September 15th, 2008

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inspired by a comment from one of our lovely fellow tqc members.

said commenter states they are against child support "Because in most situations the father isn't making anything near $200,000 and it's a huge detriment to their life to be forced to pay for it. Yes, they had a child and probably shouldn't have. BUT, abortion is an option for a mother - there is no equivalent for a father. How do you justify that? It's bullshit."

i said something about married couples divorcing, etc. etc. planned pregnancies, etc. etc.

commenter then goes on to say
"There are all kinds of government assistance programs.
I think that, yes, whoever the child lives with should take care of them.
Absolutely the father should be able to opt out. Mothers have that choice, don't they?
I'm sorry you don't like my logic. Don't reproduce with me and we'll be fine."

allegedly, ALL pregnancies are accidents.

what are your opinions on child support?

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Tonight a customer forgot a really nice umbrella at my job. Instead of turning it in to the office, I took it home, cause I need an umbrella. Is this wrong? Will I go to hell?

Will you please tell me a funny/sad/awkward story involving you and a customer?
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Do you generally prefer female or male singers?

Have you ever had that dish that's just made of chicken, rice or noodles, and cream of mushroom and/or cream of chicken soup? Isn't it delicious?

Favorite Paramore song?
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Have you ever been pathetically in love with someone you were friends with enough to hear how pathetically they are in love with someone else and be their shoulder to lean on while they crush you in the meantime?

Can you help me see the humor in it? It is kind of funny it's own painful way right?

Or just make me laugh? Macros or something?

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As I have recently mentioned, I just had oral surgery on Thursday. They have me on percocet but I'm wondering if anyone knows of something lighter than this? The pills are a saint for the pain, but that's about it as I can't get shit done whilst on this crap. I have absolutely no thinking skills while I am doped up on this stuff. I am a career woman, this is not going to work out! Can I like..triple up on advil and it will be just fine?
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I think I've become addicted to the snooze button. This is not a good thing.
What makes you get out of bed in the morning? How do you get the part of your brain that knows you have to get to class/work to overrule the part that's all "mmm, warm, comfy, sleep"?

It's been quite a while between relationships, TQC, and TBH, the last one was pretty terrible before I ended things. I'm a bit worried that I can't think of anything worth getting into a relationship for. I'm not sure that I'm prepared to make the time to get involved with anyone, and maybe I'm also a little scared. Help me? What's your favourite thing about being in a couple?

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I currently have a class DJ drivers license in NYS. I know that when you turn 18 it becomes a regular class D license.

Do I need to renew it or will they just send it out after I turn 18?

and uh, why the fuck do they call them HAMburgers when their very clearly made out of BEEF!?

anyone else think we should call them beefburgers?

Do they make such things as HAMburgers?

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How often do you find yourself putting time and effort into answering a question in TQC, only to find that someone has beaten you to the punch?
I don't mean just being the first to answer, but giving the same answer you had posted or planned to post.
What celebrity do you wish would just stfu and/or disappear?
How much is gas where you are?
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Are you fucking sick of politics yet?

god yes

What is the population of your home town?

around 9,000

What is your favorite flower? Favorite color of said flower?

Roses, pink.

Do you remember Trapper Keepers? Did you HAVE a Trapper Keeper?
Y, n.
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Hi! I have a macroeconomics exam in just under nine hours (it's two am, class is at 11:10). I still have 130 pages of reading left to do. On a scale from 1 to 10, how fucked am I?

How do you pronounce economics?

What's the smelliest thing on your body right now?
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Last night at work it was discovered by my manager that someone had shit in the trash can of the woman's bathroom. Ewww... She immediately shared this vile bit of information with the cook and me. After much discussion we called the new guy over, he's been on the job less than a month now, and my manager told him that since it was slow he should go change out the trash in the bathrooms before he goes home. Needless to say he wasn't happy when he found the 'surprise' in the girl's room.
Was this a 'shitty' thing of us to do to him?
What's something that you've made someone new or was made to do when new on the job that truly sucked?
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I read a lot of stories in customers_suck about innocent employees finding human feces in the worst places: in trash cans, smeared on the walls and ceiling in the bathroom, in the corner of dressing rooms, etc. Now, I'm sure some of these stories are bullshit (no pun intended). But I do believe that this is a real problem and that it actually happens sometimes. Why would people shit anywhere but in the toilet, especially in a public place? Would they ever do this in their own homes? Why would they smear it on the walls?! Help me to understand this, TQC!
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What things do you call by the brand name?

