September 7th, 2008

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To go with the post about qualities you find attractive...

What are your biggest turn-offs? (In terms of personality, not physical appearance.)

Is there a personality trait that you find so abhorrent that you would refuse to date someone with it, even if everything else about them was awesome?

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What's your freakish talent?!

Love, D.C.

(Mine : I can smell your hands and tell you what you've been doing all day. Highly sophisticated nose. Makes for awkward situations.)
This is so ridiculous.


1. Are any of you bi(tri/quad)lingual? Let's say to be bilingual is to have almost the same ability to speak in your second language as your mother tongue.
1a. In what languages?
1b. Of all of those languages, which was the hardest to learn?

2. Would any of you be willing to check my resume, which I just had to write in Spanish? I am not quite down with the business Spanish yet, but I'm getting there! (I can't say shit like "interpersonal," "expected to abide by," and I have no idea if the phrase "think outside the box" translates literally, but I'll be damned if I can't talk about harvesting rice and composting latrines like a bitch!)

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right now I'm drinking Bud Light Lime. it's just about the only beer I can stomach (out of the beers I've tried so far)

have you ever tried Bud Light Lime? did you like it?

if not, when's the last time you pooped?

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i know that google is my friend and all, but i've spent the last 45 minutes searching and i'm not finding what i need.

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if you don't care about my ears/sanity, have you ever seen britain's missing top model? it's like america's next top model only with amputees and deaf girls. is it so incredibly wrong that it's just good, or is it way too fucked up and offensive and ridiculous?

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In the song The Devil Went Down to Georgia, does anybody else think that the Devil actually played better?

Also, does anybody remember that musician who like lost or injured his hand in a piece of farm equipment?

I remember reading about it somewhere and for some reason I thought it was Charlie Daniels but apparently not.

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TQC, I have a resume question.

Up til now, I included an education section with my current university, anticipated graduation, GPA, etc. However, I'm now in the process of transferring out of that school and will not be able to start at another school until January. Hence, I'm seeking a temp job until then.

How exactly should I go about that with my resume? Should I just list the school and dates of attendance, even though it was only a year? :( I don't want employers to think I'm a drop out or something.

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This is very important. I am dedicating this day to cooking and geeking out on the net. Hurricane Hannah is on her way so I want to make a good *lets stay in all day and night and eat this* meal. I have decided on stuffed peppers and soup so far.
1. What soup should I make?
2. What else should I make?
3. Are there any movies I should download, rent or buy to watch while trapped indoors?

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If you could go back in time and prevent a great catastrophe, which one would you prevent?

What has been the biggest disappointment in your life?

When you really like someone, what gives you away?
What are you most likely to ask someone when you first meet them? (Provided you already know their name and job)
What is one thing you do that you would never want your SO to know about? (As in a disgusting habit)
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1. Do you own a bike?
2. Is it your main mode of transportation?
3. If so, what do you do when it gets snowy, icy and/or cold?
4. If not, what is your main mode of transportation?


5. If you don't ride it regularly (see #2), how often do you ride it?

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tqc, i have fashun questions for you!

i bought shoes today and i don't know what to wear with them, other than black. help! Collapse )

if you live where it snows, what kind of cute shoes can you wear in the winter? i have like 12 pairs of flats, but none of them can be worn in the snow obviously. the only other shoes are i own are sneakers and heels. : (

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What do think about doctors not permitting young single men (and by young I mean 20's or 30's) to get a vasectomy, even though they are fully aware and understand the implications (not being to have kids, blah blah)?
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Have you ever told a joke but the person you told it to didn't realize it was a joke? And you wanted to be like "No, that was a joke" but it would be awkward to have to explain it because of their reaction/the fact that it wasn't really funny to begin with, so you sort of just played along rather than deal with the awkwardness?

Do you hold doors for people? Do you like when people hold doors for you?

Have you ever seen a character in some work of fiction that reminded you so much of someone you know that it was almost eerie? What character was it?
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i am a great employee, but i am awful at formal applications. i am going for a promotion at my job, and i'm trying to construct a resume, and failing miserably. i just never learned any of this crap and it's really biting me in the ass now. will you give me sound advice?

serious answers only.
while quips bring a smile to my face, they do not abate my stress. :/
media studies


I have to make a music video.

What is your favorite music video? YouTube link if you've got it.

Who is your favorite local/unknown/lesser known band?

Do you love or hate group projects in school?

Any survival tips for a class that I kind of hate utterly but have to take as a pre-req?

