September 2nd, 2008

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What would be the best ways to prepare for moving out and living on my own for the first time? Like whats a good amount of money to have saved up before i go? Any other things i should know about living on my own that i wouldn't know? I'm thinking of moving into Boston and going to school but i also have to pay for it all so id need to get a different job there too. I also and i need to leave home in the next couple of months and i dont have much money saved up.

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Do you believe in karma or anything similar? Why or why not?

If you are a spiritual person, do you have any sort of statue/decoration/altar that is important to your spiritual life? What is it?

If you are spiritual, how often do you attend religious services/pray/meditate/commune with nature?

If you are not spiritual, what are the code of ethics, morals, or values that you try to live by?

Have you ever had a 'direct' experience with the Divine? Like a dream or feeling or miracle or event that happened that made you feel closer to The/a/Spirit?

What exactly do you believe in, anyway?

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If you were going to bring an adorable thermos to work to bring an obscene amount of coffee in, where would you go about copping that motherfucker?
Do you have a picture of this thermos? Will you break out those html skills and post it?

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is there some "ethnic" dish that has been so Americanized (or whatevercountryyou'reinized) that it isn't really ethnic food, but you love anyway, maybe even better than the original ethnic dish?

I know there is nothing Mexican about it but I love me some gooey nacho cheese sauce!!

Also, because I've not asked one in a while. A DIRTY JOBS QUESTION!!!!
can you watch Dirty Jobs while eating?
or does it depend on the job and/or what you're eating?

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What's the funniest thing you've laughed at in the last 48 hours? Links/story/picture please.

My best friend told me she found a Hello Kitty purse sitting in the school bathroom between classes. She looked inside it and all that was in there was 2 dollars. She took the 2 dollars, ditched the purse and bought a coke. Her confession was hilarious.

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The first person to EVER win the $1,000,000 on Deal or No Deal did it tonight.
If you were on this show, what # briefcase would you pick? (1-26)
How much money would you take the deal at?
Do you only watch in hopes that one of the models will either fall on her face or have a wardrobe malfunction?

What is your LEAST favorite band?
I hate Cake

Okay or Not Okay ???

I have been watching the coverage of Hurricane Gustav on Fox News and every half hour or so the anchors encourage the public to send in their photos of the storm. They also remind viewers to be careful and make sure it is safe to do so.

Is it irresponsible for news programs to encourage the public to go out in the storm to take photos?

I know they say not to do anything stupid, but they show the pictures of the people doing stupid things. Isn't this encouraging the stupidity?

I like seeing the pictures of the storm from different locations, but wouldn't it be more responsible to not show the pictures where a persons life could be in danger?

Am I just over-reacting?

I know that Fox isn't the only news channel/program to do this, it is just what I am watching at the moment and a few of the pictures they showed on air concerned me.  Here are is a picture that concerned me,4644,4979,00.html#17_550  there where a few that I view as being worse but I can not find them online.
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doctor who - tardis

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Let's pretend for a moment you're a pro-choice female who wants children/has them already.

You get pregnant! And it's amazing! You can't wait to have this child.

You're told at the doctor's there is a 95% chance your baby will have Down Syndrome.

Do you abort?

Do you know who the adorable man in my icon is? You get ten million internet points if you do (without cheating).

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If you are transgendered, how do you feel about sex regarding your birth given genitals? For example, if you are a FTM, do you feel comfortable being penetrated?

Have you ever been involved with a transgendered friend's or family member's transition? Did you help them celebrate their transformation?

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I was just reading ekesobriquet 's userinfo page, and where it says I work in IT I read it as "it" capilalized and was like WTF is it and why is it capitalized?!
What's the last DUH! thing you did?

I was considering shaving at work to save on my time during today. What's the strangest thing you've ever done at work?

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I have a Canon Powershot A85, and I need a new memory card for it.

My other camera (a Kodak) takes this little tiny card that was around $25, and gave me 311 pictures. This camera takes a gigantor Compact Flash card, and when I went online to find similar ones, the cards ranged in price from $50 to $200. I thought this was a lot of money for a memory card, is it?

Is a 4GB card going to be enough space?
How many pictures does that hold?
Is it okay if I buy the cheap $47 card or am I going to die?

