September 8th, 2008

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police in my area have it pretty easy. sitting around in the of the night looking for hooligans is, as one of them says, "all we ever do."

imagine if you were a police officer and you pulled me over for trespassing through a dark private road. my eyes seem hazy. you ask me, "what are you doing out here on private property?" I say, "looking for chickens"

would you search my car?

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How do you feel about anal?

OMG! Yes please!
Only if I'm the top
Only if I'm the bottom
Not interested
Next question

You would be most likely to...

Incorporate food into sex
Get into some dress-up/role playing
Enjoy a night of some hardcore BDSM
Be the key figure in a gangbang
other in comments

The hottest/kinkiest sex you've ever had involved:

A stranger
A feather
other in comments
she blinded me with science!

Old Commercial

I'm looking for an online video of an old commercial. It had two old guys in a nursing home arguing about characters in a video game. I think it might have been for Mortal Kombat on Super Nintendo. Anyway, it goes something like this:

OLD GUY #1: "[character] rules."
OLD GUY #2: "[other character] rules."
OLD GUY #1: "[character] rules!"
OLD GUY #2: "[other character] rules!"
OLD GUY #1: "[other character] sucks."
OLD GUY #2: *slowly shakes head no* "You suck."

Do you remember this commercial?! Tell me anything you remember so I can try to find it!

I wonder.

If a man who is terrified of heights is pushed off of a skyscraper, does he become less frightened as he gets closer to the ground? (I suppose that this is before he passes out, as what happens sometimes when one falls from a tall building.)
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The MTV music awards depressed me.

I tried to watch the MTV music awards because I adore Russell Brand. To say the least, they were bad.

I know what you are thinking, "Well, that goes without saying." But they weren't always like this. They used to be at least interesting where one minute they could have Guns 'N' Roses playing with Elton John and in the next have Martha Stewart presenting an award with Busta Rhymes. And the feuds that were always popping up left and right during the annual shows! Good times. Good times.

This year felt like MTV rented a high school auditorium and presented awards to the only six videos they have played through out the year.

But I know there are still good videos out there. So, I ask you, TQC, what are your favorite music videos of 2008 so far?

And since MTV has done away with the Breakthrough Video category, what are your favorite creative, quirky and artsy videos of all time?

Please, if you can, give links rather than embed videos. Youtube freezes their videos if one site outside their own carries too many of them.

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The Dude Abides

Camera ?s

Inspired by this

If you tied a disposable camera to a bench in a park closest to your neighborhood with a sign that read:

Good afternoon,
I attached this camera to the bench so you could take pictures. Seriously. So have fun. I'll be back later this evening to pick it up.
Love, [Whatever your first name is

1) What do you think would happen to your camera?
2) Would you get the pictures developed?
3) Have you ever done this before?
4) When's the last time you used a disposable camera?

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1. Can you speak another language? If so, will you tell us how to say "I'm sorry, I don't speak [insert language here]" in that language?

2. Do you collect anything? What?
3. What's the last thing you spilled on yourself?
4. Who is your hero?
5. Do you paint you nails and if so, what colors?
6. Do you moisturize daily?
7. How's the weather?
8. Tell me a secret?
9. How often do you drink? How much drinking do you think is too much?
10. Do you like mushrooms?
Fly Away

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When you take polls like this are you more likely to answer correctly or humorously?

Poll #1255713 Can you complete the sayings?

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man _________________.

A bird in the hand is worth _________________.

The early bird gets _________________.

A penny saved is a penny _________________.

A fool and his money are soon _________________.

All that glitters _________________.

All roads lead to _________________.

An apple a day _________________.

Let sleeping dogs _________________.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him _________________.

hug a chu

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I'm trying to apply for a job online, but I've never done this before. What are some things to look out for in terms of scams? All I really know to avoid is "make $1000 a week starting today from your own home, CRAZY LIKE A FOX NO EXP REQUIRED send our Nigerian office $500 to start today"
Dark haired women

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If CON is the opposite of PRO, is congress the opposite of progress?

