September 11th, 2008

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I'm going shopping for pants tomorrow since I lost weight and no longer fit in my old pants.

When was the last time you had to buy new clothes because you changed size?
Were you happy about this?
Should I get a new belt too, seeing as my belts are too big?
What about shirts? I have quite a collection and they still fit, but should I just go for it?
Where do YOU like to buy pants?
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because i cant sleep...

A. How often would you say you and your SO have a massive earth shattering cataclysmic type fight?

B. Are you the type that storms off once the fight (any fight really, doesn't have to be a huge blow out really) is over or reaches a certain point or do you sit around and stew and not say anything for the rest of the night?

C. Do you adhere to the "don't go to bed angry" philosophy?

D. Do you still have make up sex? Did you ever? At what point in the relationship did you stop having it if at some point you did?
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Moral dilemma! Halp, TQC!

It's been storming all day, and so I went to take a shower a bit ago and my roommate and suitemate had hung some very damp clothes up over the shower bar. So I took them down, just for the 10 minutes I'd be in the shower. As I'm reaching for my suitemate's jeans to move them to the countertop, I feel a bulge in the pocket. These jeans are upside down and I know this is her phone, it's poking out, so I slip it out and put it in a safer place on the windowledge in the bathroom, because jeans hanging upside down in a shower with a phone hanging out of the pocket? Something bad is going to happen, and we're close enough friends that I'd trust her to do the same with my phone. As I'm putting the phone on the sill, however, I notice that it's a bit damp. I slide it open to see if it's all right, and the keypad lights up and such - but the screen gives a pathetic flash of light and dims, and won't come back on. Well, fuck. This isn't going to look good for me. So I tried to dry it off as best I could, as it's clear the rain got to it somehow (or my other suitemate's shower before mine, if she hadn't moved the jeans to take hers), and put it back in her jeans after I get out of the shower and am totally dry myself. 

Do I tell her what happened or just put the phone back in her jeans and hope she doesn't make a connection and try to accuse me?
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do you think all those other black holes out there were created by other civilizations who created large hadron colliders? :D

This is so ridiculous.
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My eyelid is twitching really's almost like vibrating. Am I having a stroke? Will I die from this?

Do any of your body parts twitch involuntarily?

Name one cable television character that you would bone/fuck/throw down with?

Totally Judah or Conrad from Weeds, even though Judah is only in it for two episodes.
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I have a slew of questions I must ask you.

1. The toilet paper in my dorm makes my butt hurt. You could say it causes butthurt. Should I buy my own?
2. I have an assortment of XTC songs stuck in my head. How do I get them out before I start hating them?
3. Can I borrow your car? I swear it'll only take 10 minutes.

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Have you ever ripped off a fingernail or toenail?
A toenail.
How did it happen?
When I was five I was walking on pavement with no shoes.
Did it grow back normally or is it all weird?
It grew back all thick.

Have you ever had a finger or toe accidentally chopped off?

How did it happen?

Could they reattach it?

If so, how noticeable is the fact that it was once separated from your body?

Let's play a game.

I like to call it who's who, and you play by answering the previous question then ask one for the next person to answer. let's see how long this will go.

First question: What's your occupation?
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What was the last movie you saw? Did it make an impression on you? If it did, what was that impression? If it didn't, what is the most recent movie you saw that did?

How do you feel about movies about past events? What time frame should there be before something is made other than a historical documentary?

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I tried to share a video of myself with quingity, but when I posted it to Livejournal, it showed up as a video of Kiera Knightly on Conan O'Brien. On my friends page it's the correct video. On hers it is not.
Has something like this ever happened to you?

I hate banks. A lot.

So my ATM card's been acting weird, and I just figured out why.

A couple weeks ago, I deposited a largeish check at the ATM. A hold was placed on it, blah dee blah, I really didn't think much of it. That is, until I went in and saw about five $40 overdraft fees. They overdrafted me, even though the money was SITTING there, because of the stupid hold, and now I have no money.

Is there ANY chance of me having any luck if I go in and argue this with the bank? I really need that cash.