I am far from a photographer and just want to have enough room for pictures when I go on vacation in a few weeks. The camera is 4.0 mega pixels if that matters.
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1. Where did all the ignorant fuck mooks come from?

2. This is the first day of my fast. I like food a lot and am a little nervous. What can I do to get my mind off food that does not involve whips or a shock collar?

3. Have you ever fasted? If so why, and what was your experience like?
me - with gun
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How can I best drive the "no seriously dude, we're just friends and that won't magically change" point into my ex's skull?

(pls assume that cutting off all contact is not an option)
i say, old bean

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TQC, do YOU know your SO well enough that when their birthday or a holiday comes around, you know what to get them?
do you ever know the exact thing, or do you just have a general idea?

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I go to college in Virginia, and my cellphone gets horrible reception most everywhere on campus (my service is AT&T) and my battery doesn't last as long as it usually does. My roommate's service is Verizon and she gets reception just fine, but her battery drains really quickly and she found out that it was because her phone is trying to pull service from Lexington (her hometown) instead of the town where the school is. She called *228 and fixed it the other day, and now it works just fine. Does AT&T have something similar? I hope that my problem is the same as hers and it's not just how AT&T is in this area, because it's awfully frustrating.

In memory of...

OK, I see cars all the time with "In Memory of" and somebody's name and the years they lived. It's a fairly new thing (only been seeing it the past few years), so I don't entirely get it. Do you do that if you're driving the car that belonged to the deceased? Or if you used the life insurance proceeds to purchase that car? Does it mean the person's cremains are stored in that car and it's a mobile monument to that person? Or do you just do it because you miss the person? I only ever see one name, so I would think it would be hard to choose just one person if you'd lost multiple people who meant a lot to you.

Plz to share your insight, TQC?

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It seems like every morning I wake up with a runny nose.
It usually goes away within several hours. What the hell is wrong with me?

Have you ever done something you really don't care for consistently, therefore making yourself miserable?
Did you do it for no good reason, or was it mandatory?


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What was your last embarrassing moment?

I had to buy Crocs yesterday for my new job. I ended up standing in front of the little kiosk for a half hour and I wanted to curl up in a ball and die from the embarrassment

Do you get any cool deals/freebies from your job?

I get to try new pastries and bring stuff home. Which really isn't a good thing at all because everything tastes so good.

My mom made toast with the leftover Italian bread, she didn't leave any for me...dick move? y/y?
The Receptionist Classic

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TQC, what do you know about apartment rental leases and breaking of said leases?
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We are going to pull out the lease agreement and see what the terms are for breaking a lease early, but TQC, here's my question to you:
Since we have asked repeatedly for the windows to be fixed and management has not done so, do you think that is reasonable cause now for us to terminate the lease early and leave?

If you don't care to read the TL;DR woe-is-the-Awesome-Receptionist drama above...
How do you make a PB&J sandwich? Apparently I'm a freak because I slap PB on both slices of bread and jelly in the middle. Hey, it keeps the bread from getting soggy from the jelly!

Tattoo Protocol question


I’m considering for my next tattoo getting the skeleton pirate holding the wheel from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. I really like the look of the painting they did of him on the original Pirates movie teaser poster.

But I don’t want a tattoo of the poster. I’d want an original drawing of that guy in the ride, but something dramatic and kickass like that.

Now, what I’m wondering is whether or not I should try and draw something up myself and go in and be like “tattoo this on me” or if I should come in and just tell them what I want and let the tattoo artist draw it up themselves. Or should I draw a rough idea, bring in photos of the guy and then let them expand on what I’ve done or what?

I want to be respectful of the artist, but I also have a pretty good idea of what I want. What do you think?

bitch, please.


I am sitting in the library of my college next to two "preppie, trust fund, get everything they want" girls. they are currently, going through their facebook and talking about every flaw that they can find about each person. I just heard one of the girls say "omg, her boyfriend is so skinny. why would he date a fat ass like her. she's huuuuuuge!"  i'm almost positive they're talking about one of my friends.

when was the last time you wanted to jump across a table and stab someone with a pen?

EDIT: I tried 4 different recordings and they were talking too quietly for my phone to pick it up. sorry guys :(
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Hood Houndz

Quick answer needed...

