September 12th, 2008


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1. SO I'm staying at my ex-girlfriend's house while she's away with her family for a week. She's the only one who knows I'm here and the rest of her family would be decidedly not pleased if they found out... The guy who's officially house sitting is one of her sister's friends and he's really strict about trust and following the rules, blah blah, so I'm a bit jumpy about him catching me here. On top of that, I keep hearing random noises, including windchimes clinking like crazy, and the dog has barked twice (both times staring intently in the direction of the kitchen/back door). I realize that I'm just freaking myself out, mostly about house-sitter dude coming back, but I also can't get the phrase "because you were home" out of my head.

What is the probability that I am going to die horribly tonight?

2. Is it just me, or did Halloween decorations/costumes/stores used to be a lot cooler? I remember finding them awesome as a kid, but now everything's cheesy as hell. Maybe my standards are just higher now, but I had pretty high standards even as a child, especially regarding Halloween.

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yay I'm 21 today!

what are you going to get me for my birthday?

if you don't want to get me anything, what's the best birthday gift you've ever received? the worst? (ok played out question but I wanna know)
Bug-eyed Earl

Paging Dr. Eljay for TMI; Dr Eljay, TMI STAT

I haven't crapped normally in about 5 days. It's like, diarrheaish like twice a day. I feel fine otherwise, I am not dehydrated I am not sick. It seems like there isn't enough coming out compared to when I normally take the kids to the pool, though I have not been actually looking.

Other than the AIDS what could it be?

I ate some chicken that had been frozen and thawed twice right around when it started but I'm not sure if that was actually before it started or not. Could that do it? I'd think food poisoning would have run its course by now.

Edit: Fuck fiber. I haven't changed my diet so why is my colon upset with me?
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hay guys, i need to go to sleep liek NAO, but i am also kind of hungry (my tummy is starting to rumble). if i eat, it will wake me up a bit, and then i won't be able to get to sleep for a while. i need to wake up by 6am. should i eat right now or not?

i know this sounds kind of lame, but tomorrow, i have my all-day figure painting class, and i am going to wear ridiculously comfortable clothes, and eat a sandwich by the pond and watch the ducks & geese swim around during break. this will be the highlight of my week. what is/will be your highlight of the week?

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Deeyur Teak You See,

I'm a gonna fix me mah shitpile sandwich where ah cover two frozen hamburger patties in garlic powder and a bit a salt and frah 'em then I throw 'em on toast and slather 'em in barbecue sauce.

Is this disgusting to you?


I'm going to fix my shitpile sandwich where I cover two frozen hamburger patties in garlic powder and a bit of salt and fry them. Then I throw them on toast and drown them in barbecue sauce.

Is this disgusting to you?

Does no one else here speak redneck?
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Last week, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann was indignant that the Republican Convention ran a video about terrorism against America, replete with plenty of 9/11 footage, saying, "If at this late date, any television network had of its own accord showed that much videotape, and that much graphic videotape of 9/11, ... we would be rightly eviscerated at all quarters ... for exploiting the memories of the dead and perhaps even for trying to evoke that pain again."

1. Would it be ironic then that his own network, MSNBC, ran "9/11 As It Happened," a two-hour block of video footage from the morning of the attacks, twice tonight? (I happened to tune into it at the point that the second plane plowed into the WTC.)
2. Do you think Olbermann will do a Special Comment against his own network because they ran that footage?

Peace Corps

It's late, and I've been thinking too much. Just throwing this idea out there:

Should I take two years off after completing two years at a community college and join the Peace Corps, and then transfer to a university after that? I was going to join the Peace Corps after being done with undergrad, but I feel like I need some meaning in my life right now. I'll be done with 2 years at community college after spring of '09. Or would it be more practical to do it after I complete my undergrad?
eknock, Ash

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1) What's the meanest thing someone has ever said to you?

A customer said to me once (when I asked in a joking manner if his chocolate bars were for me) 'You don't look like you need them' as he glanced over at my stomach. :( Fuck you.

2) What's the cutest thing a kid has ever said to you/done?

The other day at work, I had a little boy (threeish) come up with his items (he was with his nanny and grandpa) and when it came time to pay she goes 'Uh oh, where's your money?' and then asks him what he says (meaning, to ask for money politely!) So he looks at me with cute eyes and goes 'Can I have some money please?

