September 5th, 2008


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oo1. Where do you get your news (for example, TV news programs, radio, newspapers, news magazines, the Internet, friends)?

oo2. Do you believe what you read and see in the news, or do you question where information is coming from and what the true agenda is?

oo3. Do you consciencely seek out media with diverse perspectives on the news?

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TQC, this (huge picture) is currently on my ceiling. It's about the size of a quarter and my kitten is going batshit trying to eat it. I'm scared if I try to kill it I'll miss and it'll retaliate while I'm sleeping.

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1. What are good glasses to wear to prevent getting headaches from an LCD display? What about those things you put over LCD displays (anti-glare thingies)? What's good?

2. What are good, high quality, noise canceling headphones that are wireless or have some other means to connect over 10-20 feet (long cord maybe)?

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We bought a house two weeks ago. I just found a (live) baby mouse right next to my chinchilla's cage. What the fuck do I do? I can not kill it. Right now it's on a heating pad and I'm feeding it baby formula.

Any idea how old this thing is? Everything online seems to be talking about since it has hair and its eyes are open, can it live on its own? Should I put it outside? It's about 50 degrees at night now, maybe colder. I don't want it to die but mouse infestation is not common in Minnesota and I just don't know what to do. I also don't really want to keep it, unless it can live with my chinchilla.

Ok so obviously I can't form a cohesive question, but someone just tell me what to do.


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What did you think of McCain's speech?

those who did not watch it, and are only looking to post snarky comments...  You go to HELL! You go to HELL and you DIE! Me fail English? That's unpossible!

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Has anyone here ever had acne laser treatment done to yourself or anyone you know?

Did it work? How soon did you see results? Can you tell me about it?

For those with perfect skin:

...I cant really think of anything...

Do you wanna ask me a question?
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I have terrible road rage. Its so bad I dread getting behind the wheel. I learned how to drive in the country, 80mph down scary back roads dodging moose and dear, so driving in the STOP and GO and STOP and GO city with buses and traffic makes me crazy. All the people who just walk in front of your car like they have a death wish...sigh. So that's what makes me rage.

1. What makes you rage?

2. Should the NKOTB rename themselves? If so, what?

3. If you and I were elephants and you wanted to date me, how would you ask me out and what would we do?
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Poll #1253992 How do you feel about yourself?

In percentages, how often would you say you like yourself?

100% of the time
90% of the time
80% of the time
70% of the time
60% of the time
50% of the time
40% of the time
30% of the time
20% of the time
10% of the time or less

If you could change every little thing you didn't like about yourself, what would you change?

Physical - Face (eye shape, nose shape, mouth shape, etc)
Physical - Body (size, shape, posture, et al)
Physical - Coloring (skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc.)
Physical - Oral (orthodontics, eg), Optical (glasses, contacts)
Personality - In a large group (5+ other people)
Personality - In a small group (less than 5 other people)
Personality - Alone (eg self talk)
Personality - Outlook on life in general (eg. Optimist, Pessimist, Realist)
Mental - Intelligence - More apt at math and science
Mental - Intelligence - More apt at literature, language, and art
Mental - Intelligence - More apt at hands-on application (eg. autoshop)

What is something that always makes you happy, without fail?

What is something that always makes you sad, without fail?


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Where can I find a good online resource that discusses covers modern art and the artists?

I'm going to have to camp out in my campus' reserve library but otherwise, I have nothing to read this semester. I'm actually bored.
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catching my z's.

Do you love to sleep or do you hate it with the passion of a thousand burning suns?

How many of you don't have sleepwear but instead sleep in whatever you have on?

If you do have sleepwear, what you're favorite outfit?

If you could fall asleep anywhere, where would you want to sleep?

Personally, I loathe sleeping. I hate that my body shuts down for hours not because I want to but because I have to. Science, when are you going to make my anti-sleep pill already?
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1. Are you a more stay at home person or an out and about person?
I just realized I hate leaving my house.

2. What is the most favorite toy you ever had? Why was/is it your favorite?
lulu guinness clutch


Would you ever buy one of these? Would you use one if it was given to you as a gift? Do you think it's practical?

Do you have trouble sleeping before the first day of school? Why?

Tomorrow is my first day of class and I can't sleep. It's been like this for as long as I can remember.

