September 1st, 2008

Interpersonal Communications vs. Intercultural Communications+

Which would you rather take and why? Interpersonal Communications or Intercultural Communications?

Interpersonal: Focuses on interpersonal communication in relationships. Students explore perception, language, self-concept, self-disclosure, listening, and conflict resolution management, and experience the concepts through class activities.

: Examines the effect of culture on the communication process.Students learn about the influence of culture on communication styles, language, and non-verbal communication. Students practice skills that contribute to intercultural competence.

Also, if you've taken either, what did you like/dislike about the class?
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What are your necessities in order to fall asleep?
Me, I need to be alone (or at least the last one awake), and have a blanket and a pillow. Other than that, I'm good.

What is a sure fire way to force you up when you really would rather sleep?
Take away my blanket. I can't sleep uncovered!

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i cannot fall asleep without the tv on, so i always put something in and turn the sleep timer on for 20-30 minutes.

what should i put in tonight, Gilmore Girls or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

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Meeting someone you meet online with friends: bad or good idea?

Will it ruin any chance of romance?

Have you met anyone from online with friends and have it lead to a relationship?
[Outlander] say could that lass be I

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How hard is it to become a Canadian citizen? Or a citizen of London?

I'm American and....let's just say I'm looking at all of my options.

Edit: In my total haste to post, I typed London instead of England. I'm leaving it up though because I love your total witticism, TQC.
i get the same ol' dreams.

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so i dated a guy for 8 months. for the last few weeks it was obvious we were both interested in other people. we broke up amicably.
a week later, i start going on dates again.

was this too soon?

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I saw this kid today with his laptop cover decorated with a large size print of starry night. I thought it was cool and it intriqued me. Was it a large sticker? Or did he tape it on there? I didn't ask him..I know, I'm stupid.

Anyways my question to you is...I wanna decorate my laptop! i got a small dell laptop. I'm not sure what I'd decorate it with or what images I'd like. But any suggestions? What kinda stickers or whatever should I look into getting? Links?

Pictures are a plus =]
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Man electrocutes pickle to demonstrate power of Christianity. What can be concluded from this video?

Christianity truly transforms you from the inside out
Being filled with Jesus can lead to smoke emanating from your orifii
Christianity is a powerful energy and best be kept out of the hands of children
Humans and produce can both be filled with God's love
All it takes is 2 impaling forks and a strong energy source and you, too, can find salvation
Christian scientists should really not have access to recording devices. Please stop
A smoldering pickle represents a good christian, but for a good buddhist, it might take a smoldering tomato or something
If you're tasered by the police, you're actually closer to divinity than you think
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Do you know anyone in real life who reminds you very strongly of a character from a TV show, or vice versa? Is the similarity striking enough that you can't watch the show without thinking about the person you know?

I'll put my answer in the comments.

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so uh what "healthy" food can i buy to stock my dorm with?

My roommate has stocked her side with junk food and nasty frozen foods. I'm looking to get healthier in college(yeah i know its gonna be hard).

Any suggestions? I already got granola bars, apples, i've froze a ton of grapes =].
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Jaw pain after alcohol or sour stuff!

So who else gets a sharp, stabbing pain in their jaw after sipping alcohol?

I thought I was a freak, till I Googled it and saw others have the same problem.

It occasionally happens with other things... sour stuff, for example.

Any clue what that's all about?

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I'm sick and I've been in and out of bed since three this afternoon. I have a 101 fever and a stomach that's being a stupid ugly bitch. What do you do when you're sick?
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pony_meat  and  d_capricorn09  are the same person. T/F?

Otherwise, what single thing (as in snap-judgement) will you write someone off for in the first momemts (as in minutes or up to 3 hours) of having met them? I cannot stand it when people have bad teeth.
For those of you in school, have you noticed any ridiculously stupid new trends in fashion? Is dayglo seriously making a comeback?!


1. Would it be a big or minor scandal if McCain banged his running mate Palin?
2. Vegetarians refuse to eat anything that has a face. What's their stance on chocolate Easter bunnies?
3. Would you rather suffer from extreme insomnia or mild narcolepsy?
4. In some tragic circumstance, d_capricorn09 gets picked to be the next mod. How would you feel?
5. YEAH or NAW?

(no subject)

TQC, will your please name two things that should not be bought baught together togeather? d_capricorn09 seems to think that condoms and catnip should not be bought together. This makes him an SPO y/y? Bastard's lettin his cats run around high having unsafe sex. Yeesh!