As a Canadian I know very little about U.S. Holidays.
I know that the July 4th holiday is typically observed on the day it occurs. What happens when it falls on a weekend? Do employees, schools etc, basically businesses and services that would only be open Monday to Friday, get either the Friday or Monday off instead?

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how do you feel about PBS taking Mr.Roger's Neighborhood off the air starting yesterday?

me? i'm pissed, and i will definitely be writing an angry letter and an angry e-mail, and i never do that stuff.

will my dog ever catch that fly?
emoticon death
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So, it turns out I've been neglecting my car, and it's punishing me by both leaking and burning oil. I can't afford to visit a mechanic this week, so I thought I'd top up the oil. Turns out there's more than one kind!

1. How do you know what type of motor oil to use in a car? (This car is a '92 Mazda Astina, 5-sp)

I'm living away from my hometown, and I've heard all this stuff about mechanics seriously overcharging single women for basic repairs.

2. Any tips on finding a mechanic who won't rip me off for having ovaries?

Also, life is a little stressful. Close friends are having major personal crises, I'm struggling to pay the bills, and I feel like I'm about to flunk out of law school. I'm living away from home in a college town with nice housemates that I don't know very well. My solution thus far has been, somewhat irrationally, to bake things.

3. How do you motivate yourself to do [school/uni/professional]
work you've got to do, when there're lots of upsetting life distractions?

3b. Can you recommend a better solution than baking for my life-panic?

4. Should I bake raspberry cheesecake slice even though I've got four essays due over the next two weeks?
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1) I almost constantly have zits around my mouth and chin. Why? I don't eat many greasy things and I wash my hair & face daily. Should I visit my friendly neighborhood dermatologist? I've had wonky period lately, could that spark it?

2) If you live in the US and had Labor Day off, do you keep thinking today is Monday?

3) What's bothering you?
im french

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1. Did you parents make you finish all the food on your plate at dinner?

2. Did you ever have dinner-time standoffs about anything?

3. Do you think that this "you must clear your plate!" thing has influenced the obesity epidemic at all?

Stupid lameass dating question

OK, so you're dating someone new.  4 dates, about a month all together.  You talk every couple days, and are pretty open with each other.  However, they seem to have a lot of friends of the opposite sex.  Since you're not exclusive, it's sort of weird to ask if they're girl friends, or dates.  But you ant to be with just this person, and it seems like they are serious about you. 


1) How long/many dates do you go on before you "have the talk"?
2) What is a non-spastic way of bringing this up?  Just up front ("Are you seeing anyone else?" or subtly?)
3) How long do you wait before sexing it up with a new person?  I've always been easy in the past, but here it is a monh later and we've barely brushed second base!  We've talked about sex, but haven't gotten there yet.  But I have the feeling that when we do, it's going tobe a kick ass good time!  I'm prety sure date #5- next weekend- will take care of this one.  So I guess my answer to this one would be "5 dates, or just over a month)

(And in case any one remembers/cares. yes, this is the guy I went bowling with last month.  I wore jeans, and he thought I looked hot- it's a relief, really- I don't feel the need to look super put together all the time, since I didn't set the bar super high the first time)
i don't want to be friends

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I want to do something nice for my roomate, and so I'm going to bake. I don't know what to bake though.

TQC, what should I bake her? She needs something that is very comforting and fatty (links to recipes encouraged).

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are you:

to the memebers of your sexual preference?

i'm neither the ugliest nor the creepiest thing in the world, so i'm pretty sure i'm invisible.

why in the world were guys my age not interested in me when i was 17 but now that i'm almost 22, 17 year olds are all over me?

are 22 year olds going to be all over me when i'm 2 months shy of turning 27?
will that really be so bad?

job interviews

I am planning on job hunting today, however i am a horrible interviewer.  Im looking for a waitressing job and i was wondering if anyone has suggestions or any ideas of what questions i would be asked.  Ive been at the same restaurant for over a year and im jsut out of practice so any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you
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This weekend I was reading the book for my cell phone and found this. "Warning don't place cellular phone in microwave oven."

Have you ever felt the need our desire to put your cell phone in a microwave?

What is some moronic warning you've seen recently?

this was hard and i had to use google.

which of these SARA/SARAH songs have you enjoyed at least once in your life?