Up yours, sober people

Poll #1254069 Guess what I did

I'm farkliong drunk. If you engage in this poll, it's because hyou support drunknessness. Will you answer these quesetions truthfully? Why am I not wearing my pants?

It's too hot
I got jiggy with someone's naughty prts
The bum in the alley gave me $20 for them
I'm feeling all sexy and pants are never invited to the lovefest between hand and unit
I dunno actuallly. I'm just not wearing pants. I can't answer the hard questions just yet

When I went to use the bathroom, I noticed that there was a pair of hands on the stall door. When I was done whizzing in the urinal, I peered undr teh door. I saw 2 pairs of feet. Whta wer they doing in there?

Having sex
They were a conjoined twin, that's all
You were obviously drunk and seeing double. Only one person in the stall, drunky
OMG! It was a centaur! You should have asked for a ride
Knitting. You have a dirty mind

Why are you drunk, 4C?

I'm sad
Ive got $40
Brain cells are the disease and alcohol is the cure
No one loves me. At least not for $20 or less in my time zone
I'm not drunk. it's a brilliant ruse to catch you offguard
It was Newspaper Carrier Day (celebrate Sept 4). Those fucking guys deserve multiple toasts
No one on TQC is on my phone list. WTF?
I dunno. It's Thursday. Good enough

adelaidejewel and I are discussing the virtues of Eva Green. What's your favorite Eva movie?

Kingdom of Heaven
Casino Royale
Golden Compass
Is she that chick from Desperate Housewives?
She's a French cunt. I don't like her
Gee, 4C, wouldn't you rather think about me?
Poppycock. I know you were probably talking bout Sarah Palin and her foxy Replubican ass, same as everybody else
Please. You just wanna watch adelaide and Eva dyke out while you play with your man partss, you perv
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So, TQC.

If I were to say the words "kinky owl sex," what would that make you think of?

Any particularly interesting mental images?

(There is a long story behind kinky owl sex that I could probably not do justice even if I tried.)

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I feel really sick. Like I could barf soon. Should I go try to throw up before class in hopes of feeling better or do you think that will make it worse?

I did it and it made me feel better but I still feel too bad to go to class.
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1. honestly now, do you have a desire to be famous or married to someone famous?
2. would you marry someone just because he or she is famous?!
3. do you ever pretend to be famous?
4. what would you want to be famous for?
5. if you were famous, what would the headline beneath your picture on the cover of us weekly say?
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tqc, what the hell is this: ☃?

google actually brought NO RESULTS!!

eta: ok, if i use a bigger font size we can see it better:

i thought those lowest four circles were supposed to be arms and legs at first.

but still, who gets to invent these things? a snowman, wtf? i want a symbol! *the user formerly known as lierre*

what symbol would you make?

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I have three hours with an empty house, a little herbal fun, some beer, a messy room, a hurricane on the way, no available friends, and a kitten. What can/should I do with these things?

I feel like there is a nerve pinched between my vertebrae and it's been this way all week. Has this ever happened to you? Did it eventually go away or did you have to fix it?

Should I stay blonde?

I hate posting just one question in an entry on TQC. Does anyone else feel that way?

Who wants to see Choke? I think it looks like it'll be a good movie.

Okay, I'm done.

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I'm doing an educational program in my dorm. We are having a mocktail party and we are going to fake roofie people. Would you attend? There is free food. Also virgin mixed drinks (and maybe some virgins)

What do you think of a "foam dance party"? Would you go? there in one on Saturday night. Should I go?

Do you think I'll have a quiz in Physics today?
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I'm googling too, but you never know what home-remedy goodness somebody may know.

I've got poison ivy all over my body. My doctor just called in some pills or cream or something (she didn't tell me) to the pharmacy up the street, but it'll take a bit of time before I can go get it. Do you know any home remedies (besides calamine lotion and the sorts) for extreme itchiness?

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G'morning, TQC. I'm sick. Not like pneumonia ill, but I'm definetely taking today off. My question is: What can I do all day so as not to lose my mind with boredom, but that also doesn't require too much brain power? I have homework and reading to do anyway, but I'd like to do something other than play on LJ all day. I would take a walk down to the coffee shop, but it's a good twenty minute walk and I don't want to get there and be too exhausted to walk back.