(no subject)

Do you have the option turned on where someone can text you from LJ?
If so, has anyone ever actually texted you using this feature?

What's the most offensive thing anyone's ever said or done to you?

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(no subject)

i think that every post or comment made by d_capricorn09 from here on out should be responded to only with irrelevant macros. who's with me?

when do you think tqc will get a really good, entertaining troll? lierre informs me they do not exist. she speaks the truth.
can't touch this

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When you sneeze, how many actual sneezes come out?

I usually sneeze in twos, but I know people who are multiple sneezers. la_fee_verte_ just sneezed nine times (and is proudly proclaiming that her record is 14).

Also, and possibly more importantly, on a scale of one to ninja, how awesome are Hot Fries?

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how fucked would someone be if they were caught doing 120 on a motorcycle in new york state? the speed limit is 55 (so it's 65 over).

i already you'd get 11 points on your license and thus have it immediately suspsended, but i'm worried my stupid teenage boyfriend is going to get into worse trouble than that. i googled but all i found was how many points you'll get.


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My friend with whom i have frequently had relations of the sexual persuasion with in the past now has a girlfriend (his ex from another state who's now living with him) he informs me that they have an open relationship, and I believe it to be true based on our conversation tonight (both of them and me) she seems like a very sweet girl.  Anyway, previously mentioned friend and I are going to see Nine Inch Nails on Tuesday, should I bake her brownies?

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Poll #1251667 Please specify in comments

If someone were going to spend a whole day with your SO without you what would make you less butt hurt?

A whole damn cake
Sex with a homeless man
For her/him to not return your SO

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To everyone who watches Heroes.

Do you think that Claire's hymen heals after she has sex?

How much do you think it would suck to have your hymen heal after every bout of lovin'?

Claire is a forever virgin, Y/Y?
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Every summer, and only in the summer, I get really intense allergy attacks. My eyes water. My throat, nose and ears get itchy. I have trouble breathing. My nose gets congested. I can't stop sneezing. It's miserable. For some reason, it's worse in the morning when everything is still covered in dew. It's also worse on rainy days. TQC, what the hell am I allergic to?

What are you allergic to?
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Do you find it disconcerting when watching a movie and you can clearly see how much make up the male stars are wearing?

Girls, what is your favourite bit of make up?

Guys, what is one bit of make up you wish girls would NOT wear?

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my roommate and i got a young, male dwarf rabbit the other day. i've never owned rabbits myself, but she has. everything has been going great. he's cute, nice, seems to be happy, etc. BUT there's a huge problem:

late at night/early in the morning, he gets really, really rambunctious. he starts jumping on top of his little house, digging, clawing at things, etc..basically just making a TON of noise. we thought maybe he was just antsy, so we took him out (at 6AM this morning >:O ) to let him run around a little and play. apparently he started behaving this way last night and my roommate did this. she took him out and when she put him back in the cage, he was fine. but this morning when we put him back in, he continued to be really loud.

we thought maybe he was just reallyyyyy energetic, so we put him in his little pen, so he could be more active. but once he was in there, he started acting violent (thumping, throwing around his dish, etc).

we've allowed him to be active all morning and he never ever does this during the day. we're students and need sleep! we love him, but we can't afford to do this every night or morning. tips? what's going on? we're desperate!

cross-posted to every community i can think of

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tell us something funny/odd about a family member (or members if you like)?

My dad NEVER follows directions when putting something together, then he usually spends twice as long trying to do it. He was putting together a hose-keeper thing and came in the house to get me because "I put it together, but the only thing I can't figure out, is where this piece goes" ME-*opens directions* and points "right here dad"

My mom doesn't want us to put anything in the garbage can (the large one that the city comes and empties) unbagged because she doesn't want the garbage can to get dirty.

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Gooooooooood morning, TQC.

About 2 weeks ago now (it will be 2 weeks tomorrow), I ordered a textbook from an marketplace seller, and I paid for expedited shipping (4-6 business days). It has been 2 weeks and I haven't received it, so I sent him an email, to which he replied with a tracking number that says there is no record of.

Wtf? What can I do?? :( Should I ask for a refund? I really need this book and if I'm not going to get it from him, I need the money back so I can get it somewhere else.

(no subject)

Do you feel motivated today?

For those of you still in school (whether in high school, college, teachers, whatever) do you get nervous on your first day of school?

Who here likes office supplies more than normal people should?
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good morning TQC, three questions for you today!