Eg, Biro instead of pen, Breville instead of sandwich maker, Texta instead of marker pen, Tampax instead of tampons, Kleenex instead of tissue etc.

Almost done

What should I do in an hour when I get off of work?
What kind of lame hobby do you have?
Do you send obscene pictures to your friends? Would you be offended if they sent them to you?

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Which do you think is a bigger travesty of a remake… “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or “Halloween”?
What are your feelings about them wanting to remake “Poltergeist”?
What classic movie from your childhood would you like to see Hollywood take a big steaming crap on next?
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Have you had, or do you know any one who's had Ross River Virus?

Or have you ever been bedridden for weeks at a time?

If so, did you still get up to use the computer or use your mobile phone? Would sending an sms really be that difficult while bedridden?

Who was the last person to piss you off and what did they do?

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Dear TQC,
I am in the market for a new digital camera. So far I have been looking at the: (link goes to Specs listed @ CNET)

  Kodak EasyShareZ1012

and the Fujifilm Finepix S1000fd

I have read some reviews online, but of course, you must ask TQC before you make any decision.

Have you heard anything about either of these cameras? Do you own one of these? Do you recommend any other digital cameras? Also is there any sites where you can get cheaper electronics, such as


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You're remodeling your house and therefore have guys working at your house. Do you mind them using your restroom or do you feel it an invasion of privacy and think they should find somewhere else to go?

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Okay, so I have a bag of moss. I want to blend it up with yoghurt and then grow it, but I'd like to do a little bit for a test and then do the rest once I've got the growing mixture sussed.

Is there any way of actually preserving moss for a while? I figure freezing it might kill it but I'm not sure. How long would it last just in the fridge? Should I replant it until I need it? Did some Googling and couldn't find anything obvious.

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I found and bought this for $8.99 this weekend.

1) How awesome is that?

2) What is your favorite Schoolhouse Rock song?

3) Did you ever see Schoolhouse Rock Live?

4) Or, am I too old and is the power and genius of Schoolhouse Rock lost on TQC?



Ok, so we all know that 8 8oz glasses of water is the recommended minimum that we should be drinking.

Do you drink enough water?

Do you like water?

Thirst = Dehydration.  Do you drink water even if you're not thirsty to prevent dehydration?

It's recommended (by this website at least) that we set a timer and follow a schedule to drink water.  Is that something you do / would do or do you not care enough?


I want to go back to bed

1) What are your favorite kind of sheets? (jersey knit, cotton, bamboo, satin, etc)

2) What color are your sheets currently?

3) Are there any other things you love to have on your bed beyond the ordinary? (eggcrate foam, down pillows, etc)

4) What position do you generally sleep in?

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Nietzsche's Gay Science

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of Nietzsche's The Gay Science online? I'm trying to do something with the titles of his aphorisms, but I left my copy of the book at home and I can't get it back for at least another month....
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Mouse direction w/ dual monitor

I tried googling this but couldn't even come close to what I'm looking for.

I have a dual monitor setup at work, but I take my laptop home with me every night and leave my second monitor behind.

I booted up my computer this morning, and when I set everything up all the sudden to switch between my two monitors, the side I have to move my mouse to switched on me. (It used to be the right, now it's the left).

How can I change this back, or preferably make it so that either side will switch to my second monitor?
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If you're in a A LOT OF PAIN (read: cramps) and you can't keep anything down so pain killers are kind of not an option, what's the best way to lessen the misery? :(

I have a hormonal imbalance, is there birth control I can get that WON'T further mess with hormones?

For those on BC, what side effects does it have on you?
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If you hear a cover version of any given song without having heard the original first, do you have the desire to hear the original or are you just content to hear the cover version?

Similarly, if you hear cover version first and then hear the original at a later time which version do you tend to prefer?