If we are a country committed to free speech, then why do we have phone bills?

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
Oh hay thar

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I am slightly pissed is the beginning of my one week vacation from work. I had a manicure, pedicure and hair cut planned but I find myself stuck at home holding puke buckets up to my kids' faces.

What should I do to pass the time?

cleaning under the lens

So, I have this Olympus Ultra Zoom camera. I got a fancy lens protector that kind of sticks on to the lens. Over time, dust has managed to get under the lens protector. It's not one of those clickable removable lens protector like I see on the SLR. So, am afraid if I remove the lens and try to put it back on it will be filled with fingerprints. How do I clean this? Should I go to a camera shop and get it done?
Jay & Silent Bob

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If you're into filmscores, who are the composers you most admire?
What movies have they scored that are your favorite?

Danny Elfman, John Williams, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard
I have some bias towards Danny for his Boingo days (do you love the Boingo days?), but in the way of filmscores I love Black Beauty and Edward Scissorhands. John Williams: Memoirs of a Geisha, Home Alone, Harry Potter. Hans Zimmer: Pirates of the Caribbean. James Newton Howard: King Kong, Hidalgo. And Zimmer/Howard: The Dark Knight.


Are you collecting the U.S. state quarters?
Did you start when it started? (Or jump in at another time?)
Do you have a map?

Will you be blue when it's all over at the end of this year?

Do you think coin collecting is for old biddys and grandpas?

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This past weekend I made tacos. The boring kind from a box where you add ground beef. I also had dishes of salsa, shredded cheese, fresh tomatoes and shredded lettuce.

What order do you put the items in your taco shell?

Human factors / Industrial design

Do you know what human factors is? Do you know what industrial design is?

Do you know how well-paying or in demand these jobs are? I took a class in human factors and absolutely loved it. I am really interested in these fields and I am an art major so I am leaning more toward industrial design but I am trying to think down the road what I should get a Master's in.

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You had something to do-it could wait but you'd been planning on doing it, when a friend IMs you asking about something, a minor question/problem. Before said problem is resolved/discussed they say "brb"-however this turns into going on 20 minutes gone. Do you wait for them to return and finish the discussion or just tell them you left but will be back and go on your way?

Yeah, I sent something to my friend she requested because it would have cost a lot for her with shipping. She hasn't gotten it yet which is a little surprising so she IMed me to let me know it wasn't here. She told me she'd "brb" but that was about 20 minutes ago and when she first IMed me I was getting ready to go for a walk

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What haunted houses, hayrides, mazes, forests and the like pop up in your area around Halloween? Have you been to any of them, and if so, what was your opinion?

What wine should I pair with chili dogs, hot wings, and celery and carrots with blue cheese dip? Pls explain the reasoning behind your choice.

i went to Maine, ate lobster for four days and flew home.

Poll #1255842 if you're sick and you wanna get well...tell him what you want.

which of these MAINE/MAINE songs have you ever enjoyed?

Main Squeeze, lenny kravitz feat. teena marie
Main Street, bob seger
Main Man, the ramones
Mainline Florida, eric clapton
Mainline, kiss
Main Street Eyes, iggy pop
Jesus on the Mainline, aerosmith
Jesus on the Mainline, ry cooder
Jesus on the Mainline, ben harper
State of Maine Song, the official state song of maine
some other song from Exile on Main Street, the rolling stones
oh suzer, this poll was slightly lame, but im glad you are back from vacation
oh suzer, i might like more of these songs if i had ever heard them
*sigh* suzer, suzer, suzer

have you ever been on an airplane when the oxygen masks dropped?

yes! omg!
i have never been on an airplane
i dunno what this even means, buhhh

have you ever gone through security and had them confiscate things from you?

i have never gone through airport security.
no, because i follow the rules and use ziploc bags.
no, i don't carry liquids or gels as a rule.
yes, but i have blocked out the details
yes, and i will detail that traumatic experience in comments.

