure. But I talk to one of my good friends and she tells me all these things that people are talking, but refuses to tell me who thinks that so that I can go talk to them and get this straight. I don't even really talk to any of these "friends" anymore, and if I do, it is hardly at all. I decided that they weren't really worth my time.

But I guess my real question is, if your friend or friends knew that people were talking bad about you, would you want for them to tell you who they are and what they are saying so that you can set the story straight, or am I the only one?

I don't have time for this stupid high school drama anymore. People need to grow up and move on with their lives.
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Halloween 2

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1)Do you think the United States is ready for a black president?
2)How much would you say race is factoring into your decision on who to vote for in November?
3)If you were a superhero/villain, where would you want your lair to be located?

edit: also, are you going to do absentee/early voting or vote on the day of?

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A girl has been texting my boyfriend for the past few days with several days with random messages. It's obvious that she doesn't realize she is texting the wrong person, even after my boyfriend responded with things like "who is this?", "what's your e-mail address?", etc.

Now we have an e-mail address and boyfriend wants to continue this game with her.
What are some things we should say to this girl to confuse her even more?
Should we just stop all communications in case it's a 13 year old kiddo?

little joe never once gave it away. everybody had to pay and pay.

which of these WILD songs make you think, "oh this wild song is really good" ?????

Wild Wild Life, talking heads
Wild Horses, the rolling stones
Born to be Wild, steppenwolf
Take a Walk on the Wild Side, lou reed
Wild World, cat stevens
Wild One, jerry lee lewis
Real Wild Child, iggy pop
Wild Billy's Circus Story, bruce springsteen
Wild Night, van morrison
Wild Honey Pie, the beatles
Wild Women Don't Get the Blues, lyle lovett
Wildflower, sheryl crow
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, u2
something by the 70s funk band, WILD CHERRY!
Oh suzer, if i were more wild i might know more of these songs, but as it is, i am too tame.
Snoopy Enterprise

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1. Are the leaves starting to change where you live?
2. If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch, have you ever posted on LJ with it?
3. Were you affected by Hurricane Ike? If you were, how so?
4. What's for lunch?
Haruhi disappearance
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Will you tell me all about a topic/subject/trade etc you're an expert in? I like learning.

eta: I wanna know STUFF about your areas of expertise! Share trivia!
Bert Shocked

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have you ever had sad sex?

like sex after something terrible happened? like you lost your puppy and then your SO started comforting you and it led to sad sex?

how was it? was it sad? did it make you feel better? did you forget about your puppy?

Sex sex sex

What the longest you have gone without having sex? (not counting the time before you first started having sex).

Were you masturbating like crazy?

Do you take pity on those who aren't having sex?

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Do you ever feel kinda proud of yourself when a bunch of people respond to you with iawtc?

What's your favorite internet acronym/phrase? What internet acronym/phrase do you wish would just stop already?
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So, in class today, I was heard uttering the following:

"Guys, stop. There will be NO penetration of the monkey!"

In order to help me feel a bit less embarrassed, can you tell me about the last and/or most memorable time you said something that could be misconstrued?

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say you work in a fast food restaurant, specifically mcdonalds, and it's your/your family's only source of income. you are allergic to touching vegetables (onions, lettuce, tomatoes, etc). if you handle them with your bare hands, you break out in terrible blisters that take weeks to heal. your manager comes up to you one day and says, "hey, so, (latex-free) gloves aren't part of the uniform, so i can't allow you to wear them during your shifts anymore." if you remove the gloves and handle the food, you will get blisters that look terrible. chances are, once people see the blisters, they won't want you preparing food anyway.

so, what would you do?
do they have the right to deny you something to protect your (and potentially the customers') health just because it's not part of the uniform?
what can be done in order for the gloves to stay?

Fornicating Flowers

Which is worse:  dealing with a nasty case of allergies, with serious sneezing, sniffling and sinus pressure, or literally falling asleep at my desk because of the medicine that allows me to breathe?