Sarah, jefferson starship
Sara Smile, hall & oates
Sexy Sarah, ludacris
What Sarah Said, deathcab for cutie
Sara, fleetwood mac
Sarah, thin lizzy
Zak & Sara, ben folds
Sara, bob dylan
Sarah, prince
Sister Sara, alice cooper
anything by Sarah McLaughlin
anything by Sarah Vaughn
anything by Sara Evans
Que Sera Sera, doris day
Suzer, I see what you did there, but I doubt I would like any of these songs even if i knew them.

in a no-holds-barred showdown, who wins?

Sarah Palin

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Will you look at these shoes and select the color "pulse" and tell me what color you think they are?

While you're at it, do you think they are cute?

I ordered a pair thinking their were like a hot pink color, but it's orange!  Not even a cool orange either.  A bad one.  Does that look like orange to you?!
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1. Do you have one person in your group of friends that annoys the hell out of you, but everyone hangs out with because they feel sorry for them?

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EDIT: "oops.. let we re-word that.. I left a bunch of stuff out..sorry.  we don't crash like spend the night.. we just go hang out. We actually bring him food and drive him around to help him with his errands.. but he's taking it too far by making it seem like we owe our lives to him while he doesn't do anything to help himself.. one friend has offered to bring him to and from school if he enrolled.. and another is offering to drive him to and from work if he gets a job"

2. Do you still hang out with them? or what ever did happen to them?

On a different note:

3. Has anyone here tried the new Camel Crush?

They killed all the cravings I have for smoking. I never want to look, taste or smell a cigarette ever again.


Surgery and DVD series/singles recommendations

1) Have you ever had surgery on your shoulder? If yes:
a) Was it your dominant side?
b) What was recovery like?
c) Did you go through physical therapy?

2)I need to start ordering up some DVD series or singles that will be interesting from my library and Netflix. Starting on the 5th I wont be able to do anything except pop oxycontin and try to remain still, I dont watch much tv, I read mainly, tell me what series you like. Likes: The Office, Sci fi crap, Dexter, House, Northern Exposure, PBS type stuff - documentaries, paranormal, science.

3) Favorite Prince song?
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Poll #1252464 Another boring poll
This poll is closed.

Whilst dining at a local establishment I noticed at the bottom of the receipt that there was one of those "Fill out a survey online & tell us how we're doing & you could win $800,000,000." Or something like that. My sister-in-law paid for lunch, I did the survey, how should we handle the HUGE cash payout?

She should get the dough, she paid for lunch.
You should get the dough, you did the survey.
You should totes split it, that would be the fairest thing to do.
Don't even tell her if you win.
You're not going to win anyway so who gives a shit?

Not really that big a concern, just bored waiting to fly home.

Kill Bill - Elle
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TQC, I can't make it to my third ASL class (I live 25 minutes, driving, from the school and can't find a ride...normally this isn't a problem). I missed last Tuesday, too. The teacher thinks I'm a dumbass because I thought the class was Thursdays only, and I have already e-mailed her twice. Anxiety dictates that I not e-mail again. WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO? I really don't want to be dropped from this class. Can you help me? Or make fun of me, I guess. :(
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I walk into work to find none other a big 'ole pile of poop on the upper landing. Mind you, I'm a in a federal establishment, with two different guardposts - so its not random hobo poo. What happened to you today or what did you see today that made you go "lolwut"?

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birthday pic

Computer programming jobs and a degree

I certainly understand a degree would be helpful. But how vital is it?

1) Are there skills and knowledge that a degree program would give me that would be especially difficult to get through disciplined self training?

2) How difficult is it to get companies to look at my resume without a degree?

3) What can be done to counter the weakness of not having a degree?

4) In the end if I go for completing my degree, what are some signs to look for when judging if a school has a program thats worth a damn? If I find one with a good program, would a non-accredited technical school be a viable option as far as future employment goes?
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Okay, TQC. I need to make a project for my 3D environmental design class. I have to have an exterior and an interior modeled, and light and texture the whole thing, and I've gotten the green light to go ahead and merge this project with my 3D special effects final, so it's going to be pretty bitchin'. But, I can't decide whether to make a haunted house, or a Japanese-style house, or a haunted Japanese house.