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My boyfriend has stated that he will marry the woman that can make lasagna that meets or beats his mother's.  His birthday is Wednesday. Will you link the best lasagna recipe that you've ever seen?

If the lasagna fails, should I make a cake, too?

Should I order hookers and blow for his birthday too?  If so, do you have a coupon for any hookers? I'm on a tight budget.

I'm borrowing the first 3 seasons of House from him.  Was getting him the 4th season for his birthday, knowing that I would probably watch it first, a horrible thing to do? y/y?

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1. When you get a sore throat, is it ever just in one spot? Or do I have a cut or something in my throat?

2. Would you consider a receptionist in a doctor's office as working in the medical field?
Clem & Joely

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Do you like to write in novel-format? (Not poems, not short stories.) If so, what genres and types of things do you like to write about? What inspired you to write about such things? Have you ever finished a complete rough draft of a book? Have you ever gotten anything published (be it in a magazine or an actual book?)
Give Peace A Chance

Yahoo issues

Is anyone else having trouble logging onto Yahoo? I had to reinstall Messenger yesterday, changed password, and now can't bring up any Yahoo page, even to re-login with new password. All I want to do is check some movie times. Even tried on IE which I hate, no luck. *pout* any suggestions?
girls » barbie

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Hi TQC! I just got this in black and that whole estimating the size with my hands thing didn't exactly work for me. In fact, it's quite a good deal larger than I ever would have guessed :[

Where in the world should I put this?! Where would you put it?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b

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why has my 7 year old neutered cat suddenly taken an interest in trying to hump my arm?

he's never done it before in his life and just started doing it last week. Does he need even MORE attention?

anyone know how to make him stop?...everything i've tried doesn't work

clearly I don't want my cat trying to constantly hump my arm or the arm of anyone else for that matter

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will you tell us about a funny and/or embarrassing story about a time when your stomach or somebody else's was making loud noises in public?

Once I was at my friends because she was helping me with my resume and my tummy was making the LOUDEST gurggles EVER! It was pretty funny-I just ate before I went there but she kept asking if I wanted something to eat. I don't know why my tummy was being so loud.

Also, have you ever used Ahava lotion?

Gross TMI poll

You spent the night at your SO's place (pretend if you don't have one) and you wake up before him/her. You have to poop. He/she is sound asleep, so you decide to do your business in the bathroom. You unload an enormous poop. After you're done, you flush, and for some reason, the suction is really poor and you used too much TP, so the toilet is clogged. Looking around, you see no plunger. What do you do?

Wake up my SO and ask for a plunger
Close the lid. Leave it
Using toilet paper, transfer the contents in the toilet to the trash can. Walk it down to the trash cans outside
Find a trash bag in the kitchen. Dump the poop in there. Walk it down to the trash cans outside
Open window. Lob poop out to the yard below
Panic and keep flushing. Probably end up flooding the bathroom
This is bad. I'm going to have to resort to drastic measures to protect my dignity. I turn on the gas, take him/her out to breakfast, and his/her apartment will explode in our absence
Make it look like someone broke into his/her place during the night, stole some things, vandalized, and then, for some strange reason, pooped in the toilet and left

Self-defense/safety devices in Illinois.

Google's responses are numerous and confusing. So now I ask for your ideas...

1. If a stranger touches me sexually, can I legally kick/punch/hit him?
2. Which safety devices are legal to use in Illinois?
3. Can I use these devices in public places (stores, train stations) if I'm touched sexually?
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What does your state/province/district/territory/country/other geographical entity's license plate look like?

What night has the best TV?

What is your favorite store?

What color looks the best on you?

How tall is the tallest buiding in the city/town where you live?

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Do you think you're fat?

Will you show me a picture of what [in your opinion] a "fat" person looks like? KEEP IT SFW.

ETA: Do you have a pair of 'fat' jeans? what brand are they?
odd enthusiasms

omg college dramaaaaaa

When my suitemates and I moved into this dorm, we were told that there'd be a commons room with enough room for us to bring seats/chairs. As such, I brought a bean bag chair, and expected everyone else to bring something that they'd like to sit on.

