September 10th, 2008


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Which one are you?

Gilligan - likable, but everybody knows you're a fuckup. You're a great source of frustration among all your friends
Skipper - generally, you're kind of an asshole. You take out your frustrations on those weaker than you. You think you wield more power than you actually do
Ginger - you think everybody wants to sleep with you, even though they secretly have the hots for your best friend. On your best days, you're a saucy tease; on your worst, you're a vacant twat
Professor - you're brilliant, good looking, and hiding a secret. You're gay! You could have fixed the boat any time you wanted, but you liked being trapped alone with Gilligan
Mary Ann - cute and bubbling with personality. Everybody would like to bang you, but you have problems communicating with the opposite sex. You're sexually frustrated
Thurston Howell III - life has been good to you, but luck does favor the stupid. You're not that bright, operating under a philosophy that you're better than others when they clearly just humor you until you leave so they can talk behind your back
Lovey Howell - you're nice, in a Nancy Reagan-esque way. It's nice that you show friendship to those beneath you. Most of the time, you're not even condescending about it
Globetrotters - athletic and virile, but at best you're just colorful scenery at the party. A glorified one night stand that no one remembers the next day

Themed Music

What are some songs you recommend with the themes of moving beyond the past, leaving the past behind, looking ahead, moving forward, etc.? I would prefer songs that aren't focused on a relationship, but any suggestions would work.

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when composing a mixtape (or, mix cd or whatever it is you kids are calling it these days) for someone, do you have certain rules about how it's put together, or what you put on?
Do you ever try and convey any kind of theme or message with the songs you choose? 
Do you try and pick songs that you already know the person likes or do you try and pick songs that you want them to like?
Do you consider the exchanging of mixes to be progression in a relationship? At what point does it become appropriate?
Would it bother you if a SO gave a mix tape to a person of the opposite sex (or, you know, the same sex if you're gay or whatever)?
Do people even still make mixes for other people now that MP3 players have become the main personal music device? 

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I broke my hand seven years ago playing full contact hackey sack. I went on to class, ignoring the pain ( I have a high tolerance) and took a test, writing with my broken hand and probably fucking it up worse. I then went to the doctor and got it casted and all was well. It has acted up occassionally since then, but never that bad. Now it hurts so much and I don't know why. It's not my whackin hand. Should I chop it off or just wait and see what happens?
Also, today was fairly horrible so on that note will you suggest how I can attain true enlightenment without PCP?
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On Friday my boyfriend & I are having a movie night and the theme is "Films in which a lot of stuff blows up".

What should we watch?

Also, what is your favourite word beginning with the letter P?

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all week i've been getting calls asking me to participate in a student aid study. tonight, i got a package in the mail, labelled "extremely urgent," and when i opened it, i found a single piece of paper, advertising the same study! the only thing i get for completing the survey is $30.

tqc, why do they want me to participate so bad?!
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Billy Mayes is selling health insurance now. What do you think he'll do next?

I'm thinking about having my hair done. I'm thinking about  dark green and silver streaks. That or perming.  I'm not sure what, though.
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okay, i don't know if anyone's going to understand what i'm talking about, but i'm looking for some animated time lapse gif graphics. yeah, like those ones on myspace pages. stuff kinda like this or even stuff like this (i know it's not time lapse, but i want some like that too), but better quality!

tqc- can you help me find photos like this, please?! i'll bake you cookies if you do...
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Nerdy Orthodontics Question Ahead!

So I've had my braces off for... oh... 6+ years. I haven't worn my retainer in about two years, and before that, my retainer-wearing was pretty spotty anyway. My teeth have shifted a bit, but the retainer still goes on fine (it is actually my second one... the first one broke and I got the 2nd one after the teeth had shifted some).

I was all gung-ho about starting a nighttime-retainer wearing regimen but the boy now has me paranoid that this could actually make my teeth WORSE (by "loosening them up" and making them shift around like crazy).

