September 9th, 2008

presidental cannidates

First off i understand that Obama is African American but why is race such an issue? shouldn't we be focusing on his view first off and his color of skin second off.
personally i find it disgusting that race is seriously this big of an issue

And if you dont mind answering who are you voting for and why? (no simple answers, such as 8 years is enough or time for a change. Real answers TQC)

Its coming close to McCain or not voting not becuase i like him but i completely disagree with what Obama wants the gun laws for this country to be.


Obama wants to add more onto the Clinton semi auto ban to include all semi auto weapons that some such as myself use for hunting
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Let's go gay for a minute, just for fun

For the guys:
Please name one man that you would (theoretically) go gay for. An actor, musician, et cetera.
Now which fictional character would you do it with?

For the ladies:
Please name one woman that you would (theoretically) perform a <lesbian act with.
Now which fictional character would you do it with?

For those who just absolutely refuse to admit to their sexual desires for someone of the same sex:
Would you let someone of the same sex perform a sex act on you (blowjob, handjob, cunnilingus, etc)?

ETA: If you're gay/lesbian, name someone you would go straight for, plzkthnx.

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Poll #1256347 I don't like chocolate

I am hungry and the only thing around is a vending machine. Everything is $0.75 what should I eat?

Lays Original Potato Chips
Nacho Cheese Doritos
Grandma's Peanut Butter Cookies
Knotts Shortbread with raspberry filling
Crunch Bar
Chocolate Skittles (WTF?!)
Hershey's Bar
Nothing, starve you bitch!

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where can i find these essays to read online?

"practices of looking"  by marita sturken and lisa cartwright

"representation" by marita sturken and lisa cartwright

"the egg and the sperm" by emily martin

" a maid in the capital" by rigoberta menchu

thanks in advance

emoticon death
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Hey TQC,

So, I've got a paper due tomorrow afternoon, and I haven't even come close to finishing it. It's 1.30amish, hereabouts, and the coffee is wearing off, I'm tired - but I don't want to waste too much time sleeping and risk not getting this finished.

So - how many hours of sleep is the minimum useful amount to be able to function the next day?

(After I hand this sucker in, I can totally come home and sleep, too.)

Any tips on staying alert and writing a good paper when tired, stressed, facing a deadline, and not completely confident that you know the material well?

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"Hi I am a burn victim. I'm required by law to inform everyone I come into contact with. Can I get a #1 with a Dr. Pepper?"

Someone came through the drive-thru today and said that! I didn' see it, but I heard about it. What would your reaction be if this happened to you?
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If you live in a small town for ten years, is it common to know the names of all the streets around you?
What about a large city (within a block or two)?
Would you think anything of it if someone didn't recognize a particular street as being near where they live in either case?

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Will you paste the last thing you copied please?
What is the greatest band in the history of the world?
What's your sign?
If you could teach me one thing, what would it be?
If we were making a baby, what one characteristic would it absolutely have to get from you? Not from you?
Black Skull FAce
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1. What is something you love to eat that most people would think is nasty? Details please.

2. If you could have any food/foods in front of you right now what would they be?

3. What is your favorite condiment?

4. Which food is hard/impossible for you to pass up?

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I spent 50 - 60 bucks on batteries because I thought Ike was going to hit Miami. However, he didn't. Don't get me wrong... Im super relieved, I just don't want 50 bucks worth of batteries lying around my house.

Will Publix (the supermarket) take them back?
What if I don't have a receipt?

I feel like they won't cause they know I don't want them cause Ike didn't come.
I could leave it for the next storm but I need the money.


My friends are throwing me a party on Friday to celebrate my 21st birthday. I was planning on partying it up all night and staying at that house. Today I learned we have a Store meeting at 7am on Saturday. Then I work at 12. Should I just not sleep and hate life all day Saturday? Or should I just tell them it might not work and possibly reschedule?