What do you like to do when you're sick? 
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Have you ever seen something on the internet that was so disturbing that it troubled your sleep? Like, I don't mean goatse or the You Spin Me Right Round flopping tranny penis or I mean, like, really, really upsetting disturbing. Something that you wish you could go back and unsee. Something that you would warn people not to look at, to save them from the trauma. Have you seen anything like that?

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In the state of California, is it legal for a manager to gossip to employees about a former employee?  Specifically, if a company I applied to called my former manager to get info about my time there, could the former manager gossip to my former co-workers about my application to the other company?

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what movies are your guilty pleasure? in other words, what movies do you like but don't tell anyone because you'll get pulled out to a dark alley by your eyelids, beaten with a rust covered crowbar while you piss yourself and scream your stepmothers name for liking?

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Here's one for my stoner buddies;

What's your more effective way of making an ice spottle? I feel so lame for having smoked for fifteen years and yet cannot for the life of me successfully knock the bottom out of the damn glass.

Quick Poll:

If McCain and Palin win, who wants to join me in a mass exodus to:

Tierra del Fuego?
Death Valley?
Radford University?

Is there another location I might add to the list for Americans (potentially) ashamed to be Americans in a few months?
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T. gondii

Did you know that you are quite probably infected with a parasite, that if you are a woman, makes you into a total 'sexkitten', andif you are a man makes makes you 'stupider'?

This same parasite totally likes boys more than girls too, if you get is while pregnant it'll increase your chance of having a boy baby. (It will also increase the chance of the baby having mental retardation, no biggie though.)

Anyone else over assignments? I AM MUCHOS OVER THIS STUPID REPORT.


I'm so very pumped for Summer, no more swimming indoors for me.

ETA: Links for T. gondii
This one is about it's effects on rats.
This is one is slightly sensationalist
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US election

Why does it seem that election campaigns in the US tend to concentrate on the candidates and their lives rather than what they could actualy bring to the presidency and their policies and other things related to how they would be as a president?

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I went to the ER yesterday with a severe allergic reaction to...I don't even know what. Lobster I think. I was covered head to toe in HUGE hives. They gave me prednisone and instructed me to keep taking benadryl.

I haven't taken the benadryl because it just makes me way too tired. Tonight is beginning of the Oyster Festival ( and I want to go and have a few beers.

So, is it safe to drink while taking prednisone?

If you don't know/care, what are you allergic to?

Would you be pissed if you could never eat shellfish again? Cause I sure am!

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So I have this poster I made for my supervisors's new office, (under the cut) but she has tons more pics she needs to put somewhere should I just cover a poster board with them? or whats your idea?
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So, I'm an officer for Sigma Tau Delta (the well-named English honorary society) for a small university, and was trying to think of random events that we could do.  Last year we had a "literary feast" (people made food mentioned in/inspired by a book) and word game nights (scattergories, etc.).  This semester, we're planning on carpooling to go to readings at nearby bookstores and getting a group together that's going to do NaNoWriMo.

So, what events/activities can you think of that would be fun for a group of nerdy English majors?

Haruhi disappearance
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1) They say eating things with beta carotene help your there an equivalent for your hearing?

2) How do you feel when people act all dramatic and accusatory over one little mistake you made? Assume there is a process to fix said mistake.

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So today in my Spanish II class, we have a new student from Malaysia who doesn't speak very good english. The teacher calls her up to her desk to get her arranged for class and stuff. She opens her mouth and speaks and that catches the attention of this irritating little girl that sits next to me in that class.
Because of her unusual accent she asks her: "Hey, where do you come from?"
The Malaysian girl doesn't say anything or even look at her, but it wasn't in a rude way at all, she just didn't hear her apparently.
The girl who asked her the question goes: "I can't believe she ignored me!"
Another girl asks her and does grab her attention and tells her.
This proceeds the other girl to go: "I don't like her, she ignored me but talked to you."

How would you react/think if you were a witness to this?

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I have a Sansa c150 mp3 player, I don't have the cd for it anymore. I still have the USB cable but when I connect it to the computer, I can't gain access to the files.
I need to delete some songs from it, anyone know how?

Thank you (:

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Inspired by that post asking if you think you're pretty:

Why do so many of you think you're not pretty?!!?

Can you post a pic of yourself and tell me what you think is wrong so I can tell you that you're crazy and beautiful?