3) What's the nicest thing your partner has ever done for you? Current or former.

Once, a girlfriend wrote me poetry. :)

I'm mushy. :P

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do people in your area still decorate their houses for holidays? where do you live?

I swear that as a kid I remember about 70% of the houses putting out halloween decorations. now though only about 10% do, and some houses will put out some jack-o-lanterns on the 30rth or 31st but that's the extent of it. what the fuck new jersey, come on.

eta: fuck you guys i'm coming over for holidays from now on, the house decorations are the only good part of most holidays.
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How crappy is this?

My boyfriend of three years gets me to co-sign on this new car loan (well, it is a used car..but a loan!).

Less than a week ago...and now he's thinking of "taking a break" and "running away".

wtf man...I feel used.
fold in half so easily

effing school, i want my life back!

does anyone know where i could cheaply obtain an electronic copy of "acting: the first six lessons" by boleslavsky? or where do you buy your ebooks from, especially at a low price?

i'm pretty new to this whole ebook thing, and i have an assignment due in a few hours on this stupid reading. my plans on how to get a hold of this thing fell through :(
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Here's another question for you all!

Is it normal for the sex to die down in a relationship after a few years?
What is the perfect amount of sex a week?
Do you think lack of sex, only having it once a week, is grounds for breaking up?

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I want to eat a moose. What strange (to the average mcdonalds loving dingbat) animal or thing would you care to partake in?
I also want to ride the moose like a horse. What animal would you ride in to battle against your enemies?
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I made it out of surgery alive!

lol, just kidding. I have a kick ass DSL line hooked up in this coffin.

Anyway. When you receive gifts, do you look at this as this gift-giver showing how they care/think of you? Specifically, I mean the item itself.

I ask because my boyfriend has always sucked at gift giving, to the point it's now making me emotional. I dont care how much something costs. If you get it at Dollar General I wouldn't give a damn, just make it something that you know has meaning to me.
We recently celebrated our two year anniversary and I don't even want to repeat what I got. Granted, I do love it, but it's a little knick-knack that is reserved for when you are feeling good and just want to give a random gift. NOT an anniversary gift. I love the shoes, I collect clocks and witch related kitsch, you can offer to pay my damn electric bill..

If I am sounding like a little materialistic hussy, put me in my place!
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is it too early for me to wear a sweater dress? it's a very light material but it's charcoal gray and idk if it's still too "summery" to wear it...

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Paging Dr. Teakewsee! 

I have lots of unexplained bruises on my legs.  They just appear out of nowhere, and I don't remember when I do something that could cause them.

What is the explanation for these mysterious injuries?  Is someone sneaking into my room at night and beating me while I sleep?  If so, how do they get past my dogs?

srs and non-srs answers appreciated, I'm bored at work :)

Edit to add: Also, I'm getting a new car today!  What gadgets and doodads should I go out and buy to accessorize my new little itty bitty sedan?
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Super secret meme

I apologize for this post in advance.

A few days ago, someone asked what the questions were to that Secret Meme that's going around, where the person lists 30 names of their LJ friends in response to secret questions. I've gone back and looked through the archives, but can't find it. What are the questions???

Inspired by the "Anniversary Gift" question

Do you tend to put more effort into your relationships than the other person? (Romances and friendships)

Care to give details either way?

Is the excuse "I'm just not into birthdays/anniversaries/holidays" a fair one?
What if the person knows that you take birthdays sort of seriously?
Should they make some sort of effort anyway?
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vroom vroom (or not)

TQC, why does my car hate me? I treat it well, I wash it religiously, and I baby it even though it's 11 years old and beat up as all hell. 

It decided to be a bitch and not start last night. Of course, I was in the school parking lot. So here's me, the kid sitting on the trunk of her car with the hood up, waiting for her boyfriend to come and give her a jump.

We tried three times to jump it, and nothing. The third time it clickclickclick'd, but that's it.

The car has had the battery and alternator replaced within the past 4 years. Batteries, in our climate, tend to last between 5 and 6 years.

Why is it that my car NEVER fails to start in winter (it runs like a charm in winter, actually), but decides to be all retarded and emo at the most random time ever?

srs and nonsrs answers welcome. My car is a silly bitch sometimes. :P
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1. When you have to pass gas at work and there are people around, what do you?