EDIT: Also which song(s) should never ever have been or should never be covered?
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TQC, I'm in my 10-10:50 Biology lecture. How do I communicate to the girl sitting next to me reading Twilight in her lap while taking notes that she needs to find better reading materials?

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What's the online policy at your work?
Have you ever been reprimanded or embarrassed for surfing the internet?
And if you don't have a computer to use at work, has anyone caught you looking or doing embarrassing stuff online?

"give her some funked up music she treats you nice"

which of these songs about our beloved RADIO have you enjoyed at least a time or two?

Radioactive, the firm
On the Radio, regina spektor
Radio Radio, elvis costello
Radio Nowhere, bruce springsteen!
Radio GaGa, queen
Radio Free Europe, r.e.m.
Radio Song, r.e.m.
Rock and Roll Radio, the ramones
The Spirit of Radio, rush
Radio Cure, wilco
Radio Waves, roger waters
Radio Head, talking heads
Video Killed the Radio Star, the buggles
FM (No Static at All), steely dan
oh suzer, i love my radio, but it doesn't play some of these songs, so i just don't know some of them.

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Do you like Gym Class Heroes? Why or why not?

How is their new cd?

I was a fan before they had fans and now all their new stuff is very disapointing to me. The new single killed me to listen to...

Should I even bother listening to the new cd at all?
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#1. To all well-endowed, unibrow-sporting Eskimos who have a large collection of ladies panties, how tall are you?

#2. To all chubby, underage abortion clinic protesters who have sensitive teeth, what is your favorite video gaming platform?

#3. To all able-bodied, bored computer users who haven't had lunch yet, in what ways do you think higher levels of organization through the mechanism of metasystem transition have made the world we live in, in part, a historical accident?

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Is it a stupid idea to get a tattoo on my arm if I plan on going into acting? Like not a sleeve or anything just something about the size of my palm
I really want to get something i have 2 ideas there driving me crazy but then I don't want it to ruin my career chances or something stupid.

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Does your microwave do the reminder beep every minute if you leave stuff in there?

Mine does and I love it because my boyfriend always puts stuff in there and forgets about it. With the annoying beep, it's pretty hard to ignore.

[did i just fuck myself?]

TQC, my landlady emailed me asking me to send her the lease for October-May. I told her I would mail it as soon as I got my scholarship funds (which I have gotten, now). The truth is, her daughter, my housemate, is a disgusting, irresponsible, disrespectful, hypocritical slut and I had to rush to found new housing. So I have an application pending for a different place, but their policy is to call the previous landlady to find out whether I was a 'good' tenant. I am not under a lease with my current landlady for this month, and I have to call her today to tell her about it.

TQC, what are the chances that she's going to be so upset that she'll lie to the application people and tell them I was a bad tenant? Did I fuck myself over? Will the application people turn me down for having an issue with my landlady? What should I shout in exuberance after I move out of that shitty house?

ETA: Does it matter what party you affiliate yourself with when you register?

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My TV is discolored in the upper right corner. It's all purplish...unless what is on behind it on the monitor is a blue and then it's more green. Is this something I can fix or is my TV just too old (it IS like 6-7 years old) ?

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What is your signature thing?

It could be anything; a certain item of clothing or jewellery you always wear, a certain way you do your hair, a distinctive tattoo or piercing.

For me, I'd say my signatures are an emerald and white gold birthstone ring that I always year, my anti tragus piercing that I've had for five years and my long hair. My hair probably most though, it's what I always get noticed for or complimented on.

What are yours? Any stories behind them? Photos?

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1. My new neighbor is moving in and put their washer up against my door (even though there's plenty of space to put it elsewhere) so it's hard to squeeze through to leave. They don't seem to be there at the moment and I have to leave soon. Should I:

A: Try shoving it out of the way
B: Climb over it
C: Climb over it with heels
D: Other (please specify)

2. Have you ever been pleased with an infomercial purchase? If so, what was the product?

3. Is there any store you refuse to make purchases at? If so, what is the store and why won't you do business with them?
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If there was medicine available that could guarantee that you would never die of one particular condition (ex: heart disease, cancer, MS) and/or cure you of it if you had it, but the medicine would subtract 10 years from the end of your life, would you take it?
What if it was 20 years?
If you would take the drug, how many years of your life are too many to sacrifice?
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Have you ever been to a spa?