WHICH IS IT, TQC - Haunted house, Japanese house, or haunted Japanese house?

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For $1,000,000, would you be willing to gain 12" to your height? Obviously, you can't revert back to your normal height


For $1,000,000, would you be willing to lose 12" from your height? Obviously, you can't revert back to your normal height


For $2,000,000, would you be willing to lose an eye? You'll be fitted with a glass eye free of charge


For $250,000, would you be willing to gain 250lbs? It'll be added in a certain groundbreaking procedure that won't endanger your health. Once you're close to 1/8th of a ton heavier, you can do whatever you want to with your new body


For $2,000,000, would you be willing to drink your weight in vodka within the next year?

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1. From a non-theistic perspective, what religion do you identify with the most?

2. What's the longest relationship you've ever been in? Are you still in it? If not, how/why did it end?

3. What is your opinion on veganism?

4. What is your favorite flavor of wing sauce?

5. What is one field of study that you are particularly interested in or knowledgeable about?
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I could have sworn there used to be cheap toy-like versions of Molymods around, but I can't find any idea what they might be called. I don't need the expensive official stuff, I just want to amuse myself making molecules. Anyone know if you can get these things cheap under another name?

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What character archetype are you most romantically attracted to?

What character archetype are you most sexually attracted to?

What character archetype do the majority of the people you've dated fall into?

For me...

The Teacher.

The Psychopath.

The Bumbling Hero.

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Is there a general community for the state of Georgia? I've looked around and can't find anything. Is there any (active) place where I could post some questions I have about Rome, GA and the neighboring areas?

Or just any community that might answer my questions?
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1) My company is having a holiday party and asked for volunteers to help schedule it. Being kinda new here, I volunteered - much to everyone else's dismay. They said they'd rather just have a lunch at the office - if people volunteer they will have to stick around here longer on christmas eve. D: When's the last time something you did with good intentions backfired? How can I back out of it now?

2) Why am I eating everything in sight this week? I'm not praegnunt.
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Do you have a pair of NEW BALANCE shoes?

Do you judge people by their shoes?

What type of shoes would you be most attracted to on your preferred sex?

What type of shoes would be dealbreaker shoes?
And the answer is?

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Decide my dinner, TQC! Either way there will be little red herb-roasted 'taters.

Shake 'n' Bake pork chops or crab cake sandwiches?


ETA: Also valid is the option I can't add:
[ ] Neither. Your taste in food sucks.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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1. Why am I freezing my ass off? It is 88 degrees outside and the AC isn't down too low.
2. There's a bag of milky ways, milky way midnights, snickers and twix. What do you go for first?
3. What is the nastiest flavor of starburst?
4. Do you own rain boots?
Kitty lite
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1. Inspired by an earlier post, are there any majors that people list that make you automatically want to avoid them? Does it matter if you have platonic or romantic designs on them?

2. Do you think that children's actions always reflect upon their parents, or do you think that after a certain age there is no reflection (positive or negative) on the parents? Is there an age that you think this change happens?

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1. What is the last thing you put in your mouth? Why did you put it there? Did you like it?

2. Will you share a picture that will effect my dreams forever?

3. I'm out of Q-tips, what are you out of?


Have you ever been in love?
Are you still?
Have you had your heart broken?
How did you cope with seeing that person again/getting over it?

I will be seeing the only guy i have ever loved (still in love with) later this month as we are both on the same course at university. He left me for some other girl, who subsequently dumped him, and i don't think im over him and don't know what to do when i see him.

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Right for my religion homework i have to write about a song that questions the meaning of life things like that???

you know like that eric clapton song... if i saw you in heaven would you know my name??

songs like that that questions the unknown.

Im really stumped cant think of any so please post any song like that with lyrics please i need to get my  homework done!!!????

thanks p.s i LOVE exam releigion its deadly out!!

so please post anything that springs to mind:)
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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I'm trying to look up tourdates for Hallowicked (the ICP thing) for a friend of mine, but I can't find them anywhere. I've looked on but there are only a few dates and not anything for Hallowicked.

Does anyone know if they're actually doing a tour for it this year?