(Not the class for the music vid, I love that one. It's my other class I'm grumpy about).

I'm thinking I should just bring my laptop and spend the whole time on TQC instead of paying attention. Good idea?
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Is there anyone that you want to be friends with but don't want to ask and are "afraid" to just do it? I don't get the whole fear thing.
What should I be for Halloween? What were you last year or what do you plan on being this year?
What's the best Halloween costume you've ever seen?
If we were trapped on a deserted island, what purpose would you serve?
If I could take someone on an international vacation with me, why would I choose you?
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For those of you that use the NetFlix 'watch it now', has it been working for you the past few days?

Ours isn't loading right, and then is playing all choppy. I wasn't sure if it was our computer, the internet, or NetFlix itself.


I dyed my hair purple yesterday.  My company's handbook has this to say about employee's appearance:

"Our Company policy is to project a professional, conservative image in keeping with other providers in the health care industry. In this regard, we require all employees to project a professional, conservative appearance in the areas of dress, jewelry, personal hygiene, and personal grooming."

Do you think it'll be a problem?

Everyone I work with is really laid back, and the handbook doesn't say anything specifically about hair color.  I'm just a little worried about days when the big boss comes in.

FYI we only have a client come into the office maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

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One of my friends is terrified of the NYC subway.  She will never take it alone.

If you were in a relatively safe, big city that you often visited, and a friend gave you exact subway directions, would you still feel uncomfortable taking it alone?

What is the most overrated TV show, past or present?

What is a trend you hope goes away very soon?
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A) The party with the lady who tried and succeeded to get spanking or hitting children lightly illegal.
B) The party who wants to legalise marijuana.
C) The party with the most scandals.

D) The party who wants to bring high speed broadband into the country.
E) The party with that person who looked really hot before but now looks like he got rolled over with donuts.
F) The party with the leader who was in a vehicle that reached up to 172 km/h so they could get her from A to B so she could attend a rugby union match in C.

G) The party with the guy who wants to raise the legal drinking age from 18 to 20.
F) The party with the people who like to have crack "debates" in parliment meetings that will be filmed and aired throughout the country? Especially if they like to bring in photoshopped pictures in to back up their statements?
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There is a half gallon of milk in my fridge that I know is bad. If I pour it down the drain, will the stink spread through the entire apartment and cause my roommates to beat me. How should I get rid of it?

What was the last thing that went bad in your fridge?
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What are you stressed or worried about right now?

EDIT: Also, how much do you spend on groceries/food per month (and for how many people)?

What do you think a reasonable amount to spend would be for 1 person to spend on groceries per month (assuming msot meals will be made at home)?
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I have to be at work at noon (seems early, which is so pathetic!) so I need to leave soon.  Should I get a green tea frap from Starbucks as it is on my way?  Or just take some water?  I was too lazy to eat so won't get food till 6 and I want something to make my stomach not growl.

Will you tell me about your eye candy at work?

Drop the Anchor,man

Are you a smelly pirate hooker?

I'm a pirate, but not a smelly hooker
I'm a hooker, but not a smelly pirate
I'm smelly, but not a pirate hooker
I'm a smelly pirate, but do not hook
I'm a smelly hooker, but not a pirate
I'm a pirate hooker, but not smelly
I'm a stinky ninja whore
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1. Will you compliment a random person in TQC?

If your answer is *No, I'm too lazy or yatta yatta*...

2. Will you give me your social security number so I can ruin your credit?

No idea how to word this...

How do you feel about a child not letting his mother know that he has been fixed and will not be having children?  Does it change your answer if you know he is an only child? 

I just found out that my SO's mother (who I just met this weekend) doesn't know he has had a vasectomy.  He was warning me about the likelihood of having to fend off questions about potential grandbabies!!  

He didn't understand why I was shocked that he wouldn't tell his mom that he's not having kids.  What would you have done?

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I'm currently reading The Testament of Gideon Mack. It's really good, you should read it. Anyway, I'm convinced it is set in my small home town. Are there any books set in your town, or any literary connections with it, TQC?

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Do you find that people not in romantic relationships act more bitter and/or selfish than people that are?

Do you think you act more bitter/selfish when you're not in a relationship as opposed to when you are?