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I'm feeling like a lonely 13 year old girl right now. I have surgery in the morning and my boyfriend hasn't called to give me the thumbs up that he will only say the kindest words and he won't throw in "that one time.." during my eulogy. Random internet strangers, give me some pre-op "You can do it, Champ!" Please? Goddamnit I forgot that has to be a question.

Also, I have just signed a contract to write porn reviews. They ask if I want to use a pen name. Should I?

Care Packages for Canadian Soldiers

All right, so this may be too weird for you here at tqc so you can skip this one if you don't want to see it.

But to those of you who are in the Army or have known people who were in the Army, could you tell me how to send a care package to Afganistan and/or Iraq? I would like to send someone, male or female, at least a few pairs of socks and cookies which don't melt.

I have read that you cannot send it to the base without a name on it. I know there is a list of American soldiers, but is there a list of Canadian soldiers? I don't want to send it to some general, they can go sit down as far as I'm concerned.

So, can anyone help me out with this? Anybody know anybody who's serving in Afganistan or Iraq?

Bonus: if you know any Romanians serving in Iraq, that would be good too, because I would then make a third package sometime in the future. :D

(no, I'm not Republican, pls no flaming)


So I am moving and have 119 checks with my old address on them. TQC, if this were you, would you just void/trash those checks and order new ones with your new address, or would you cross out the old address and write in the new one on each check and use them all up?

PS: You can't buy those tiny address labels and tack them onto your checks, right? For some reason I feel as though that voids the check, like putting tape over stamps.
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.When you wash dishes by hand, what do you use?
.Is this the same apparatus your folks used/taught you to use? If not, what did they use?
.If you have a magic dish-washing machine (so phrased to avoid "lol my bf is the dishwasher"), what dishes do you wash by hand?

.Dishwashing is more fun with vodka, y/y?

.Are you sure you don't want to friend me on jollybootsodoom?

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Sooo...Obama and McCain fail to qualify for the Texas ballot! They missed the state's deadline to file.

According to the Libertarian party's news page, anyway. This is exceedingly interesting but I cannot find any other sources on it (except a few lonely blogs here and there). CNN does not have it, WSJ, etc.

Is it a farce? Has anyone else heard of this? What is going on in Texas? Someone mentioned the Democratic and Republican candidates are back on the ballot anyway (illegally I guess). So what on earth is going on?
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TQC: I want to apply to work at the Books A Million in my city, and they only accept applications online. After I apply, what do I do? Do I call them to let them know? Do I go in and ask about it, assuming they've seen it already? What is the proper procedure for this? I've always talked directly to the manager of past jobs as I turn in my applications/resumes.

What do you have lined up to read next after you finish the book you are currently reading?

Minor cat injury

I awoke this morning to my cat walking all over me as usual, and I thought I caught a glimpse of red under his chin. Upon further inspection, he has some blood under his chin in two spots. I live with two cats and they do have little fights but they never use serious claws or bites, it's usually pretty friendly. It looks pretty minor but I wanted to ask if there's anything I can clean it with or put on it to prevent infection or speed up healing? Is peroxide okay to clean it with? I don't want to go to the vet for such a small thing and google isn't helping me out. Thanks!

x-posted to a few cat lj comms

edit- thanks for your speedy replies! I cleaned it with some warm salt water and applied some witch hazel

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Fuck 9/11, what about Saudi Arabia taking their toys and leaving OPEC?

And Indonesia was just kicked out of OPEC effective 01/01/09.

Whatcha think about that? Is this the end of OPEC?

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Would you do business with a company that had ties to the Nazis, the Taliban, the Khmer Rouge, U.S. slaveowners, etc?

This comes up because a number of companies are bidding to have their name put on Giants-Jets Stadium in NJ. One of these is an insurance company called Allianz that supposedly sold insurance for the Nazi death camps at Auschwitz. They also stole life insurance money from Jews and gave it to the Nazis.

Other examples are banks like Bank of America and Chase that financed slavery in America.

What are your thoughts on all this?
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Does anybody know what happened on the today show this morning?

somebody said or did something that your not allowed to say or do and I caught the end of them talking about later but I don't know what happened.
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How old are your parents?

How old are you and any siblings you have?

My mom is 55, my dad is 57. My brother is 27, and I'm gonna be 21 in November(for the sake of simplicity since everyone else has already had a birthday this year) .
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Can anyone else not believe that it has already been 7 years since the 9-11 attack?