What kind of services did you get?

facial and massage

Would you ever go back?


how much did you tip the masseuse or facialist?
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1)Of the two, which of your boobs (left or right, with left being your left, not the viewer's left) is the nicer one? If you have more than two, please indicate with more specificity which is nicest. Why do you feel that way?

2)Of your favorite musicians of your preferred gender(s), which do you feel is the most unattractive?

3)Have you ever had an encounter with the paranormal? Please describe.


My friend is about to propose to his girlfriend and was asking me for some ideas. 
1. How were you proposed to?
2. What would be the perfect proposal?
3. Any other proposal ideas?
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1. Have you ever heard of people eating nutmeg and tripping/getting really fucked up off of it? What the hell do you think about that?

2. Kuhruh hooked up with Tadada. Kuhruh really likes Tadada, but Tadada isn't really into it. Kuhruh is friends with Ejajaja, but they are not really close. Ejajaja also really likes Tadada. Tadada seems to be refraining from hooking up with Ejajaja because he doesn't want to get between Ejajaja and Kuhruh's friendship, even though they're not that close. Should Ejajaja still hook up with Tadada, and under what circumstances?
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Should I drive to Georgia (near Cairo) to get gas tonight? It's about a 15 mile drive and there is basically no gas in Tallahassee except at Shell, and I hate Shell gas. Plus, it's about 20 cents cheaper. I would normally just wait, because I use public transportation, but I'm driving 275 miles to the Orlando Airport on Friday to fly to Chicago and I have only 1/4 of a tank...

When did you start/will you start studying for the GRE?

What are the names of the bus routes at your university?
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So confused.

Can someone please tell me why photobucket would tell me Collapse ) was against the rules? I have like 6 different pictures of them in there, but that one was the only one that was flagged. I didn't know that a picture being dark and grainy made it against the rules.

Edit: If you're wondering, it's hips. They belong to my sister and I.

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Do you think the internet and/or other means of technology will ever advance enough to where I can record a song or a beat and upload it and find out what song it is?   Apparently that sort of technology already exists.  =]

What sort of advancements would you like to see?

Is there anything specific that you would use it for?

If so, what?

piece of cake

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Currently, the following circumstances exist for me:
a) I have been seeing a man for about 3 1/2 months. We see each other every day, do just about everything together, and are kind of inseperable.
b) He was still talking to an ex, but ended it completely like 2 weeks ago. I am sure it's entirely over, even though it had been an issue for a while. So he actually did pick me, not her, which feels pretty good.
c) He's 30, so I know he's looking for something serious and not a fling. He's told me so. He doesn't correct people when they call me his girlfriend. But he hasn't used the word. Though he's hinted that he's all mine. His friends call me his girlfriend, and it makes me wonder if he uses the word when I'm not around.

How long should I wait for the girlfriend word before calling this quits? I don't want to, but we're pushing 4 months of seeing each other all the time. I'm giving this my all, and I'm not seeing anybody else, nor is he. If I'm not going to get the girlfriend status, I'm not just going to hang around waiting.


What are your thoughts on this lady here?

a. Totally awesome individual with amazing style.
b. Complete pretentious doof trying WAY too hard.

(You can see more of her here.
She's etsy newest featured seller and I'm totally on the fence about how I feel about what she is showing me.)

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So, does anyone here think that shinga posts too many questions in any given day in tqc and doesn't have a life in you know REAL life? She seems to really be a bit of a blabbermouth to me but maybe it's because every time I get on my computer and to lj in general, *there* she is.

Do you think I should just go over to her house and boink her?
Right now?
Because I will.
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1. Is there something a street or town could be called to make you consider not living there even if you really like the house and it was a great deal and otherwise a perfect fit for you? Like, if the road was called "Fred Phelps Drive" after Mr. Godhatesfags, could you live there?

2. Are there hard and fast rules for which words a capitalized in a title? Splain?

3. Rice Crispies or Cornflakes?

4. What's the last thing you bought?

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Where can I find a punk-style plaid BLUE dress?
Or skirt with matching top. (preferably corset)

I can't find decent blue plaid anywhere...