2. Does Soup Plantation give every one else uncomfortable bubbles in their intestines too?

My coworker and I usually just tell each other about our gas problems and wait until we leave to pass it. =-\ We sympathize with each other and it helps us get through the day. Although, laughing... is painful. LOL

EDIT: I think Soup Plantation is also called Sweet Tomatoes in some areas. It's a salad bar / soup bar place.
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Good morning TQC : )

I woke up early this morning to make a delish breakfast for my guy. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Or are you waiting 'til lunch to grab your first meal of the day?

Baked Bread Pudding & strawberries w/ maple syrup
title or description

After an evening of shopping, I (and the s.o) plan to see the Dark Knight movie (finally) tonight on Imax. We might be going to Niagara Falls tomorrow for a day trip, and I'll be home visiting my parents for Mid Autumn moon fest on Sunday.

What are your plans for this weekend, tqcers?
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If someone offered you $300 to walk around stomping on cockroaches in high heels for a video recording which would later be used as masturbatory material, would you take the offer?

Which food network chef's recipes disgust you the most?

Edit:Also, if a radio station did a humorous piece involving a telephone interview with a farmer who was trying to put lipstick on a pig, would you find that amusing or would you think it a waste of the listener's, the farmer's, and the reporter's time?

Riddle me this.

Will you share a riddle?

Here is mine:

30 white horses on a red hill
First they stamp, then they champ,
Then they stand still.

No cheating! Although I can't remember if I got this one from The Hobbit. :)

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How often do you wash your hands per day?

What kinds of things do you do to make you feel like you have to wash your hands?

Yesterday I was given an eye drop prescription that I need to instill in my eye every hour and I need to wash my hands before and after.  I also broke a toe nail and I keep playing with a part that feels weird and I feel compelled to wash my hands after touching my feet.  I'm washing my hands a lot today.  And, of course, I have to wash them after I use the restroom.  I've washed them 4 times in the past hour and a half.

me - with gun
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If I wanted to donate a car to charity, what would be the best way to go about that? Is there any place that would be a bad idea for me to donate too? What about really good places? (these places would need to be able to tow the car)

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Does anyone use the Measuring Cup software for Mac?

If you do,  do you know how I can make my category titles and recipe names show up in the left hand sidebar?  I can see the window, and the folder icons, but not the text.


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So, I finally got some foundation and powder for my face. my problem is, its not covering up my dark circles under my eyes. So I went out and bought some concealer of the same shade of my foundation but it's too bright/light (cant see the dark circles). So, I used an old cocealer that I had laying around and that blended in more with my skin BUT the dark circles broke right through it.

What can I do about this to cover up the dark circles? I bought mayaballine "light (2)" if that helps to know my shade color.

Cartoon Characters

Hey guys! I need some ideas!! When we have someone in our department leave/retire, we cover their photo in our glass case with a cartoon character.  The person who will be leaving next week I'm having trouble finding a character that fits him.  He works with asbestos, he's an aging hippy, quiet, but always trying to make a joke.   What cartoon character would work for him?
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inspired by the hand washing question:

Do you use hand sanitizer? why or why not?

eta: I fucking love these responses. sooo many people in my real life use it all the time and it's just so unnecessary, smelly, and weird. (of course, I recognise that people who MUST use it as a safety precaution at work don't have much of a choice, and probably want to use it, being they are around infectious things)

Chicago.. yeah again

My sister and I made awesome plans for this weekend in Chicago (Celtic fest, a Chinese fest and something i can't remember) All outside things that would be mostly free. It's looking like it's going to rain and thunder (according to all weekend. We need fun/cheap things. (she's 26 and living near University of Chicago and I'm 24 if that helps. ) What can we do if the rain keeps us from going to these things?
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Which would you rather see?

-The Obama and McCain campaigns and supporters continuing the Fine! American! Tradition! of shit-talking each other and pointing out how the other guy is the embodiment of evil, or

-Each campaign's supporters simply explaining why their candidate is the better option, without resorting to personal attacks on the other?
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Hey, TQC.

Sooooo after 21 years of being raised with the notion that I am an only child in a relatively normal, happy family, it turns out my father actually has 4 previous children from various marriages that he neglected to tell me about. I had the joy of discovering them when one of them contacted us to ask for money for surgery, after not being in contact with my dad for some 20 years. (Yes, he had them way early in life, and had me pretty late in life.)

