September 4th, 2008

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TQC! What's your favorite "I am totally bangin'" outfit? Why?

What's your favorite old saying? Like "Absence makes the heart grow fonder," or "a penny saved is a penny earned."

ok, so

you meet somebody who's easy to talk to, conversation flows effortlessly, seems pretty nice, hangs out with your friends so is around often enough but you're not romantically interested WHATSOEVER and don't believe you ever will be.
Subtle hints begin to suggest that they are interested in you though.

1. Where would you draw that friendship / romance line?

2. Would you distance yourself in fear of leading them on?

3. Would you lead them on, despite the fact that you know it won't progress into anything substantial, for the attention / amusement?

just curious.
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1. What are some good places to buy affordable (but still pretty awesome) room decoration stuff? My room in my apartment is feeling a bit sparse, but I am a college student and cannot afford to buy fancy, expensive things.

2. Is your room full of cool stuff, or does it mostly just have the necessities (bed, desk, etc.)?

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Do you like to get stoned? Why/why not?

ETA: If you were with a friend and they offered a hit off of their bowl/joint/blunt, would you accept or decline?

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Say you knew the right people, had a little extra cash, and were visiting a 3rd world country that doesn't regulate such behavior. You're older and have always wanted a kid to pass your genes to anyway... Would you get a clone of yourself?
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What is a good all-inclusive resort to stay at in the Caribbean? I am going for my 21st birthday with my best friend (so Sandals is out), and I want it to be relatively small-child free. I am not averse to a cruise or Mexico instead, I just need ideas of what resorts to check with. If it helps, it will either be in January or February that we go (depends on school schedules/rates).

Any recommendations?

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Hello TQC night-owls..

It's currently 2:57am E.S.T and I'm unable to sleep right now. I'm currently making an official list of names of people that i'll be buying x-mas gifts this year (semi-started x-mas shopping about 2 days ago, hehe).

Is anyone still awake? Why aren't you asleep yet? Whatya doin' right now?
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guys i'm going to my boyfriend's house when he gets out of work and he wants me to bring dinner! difficulty: it'll be 6am when i leave, so the only thing open is walmart. i'll have a kitchen to use once i'm there, but would prefer to head straight for the sexings haha. what should i get us? also, what sort of munchies should i get? i'm already going to buy crunch and munch.

if my culinary options don't interest you, at what point does someone become a crazy cat lady?

me - with gun

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How's your credit? Good, bad, non-existent? How did it get that way?

I don't have a lot of credit, which I've been recently discovering in annoying ways is a very bad thing. How can I build my credit up without having to get something with high interest rates (which I'll get, because, you know... hardly any credit) that will fuck me up and give me BAD credit?
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I have a 2-month old kitten that I just took home yesterday from the Anti-Cruelty Society. She was just neutered that morning, and has been kind of skittish the whole time. She has taken to hiding whenever given the chance, and always seems to find a new place. This morning, I have been absolutely unable to find her, in any ploce logical or illogical.

This would concern me less, except for the fact that she has eaten very little and has thus far not drank any water, even when placed directly in front of her. I'm also not aware if she's peed or pooped anywhere, but she certainly hasn't done it in the litter box (she should be aware of where it is, there's paw prints in it).

My basic concern is if this is just something I should let her work out as she slowly becomes comfortable with the apartment, and it's just fear that's doing this? Or should I be concerned on a health level as well? Obviously, I can't get her to the vet until I can find her...

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Say you were going to the movies this weekend and had the following options. Which would you pick? You only have the $ to see one.

America the Beautiful (documentary)
Up the Yangtze (documentary)

What's your favorite cold weather meal?

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At age 16-19 or so when a female is sexually active, do you think just being on a birth control pill is enough to prevent pregnancy, considering the effect it would have on a teenagers life?

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TQC, yesterday I underwent some major dental work and today my mouth and jaw are incredibly sore. What are some soft foods I can consume that involve little to no chewing? I should also point out that I eat a vegan diet, so I can't do jello, pudding, regular ice cream, etc. I'm planning on chugging fruit smoothies all day, but what else is there?


