September 6th, 2008


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I'm trying to find the 20/20 show about transgender children, but I can't seem to locate it. Anyone know if it's possible to watch online, or if there's anywhere I can get it?

Failing that, what is your opinion on transgender children?
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... Okay where the fuck did the lava game come from? You know, the game that seems part of the human genetic code that a disturbing majority of people played as kids. "THE FLOOR IS LAVA, THE FLOOR IS LAVA"... WHY DOES EVERY KID PLAY THIS?

If you did NOT play the lava game as a kid, what planet are you from? It's okay, you can come clean, we won't judge you... unless you're from Uranus, then the jokes have to be made. You understand.

Will you tell me some fun stories about your childhood?

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1. Are you single?

2. If so how long have you been single for?

3.How do you feel about being single?

4.Are you happier being single or being in a relationship?

5.Do you feel ready to be in a relationship now?


2.Nearly a year, few dates on and off but nothing serious.

3.I didin't mind it at first but now its starting to get  a bit lonely.

4.It depends, my past relationships have been crap so i would say on the hole happier single.

5.Yes please!

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what can you make of these lyrics?

the lights are burning brighter
everybody has a number and a price
this tide is getting higher
we're all drowning in the world of good advice
you believe in short of nothing
'cause nothing cannot be taken away
the sun is on fire
and this city will be gone within a day
the city will be gone within a day

the dust will never settle
we're always on the run
the dust will never settle
work is never done

this is a verse and the chorus of my favorite song off the new Futureheads album but i'm constantly trying to work it out.

i think part if is about global warming. i know the band is concerned with that shit. but there is more to it and i'm always trying to figure it out.
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Omg dudes the conference I'm going to canceled a concert that was going to be held, that I already paid for. I'm butthurt. Think they will reimburse me?

Will you tell me about a grand romantic gesture, done either by or for you, that worked?

Who is at fault in this traffic accident?

I was following a car in the San Francisco DMV parking lot. The driver made a turn but suddenly stopped. I tried to go around him, but he then started to back up to try and get a parking spot. The road is one way and wide enough for two cars. I honked, but the next thing I knew he backed up into the side of my car. The damages are minimal. If he had checked his mirrors or turned his head to look behind him while backing then he should have stopped and waited for me to pass, right?  We got each others' information, but he still blames me. If it is my fault I'm willing to take responsibility, but i just want to make sure. So, who's wrong and right in this situation?

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i just bought this shirt for me and my brother in college (I thought it would be cool if we had matching shirts)

do you like it?

i'm kind of mad at myself for not getting this one instead but my brother really liked the one i bought. make me feel better about this?
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Have you noticed that Wendy's commercials have gotten a lot more condescending and uppity since Dave died? They've got this attitude like they're so much better than everyone else because their burgers are "never frozen" which makes no friggin sense to me. I want my burgers stored at the proper, food safe temperature. Plus, their burgers are square, so fuck Wendy and her attitude.

So, to officially state my questions:

1. Do you think that Wendy's commercials have gotten condescending and uppity since Dave died?
2. Do you think that Mr. Clean is gay?
3. Do you think that Cap'n Crunch will ever make Admiral Crunch?
4. Is Cap'n Crunch actually in the military or is he just an asshole that makes people call him Cap'n?
5. Do you ever feel bad for the Trix rabbit when the kids take his Trix away?
6. Do you think Trix commercials are racist against rabbits?
7. Who would win in a fight between Col. Sanders and Orval Redenbacher when both men were in their prime?
8. Do you think they should get a new guy to play Dave in the Wendy's commercials, just to keep Wendy's attitude in check?
9. Would you be more or less inclined to eat Wendy's burgers if they were round instead of square.
10. Which suicidal female poet do you prefer Anne Sexton or Sylvia Plath?

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I HATE when people use the word "boogie."
For instance... "Lets boogie!" ("Hurry up!")
Or... "Get down and boogie!" (referring to dancing.)

Do you use this word?
What words do you HATE?
This is so ridiculous.
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Inspired by another post...