WTF? Help?
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What the fuck is wrong with people?

Ok I've tried asking the guys who actually do this and all they have to say is "Jeeze, I'm sorry. I was just trying to be friendly." But why do people think it's ok to just put their hands on me whenever they please?

*This is while I am working and not just a tap on the arm to get my attention but a creepy reach around stomach molestation from a guy I've never met before. It was the third time it had happened that night.


What advice would you give to a young, lonely, relatively-new mother?

My sister has a 2 year old son and a newborn (3 week old), she JUST had to move across the country (from CA to MA), she doesn't know anyone there, and her husband just started grad school and works constantly, so he's never home to help her out or give her company. She says her son is driving her crazy, acting up because of the new baby, and she says she's starting to hate her husbands career because he's never home, and she's just really really lonely.

Has anyone here been in a similar situation? What did you do? What advice can I offer? I can't go out to visit her 'til Christmas, but I know I'm one of the only people she really talks to on a daily basis right now. I feel really bad for her! =(
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Hurricane Ike is headed right toward me. Today at work, my boss said we weren't going to be forced to stay here if the city evacuates, but she doesn't want to have to make someone stay if not enough people volunteer.

1. So, TQC, why does my boss hate me?!

2. Did you ever hate a certain food that you later on grew to like? If so, what is the food?

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inspired by this post,

have you ever been having sexy time and either a TV or radio was on? did you ever get distracted by something on the TV or radio?

I was sexin' with the radio on an adult contemporary station when The Police's "Fields Of Gold" came on & I thought "ooh I love this song!" and I started singing along in my head while we continued to hump.

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Is there any label that you feel guilty using to describe yourself?
Is there a term that people use to describe themselves that automatically makes you think of them as conceited?
Do you see any hypocrisy in the fact that people drink milk from a “cow” or a “goat”, but recoil at the idea of other animals; Including human

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Yesterday morning I went to the grocery store and when I was in the parking lot I saw a Buick-type car that had parked literally halfway out of the parking spot and was halfway into the road. I parked a spot away from this car. I was almost to the car when I walked back to mine to grab a pen and a piece of paper from my car. I wrote "NICE JOB, JACKASS! =)" on it and slipped it under the passenger side winshield wiper. The car was still there when I left. Was this inappropriate?  What would you do if this was your car? What would you have done if you were me?
What was the last random thing you did?
What are you craving right now?
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Will you exploit yourself to me? Either with a favorite video, photo, delicious picture of yourself, a beautiful recipe you like to play with? A story about you that needs to be shared, a reason why we should stop for a moment and pay attention to you? Because you know you/we love it.

Just post anything for God Sakes, just make sure you relate to it for one reason or another...
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Dear TQC chefs:

I have a half a can of diced tomatoes left over from when I cooked up some steak fajitas a while back. I want to use them before they go bad/moldy. What can I make with them??

Have you ever hennaed your hair? How did it turn out? I'm doing it really for the first time right now, I'm nervous!


TQC, I want to go take pictures during my lunch break but don't know what I feel like photographing.

Will you give me ideas of things to photograph?

(kind of like a photo scavenger hunt, I'll update to tqc_updates with what I find)

ETA - I work in downtown San Francisco so pretty much anything you can think of, I should be able to find.
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Have you ever sent food back in a restaurant? Why?
I haven't :( I'm too much of a wuss. One time my salad arrived with chicken in it, which they charged me an extra $4 for, and I absolutely hate chicken... But I was still too pathetic to say anything.

How much do you generally tip your servers? Do you ever just not tip at all?
I over-tip generally, as long as service is good. At bare minimum I leave 15% and usually end up tipping around 25%. I've only not tipped once, when my friends and I went out to a nice restaurant for our graduation dinner and our server was a dick to us, plus it took dim over half an hour just to come over and ask for our drink order (there was pretty much no one else in the restaurant) because he was too busy talking to his buddy.