When you eat breakfast cereal, what do you do with the milk (/soy milk) that's left over once you've eaten all of the solid pieces? Drink it? Pour it down the drain? Or do you even use milk at all?
Corbin Bleu

My first actual post...


Would you consider it a nap if you woke up at 6:30am and went to gym only to come abck and go to sleep, or would you call that just going back to bed?

My residents keep drawing penises and writing obscene things on the doors around the dorm. What would you do to get them to stop? (Obscene meaning highly offensive to the occupants of the doors)

y so srs?

If you had a new kitten what would you name it?
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What's your favorite creepy thing to do to other people? Do you mean to do it, or just find yourself reading over people's shoulders, staring at the contents of their grocery cart, etc.?

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When I was a freshman in college, I remember going to different rock shows and swooning and getting super excited over the bands I was seeing (and sometimes the hot lead singers/drummers, etc). I went to a Head Automatica show on my 18th birthday, and one of my friends told the lead singer that it was my birthday, so he grabbed my face and sang to me during my favorite song. I was elated and a bit star struck (i grew out of that, and fast).

however, I was just listening to that same song that he sang to me (i havent heard it in years). It made me feel  giddy and all happy like. i was thinking to myself "omg, he totally sang to me and it was such a great moment" then I snapped out of it.

have you ever heard/smelled/encountered anything that brought you back to a certain time in your life that made you get all fuzzy and giddy inside?  if so, what?

if not, whats a song that you could put on repeat all day and listen to over and over?


Best Friend and I have decided to end the silent stand-off we've been having with our roommate. There is a pot of macaroni and cheese in our sink that has been there for almost a month. Best Friend and I are refusing to clean up after her any longer, so it has just been sitting there, molding and attracting ants. *gag*

Please compose a note to said roommate? I don't even know where to start.

ETA: I never said we were planning to end the stand-off with a note. We are going to talk to her again today. If it isn't gone by the time I get home from work, the whole thing is going in the garbage.

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If your significant other gave his or her ex rent money every month, would you be pissed off?

Then again, if he moved in with her in May, and moved out in June, and is still paying her in September, is it justified?

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My boyfriend is a high school bio teacher and has, of course, a brand new crop of students this year. He asks them to say their name, name they prefer to be called, favorite pizza topping, any other little icebreaker thing, etc.

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3. the grocery store and the mall have cockroaches. i don't live in a major city and cockroaches are pretty unusual even in toronto. is it my civic duty to raze the entire neighbourhood?

i hate them, and i used to have them. in my bed. in my clothes. in my hair. *shudder*

my dilemma

My psychology professor doesn't write very coherent notes in class. She just kind of scribbles words on the board and then talks about them. Also, she will talk about a topic for 5 minutes, move on to something else, then go back to what she was originally talking about. She speaks well, and is an intelligent lady, and her classes are enjoyable, but she's hard to follow sometimes because of her non-linear style of teaching. At the end of class, my notes from her are jumbled, making them difficult to study from. I also read the chapters in the book and take my own separate notes, but I know that what she says in class is important too. When studying for a test, I usually type up all my notes to review from. Should I combine her notes and my notes, or keep them separate but reorganize hers?

How do you deal with teachers who give sloppy notes? Do you have any ideas for me on how I can organize them in an efficient way?

ETA: I do take my own class notes, writing down more than just what she writes on the board. These are the ones that end up all jumbled.

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Hello TQC:

I am watching The Travel Channel, and it just informed me that the average American eats three hamburgers and four orders of fries a week. I don't remember the last time I ate a hamburger, but the last time I ate fries was August 24th! So -- my question for meat-eaters, regardless of your country of residence, is:

How many hamburgers and orders of fries do you eat, on average, a week?
Kill Bill - Elle

Validate me, plox

I just dropped my American Sign Language class. I wasn't that excited about it, and I have four other classes. I dropped it for a couple of reasons:
My Mondays and Wednesdays are draining as fuck. I am up at 6 and don't leave campus until 2:30. This is my first semester and I have no motivation to wake up on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I have a five hour Saturday class that will require a lot of my attention (although, not necessarily out of class for another couple of weeks - it's a photography class).

Am I right in dropping my ASL class? Or will my mother and brother be rightfully pissed at me?