Throwing the party on Saturday is not an option.
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I am posting an ad to CraigsList right now in search for a cleaning service. I was wondering if I should mention my apartment looking like I have my own personal dildo shop? I have everything locked in train cases as I have a three year old, but I'll admit shit gets lose and sometimes there's a little penis laying on the floor. Should I mention "Conservatives need not apply!"?
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You've come to realize that a coworker takes two pills from an unlabeled pharmacy-style bottle around (but not exactly) the same time every day. She makes no attempt to hide the pills, but she's never discussed any disease or chronic ailment. What do you assume she's taking?

can't sleep

do you eat more or less when you're depressed?

it tends to go back and forth for me. right now i'm not eating anything. all i had yesterday was a bowl of cheerios, a can of mixed veggies and two small cookies.

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I had something very verrrry important to do on the interwbez.....but I forgot what it was.
Can you help me to remember TeeKewCay?

You are my only hope.

ETA:you're not helping...much

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My Boyfriend entered a raffle at the fall fair and apparently has won the grand prize.
A trip to the Bahamas.

1)Do you think its a scam?
2)Have any of you had something like this happen to you?
3)I bought a lottery ticket for the first time in my you think I'll win?
4)If yes to three, what do you think I will do with the cash?
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(no subject)

Would you say TQC knows more about your sex life than anyone else?

TQC knows more about my sex life than probably even I do.

I want to live somewhere I can walk to everything, but not in a bignormous city. Where should I go?
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(no subject)

I am everything you want, I am everything you need, I am everything inside of you that you wish you could be. I say all the right things at exactly the right time, but I mean nothing to you. Why?

(no subject)

A chick I work with wore a loose fitting top the other day and totally flashed me when leaning over a desk I was sitting behind. I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything.

Did she know I was looking right down her shirt?
Should I have said something? What?

Edit: She generally flirts with me anyway and I'd prefer she didn't do this again.

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What was the last thing that upset you?

My ob/gyn made a face when she saw how much weight I gained... hah it was horrible

What was the last thing that made you happy?

Should I just go back to sleep?

(no subject)

Goooooood morning, TQC!

Will today be better than yesterday?

Collapse )

Yesterday I dropped off a job application to Starbucks (yeah, I know I posted about that like weeks ago but just got around to doing it yesterday, go figure). I wanted to give it to a manager but one of the girls working there told me that he was on a conference call, and she gave it to him for me. I said I'd call in a couple days. How many days should I wait to call the manager?
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Why would three men decide to do a barbie inside a hut?

I mean, isn't it something you do with a massive amount of friends in your backyard (where there is some sort of scenery) and either your neighbours are invited or they are pissed because they can hear everything but can't take part in?!


(no subject)

A popular network is filming a reality show where you work, for whatever reason, that will go on all season.  You don't have the option to continue to work there without being filmed for the sake of the scenario.

How do you react?

Would you quit or continue to work there?

What would the show be about?

If you continue to work there, would you act differently?  If so, how?


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Who here likes the show Tales From the Darkside-even though most of them are corny?
How many of you knew that my question about the $200/month apartment was based on one of the stories?
Bailey and I

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What are the chances of someone getting back into the Marine Corps after being dismissed with an Other Than Honorable discharge??

(The ex was discharged 3+ years ago with OTH, and wants to get back in. Anybody know the chances? They told him he could try back after 2 years, but there was no guarantee they would take him)       
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I apologize if this has been asked recently, but I didn't see it in the first two pages of TQC questions.

Regarding the new Spore game, is it only playable when you're online, or can you actually play it solo and unplugged? I know the options would be greater while connected, but I'm considering buying it for my laptop, which isn't connected to the 'net most of the time (no wireless at home).

wtf is .flac?

Sorry for another post so soon after my previous one, but I need halp. I downloaded a torrent of an album, and when it finished and I opened the folder to put the songs in my iTunes, I see that they're all ".flac" files. I have no idea what these are, but they won't play in my iTunes. Wtf? Can I fix this? Or will I have to find a new torrent? :(

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TQC, i just found out one of my favorite bands broke up last October(i have no idea how i didn't hear about it until now).

will you post some lulzy shit to cheer me up? i'm really bummed :(
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I've had enough of cramming

What are some of your shorthand notes when writing down heaps of shit in a very short period of time?