What occupations do you think deserve tips? Any ones that are commonly tipped that you disagree with?
I tip servers, delivery guys, and my hairdresser. I don't tip barristas or random cashiers who leave tip jars by the cash. Like, wut?
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what shampoo & conditioner has the best results for making your hair look shiny/healthy?

~whenever i use dove products my hair does, but i haven't been able to get as great results with any other brand. i've tried head&shoulder's, fructis, pantene, revlon, vo5, and herbal essences.

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What kind of dances/dance styles do you know how to do? You don't have to be an expert or anything.

What is your favorite television series that is currently not airing new episodes? I mean as in canceled not just like the new season hasn't started yet.

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 Hey TQC :) 

Let's say you're in college and suddenly, you realize you're so sick and tired of studying - plus the fact that you still don't know what course you want to take even if you're already in your  2nd year in college..

You quit school. D'you think you'd get any decent job? 
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TCQ, i am relationship inept. help.

person A (who we'll call Mike) and I dated for about a month in April before i broke up with him because we were going to our homes (we both go to the same school) and i didn't feel much chemistry. I know Mike is still interested in me, but right now I'm in a relationship with person B (who we'll call Ian). Mike tells me there is this awesome concert that we both like going on in november. I'd really like to go with Ian, but I don't know how to tell Mike that without looking like a total bitch and hurting his feelings.

should i suck it up and go with Mike, or how should I tell Mike I'd rather go with my boyfriend, but thanks for telling me? less dickery is better than more dickery.

also, what's the most recent thing you're glad you DIDN'T buy?

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What are some of your worst parking lot annoyances?
Will you tell us a/some story/ies about them?

and just in case, I mean annoyances with the people and other drivers not like the parking lot has no lighting, too many "parking for pregnant women/hybrid cars" signs, the lines are fading etc.
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If you had to divide the following measurments into three portions (basically the recipe makes 3, I want 1), how would it work?

1 cup divided into 3 portions
4 teaspoons divided into 3 portions
2 cups divided into 3 portions
10 cups divided into 3 portions
4 tablespoons divided into 3 portions

thank you.

P.S. Assuming vampires are real, if one approached you and offered to bite you sending you into a world of immortality and nighttime living, would you become an immortal? Keep in mind you have to drink blood and you can never see the sun again. But you get to be young and beautiful forever, because everyone knows when you become immortal you become young and beautiful.

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As a kid, have you ever wanted to be a cashier? (: 

I did! I thought it was a lot of fun 'cos you get to hold all the money.. (Just hold the money. LOL)

Sorry about the posting. I'm waiting for my next class and it's taking forever!

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To all you TQC-ers in the US:
1. Did you catch FOX's new show Fringe?
(If not you can watch it here)

2. If yes, did you like it or dislike it? Why?

3. Do you think Joshua Jackson is making a career comeback?
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What color shirt are you wearing today?

What color shoes?

Do you like to flirt?

Can you recommend some UP-BEAT happy single-power type songs to keep me above this funk?
I can only listen to sugarland's "settlin" on repeat so many times.

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I need a picture of very stereotypically lesbian women. Like maybe a couple from the lesbian gang I saw walking down the street last week (same shoes, same haircut, same cargo shorts, same flannel overshirt).

But, googling for "lesbian" at work sucks :(

Will anyone help me?

What would be a good name for a lesbian gang? What about a gay man gang?

Electrical/Programming help?

I'm not sure where to turn with this question so I'd thought I'd start somewhere generic.

I need a good amount of assistance on a current art installation that I'm creating. It will involve (I'm assuming) electrical construction as well as possible computer programming. I'm running low on leads with people that I personally know, so I'm reaching out.

Would you like to help or know where I can find help? Payment may be provided - but keep in mind I am a poor college student, but I will try to compensate as much as I can - in cash, check, paypal, whatever.