My brain is currently fried and I can't even begin sort out my emotions, so tell me, how should I feel? :o

Also, which daytime talk show should I go on to air out the emotions in a very public way? I'm thinking Maury.
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help me find this fucking movie?! D:

my bf says there's this american-chinese movie (chinese spoken, subtitled in english) with a love triangle. 2 guys and a girl. they sword fight and what not. he remembers a part where there's water/rain dripping into all the cups when people go inside. it came out around the time of crouching tiger hidden dragon.

~it's not house of flying daggers, kung fu hustle, hero, or the forbidden kingdom

APPARENTLY IT'S HERO. He should've listened to me in the first place!!!

On a new note, last awesome movie you saw?

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At the height of their respective power, would you rather have lived in the Roman empire or the British empire? Let's say you're moderately wealthy. You're not anyone super important, but you do pretty well for yourself and you're not a peasant.
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and grindy!

Which phrasing would you personally like more to hear (from someone you'd actually want to hear it from)?

"Let's make out!"


"I want to kiss you."


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Let's say your SO has a rip-roarin' bitch of a parent (or sibling). They basically verbally attack you for no reason, while you continue to be very respectful of them.

Do you think your SO should stick up for you or do you think (s)he should just let you fend for yourself?
What would you do if the situation was reversed and your SO was the one being "hurt"?

Has this ever happened to you/your SO?
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I just found out that, while we were together, my boyfriend of two years had a threesome with two 17 year olds (he's 26) he met in a random bar. I only found out because I saw an MSN conversation on his computer where he was telling a friend about it; the scumbag probably never would have told me otherwise.

Will you tell me something to make me feel better? Or alternatively, will you share any similar experiences you've had (misery does love company, after all)?

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How do I get to know myself? I've erected so many walls and put up so many marks I hardly know who I am anymore.

How do I find out what I want? I don't know what I want from life.
Thinking about that scares me because of the possibility of not getting it.

I know it all starts with thinking, but I'm scared of finding out bad things about myself. Like I'm a horrible friend or things like that.

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So I was looking for this short video that was in circulation about 7 years ago. It was a girl pitching anal sex as "the right choice for your future." I've Googled the hell out of it to no avail. Do you know where I can find it?
Is anal sex the right choice for your future?

If you really don't care about either...
What's for lunch?
Why are the daytime people so much more uppity than the night owls?
Also, it's 1:23 pm, should I get drunk?
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If you had a very physical job and you get hot very quickly, would you still shower before going in to work or would you shower after work and before bed so you'd still be clean if you didn't shower in the morning?

Or, would you shower both before and after work?

****This also applies if you're in school and you have PE early in the day since I know not everyone showers after PE.
nkotb - joe - yay

What did you say?

What was the last funny thing you heard incorrectly?

My co-worker just said, "When Carlos shoots in my mouth...". I stopped her and said, "Wait, what? Wtf did you just say?" (Carlos is our boss like person). She said... "What... ?... "Uhm, Carlos should shoot an email...". LOL
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Do you know who everyone on your friends list is?  I just realized that there are some people on mine and I have no idea who they are.

Is there a specific time you tend to post to TQC most frequently?


Favorite Fictional Planet?

Arrakis (Dune)
Hoth (Star Wars)
Klendathu (Starship Troopers)
Cybertron (Transformers)
Caprica (Battlestar Galactica)
Gallifrey (Doctor Who)
Krypton (Superman)
Magrathea (The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)
Z'ha'dum (Babylon 5)
Skaro (Doctor Who)
Meteor (Final Fantasy 7)
Auir (Starcraft)
Rigel 7 (Simpsons aliens)

Crap, I missed the other option, and Kilrah

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I just went to upload an icon of Shirley Manson, chose the right file - but when it finished loading onto my LiveJournal it was a black and white 100x100 animation of an audience clapping.

TQC, what exactly just happened to me?
I've never even seen that .gif before and definitely don't have it saved anywhere on my computer.

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1)Do you hate for people to hear you when you use the restroom and go to great lengths to prevent it from happening? Like you can't pee when other people are there because they will hear your pee hitting the water or you ensure that there is plenty of noise going on at your grandma's house before going to take a nice long dump after thanksgiving dinner or something like that.