I know I sure can't.

edit: More than anything else, I was just referring to how time flew. You don't have to bite off my head for just using 9-11 as a reference point as to how fast time has flown since then.
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What is your favorite so-bad-it's-good song?

Want to share the circumstances that led to your last hangover?

My answers in comments.
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Say HELLO to my li'l friend...

Poll #1257866 friendship, friendship...just the perfect blendship

Which of these FRIEND songs have you ever enjoyed...if only for a moment?

My Best Friend's Girl, the cars
You've Got a Friend, carole king/james taylor
With a Little Help From My Friends, joe cocker version!
Funeral for a Friend, elton john
Friend of the Devil, grateful dead
Waiting on a Friend, the rolling stones
Why Can't We Be Friends?, war
You're My Best Friend, queen
Friends in Low Places, garth brooks
Whenever I Call You Friend, kenny loggins & stevie nicks
You've Got a Friend in Me, randy newman from the movie "toy story"
Friendship, tenacious d
My Friend, jimi hendrix
I'll Be There for You, theme song from the tv show FRIENDS
oh suzer, my friend, i would certainly like more of these songs if i actually knew them.
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Innane Question!


Someone recently told me that I ought to be eating seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I don't think I reach this mark, but I was wondering -- and I'm not quite sure how to google this effectively:

Does fruit yogurt count as a serving of fruit?

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Is there anything you prefer to reheat on the stove/in the oven rather than the microwave? If so, what?

What was your favorite meal that your mom (or some other parental figure) made for you when you were growing up?

(no subject)

So, you're in a bar and you spot a mighty fine piece of ass of your preffered gender. How do you go about approaching him/her?

Bear in mind that you will have consumed some liquid courage as well!

Serious and non serious answers welcome
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So coming up in November I am in charge of my little sister's bachelorette party. I plan on fully embarrassing her... we'll probably not be going out anywhere as she's under 21, so we'll probably stay in the house. I have almost everything already planned or in the process of it, except one problem...


I want funny food. Embarrassing food. A penis cake would be ideal, but my sister has Celiac and I wouldn't trust myself or anyone in the area to make a safe penis cake for her. With the gluten being a problem, this actually cuts out a LOT of my snack ideas.

TQC, what are some funny perverted food ideas you can give me? Should I cut vegges into penis shapes? What can I make into boobies (oh yeah, she can't have jello... I think that's unrelated to the Celiac, she just hates jello)

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My roommate and I are having a wine and cheese housewarming party Saturday night! Whee! We're asking people to potluck some wines and cheeses and appetizers but we'll supply a few to get the party started, as well as crackers, etc.

1. What dessert would go well with a wine and cheese party? (Recipes are a plus!)
2. What appetizers should we provide?
3. If you were going to bring a wine and/or a cheese, what would YOU bring?

EDIT: PS we're kind of poor. These suggestions all sound delicious though!

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What has been your favorite date so far?

I'm trying to come up with ideas to go out with my boyfriend for our 3 year. It's going to be right after a Vegas trip, so I'm looking for cheap & fun...

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I'm having my carpet cleaned and I called Duraclean to come by and clean it. It's 80 dollars for each room. While Sears is 94 dollars for TWO room.

I've never hired either one of them. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with either Duraclean or Sears? I'm not sure how the cleaning is.
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Is there a way to have someone write your resume for you?

Like give them your shittasitc resume and ask them to make you a beautiful one? I'm willing to pay! I suck so much at resume writing!

Who else is sad that fall is already here?
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Who is the quirkiest/most interesting service person (waiter, waitress, computer tech, mechanic, maid, etc) you've ever met? What did they do that made them quirky?

My Dell service guy's name is Bruce. He's an old hippie and he comes to my school to fix my shitty Dell laptop on a pretty regular basis, sadly. He tells my friends and I all about his ex-wife who got put in an asylum. I adore him.
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so, i've been working out about four days a week for the past couple weeks (strength training and cardio) and i've been watching what i eat; doing the whole 6 small meals a day; keeping calorie intake to around 1200 or so.

i've gained a pound. what's going on?
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I'm a Yank spending a semester abroad next year. The choices I have for host universities are:

Oxford (I'd be at Wadham College)
Trinity College in Dublin
American University in Cairo, Egypt

Does anyone have any experience at those schools? Which should I pick!? I'm a history major focusing on military and diplomatic history, for what it's worth.

