September 14th, 2008

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Does anyone know whether you can have embed in your entries what you're listening to at the time you write a lj entry? I looked on google and and but found nothing.

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1. If you don't eat meat, for one reason or another, would you have a Venus Fly Trap in your house?

2. What was the last thing you put in your microwave?

3. What is/was your favorite video game?
nancy drew

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Do you...?

look good in green
see dead people
eat off of other people's plates at restaurants on occasion
distrust Barack Obama because he is Muslim
drink soy milk
take public transportation on a regular or sem-regular basis
try new recipes
punch like a girl
enjoy eating at bakery/sandwich shops such as au bon pain, panera bread, corner bakery
pop the tabs off of your soda cans
kick puppies
thank people when they open doors for you
have something in a safety deposit box
think Daniel Craig is a hotter action star than Jason Statham
none of the above

Post pictures of buildings that remind you of genitalia.
Baro Bitch Stare
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1. Do you like sports?
2. If so, what sports?
3. Do you watch College Football?
4. Where did you go to college/are going to college?
5. Favorite comedy movie??

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1. When is the last time you cried? Why?
2. Do you remember the first website you've ever been to?
3. Have you ever seen or heard the ghost of someone that died as a baby? If so, were they in baby form or adult form?

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Has anyone here had experience with transferring schools? Why did you do it or consider doing it?

What, in your opinion, constitutes good and bad reasons for transferring, and how soon is too soon to decide something like that?
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 I need everyone's costume expertise!

My dorm is having a superhero party Tuesday night - dress up as a superhero. I, however, own absolutely no costume clothing and don't have the funds to really purchase new clothes or accessories.

Anybody got any decent, cheap, ideas? 
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I dye my hair a dark golden blonde about once every 6-8 weeks. I really love the color, but the smell of the dye sticks to my hair for a week. It really drives me crazy.

Are there any color products out there that don't stink?

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#1. To all albino, gold-star lesbians who are dressing as Halo characters for Halloween, did you get good grades in high school?

#2. To all republican, anabolic-steroid using left-leg amputees who have a Jansport backpack collections, how do you like your coffee?

#3. To all tall, white computer users who remember me, can you provide a mathematical proof demonstrating Goldbach's conjecture using only AIM emoticons?
clara bow
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I just watched Coco Chanel on Lifetime (I know right...) and cried basically through at least have of it.  Does this make me a pussy little bitch?

In what ways are you a pussy little bitch?

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Does it make you uncomfortable when someone asks you to tell him/her about yourself?

It just kind of makes me panic. Maybe because I'm so conditioned to ask about the other person that it freaks me out when someone asks me to tell him/her about my life.

This is in real life, by the way. On forums/LJ communities/etc I'm more self-centered. >_<
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for those of you who smoke, how long did it take you to actually start craving cigarettes on a daily basis? how frequently had you smoked before that?

for everyone: how many people do you know named nicholas? how old are they? do you like that name?
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#1. To all double-jointed, Mormon actuaries who shave only their left armpits, what's your favorite pizza?

#2. To all bearded, kitten-loving pastry chefs who have a hard time spelling "alcohol," do you prefer Serge or Mellow Yellow?

#3. To all flat-chested, sarcastic people who are awake right now, do you believe that, within the domain of ontology, the fundamental stuff of being consists of actions rather than ideas?
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I'm going to a friend's wedding at the end of October and am currently looking for dresses.  I want a '50s/'60s style dress, like something out of Hairspray (2007).

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Which dress do you like with those shoes? Or should I keep looking?

Unbearable Frustration of Not Knowing


This is a dumb question but it's driving me NUTS.

Who was is that said something along the lines of "beauty is only beauty when it's different, when beauty is commonplace it ceases to be beautiful"? Obviously it was put MUCH more eloquently than that! Was it Milan Kundera? Google is no help!!


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Is there a certain name for this:
When someone deals with traumatic events by educating themselves on emotional disorders, or something, and "diagnosing" people with these disorders to make themselves feel better about themselves? Is there any literature on this kind of thing?
My mom has "diagnosed" me with "peter pan syndrome" and my dad with narcissistic personality disorder, she also uses terms like "parental alienation syndrome" "splitting" and overuses the word abuse so much I can't even explain it. She even has a bumper sticker on her car that she ordered for herself that says "abusers are losers!"