8 legs of insomnia

It's a busy week for you. You have a friend staying over and sleeping on your couch (maybe more than one friend. Just picture all your couches and extra beds are filled), and you have a really important meeting/presentation at work/school the next day. It's important you rest up. You're in your room, getting ready for bed, when you notice a large spider on your pillow. It's the size of a peanut butter cup. After you panic a little, you look around for implements to catch or destroy it, and when you return your eyes back to the pillow, it's gone! If you poke around a little, you don't find it anywhere on, under or behind the bed. You really need to sleep, but there's a massive spider unaccounted for, and you don't have another place to doze. What do you do?
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*Will you tell me some cool band/music or movie/tv related trivia?

"UB40" is the number of an old dole form in the UK
Mark Knopfler wrote "Money for Nothing" after hearing two store employees jealously bitching about the guys on MTV, playing on the tellies.
A new one - Coldplay apparently bond by getting together and making clothes for themselves. :\
I also just learned that the reason Doris Day's movie "Teacher's Pet" was shot in B&W is because Clark Gable was looking so wrecked from his alcoholic lifestyle, that full colour would have been awful to see.


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Have you picked up any interests/hobbies specifically because of your SO?
If your relationship ended tomorrow, would you still maintain these interests/hobbies?

If you're not currently in a relationship, did you drop any interests/hobbies since ending your most recent partnership?

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Inspired by my own comment. One day you get a knock at your door, and it's a man in a gorilla suit. He sings and dances on your porch, alerting you and your neighbors that your SO is gay. How do you feel?

Horribly embarrassed. I tell him to shut up and go away
Well, it's disconcerting that my SO is gay, but hahaha, singing monkeyman is amusing! Great way to learn the truth
I don't like this turn of events. I punish the messenger with the nearest bludgeoned object within my reach and find out who put him up to this
"My SO is gay? I don't believe you, but do you know what IS gay? A man singing and dancing in a monkey costume, buddy"
"Well, I'm gay, so it makes sense that my SO would be gay as well, huh, Einstein?"
Bribe the monkeyman for the info who hired him, and then pay him to sing 'SO-AND-SO IS A PEDOPHILE" on their porch

Edit: I know gorillas aren't monkeys. I didn't proofread my own poll and didn't realize I had initially said gorilla

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I was e-mailing my cover letter and resume to my alma mater for a clerical type position and had already attached them when I went to look at the letter for something else, and realized I had forgotten to tweak the letter from the last time I used it, I generally use the same basic letter or resume and just tweak it for the specific job.-the last paragraph was about how I would be a good employee for ______. Usually I read through the letter when I do it to make sure I change the place I'm applying to but I had been tired then, thank god I caught it before I sent it.

So, this brings me to my question. While applying for a job what is the stupidest or silliest mistake you've made? If it applies, as an employee who hires/interviews people what is the stupidest or silliest thing you've seen?
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Little House on the Prairie.

So I was telling my friends about how my grandfather grew up down the road from Laura Ingalls Wilder and her husband and daughter, and my great-uncle was their houseboy who got to burn manuscripts. (no lie, true story.)
Then one of them says "I'm sure this would be much more exciting if I knew who this lady was."
I couldn't believe that she didn't know, and then when I said she was the lady who wrote Little House on the Prairie, my friends both say "Never watched it."
They didn't know it was a book series, and these are two 19-year-old girls.

So my question:
Have you read the Little House books?
Would you be surprised if someone didn't know who Laura Ingalls Wilder was?

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I don't like fish, but want to start trying to eat it (health benefits I guess).

I like canned tuna.

Does a tuna fillet (with added salt, of course), taste like canned tuna? I know, the question may sound dumb, but I want to make sure because I don't have much money and would like to avoid wasting it if I can...

Any recommends for a "starter fish"?

edit: So, I'm going to go out and buy some you think it'll go well if I cook it in my steamer and cover it in teriyaki??? Recommendations?

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all hail public transport

i have a copy of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure that is due at Blockbuster today but it's going to be a serious pain in the ass to get to the location i rented it at.

can i return it to another location?

BONUS QUESTION: should i verbally bitch slap my friend for making me rent it at this location instead of the one near my apartment?
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My chemistry teacher gets angry if I ask her anything, so I'll ask the geniuses on TQC. :) I'm in grade eleven by the way so excuse the ignorance haha.