I dozed off earlier with my hand on the mouse....
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For the love of Jesus and two_stabs, help us shut him/her/it up.
Variable Cash APR: 21.90%2 (Minimum Cash APR: 20.90%)Variable Default APR: 29.49%3 (Minimum Default APR: 29.49%)
What does a variable default of APR of 29.49 mean? Give him/her/it an example please.

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I might cross post this to runners, but might not since it's more about calories burned than actual running, but anyways:

I run a 32 minute 5k on the treadmill at the gym after 30 minutes of good hard cardio on the elliptical. I sweat, and breath heavily, and my heart rate is up, totally, but after the hour, I'm not really winded even though I just started running not too long ago (less than a month).

But Friday I ran roughly 3 miles, in my neighborhood and I was panting like a dog and my heart was srsly pounding. I was so tired I almost fell asleep on the couch afterwards, which I never do after my hour at the gym.

My question: an hour at the gym does not wipe me out like 35 minutes of running outside, so does that mean that I burned more in that 35 minutes outside than I do in 60 minutes at the gym? Or did I go anaerobic and almost die for nothing?
Kitty lite
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1. Where was the last place you ate that let you down, even though you should have known better? Why/how?
2. What's your closest claim to fame?
3. What do you do when a friend flakes out, or doesn't call you back for a few days even though you normally talk daily?

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are you related to any famous people, either in history or pop culture? who?

not that cool, but-- my great great great somethingorother grandpa was dr. mudd; the doctor that fixed john wilkes booth's leg after he shot abraham lincoln and ran.

my mom is kinda famous but it's not worth mentioning more.

ETA: are you friends with any famous people? like eliza dushku? and you wanna hook me up?
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"And frog."

I came across this blog post talking about the silliness of some sexy Halloween costumes. (Yes, the sexy Freddy Krueger costume is real and you can purchase it offline as well as online.)

With Halloween being not that far away, I ask you, TQC, is there anything that can't be sexed up for a Halloween costume?

Or can you sex up everything?

And what's the stupidest sexy costume you've seen?

EDIT: Sorry. It's fixed. Bad HTML. Bad, bad, HTML

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night porter


Can I UN-register to vote? I made the mistake of registering to vote when I was an idealistic 18 year old. Now I am older and wiser and want to take it back. I ask the people with the voter sign up forms on the street how but they won't tell me.

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Like me do you always get hot dirty dreams when your dying of the flu and awake can do nothing about it cause you have no energy to pee never mind get off????/

how much longer do you think i will have this shitty flu for im on day 3 already!!??

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This guy that I've been seeing for the last week and a half just had his grandfather die last night. I want to do something to show him I care. TQC, what should I do to show him that I'm here for him and I care?
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Are you having trouble finding Gas where you live and if so what are they charging?

We have a limited number of stations that even have gas to offer then when you drive up they only have premium. You have to be there when the gas truck gets there to even get regular....ugh it sucks!!!!
MLP - pinkie chicken

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When does your paid account expire? If you're not a paid user, have you been or would you be?

What color are the earbuds/headphones you use in your mp3 player?

What's your favorite smell?

I know. I know. It's a stupid thing to worry about. But...

I ride a motorcycle about 90% of the time.  I work on a Navy base.  Therefore, I have certain requirements for what I wear.  There's the obvious: helmet, gloves, boots, jacket, etc...but I also have to wear something bright and/or reflective.  I had a cheap little orange safety vest, but it got torn up and frayed in the wind.  I decided to go for the real thing, so this afternoon I'm going to pick up this:

My bike is black/silver.  My jacket and gloves are completely black.  My helmet is red/silver.
Given the black and red of my other gear, should I get the orange vest or the green one?

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Has anyone had personal experience with the zune car pack?

I REALLY need music in my car, I cannot stand the radio. My car has no hookup for cassette or cd player and no aux input. So I have to resort to a FM transmitter..

My question the Zune brand one really worth it? Or could I get an off brand universal one thats compatible with my zune?