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So I was involved in an automobile accident yesterday morning and have some pretty good whiplash after-effects going for me. This means I'm on 10 mg of a muscle relaxant three times a day for the next 10 days or so....but it makes me insanely sleepy (and a bit dizzy) once it kicks in. Thanks to that, I'm basically confined to my house to rest. All I have to entertain myself with is my laptop and the most completely basic cable TV ever.

What should I do to pass the time?
Do you have any cheery or bizarre youtube videos you want to post?

How are you today?

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1. Whom will you thank when you receive your Oscar/Grammy/Tony/Moonman/etc. award?

2. If you caught your 16-year-old son or daughter looking at porn, how would you react?

3. Would you ever wear yellow pants?
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How often do you get in a bad mood?
far too often

How long do your bad moods last?
usually only an hour or two, most is like a day

When you're in a bad mood, do you tell people, to let them know to leave you alone? Why or why not?
YES. i don't like snapping on people, which is an inevitable result of being badgered whilst in a bad mood. so i tell them, in hopes they'll leave me alone and i won't snap.

If you do tell people to make them leave you alone, and they don't, what is your general reaction?
i get ugly. usually some swearing, screaming, etc.

If you are rude to them after warning them, who do you consider the asshole, you or them?
really they should be considered the asshole, but i always feel bad :(

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I had a job interview a couple of weeks ago but they took longer then expected to complete all the interviews and last week I was told I could call today to see how it was going. I called them about three hours ago saying if they wanted to call me back my number was _____. Should I just sit tight and wait for them to call me/give them more time, or should I call back?
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Have you ever proposed for a raise at work? Was it accepted or denied?

What is your job?

If you don't mind sharing, what were you making and how much was your raise?

Do you happen to have a copy of your proposal to share with the class? =)

If you are in the higher position, what do you think of an employee asking for a raise?

Should I ask for one? I know I deserve it, I just fear rejection.
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1. has the world ended yet?

2. what's your favorite quote?

3. would you tell me the story about your first kiss?

4. when someone is giving out free stuff (like an organization/club) do you always indulge and take some, even if you have no intentions of joining or you don't agree with their message?

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ever posted something on the internet and then  be horrified to see it on google later?

ever had sexual relations with a friend and have it go no where?

do you run away from your problems? or try to fix them?

me; yes, no, and i run away because my problems are with retarded people who cant hold a conversation before randomly insulting you. blah! thats why i like TQC, they insult you, but they give you a reason why they did so! muhahahahh!

Do people not feed you?

Why is it that my coworkers insist on eating the crappy ramen cups I bring for my lunch? Do they not care that my initials are on them? Are they secretly starving slave workers? Do they have an insatiable lust for high sodium crap noodles? Or can they not spend $.25 on lunch?

Srs and not srs plz. :P

Hoarding my lunches at my desk now. -grumble-
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TQC, I have a really cute picture of my kitten hiding inside a bra (on the floor not on a person!) that would be perfect for a cat macro. I'd post it here but uhh, it's a picture of one of my bras. :(

What kinds of captions can you come up with for a picture of a kitten in a bra?

If you're wearing a bra today, what color is it?

If you don't care about kittens (or bras) will you share some cute pictures of your pets with me?

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do you think its cruel that E harmony will show you your soul mates but wont let you talk to them unless you pay up?

i just took the quiz and there are 7 young ladies just waiting to hear from me T.T but im poor.

oh, ps, the personality paper they say about you is totally true yo.


For no apparent reason, this morning I woke up at 5:30 feeling sick, and after lying around for an hour feeling nauseous and feverish, I went into the bathroom and vomited. I felt totally fine afterward.

TQC, when was the last time you threw up?
What caused you to throw up?
Do you usually feel a lot better after throwing up?
Have you ever deliberately made yourself throw up?
Which term do you like best or use most often: vomiting, puking, throwing up, or something else?

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TQC, I have strep throat and it really hurts.

They offered to give me pain pills at the doctor but those things make me puke. What should I do to alleviate my pain? Any old family tricks? PLEASE HELP IT REALLY HURTS AND MY MOM'S NOT HOME.

p.s. My tonsils have been gone since the summer of 2006.