How do I convince my boyfriend to move from Panama to Chicago?

Panama is a desolate wasteland of nothingness and Chicago is the best place in the world.

He is a doctor, but apparently the fact that he can make like, 300k a year as opposed to 20k a year is not reason enough to move. >:O
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What is/are your favorite "bad" movie(s)?

By bad, I mean movies that you know are awful (script, acting, plot, general production quality, all of the above) but you love them because of/in spite of it.

For me, it's gotta be High School Musical. I like two more than one (Bet On It, anybody?), but I do like them both... and I'm kinda stupid excited about the third one and how horrible/awesome it's going to be.

Stick It is a close second.
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"A wonderful, magical animal."

I was at the grocery store today when I pondered this question;

Meat from cows is called beef, meat from pigs is called pork, meat from deer is called venison, so, do chickens have a special name for their meat?

I don't mean 'poultry' because that means meat from all domesticated birds. We are talking only about chickens here.

I ask this because chicken is such a common meat and, yet, I've been searching all afternoon to no avail.

If chicken doesn't have a name, what would you call it?
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I was walking back to my apartment from the subway station tonight and it was raining pretty hard. I took off my shoes because if I had left them on I surely would have fallen on my face in the middle of Madison Ave. So I walked a few blocks of Manhattan barefoot. A pedi-cab driver pointed at me and yelled "DISEASE! SICKNESS!"

Am I going to die?

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Mr. Bear is making an awful ruckus in her box condo. Everytime I get out of bed to check out what she's doing, she stops and stares at me. The second I sit down, she's back at it.

What is she doing?
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Should I miss work? I'm reluctant to since missing today only means more work tomorrow, but a weekend is the best day for me to miss and I haven't missed since late, you know, I really don't feel like going.

Edit: Yay! My manager just called to let me know I don't have to go in today (that's never happened before), so I'm definitely staying home. Thanks to all who answered. :)
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what are you up to?

I am up bright and early (7 46 am) and excited about training this afternoon. I am also thinking about the sushi i will buy for lunch and how delicious it will be.
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background checks

Have you ever done a background check on someone?  I've been thinking about getting one for my estranged grandfather....I've talked to him once, but never met him.  I watch the obits everyday, just to find out more about him.  Without getting too into the situation, contacting him again isn't really an option. 

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1. Whose woods are these?
2. Would the owner see me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow?
3. Does my little horse think it queer?
4. Is there some mistake?
5. How far do I have to go before I sleep?

i get the same ol' dreams.

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what are some nice-sounding folky musicians/bands? (like iron & wine, sufjan stevens, joni, tom petty... etc) i'm tryna make a summery mix to keep myself sane.

AND ALSO, you know in the movie high fidelity, when john cusack was like, "i bet i can sell five copies of the new ep by the beta band..."? what is the name of that album?
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What is your preferred method of intoxication: drink less, get drunk faster (hard liquor) or drink more, get drunk more slowly (beer/bitch beer/etc)?
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why did everts delete his/her question? I TOTALLY HAD THE ANSWER! D: D: D:

i have to go to the art store today and buy 3 canvases and raw umber oil paint. where do you have to go and what do you have to buy?

i make this awesome coffee drink with lots of peppermint and vanilla extracts. what's awesome that you make? (doesn't have to be food-related).

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remember when YOU were new to TQC?

oh good god yes

what did YOU do when you were a stupid newbie? how'd you end up finding your niche?

i asked people if they lost the game, asked "ZOMG DOES SHE LIKE ME?" questions and changed my icon so people wouldn't recognize that i was that guy. i found it by lurking moar.

Bad karma!!

Last night my friends and I were on the way to a party when one of them found a wallet containing around $200 on it. He took almost all of the money (I think he took 900 kr. and left 150 kr. in the wallet, I won't be bothered to convert that to USD). Then he just threw the wallet back on the sidewalk. He used the money to pay our admission fee to the party and buy us drinks. A couple of us had tried to convince him not to take the money, but not very hard.