Do your parents or siblings suck? Want to elaborate?

Underwear under there

1. Do the Victoria Secrets stores in Utah have sections for the magic mormon underwear?
2. What powers does the underwear bestow on the mormon user? Does it involve pulling a rabbit out of a certain area?
3. Does special underwear make a religion a little bit more interesting? Be honest
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If you had my love and I gave you all my trust, would you comfort me? And if somehow you knew that your love would be untrue, would you lie to me? And call me your baby?
night porter

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d_capricorn09 and I live in the same city. Should I steal his virginity so that he will shut the fuck up about tits and girls and sex? He is 18 so it's kosh.

Whats the most awesome thing you've ever done for a customer?

Tonight someone gave me some double stick tape and I cut off some of my own hair and taped it to my face like a mustache. The entire bar was laughing. It was awesomeness. Then my boss saw and told me to take it off. What a party pooper.
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american car insurance

I'm going to call my auto insurance company on Monday and ask them specifically, but because I'm curious:

I have a car back in Kentucky, it's 1200 miles away and it isn't being used. I'm not even sure if it runs at this point. However, I still have active insurance on it, which seems like a waste of money at the moment. If I notify them that the car is parked and not in use for another 4-6 months, do you think it'll be an issue if I temporarily cancel my policy? Will this cause my rates to go back up when I do get it running again?

If you don't give a shit about car insurance, should I put stickers all over my new ps2?
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Oh TQC, please make choices for me!

I work at a big retail place. There's a guy that comes in every Monday to fix the registers and does things regarding them. He's been flirting with me for the past two times and asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him on my lunch break for tomorrow. (He asked me last Monday about lunch for the following Monday.)I found out that I work at 3, and he'll be long gone since he usually just works to 1 or so there.

So, TQC, should I be all stalker like and come into work a couple hours ahead of time and just use it as an excuse to grocery shop to say hi and get my lunch with him since chances are I won't see him for another couple weeks? Or should I just not go to that level?

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Which of the following do you prefer and why:

Bored or busy?

Traffic noises or the sound of wind through the trees, waves on the beach and birds outside the window?

City lights or stars in a clear sky?

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Do you get really grossed out when you have to squish a bug on the wall or the floor?

Please tell me I'm not the only one. D:

(and please don't tell me "you don't HAVE to squish it." I DO have to squish it. I am very squeamish and I hate anything with lots of teeth, lots of legs, or no legs at all, and it invaded my personal space. It has to go. lol)
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What is an irrational fear you had as a child that you came up with on your own? (As opposed to your parents telling you the boogieman is going to get you if you don't brush your teeth, or your friends telling you some other equally weird thing, or whatever.)

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i'm pretty sure i'm allergic to guinea pigs, every time i touch one i feel my lungs constricting. but i really want one, and my man really wants one (even though he's allergic to everything too).

should we just screw it and get one? or two? they're kinda herd animals, we read, so we'd get two.

i'd rather have a puppy but the apartment we live in won't allow dogs. and we're definitely horribly allergic to cats and bunnies. and he wants a ferret, but I think they smell.

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I'm currently at Community College, and I know for a fact that I want to join the Peace Corps sometime while I'm young.
But I don't know exactly when I should do it.
Now? In between community college and transfering to a university? After undergraduate schooling?
Do you have a reason as to why I shouldn't join?

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Being realistic, what's the minimum amount of money you'd ask for to give up eating cheese for the rest of your life?

I can't eat cheese.
$100. I don't like cheese
$1,000. Cheese is nice, but 1k is nicer
I can't give up cheese. No dollar amount can buy me off

Same question as above, but this time it's ice cream

I can't eat ice cream
I can't give up ice cream. No dollar amount can buy me off

Same question as above, except this time, it's meat

I don't eat meat
I can't give up meat. No dollar amount can buy me off

Same question as above, except this time, it's chocolate

I don't eat chocolate
I can't give up chocolate. No dollar amount can buy me off
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If you go to baseball games, do you stand/stretch/sing during the seventh inning stretch?

Do you have season tickets to any sports/venues/events?  Which?

Have you bought a calendar for 2009 yet?  What kind?  What kind do you usually get?