How do you convert cm3 to mm3? (That's cubed, I can't find superscript on here). Examples would be AMAZING. :)


My brother was talking to a girl online for a few hours. Everything was cool, they lived near each other and planned on going to get coffee later on. Until, before planning where to meet, she asked for a pic and he obliged.
After this, it just went quiet. No responses or anything from her after she got the pic.
Now I have never met a person on the internet for any sort of romantic interests/friendships, so I have no Idea what the standards are for this. They were meeting as platonic friends up until this point, so I would assume looks shouldn't matter too much.

1. Has this same thing happened to you?

2. do you photograph poorly? like, if someone saw a picture of you, would they be bummed compared to if they met you in real life?

3. How much do looks/weight of dates/friends matter to you? Would you date someone less attractive to you if they had everything else you wanted?
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1. Is there anything you ever swore that you wouldn't do, and then went and did anyway?

2. Do you have self-control? How does one go about having more self-control? Don't you need at least a little bit to start using it in the first place?

And completely unrelated :

3. Does anyone remember a computer game from the 80s/early 90s that involved being on the moon and using the spacebar to jump over craters? It was for the really old Apple computers, where everything was green and/or black. I can't for the life of me remember what this game was called - does anyone else? (I have searched, and the closest I can find is "Moon Patrol," but that sounds like there's a lot more action involved when compared to the game I remember.)

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You're developing a celebrity status: Your agent has asked you to start using a stage name. What do you choose?

What diva demands do you have?

What do you become most famous for?
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Should I make pumpkin chocolate chunk muffins or a plain cheesecake?

This is my first time using ManicPanic dye. Is it supposed to fade so fast? My hair has gone from red to orange in a almost a week.

Why does my husband's cat follow me around everywhere?

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How would you feel/react if you were a (female) cashier, and one of your middle-aged male customers told you that his boobs were bigger than yours?

What about if you had big knockers and his man boobs were a fair size, but not bigger than yours?
Someday I'll be a flower


Why, when I try to go to, does it open as comcast?

I don't even have a Comcast account. And Comcast is opening in the gmail url...

Seems to be working now...

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this year, the last year of my media course my coursework i have to do is film promotion. this means i have to re-release a real film that is on DVD for some reason ( directors cut, additional features or anniversary date ) and promote this film using posters, banners, flyers, 2 minute radio advertisement, website & any other ideas for advertisement. all the photos i use have to be taken myself & directed myself, so i have to use friends as the actors for the DVD cover/back, posters, etc.

this brings me to my question!
if you were doing this, what film would you do? and what would be the reason for re-release? and why?

( this is nothing like last years where all i had to produce was a magazine front cover, double page spread & 4 written appendixes )


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I'm a high school junior, and so far my cumulative GPA from Freshman and Sophomore years (unweighted) is 3.5. Weighted, it's 4.1.

I'm freaking out about this because I think it's too low. This is because of my silly parents, though.

What, to you, is an ideal GPA for a student looking to go to a (somewhat) competitive school?

Did your parents pressure you to get a good GPA or take extremely hard classes when you were in high school?


1. Are you a member of the mile-high club if you only have sex with yourself in the bathroom?
2. Are you a member of the mile-high club (initiated with a partner)?
3. If you get laid on a submarine, are you applying for membership of the mile-low club?

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I will be driving around NY state this weekend, staying north of Albany. I am from Canada. What are some stores/restaurants I should go to that we in Canada do not have? I already plan on visiting a Target for the first time. Starbucks is out of the question because we have one and it's gross.

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I feel for the pressure and got one of those yourmanga avatars. Do you think mine looks like a boy or a girl?

Recently there was a mistake in an apple pie recipe in a Swedish Food magazine instead of a pinch of grated nutmeg it called for 20 grated nutmegs. At least one person followed the recipe then served it to guests and 4 people ended up at the hospital from nutmeg poisoning. Now I'm no cooking expert myself but I known for a long time that nutmeg should be enjoyed in small quantities. I also know that to much nutmeg at once is pretty vile.

How clueless would you have to be to grate 20 nutmegs for an apple pie and never question things like why nutmeg are sold in such small packages for one thing? Being interested enough in cooking to get a magazine on the subject but not knowing that too much nutmeg is bad for you?