One of my suitemates, however, has adopted my beanbag chair. Whenever she's in the commons room, she's sitting in it. I haven't yet asked her to vacate the damn thing because I'm sort of a pushover, but if this goes on you can bet your ass I'll be telling her to move.

Basically, TQC, what are some passive-aggressive ways I can make it clear to this girl that she's pissing me off? Non-srs answers only pls, since I'm sure I'll be talking to her about this in a week or so.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Will you post a picture of yourself so other TQCers can guess your predominant heritage?

ETA: Not where you're from regionally. Americans might be American, but most of their ancestors had to come from some other country. What's the other country?
emoticon death

Law question. And pie.

So, TQC.

I'm kind of hoping some of you have some grasp of international law.
There's a lot of treaties and customary law governing when it's okay to use force against a country, and when it's okay to go against their sovereignty and invade.
But I'm wondering - what if one country sent say, (unarmed) scientists into another country's territory, covertly, so the first country didn't know about it (we're talking somewhere largely uninhabited) - and they did tests which made the land uninhabitable for citizens of the first country? (Like, say, secret testing of nuclear radiation which would cause the surrounds to be radioactive and potentially kill unsuspecting citizens who might come along).

If you're still with me, can you think of any examples of international law which specifically prohibits this sort of thing? Sending in (nonmilitary) representatives of one government into another's territory without express permission and to their detriment?

Also, what's your favourite kind of pie?

one question before sleep

Was there anything in your childhood that repeatedly scared you, but wasn't intended to be scary?

When I was 2 and lived on Guam, there was one McDonalds and it had a massive statue of Ronald McDonald out in front. That statue scared the bajesus out of me and I had screaming fits any time we went anywhere near it.

also, the song Mama by Genesis scared me quite a bit. Just the part where Phil laughs insanely. The song Careful With that Ax Eugene by Pink Floyd scared me, but I think it was meant to be scary, so it doesn't really count.

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does anyone know what the greeting is that sushi chefs (and/or waiters) say when you enter a sushi restaurant? i know i've been greeted before with a japanese saying, but i can never quite hear it clearly.

Ford Focus

I am considering a 2007 Ford Focus.  Any late-model Focus drivers in here?  Or have a friend who has one?

How is it? What do you like/dislike about it?

The one I'm looking at has heated seats and a power sunroof.  HEATED SEATS!!!!  mmmm, toasty warm buns...

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Has anyone ever dated somebody who couldn't forget about anything? So much so that they constantly bring up things that you had done in the past, before you dated them, and try to use it against you?

I did something a few years back before I started dating my current guy, and he keeps bringing it up and using it against me, saying that I constantly change what I say and lie to him. It was years ago and I was drunk at the time, how the hell can I remember all the minor details?

He is slowly driving me insane and I was just wondering if anyone had any similar experience? If so, what did you do?

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TQC, I'm hungry but I don't have food in the house nor transportation to go out.  I think I need to order pizza.

Would you like some pizza?  What would you like on it?  Should I order some sides for us to share?

ETA: My treat.  ;)

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I'm currently sitting in my school's library listening to a video being watched by the Co-Op class behind me about some dude who lost his legs in a tragic accident at the workplace. I'm on spare right now but I can't go home because I have a newspaper meeting at the end of the day. :(

Where are YOU sitting right now?

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Dear Teak Yuicy,

Which foreign writing system should I study next?
It can't be a pictographic (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) and I already know Greek, Russian, and Hindi/Sanskrit writing systems.

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So I got pretty drunk last night but could barely sleep. Maybe four hours or so. Now I'm exhausted and I still can't sleep. I have to close tonight at work, so I'll be working till midnight. I've tried to nap, but I just lay here pissed off that I'm not asleep and thinking about everything.

Should I keep trying to sleep or should I just get up and power through and drink lots of energy drinks?