1. Would you, personally, ever wear anything less formal than a business suit to a job interview for a white-collar/desk job?
(I'm interviewing tomorrow with a non-profit in an arts field and I have a feeling they'll all be in jeans and I'll be way overdressed, but then that's the way you're supposed to go so they'd understand. But I kind of hate my blazer (it doesn't match my pants and is not the best fit) and was wondering if I'd be brave enough to go formal except wear a cardigan instead, but maybe that would be doom.)

2. Should I get a queen bed or a full bed?
Collapse )
3. And now I'm curious, would you post a photo of your bed?

(no subject)

1. do sugar highs really exist? i've read they don't and i've never experienced one.

2. when did we start calling romantic comedies rom-coms? why was i last one to figure it out?

3. if FOX believes they own the rights to Watchmen, why did they wait until the movie was in the can, given a release date and previewing before the biggest movie of the year to sue/get an injunction/whatever they're up to?
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Hi. Its slower than molasses going uphill on a January day here in TQC.

1. What happened to you?
2. If you feel it, what is it?
3. What is overrated?
4. What is something everyone should try?

(no subject)

Do you sponsor a child in a 3rd world country?

What foundation do you go through?

I want to do one, but would rather avoid a money hungry organization that'd hog 90% of my donations.
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You're dating someone and he makes it clear that his children WILL carry on his family name (him, his father, and grandfather all have the same first and middle name).

What would you say to something like that? How would you react?

(no subject)

Given the news that the 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is pregnant, going to keep the baby and get married to the father,

Poll #1251800 gone baby gone

Do you think Palin should give up her VP spot?

This news has nothing to do with the election so it doesn't matter

god! i hate moochers

If you're going to a BYOB party, do you actually byob, or ARE YOU A MOOCHER??!

And if the party runs out of liquor (eta: and you didn't bring anything) and asks for donations for the keg fund, do you contribute, or do you walk out of the party after grabbing a beer in each hand?
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do you come from a big family or a small family?
would you prefer to date someone from a big family or a small family?

i have a small family. i've got one sister, one cousin on my dad's side, and two on my mom's. i'd really love to date a guy with a big family. the guy i have a crush on now has like 5 siblings and it just makes him more attractive to me.

(no subject)

Is it rude to bring your own drinks to dinner?

My boyfriend and I are going over to his parents' house for dinner today and I'd like to bring a new tea to try, especially because their drinks tend to be Pepsi Max (ick) and some energy drink that makes me sick.

It's not my first time meeting them or anything- I lived with them for a short while.

I do this when I go to my mom's but that's also because I have drinks leftover from the 2 hour drive. I JUST DON'T KNOW THIS ETIQUETTE, TQC.
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Yo fat girl, c'mere, are you ticklish?

In the song Humpty Dance, Humpty sings the following lines:

I sang on Do What Ya Like
And if you missed it
I'm the one who said
Just grab 'em in the biscuits!

I never knew he was referring to an actual song until I heard it on the radio somewhere. I assume the title is Do What Ya Like. What is the exact title, and who is it by? I want to download it!
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(no subject)

what are your fuck-you-i-like-them bands?


I listen to autolux, sonic youth, broken social scene, elliot smith, and explosions in the sky, ect...

but I also own every cd that has Michelle Branch on it, I think venessa carlton is great, and Natasha Bedingfield is brilliant.

fuck you I like them.

your turn.

(no subject)

Is there any way to back up your StumbleUpon bookmarks online? I use it both at home and at work, and would like to have access to both. I have my bookmarks set up just so at work, but in StumbleUpon itself it doesn't seem to really let me catagorize things as such, I just have them all listed in one big clump. Yet when I log into my StumbleUpon profile from home, none of those show -- only when I'm at work.

Is there a way to coordinate these links when you're moving machines regularly?

(no subject)

Anyone here ever thrown pots before, on a potter's wheel? How long have you been doing it? Do you have any pictures of your finished product? Where would be a good place to search for a used wheel (electric or kick)? If you haven't, would you ever be interested in doing it?

I just started a class and I'm really really enjoying it. :-)

(no subject)

My boyfriend has decided that since we have the holiday off and no family obligations, he is going to watch all three extended editions of The Lord of the Rings. I plan to do homework.

How long do you think it'll take before I get bored with these hobbits? 

What do you plan to do today?
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(no subject)

Okay, this is random, even for here... but is the Strawberry Kiwi flavor of Cyrstal Light supposed to be opaque?

This is the first time I've made this particular flavor, and all the other ones I've had have been translucent, so I want to make sure it's alright!
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universal bookmark access?