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my boyfriend told me that he doesn't want a girlfriend right now but he does not want to break up with me because he loves me and doesn't want to lose me.


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I've had Coldplay's Viva La Vida stuck in my head for the last two days so please help me get it unstuck TQC!

What's the song that gets suck in your head the easiest?

What do you do to get over a song stuck in your head?

Last song stuck in your head?

What's the longest you've ever had a song stuck in your head?

Good morning.

#1. To all blind, Asian Sarah Palin-supporters, who have the passing fancy to take part in a Roman shower, are you PETCO Pals reward card-carrier?

#2. To all atheist Polynesian sex workers who are suffering from Hirsutism, do you regularly wear a watch?

#3. To all sleepy, brunette anime fans who are not working today, how do the basic tenants of Epicureanism apply to your day-to-day life, and as a result of them, do you believe ataraxia has been achieved?

Oh my god!

Is there a phrase/word you've had wrong or miss understood-any until adulthood?

Ha I just learned that the phrase is deep-seated not deep-seeded. :O I still think seeded makes more sense!

Also, when I was little when I saw the "park and ride" signs indicating a place to park the car and get the bus or whatnot I thought they were signs for like amusement parks haha

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When I was little, I thought that because my dad didn't sleep with a pillow, boys in general didn't sleep with pillows.

What childhood misconceptions about gender did you have that stemmed from your parents?

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Is your school ranked on Princeton Review for anything?

If you don't feel like looking or your school isn't ranked, what should it be ranked for?

Mine is on the list for: Best Campus Food, Best College Newspaper, Jock School, Lots of Hard Liquor, Major Frat Scene, Party School, Students Pack the Stadium, Students Study the Least, Best Athletic Facilities, and No Class/Race Interaction.


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Which is more sturdy:

- Mountain Goat?
- Cougar?

There has been an ongoing debate about it in my grade at school and it must end, (driving me insane) with your help, it just might.

Also, does this or does this not sound delicious: Chocolate Oreo Brownies. I repeat, Chocolate. Oreo. Brownies.

I haven't been on a date in forever

I was with my ex for a while and I haven't dated around, pretty much ever. Tonight I am going out with this one girl I have been interested in since high school (about 4 or 5 years) and am looking for some advice from y'alls.

Where should I take her and how much money is an appropriate amount to spend on a first date? Any advice of the do's and don'ts for this type of situation?
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I recently found out that, while we were together, my boyfriend of two years had a threesome with two 17 year olds (he's 26) he met in a random bar. I only found out because I saw an MSN conversation on his computer where he was telling a friend about it; the scumbag probably never would have told me otherwise.

Obviously, I dumped him, but here's my dilemna: A mutual friend of ours, Jake, has known about the affair for a year and never told me. Jake was my ex's friend first, but over the past two years we had grown to be really close friends too, so I'm almost as hurt by the fact that he kept that from me than I am by my ex having kept it from me.

Does it make sense to stop being friends with Jake and never talk to him again? Or should I talk to him and try to forgive him because he was my ex's friend first and it was a tough situation to be put in?

Have you ever been in this situation, whether you were the cheater, the cheated on, or the friend who withheld information?
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I woke up with such a stiff neck today. It's already almost 2:30 and it isn't gone :(

Any ideas on how I could relieve it?
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Poll #1259574 Chris Hanson question for the ladies

You're somewhere (pick a place) when a well-dressed man of some indeterminate third world country approaches you and says the following. "My son, he is 13 now, and it's time he becomes a man! He needs to sex with a woman, and all the whores over on the corner will not touch him for they feel he is too young. Bah! Where I am from, we marry at 15! My boy needs to become a man. Will you lay with him and steal his virginity? I will pay you $10,000 if you sleep with my 13-year old son. Because this is a big deal, I will watch, to make sure that the deed is done. Will you accept?"

Yes, I will. 10k to bang a kid in elementary school. We've all done some shady things
No. That's so wrong. I'll have to pass
I accept only if the sex is filmed rather than the father actually sit there in the room with us. That's just extra creepy on top of the already creepy situation
just outta reach

It's a living

As the greatest chef in the world, I cannot easily convey the great wonders that issue forth from my kitchen. Still, one tries...for example, I like to start my day with the amazing and most perfect of all food stuffs this planet has ever known.