My examples:
R with a circle around it stands for Right
L with circle around it stands for Left
Arrow pointing up is increase (down is decrease)
Diff is different
Ax is "on assessment"
Tx is "on treatment"
And arrow to the side (eg. x->y) means something start off from x and turned/reached y. It could also mean x eventually = y or something like that.
FOP=factors of production

Can you show me some of your more interesting ones and not like mine where it seems very obvious or something like that? (not like D is the shorthand for demand)

I use the Chinese characters for the seasons.
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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Dear TQC,

Last night after I went to bed I received two calls from a number I don't recognize (and googling it just comes up saying the number is from the city I work in, and probably a cell phone), both at 11:54pm. They also left me a creepy voicemail talking about how they watch me, can't wait to see me again, etc., etc., basically saying they stalk me and that they love me. They knew my first name as well, and the voice sounds KIND OF familiar, but I can't place it.

TQC, what should I do? Should I call the number back? Ignore it? PRETEND NOTHING EVER HAPPENED? It's kind of creeping me out, especially since now all of a sudden I keep receiving calls from OTHER numbers I don't recognize. :(

she says Daddy, you're a fool to cry. And it makes me wonder why.

which CRY song makes you feel good, even just a little bit?

No Woman No Cry, bob marley
Fool to Cry, rolling stones
Can't Cry Anymore, sheryl crow
Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain, willie nelson
Don't Cry, seal
Cry Me a River, justin timberlake
Cryin', roy orbison
Cryin', aerosmith
Who's Cryin' Now, journey
When Doves Cry, prince
Jamie's Cryin', van halen
Let Her Cry, hootie and the blowfish
Cry Cry Cry, johnny cash
It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To, lesley gore
oh suzer, i dunno some of these songs, but i promise to listen to roy orbison if i don't already know that song

which TEAR songs here make you feel good, even a little bit?

Tears of Love's Recall, kd lang
Driven to Tears, the police
River of Tears, eric clapton
Tears in Heaven, eric clapton
Tracks of My Tears, smokey robinson and the miracles
Tears of a Clown, smokey robinson and the miracles
As Tears Go By, rolling stones
Drown in My Own Tears, ray charles
Before the Next Teardrop Falls, freddy fender
Teardrops in My Eyes, bb king
Lonely Teardrops, jackie wilson
There's a Tear in my Beer, hank williams!
something by Tears for Fears
something by Blood, Sweat and Tears
oh suzer, i wish i knew more of these songs and i might enjoy them.

(no subject)

From time to time, I get this really bad pain in my ribs; it's most often on the right-hand side. A sharp pain that escalates quickly into being severe enough that it's difficult to stand/do things (I most often sit or lie down until it passes) and which will gradually spead up to include my right shoulder and diaphragm area. The pain is kinda similar to what you get when you have really severe indigestion, except I've had that too and I know the difference, and in particular this is very specifically in the rib area and not the stomach.

I've mentioned this a few times to doctors but it's vague enough that they don't really know what to make of it. It's something that I've experienced for many years, as far back as I can remember. It's not common; I'll have months, maybe longer, between episodes. But they're acute when they do come.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? After twenty-five years I'm reasonably confident it's not anything fatal, but I'd really love to get some clue as to what's going on.

Note: When I was seven, I broke seven ribs down that side. I can't help thinking this might be related, but I can't remember for sure if I had these symptoms prior to the accident or not. We're talking eighteen years ago though, the ribs have long since healed, and I'm not sure why it would be such an occasional thing if there was something that hadn't healed right. I also used to have a friend who had the same symptoms, and had never broken any ribs.

(no subject)

Is there a reliable way to download YouTube videos? The only things I find via google seem... not trustworthy... [edit: I'm really surprised at the amount of people still saying "google" after I said this...]

(no subject)

So, I went to sleep (good advice guys!) and woke up to find my cat snuggled against my back.

What was the last cute thing your pet did?

My friend is picking me up and showing me something at her house before we go out...what do you think she's going to show me?
(I have a feeling it's a new pet?)

How early do you usually show up for appointments?

(no subject)

TQC , why do people think you put spaces between things like periods , commas , question marks , and exclamation marks ? seriously , where did they learn it ? i don't know what they're teaching in those damn schools these days .

(no subject)

If you stumbled upon some animal fight, would you try and intervene and save the losing animal, or would you step back and let nature take it's coarse?