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Right now, I'm filling out a form applying for an apprenticeship in Art Careers. On the form, there's an option for a second choice, instructing you to select "I HAVE NO SECOND CHOICE" if you don't have one. Thing is, there's no option that says that. Should I just put "Visual Arts" as my second choice? If so, how do I make my application not sound redundant? because there are three boxes prompting me to describe my knowledge and/or interest in this field, say why I want to take the apprenticeship, and to envision what I hope to gain from the apprenticeship.
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Help me not be a stupid pet owner TQC! I bought a 2.5 gallon aquarium for my son, and we bought two fish, but how many is too many for the thing? The people at petco say 1 fish per gallon, but they are so small, it looks kinda silly. Any fish owners in here that can help?

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have you guys ever used minocycline for acne?

did you get nauseated or anything? did it work?

i got prescribed some less than a year ago but didn't stick with it for some reason.

Minocycline, like all tetracyclines, becomes dangerous past its expiration date. While most prescription drugs lose potency after their expiration dates, tetracyclines were known to become toxic over time due to the breakdown of certain chemicals present in the manufactured capsules. This is not a present concern in drugs manufactured in first world countries. Expired tetracyclines, as previously manufactured, can cause serious damage to the kidneys.

lol what

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Male or female: do you use birth control?

Maybe old news, but have you heard about the newest proposal about birth control access?

(ACLU coverage of it
There the ACLU talks about it and provides a link to see the original document at the bottom of the page.
CNN talks about it, as well as the Daily Kos- a site which I am iffy about, but they provide links to several other coverings of the story and link to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood sites. )

Are you concerned about this, or do you think that it's a good idea being blown out of proportion by the media?

For those of you that have already seen this question asked before/don't care: how often do you do laundry? What about cleaning?

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1. Who is the best drummer of all time?
2. Who is the best bass player of all time?
3. Would you be comfortable changing in front of me?
4. Do you swim in ponds at night?
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How many miles do you travel to get to work? Is it worth it when considering gas prices, your salary, and other costs of living?

(I recently got out of high school and I'm wondering whether or not to accept a full-time waitressing position 50 miles away from where I live. It's an upscale restaurant, and tips would be excellent. It would cost me about $17 in gas to get to and from work. I have roughly $480 in bills every month to consider.)

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I'm eating delicious peach sorbet out of the carton.

TQC, what's the last thing you snacked on?

What will be the next thing you snack on?

Or, if you're currently snacking on something, what is it?

cba with debate wank

1. So I've not eaten for like.. two days. The only thing I've had is a sandwich and a bowl of cereal. There's pasta & some sort of italian tomato sauce. Should I go cook it?

1a. Favourite type of food? ( i.e italian, etc)

2. Favourite subject you're studying and why?

3. Or if that doesn't apply to you, what WAS your favourite subject?

4. Should I scrap doing English Literature and Language separately, do a combined course and pick up German? I'm having a crisis.

5. did u c wat i did thur?

p.s should i be tagging TQC posts now?

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When life gives you lemons, you...

...make lemonade
...put them in a pillowcase and bludgeon someone who's doing well in life, and take his wallet
...whine about it in LJ
...teach life a lesson, Preferably by taking too many sleeping pills
3(3.6%), because you like lemons
...return them for store credit
..make a lemon drop
...sell your sweet, sweet poonanny on the corner to get by
...wait until life gives me limes, and then I'll make some kind of cool summer citrus salad with them
...stick your penis into the lemon
...ask for a lot of hugs and validation
...look at pictures of lemonparty.
...pass the lemons off to someone else (aka pass the blame)
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teal deer coming through

I have a friend at work who is constantly talking about losing weight. She puts herself on these crazy plans such as "30 pounds in 30 days!!" or she will spend a crazy amount of time at the gym in our office. This lasts about two days.
Recently she started seeing a therapist and the therapist had her make a list of goals. Naturally, one of her goals is to lose weight.

We get the point. She wants to lose weight.

However, she is doing nothing about it. I am a cupcake fanatic so I"m constantly baking for the office, and she will always take the leftovers, and that is after she has already eaten about six of them. when we eat lunch I sweat there is not one thing on her plate that is not fried. If she was comfortable with her weight, I wouldn't be bothered. But I can't take her whining to me about her weight all.the.damn.time. whilst she shoves a triple decker crunch cone in her mouth.

I was talking to my boyfriend last night about it and I realized it's not even the weight issue. I would be just as bothered if the situation were "My husband and I are trying to conceive, but we haven't had sex in six months" I will do anything to go out of my way to help others. I have gone to the gym with this woman at 2 AM!!! because that was the only time she could go. But when you can't help yourself I really don't know what you expect out of me.

If it were any other situation, I would have no problem pulling her aside and speaking her to about it. But this is a weight issue, and I know what a touchy subject this is. Even when people are complete assholes to me, or say degrading things, I can never be degrading back. I know there are ways to approach the subject without being an ass, but how the fuck?