Also, if you were having sex with someone and they slapped you across the face with no warning and no prior discussion about whether or not you would like to be slapped across the face, how would you handle it?

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I love peanut butter on blueberry waffles. especially if I can wash it all down with some ice cold milk.

some people think this is disgusting. WHY? do YOU like peanut butter on waffles? do you like waffles at all?

if not - what's your favorite breakfast item?

someone has dibs on my future babies

How would you respond if a somewhat romantic interest of yours told you that they called out of work because they couldn't stop thinking of you? Would you be a weirded out? Is that a bit excessive?

EDIT: He didn't ask me to hang out. He just sat home. Also, It was more of a "hey btw I called out today because I keep thinking of you."
cat w/ pipe

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There's a CAT button on my car stereo. It's right next to the CLOCK button. I press CLOCK, I get clock. I press CAT, nothing happens. No cat occurs.

1. Just so I'll be prepared, what might one expect if this button ever starts working?

2. Have you ever had a mystery button? What did it not do?
burning goodness

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I'm exhausted, and have to go to orchestra for the next 2 hrs or so. Will you post something for me to laugh at when I get back?

Have you ever been so tired you could just sit down and bawl? If you give into the temptation, do you feel better after? Don't you hate feeling that way?

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So I just got my eyebrows waxed and feel like killing myself. My left eyebrow is practically gone so I wouldn't let her touch my right one. I feel murderous. Does anyone remember what that shit is called that supposedly makes your eyebrows grow back fast? I know it's sold at Sephora but I can't remember.

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If you found an apartment for $200 a month-when any other apartment in the area cost a few thousand-but you
1. couldn't have a microwave
2. you couldn't hang pictures
3. you had to take your organic trash to the disposal in the hall/non-organic to the basement every night

Would you still live there?

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When listening to music I often have to remind myself I'm in public so that I don't sing along. Especially in places like on the way to work or the gym.

What silly things do you have to remind yourself not to do?

this is probably a stupid question...

so i make homemade ice tea. the batch that is in the fridge has been in there for a while, mostly because i forgot about it. i just went to drink some and it tastes really odd. i drank some when i first made it and it tasted normal.  can ice tea go bad?

kay, i definitely threw it out. got a new one brewing now. thanks guys!
You shall know me by the comics I read

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Time for some positive affirmation!!!

How do you put it, when you WANT TO DO SOMETHING, YES ?

Poll #1255618 Yes we can!


Do this!


Hit it!
Get together
Change the world!
Really do this!
Say no.
Take a raincheck
Come back to it later.
Something else I will add in comments...

Cafeteria antics

I eat all my meals in the cafteria (DFAC really ...but I digress)...the non-English servers mislabel the food all the time..which begs the question...
Would you eat soup labeled CHICKEN VAG?
Would you eat OATMILL?

will I die from this?

whoa unrelated

boys - do you ever have multiple orgasms? are they frequent? pleasant or unpleasant?
girls with boyfriends/husbands/sex partners - has your guy ever had multiple orgasms? are they frequent? what do you think if/when this happens?

if you play rock band - what are your favorite and least favorite songs to play?

for everyone - my dog pooped in the house today buuuuut, he pooped literally right in front of the toilet (he had the whole house to poop in). do you think he was trying to actually poop IN the toilet and missed?


which dining hall should i got to for dinner?

here are my options:

a) red jacket:
-roasted top round
-pork chops
-penne chicken broccoli alfredo
-oven roasted potatoes
-tempura onion chips

b) richmond:
-meatloaf w/ mushrooms
-mahi mahi w/ pineapple salsa
-chicken fingers
-mashed red potatoes
-rice pilaf
-corn on the cob
-snap peas

both have the same dessert selection (cookies, chocolate cake, cheesecake etc.)

Employee getting fired

Small amount of background: I work in a small call center. The employee next to me has been nothing but annoying -- she's stupid, can't do her job, and has taken to calling in "sick" once a week for the past two months. The good news? They just found someone to replace her and rather than wait until Friday to do it (because she's really THAT BAD), they're getting rid of her tomorrow morning!