And don't waste your time at

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I went to this tore in my area that sells incense and buddha statues and "tobacco" smoking accessories.

Not being knowledgeable in this land of pretty glass sculptures, what's the purpose of the little nub on the opposite side of the little hole?

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Ok, there was this game for sega, i think, and it was a platformer kind of like sonic the hedgehog, but you play as this little black ninja alien creature thing, and it was really fun. The name of the game is one word, i think, and it shares the name of a movie that I can't think of. The movie and game are totally unrelated. Please help i'm beginning to think i'm making this up.

so does anyone have ANY idea about this?

alright, the answer was Zool. I thank you.

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Okay, since shinga is always hogging the tqc headlines, how's about we talk about childhood memories instead, shall we? Specifically the bad memories.
I'll start.

Frozen in ennui, my cotton sun dress wrapped about my thin legs to try to comfort me in the summer night air. It did not work its charms as the cold enveloped me. It was dark in the back yard but the moon let me glimpse the shovels that I could hear hitting the ground in gritty testimony to other, darker, proceedings. My brothers went at it with a fury I did not feel. Even then I think I was dead of emotions, a skinny little 5 year old zombie.

The bucket was one that I had used to gather things as small children do, perhaps a small shell or a rock shaped just so. He told us to stay away. Or wait, he didn't tell us that, he just went about his business and we had a choice to watch or not. He was a cruel man at heart, I knew this. I saw it a lot but it wasn't normally directed at me, I was a daddy's girl after all. Into the burlap sack went the kittens; one, two, three, seven. They meowed their shrill protests and into that sack they went. It was something that HAD to happen after all, right? Too many kittens, too little homes to give them to, not enough money for vet bills in a family of six.

Suddenly, one of my brothers cried out in triumph. Paydirt.
Paydirt. What a strange word, hmm? It held a multiple meaning to me after that, it did.

I didn't cry out though, oh no. I stoically looked on like a good little girl as the bucket was filled with cold water. Down, down went the kittens in a squirming mewling bag. Why didn't I cry, I now wonder? Because I was saving it for many, many years later. A small wet head popped out of the top of the knotted bag, big eyes imploring me. Pushing it back in, my father went about his grim task. A moist bag of grief that resolutely stuck in my throat, a bitter pill of kittens and remorse and sadness. After the first time, there were other ways of dealing with the reoccurring kittens, sometimes exhausting ways in cardboard boxes attached to the family car. After that, I started to collect my treasures in other receptacles.

And then out of the ground came a cache of bones, each tiny body held together within a thin furry skein. The smell was pervasive but it did not turn me away. I had to see after all.
And I saw.

What is a bad childhood memory that you have?

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I read an article in the local paper today about a 15 year old girl who used her cell phone to send nude photos of herself and then a video of her performing a sexual act on herself to a 16 year old boy she had "recently connected with" (this is what the paper says so we don't know how long they knew each other or how close they'd gotten in that time). He then forwarded it to somebody/ies and it went on from there until a short time later she was approached by a friend who'd gotten it. The 16 year old boy who initially received/forwarded the images/videos was arrested on charges of Promoting A Sexual Performance Of A Child Less Than 17 Years Old, and Possessing A Sexual Performance Of A Child Less Than 17 Years Old.

What the FUCK is wrong with teens today? I'm 25 and shy so I didn't really socialize when I was a teen, so perhaps I am missing something but I don't recall hearing about teens then sending shit like that to each other -at least not on a common level like it appears to be now, so why is it today's teens are so fucking stupid that they don't get the idiocy in sending videos of themselves doing sexual acts to people?

Do you think the girl should be charged too?
I'm not sure of the exact laws in regards to age in my state (NY) but what the boy was charged with indicates it's a crime if the videos/images are of somebody less than 17, and age of consent for intercourse is 17. So to me it seems that she is just as guilty.

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Why must this kid in my hall insist on watching Resident Evil in the common room again? Can't he watch it again on his computer?

What video game should they make into a movie?

What video game should they make into a movie musical?
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I can't click on things in my firefox toolbar and the browser window. Like, I have to alt-tab to click something in the toolbar, then alt tab again to click in the browser. Do you know what's going on here? What have I done to it? Can you help me fix it?