I tried googling different word combinations but I got links for something completely different that what I'm thinking of....

Is there such a way to save bookmarks instead of just in your firefox bookmarks folders but like in a "live" webpage so that you can access the same list of bookmarks from different computers? I use three different computers on a regular basis so my bookmarks are saved so sporadically...

(no subject)

All right, this is a pretty *~stupid~* question. Today, our extremely kind elderly neighbors asked me to walk their dog while they are out at a concert. I said it was fine, and in an hour, they are going to show me how to put the collar on or whatever.

Now, I had a pretty sweet childhood, but the closest I got to a pet was a sister, so I'm very slightly freaked. IS THERE ANYTHING SPECIAL I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WALKING A DOG? It's a hot day, so how long should I walk? Will his little doggy paws get hurt on pavement? How long does it take for them to shit? IS IT TRULY AS SIMPLE AS IT LOOKS?

yeah. thx, tqc.

I DID IT. I BROUGHT WATER, and the dog was really fucking beast actually, it knew where to go and it just kind of took me. I watched it piss and then I took it back. THAAANK YOU!

Myspace suicide

Myspace suicide

How does this video make you feel?

1. Whose side are you on? Megan's parents or the parents of the girl down the street?
2. Foosball tables can be expensive. What do you feel should happen to Megan's parents for the destruction of that table?
3. Should the other girl's parents have to be accountable for their role in the suicide, or is it just internet lulz that were grossly taken out of proportion by an emo girl?
4. If you learned that the family down the street motivated your kid to kill herself, what would you do?

(no subject)

I need a shock absorbant case for my blackberry. Heres the trick...I want one with a screen protector. I can't find one that even has a screen cover, let alone helps with droppin's.

Does anyone know where I can find such a case for a Curve? I'd appreciate it. These things don't have insurance plans =(
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(no subject)

I use MSN and in the past month, I've had four complete strangers add me without a message saying why. Bots/spam? Is anyone else being added by random people? (I know it's not just me. I have a friend who's had two random adds.)

(no subject)

Have you ever seriously thought about stalking a celeberity? Whom?
What in your opinion would be the worst way to die? The best?
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

(no subject)

Favorite author?

How many hours a week do you spend reading?

Do you have any action figures from television shows/movies?

Do you listen to music through headphones or through speakers?

What sex position would you prefer to do me in?

(no subject)

Are there any good werewolf themed songs? All I can think of is "Werewolf" by Cat Power and "Wolfmoon" by Type O Negative. I am looking for songs of any genre that are explicitly about wereolves.
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(no subject)

I've always put my jeans in the dryer after washing them...

I just read that you're supposed to air dry them...

Wouldn't that make your jeans super stiff?

Do you air dry or machine dry your jeans?
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(no subject)

You are trying to win my heart.
You take me on a date.

1. Where do you take me and what do we do?

I will announce the keeper of my heart when its won.

megatrouble won my heart. And my naughty bits. The first lesbian TQC sex tape will be released soon...

(no subject)

My sister is a nurse and a mother of two.  She told me that after you have a baby, you will lactate uncontrollably at the sound of your baby's cries.  Ex/ she was showering and baby was in a bassinet on the floor; baby started crying and my sister said both her boobs squirted crazy far. That was her first experience with it.  Also she said that she sees this a lot where she works.  If she is holding someone else's baby, examining it or whatever, and if the baby cries... the mother's shirt will become soaked.


(no subject)

What would happen is Janice Dickinson was shot?

I'd enjoy if it actually got rid of her. However, she looks like some undead living corpse, or satanic creature from Stephen King's mind so I have a suspicion that it wouldn't bother her too much, that she just wouldn't feel it and keep walking with a bullet hole in her but no blood.

(no subject)

Does anybody even care what Bush does anymore?

Whenever he shows up in the news I'm always like "oh right, he's still president."

Has he stopped doing things or have we (and the media) just stopped caring?

Copy shop slave

Have you ever worked at Kinko's or another copy shop? How did you like it? Are there any benefits (I'm assuming employee discount, it just sounds funny to me - hey, you get 200 copies a year free! or something).

I have wanted to work at Kinko's for about nine years (yeah, I'm kind of a dork) but I never got around to applying for a job there. At my current job I basically run around fixing copy machine jams so I figure it would be a good preparation if I ever decide to work there.

The long and short and fat of it

Would you rather...?

..gain 6" to your height
...lose 6" from your height
....gain 6" to your waist (you can always work it off)
...grow a 6th toe

For those of you with a SO. Would you rather he or she...