2)Are your nipples parallel?
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I've got a theory, it may be bunnies.....

Or perhaps the world really did end when they started up the Hadron Collider and we are all in limbo. Have you ever believed or been worried about any of the end of the world theories like Y2K, Revelations in the bible or this latest Hadron Collider Business?

How do you think man is going to die out?

Global warming will flood the globe
Global warming will melt all the ice, allowing for dinosaurs to reanimate and eat all the humans
Things will go down just as the bible says
An official WW III will bring about a nuclear winter and we'll all either freeze or starve to death
A comet will strike earth obliterating it into tiny pieces
The Mayan 2012 Doomsday Theory is true
The sun will flare up into a super nova and burn the entire solar system
Eath won't use its turning single and another planet will collide with it
We'll all begin singing and not be able to stop until we explode
Other, in comments

oh, typo. :(

When dancing around in your underwear which of the following accessories do you consider essential?

high heels
a feather boa
a magic wand
a tiara
a dancing partner
just undewear cause I'm boring and/or I like to keep it classic
I would never dance around in my underwear, latenightdrives! How could you even think I would do such a thing?!
a disco ball
strobe lights
a smoke machine
uhm, hello? a pole, duh.
an audience!

What's your favorite song to listen to while dancing around in your underwear?
rainbow jc

Parking tickets

Shit, I got a parking ticket today.

I'm using to try to get it dismissed. Has anyone used it? Did it work for you?

I'm in San Francisco, so would love to hear experiences of anyone who also got tickets there.
eknock, Ash

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1) What is your default browser?

Google Chrome.

2) Anyone using Google chrome? Thoughts? Likes, dislikes?

I like it, but the annoying thing is this shit brown box around wherever I may be typing at the moment.

3) What do you think of Grissom being replaced on CSI?

... :((!
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1) Where would I recycle a sex toy? I thought I read somewhere that you're not supposed to throw the jelly ones away in the regular trash can. And I'm quite sure no one wants to buy a used sex toy. Or at least I hope not.

2) How much should I pay a woman to clean a kitchen and 3.5 bathrooms? She said "Pay me whatever you want" but I don't want to underpay her and I don't want to over pay her. This would include mopping, cleaning the fridge and freezer, washing the counters, cleaning all the cabinets.

3) Would a mocha brown be too dark for this room? I don't want it to be too dark since it's got a dark floor. This will be my master bedroom. Would you suggest a better color? EDIT: What about a coffee with cream color? I want something neutral and soothing.

(no subject)

Should I...

Get drunk
Take a nap
Stuff my face

Which do you prefer?



Crystal Meth


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Once, a few years back, a group of my friends decided it would be awesome to go wreck an abandoned insane asylum. Good times were spent tagging it up and destroying things because they were quite the raucous group. We left as it became dark in the dead of night in the middle of winter, and spent a very very long time booking it from the cops and hiding in the woods.

What's the worst trouble you've ever gotten into with the cops?

television shows

i just moved and we have so many friggin tv channels its insane but i have no idea what half of them are or the shows on them sooooo...
what are some good alternatives to the following tv shows/movies that you think id enjoy:

secret life of the american teenager
heartland (canada horsie show)
cold case
in plain sight
law and order:svu

basically any horsie-based television shows or things about murder/rape (i know im weird), history stuff, comedic drama, and anything teen related but not shit like "laguna beach" or "the hills" or whatever else.. fake reality is retarded.

what are some of the shows you watch even?
im curious, and since I dont have a job here yet I am also boreddd.

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Are you pro-legalization of marijuana?

Poll #1258632 Which of the following have you ever burnt yourself with:

Which of the following have you ever burnt yourself on:

a curling iron
hot coffee/chocolate
an open flame
a stovetop

Is it obvious I'm incredibly bored at work?
ETA: If you said no in the first poll, what is your argument against legalization?

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When you or your SO are upset/annoyed with each other, not mutually but like they did something that upset you or you did something that upset them, which of you is more likely to bring it up and talk about it? Which of you would be more likely to not say anything at all?

(no subject)

Congratulations TQC, you have just won a trip to anywhere in the world for 1 month.

Where do you want to go?