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I'm finally getting out of the hospital tomorrow!

And I get to go shopping for new pants because I've lost about 15 pounds since I last got some, so none of my current pants fit.

I'm wicked excited! What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
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Inspired by this remark made to me earlier: "Whether they're married or gay... there's no harm in looking!"

Do you ever find yourself attracted to someone who is not attracted to your own gender?

Or if you are attracted to them initially, and then discover their orientation differs from your own, would you still be attracted to them?

What about someone who is married?

I've just never had a crush on a gay guy, and I'm the type to crush on everyone! But once I find out someone is gay, it completely eliminates of any interest or attraction.

But I am guilty of crushing on married guys.

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The world is ending in an hour. You are one of 200 people in the entire world that have been given the privilege (or lack there of) to save yourself and one other person in the world. No one that you know, love and/or care for was chosen. You can not choose not to choose, and you can not choose someone else to take your place.

Who do you choose to save?

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I just freaked out because after I synced my iPod and disconnected it from my computer, when I went to pick a playlist to play, the wheel wouldn't move the highlight bar to select anything. I thought I killed it.

Then I realized that I had the fucking HOLD switch on. I fail.

What's the last "......DUH" moment you had?
zombie baby cede! :D

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So, once again the boring class has started, and so I turn to you my trusty TQC

My friends stting next to me ask these questions:

Boxers or Briefs?

How do you fry a pickle?

Will we actually get around to the class topic for today?
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In the past year and a half since I've gotten my Dell laptop, every part except the monitor has had to have been replaced. What the hell is it going to take for them to cave and give me a new laptop? I'm under warranty and it's getting ridiculous. If I stop playing the coy "I'm a college student who needs help" card and start being a bitch from Hell, will it make them more likely to give me a new notebook? (I'm probably getting a mac in a year, so don't worry about that).

Politics vs. Science

Help me out here, TQC:

It is my understanding that the strong scientific consensus is that Earth is warming. I also understand that there is slightly weaker consensus that this Earth warming is caused, or at least enhanced by Man. I know that there is strong political consensus that a warming Earth is bad for Man. However, is there any scientific consensus or opinion that a warming Earth is bad for Earth? Unless I missed an important point in Earth history, the most explosive leaps of life, when the world became a salad of diverse flora and fauna, have occurred concurrent with periods of warming and higher atmospheric CO2 levels, so I'm just wondering.

TL;DR - According to scientists, is global warming good or bad for Earth? How so?
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Are there plenty places to camp in Australia?

Would I be eaten by a gigantic wallaby?

How long does it take to drive from Melbourne to Sydney?

Sydney to Brisbane?

What side of the bloody road do you drive on?
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Have you ever been accused of being racist?

I was the other night. May not seem like much of a surprise to you guys but I don't actually go around town goose stepping in brown shirts. I was hanging out at a local bar with my friend and I ran up the street to see if anyone I knew was at this other bar. When I got back some guy was in my seat talking to my friend. Friend told him that I was back and that it was time to give me my seat back. He introduced himself and I shook his hand and said hi then sat down and turned to continue talking to my friend. I scooted my martini closer to myself spilling some of it on my hand in the process. I asked my friend to hand me a napkin and I wiped it off. All of a sudden dude starts talking again, is super pissed and says "Oh, you have to wipe off your hand after shaking hands with an African man!? Because I am African, not African-American!" Everyone at the bar just started at him and the bartender told him to leave when he wouldn't settle down. Whoa.

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So I've been having trouble sticking to a normal work out schedule, due mainly to the fact that when I get home from work I'm either too exhausted to move or want to do something social and fun.  Should I suck it up, or make myself get up at 5:30 AM (before work) to do a 45 minute work out then?  Does anyone prefer morning work out to early evening work out?

If no one gives a damn...

Who is a better mascot...Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario?