ETA: There was tons of ID in the wallet. He could have easily turned it into the police station or sent it back to the owner.

1. How bad is my karma right now?
2. What would you have done in this situation?
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1. How do me and my friend go about coloring some comics she drew in hand that we intend for the internet? We scanned one that she hand colored but it looked like crap, is it always going to look like crap if she hand colors them before scanning? What should we do? (just leave them black and white and color them on the computer?)

2. Do you call it a crank call or a prank call?

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TQC, I have been up for 20 hours, but I have to stay up for at least another 8 hours. Within the next 2 hours or so, my body's going to want to give up.

Will you give me some of your favorite links to games, or whatever really, that suck you in and distract you from other things?

*EDIT: The weather sirens around here have been going off for 5 minutes. There's not a dark cloud in the sky and the basic network channels have no warnings up. What is going on? Have the Russians finally attacked? D:

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I'm going to mosey on down to the public library today and actually start getting books out again. I'm getting sick of re-reading my current books, good as they are.

My top three favourite authors are Robin Hobb, Neil Gaiman and Phillip K Dick. I love urban fantasy the most, but I like a range of fantasy and sci-fi as well as long as it's well-written. I particularly like when things like political intrigue, magic and strange critters are involved.

Recommend me some good books to get out that you think would probably be something I'd enjoy? Would appreciate a brief blurb about the book/series as well.
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tldr but it's been bugging me

I work at this company, and when I walk inside, we have this security desk, and there's this woman (maybe up to five years older than me, maybe ten, I'm bad at judging age) who works sometimes as a security guard.

Months and months ago, when I had started the job, I hung out with one of my guy friends at the job, and one of those times she said to us "You two are so cute together!" and we laughed, because we aren't like that. We're just friends.

Let's fast forward to earlier this week. Since that happened last time, my boyfriend also started working with me, which is totally fine, and we mostly hang out together on our breaks and lunch.

So we were in the cafeteria, which is across from the security desk, and I went to the security room in order to ask for a bandaid (I had a cut on my foot). She asks what my boyfriend's name is, and I respond with it. And rest of the conversation goes like this:

Her: "Are you two related?"
Me: [disgusted tone] "No... Definitely not."
Her: "You sure? You two look awfully alike."
Me: "No, he's from Florida, I'm from Delaware.."
Her: "You sure you aren't distantly related?"
Me: "NO.. He's German and I'm Irish and Black.. We are definitely not related"

I grabbed the bandaids from the other person who was there, and left.

To note, he has dirty blonde hair, I have black hair, and I'm biracial and he's German. We do look NOTHING alike.

TLDR: Security guard asks if my boyfriend and I are related, and upon me insisting we're not, she keeps pressing on the question, making me pissed off.

Here is my question:
Why would she keep insisting on a question like that? To be rude?
Do you think it has anything to do with what she initially noted about my friend and I being cute together?
What would you have said to get her to shut up? How would you have handled it?
Any other thoughts?

Thanks for any of your inputs, and sorry for the excessively long entry, it just has been bugging the hell out of me all week.
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If for some reason Obama's running mate were Palin, and McCain's running mate were Biden, would this change who you'd been planning on voting for prior to their VP announcements?

I'd like to hear your reasons as to why, no matter what your answer, but a simple yes or no would also suffice.

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What should I get my boyfriend for our 1-year anniversary?

ETA: My relationship is not in trouble. I am not dumping him. I have ideas, I just am bad at gifts because I want it to be perfect, so I wanted to know what other people think. D:
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After watching some of the speeches during the RNC this week I've been wondering,

1. What do you think are some "small town values"?

2. Are you from a small town or a city?

3. Do you think your values are different than those from more rural/urban places?
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Do you like stuff in your banana bread? I have chocolate chips or raisins that I could put in there. I'm sure I have other things that are an option as a mix-in, but this is only like my third time making banana bread in general and I don't know what will taste good in there.

What things have you had in your banana bread?