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You've got a reservation for a Brazilian wax, and when you get shown to the booth it turns out the cosmetologist who will be doing the waxing is a fat middle-aged guy who looks a lot like me. Do you go through with it?

[Cephalopods] Need love!

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You're walking down a hallway, heading to somewhere you NEED to be. You turn a corner and see two people screaming and swearing at each other. It seems that one of them is cheating on the other. One suddenly starts crying, and the other keeps yelling. Essentially, drama drama drama all around. The only way to get past them is to walk between them, and there is no other way to get to where you need to go. What do you do?

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Hello you all.
I'm going to Vegas for a night, and I'm not 21.
What are fun things to do in Vegas if you can't get drunk/gamble?

Will you post of picture of you in a costume?

Important food questions

1. I have 4 cups of yogurt sitting in my fridge, and they all expire today. Should I eat them all for lunch, or do you think that they'll be good for a few more days and I can have one a day thru Sunday and not get sick?

2. Also, I have been without a kitchen for for over a month now (Due to a remodel that has not gone smoothly.)

It should FINALLY be finished this weekend, I want to make something elaborate, delicious, and fancy. What should be the first meal I make in my new kitchen? I have to get groceries anyway, so anything goes.

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1:  My brother-in-law received a package in the mail a few days ago.  He's been here twice since then and he hasn't taken the package nor opened it.  He's into expensive electronics, so I expect he has something cool in there.

If he comes over one more time without opening it, can I claim it?  ;)

2:  What do you like to do when you're worried/stressed to take your mind off things?

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tomorrow is my 21st birthday & I will be going to a club that is having free draft beer and well drinks.

I know what well drinks are (cheap liquor and whatever else) but, what kinds of drinks are included in this? I know screwdrivers and rum & coke's, but I don't want to be ordering those all night. what else should I get?

and let's say I'm going to pay for one drink -- what is one drink well worth paying for?
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1) When a person loses a good amount of weight, can excess skin be left over? Even if it's just like, a 30-40lb loss on an average sized person? How can you tell the difference between excess skin and fat? (It's not enough of a weight loss to create that loose, floppy, chicken skin, right?)
Is it fixable? Assume the person is in their 20's.

2) What do you think the most heinous torture device is?
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1. I'm going to McDonald's! What should I get? I like chicken.

2. My mom's in surgery right now! I'm really nervous. How can I entertain her while she's recovering?

EDIT: Do they allow little dogs in hospitals? Also, tips on smuggling a 10 lb dog into a hospital?

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I don't know a lot about the process of school loans. I'm currently going to a community collegeand my tuition for this semester has already been paid. However, I need a computer for the majority of my classes. Our family computer is not dependable, it needs fixing all the time. Right now we have no idea what is wrong with it. When I need to do homework on a computer (a lot of it is internet based), I have been using my dad's laptop that he uses for work. This means that I have to wait for him to get home, and this often conflicts with my work schedule, leaving me no time for homework.

Short version: I need a computer. I've heard that you can get student loans for this. Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

EDIT: What kind of lap top is good for someone who only uses a computer for internet (no games) and Microsoft office things?

A less lame question:
What do you do for Thanksgiving? (Go see family, quiet dinner at home, etc)

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Other waiting it out, how do you make yourself look like you haven't just been crying your eyes out?

Also, I've decided I want to quit my job and work as a fairy princess. Lucky for me, there's a job opening to do just that at little kids birthday parties. What should I write in my cover letter to guarantee I get the job? :D
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Do you like Crystal Light?  Do you use Crystal Light to Go? What's your favorite flavor?

Has a wild animal, other than a bug or rodent, ever been found in your home?  Will you tell me the story?

Who do you hope wins Project Ruway, if you care?