Otherwise, how are you?

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Our one year wedding anniversary is coming up next month. Any of you married folks or longterm lovahs out there care to share the ways you celebrated? Apparently my husband is getting me something pretty freaking fabulous, and I want to put a lot of thought and care and love into what I get him(cheeeeeesy I know). Not just to be ~even~ but because I loooove him. :)

Any tips/advice/ideas?

Well, doggone

You're taking your lunch on a nearby park bench. You're reading a book. A mother and her daughter, who looks around 8, sit down next to you, with a dog. The dog is beautiful, with a very unusual, attractive coat. The girl is eating ice cream, and accidentally messes up her shirt. "Look what you did. We'll have to clean you up. Oh...can you watch Boone for 5 minutes, please?", the mother asks you, motioning to her dog. You agree. About a minute later, after they've gone, a strange older woman walks by. She's wearing head-to-toe furs of a strange variety, and a variety of high-quality jewelry. She stops in front of your bench. "My...god, your dog has the most beautiful coat. I must have it. I will give you $25,000 for your dog, sir/madam." It's then that you figure out what's wrong with her furs. They're made from dog pelts. As you're about to say something, the strange lady holds out a thick wad of $100 dollar bills.

What do you do?

I surrender the dog to her. Pocket the 25k. Walk off quickly before the mother and daughter come back
I refuse to sell the dog. It's not my dog. That's the only reason I wouldn't do it. And it'd break the girl's heart
SICKO! I would never conspire in a dog's death like that
"If you make it $30k, you have a deal"

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In honor of the *official* start of football season, I want to make some chili for my SO tonight.

Do you have any good chili recipes?
If so, will you share?

We like it pretty spicy :)
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I had this weird dream the other night featuring our family doctor, except his hair was a different color and his office was full of folding tables instead of exam tables. Then, half way through the dream, I was outside yelling at someone for trying to steal my car. Do you think doctors ever dream about their patients? Am I just some freak who thinks about my doctor too much? What does someone stealing my car have to do with doctors??

If you don't care about my obvious obsession with my doctor, what is your favorite kind of soup?
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Our lease is up October 21st. I should only pay partial rent, right? If I pay $1050 a month, how much partial rent should I pay? I suck at math.

My realtor's wife just had a baby yesterday. Inconvenient for me y/n? Especially since we're trying to close by the 30th.

Do you hate calling people on the phone? How do you get over that? I was supposed to call 3 home inspectors yesterday and compare and contrast their rates and services.

I picked out a bunch of different paint cards with different shades of green on them for my son's room. I had my husband pick out 4 cards that he liked the best. I am trying to narrow it down to 4 colors that my son can choose from. Should I post a poll later on today and let you guys choose the 4 colors for me?

Will you send me a pizza? I'm hungry.

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Hello Again, TQC:

Somewhat related to my last post -- MOAR FOOD QUESTIONS!

1. Did you have a "Home Ec" type of class in your schoolin' that taught you how to cook and/or about nutritious meals?

2. Did your parents / caregiver teach you to cook?

3. How many times a week to you eat out / order in?

4. How often do you cook meals from scratch / with no prepacked ingredients?

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Sex ed failed me in middle school and I don't have a penis soo....

Do guys get pleasure just from having an erection?

Are there any wedding traditions in your family?

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At IBM, we had a term for regularly scheduled change windows for the computing environment we supported. It was called Business As Usual.

Do you get used to Business As Usual?

What are ways that you've changed your habits and altered BAU?

Was it difficult to change them?
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So I go to this swing dance class on most Wednesdays. We rotate partners so I get to dance with several guys during the class. There's always this one guy, I'd say around my age or maybe a little older, that is always there and he always creeps me out because when he dances with me he stands really close to me and rubs my shoulder right over my bra strap and he's always rubbing his thumb over my fingers and fiddling with my rings. I do not know this guy from Adam. He's not a bad dancer but he just gives me the creeps. Am I weird for feeling this way?

no way. sounds like a grade A creepy dude to me.
yes, totally. he sounds completely fucking normal. get over it.

Who is your favorite character on The Simpsons? How about Family Guy?
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Does texture play a role in whether or not you like a food? If so, what food(s) do you not like because of its texture?