Hot on Wheels

You make a friend on the internet who has a disability (say in this instance is in a wheelchair), would you rather they told you this straight up or is it ok for them to let you find out they are an awesome person first before they spring this info on you?

*I guess this would be of more influence if you were planning on meeting them in person
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What are some (snack?) foods or drinks you always surround yourself with when you sit yourself down for a VERY LONG cram study session?

I want to go to Baker's Delight and get me a few of those Cheesymite (cheese with marmite!) buns and a few packets of chips and m&ms or something. But you know, maybe you have some other contributions?

No pizza and alcohol please. I'll never get any studying done!

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If you could be a superhero/villian what would your superhero/villian name be and what would you have as your superpower?

If you could pick anyone on TQC to be your sidekick/minion, who would it be?
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Poll #1254537 That place you go when you've got to go

You've got to go. Preferably in something that flushes. You need to go to the-



Green eyeshadow- Fashion faux-pas or totally justified in some circumstances?

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If you own a website...

How much would you pay for a month banner ad on a forum site, which has about 1000 unique visitors a month plus about 50 regular members a day (about 200 regular members overall), and the banner ad will be rotated with about 20 other ads, randomly?
Assume your content is relevant to the forum.

And yes, 'very little' is valid, but how much is very little?
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Sorry about the low blow earlier, TQC.  I'm a sore loser with a mischievous streak.  Serious question this time.

Why is it the professor on Gilligan's island can make a radio out of coconuts but he can't fix a hole in the boat?

If Fred Flinstone breaks his legs/feet while driving, does he go to the mechanic or the hospital?

How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?

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I'm creating a costume for Halloween, and I found a wig at a thrift shop. It, unfortunately has the texture of straw and in the half hour it's been sitting in my room has become a jumbled and tangly mess. Any tips on fixing it?

Also, Collapse ) are awesome, yes?
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Is it raining super hard where you live?
Whens the last time you had to book it to your car so your bags didn't get too damaged?

i had to run to my car today cause i was more worried about my computer getting wet than my damaged knee acting up. yay cartilage tears!
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what should i order for lunch?

A. Grilled Chicken Sandwich - With marinated balsamic onions, pancetta bacon, pesto aioli, Swiss cheese and served with house green salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

B. Smoked Turkey Sandwich - Smoked turkey, Havarti cheese, fresh lettuce, mayonnaise and tomatoes served with house green salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

C. Sirloin Sandwich on Toasted Ciabatta Bread - Thinly sliced and layered with cheese, mayo, crispy red
onions, spring mix & tomatoes, served with a mixed green salad tossed with balsamic vinaigrette

Let's get nekkid.

So how many of you ACTUALLY had to shower in the locker rooms after gym class in high school??

In my high school there were showers, but they weren't used (they didn't even work, as far as I know), and every time I see a high school movie where the characters shower after gym class I'm always all, "WTF?!"
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my mom used to tell me, "don't scream in the house, because the neighbors will hear you and think i am beating you, and then they will call the cops and i will be arrested and taken to jail, and then i won't be able to make chocolate milk for you EVER AGAIN!"

what weird things did your parents tell you when you were a kid?

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Ok TQC, I have a driving situation... I drive my roommate, friend and friends roommate to school everyday (we live in the same apt complex) The parking pass cost me $500 but since I have to be at work at 8am and in class/work until 5pm or 8am everyday I really benefit from the pass. Is it ok for me to ask them to contribute to gas? I mean granted I would be going there anyway but on the same token they're getting a free ride to and from class. I wouldn't ask my roommate for  gas money because she drives when we go out (groceries, shopping, etc). 

Would you ask your friend & her roommie to chip in for gas? Shouldn't they know enough to offer me money? How can I go about asking them in a nice way?

ETA: My friend & her roommate both don't have cars, so whenever my friend and I go out I drive.

A Boggling Question

Are you good at Boggle? I am ridiculously bad at it. My friends look at me with a strange mixture of surprise and pity after they read my score. It's slowly driving me insane! How can I improve my Boggle skills? Srs and non-srs answers will be equally appreciated.