Do you like tasty muffins?
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Isn't it awesome that the United States government is going into debt to buy debt?

Why are there so many socialist scumbags elected in the United States?
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How do I say this tactfully?

I'll try to make this the least tl/dr as possible.

I led a study tour this past weekend and we visited a school. All of the students on the tour really enjoyed the school, although I thought the visit was a bit disorganized, but that's not really important. I and a couple of other people from my organization had been in contact with the school's director and he had expressed his interest in having us spend the night at the school. One of my co-workers told him that yes, that sounds like a good idea. But then he replied back and said that if it was all right with us we could just bring sleeping bags and sleep on the gym floor. My co-worker responded back saying that unfortunately we couldn't cancel our hotel reservation so we were unable to spend the night there after all (this was a white lie). Our organization does not "do" sleeping on the floor. We had thought that the school (which is a kind of boarding school) would have extra beds, but they do not. All of the students are around 20 years old and the leaders of the tour always include someone who is over 40, so it's not like a little kids' slumber party. ANYWAY, I contacted him to tell him thank you and he stressed that next semester, when we take another group of students to visit the school, that we REALLY REALLY should spend the night there.

Spending the night there is NOT an option because they cannot provide beds for us. And they have hard wooden floors and we would all wake up the next morning with sore backs and stiff necks. Plus most of the students probably don't even own sleeping bags because this is a study abroad program and they probably didn't bother to drag a sleeping bag onto an airplane.

So how do I tactfully say that we want to visit the school still but that we can't spend the night? There is really no excuse because it would be in February and we haven't made hotel reservations and other plans yet. I don't know how to tell him "Sorry, but we won't sleep on the floor."

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1. I want some new reading material. What's one of your favorite books that you'd love to recommend? Will you tell me a bit about it without ruining it?

2. Do you pee in the shower? Is it because you can clean yourself right away and it goes down with the water? Is this your attempt to conserve water?

3. What do you think of girls who don't shave their armpits?

4. It's my boyfriends and my 4th year do-thingy coming up....what should we do??
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Disney vs. Scientology

10:55 PM 9/8/08 · Up till just this one time I'd never watched Lewis Black's Root of All Evil before. Almost turned it off till I saw that they were arguing "Disney vs. Scientology" and then I couldn't turn away. Sadly, the entire thing didn't make it to the site but I got enough of it here to suit my purposes.

Collapse )

Just out of curiosity, between Disney or Scientology...which do you think is the greater evil?
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who watched/is watching oprah???

if you aren't watching, it's about terrible child molesters in the usa. oprah just read a censored version of a "how to molest children and make really good porn" instruction booklet and even with the "blank"'s, i can't believe she was allowed to say all of that on tv. i feel even worse because these things actually happen to children.
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What are your most effective tips for writing job applications/answering selection criteria?

What would I have to do to get you to do my application for me?
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1. what's the last kind of juice you drank?
2. what temperature is it where you're currently at?
3. what is the scent of the closest candle to where you're sitting?

1. v8 splash, some berry blend
2. 90, feels like 95 according to
3. I have three candles nearby. sweet water, melon burst, & black cherry

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I have a cold sore =[

Do you get cold sores?

Why does the entire population of my school think its necessary to ask "WHAT THE FUCK IS ON YOUR LIP????" ... As if they don't know.

For those of you who get cold sores, do you feel like a complete freak of nature when one pops up?
Do you feel like you get them at the worst possible times? I had one at my prom in high school, cute!

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Why does everyone think you guys are so mean?

You guys always give me helpful answers when I need them and any snark that is directed at me I usually deserve. And you always provide much needed lolz when I am feeling down. I love you guys!

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i'm doing the "highschool recap" section in the yearbook and i dont want to do two articles (one of prom and one of a broadway type musical thing we put on every year) so how can i link the two together? the teacher said it'd be great to find some theme or common element and i know a lot of people here are creative :-)

edit: prom's theme was a midnight masquarade & the theatre production was the songs of many popular musical broadway shows. an idea might be "phantom of the opera"
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Cake Recipe

Does anyone have a recipe or know a recipe for  these little chocolate cakes that you  make that resemble mini pancakes and then  put cool whip in the middle ? They look like whoopie pies (maybe they are another version ?) I just can't figure out how to make the cake part.