I tried buying a cheap like 20 dollar one, and that shit didnt work. =[
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do you ever get really pissed off with your best friend when they dont ask you how you are even when you make a point of always asking them and then feel really quilty about feeling angry??/
Bert Shocked

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Guize I'm gonna go gambling nao with $200.00 (yea i know, high roller status) how much do you think I will win?

before you get to the table you will be propositioned by a middle aged woman with crows feet and cigarette breath, (all money will be spent)

Winter wardrobe

I thought I could tolerate the "cold" weather (it's not even that cold!!) much better than I am able to. I REALLY need to buy sweaters and things like that because I am so cold, there is no heat anywhere, I am unable to shut the window in my room (someone rigged it so that it could not be shut ever ever ever in any way, shape or form - they REALLY wanted that thing to stay open), and I'm so cold all the time.

I always think I have enough clothes, but then it seems like my wardrobe is tiny. What should I buy and how much of each item should I purchase? It will get down to around freezing here in a couple of months, but not much colder.

Road trip thingie

In some crazy bit of luck, you have a year off and you're going on a tour of the entire United States, visiting each state. On this trip, you HAVE to do something specific in each state, sort of making it a point later to say that 'I ____ in each state'. What will you do?

Had a Starbucks/Big Mac/etc/specific item from a popular chain or franchise
Had sex
Made a friend
Attended a church mass/ceremony
Sang karoake
Stayed at a Holiday Inn/Motel 8/whatever
Did a shot of your favorite alcohol in a bar
Got in a bar fight
Visited a TQC member
Got a lapdance
Smoked a bowl (of the best weed offered in that state in that specific location)
Killed somebody
Stole a garden gnome (off someone's property)
Ate the 'best' pizza (acclaimed within the state)
Went streaking/flashed somebody/kissed a complete stranger

(no subject)

Have you ever purchased a car with a rebuilt title? Did you have any unexpected problems with the car? Would you ever buy another rebuilt car?

If you never have, would you ever?
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I don't travel much so I don't know the best way to get the cheapest room rates.
I need to stay in a hotel for 3 nights. What is the cheapest way to get this room? Should I book a reservation online or should I just show up and ask for a room?
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sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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1. what is the most damaging rumor anyone's ever started about you?
1a. was it true or just made up to start shit?
1b. what happened on account of it?

2. what's the most damaging rumor you have ever started about someone else?
2a. was it true or just made up to start shit?
2b. what happened on account of it?

3. what is the point of anonymously starting rumors...why not just air your grievances with someone to their face?
technical difficulties


Having commenting troibles. See them in my journal fine but they're not getting to my email right. Some come hours after the fact, some come out of order, some just seem to have gotten lost between here and there.

Anybody else having commenting issues?
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So, this may sound stupid, but how does one go about being able to walk properly in high heels for an extended amount of time?

I went to vote today, and I just got a new pair of heels (the highest I've ever had in my life). Theyre cute and I love them, and when I wear them and am just walking around my house, I'm fine. Today, though, I wanted to shoot myself in the face because they were the only pair of shoes I had and by the time I was walking out to my car (which I dumbly parked far away from the entrance) I wanted to die.
Should I transition? When I wear heels, I usually wear kitten heels, so maybe I just need to not go to such a dramatically high heel?

ETA: My calves hurt, too. Would insoles help that or do I just have to grow a pair?

lurker amnesty day, or something

TQC is bound to have some lurkers who read but never post/comment (even on pic posts!)

If you're one of those people, will you come out of hiding and share something with the group? Or just say hi?

If you're not one of those people, what do you think those lurkers think of the rest of us?

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So yesterday I went to a walk-in clinic because I was having bad chest pains for the last three days. The doctor sent me for blood tests, an EKG and a chest x-ray. I wasn't expecting results until tomorrow at the earliest, but a nurse from the clinic called today and asked me to come in tomorrow to discuss the results with the doctor. In fact, her exact words were:

"It's nothing to worry about, he just wants to discuss the results with you."

Now.. in your experience, is this something all nurses/receptionists say when they make this call?

(I'm definitely worrying :( )
Astronomy sky nebula 2

Two Questions...

What is your favorite humorous website?

Do you find the smell of skunk repulsive? (This may seem like a silly question, but I actually quite enjoy the smell of skunk and wonder if all of the whiners really hate it as much as they say, or it there is a certain amount of embellishment in skunk-smell denunciation.)