If you all hate video games...

Which music album has the coolest artwork?  Not, like, your favorite album.  It could be an album you hate, but the artwork is amazing. 

Carpe Diem and Carpe Dairy

Your SO hits his/her head, and now, thinks that they're a cow. Your SO moos, eats only greens, prefers nudity, and tends to crap wherever they're standing. They sorta recognize you. They lie on your lap, but end up chewing on your shirt. What do you do?

Have SO committed
Hit SO on the head with a bat in the hopes that it bring back human personality.
Break up with SO. Let his/her family take care of this special needs adult
It'd take some getting used to, but I'd probably accept them as they are. Such is my love
It's kind of a turn-on. All the effects of bestiality without actually having to bed a beast
Sell SO for some magic beans

Say the scientists and experts are predicting a world-ending disaster. 90% of them are convinced that, yep, earth is going bye-bye this week. They give long, detailed accounts on why, and it's pretty believable. The other 10% are unconvinced. You're told you have 5 days. Do you keep on living your life as normal in the event they're wrong, or do you quit your job and live it up?

Quit my job. This could be it! I need to do everything I want. If they're wrong, well, I'm screwed as I can't make rent, etc., but you gotta grab life by the horns
I live my life normally. Go to work/school. Try to make the most of my time after work/school, savoring life
It's all bunk. The earth isn't going anywhere. I keep on doing what I'm doing because there's no reason to stop
Too much pressure! I hate this intensity!! I'm tired of the anticipation! I kill myself now
I quit my job and go on a week long alcoholic/drug fueled bender. I want to be aware of nothing
I quit my job and start doing horrible acts, like killing those I hate and sexing those I like through brute force. The world had better end...

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So I'm sick, miserable and lonely, and in general feeling pretty fucking rotten right now. It's times like this when I don't want to be alone, yet here I am all alone in the house and getting all emotional.

So, TQC, even though I know you're all probably sick to damn death of these questions: Will you post something to make me laugh? I don't care if it's a picture, a website, a video, whatever. I just want to smile/laugh even just for a minute.

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What grade were you in when you were first assigned homework?
I was in fourth grade.

In what grade did recess end?
It ended after eighth grade for me, but there was no playground in seventh and eighth grade, it was just hang-out time.

c/p cause I'm lazy.

I just asked this in hip_domestics but maybe y'all can help too.

I have medium/long hair that constantly gets tangled up in my necklaces, usually right at the nape of my neck. Not only is this painful (and damaging to my hair!) but it's a pain in the butt to unravel from the chain later.

Do any of you have this problem? Or maybe do you have suggestions of different types of chains to try? Did you suffer from this problem but find an awesome solution? Help me, please! :)

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how shallow are guys?

yes, they're all different but in general. ballpark.

i'm always convinced they're always thinking they could do better and only deserve models and stuff. my friends tell it's not true and they're not that shallow. like i told eidna earlier today, i'm convinced they're all shallow douchejockeys to the max.

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My boyfriend woke me up at 5:30 this morning and asked me "Who are you talking about?"
Apparently, I was saying "He's so cute" over and over in my sleep.

Who WAS I talking about?

(no subject)

Are there any movies out worth seeing?

How much at tickets at your local theater?

Are there any good movies that recently became released on DVD at like Blockbuster??
I live like 20 minutes from town so I don't want to get to town to find out there's nothing good out.

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This sounds a little silly but whatev. I am writing a book and I have finally found a pic of an actor who looks almost exactly like what I had in mind for one of my characters. But I am having a hard time visualizing my lead (a woman).

Is there like, some website anyone knows of that just has pictures of celebrities, for like, you know this sort of purpose? I can't think of anyone off hand who'd look like her and I really want like some sort of database.

(no subject)

Let's say you were on a quasi-dating site that also had quizzes and articles (like okcupid). You frequented this site to pass the time for those reasons only, and had it clearly listed on your profile that you were in a loving and committed relationship not looking for anything else. Your profile status also lists you as married and that you were only there for friends.