If you don't care, will you make up a celebrity scandal?
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So... I was sick two days ago and missed some class. Like a good and studious student I e-mailed my teachers whose classes I missed to find out what I needed done. While most were happy to tell me one felt the need to add this,

"Check with other students about the specifics. Next time, you can send an email to entire class the day you are absent or ask those who sit next to you when you come in for missed information. This was spelled out in the syllabus."

to the end of the post. I kindly responded with 'Thank you so much for responding to my question. I'm terribly sorry to have wasted your time.' TQC, am I screwed? Do you think I can pass this off as 'a misunderstanding due to the meaning being jumbled up over the screen versus in person'(aka I meant it as a humbling thing not a snarky thing)?
Have you ever said somthing to a teacher you meant though probably shouldn't have said?


When do you usually get your mail?

It's almost 3:15 pm and it's still not here

How much would you tip for a $20 mani/pedi?

Do you tend to respond to snarky remarks or ignore them?
What was the last snarky thing someone said to you?

I had to set up observations in a school today, and when I came in, the secretary said "Well, school HAS started already, you there are other people who need placement." (This doesn't seem snarky, as I'm reading it but the way she said it made me want to punch her in the face) I've only had THREE classes so far...what the fuck

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wtf Is everyone here turning 21 soon?

I don't know how many, "OMG IT'S MY 21st BDAY IN 49 HOURS... WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!" posts I've seen.
Yes, I am guilty of posting something like this... but I wanted to be the only one turning 21 soon! *pouts*
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Have you ever hated (or strongly disliked) someone that everyone else just loved? Did you feel guilty for hating them? Try to force yourself to be their friend because everyone else was? Tell us about it.
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For those who either babysit or provide daycare/childcare, what do you charge per hour? 9 year old boy with severe ADD/ADHD if it matters.

For those who pay for babysitting or daycare/childcare, what does it run you by the hour?
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If you saw someone tattooed with the crossed hammers logo from the Pink Floyd album The Wall, what would assume about them?

Would you assume that they were:
Simply a Pink Floyd fan
Some kind of wannabe Nazi
A Pink Floyd fan as well as a wannabe Nazi
Something else?

Supposing it had Pink Floyd written under it? Do you think that would kill the potential for a Neo-Nazi association?
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Key West Bars

Hey everyone. I'm going to Key West tomorrow night/over the weekend for my 21st birthday, and I was wondering what the best bars are. I just want to get good drinks, flirt with the bartender and not be bothered by a lot of sketchy guys hitting on me. I'm thinking about the Green Parrot and the Schnooner Wharf, since I've been to both before, but not to drink. Has anyone been to the Rooftop Bar? It always looked pretty awesome up there.

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Do you think anything catastrophic will happen if I cut this recipe in half?

White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie Recipe

* 1 pound (2 cups) butter, room temperature
* 1 2/3 cup brown sugar, packed
* 1 cup granulated sugar
* 3 large eggs, room temperature
* 1 Tablespoon vanilla
* 4 1/4 cup all purpose unbleached white flour
* 2 teaspoons baking soda
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 2 cups (12 ounce bag) white chocolate chips or chunks (Use a high quality white chocolate like Ghirardelli, Callebaut or Godiva. It does make a difference.)
* 1 1/4 cup (4 ounces) macadamia nuts, chopped
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Numbers ?s

1) Do you think changes in US policy has helped to increase terrorism in the world since this date seven years ago?

2) What is your favorite number?

3) If you watch any team sports, what is your favorite player's jersey number?

4) Do you play the lottery often?

(no subject)

Today is my birthday =]

I've been wanting a tattoo for a long time now, and my friend wants to take me to get one.

What are some good tattoo shops in/around Tampa, Florida?
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why is kingdom hearts so awsome?

if roxas and sora got it on is it masterbation?

if sora and kairi got it on at the end of kingdom hearts 2 is that a four way or what?

who is the best couple? roxas and axle or sora and riku?

(no subject)

What was your last dream? How did it make you feel?

I had a dream where my mother and I were held up at a bank robbery, and right before I woke up, one of the robbers killed my mother. I woke up and sobbed; it was so upsetting.

Also, is there something you've been wanting to learn? Will you ever get to it?

I want to learn how to skateboard. I'll try eventually.
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What's a painful realization you've had lately?