I usually just have it plain, non fat milk and an excessively huge bowl; often more than one serving's worth. Once after spending the night at a friend's house, I convinced his parents that mine let me have it with chocolate milk.

Little piece of advice?

Not as good as it sounds!

Generally I don't overload my Cheerios with sugar unless its one of the generic versions. Like when I spend a weekend with Mom, she buys these things from Trader Joe's called "Toasty O's" which aren't bad but kinda lack in comparison to the original.

The point is that Cheerios are wonderful and we all have them in different ways, those of us that're so blessed to have them.

How do you eat your Cheerios?
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What is something great about the area that you live in?

Do you take pride in your community/city/county/state/country? What for?

What sucks about where you live?

Where do you live?

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So I'm house sitting for my mom, I have a bag of clothes I brought and a bag of clothes that I purchased on my way here. Her cat has taken it upon himself to dig through each of the bags and continues when I point out how rude he's being. I'm not even being rude about it just Hi, excuse me. You're being rude!
Why don't cats understand or care that this is socially unacceptable?
Are your pets rude?

What's the strangest pet you've ever had?
What's so great about you?
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1. I'm in love with someone who is in love with me but will never understand me. How should I feel about this?

2. I asked a friend to go to Bermuda with me, free of charge, 7 days, and she didn't seem at all excited. How should I tell her to go fuck herself?

3. What is the sexiest sound?
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1. I'm uploading pictures of my friends to Facebook. I'm using iPhoto, and getting sort of carried away. Would it be weird to airbrush my friends' skin?

2. I took an Ambien last night and slept for 13 hours and woke up with the biggest headache ever. I still haven't got out of bed. What the fuck?
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How big would you say a 'big' penis is flaccid? 
EDIT: disregarding show-ers and growers.

I got a blue and purple betta fish. What should I name him? Nerdy names and names from Harry Potter are appreciated.
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Ok. You're going to the beach to park and watch the waves while you read. Some lady comes up and asks you if you will watch her baby while she surfs. The baby's asleep in her car. What do you do?
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what can i make for dinner? i have limited food supply and am too broke for the store today.

i'm defrosting some turkey breast right now.
i have:
re-fried beans
spaghetti sauce
goat cheese (soft, mild)
extra virgin olive oil
various spices
vegetable minestrone soup
balsamic vinegar
veggie burgers
freezer burnt broccoli
freezer burnt green beans
whole wheat bagels
whole wheat sandwich rollups
apples (possibly spoiled)
hot sauce
tortilla chips
burrito style tortillas
vegetable crackers
soy sauce
teriyaki sauce
white and brown rice


My cat (pictured below) is so fat she made the couch groan. What weight loss plan should I put her on? If you have a cat, would you post a picture?

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Edit: We had a talk about it, and South Beach is the way to go.

What can I put between two slices of bread?

What kind of sandwich should I make for lunch?

The criteria are:

- it can't contain meat
- it can't contain fake meat products (no tofu, seitan, Tofurkey, etc.)
- I have had peanut butter and jelly way too much so that's out, too

Is there anything else that tastes good?
Does anyone have a good recipe for vegetarian tuna?

Thetan & Theta

For those interested in Scientology, I was wondering: is the word 'thetan' in any way, shape, or form related to the word 'theta' as in brainwave? I don't care how remote or loose the possibility maybe either. If there is the slightest possibility that they're connected, then I'd be curious because Hubbard was a naval officer and his legacy does mention hypnosis. It wasn't quite mentioned in his biography.

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in high school, i used to make sure that i looked good everyday and i cared a lot about my looks. lately, i've found it hard to be motivated enough to give two shits. i'm finishing college and working at a awful job in order to live for now.. is it worth it to care?

exactly how important do you think appearance is in the real world?

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1. How many days a week do you spend wearing only your pjs?

2. What is the predominant colour of your clothes?

3. What disappointed you the most today?

4. What was your first pet's name?

5. Do you watch the Paralympics?

6. What is the first thing that made you smile today?

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On the subject of sales tax,

Does anyone else think it is basically robbery to pay it on used things?

I once asked people at the used bookstore and no one had a good reason for why they charged it.