Which means, of course, I know when it's going to happen.

So...TQC, if you were in this situation, what would YOU do while she comes back from being fired and clears out the desk next to yours? Serious and non-serious answers are both happily accepted!

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If someone speaks a second language, X, at an intermediate level, and they live in the country where that language is spoken and switch between their native language and second language, is it socially inappropriate for the native speakers of X to correct this person's grammar unless the person specifies they want their grammar corrected?

What about if the person is determined to only speak X and never use their native language, but is horrible at speaking it - should others then feel they have a duty to correct it?

Is it rude to ask someone with a very obvious accent where they come from?
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

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When's the last time you felt insulted by a stranger?
I got on the free bus on campus today and asked the driver if it went to a certain destination. The driver said, "'s a free bus that goes across campus, not a hard concept." I was just so floored, all I could muster was a fuck you under my breath. I called and complained but the guy didn't seem too vested in "talking to her." :\

How long did/will it it take for you to pay off your student loans?
I'll have about $50,000 to pay. :'(
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I've got auditions for the school play tomorrow.
What was the last thing that made you anxious/nervous/excited?
Why did my throat decide to get sick two days before? I've been drinking water like crazy.
Have any other remedies for a sore throat?
Can you do any good accents? which ones?
Which accents do you find the sexiest?
im french

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1. Women, how often do you orgasm during sexual intercourse? (PIV sex only.)

2. Women, how often do you orgasm during oral sex?

3. Anyone, do you think you could enjoy sex with someone who doesn't (has yet to) orgasm?

(no subject)

Do you think hypnosis works, or is it a crock?

Have you ever been hypnotized?

Do you think it's possible for me to be hypnotized into not being the laziest fuck on the planet?

If not, how do you propose I go about curing myself of being the laziest fuck on the planet?

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to anyone with good graphic design skills that happens to be bored at the moment, would you make me a sign that says "knock before enterting"?

My roommate keeps entering my room without first knocking and it pisses me off, but I suck at any sort of graphic design.


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got called an idiot by my step daddy twice. not bad though. lol,  i because so many of you think this is the worse thing said to me its not, i just put it up here so you could know where i got my inspiration yo! ive been called lots worse trust me. =o

whats the worst things a relative has said about you?
Slow Mo Guys - Gavin

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What's a good website to order flowers from?

Similarly, what's a good website to order stuffed animals from?

What kind of flowers/stuffed animal combo should I get my girlfriend for our anniversary?

(no subject)

has anyone bought spore? have you found a no-cd crack for it? i bought it, but i don't want to get securom so i want the no-cd crack. i asked in thesims2 but the two comments i've gotten have both told me that it's both off topic and against the rules for me to post there, and i posted in _spore, but that community has all of like 60 members, so they're not helpful.

i really wanna play. : (

eta: if you can't help me, WHY THE FUCK IS THE SIMPSONS NOT ON?! the simpsons has been on fox at 6pm FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE basically. why the fuck is deal or no deal on?!

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Can you recommend me a good, more-or-less "new release" movie for me to rent at the video store tonight?

Edit: Or not so new. Whatever. My local video store is having a deal on the movies on the new release walls.

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How long would you let a sore throat go before seeing a doctor?

This doesn't feel like any sore throat I've had before and I swallowed my tongue ring a couple weeks ago...I know it was a while ago, but I'm worried they are related.

(no subject)

So my 2nd wisdom tooth is growing in and FUCKIN JESUS CHRIST it hurts! My whole right side of my face is like.. dying I think and I just cant take it any more. What did you do to not feel so much pain when your wisdom tooth grew in? Cuz I sure as hell dont remember what I did when the 1st grew in a thousand years ago. Does a wisdom tooth make you wiser? 0_o WELL!? DOES IT!?

Also, what can I do... to make sure I become a vampire this year?
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Do you like green or white mint chocolate chip ice cream better?