For those who aren't good at Boggle: what game(s) are you good at?
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some of you may remember these -

and yes, this is a nod to the fabulous thatbitchfiona who I miss tremendously.

Ellen vs Rosie?

Barbara vs Katie?

red vs white?

mountains vs ocean?

Completely unrelated: can someone point or link me to the firefox add-on that provides a lot of the html shortcuts when you right click?
I hope someone knows what I'm talking about, because I've had zero luck so far in finding it on FF's add-on page.

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TQC had a huge party last night and we all got wasted and passed out but didn't wake up until Nov 4th. Ah crap it's election day and the polls are closing in an 5 mins! Without any knowledge of what went on in the last two months who are you going to vote for?

Poll #1254824 Who are you voting for?

Who are you voting for?

Obama / Biden
McCain / Palin
Barr / Root
Paul / ???
I can't vote
The illuminati run everything anyway so I don't bother to vote
Sirius Black
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I was reading a travel book at Borders today that contained an image of a large (huge, really) reclining Buddha temple on a hillside somewhere in Asia. It wasn't just a statue, I believe it was an entire temple built in the shape of a Buddha just lying on the hillside.

Does anyone know the name of the temple, or even which country it's in? TIA.
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First question--overheard on the radio the other day. You've been married for four years and you have a child, 2. Your buddy sends you a link to a porn video he found at a free, amateur porn site. It's your wife, who looks drunk, having sex with four guys. It was done before you met. It doesn't necessarily look like she knows she's being video taped, but it doesn't look like she's totally out of it either.

How do you respond? What do you do?

Second question--Collapse )

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what can you tell me about mexican-american food? what is the difference between tex-mex and mexican food found elsewhere in the united states (namely, the northwestern united states).

what's your favorite thing to order from a mexican restaurant?

Resume question

So far I've had jobs that fall under either the category of fast food or general entry-level customer service (cashiering, basically).

When I send my resume out for professional jobs can I just list the most recent of my "unskilled" jobs since all of them basically had the same description (serving food to people, ringing people up, cleaning up stuff, opening and closing the store) or will that make it look like I didn't start working until I was 21? Plus then I'd only have two jobs listed, but it's kind of pointless to list all of them since the half the places I worked have closed and couldn't be used for references.

Or should I just list all the stupid little jobs I've had until I have more professional experience and don't need to pad my resume anymore?
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Maybe this has been done here before, but I was arguing with someone last night and I want to prove that I'm right:

Poll #1254823 Which is right?

which do you say?

gym shoes
tennis shoes
other (in comments)

which do you say?

other (in comments)

Feel free to include where you're from in comments if that affects your answers.

EDIT: Holy Jesus, I'm turning off comment e-mails!
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Any ideas for science fiction/gaming couples Halloween costumes?

(Boyfriend and I are a tall, skinny white pair with slight costuming ability, if you have any ideas that will fit us. But of course any ideas at all are welcome.)

(no subject)

According to Cosmo, "only 13 percent of men describe their sex life in detail to their buddies." I don't know the number of girls who do... So Do you describe your sex life in detail to your friends?
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(no subject)


stephen harper
stéphane dion
jack layton
whoever runs the green party
or the bloc, i guess
i'm canadian but not voting

and why, if you'd like to share.

i'm voting conservative because i want them to have a majority tbh.


What do you think of the perfume Impression of Coach? I have no idea what the actual perfume smells like because it's in a box. :/ Does it smell like the real Coach perfume? I have Impression of Princess by Vera Wang but I don't like it...then again I didn't care for Vera Wang's perfume to begin with.

(no subject)

Hey Teek Yoo See

We've been meeting like this for quite some time now. Don't you think it's time we took our relationship to the next level?

Where are you going to take me for our date next week?
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If a member of tqc changes their username do you think they should make a post and be like "O hay it's me!"?