What is the kindest way to approach someone about their eating habits?
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Do you do anything on a regular basis that you regard as part of a spiritual/religious practice but that most people would not think of as spiritual

(like f'rinstace reading poetry is part of my spiritual practice)
Doi Bung

Pondering upon the major

I'm a senior in college, but it will be a while before I graduate because I'm having problem with deciding my major. I've change major twice and still pondering upon it. Anyone has any advice? I've tried nursing and dietetic... After those two tries, I felt like medical field isn't for me. Disliked them so much. I don't like chemistry, English, and history. I thought I liked teaching, but apparently, I don't want to deal with the rebelled children in middle school and high school. About an elementary teacher, it's like a babysitter. I need a master degree to be a college professor.

I liked math... Have any idea of a major that related to that? PLEASE, help me!

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I know this gets asked all the time, but what communities would you recommend that aren't ONTD-related, wtf-related, SF_Drama, Stupid_free, or TQC?

And if you don't give a crap,

Is Hole in the Wall aka Human Tetris a show you'd watch?
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Indulging in a bit of Sunday "spring" cleaning.... so how long do you keep your bank statements? I have them back to 2003 but I opted out of getting paper statements a good year ago as well. Seems pointless to keep any, yes?

If you don't care... who are some celebs you've spotted?

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I just bought some killer shoes on ebay, but they're a size too small. Have you ever taken a shoe somewhere to be stretched or whatever? Will you tell me all about your riveting cobbler experiences?

What do your favorite shoes look like?

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Since Sarah Palin isn't giving any many interviews to the "left wing media" if she decided to let the bipartisan TQC interview her what questions do you think we should ask?

srs/non srs answers

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Have you ever fallen asleep while you were driving?

I came pretty damn close today on my way home from my sister's apartment

Do you have any tricks for staying awake(while driving)?

I have school from 8am until 10pm tomorrow...what should I bring for foodz?

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What do you think of racist jokes?

If you like them, where do you draw the line? Which jokes take it too far, or are none too shocking for you?

Maybe it's because I have Jewish ancestry, but telling jokes about the Holocaust (BBQ) is going too far.


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You wake up after a decadent night and don't remember what you ended up doing earlier. As you're assessing the situation, you feel the covers move. You look over, and sharing your bed is none other than RICHARD SIMMONS. He's butt naked, and so are you. How do you feel about this?

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I want to apply for a position at an art house/foreign movie shop. I do like these sort of films but rarely have enough money to see them, so I don't know much. Will you please teach me about some art house films? But not pans labyrinth because I have it on dvd over there and am going to watch it later.

What can I have on my sandwich? I'm out of vegemite and I don't really want something sweet. My SO says you won't be able to help me because of the american dominance in the community. She says that because you do crazy things like have carrots and pumpkin with brown sugar you don't know 'bout the savory.
Shadist (Wasp)

Stupid question

Ok, my ex showed me a music video once. I want to find it again but we are not exactly speaking so I thought I would ask here. I have no idea who sings the song and only seem to remember it being rap(ish).

The video starts with a car driving into the desert, a woman gets out and proceeds to strip, pops the trunk, kisses a guy inside of said trunk and then kills him with a shovel.

Any idea of who sings it/title?

Sorry about such an inane question, can't think of how to find it online and all the fuzzy searches I have used thus far have failed.
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how many hours a day do you have to spend on the internet in order for it to be considered it an addiction?

lets say you don't work at a job that requires you to be on teh internet or any other smart aleck hypoteticals

im looking for number of hours here, take a stab at it.

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My friend brought me the book "You Suck" by Christopher Moore so that I can read it while I am in the hospital. I am almost done with it, but I've really struggled to get through it, I just don't think it's that great. Everyone else who I've heard of reading it said they loved it.

Have you read it?
What did you think about it?

And does anyone else love the Alltel commercial where the guy with the afro yells "you're still a ding-dong!"? I love that guy with the afro, he was my favorite character in Accepted.
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What's the best way to politely tell a friend passed out on your couch that they need to GTFO and go sleep at their own place?

Barring that idea, what's the best prank I could play on him? No hand in the warm water, that's my couch he'd wet. And shaving his head is also not an option as it's already been done recently.
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Dear TQC,

Please be my life coach.
Should I eat dinner by myself? Or just go another night without one? Important note: the last thing I ate was a granola bar, which was also the first thing I ate in 5 days. So should I go eat dinner alone or depend upon coming across someone to eat with?