I like the taste of bananas, but hate their texture. I'm the same way about yogurt.
Mr. Hankey

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If you had to tag one member from thequestionclub as having the biggest turds, who would you pick and why?
Who would you most expect to take part in the next 2 girls 1 cup?
Have you ever had to coax a turd out of your butt OR hold a turd in your hand?
Alternately, what's the gnarliest shit you've taken recently? Pictures, if you have them.

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My best friend and I have been planning a trip to NYC for my 21st birthday all summer. We have made plans and talked about it forever. A while ago I mentioned a gay friend of mine wanted to go too but wasnt for sure. She didn't really seem like she minded.

Yesterday, said friend decided he would go. I don't mind because the way I see it, two 21 yr old girls leaving a club/bar at 3/4 am may not be so safe so him going would be cool. She didn't like this too much saying she's never really liked him and can't be herself around him. Later that night she told me she couldn't go to NYC. I got really mad and cried. She called me and told me she was kidding. I was not expecting to react this way and I guess neither was she.

Was she testing how I would react if she backed out now?
Would you be really mad at your best friend if they backed out last minuite when they KNOW how IMPORTANT this trip is?
Was I wrong in letting the 3rd friend come along?

She now wants to invite her boyfriend so she can "be herself" but her b/f doesnt like him either so my prediction is that they'll go to NYC and do they're own thing and we won't be together or hang out at night cause her b/f isnt into that.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation?

Edit: She is now telling me that the money she was waiting on might not come through in time. So she might not be able to go. How convenient.

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TQC Foodies!

What's the dish called where you make a pasta and as part of the sauce, you drop a raw egg into the hot pasta?

My boyfriend wants this and well, I don't remember what it's called to look up the recipe.
boobies of the easter egg variety

hideous work shirt

I just picked up my shirt for work today and it's hideous. It's a men's polo and it's a really ugly off-white. It's also see through, hot, kind of itchy, and it makes my neck generally uncomfortable. It seriously makes me look twice as fat as I am. How can I make it look less terrible? Is it even possible?

I would just put a cardigan over it but it's already 90° =[

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so i've been trying to get my math class switched around to a different course.

the lady in the math dept. scheduled me, force registered, me into a section of that course that DOESN'T FIT IN MY SCHEDULE.

so i went there this morning to get it changed. she changed the course, KEPT THE SAME SECTION, therefore the SAME TIME OF DAY that conflicts with my other classes.

what should i do to get revenge?

(i think i'm meeting with my advisor tomorrow to actually solve the problem)

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I just realised that I am all over the Internet with at least 14 different web accounts (for banking, email, blogging, photo uploads, etc.).

Have you gotten around on the Internet? If it's not too tedious for you, about how many web accounts do you have?

(If you're really bored, want to list which accts you can recall?)

Variation of an oldie but goodie

You're driving home late at night down a lonely road. Suddenly, you hear a woman scream, and then see her sprint across the road in front of you. Closely behind her is a man wearing a ski mask, brandishing a bat. You hear him shout, "C'mere, bitch! I'm getting that pussy". So intent are they in their chase that neither one notices your car. Both are in your headlights. What do you do?

Pause. Let them run by. Proceed when the road is clear. It's not my business
Same as above, but I call 911 as I'm pulling away
I stop the car, and lean on my horn, hoping to chase the man off, or at least, distract him somewhat so she can get away
I hit him with my car. Fucking rapist
I hit her with my car. Bitch should just put out
I hit them both. Enough with the screaming and yelling already. Then floor it outta there
Same as above, except I comb through their bodies for money and jewelry
Look around, make sure it's clear, then join in on the raping. I could stand to get laid
Haruhi disappearance

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Every Thursday, my bosses take a long lunch out of the office. It's only on Thursday, but every Thursday without fail, never any other day of the week. The rest of the week they eat here in the office, by themselves, in separate parts of the building.

Wtf do they do on Thursdays that makes them go out?

Be creative. It's a small company and my bosses are the owners, and they're husband and wife.

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Would you recommend the type of car that you drive to someone looking to purchase a car?

for those of you that don't drive...