Would it depend on the animal?

Perhaps you would be more apt to step in if they were domestic animals, rather than wild animals?

What would you do?
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(no subject)

1. what do you consider to be your sexuality?
2. if heterosexual, have you ever had a homosexual experience?
2a. how was it?
3. if homosexual, have you ever had a heterosexual experience?
3a. how was it?
4. how many friends do you have?
4a. how many of those friends are openly lgbt?
4b. how many are in the closet, or questionsing?

ETA: do you have any personal/religious conflicts with lgbt people? does it prevent you from befriending lgbt people?
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) What's your current weather like? It just got pitch black here and it's thundering!

2) Is there any form of weather you have never experienced? I have never experienced a tornado. I am thankful.

Egyptian wall "torches"

My sister in law is decorating her living room with Egyptian stuff, and wanted some electric wall sconces or torches.

I've only found one so far, which isn't really the right "look". And all the others I've seen are just for "Egyptian crystal"

Can anyone point me towards them? Something with scarabs, serpents, or one of the gods would be best. Needs to be electric, too, so no candle holders.

Run on sentence, ftw.

Just now I was eating almonds and I had to talk to my boss and I had an almond in my hand and I felt awkward so I shoved it in my pocket and then for some reason I kept putting my hand in there to hold it so it wouldn't fall out.

What do you think my boss was thinking when he saw me do this?

What was the last weird thing you did without realizing it?
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(no subject)

TQC, I am an idiot.

I have GERD, but because my Prilosec makes me constipated, I avoid taking it a lot.  However, over the last 3 days, my torso has felt like I've been digesting broken glass and sharpened knives.  I broke down and got my Prilosec refilled and am on my 2nd day of the 14 day course.  It also means that I'm stuck eating brown rice, broccoli and boiled chicken until my stomach can take anything with flavor.

Do you ever do something to avoid a negative reaction, only to wind up making things way worse?  Will you tell me about one of those times?

(no subject)

Should I just stay home from my last class of the day? It's mainly a discussion class about the DaVinci code, not the book, but the theory. We are reading The Chalice and The Blade right now. I could read from the book while laying in bed. I just don't feel like walking to class and want to stay snuggled in my bed. I've been going a lot lately and that sucks when you are sick.
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(no subject)

There are two dogs in my back yard and I don't know either of them. One of them is a huge bulldog (or looks something like one). They're refusing to leave. I opened the back door to and as soon as I did they they jumped up on the screen door and started barking and snarling. They've been prancing around for the last 15 minutes. What should I do?

They're also having a nice game of barking tag with the neighbours dog. It's really annoying.
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Stupid hard drive

I have to install my extra 40 gig hard drive in my computer.

I've never done it before.

On a scale of 1 - 10, is it hard?

I know enough about computers to build one, but I've never installed a secondary hard drive. =-\
Cowboy Ew


Dear Friends,

I bought a Western Digital Passport (Portable Hard drive) but I swear when I went to the website for help on installation it said very clearly that "this is not a backup this is a syncronization!" or something....was I just on the wrong help page or what? Because...isn't a portable hard drive a... portable hard drive that has all of my crap on it?

Doesn't want to lose her book,

Everybody poops, but does everybody share?

Poll #1256732 Another poll about poop

You just took a big poop, and upon inspecting the results, you see that two of your turds formed a perfect heart shape, and a third turd crossed it like an arrow. It's bowel art at its finest! Who would you show this to (assuming they're nearby)?

My best friend
Other friends
Extended family
Mailman who happened to be outside
Livejournal. A picture is going online
People on my cell phone list
Editors at art magazines
Not a soul. No one will ever know
I wouldn't show anybody, but I'd tell them about it afterwards
Guess what I'm sending out next Valentine's Day

Your SO calls you into the bathroom because he/she made a poop in a perfect figure 8 pattern. Would you look at your SO's creative rectal offerings?

Hell yes
Hell no
I'd have to be strongly coerced
I'd get all jealous. We'd start having competitive Rorschach-like poop-identifying contests

For those of you people who do show off your bowel movements, what qualities do your shit have to have before being considered as presentation-worthy?