When you go on vacation, do you go to chains for food and drinks or do you try to sample the local offerings?

If you like olives, what kinds do you like?

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Are you more of a 'too much of a good thing is bad' person or 'no such thing as too much of a good thing' person?

I tend to lean towards no such thing as too much of a good thing. I can honestly say I would rather have too much of a good thing then not enough.

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Some stupid woman at the grocery store just told me I look like Sarah Palin.

I. DO. NOT. look like Sarah Palin. As in, at all.

What's the strangest comparison you've ever had between yourself and a celebrity (/politician)?

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It's the end of the world, civilization is over as we know, and there's the constant threat of attack by demons/zombies/aliens.

What is your weapon of choice? If you can find it, steal it, or kill for it, it's yours.

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What do you think about this?

If you were the daughter, how would you react?

Do you think her "lack of childhood" justifies this outrageous behavior?

EDIT: the "lack of childhood" portion I read in my local newspaper.  I couldn't find that exact article on the web though. but it says "According to the complaint, Brown wanted to get her high school degree and become a cheerleader because she didn't have a childhood and wanted to regain a part of her life that she'd missed."

From the moon to your moon

Big thanks to shinga and her sci-fi smarts for making this poll of questionable value possible

One night you're awakened by a dozen or more spaceships hoveing over your home. Each one filled with space aliens who want to anally probe you, but only one race gets the honors. To make it fair, they give the choice to you. Who would you like to have shove metal contraptions up your ass?

E.T. and his species
The Borg
Whatever Jack Jeebs (Tony Shalob) from Men in Black was
This is hot. I let them all take a turn

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I was at a party with my significant other last week. The birthday girl is known to be a little loose, and she starts touching my SO in a manner that I didn't really approve of.

It was her birthday, so I didn't say anything to her. In hindsight, we're not extremely close, and definitely not close enough for her to touch my SO in such a way I would be able to laugh it off. Afterwards the SO said it was pretty awkward to deal with the birthday girl's behavior also. Oh, and she wasn't drunk, in case you were wondering.

Should I have said something? Would you have?


Birthday immunity y/n?
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I am the editor in chief of my college's newspaper. Every issue, I write a "letter from the editor."

Except, this week I don't know what to say.

TQC, what should I write about in my letter from the editor this week? 

srs/non-srs answers welcome.
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VS! And a plea.

Firstly, does anyone know which Girl Talk track samples the beginning of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust? It's not listed on Wiki and it's bugging the hell out of me.
If you don't know/are uninterested in Girl Talk...

Under Pressure vs. Ice Ice Baby?
Ice Ice Baby vs. BK Baby?
Big Bang

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What is your favourite aspect of ancient history? Do you have a favourite time period, aspect of society, custom, or person?

Is there a really cool aspect of ancient history that doesn't get enough attention?

(no subject)

#1. To all beer-drinking, fishnet stocking aficionados who have five or more bowel movements a day, do you use paper or plastic grocery bags?

#2. To all short-haired, third-nippled gun advocates who work in an ice cream factory, do you ever have sex when on your period?

#3. To all bipolykinkypagan Livejournal users who have one or more fairy or witch-related userpics, at what angle do you hold your camera to make yourself appear 50lbs thinner?

so there was some hurricane or something

So evidently Hurricane Ike decided it had had enough of the gulf coast and took its vengeance elsewhere, namely the Midwest. Now my city has been declared a ~disaster area~ and like 300,000 of us will be without power for at least a week.

Tell me, TQC - when was the last time the weather had a major effect on your life?
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babysitting on a resume?

Is there any good way to put babysitting on a resume?  I'm applying for a teaching position (with Teach For America), so it definitely applies, but it just feels silly.  My mother insists that it's okay and that I should definitely put it on there, but I don't know how to word it and I don't know whether to put it with my work/internship experiences or with my extracurriculars.

Any thoughts?
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1. I posted this late last night (at like 1am EST), so I'm going to post it again now when perhaps there are more people around. APOLOGIES IF YOU SAW THIS BEFORE. Don't kill me.

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That's kind of a bad picture. It basically looks like a waffle, but white and with cobwebs. There are about 22 full waffle holes that I can reach. They're arranged in lines of 4.

How do I decorate, TQC?