Would you recommend the city that you live in to someone looking to move from where they currently reside?

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1. Have you or anyone you know ever participated in a clinical research study? The money is super tempting, but I don't want them to give me drugs that will make my head fall off.

2. If there was one thing you pay for now that you could get for free for the rest of your life, what would you want that to be?

Cue the Monty Python plague scene....

With both sides of the political fence as well as the media going on and on how it looks like Palin may be the first woman president, how long do you think McCain can hold on before he snaps and yells at everyone, "I'M NOT DEAD YET!"?

If you were McCain, how would you feel having the media and both parties practically measuring you for a coffin while you still have a pulse?

How did you feel about Palin's speech last night where one moment she was praising small towns and in the next making fun of community leaders? Aren't they the same vein?

For those who don't care about politics, what's your favorite soda?

I worship at the altar of Mountain Dew.

Question Buffet

1. I have a 4 month old house cat and we are switching to can food. Should I feed him 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night? Or a whole can twice a day?

2. When painting a kid's room what type of paint do you use? Semi-gloss, high-gloss, or satin? I want it to clean up well.

3. How do you make a dog quit stealing cat poop from the litter box?

4. What is your favorite body part to be massaged?  my upper back

? <------Obligatory question mark which I forgot to add in the poll

Which places would you agree to go to or do on a first date with someone you don't know very well. They are pretty cute

Strip club
Star Trek convention
Topless beach
Tattoo parlor (they're getting a tattoo and would like you to be there)
Country music festival
Pizza pizza-and-baptism night with their church
The mall. The date consists mostly of window shopping
Timeshare. They have to attend a 5 hour seminar in order to get a free weekend in a nice pad with a jacuzzi and would like you to be there to make it less dull
Ultimate Fighting tournament
Midget tossing contest
Spelling Bee finals. The best spellers in the nation are going to face off, and your date has tickets
None of the above
Slow Mo Guys - Gavin

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I'm on trying to watch something, and the only link for this episode is to Every single time I go to it, the episode will start, and then a second later, I am redirected from surfthechannel to the homepage.

How can I stop this?

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Are you a saver?

Are you also a spender?

Assuming trickle-down economics legitimately works for the middle and lower class as it's theorized, would it not follow that completely removing grubby government hands from corporate and individual coffers via an unavoidable income tax could exponentially increase spending by both?
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So Monday of last week I had a job interview at a dog grooming salon as a receptionist. I meant to send a thank you card or letter the next day but being human time slipped away and I didn't get the chance. I called on Wednesday (they were closed Monday for Labor Day and are always closed Tuesdays) and talked to them-and was told they had a few more interviews to do and I could feel free to call back next Wednesday.

My question is, is it too late to send something?
and if not-When I went in for the interview it was pretty informal and was told that while they are professional and formal with clients they like to have fun. So would using some sort of dog stationary be really lame or should I stick with a more formal regular white paper?
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The time has come for me to write up my birthday/christmas list. My family asks for a list of things I might like because they fail at buying me stuff otherwise. I usually make a long list, not because I expect all that but so they have ~*~options~*~

What should I ask for?!

If you don't give 2 ocean liner sized shits, how many days is it until your birthday?

2 months, 2 weeks and 6 days until my birthday!

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For those who love to cook and bake, what is your favorite thing to make?

My favorite thing to bake is blueberry scones from scratch, and my favorite thing to cook is risotto (a million different ways).
macaroni murder lady

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Imagine I will buy you any one type of alcohol to drink, straight with no mixers. What is it - variety, flavor, brand?

What is the most awesome species of shark? Edit: what do you love so much about it? Do you want to post any badass pics of your shark friends?

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"Just because you're fat, it doesn't mean that you're not beautiful"

Would you consider this an insult?
What would your response be to someone who said this to you?

I have work at FIVE tomorrow morning...I had work at five this morning, too.
Have you ever had to go to work that fucking earlyyyy?!

We're not busy and it's the kind of job where I can't bring a the fuck do I occupy myself for the ten hours that I'm scheduled tomorrow?
(Masturbation just came to mind, but I think it might be frowned upon)

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Hello Again, TQC:

Today I made spaghetti sauce. I was nervous about it, because my boyfriend has served me his spaghetti sauce now on two separate occasions, and it is damn fine. My sauce tonight did not eclipse his (most especially because I put no MEAT in it), but it was surprisingly good! I blame this on the fact that I actually made it with tomatoes from my garden. I am proud of the sauce.