It's size
The color
Something unusual that's stuck in it
People who do such a thing are sick fucks
How interesting! I'm going to start making my excrement time show-n-tell
{wow} sin&#39;dorei pride
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fork spoon or knife

You can only use a fork, a spoon, or a knife for the rest of your life. You can't use all three, you can't use two different ones, you can use one kind only. Which one do you pick to eat your meals with? (you can use the ends of the utensils to spear if you need to)

(no subject)

Poll #1256654 Oldies

Which of the following shows have you enjoyed watching?

Hogan's Heroes
I Dream of Jeannie
The Facts of Life
I Love Lucy
Three's Company
Murphy Brown
Green Acres

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(no subject)

if you have a good relationship with your grandparents, whats the last thing you did that made them happy/excited?
my pap likes to go up to his cabin and my mom told me he was thinking of going this weekend but was talking about how he didn't want to make me go along cause he knew i didn't always find that fun- and i called him up the other day to talk and just mentioned that it would be nice to go up to the cabin and mom told me later how he was so excited about going now. heh.

(no subject)

So, TQC, it's my 21st birthday on Friday and I'm going to Key West. There's just a little problem with this: I'm concerned that the island will still be, you know, partially under water by then. Do you think I'm going to get screwed out of a great first bar crawl by water, or do you think they'll have the water cleared out by then? 

(no subject)

I have to go run an errand later and I am going to get some dinner while I'm out. What should I get for dinner? I need something light to not hurt my tummy but all I can think of is broth, or crackers or bread and I don't want any of that stuff.

(no subject)

I have to write a paper about a personal problem, or a problem thats at least relevant to my life or something.

I don't know what I could write about...I know none of you know me personally...but

do you have ideas of what I could write about? Could be anything...Serious answers only please.
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(no subject)

Which of these "malternatives" have you consumed?

Sparks black
Four (purple)
Four (citrus)
Joose (red)
Joose (purple)
Joose (orange)
Joose (blue)
Somthing else that's not listed but I'm going to comment with how awesome/nasty it is.

edit Where all the cheap drunks at?
Tim onstage!

(no subject)

If someone wanted to dye their hair, red (it has been bleached beforehand), what brand of hair dye would you suggest for them to use? (It doesn't really matter if it tends to fade rather quickly or not, but I suppose that the longer it lasts, the better.)
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(no subject)

Suppose a movie studio knocks on your door one day and says, "We want you to direct a movie but it has to be a porno." They offer you so much money that you can't turn them down and they also say, "We can get you anyone in the world to be in it."

Who are the two main leads that you cast to be in your porno?

What is your movie called?
Mitty box

(no subject)

What have you put off today?
What have you accomplished?

I put off laundry again.
I did clean 2 of the 4 toilets in the house though! And got my son to pee on the potty. Woo!
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

What do rainy college days with an hour and 45 minutes of free time call for?

Poll #1256676 Decide my life for me

What do I dooooo?

Take a nap
Dick around on the internet
Play with your DS
Other, in comments

me - with gun
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(no subject)

I am hosting a "sit around and watch Doctor Who like a bunch of nerds" party this Saturday.

WHO'S IN? (if you do not like Doctor Who, pretend we're watching something else)

What snacks and drinks will you bring?

We might need to take breaks from the TV and maybe play some board games... what are you bringing for us to play?

(no subject)

My best friend's parents are offering to fly us somewhere for a few days and pay for the hotel. We'll be doing a weekend trip- leave early friday afternoon, come back late Sunday. So we're thinking of somewhere west of Texas, because any flight longer than that wouldn't be worth it...

Any ideas where we should go? Don't suggest San Francisco... we live there. :-)

Edit: BTW, not 21. Otherwise we'd totally be heading to Vegas.

(no subject)

Stupid computer help

If i"m typing all of a sudden my computer starts typing in all caps even without the caps lock key on WTF is going on? How do I turn it off?!?!



1. Would you love to go to a Halloween party where there was a theme and it limited the era/style of your costume? Or would you be all "Ok, Hitler, I'm going to pass and do what I want."

2. If you think it's restrictive and lame, would you go to a regular Halloween party, and then a few weeks later attend a themed costume party hosted by the same people?