(no subject)

So, do you guys eat?
This is obviously a dumb question, but I'm a little confused...
After reading the question about the five days with nothing more than a granola bar, and then people answering my question of what to bring to school to keep me full for 14 hours (some said a granola bar/apple)...

What the hell do you normally eat in a day?
Do you bring lunch to work/school or do you buy it?
--If you bring lunch, what do you usually bring?

*I know some people don't eat a ton, but if I only had a granola bar or an apple, I'd probably be ready to pass out or kill someone.
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Did you bullshit your way through high school? Or a particular subject? How did you do it? Or what did you do?

It's the 8th month of learning now and so far I've waffled my way to Excellence (straight E's bitches! I don't really know how I did it, because I didn't even study or even understood what the questions really meant.) all through this year in Geography.

And I plan to bullshit my way through classics in tomorrow's exam since there is no way I can remember the last ten years of Alexander's life after all that cramming of that raunchy affiar romantic tragedy that is of Dido and Aeneas...

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My grandpa loves sour candy and it seems like nothing's ever sour enough for him. He prefers candy that isn't just sour on the outside (like sourpatch kids or airheads whoops I mean warheads [obviously I don't eat a lot of candy]), but sour all the way through.

I'm always trying to find new sour candy for him to try. Any suggestions for what I should get? What's your favorite sour candy?

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I just downloaded "7 Things" by Miley Cyrus :(

what's the last embarassing song you downloaded?

if you have no musical shame - are you watching the VMAs tonight? why or why not?

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How hard should I try to convince my friend to visit me? She's never been to continental Europe, and I miss having people to actually talk to.

How can I get people to leave me the hell alone about my supposedly oh-so-immoral choice to not own a bicycle? (I walk - still environmentally friendly!)
clara bow

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What has made your day awesome?

I walked into work today and commented that my fav Placebo song was playing and my store coordinator was like "Yeah we decided it's Placebo day," so it was on for the whole time I was there!  I love my job.

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Wanna play a word association game?

What's the first word that comes to mind when you hear the following words:

1) Sex?

2) Work?

3) Muscles?

4) Present?

5) Food?

Also, Why can't I sit still today?
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Poll #1255544 The Happiest Tush on Earth

Let's say you're at Disneyland, and you're standing around in front of a storefront, when suddenly, someone pinches your ass. You turn around, and right behind you is Goofy (well, the person in the costume), staring at you. When you turn around, he waves, and then moves towards you again. What do you do?

Why, you pinched my ass! You dirty perv....aww, I can't stay mad at you, Disney character. Sure, I'll give you a hug
Knock his pervy furry ass out
Report him to the Disney corporation, get him fired
I take it as a compliment. My ass is so hot, even cartoon characters can't ignore it
This is a major turn on. I've always wanted to bang Goofy. Now, if we can get Mickey and Donald to watch
This is too weird! I run away

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Can I use a window air conditioner without installing it?
Basically, it's 95 degrees in here, and the building manager has to install the air conditioner (cause of insurance or something), and that won't happen til at least tomorrow.
Can I put it up against the screen on the window and run it for a little bit?

computer halp!

My boyfriends computer wont work! It turns on, but dosen't move pass the start up screen where it says windows is loading or whatever. Any suggestions on what's wrong with it? or how to fix it?!

ETA: It hasn't been hooked up for about a month. Could that be a problem?

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Is only four dates too soon to find yourself thinking, "I could fall in love with this man?"

I'm not a little kid or a teenager, I'm grown woman and I've been around the relationship track a couple of times. But I've found myself thinking after the last date I was on with him, last night, that I am falling head over heels for him. And I am flabbergasted. It's too soon to be that serious! Or is it?

How long did you date your SO until you realized, "this is the person for me?" Would you purposely slow down a dating relationship because you felt things are going too fast?

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i am kind of retarded when it comes to computers. my computer sucks balls and is probably like 5 years old. would i be better off just buying a new computer, or is it fine to just upgrade the things that suck? i really just want a better processor and some more RAM, and maybe a better video card.

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A coworker and I have recently become friends and I invited her and her 2 kids over to my house for dinner next week. My fiance and his kids will be there so I thought we could have a little get-together. She immediately exclaimed, "Oh yeah! That will be fun! I'll bring a lasagna!"

This kind of caught me off guard. Usually if you invite someone over for dinner, common sense tells you that you are the one who provides the food, right?

My reply was, "Well, I was going to cook for you! Maybe you could bring dessert!" She butted in, "Well everyone likes lasagna! I'll bring it!"