What activities will you do there?

Would you like an aisle seat or a window seat if you are flying?

Any special requirements that you have that we need to know about before you embark on your expedition?
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What is your personal best product of boredom?

Collapse )

Do you like I loved playing on it during last school year, and recently discovered it had more subjects!

If you like it, what's your favorite subject?
Mine is the full list of chemical symbols, because it helps me study for chem. :)

(no subject)

i just bought the cutest new pair of canvas shoes.

but i stupidly only tried one foot. got them home, took the tags off and wore them at a friend's place and now i have blisters!!!

do you know any trick to stretching out these shoes quickly?
real men read


1. In what way are you a stereotype?

Collapse )

2a. When you use a thermometer, do you put it under your tongue mostly to the right, mostly to the left, or do you switch off?
2b. Are you right or left handed?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I have to hang out with my boyfriend's friends tonight (it's his birthday), and I really don't like any of them. What should I do when I'm being thoroughly ignored by everyone? Daydream, "accidentally" break someone's XBox, constantly excuse myself to go masturbate in their bathroom, steal comic books/booze, or something else?

I'm going to be drunk in about 5 minutes...

Would you rather settle for someone you're not in love with or spend the rest of your life alone?
Do your friends think you're attractive?
Do you sext? Is it hot or awkward? (What with the hello, are you there? lulz @ misspelled words and Wut, I didn't get that one, what did you want to do to me??)
What are you wearing?
What are you doing tonight?
cabaret voltaire

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1. Have you ever seen a used condom outside?
2. If so, have you ever had the displeasure of stepping on one?
3. Are you going to the grocery store?
4. If so, can you pick me up some Dr. Pepper and Goldfish?
Hell - Picasso Devil

(no subject)

1. If you could teach everyone in the world one small, trivial fact, what would it be?

2. If I said 'the macro setting on your camera' would you say I was being cantankerous?
macro - procrastination cat
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What do you think when you're in a public restroom and hear someone talking on a cell phone?
Would you ever have phone conversations in the bathroom while relieving yourself?
clara bow
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What is something that you thought you'd totally hate, but tried it out and found that you actually loved it?

I was testing out electrocuting sex toys yesterday, and I was scared to try it out, but it was effin amazing.

Also, do you know any stores/websites that sell cute aluminum reusable water bottles?  I remember seeing some really cute ones a few months ago, but can't remember where, and I really hate plastic.

(no subject)

Is their any way I can wear a skirt that comes above the knees in public without getting stared at and followed around by gawking idiots? I love how the cold air feels against my skin but I hate the attention.

I'm trying to talk my husband out of shaving his head. Have you ever successfully talked someone out of getting a certain kind of hair cut?

Have you learned any words new words from TQC?

(no subject)

If you had to make a decision between living somewhere that you want to be in, but not being able to have what you want or living somewhere that you don't want to be, but having what you want... which would you choose?

(and these are your only choices.)
Tomozawa Mimiyo's Octopus

(no subject)

My friend just bought a house and want to know...

Do you give your loan agent, real estate agent, and/or title company agent a small gift when the home you just bought closes?

Something like a small box of chocolates, etc?

(no subject)

Yesterday I bought a pair of jeans for $16.99 from Aeropostale. I looked at the receipt and discovered that they were originally $50 and I had saved 33.01 on just one pair of pants. I ended up saving $70+ and only spent about $60.

What was the most you have ever saved on one item? What did it cost originally, and what did you end up paying for it?

If you shop at Aeropostale, have you ever noticed that they usually have really good clearance items?

I've found a really nice halter dress and the jeans there. The dress was originally $30 and I got it for $5.99.
MISC - moustache

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TQC, why do I always, always, always get shampoo in my eyes when I wash my hair? Every time, without fail. Am I doing it wrong?

Edit: This also begs the question: Do you face the showerhead or turn your back to it? I think this is important. I have my back to it.

Edit 2: I CLOSE MY EYES, YOU GUYS, GOSH. I might be dumb but I'm not stupid. :(
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Would you find it strange if your SO told you they wanted to make/made you into a SIM?

Do you own one of those exercise balls? If you do, is it worth it? (not the weighted ones, the huge inflatable ones)
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do you know Stan 'the man' Lee and how did you get to know him? How do you see him?