2. One entire wall of my dorm room is brick. It has a bunch of leftover poster tack stuff left on it from previous occupants, which makes it look kind of crappy. What can I do to spice up my brick wall?

3. Have you ever read Doctor Faustus by Thomas Mann? I hate it.

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Do you/did you have a thing for any types, ethnic, subcultural, physical, otherwise?

I used to find some goth girls attractive but I didn't act on it much and it faded.
I still think Persian women are amazingly pretty although I haven't dated any.

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my birthday is coming up soon and my mom wants me to make her a list of what i want.

i would perfer to do it online (like copy &pasting images) instead of writing down the things.

should i just do it via email,
or is there some magical  website that i could post a whole wish list,
or some other/easier way to do it?

i'm so lazy.

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Is there any site that offers free domain name masking/forwarding? I've got a website hosted on my school's network and I'd love to hide it with a shorter URL, pref a .com but I somehow doubt that's possible.
Please, prove me wrong!

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i just broke up with my boyfriend of almost 2 years.

i have never had a serious relationship before. how long will it be until this empty feeling starts to go away? i feel like everything i had in life is gone now, like i have no purpose.

eta: also, how the hell do you motivate yourself to study for a test under these circumstances?
macro - procrastination cat
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Are you nicer, ruder, or the same online as you are in person when talking to people?

Do you ever flame or attack people for no reason at all or do you feel like it's always justified?

(no subject)

My local newspaper (without a *spoiler warning*) wrote about the top three designers who had shows at Bryant Park from Project Runway.

I'm pissed! If you're a PR fan...would you be pissed?
Are they even allowed to do that? Wouldn't Bravo be sort of pissed, too?

On an entirely different note:

How do you deal with school stress? (aside from hookers and blow)
Do you tend to write all of your papers at the beginning of the semester, or do you wait until the day before they're due, like me?

I have so much stuff to do for school, my mind just shut down and I'm online instead of doing anything
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I read that in-line skaters must follow all the same traffic laws as bikers and vehicles drivers in NYS.

Does this seem dangerous to you?

Would you ever skate down a highway lane?

Would it piss you off to see someone skating down a highway lane if you were in your car trying to pass them?

Do you use hand signals to indicate a turn while riding your bike?

(no subject)

If you're making a compilation cd, what would you most definitely add to the list of songs?

Will you tell me a story of when you (or someone you know) were in a foreign country and had language barrier difficulties?

What shall i wear to work tomorrow?
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Inspired by this post:

Will you share with me your worst roommate experience? An awful situation with someone? An awful person? A stupid bitch who never cleaned up after herself and went through your prescriptions to conclude that you're depressed and abusing drugs?!?!

(no subject)

Will you tell me a story about your ancestors? I count anything from great-grand parents up.

My great-great grandfather was a con man in Ireland. He used to paint rabbit skins black and sell them as seal skins. The trick was to get out of town before it rained.
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These are completely unrelated questions.

Which do you think more often?

"I love that article of clothing, I bet it would look awesome on me"
"I love that article of clothing, but I could never pull it off"

Which do you consider yourself?

single and available
single but not available
not single but available
not single and not available

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If someone you were interested in (male or female) had issues with sex, would you be less likely to attempt a relationship with them?

edit: to be less vague, we're talking mental issues not 'my penis will never work without expensive medication'

edit 2: LESS VAGUE
Like say they've had bad experiences with sex and are very wary about it, or something. Not that I'd know.
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Do you think dry wedding receptions are lame?

Is it weird that there was a state cop at the one I was at last night, who periodically patrolled the parking lot to make sure no one was drinking out there?  (Underage drinking was not the issue).
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I share a campus apartment with three others, two people per bedroom. The girl I share a bedroom with is a complete slob. I am not a neat freak by any means, but damn, we can't even open our bedroom door more than half way because her crap is EVERYWHERE. She's never home anyway to clean.

So.....can I clean her side up a bit, without it being weird and inappropriate?
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I got drunk and left a bottle of champagne in the freezer last night:D

1. What was the last stupid thing you did?

2. If you were a farm animal, which one would you be and why?

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1.) What should I have for breakfast tomorrow? (I usually cook homemade stuff like oats/eggs, but feel free to suggest other things too)