My mother (as well as some friends) believe in ghosts, and it can get very annoying. A door closes without anyone touching it, its a ghost! No, no, its the wind you idiot. So because of their stupidity I must say that I dont believe in ghosts.

Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?

Vegetarians, alcoholists and overweight people...
What say you? (guess I better start losing weight and eating some more meat!)

I knew of it years ago when we did tests in my Biology class, plus we studied that people started evolving when they started eating meat. But I didn't know about the weight factor. Did you?
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Im working on a paper about the pros and cons of downloading music. I thought there would be a lot of resources online, but I am not finding too many. I mostly need actual sites or articles about bands views on this subject. Any help? Id really appreciate it. :]

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TOMORROW my whole work is going on a little activity adventure day trip so we can teambuild and trust eachother because the team spirit that kinda wasn't there got less because of the rapist guy and now we need to have fun to make it better!!!!! i think you go into the country and do fun items like abseiling and running and hiding in tunnels and tasky tasks. I LOVE STUFF LIKE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!! i'm rubbish at it because i'm very clumsy but i find it all so fun and i love it!!! its one of my favourite things to do!!!!

so do you like things like that too!?!?

when did you last go to one of these things! tell me stories!!!! and also tell me what your working place does for fun and to help teambuild!!

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Does anyone have their TV/sofa area set up like this?

How awkward is it to watch TV? I'm considering doing this to maximize space but I thought I'd ask for opinions before spending the evening moving furniture around.


How do you feel about the word "cunt"?
Do you save it for occasions when you're especially pissed or appalled?
Who or what was the last "cunty" thing you witnessed?
Last time you were "cunty"?

1. I used to feel like puppies were being run over as it was said
2. Yes
3. One of my professors this morning implying that a girl didn't know how to read (still funny. mild on the cunt scale.)
4. Last night/this morning.

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Why do you think someone would ask an OPINION question, and then answer with every response that doesn't match their own?  Is it because they like to argue?  Or because they're totally sure they're right, and can't see how anyone would disagree?

Or is it because they're a super villain and discord is their power supply? 

Also, an etiquette question:  Let's say you're in a casual dating situation, and seeing more than one person at a time.  You're out with one of them, and you run in to the other one.  What the hell are you supposed to do? (I awkwardly waved and went back to drinking my coffee, but I feel like that was the wrong thing.  Problem is, I have no idea what else I could have done.  Luckily, I was WITH the guy I actually like, and ran in to the guy I'm trying to let down easy.)
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Do you do things even though you know that they'll wind up horribly for you?

I want a giant glass of chocolate milk right now, but I am way lactose intolerant and I know it will cause me to have a giant stomach ache.  Should I do it anyway?

ETA:  I'm going to walk to the store to get some chocolate soy milk!

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i am completely bored. what do you do when you're completely bored? would taking a look at your profile interest me?
what's on your to do list?
what's your star sign? do you "fit" it? believe in it?

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Do you ever think of weird food combinations? For example, I am currently eating wheat tortilla with red pepper hummus. I was thinking about a taco dip I make with sour cream mixed with taco sauce, hamburger, lettuce, and cheese. I was thinking that the red pepper hummus tastes similar to the sour cream and taco sauce. Do you think it'd be disgusting to use hummus instead of sour cream/taco sauce? I was thinking it might be healthier than sour cream... and turkey instead of hamburger.

I'm too afraid to try it. How gross do you think it would taste? 
This is so ridiculous.
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How do you say "Dear sir or madam," or "to whom it may concern" in Spanish?
Edit Cuz I don't trust google or babelfish or whatever to not translate completely literally, word for word.

Why do all of my questions always come back to Spanish?

What is the most fulfilling thing in your life right now?

Edit What do you think the chances are that I get a job with the UN, a year out of college? This is exactly what the fucking Peace Corps was supposed to help with. :/

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Which of these, if they bit you, would you suggest that their owner put them down?