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anontang DA

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TQC, the keys on my keyboard are dirty. They're starting to turn yellow, and I don't know what to use to clean them. I'm not sure what I have here, as I didn't bring the cleaning supplies, but I think there's some Lysol and Colrox wipes, as well as the old fashioned soap and water. What can I use to clean this thing?

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For those people still in college:

Would you want to spend your final semester OFF campus (by this, I mean abroad or in another city) or is it important for you to be on-campus your last semester?

For those people who've already graduated:
If you could do college all over again, would you spend your final semester off-campus?

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is the state of music these days really that bad or do people just not know where to look?

everyone is always bitching about the awful music these days but i'm in a really happy bubble of awesome new bands and music(btw, that bubble is called England). i think people just aren't looking in the right places.

but not everyone has the same taste in music. and that gets me thinking, someone likes all the shitty music, and it's not shitty to them. it's all subjective. DISCUSS!
I <3 TLV

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I just moved into a new apartment, and I noticed a car with a vegan bumper sticker in the lot today! I'm a vegan and don't know any others here, or any other people at all for that matter, so I left a note on the car saying hello and inviting them to come visit me.

Is that creepy? If a random stranger left you a note on your car asking to meet you would you go see them? I'd really like to make a friend in my building so I'm hoping they're not too weirded out, but I don't know what to expect. I know if someone left ME a note I'd say hello, but I'm weird so I want other opinions....

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I don't know if anyone even wears a one piece bathing suit but if you you take it off to go to the bathroom, or pull it to the side?

If you've ever worn Spanx, did you utilize the vag opening or did you pull them down for fear of peeing all over your nice outfit?

On a non-pee related topic:
What should I name my mannequin? (Picture in comments)

(no subject)

- Is this worth the money?
- If you have asthma, do you smoke? If you smoke and don't have asthma, do you think the condition would stop you from smoking?
- How long do you think Shannen Doherty will stick with 90210?

(no subject)

Are you bored?

If you could do anything at this moment, anything at all, that would remove said boredom, what would it be?

On the flipside, are there any obligations you should probably be attending to right now?
Baro Bitch Stare
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Car issues. So earlier this summer I was having some issues with my starter fuse blowing rather frequently. I took my car to the dealership where they "fixed" it at a $80 charge. That was Aug 18. Today Sept 2, I go to start my car...and guess what, BLOWN FUSE.

Would you be severely pissed if this happened to you?
Should I go to the dealership tomorrow and bitch them out?
Do you think they'll re-fix this problem at no charge or will they be assholes and charge me again?

ETA: I want to add a question!

Can you tell me about one of your bad experiences with getting your car serviced/fixed?
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alligator? miss p

textbooks =[

My schools website doesn't list all the info about required books. I'm pretty sure they do this to prevent people from ordering them online. I have all of the books I need except one. The bookstore's website gives the following info:
Used $68.00
New $90.00
Author:ROSKIN Edition:10"

Do you think that it's this book or not?

Some things about it don't add up (the prices, the title). The thing is my school has listed titles differently in the past so it's possible that's what is going on this time.

Would it be weird to email the professor and ask? I always feel weird about emailing professors, especially before I meet them.

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Where do people get those icons that are cartoon people? I'm seeing them everywhere and I'd like to check it out.

Also, I get to take a shower! I'm in the hospital and apparently because I may need oxygen every once in a while, I need a doctor's order for this. I am extremely excited that I can finally shower. When was the last time you took a shower?

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I have a day/night out planned for my birthday in just over a week, I'm planning on wearing a pair of heels.

I haven't worn any in going from that to wearing them for around 10 hours is gonna hurt like hell.

How do I go about making this as painless as possible? I was thinking about wearing them so often every day for the next week or so, what do you think?
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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I am experiencing really bad back pain, and I have my first day of classes tomorrow. :(

What can I do to feel better/cheer up?
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taco salad

1. How do you make your taco salad?

My family has always made it with fritos, dennisons chili, grated cheddar, lettuce and tomato... but it didn't occur to me until I was at least adult aged that those ingredients don't even resemble a taco. Awesome together, yes; but taco, no. Now I'm embarrassed to call it taco salad even though that's what I've always called it!

2. What should I call this fritos/chili/cheese concoction if not taco salad?

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So whatcha think?

Girl, you ugly!

Girl, you ugly!
Because other people have done it... Cute, hot or neither?

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