At that point we got side tracked. It kind of hurt my feelings. What do you think her reason for that is? Does she not trust me, like maybe my house won't be clean or something? Or do you think she's just trying to be nice? I'm pretty confused.
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I have an interview for an internship with Youth Advisory Board and Advocacy on Thursday. What the hell do I wear to the interview?

What's the worst/best interview you've ever had?

Do you get nervous over things like this?
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When was the last time you had a bad night out? Maybe you went out when you or most of you friends were in bad moods, or an awkward date, or drama erupted halfway through a perfectly fine night, or something like that?

I went clubbing with some friends last night. It was supposed to be 80's night, but they just played bad goth music. So we left, and a friend of a friend then started freaking out at everyone because we all teased her about listening to Linkin Park. Like, she was almost crying and making a huge scene in the middle of a diner. Everyone was staring at us. I then crashed at my friend's place, where I was awoken to the sound of he and his girlfriend having really loud sex. Awkward turtle awkward turtle swim away swim away.

don't talk to boys, they'll break your heart

do you have any advice on how to talk to the member of the sex you fancy?

there is this guy at work i really want to get to know better who i saw at The Black Keys show yesterday and thought i could talk to him about that. but i saw him today right as i was leaving work and even though i didn't plan on talking to him or have the chance, the second i saw him all confidence drained right out of me. i know this will happen when i do get a chance later in the week.


and don't tell me to flash my titties 'cause i don't wanna get fired!


Ok at least every day someone has posted how their icons are changing for no reason, I have seen this question but hadn't had the problem myself until now. The thing is not only am I having the problem, its happening to several of my icons and not just one. I had to fix at least 7 of my icons back to the original picture on my 'user pics' page. One won't revert back no matter how many times I have changed it back - its a blue duck and that photo isn't even anywhere on my computer.
Has anyone found a reason as to why this is happening?
Is it happening to anyone else where it is the majority of their icons changing and not just one?
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I just entered a contest to see Jim Gaffigan perform in Austin, TX.

The rules say they'll randomly pick five entries and have them answer trivia questions about Jim and Comedy Central to win the GRAND PRIZE.

Will you quiz me on Jim Gaffigan and/or Comedy Central programing to get me ready?

Do I have a chance to win?
Miroku Turn


Do you eat candy? What's your favorite kind of candy? Has your taste in candy changed since you were a kid?

Are there any colors of candy you don't like? (I mean, I guess you could call them flavors, but we all know they are really just colors.) I don't really like green candy - M&Ms and stuff that aren't flavored differently are okay, but most green candy inevitably tastes like shit-apple.)

Is there a color of candy you like best?

If you've eaten candy from other countries, do you notice a difference between the other country's interpretation of a flavor and the way your country does it? (Did that make any sense?) For example, I think Japanese strawberry seems lighter and less tangy than American strawberry, and Mexican strawberry has a zing to it and less sweetness.

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1. Why is Rihanna singing along to the tune of the Numa Numa video song thing? I'm really weirded out.

2. Do you have Cricket Wireless? Do you like the service?

3. What is your absolutely favorite animated gif?

Trashy eats

Omg, hooray for late-night munchies and NOTHING to eat in my house lol.

TQC, which should I eat?

- PB & J (honey wheat bread, chunky PB and grape jelly)


- ricotta + mozzarella cheese (it sounds gross but I LOVE CHEESE and for some reason I am having a cheese craving)

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why do some toilet bowls get a dark ring around them right where the water line is? even when the toilets are cleaned every other day or so, sometimes the ring comes back. it's easily removed, but obviously very persistent. any idea why this happens?
Hurry up and look back

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just downloaded a few iphone apps, but when I try to use them it opens but it closes and just goes back to the main iphone screen. All of them are doing that. I turned my phone on and off, but nothing happens. What's making this happen? what should I do?

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Does anyone here use a maid service and live in an apartment? I only live in a one bedroom apartment (the rooms are pretty big, though) but with a full schedule cleaning tends to get pushed aside. I've been looking into cleaning services but I feel a bit off about it since it's only for a one bedroom apartment. So,have you hired a cleaning service for your apartment and about how much did you pay?

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1. How do you like your mornings?
I like them quiet and clean, which is very rare.

2. Do you live with someone who talks too much? How do you tell them to STFU?
I am very good at being a silent statue, even though my insides want to break out of my body and strangle them to keep them quiet.

3. Who do you think will be posting the most questions here in TQC today?