There's a squirrel outside my office window, face buried in the ground, hopping in a circle. What on earth is he doing?
(he's been doing this for like, 5 minutes already.)

My best friend/roommate busted a camera lens today, and he failed a math quiz. Understandably, he's pretty bummed out. What can I do to try and cheer him up? (Sexing is not an option, I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate that...ha)

My painful realization: eventually I will have lost two boyfriends to the same school. Don't get me wrong, I love Ohio State, but think that I lost my ex to the school (sort of), and will most likely lose my current boyfriend to the same place is seriously bumming me out. It's nowhere near final that the BF is going to OSU, but still. Just the thought makes me all :| and sad.

(no subject)

What are you views on the following?

1. women's right to choose abortion

2. death penalty

3. gunowners' rights

4. controlling what's in school libraries

5. gays' rights to marry

6. selective genetics/genetically-enhanced breeding

question stolen from noodledays

alchy college roomie

So my roommate is a borderline alcoholic (stocks up on Grey Goose and Parrot Bay, but refuses to buy toilet paper). I don't want to go out with her because I don't drink at all, for health and academic reasons.

Should I just tell her straight up that I won't enjoy watching her take shots of tequila while being the only sober person in the room, and that it's nothing personal? Or should I just keep saying I'm "busy" and be all passive-aggressive about it?

(no subject)

today i heard someone say "Men with blue eyes have cold hearts."

have you heard that before?
do you think that's true?

i'd never heard that before. i thought it was funny 'cause i'm crushing massively on a guy with the brightest blue eyes.
This is so ridiculous.
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Anyone know how much it costs per month to rent a mailbox at Mailboxes, Etc. or whatever those businesses are?

I just got this month's Marie Claire in the mail...should I read it tonight, like I want to, or should I exhibit some self-control and read it on the plane tomorrow?

How many pairs of shoes do you own? What type of shoes are they?

What are some pronunciations that really piss you off?
I want to smack a bitch when I hear "julry," "jalapeeno" or "jalapeeño," and "expecially."

I work with a bunch of pigs!

I work in a small office with only 12 people....and with the exception of a couple of us...everyone else is a freaking pig!

I need to actually come up with a schedule for when we do our dishes, changing the trash in between when the cleaning lady comes, cleaning out the mini refrigerators...etc... I went to get a glass of water out of one of our Brita pitchers. Normally I bring my own water, but I forgot today.

I grabbed the pitcher and started to pour...when I noticed freaking algae or mold growing on the inside of the pitcher! I checked the other one and it was like that too!!! I don't know how long it has been there...but yuck....come to find out, several of my co-workers were drinking out of both of them today!

So TQC, do you have any disgusting co-worker stories?
What do you suggest I do to my especially piggy co-workers to get them to clean up after themselves?
model → rad boys


My english class let out early so I sat down at an outside table to do some TQCing before env. science, and the blind girl from my science class walks up at sits at my table. D:
What was the last awkward thing that happened to you?

(no subject)

Dear Inquiry Association,

I have an email titled, "Get a larger member, attract more ladies."
Is the reason TQC has so many females because it has large members? Who are some of these large members?
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Oh great Tea Kew Si,

I like looking at the before and after pictures on those weight loss infomercials or reading success stories in magazines and stuff - but it still doesn't make me go out and get fitter myself. Why not?

Is it crazy for me to work 38 hours a week, have 15 units of classes (three of them as writing classes), an active social life and still want to add in an hour at the gym 5 days a week? Will this all end in burn out? Y/Y

If you could concoct any magical weight loss regimen, what would it be?

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(no subject)

Is eBay working for you?
I currently can't do any searches on their site! The internet is working for me 100% otherwise.

ETA: If you're dressing up for Halloween, what's your planned costume?

(no subject)

When was the last time you went out of your way for someone else only to have them let you down?

I'm now officially on weekend time. What are you happy about?
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Letters from Iwo Jima

Have you seen the movie "Letters from Iwo Jima"?

I watched about half and I found it too slow and kinda boring. I rarely not finish a movie. If it sucks, I usually want to see the whole thing before forming a solid opinion.

Do you think I should give up and return it to Netflix or try to watch the rest? What do you do with a movie that seems boring after an hour into it?