My sister asked my mom last night to come over and feed the dog while she's on her cruise.  So I was like "Why did you ask mom to drive 30 miles every day to feed/water the dog when I can walk downstairs and do it?" (not those exact words) and she said she "didn't want to impose and needs to make sure it's done," (those exact words).  WTF?  I take care of him more than she does anyway!

Andes, obvs.

You've grown weary of mainstream materialistic culture, and as such have decided to flee and live out the rest of your years in the mountains as a hermit. What mountain range do you choose to call home?

(no subject)

Would you please choose the following option that best represents your opinion on the extended and original version of Mallrats?

I have seen Mallrats and Mallrats: 10th Anniversary Extended Edition and I liked the shorter version better.
I have seen Mallrats and Mallrats: 10th Anniversary Extended Edition and I liked the extended version better
I have seen both the original and extended editions and they both sucked hardcore.
I have seen both the original and extended editions and I could not pick my favorite of the two
I've only seen one.
No, I will not choose.

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I wish I had a better social life where I live right now, I just have a long distance relationship and numerous long distance friendships. This has left me really depressed lately.. So bad I decided with out being told to clean out my closet. How will you help cheer me up?
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May be a little stupid but...

What's it called when you like someone and want them to like you but it's not really sexual? You find them kinda cute and are attracted in a way to them yet you wouldn't really see yourself dating or having sex with them?

I guess you'd call it a crush. But is there a better term? Since crush could be used for someone you would have sex with.


TQC, I am getting divorced soon (yay me).

Should I keep my married name (Oser)? Go back to my Maiden name(Pfeifer)? Pick a new name altogether?

Serious & non-serious answers, I'm in a funk and need cheering up.
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Have you ever found someone you know/knew online doing something that surprised or shocked you? Something that you probably weren't meant to find?

I found a former co-worker on a porn site having interesting things done to him by a lady dominatrix.

I though I was going to wet myself, I laughed so hard! I remember the guy being such an arrogant ass & was quite pleased to see him having his balls whipped & only wished that he wasn't enjoying it so much.

If only there was a way to get his email address....
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Pretend you ordered food online. The estimated delivery time is 45 minutes. How long after that point do you call to see where the hell your food is?

ETA: It's been almost 2 hours, so I just called. The lady who answered said the delivery time is 1 hour 20 minutes, not 45. Also, when I started to type this, the delivery guy showed up.

What are your favorite places to order from, for delivery?
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a little embarrassed here

Quite often I'll kick back on my bed, stretched out on the mattress, and watch television. As the little box fills my head with lies I'll stretch my legs out and sometimes rest a foot up on the wall nearby. Occasionally I'll let my foot swing back and forth from there and this most recent time brings us to the following question.

Have you ever managed to kick yourself in the nuts?
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Okay, so I just basically inherited the sweatshirt below;

Collapse )

As you can see, it's been grunged up by hand with regular safety pins, not some professional strengthened edges pre-made sort of thing. Do you think this would survive going through the washing machine? Perhaps on delicate wash? If not, how best should I wash it? It seems like handwashing wouldn't be enough for a thick hoody.

Edit: Although I kinda like it even though it's pretty ugly, I'm not actually planning to start wearing it around town. But I want it clean for what I'm going to be doing with it.

Edit2: Fine, fine, it's in the bin. ;) I just thought it could be fun to cover in patches.

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I bought a book from ebay on the 26th. I didn't get it until yesterday.

But it took a lot to get this book. I had a lot of trouble getting in contact with the seller to give them a physical address. I had given my po box but kept getting emails saying 'what is your physical address, UPS(our shipper) doesn't deliver to po boxes. I did reply to their emails. They sent three emails all of which I replied to in addition to sending two messages on ebay itself.

What kind of feedback should I give?

(no subject)

Did you have your own *~teen domain~* in the late 90s / early 2000s? (Or were you "hosted" at one?) Did you frequent a particular UBB?

Or did you participate in that oestrogen-charged Photoshop-worshipping e-clambake "scene" in anyway?