There was a librarian at my school who made them once and I never got the recipe from her.

Also does anyone know of an mp3 player that is similar to an ipod shuffle ? (price and size wise). I want an Mp3 player I can use with Ruckus.

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i have 5 cats, a random cat just came on my balcony thing and wanted to come in to play and i picked him up and let him in and the 3 cats that were around (1 doesn't care, 1 i have no idea where he is) all went completely mad and crazy and dived at the cat in my hand and MY OWN CAT BIT ME and the random cat grabbed hold of my cats ear and started tugging it so i dropped it and the other 2 launched on it like crazy!!! then my boyfriend got stressed and started shouting that i should get the random cat away and then he tripped over some cat thing and made me laugh a lot and then they all ran out!!!!

WHAT HAPPENED?!?! why do cute cats get angry around other cute cats? jealousy maybe?!?!?


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Today I told my friend that if I had to be the pink Powder Puff girl, then she had to be Mojo Jojo, the monkey.

My friend happens to be black, and the guy next to her went " Oooooh, you're a racist".

My friend won't speak to me because she believes I did this on purpose.

I simply meant that she would be the mean guy because she made me be the pink one, and I don't like pink, and she knows this. She does not believe me.

How is that racist? I truly do not understand.
How can I fix this, and prove that I'm not racist, or that I didn't mean it in a racist way?

Have you ever been called a racist before?
What did you do in that situation?

Unrelated question:

Have you ever had a friend who was really nice to you, but you found out that other people hated said friend? What did you say to those people? What if their reasons for hating were legit, would you still be their friend?


What is the last thing you laughed at?

What was the last "immature" thing you laughed at?

What kind of humor/comedy do you enjoy, in general?
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What group is more annoying?

Fanatical Christians who criticize everyone who doesn't believe in Jesus
Fanatical athiests who criticize anyone who believes in anything
They're both equally annoying

Beauty VS Brains

Dear TQC,

Can you be in a relationship where you are somewhat repulsed by the way your partner looks yet find their personality, interests, conversation, chemistry A+ ? How important is physical attractiveness to you?

Is it a deal breaker in the relationship if your partner will not eat vegetables (besides corn and potatoes) and you enjoy them a lot?

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on issues of social importance, or anything that can be seen as a common ground of importance, if you feel that you have a good handle on something, does it really annoy you when others dont?

Like,...I was really fucking annoyed by my philosophy class and the people in it, because to me philosophy is just a class that should be entitled "Shit everyone thinks of eventually." Because all we did was discuss trains of though that had already occurred to me, personally, so I was really fucking worried when there were people who had a hard time understanding it.

So in my Ethnic Studies: Understanding White Privilege class, we have to do reading responses for these fucking articles, that are just re-iterating shit that me and the friend who is taking it with me are already aware of. And because it annoys the piss out of her too, I'd assume that the stuff was all already common knowledge. OR AT LEAST something someone who was interested in the class would know in the first place. I know of, at least, three people in the class of like 8 who might not get it, so I suppose this might be for those students to catch them the fuck up.

But my question is, should the rest of us, in the world not just the classroom, who know what the fuck is going on, because we've taken time out of OUR busy schedule to figure shit the fuck out, spend our time helping others, who may or may not even to KNOW what the fuck is going on? How long do we have to wait for the people around us to catch the fuck up?

Or should we, purposefully, spend our time just assuming everyone else is up to bat, and work from there?

In my opinion, the second option seems like much less of a colossal waste of time. However, that could just be my annoyance at this class speaking.

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What was the last thing that bummed you out?

I just found out what happened to the voice actress of 'Ducky' off of the movie, The Land Before Time.   Christ.

What was the last thing that freaked you out?

A couple of weeks ago, I found this spider web in the corner of my bookshelf with a spider tangled in it, so I like blew on the web to see if the spider would move. It didn't, so I figured it was dead, left it there, and forgot about it. Then today, I accidently hit the web with a rag and the spider fell out of it, and it started crawling around and fell on my foot D: How was that motherfucker even alive?
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the Democratic Party is crap

Why the hell do Americans blame everything on George W. Bush as if the President of the United States is an emperor?