My husband and I can't decide between parties and wondering if people would be tired of dressing up in November since it's right after Halloween, or if people would be put off by "having" to dress up a certain way for Halloween.

Granted, there's always oodles of Halloween parties/bar events each year so it's not TOO restrictive but you know, I just wanted a general idea.

ETA: OKAY so let's say it will be in November, middle of the month. Would you be as excited about it if I had also invited you to a Halloween party two weeks earlier?

Should we just hold off on the speakeasy party? The 18th amendment WAS passed by Senate on my birthday so.... there's always that (in December).
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(no subject)

1. did you have a good day today? why or why not

2. on october 9th the post secret founder, frank warren, is coming to my school. should i pay $15 to go see the secrets and stuff?

3. what are you looking forward to?

(no subject)

How long have you known your "oldest" friend?

Fifteen years. I just went out with her today, she's the best!

Do you say "I love you" to your friends?

Only to some of them

What do you use for school? Binders, spiral notebooks or composition books?

I'm left handed and hate binders, but I'm tempted to get one to organize my stuff for a science class that I have.

eh, and why not one more: Are you a lefty or a righty?

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(no subject)

for those of you who love music - i've gotten real into ratatat, simian mobile disco, daft punk, brazilian girls - so what other artists are similar that i can download?

and if you cant answer that what's your favorite genre and band/artist/group from said genre?


Would you be angry if your SO got a job doing modeling for a fine arts school? What if it was nude modeling?
(by the way you are really really broke and could use the $15 an hour it pays)

How do you feel about people who model naked for fine arts schools?

(no subject)

I'm using windows xp and using the search function to find all picture files so I can move them to one folder.

When I try to click and drag it says it cannot read from the source file or disk. Any idea how I can get round this?
oh mr. tea

(no subject)

TQC, my SO's awesome hobbity librarian mom sent me a $50 B&N card for my 22nd birthday. For once, I have all the textbooks I need for my 19 credits of English courses, so I'm able to spend it on Cool Stuff instead of literary editing and publishing books. WOOTNESS ABOUNDS.

So far, I'm thinking I'll get:
Sputnik Sweetheart - Haruki Murakami
maaaaaybe Lullabies for Little Criminals - Heather O'Neill (have you read this? What did you think?)

Question 1: what other books do you think I should try? (Taste guideline: I adore Douglas Coupland, Janet Fitch, Peter S. Beagle, Dave Eggers and Chuck Klosterman. I can't stand Chuck Palahniuk.)

Question 2: similar, but if you've read one or both, what do you think of Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys and/or Fragile Things? I've read American Gods, Stardust and Good Omens and loved American Gods most of all, but have never read any of his other work. I know I'm late to that party (I'm such a bad English major).

Question 3: should I spend all the money on books, or should I cave and split it between my snooty lit'rahtshure and Project Runway Season 2 on DVD?
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(no subject)

i have a really shitty neighbor and i want to sign them up for lots of annoying junk mail. do you know of anything i could sign them up for? alternatively, what weird things should i send them in the mail?


(no subject)

I'm meeting up with a friend at a picnic bench. On the way I pass Burger King, Wendy's and Taco Bell. Which should I get?

I really like chicken fries but I kinda wanna try that volcano taco... but then Wendy's has good burgers...

Dontcha hate when you don't know what you want?
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a genderism? idk

I was watching the DIY channel and the show was directed towards women... and they spent a half hour segment just showing how to change a lighting fixture!!! I'm not all girl-power feminist or whatever the hell they call it, but I was kind of embarrassed for my gender at that moment.

What's something that you're proud of yourself for doing that would be considered traditionally for the opposite gender?

I was proud of myself for painting, installing carpeting and shelving, and assembling all the furniture in my room... when I was six months pregnant.

And I love boys who do dishes, just thought I'd throw that out there.

(no subject)


what is this piercing called??????

i don't think i need to put it in a cutty but you want me to shout at me!!!! i drew it and its not a nail sticking out of a ear i hope someone knows what i mean! its like a bar! earbar??!

do you have anyone you want to say sorry to?!?!

i want to say sorry to holdhimclose!!!!!

p.s does anyone have one?