(If you don't know what any of this means, the answer will probably be No.)
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So I had a shitty day at work, and hopped out of the my post-work shower to receive the third degree from a friend of mine, who believed some rumors some new "friends" have recently started about me.

So now I am very irate.

I should go eat ice cream to cheer myself up, amirite? How do YOU cheer yourself up when all you wanna do is PUNCH PEOPLE IN THE FACE?

TQC Decide For Me #4596031

It's starting to feel like autumn here, finally. It's cool and rainy. I just had a bowl of chili and cornbread, and now I want to watch a Halloweeny movie... but which one?

What Shall I Watch Tonight?

The Shining
Night of the Living Dead (original)
The Craft
The Birds

Has any movie ever given you nightmares?
Who do you think is the most frightening movie villain?
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1. While under the influence of drugs or even alcohol, (if it applies), have you ever felt your head tingling or something?

2. If so, what were you high on? What was the feeling like?
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do you think its odd if you act one way around your boyfriend of 8 months, and another way around your good friends of 6 years? i dont mean sexually or anything. i mean talk and joke around in different ways
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I would love new music but I dunno where to search, or how to search =(

I love the following:
Feist, Emiliana Torrini, Antoine Dufour, Lykke li, Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap/ Frou Frou

Mostly girls with soft voices, acoustic guitars, jazzy sounds and soft electro sounds.

Any recommendations along those lines?

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I have no desire to go outside when hurricane/tropical storm/remnants of Hanna are flooding my city, so I'm watching the House marathon.  I was also supposed to go to a baseball game that was canceled.

When was the last time the weather changed your plans?  How did you keep yourself occupied?

Will you please post a picture of something cute?
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Today was my friend's birthday.

Last Monday, I went to town with a few of my OTHER friends and while we walked around, we found this bag with a newly bought shirt and undies. The receipt was still in there and when we saw the clothing, we thought it was perfect for the friend who's birthday is today.

We quickly decided to use this perfect find as the perfect gift for this friend of ours and if the clothes didn't fit, we'd have the receipt to go swap the clothing.

This friend does not know of how the clothing came to be in our possession, she probably thinks we bought it. She loves the undies and she thinks the shirt will fit (actually, I can't remember if it was a shirt or what since I completely forgot about it until she thanked me for the undies she seems to love). It was wrapped and put into a shoe box.

Are we bad people?
Will she ever find out?
If no one knows, we won't get into shit right?
Are we going to hell?
How are we going to be punished?
What would you have done?

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I'm in a long-distance relationship. We'd rather not talk on the phone, but we do it anyways (oddly enough, we both can't stand the damn thing). It seems half the emails we send each other don't get through. We are tired of being angry with each other, and then realising a lost email was the cause. We do not have cell phones, and don't use instant messaging. We are both stubborn asses like that. I am trying to think of a better internet communication tool for us. Something that only we have access to, able to post/respond to a message, post pictures, etc. I am not internet savvy, and have no idea if something like this exists. Please, could you educate my pea-sized brain with some ideas?

and, when you take laundry out of the dryer, do you fold them and then put them in the basket or take them to the dresser/closet/area they go and hang/fold them right away?

eta: he has dial up (lovely remote mountain town :)) and a fucked up computer. instant messaging and webcaming made us crazy for each other, and the constant disconnecting drove us even more crazy. so we stopped that. looking for NEW ideas...


Ok, ok, I know this is one of *those* posts, one that you all hate, one that has been repeated often but please bear with me. I'm desperate.

I need a new place to host my images. I am not satisfied with photobucket because it is slow in uploading bulk images, and I need something faster. Does anyone have any recommendations for me?

And just so this isn't a completely crappy post:

If you were a big time movie director and you could make any movie that you wanted, what would it be about? What stars would be in it and what characters would they play?
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Hi. I'm (potentially) going to a music block party next Sunday that's hosted by a radio station. It's all day (12 PM- 10 PM) and there's 10 bands playing. On the site it says there will be food and stuff, but that really doesn't tell me much of anything.