Would it be unethical to start a friendship with someone who messaged you after you told them you only wanted to be friends and they understood that? 

do you think the SO in this scenario would be pissed?

would you be pissed if you were the SO?

hug a chu

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What would be the appropriate response to finding a pet in a parked car on a hot day?

Call 911?
Call the non-emergency police number?
Call the humane society or animal control?
Inform the store the car is parked in front of?
Several of these? None of these?

I ask because if I see an animal in a parked car on a hot day, I will definitely stress, but a few people I have spoken to don't see pets as important, so they would ignore a situation like this. Help me, internets :c

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The Stone Lady is coming Monday to sell stones to all the eager little jewelry/metal students so they can use them in their projects.  I am planning to buy a few different types for later use.  What stones should I buy?
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I'm thinking of getting a Wii. But I am too damn indecisive about, well, everything, and $400 causes a lot of indecisive.

The reason I'm hesitating (besides the cost) is that it would have to go in my game room / basement and the area is not entirely suited for it. The TV down there is up on this box thing that juts out from the wall that houses the sump pump, and it's a bit higher than most TVs. I'd say the bottom of the TV is maybe 4.5 feet off the floor. Does anyone who owns a Wii have any idea if that would cause problems? We'd end up holding the wiimotes at an upward angle and I'm concerned that this would screw up the tracking for the cursors or something.

And while I'm at it, does anyone have any suggestions for cheap places to buy the thing that I might not be thinking of? My best plan now is a bundle from Circuit City for $390 that comes with the console, an extra wiimote, and two games.


1. Do you carve a pumpkin at Halloween? If so, how far in advance do you buy your pumpkin?

2. What are your Halloween traditions?

3. My daughter is still kind of too young for trick-or-treating (she's 20 months old.) What are some fun things I could do with her instead?

Residents of MN

I am moving to Edina after living in Chicago suburbs for 17 years of my life (I'm 22). What should I make sure to bring/not to bring and how long must I be an official MN resident to obtain a drivers' license and be eligible for in-state tuition?
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randomopolis. population: tqc

1. tqc, have you ever had cheese on a hot dog? is it good? i've never had cheese on a hot dog, and i was wondering if maybe i should try it today. what else would be good on that? i don't think ketchup and mustard would go too great with cheese.

2. if you don't care about my cheesy hot dog thing, then tell me: what was your favorite bedtime story as a child? my sister LOVED goodnight moon, but i was always a fan of beatrix potter stories.

3. your latest did you guys break up? did you dump them, did they dump you, or was it totally mutual (YEAH, SURE). was it filled with ~*DRAMA*~????? because if it was, i'd like to know. my ex (this was a few years ago) broke my windshield, and then i was like, "OH HAI RESTRAINING ORDER!" so yeah.

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In my boredom in the hospital, I've decided to go through all the chapters that I need to read for my anthropology class and copy down the vocab words. It's not required, and I pretty much already know the definitions, but I figured I would get it down anyway. The homework that IS required is way too easy.

Have you ever done something for a class that wasn't needed, but you felt would give you a little bit of a head start? If so, what was it? Did it actually help you in the class?
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What should I do?

Stay at school, grab dinner at the Union, and do homework until 8 when Karaoke night starts?

Go home, put up my new blinds, reorganize my closet, and THEN do homework?


Hang out in the newspaper office until my housemate is done with his student government meeting, and see what his plans are for the evening? (the blinds might require two people, PLUS I'd have someone to eat dinner with.)

I can't decide. Housemate is supposed to have night class tonight, but he's skipping (shame on him!).
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Why did chinadahll delete the post where people were invited to share pictures of their SOs? Doesn't she realize that a lot of hard work went into getting those pictures out there? And that precious friendships and animosities were being formed in there?
Resident Evil: Afterlife: Rain Ocampo

Remake and Movie Sequel questions

I was surfing Yahoo as I am wont to do and came across some news that a Beverly Hills Cop IV is being made. I had also found news about a Ghostbusters III being made in the future.