What did you do today that pleased you?


Which Scooby character are you?

Which one are you?

Fred. Leader type. Good at scheming. A hit with the opposite sex, but then again, there was that fucking ascot you always wore which made people question youre sexuality
Shaggy. Stoner/slack type. Sloth and gluttony are your battle standards. You prize friendship highly. You're also a coward with little employable skills
Velma. Book smarts. Clever. Tend to be the smartest person in the room. However, you're either the third wheel, or babysitting a bunch of idiots. You're more androgenous than the average person
Daphne. You're a hot piece of ass. Other than that trait, you're fairly useless. You do tend to end up dating people who have more potential, so people associate you with WIN.
Scooby Doo. You're not even a good example of your species. Cowardly, greedy and lazy. Your friends tend to be stoners who live in vans. You can only function when you get your 'Scooby Snacks'
Scrappy. Type A personality. You're aggressive, deliberate and completely annoying. You tend not to get invited many places
Scooby Dum. You're kind of an idiot. People only like hanging out with you to make them look smarter
Don Knotts. You're not even a recurring player, but a guest spot at best. If people liked you more, they'd come see you more often instead of only when there's ghosts runnning around your house
The van. No adventure would be complete without you. You're mysterious and garish yellow and smell like B.O. and pot.

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If you could, would you set up the guy on "It Takes a Thief"? Like get yourself on the show but arrange for somebody to catch him?

I think it would be hilarious to get him to come and when he's breaking in have some sword wielding friend come in to scare the shit out of him.
pretty sax icon

Kitty Questions!

1. What are my cats thinking while they watch me clean their litter boxes?

2. My daughter wants to ask you all: Is it OK for kittens to eat spaghetti? Apparently one got into a bowl left on the floor... (My fiance is a bit of a slob.)
the epitome of class


Ok TQC I need your help.  Last night I cooked a chicken breast on my George Foreman Grill, and now my apartment SMELLS.  Like that greasy foody smell.  I CANNOT get the smell out!  I've tried Febreeze, the air conditioning is on, the oven vent fan thing is on, the window is open....and it hasnt put a dent in this odor.

How do I make my apartment stop stinking?

rainbow jc

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This weekend I'm taking the American Heart Association's Basic Life Safety course. Yay, I'll eventually have CPR certification.

Has anyone else here done this? I'm guessing the course is pretty standardized. What do we do? It's from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days, so I'm hoping it's not too boring. The manual and workbook seem to be written for 4th-graders, so I'm guessing it's not too difficult.

And if you don't care about this, have you ever eaten a whole half-pint of ice cream in one sitting, just because it was hot outside?

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TQC Bar is open!

What can I get you to drink?

Will you be one of those patrons who sits in the corner and smooches someone different every night or are you on the dance floor all night? Or other?
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Do you watch Project Runway?

Do you have a favorite designer as far as their designs go?

A favorite designer for their personality?

Are you really, really happy that Stella was eliminated?

I watch it occasionally.
I tend to like Suede's designs.
Most everyone's annoying. Jerell's not too annoying, though.
YES. She's really annoyed the fuck out of me since the first episode with her. I've been begging the TV everytime elemination-time comes that it would be her. Her designs and personality are lacking. So happy I don't have to see her face/hear her talk again.

The good old college try

I am at school right now, and hours to wait for my night class to start. I don't want to drive home [it's an hour away], and I don't know anyone around here to hang out with.

What should I do to amuse myself?

Also, Michelle Obama has a nasally voice, y/n?

EDIT: Not saying she's not awesome, but I went to see her speak at my school today, and she doesn't sound like that on stuff I've seen on youtube.
eva hesse

Sarah Palin

Why does thequestionclub love Sarah Palin polls so much?

Because everyone hates her.
Because everyone fucking hates her,
Because her son is possibly her grandson.
Because we're snarky sadists..
I don't know why. Why can't we go back to bugging Britney Spears?