Has anyone ever been to a music block party? How was it?

How long does each band usually play?

What should I bring?

What to expect?

Thank yous.

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k most people i'm guessing won't be able to answer this but o well. HERE'S A LOVELY NICHE QUESTION.

for any budding writers out there - what are you writing? what genre is your fave to write? what's your current story (stories?) about? :)

okay actually here's a really lame general question: what subjects are you currently studying and why?

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What do you want?
my math homework to be done already.
What do you need?
love and affection. who doesn't?
What annoys you?
slow walkers, and those who just stop in the middle of the hallway, ner'y in a group of less than three.
What do you fear?
being alone, having no purpose in life.
What is one of your phobias?
insects with many many legs. I hate how they move.
What is a little thing in life that you enjoy?
I don't know why, but I love seeing people come to the door. Like today, we were in the car waiting to pick my sister's friend up, and I just sat in the car, and I noticed the sense of anticipation I had. I just love it when people open the door.
What is one of your personality traits that you both love and hate?
I'm my own worst critic.
Why did my right ear just start randomly buzzing and then stop after about 20 seconds?

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Where do you get your ringtones? Do you pay for them? 

What's your ringtone? 

Do you have a call tone so that when people call you, they can hear a song? What plays? Where do you get it? Is it free?


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As mentioned numerous times, I'm an educator of the sex. This means I get all of the goods- dildos, bondage equipment, lotions & potions etc nearly free, and my apartment and car are stockpiled of these items. Companies send me shit "Watch this porn! Try this new lube!" all the damn time, and I have multiples of everything.
Therefore, my friends have no problems going through my apartment/car/purse and helping themselves. At first I didn't mind because there was no point in me having 20 containers of Nipple Nibblers, but now it's fucking ridiculous. I am really upset that they think it's fine to just steal from me, but I feel it's my fault because I didn't kick this behavior in the ass from the moment it started.

How would you confront them? Just send them a bill for all of the inventory they've fucked me on?

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Okay, so, I'm trying to find this oneshot comic. It has Batman and superman talking to little kid versions of themselves, and all I really remember about it is the Batman convo went like this:

'I'm Batman!' 'No you're not.' 'Yes, I am.' 'No, you're not.' 'I'm the goddam-' 'Shut. Up.'

I don't remember how Superman's went.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about and where I can find it?
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Should i give my deployed husband a subtle hint that "HEY ITS MY BIRTHDAY"? 

Or should I wait until he forgets and get all psycho about how he forgot and how i hate him and he ruined my life and im taking the kids and getting a divorce and emptying the bank accounts?
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How long of a hiatus have you taken from Livejournal and/or TQC?
---Did you continue to 'lurk' around LJ/TQC while you were gone, or did you just leave completely for a while?

My job sucks because of a lot of upper-level dumb that I don't care to elaborate on so I'm looking for a new one! I have a background in retail sales/customer service and cosmetics; I have already applied to some department stores and The Body Shop.
Where else should I apply/what site should I use to find jobs?
(I reside within a reasonable distance to the Mall of America so the opportunities are basically limitless.)

If those questions bore you, will you please tell me about your plans for tomorrow?

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Can you tone leg muscles just by walking?

I've been walking to work and back every day, which is a total of at least two miles. I work on the third floor at work and live on the fourth floor of my apartment. I use the stairs - there are no elevators. I've been doing this for six weeks every single day and my legs are really flabby (my calves are freaking HUGE, and it's not muscle, it's fat) and simply won't tone. I also used the elliptical machine almost every single day at the gym this past summer, and for two years before this I walked all over campus, which was also a few miles a day.

What am I doing wrong? Or is my fat just covering up the muscles?

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1. I'm stuck using dial up for who knows how long. What are some dial up friendly websites I can enjoy?

2. I miss my paid LJ account, but for some reason can't convince myself to buy another year. (I'd rather buy a year than pay month to month.) Will you convince me its worth the money?

3. What's the earliest I can go to bed on a Saturday night without becoming a total loser?