Mad dog
Playful dog, but of a bitey breed (like a pit bull)
Old woman with demantia
Unruly child
Sarah Palin's 'special needs' child
Frisky stripper
Adult who appears to be mentally retarded
Goth, trying out his new fangs
None of the above
Sookie Stackhouse
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What are some things you do everyday that could be used as a set-up in a porno? Like, oh hey Mr. Pizza Man, can I have a taste of YOUR sausage?
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1 Why does anonypants  keep deleting their posts?

2 Are you afraid to let other people see your writing?
3 Are you a good writer?
4 How fast can you write a decent essay?
5 Do you prefer apple juice or orange juice?
6 From concentrate or not from concentrate?
7 Are phones vegan?

2 Yes.
3 I'm not bad at it.

4 Not very fast. 1.5 hours, usually.
5 Orange.
6 Not.

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Internet ?s

1) If there were an "Internet jail" for people who have committed heinous acts online, would you rather be locked up there for 10 years, or in regular prison for 20 years?

2) If you were sent to "Internet jail" and were only permitted to send one instant/text message who would it be? Who would it be if your phone call were restricted to only TQC members?

drawing a blank...

A school club I am involved in is sponsoring a non-partisan speaker series involving local political candidates from our area, and I need to make a flyer to promote the events. We basically are trying to raise awareness about local politics and will be having Q&A sessions with the candidates after they talk about their concerns and reasons for running. What is a catchy headline I can use that will draw people in to read the flyers that I will post around my college?
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What happened to the naughty back caresses question? It said:

Does he want to fuck me?

Don't worry, I'm not actually saying I'd screw a guy who had a girlfriend, I just want to know if this all seems fishy to anyone else. I mean, there's nothing concrete, it's just ... sketchy.

There's this guy, and whenever I see him, he makes eye contact with me. He doesn't stare super long or look me up and down or anything overt, but every time he looks at me, I feel like there's this intense mutual chemistry. His gaze makes me feel like he's undressing me with his eyes or something.

Today I was sitting in the library and wearing a shirt with a low back. He walked by holding hands with his girlfriend, but as he went by, he ran his fingers along my upper back. I'd say it was an accident, but it seemed too long and slow to be just an accidental bump. I turned around to look and they were heading toward the door, the girlfriend facing the door and completely oblivious, but he'd turned over his shoulder and just made eye contact with me. Not in an apologetic, oops! I bumped you, kind of way either.

Does this seem suspicious to anyone? Does he want to fuck me? He has a girlfriend; just what is his game here with the back caresses?

It had 26 comments on it and I wanted to see what people were saying, but LJ says it's gone. Was there anything interesting in the comments or should I go back to doing my schoolwork like I was supposed to do an hour ago?
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Make my decisions/validate me/have some teel deer!

I know I just posted about chocolate milk, but my husband just sprung this on me and I need some opinions.

We live in Pittsburgh.  We each work 3 jobs, but on the upside, we're making decent money.  He just asked me if I would like to go to San Francisco for 4 days in January (we got a pretty good deal for 3 nights in the hotel we like and flights and such).  However, in order to swing this comfortably, we're going to have to NOT go to Niagara Falls in November like we usually do, and also we're not going to be able to buy each other a ton of stuff for Christmas.

We're also moving to Tucson so he can start his PhD in the fall, so we might not get to travel much after this year...

Should we do it?  To get the rates on the flights and the room, we have to book by the end of September.  

If you don't feel like dealing with my bullshit, how bout this:

What's the best vacation you've ever been on?

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Do you have anxiety?
Like diagnosed?
How does it physically manifest itself?

Have you ever taken Xanax? (re: NOT recreationally)
What does it do to you?
How does it make you feel?
little big town - trying to find a place

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hey, TQC! I've had a hard day week month. Will you post a picture of something either cute (think: puppies and kitties) or sexy (think: gorgeous shirtless men) to cheer me up?

Blaahhh colleges

For anyone who's applied to Brown -

How does the teacher recommendation work? Do I have to send my entire supplement online and THEN get a recommendation? Or can I print something out right now to give to my teachers?

I looked on Brown's website and it says that I can set up accounts for my teachers at the common app website... so I guess what I'm asking is if I can do that before I submit my essays and stuff.

And if you're confused by this, imagine how I feel! D: