September 13th, 2008

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What words/names do you regularly mistake for your name when you hear people say them? (And what's your name, in case we've forgotten?)

I know a guy whose nickname is Mally, based on his last name, and whenever people say anything about him I think they're saying my name. Which is Melanie.
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What the hell is with all the hw questions lately?  I am about to flip a bitch upside down.

Should I go upstairs and wait for the insomniac who is secretly my lover in my heart to talk to me, or watch Everything is Illuminated and cuddle with my puppy on the couch?

How effing awesome would it be to have an actual lightsaber?  Star Wars tech excited the piss out of me.
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Possibly a stupid question, but can dogs suffer from schizophrenia?

Or rather, what the fuck is wrong with my dog?:

-He's been hallucinating (running and biting and random things that aren't there, barking suddenly at familiar objects). My dad and I thought maybe he thought the hair by his eyes was bugs, but we trimmed the hair off and he's still doing it.
-He's always watched television very intensely and can tell when there's animals on the screen, so I don't think it's his vision.
-His temperature is normal, as are his eating habits.
-He started doing this about 2 weeks ago, and he's doing it more frequently.

My dad is going to take him to the vet Sunday.

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So, I quartered 5 whole chickens and I have 10 chicken wings.

What can I make with 10 chicken wings? I want to throw them out because they have like ZERO meat, but... maybe TQC can help me out.
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TQC, I literally drove through a tornado today because I wasn't aware it was there, since I had my ipod plugged into my car instead of my radio. D:

What's your most frightening storm experience?
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help me find an obituary

does anyone know of a website where one could read an obituary from 2004? I was able to track down the article about the death, but would've had to pay in order to read it.

I was able to find the headline, the first/middle/last name, date of death, and hospital he died at.

with that information, do you know of somewhere I could find the article? The newspaper's website archives only go back to the beginning of 2008.
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For the last few days my left eyebrow has felt really wet. Am I going to die?

How socially unacceptable and rude is it, on a scale from one to ten, to sleep on your friend's couch for four days in a row when that friend lives with his mother and siblings? (My brother's friend is doing this and it's making me fucking MAD)

Would you like a hug?
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I want everyone to shut the hell up and answer my question o.k?

1. I have a food fetish. It's a naughty habit and I need to change it. Will you please give me some healthy snack ideas?

2. Whats your favorite snack?

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which is your favorite movie kiss and why?

mine:  the reunion  kiss between Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall in Brokeback Mountain because it was so passionate and sexy and I don't think I've ever had a kiss like that in real life.
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1. Do you shop at thrift/secondhand stores? If so, what's your favorite thing to shop for?

I love buying jeans. They're already worn in and soft. Plus, I wear jeans all the time, so they wear out quick and get expensive to replace.

2. If not, what the hell's your problem? why are my kittens so drawn to the bathroom, especially the tub? How can I get them from poking their paws under the door so I can shower/potty in peace?

This is annoying the ever loving SHITE out of me

TQC, back a few weeks ago when we were forced to resort to stickam chat, this guy came in. He was in TQC bc it was still password protected at that point. And he was a pretty cool dude. I don't think he's ever posted here though, and maybe he's commented a couple of times. WHAT THE FUCK IS HIS GOD DAMN NAME????? I can not remember it to save my life. Or, if you're reading this and you are that guy, WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR NAME??? (It is not thewalkingman, but they were in there at the same time.) If this helps, I think it was the guy who shaved his beard and then came back.

ETA: Apparently it is handsome_andy which does not sound remotely familiar, but seeing how I forgot it then I must have REALLY forgot it!
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Will you tell me about a friend/family member that you love to death, but share VERY VERY different opinions with? What opinions are those? How do you avoid any conflict?
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I'm trying to mix some paint here so I hope you guys can help me. I basically have a dark red right now that I want to make brighter/BOLDER. If I add white it turns pink, and if I add yellow it turns orange >.< What color should I be adding to get the desired results?

EDIT: I only have ONE SHADE of red to work with. So, telling me to add more red is pointless~

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What is a fear that you have about your current or future romantic relationship?
What is something that you're happy about or excited to have in your current or future romantic relationship?

I'm afraid that I'm not going to find someone who is somewhat adventurous, but I'm looking forward to someone who is actually incredibly nice to me haha

Do you have a dress code or uniform for work? What do you have to wear?

I have to wear black pants and a white shirt... it's awful.

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I'm at work..I want to punch some body's lights out...good idea? y/y
(FYI- They aren't even Americans.)

My back hurts...what can I do to make it feel better? is YOUR ramadan going?
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Have you ever dreamt about TQC or someone from TQC?

I could not figure out if it was a dream or if it really happened. But now I know, it was a dream. Gmail does not lie.
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I had a very graphic sex dream last night about a good friend of mine.

I think telling him about it would be a great idea, and hilarious, right? What's the worst that can happen?

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Goooooood morning, TQC!

It is 80 degrees out (and rising) with 77% humidity.

I am home alone for the weekend and I want to BAKE.

Should I walk up the street (about a half a mile) in this gross humidity to Walgreens to get some butter and chocolate chips so I can make cookies? Or should I say "fuck this, it's hot out" and not bother and try to find something else to do?
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What is the point of two political opposites debating each other? While i've done it, I wonder occasionally, does it ever actually produce any results other then both people thinking the other is delusional? Even with friendly debate where both people are tolerant of opposing view points, is it ever possible to change someones mind?

Is it possible for a conservative to see a liberals point of view, or the other way around?

If not what is the purpose in debating political issues?

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if you suddenly inherited $100 million dollars, what would NOT change about you?

would you buy $400 designer shoes, or would your $50 chucks still be the most exciting footwear in your closet?

would you keep shopping at goodwill?

would you still drink cheap beer in trashy bars?

would you still do your own housework?
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Would anyone be interested in joining a version of tqc specifically for sharing product knowledge on condoms, lubes, sex toys, etc.?

Some people you're getting to know are hosting a movie night in which you are required to bring a movie you love to share and a snack.  What do you bring?

I'd bring Everything is Illuminated or Pay it Forward, and coconut cupcakes!

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Good afternoon TQC!

I'm trying to familiarize myself with resumes, because I want to have mine updated and ready for my job search today. I figured I'd ask for personal opinions because Google's examples aren't really answering my question. Granted, I'm only looking for a part time job that'll fill my time between what I really do, but I've been asked for a resume for part time jobs a few times before and have never been prepared. Problem though... I'm not too sure how to make my setup look clean and professional. Any suggestions or opinions?

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I've been looking for a good ipod song ripper to no avail. I just got a new itouch so I want to transfer songs from my mini.

I need
~a ripper that works on a mac
~will save the songs info exactly how they are in itunes (I hate having to rename everything)

Help me TQC?
Ohio State

New iTunes

Hello my lovely TQCers. iTunes made me download the newest version and now I can't get it to shuffle the songs. I've tried setting it to shuffle by Song, Album and Grouping through the Controls tab but it won't do it! What is the magic trick?

Hi, I'm dumb. I restarted iTunes and now it's working. So...are you cheering for a college football team today? Who?

I'm cheering for Ohio State even though I KNOW it's a freaking long shot that we win tonight.
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1. How do you like your partners naughty bits groomed?

2. Will you tell me about the worst naughty bit you came in contact with?

3. Be honest! Have you ever had a pubic hair stuck between your teeth?

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This is suchhhh a dumb question (what else is new...)

I tried to go for a little run today. Ten minutes in, I couldn't breathe. Not like, out of breath, like, could not breathe, hacking cough, blah.

Is this normal if you're getting back into running (it seems excessive?)
Does it sound like asthma?
Has living with my two smoker parents for the last twenty years killed my lungs?!

If you live with people who smoke, but you don't smoke yourself, how the hell do you deal with it? I pretty much stay in my room most of the time, with my door closed, an air purifier on and the windows open.
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1) For those of you in or graduates of college, how important is it for a student to participate in a sport high school year? I'm a junior and I've had moving / money issue that have prevented me from participating in any sport the last few years. The thing is, my school is very competitive and very serious about sports (and I'm really...not lol), so even if I tried out for tennis or volleyball or something, the chances of me making even JV seems slim. The last sport I did was track in 8th grade. I am doing quite a few clubs though.

2) I need to do a research project for my English class later this year. I haven't really gotten information on it yet but I need to find an author. Who do you think is an interesting American author / has written interesting books (such as Ernest Hemingway)?
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TL;DR: Loud neighbor?

I'm glad I'm one of the fortunate people who still has power after Hurricane Ike hitting. HOWEVER, I almost wish the power went out so my farking neighbor couldn't play his TV so loud.

This is the fifth (yes, the fifth) time I have gone down to ask him to turn it down in the last couple months. I can hear it above my TV. His arguments are that he paid $3,000 for his TV sound system and since it's only lunchtime, he doesn't have to be quiet (noise ordinance is 10pm to 7am). He asked if I'm going to come complain to him every time his TV is too loud (uh, obviously). I've gone to the apartment office once about this, but with the hurricane, they're closed, so I'll have to wait until they open in a few days to say anything to them again.

So TQC, do I have any other options? I mean, after having gone to him five times to complain, once to the office (soon to be twice), what else can I do? My lease isn't up until the end of January, so I have a few more months of having to deal with this ass-hat. Is that my only option? I dread coming home after work because I don't want to have to deal with his loud TV. I deal with loud students all day. I just want some peace and quiet while I grade and whatnot. :( I try to be as courteous to my neighbors as possible. I don't even get quiet on the weekends. What would you do?

My dad said I should get an air horn and blare it at him the next time I have to go down there.
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Birthday Boy...

Dear TQC,

Today is my little cousin's 6th birthday and I have no clue what to buy him. He loves the Disney Princesses,(especially Ariel), Webkinz, and putting on plays. He has a little sister, so he already has tons of stuff in his house related to princesses and I bought him a Webkinz last year.

What would be a good gift for a 6 year old boy? He seems to like arts stuff and building with blocks, as well.
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Have you ever had a close family member who's been affected with meningitis?
How was the process for you (if it's not too personal to ask) ?
Is it okay to be a little short of faith when every doctor tells you something different?

Do outside family members have a right to set up prayer circles without your permission for said sick family member?

What's your favorite flavor pudding?

How's life been treating you lately?


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If I made a piece of art out of my own hair (no longer attached to my head), would you think that was creepy? In a bad way?

Edit: if so, do you find hair extensions or wigs made of human hair creepy in a bad way?
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Ladies, how would you feel if your boyfriend told another girl (one he works with) that he could "go for a really good blow job" and then proceeded to tell that girl what that would entail?

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--At what point do you decide to say hi to an acquaintance when passing them?
Do you greet everyone you recognize even if you've never had a conversation, or only people you've briefly talked to at some point in passing, or only people who you've definitely had a few conversations with and would expect them to know you?

For example, in the context of college, I feel like it would be weird and borderline creepy to greet people who you've never talked to but you recognize because they're in one of your classes. Because it's like, "I have no reason to know you since we've never talked, but I spend time watching you without you knowing and so I can pick you out of a crowd." But I'm wondering if other people are the same way about this. By the way, I don't mean I'd feel creeped out if someone greeted me that way, but I just personally refrain from doing so.

--Relatedly, how do you deal with the awkward situation in which you don't know if you know someone well enough to say anything to them if you see them?
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don't get me wrong, i love my cat more than anything.. but have you ever thought about how ~*weird*~ it is that there is a furry non-human creature(s) roaming around in your house all the time? the whole concept of pets is kind of weird, am i right?
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So my MIL and I have a very rocky relationshit and she doesn't speak to my husband at all and hasn't for years (her son). I speak to her because we have kids and she likes to have them on Sundays. This has always worked out, and while we do fight...constantly...we keep it separate from the kids.

Four weekends ago, she did something very horrible, she completely betrayed me, lied about it, had her other children hide it, and went against my wishes and did something she knew I did not want her to do. It's not something small either, this was a huge deal. She dropped off my kids Sunday and I called her after she left and left a scathing message on her home phone. I went on and on and said some pretty harsh things, but things I refuse to apologize for because they needed to be said.

She hasn't called or come here since. This is really unlike her because she always comes on Sundays. I sent a message to her daughter (16 yrs old) through Facebook about seeing my kids again and she deleted me right away. My kids love her and I think they would like to see her...Do I suck it up and call her or wait for her?
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What do you want to eat (not as a main meal)? Details please.

(and if you say something like chips, can you give me the brand as well? Like Kettles or something like that.)

ETA: What should I go out and buy to eat? No cooking, I'm too lazy.

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Could you share with me some of your favorite community-service based organizations? I'm looking for organizations to get my graduate school class involved in (we're in health professions).

Some ideas I already had to jumpstart are:
Red Cross Disaster Relief (and other sectors) - you make cards/send toys/letters/whatever to sick children & their families
MusicSavesLives - an organization designed to raise awareness about blood donation & the National Bone Marrow registry through connecting bands and their fans

Do you know of any others?

Not expecting anyone to know...

but does anyone have any idea where bookbird has wandered off to? I was meant to meet up with her today, called her yesterday and told her I'd call when I woke up. I woke up and called her, and her phone wasn't on. That  was roughly six hours ago and she still doesn't have her phone on. Her last post was somewhat depressed and she was drinking a bit last night. I'm just worried. Any ideas? 
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I'm applying for a job at Borders. Will my lack of retail/customer service experience hinder my ability to get the job? What about the fact that this would be my first real job?

ETA: WTF kind of question is "You would rather not get involved in other people's problems."? How do I answer this without sounding terrible? I have to choose between strongly agree, agree, disagree, and strongly disagree.

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Guys, I went to the farmer's market today to get some groceries and this dude offered me a sample of some pineapple and it was sooo delicious that at the last minute I went and bought one. What was I thinking? What the hell am I going to do with that much pineapple?

Question Time!

1. Where are some of your favorite places to shop for gifts?  Why?

2. What is the coolest gift you've ever received? 

3. What is the coolest gift you've ever given?

4. What is your most memorable memory?

5. What is your favorite hobby?
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1. Is the United States really the best country in the world? If not, than what country do you consider to be the best in the word? And yes, you have to pick one.

2. What would your criteria for "best country in the world" be?

(no subject)

Females who likes to crack (good/witty) jokes. Turn on or turn off? And please state gender.

Thanks! I love this comm!


I want to make some pva glue/borax/water slime for my Mum's class, tonight. But I've lost my recipe. The recipe I had had it measured like 'however many cups of pva glue' and 'however many teaspoons of borax mixed with howevermuch hot water' 'plus however many cups water'. And all the ones I can find online right now are all '5% borax solution' etc, not being at all specific. Do any of you know what recipe I'm talking about?

If i sent the slime stuff overseas do you think it'd be seized by customs who'd think it was an explosive?

Does your city have a 'show' which is like an exhibition/competition of arts and crafts, various new products etc, plus carnival/rides/demonstrations of various things/performers, plus animal competitions (best of breed etc), that pretty much everyone goes to to see? Our city does and probably 1/5 of the city goes every year.
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Do you have any great stories about someone being fired, either yourself or someone else?

I'm talking some spectacular fuck ups and possible illegal activities.
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To any TQC Mormons or anyone who has been to a Mormon church or for some other reason may have an answer:

1. I'm going to a Mormon church service tomorrow because my friend/roommate is obsessed with the Bishop (he is also a professor of art at our college) and the service goes from 9 to 12. Three hours seems like a long time to me, is the whole time taken up buy a sermon or will multiple things be going on?

To all TQCers:
2. My fwb is coming with us, should I have lesbian sex with her in church?

3. How impressed would you be if you asked someone where the craziest place they've had sex is and they said a Mormon church?

St. Louis

Does anyone live in/around St. Louis? If so, how do you like it? Do you have any tips for someone who's moving there?

I'm probably moving to that area after the New Year (for school). I'm originally from the Chicago area. I'll still be in Illinois but a few miles from the IL/MO border.

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Part One:

Teek Yoo See, I have turned up unexpectedly at your front door. What do you do?

How will you entertain me?

Part Two:

What puts the sparkle back in your eye?
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I just put some food in the oven only to remember I don't have any potholders or anything like that.

What might I use as a substitute?

Thank you TQC -- I feel like such a doofus. I thought of clothes, but towels never occurred to me. Probably because I haven't unpacked any dishtowels into the kitchen.
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Mmm, tri-tip, cheesy mashed potatoes and grilled corn. What are you having for dinner?

If you were depressed (or had some other mental disorder) that was affecting your performance in school, would you tell your professors? Would you ask them for a break?

music time!!

What's the most recently played song on your itunes/whatever library?

What is the first song on your top rated list?

What's #5 on your Top 25 Most Played?

What's the most recently added?

Any song you want to recommend?

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so what exactly does a hangover feel like?

I've never had one, but I got pretty smashed for my birthday last night. my headache went away about 30 minutes after I woke up, and then I felt fine. but for the past 2 or 3 hours I've been having stomach and chest pains. I just feel really uncomfortable. I haven't puked or anything. should I? is this even close to what it's like? should it even fucking last this long?
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would you rather be fucked up but spectacular or happy but mediocre?

think of edgar allan poe, mark rothko, layne staley, van gogh, courtney love, or dr. house, and then think of suburban soccer moms and math tutors and certified public accountants. people who never achieve anything in particular, but who still presumably enjoy their lives.

odd enthusiasms
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Shit guys my roommate was in the next room this whole time. Do you think she heard the bedsprings?

If so, what will she do about it?

If not, what are you having for dinner?

(no subject)

Do you like Robin Hood or King Arthur more? (This question can refer to the people themselves, the books, the various movies about them or the television shows)

Who was the hottest guy to play Robin Hood? King Arthur?

Who would win in a fight?

If you couldn't care less about either of them, what was the last movie you saw?
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So you just died and were sent down to Hell for eternal damnation. However, you have the option to challenge the Devil himself to any competition of your choosing. What activity do you absolutely dominate at, considering your immortal soul depends on it?

Turtle help?

My husband just found a turtle swimming in a chlorine pool, so he pulled it out. We can NOT identify this turtle at all, my google fu is failing me.

It's black, it has 'spikes' on it's back, a pointed beak, and is about 2 inches long....

Any suggestions or ideas would be great.  I've typed in the description several times into google, looked over species, and nothing ;(


Is it childish to be happy when a jackass customer comes into work, doesn't follow your instructions, treats your staff like mildew stains...and then gets the front of his BMW 520 sheared off by a bus...because he didn't FOLLOW TRAFFIC RULES, and sticks his nose into traffic?

Would the image of a man in a $1,500 suit jumping around like an organ-grinder's monkey, shrieking obscenities give you a case of the giggles? It sure does for me!
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(no subject)

1. Why is my sesame chicken resisting being reheated?

2. I'm thinking of applying to University of Sheffield for grad school. Any advice?

3. What advice would you give to somebody moving from America to England?
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Remember The Berenstain Bears?
Which was your favorite Berenstain Bear story?
Werent they awesome??

Im sick so I've been reading all my Berenstain Bears I had as a kid (basically, all of 'em).
My favorite one is Messy Room.
They are amazing books.

Do you know any way of getting person's eyes really red without the use of Pot?
Basically, to get 'em looking like they were smoking pot without doing it?

Im shooting a short and my character needs to have red, bloodshot eyes. But if the actor smokes pot, it might impede her acting abilities ;-)

(no subject)

Are you a clumsy person? How do you show this the most?

I tend to hit things with my hips. I broke my last phone because I wore it clipped to my belt and I walked into counters at work. Just a few minutes ago, I hit my hip against a desk and it left two neat little welts.

Do you ever want to shower, but put it off because you know you'll be cold and wet after?
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(no subject)

have you ever ran away from home? i don't mean like when you were ten and mommy tried to make you eat peas so you ran away to your bffs house.

i mean like seriously ran away, the kind where you don't tell a soul; you just go.

if you've never ran away, will you tell me about the time your parents were the most upset with you?

january of 07 i ran away to maui, hawaii. i bought a ticket, packed my shit, and left in the middle of the night. i left a note for my mom telling her i went to the beach to deal with my depression and that i'd be back soon. i was gone for three weeks. when i came back, so many things changed in my life, for the better.

(no subject)

I donated blood for the 3rd time ever today.  When I took my gauze off, I saw what I think are two puncture marks.  I closed my eyes when the technician put the needle in and took it out like I do every time.  I haven't noticed TWO puncture marks before.

TQC, without showing pictures of the procedure, can you explain why I have two puncture marks?  The punctures go down my arm.  I don't think she pricked me twice.

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I am so hungry.

What nontraditional deep fried foods have you tried?
Recently I had deep fried cheesecake, deep fried oreos, deep fried twinkie, and deep fried artichoke hearts. And they were all amazing.

What deep fried foods have you not tried but would love too?
I would love to try like deep fried brownies or chocolate chip cookies or something. Or steak! mmm deep fried NY Strip.

(no subject)


Which link should I use?!

ETA: Googling it provides too many possible websites to choose to vote. So which website do I use? Do they send me a form or do I fill it out electronically? Are you in some crappy organization that gives you brownie points for the number of people you get to register?

ALSO: Do you say "I could care less" or "I couldn't care less"?
happy monkey

i'm bored!

1. where does one go to find one's self?
2. what are you up to this evening (or today if it's sunday where you are)?
3. i HAD to add a 3rd question, because i can't stand even numbered things, and all my questions here have always been odd numbered. how weird is that?
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(no subject)

1. My parents 30th anniversary is coming up and my sister and I would like to get them something. The thing is we are stuck for present ideas. I know its hard not knowing them but does anyone have any suggestions as what we could get them? (also they are not really gift certificate people, we thought of that too)

2. Are you happy with your life? If not what have you done to change that, if anything?


(no subject)

What is the worst thing that has happened to you while working on a project that made you want to give up?

I typed 20 pages of a 175 page school project and my computer shut down and I had to retype all of them.

(no subject)

My friend went to beautician today and did some weird foot detox treatment. You soak you feet in a clear liquid which apparently sucks the toxins from your body. Or something. The water turns brown and yucky. I've never heard of this, it sounds like major bullshit to me.

TQC, what is this thing?

(no subject)

Do you think you have to try something before you know it is not for you and personally think it's stupid? Or do you think that its perfectly fine to shape your opinion because you have seen the effects it has taken on your loved ones and acquaintances?

ETA: this is more leaning towards drinking and drugs. It really strikes me odd that people think you need to get drunk or do drugs to know they are not for you. I'm really very curious about this.

been watching Doctor Who

which would you rather?

-die tomorrow
-live the rest of your life exactly like you are now. nothing around you ever ages or changes. you'll always be the age you are, in the time you are. seasons will pass but nothing and no one will ever change. you'll keep going on with your life, your job, your friends, you may meet new people but you'll never get promoted, get married, go back to school/finish school. you don't know this is going on and it will never occur to you. it'll be like yesterday, today and tomorrow for decades.

i hope i explained that well enough.

(no subject)

If you could ask any TQC member any question; what would you ask and who would you ask?

Also: Where did i put my spare batteries for my camera?? *puzzled*
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(no subject)

If you were on Project Runway, what style would you make or stay close to and who/what would be your inspiration? Do you think you would win?

I would be influenced by eras, like the 20's and 60's, and feathers. But I wouldn't win.

(no subject)

What do you like to do if you have nothing else you have to do?

People with cats....what do you do about their fur on everything, or is there a way of getting them to no lay on sofas? I have spent 4 years living with furry sofas and don't even use them anymore. HELP!

(no subject)

You know how some people replace the dealer license plate frame on their car with a custom one? Some of these are just boring, like the "Proud Graduate of University of Wherever", but some are hilarious and/or disturbing. I've seen some pretty weird ones lately, such as "Pissy Princess" (pissy?) and then today, "Alpha! Get Use To It".

What's the weirdest after-market license plate frame you've seen? Do you have one of these yourself, and if so, what does it say?
Bandit Driving

Digital Camera

I am looking to buy a new digital camera. Anybody have any good recommendations? I'm looking to spend around $200. The only thing I want is one that takes nice videos.
I was looking at the canon powershot 1100 si but I'm not sure of the video quality. Does anybody own one? How is it?

Staying at a hotel on Christmas

So I'm thinking about staying at a hotel on the 24th and 25th of December because I don't want to bother the people whose apartment I'm renting on Christmas (and even if it didn't bother them it would probably bother me so I want to get out).

Have you ever stayed at a hotel on a major holiday? Do you know if they charge special/different prices to stay on Christmas? Are the hotel services reduced?

Obviously this doesn't hold the same everywhere, I'm just curious if anyone has actually had the experience of staying in a hotel on a major holiday.

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Imagine you are in biblical Egypt and all of the Hebrews are marking their doors with lambs' blood. You're not a Hebrew, so you don't know what it means. What would you think was going on?

Would you rather have a solo or be part of an epic chorus?
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Tqc, I really want to order a pizza since they deliver, but I have no cash, only my debit card.  The bank is just across the street from me (as is Papa John's).  Should I just go get dollars and pick up a pizza, or go to sleep and forget I am hungry?

How do those people on Discovery Health with like 6-18 kids AFFORD all of them?  Esp with only one parent working, as most of the moms stay at home raising their little army.  Idgi.

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My mother texts like a 13 year old girl. She just texted me Thats not l8, Jus a little and L u 2. WTF mom?!
Do your parents text like 'tards? Proof plz.
Who was the last person to text you? 

What's the plan for tonight?


Yo Bookworms

Do you have a huge library? If so, then what are your favorite/most interesting books? I don't particularly care for fiction (unless it's somehow obscure -- as in banned or controversial or something). I most interested in occult topics, how-tos, foreign cultures and languages, nature, historical references and so on.
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Ideas of things to do with lonely old lady?

Today a lady at the nursing home I volunteer at told me that she was miserable and wanted to die. I met her on Wednesday at a foot massage event and scrubbed her feet and painted her toe nails. She was really quiet. I helped her back to her room and found out that her husband died a couple of weeks ago. At the end, she said, "Thank you for being so nice to me." and kissed me on the cheek. I teared up but looked away. She seemed so damn sad.

Anyway, today I visited her and she was just sitting in her room staring in space. The first thing she said to me was "I'm miserable. I don't know why I'm still here. I don't want to be here. My husband is gone; my daughter is gone. She died of throat cancer. I told her to stop smoking so much but she couldn't stop. At least she's happy now. She was in so much pain." So I kept her company and she talked to me about her life. I learned that she had a passion for fishing and that she met her husband that way. I asked her if she still went fishing and she said that no one takes her. I was like, "I can take you!" I really do want to do something for/with her. Like take her somewhere. I asked her if I can visit her sometime and her eyes lighted up and she seemed thrilled that I said that.

Maybe fishing with her wouldn't work 'cause I don't even have equipment and she has a walker and it might be dangerous.
What should I do with her? I want to take her somewhere to make her feel appreciated. Please give me some ideas. Thanks.
Give a dog a home

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A bottle of water spilled in my purse and my cell phone got all wet and now it won't turn on. I'm not eligible for an upgrade until February, so I'm kind of SOL and need a phone.

Where can I get a decent phone for free/cheap?


What did you do today?
I went to the PA Renn Faire.

I'm sooooo confused.

I got a textbook in the mail today.
I needed the book (ordered it and received it) last February.
It says that the order date was 4/28/2008
and it says that the total costs were $6.00

...The book costs $65. I'm totally baffled.
Can you make any sense of this?
Why the hell did I get this textbook?
(I might have resold the book on Amazon, but the book wasn't mailed through them and why the hell would I get it back five months later?)

Have you ever had any problems with Amazon/any website?
Someone filed a claim against me a few days BEFORE she was supposed to get her book. I know she got my book and Amazon held the money from my account...motherfuckers. Now I get delivery confirmation when I'm selling stuff.
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Do you think it's weird/disturbing/gross and or unusual for 2 teenage cousins, one boy and one girl, to share a bed when they need to?

And I mean NOT on a regular basis, and of course with proper pajamas/fully clothed?

): In my family we grew up sharing beds, there were 4 kids, and an uneven girl-boy ratio. So, my cousins and I are used to sharing beds and even though I'm 19 and my cousin is 20, when we go on road trips we share a bed if we have to and it recently caused a fight between my cousin and his friends.

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Is it just me or is the internet really boring today?

There's no one to chat with who isn't already stickaming it up, so if you're just as bored, why doncha come over and see me sometime. I'm bedlamgreene on AIM

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I often have craaaaazy dreams. I haven't had one in a while, until I had this one last night:

(c/p from my comment in the last 'what did you dreamed about last night' post)

Adam from Mythbusters was kidnapped by Nazis and I had to save him. I traveled down through elaborate underground tunnels to save him. I was captured by Draco Malfoy, who was dressed in weird tribal clothes. He said that if I guessed 3 questions right he would let me go, but if I got them wrong I would become his slave. I got the questions wrong (I don't remember what they were) and he was about to make me his slave (some sort of weird sexual ritual) when something I don't remember happened and it turned out that the Mythbusters were behind the whole thing anyway.

TQC, what is my subconscious trying to tell me? I don't even like Draco!

What's the weirdest/most memorable dream you've ever had?

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After seeing the dark night do you think there should be another joker? Or could the role never be played again??


If someone forced you to listen to one song for the rest of your life - wah wud dat be??
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