How extremely polite would you have to be to eat enough of an apple pie containing that much nutmeg to get sick? It must tasted horrendous! I mean I'm all for eating up what you are offered even if it's not as tasty that you hoped when you put it on your plate but there must be some limit for that, right?
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Film - The Old Guard

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I checked the rules and this seems to be allowed: does anyone else here use VLC Media Player? If so, can you tell me why it quits on me every time I try to take a screencap (ctrl+alt+s)? I Googled and checked their website, but nothing. :(
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red sox- dp raindrop.

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so i just got my verizon bill in the mail and it's way way way over what it's supposed it be. i mean, verizon clearly made a mistake.
have you ever gotten a bill with big mistakes?
how do you suggest i deal with this situation? can i even prove that they're wrong?
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Baroque and Secession

I've been doing research about my college town. Now, I have close to none knowledne of architecture and differences between time periods. This particular town's architecture is described as baroque, and in all types of photos people show Secession details. I realize (Wikipedia!) that is should be the 1897 secession that led to the Austrian branch of Art Nouveau. What the hell? I have enough understanding of baroque that I know it looks kind of.. lavish, but I am unable to distinguish the Seccesion period details. Do baroque and seccesion have anything in common? How is seccession characterized? Anything at all to help me make a connection, see the differences and understand it all? Wikipedia just keeps confusing me. :p

Any experts out there? 
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A Wonderful Landmark May Bite The Dust

Did you know that developers are planning to turn Coney Island's Astroland into a New York City version of the Mall Of America

Did you know that tomorrow may be Astroland's last day.

Have you ever been to Coney Island? If you have, please write about it or post a picture.

Will you miss Astroland?

Will you call 212-639-9675 and ask the operator to send a message to the mayor that he should help to save Astroland?

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Stealing my daughter clothes

My daughter wont wear the lovely Jane Norman dress I bought her for school because the skirt is grey tartan. The school colours are black and white, yes I have explained that grey is what you get when you mix black and white. I've even warned her I will steal it if she doesn't wear it. Bearing in mind she picked the dress and begged and pleaded with me to get it for her. Still this poor, lovely dress is hanging forlorn and forgotten in her wardrobe. Oh, and it JUST happens to be my size! :D

Poll #1254312 Stealing daughters clothes

I should just wear the dress since she wont, y/y?

Yes, no point in it going to waste
No, you evil woman!
Ticky boxes!
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pretty sax icon


For years, we've been ordering pizza online from "Grandpa Johnathan's".

Today, we ordered via "Falling Blocks", which has a device where you can track your order online.

This is awesome, y/y?

Why didn't I find this out sooner?

Our delivery driver's name is Teddy. How psycho would it be to open the door and be all "Hey, Teddy!"
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One of my neighbors keeps hitting on me and it makes me very uncomfortable. I've tried being unfriendly. I've tried ignoring him. I've tried being subtle. I've tried being dirrect. But he won't stop. He always tries to talk to me through his window when I go outside, or he sits around the entrance of the complex.
What can I do to get him to stop?

2000-word memoir

I have to write a 2000-word memoir for a contest. I'm used to writing fiction and poetry and rarely write true, memoir-ish stuff so I am clueless about what to write. Can you make some suggestions about what to write about?

(no subject)

TQC, when you submit questions to TQC, do you set comment preferences to "Don't E-Mail" to keep your inbox from being flooded?
If you do receive comment emails, does it bother you when people in the comments carry on back-and-forth conversations that are not strictly relevant to the topic question?

Edit: Thanks for answering, this is very interesting information!

LJ help

I've chosen the option to receive email notifications on LJ when others comment but for awhile now I've stopped getting them. This happened awhile ago to me but the problem fixed itself. Does anyone know of a way I can fix this? Thanks!
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Will you record your voice speaking in any language other than the language of the pagan heathens a.k.a. English?


1. Make sure your microphone is turned on.
2. Go to this website:
3. Record your greeting, you can preview it to see if you're happy with it.
4. Press "Post on the internet" when you're happy with it.
5. Take the link and post it as a comment!

Make sure to paste the link and not the embed code!

You could use or something else too, you don't have to use vocaroo!

For great fun, use this script:

Good evening TQC,
How are you tonight?  My name is _______.  Can you guess what language I am speaking?  Can you fix my iPod?  Since I have nothing else to say, goodbye!


edit2:  For those who can read good and follow directions, will you insult the other people in this post that do not read good with in your language that is not english??
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