Anyway I had wanted to ask two questions based off of this news and wanted to see what everyone thinks. Which movies do you not want to see sequels or remakes of? Which ones were remade or have sequels to that you didn't want to be made?
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Forbes November 2007

If you were shopping and could take a picture of a pair of shoes with your phone and then find them cheaper on the web, would you buy a phone that supported such a service?

What about if you wanted to find movie show times just by taking a picture of a poster of the movie?

What did I tell you about straight jackin'?

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what do you do while you're waiting for the bus?
think, look around, text.
if you have a tattoo, can you show a photo of it?
don't have one.
what qualifications do you have?
6 GCSE's, 1 NVQ art, key skills I.T & 2 AS levels in english lit, lang & media.
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(no subject)

One of my friends found out about you, TQC. She wants me to ask: would a guy give you his number if he wasn't into you?

ETA: I say he's not into you and put the number on the internet.

(no subject)

I'm cooking a 2 lb. beef roast in the crock pot. I put one can of beef broth in it and a can of water because my SO thought it should be completely covered. I thought about it and it doesn't really sound right to me. It's been cooking for over an hour. Do you think I used too much liquid?

(x-posted to cooking)
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 Does anyone here take Adderall?

If so, do you have problems sleeping when you take it?

If you do, how to you solve it?

I've been on it for the past 3 days for the first time and I've only gotten 3 hours of sleep in the past 72 hours. I am not tired, but I do want to sleep!


i think i'm gonna go to mcdonalds for some quick greasy food. i have 5 dollars. i don't necessarily have to spend the whole five, BUT I'M WILLING.

tqc, what should i get?

i don't like tomatoes or onions or mayo.
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this post got me wondering...

if you suffer from depression or any other psychological or mental disorder do you tell people in real life about it? like if you're feeling depressed and someone asks "what's wrong?" do you say "i'm just feeling depressed today"... ?
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a hungry

When you get reallyreallyreally hungry do you lose your appetite?

Is there a physiological reason why that happens?

What is the easiest thing to eat when you've reached that point that you're so hungry that you have no appetite? Like my stomach is going "FEED ME" but my mouth is going "noo =("

eta: I ate two burritos, I'm good. =]
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help me choose TQC

My KRZR phone is taking a crap and having software issues, so I get a new phone next month! I have Verizon Wireless, and I need some help picking a phone. I really covet the Pink Blackberry Pearl, but I don't need to e-mail with it or get online or anything, which makes me sad. Here are some of the ones I was looking at:

If any of you have these phones and have love or hate for them, please give me your input! If you don't have these phones and just want to tell me which you would choose, that's cool too. Thanks!
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x-posted from my journal...

...On top of all the other lovely packaged bills I opened today, I forgot that I agreed to start paying Sallie Mae LAST month and I am now a month behind on my agreed payments. I am going to write the check and send it now, for LAST month...or should I skip the AUGUST receipt in the booklet and just send them Septembers receipt? lol.

urgfahsg. <--that is marked frustration.

I just would really like one large lump sum to pay off EVERYthing, and then have ONE payment to make monthly to that ONE LARGE LUMP SUM. How can one go about getting a loan like this whilst their credit is poor (and no co-signer, or real collateral--lump sum being no more than maybe $12,000??)
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Have you ever taken a break from a relationship and then returned to that relationship to things working out just dandy? I've never heard good things about separations, but I've been through one or two and wound back with that person for at least a somewhat lengthy period of time. Whats your story? Good idea, bad idea? Sometimes people just need to ferment a little longer, don't you think?
I always loved the song "Romeo and Juliet" by the Dire Straits, particularly the line "when you gonna realize, it was just that the time was wrong?" If you're not concerned by relationships or have never had a break in one, do you have a favorite particular verse from a song? What is it?
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