Do you think Americans realize that it's Congress who's responsible for where we are?

Why does Congress have an all-time low approval rating even though Democrats have been in power for how long now?
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1. What's the coolest thing you've done lately?
2. Would you consider being in a relationship with someone who isn't interested in ever getting married?
3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
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3. My Dad just helped me move into my new apartment and now says he is sending me a care package for me with a remote for our TV and some maple syrup. He wants to know what else he should send. What else should he send? (Not hookers and blow, that package would have to be enormous.)
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I can't find my favorite pen. I hate it, because it's pink (and I despise that color), however, it wrote SO NICELY. It makes me sad that I can't find it.

What was the last random/silly/unimportant thing to make you go :| or :(


What did you have for dinner tonight?
(I had mac-n-cheese, some ham, and some tortilla chips. and pineapple for dessert. :D)

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I know this is going to sound childish, but I don't care.  Answer however you want, it won't bother me.

I've been in drama club for the past three years, this being my senior year.  For this fall play, six girls tried out for four leads.  I became a thespian first out of all of them, joined drama first, have shown the most dedication, etc.  I said nothing when I wasn't cast in other plays, I just stood by and smiled.  Every other year senior girls, no matter if they sucked, got lead roles.  It was always about seniority.  Everyone told me, including the director, that I was doing well.  And I got a fucking ensemble role, while two sophomores, one of whom didn't memorize her audition, got two of the leads, and two girls who joined drama way late and only do about half the plays got the other two.  

Would I be justified in dropping the play?  I don't care if people say suck it up you obviously suck, because this is NOT about talent.  No one who got roles has much talent.  Even if I do suck, I deserve a lead role as much as any of those girls (who also probably suck) and in my opinion, more, considering how much harder I work than them.  So yeah. Just want to know if it would be justified.
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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i'm sure its been asked before a million times over but i'm bored and have a one track mind today.

being that its near impossible to get an honest answer from a guy (though you can pretty much interpret the answer depending on your skills of perception)

A. Does it really matter if a girl swallows?

and / or

B. What is it that's such a turn on about a girl who swallows?
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I really hate brownies, vanilla things.
What are some foods you hate that everyone seems to love?

Are you a fan of Oscar Wilde?
Who is your favorite author?

Why can't I think of any original questions?

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I live outside of Atlanta. When is the best time of the fall to go apple picking in Georgia?

I LOVE APPLE PICKING OMG. I swear I am 12 yrs old.

ETA: What is/are your favorite kind of apple(s)?!

Mine are fujis, macintoshes, and braeburns. MMMM. I like tart and sweet.

Sorry TQC

What is the most awkward thing you have had to apologize for?

What is the worst thing that you have said that you felt you needed to apologize for?

Do you think when people apologize they dont really mean it?

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my best friend's mom made me a cheesecake and it'll be here soon :D :D I'm excited because her moms cheesecake is THE BEST (no, really - it is)

what's something kinda small that you're really looking forward to?


will you show me a picture of you either totally drunk or stuffing your face? (bonus points for both in the same picture)

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where do you lurk most often on the internet? what rss feeds do you subscribe to, if any?

me, i check, tcgplayer, and mtgsalvation for updates on Magic: the Gathering (a trading card game), and check some daily webcomics (xkcd, Questionable Content, Penny Arcade, Cyanide & Happiness). i subscribe to New York Times, CNN, and Inside Mac Games' rss feeds.
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I have a radio show tomorrow. It's an hour and a half of whatever I want to play.

I want to do some kind of theme, or something to tie the songs together. Last week I played songs that have handclaps in them.

For this week, I was thinking of doing either all dead artists (hello, I'm depressing)...or do this thing where every song has a line from the song before it (you know? Like..."Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" has the lyric "He's not your kind," and so does Janis Ian's "Society's Child," so I'd play the two of them in a row, and then see if I can find a song that has another line of "Society's Child" in it to play after that) but that's hard.

I also considered doing songs about songs, but I only have a couple of those. Songs with questions in the titles? Songs about colors? I just don't know.

Help me TQC. What should the theme for my radio show be?