What movies have you not finished because you expected it to suck?

Is there anyone who saw this movie and liked it and thinks I'm dumb for thinking it's boring?
shit happens to me

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Is there any subject that you have searched for in interests to find a community, and got like, HALF what you thought you would?

I am looking for a community about scrapbooking, for some pointers... With the OMG SCRAPBOOKING obsession these days,  and they weren't updated HALF as much as II would assume the commuities would have been a lot more into it and have a lot more members. IT seemed like the same six people posting on all of them... thought they would be.


TQC has this ever happened to you?
What were you searching for?

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1. What is the worst thing to eat before going to bed and forgetting to brush your teeth?

I made garlic soup last night and just received the worst flavor from a lodged piece of garlic:X

2. What is something you use everyday?

3. What would you like to get done today?

4. Have you ever put lipstick on a pig?

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You're approaching a railroad crossing when the gates go down and lights flash. You wait five minutes without any indication of an approaching train. Cars are lining up in both directions. Do you slip between the gates or stay put?

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I had to do a glucose test today....(for those of you who don't know what it is, I had to sit and drink an extremely sweet drink, sit for an hour, and have my blood drawn.)

After I had my blood drawn, the tech told me that I couldn't have anything sugary for 24 hours..

Unfortunately...that doesn't work for me.

I have a frozen lemonade sitting in my freezer...should I eat it!?
What'll happen if I do?! Will I keel over or just be on a huge sugar buzz?

If it makes any difference, the test was almost 6 hours ago.

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TQC, help me with my life.

I'm a current nursing major, about to enter my sophomore year. I want to eventually become a nurse anesthetist. However, I've always contemplated/wanted to become a doctor of sorts. I think what's stopping me is being afraid that I won't do well, it'll be too hard, or I won't get into medical school. But I feel very confident with the path I'm going right now as a nursing major. I'm not even sure of what field I'd want to go into outside of anesthesiology and I'm not 100% sure that being an anesthesiologist would be what I want (Weird, I know).

I've basically pushed this idea out being a doctor out of my head for my freshman year, but I sort of feel like I'm not reaching my fullest potential by going to school for nursing.

So. Ideas, advice? Do you think I should pursue nursing or become a doctor instead? D:

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TQC, I'm on a week's worth of medication that I have to take every hour from when I wake up until bed.  I set an alarm to go off on my cell phone but I sometimes forget to re-set it if I'm in the middle of something.

Any recommendations to help me remember?

y so gay

This has been bothering me.

Should I tell people at my new college I'm gay? just bring it up casually? i don't care about people knowing but i feel kinda like i'm hiding without them knowing. i've just been going along with any straightesque jokes and it's getting on my nerves.

do you think it'd look like i was attention seeking if i was just like UHM SO JUST SO YOU KNOW I'M GAY....................

syringe + redeyes = comedy gold

GTFO, virgins.

How many times have you had unprotected* sex?

Fess up

more than 5x

*And by unprotected i mean without any form of birth control. And let's not count rape, either, or gay sex obviously. And gtfo, virgins.

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Have you ever gone whale watching?
Did you have a "Free Willy" moment or was it pretty lame with very little whale action?

Do you know anyone who has your birthday (not like a celebrity, a friend/family member)?
Do you have a lot of common traits/characteristics?
And for the hell of it, when is your birthday?
LJ we know drama

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Gifts for boys.

If you're a parent/sibling, what would you give your son/brother for their 21st birthday?

Did you get anything for your 21st that made you go WOW!?

(We're in England where booze is not such as big deal as everyone has been drinking since they were 12)

One of These Is Not Like the Other...

I'm making 3 teddy bears for 3 kids aged two to three. For reference, these are not siblings (just cousins) and while they'll all be receiving the bears on the same day (Christmas), they probably won't see each other for a while after that. I'd like to personalize each bear for each kid, but here's the question...

So, should I indulge my creativity and make 3 different bears (sizes, colors, patterns, etc.) or would that only invite conflict between the three of 'em? Basically, I just don't want to promote small-child tantrums, but I'm not sure if they've yet reached the age where they like other peoples' toys better.

Advice from all you lovely people would be greatly appreciated :D Thanks!