...gain 6" to their height
...lose 6" from their height
...gain 6" to their waist (they can always work it off)
...grow a 6th toe

If you had 2 kids, would you rather them be...?

Too tall
Too short
Too fat
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Ok TQC, my boyfriend insists that "like 90% of people" pronounce the word "satyr" the same way as the word "satire". How do you pronounce it?

Does it irritate you when people pronounce things incorrectly and then insist that it is the correct way to say it? Bonus points for examples :)

(no subject)

What are the alcohol rules for Florida?

As in, I'm 18, but am I still able to transport alcohol in my trunk unopened? I got a couple six packs chillin in my trunk right now and some guy told me no cop can arrest me for it since its in the trunk unopened...

I was just wondering if he was just bullshitting me.
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(no subject)

How do you feel about yard sales/garage sales/flea markets?

What do you think about those Above The Influence anti-marijuana commercials?

Do you think Tori Amos is amazing?

When was the last time you filled out a Mad Libs?

What's your favorite unusual musical instrument?
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(no subject)

Do you value peace/harmony?

If not, why?

Edit: I'm happy about seeing all these "yes" answers. I have a friend who doesn't seem to give a damn about peace/harmony. Actually, it seems like she likes disrupting it. I don't understand why.

(no subject)

How would you spell the sound of a french laugh?

If I give myself a fringe, is there any hairstyle I can't do, really?

Bangs are the same as a fringe, right? Took me years to figure out what bangs were. Can you have one bang? What would that be?

Dating question

What is the shortest amount of time you think should pass from an amazing date (last night) to setting up another date?

I want to see her again, but I'm insanely busy for the next week -- and also don't want to come across as a freak.

Oh, and also, you need to watch this if you like British sarcastic comedy.

(no subject)

Should I help this Collapse ) in the hallway back outside when it gets dark?
Why do people freak out when they see bats?
Besides marigolds are there any plants that repel cats? My cats have eaten my spiderplants and half of a ficus tree. I want to grow something that isn't poisonous but they will not shred at the same time.

EDIT: Its nice and dark out now so I helped it outside and it flew away.
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(no subject)

Girls: Do you get offended when a guy holds a door open for you?
Guys: Has a women ever been offended by you holding a door open for her?

All: Would you rather be caught masturbating or popping pimples on your butt?
me - with gun
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(no subject)

Have you ever been in an open relationship?

If so, how was that?

If not, would you be willing to be in one? Why or why not?

(Note: assume "open" can mean "just sex" with other people and romantically you are just with the one person)
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(no subject)

ok, so i have my windows closed, AND super earplugs in (srsly. they are the kind my dad uses, and he works around big honkin' industrial machines and jet turbine engines), BUT I CAN STILL HEAR MY NEIGHBORS YELLING AT EACH OTHER. WTF ELSE CAN I DO TO SHUT OUT THEIR INCONSIDERATE, NOISE-MAKING FACEHOLES????? should i call cps on them for the lulz?

(no subject)

What's the most WTF threat you can think of?

My friend and I played this game earlier, and my favorite one was:
"I'm going to inject your heart with a syringe full of ranch dressing and replace your eyes with croutons."
dick, roa, blah

Regarding traffic in Richmond:

First question: Why must people drive ten miles under the limit on Sundays after church? Did God command that everyone drive like they're on Valium on His day, and I just missed the memo?

Second question: Since when did turn-indicator blinkers become optional on SUV's and sedans that cost more than $100,000? Do you become part of a cut-'em-off-with-no-warning club when you buy a ridiculously overpriced import vehicle?

I'm just saying.
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(no subject)

What genre of music do you feel the world could do without?

Is there any type of tattoo or piercing that you find ridiculous and tacky?

Do you think you look better with short hair, long hair, or in between?

What's the most recent item of clothing/accessory you purchased?

Do you enjoy receiving flowers?

(no subject)

I'm at home and bored. What can I do?

I'm trying to make my dog get on with my rabbit. A couple of times a day I let the rabbit out on the floor and put the dog in a down-stay. I tell him he's good when he's staying still. He stares and stares at the rabbit the whole time, like he wants to nom him. I know this is going to take a lot of time and patience but is there anything I can do to speed the process up? I have a week before I'm back at uni again and they have to share a bedroom.

Tell me a joke?
MISC - moustache

(no subject)

Say you work at a Planned Parenthood. Sarah Palin's daughter comes in and has an abortion. Later you hear on the news that they're saying she "lost" the baby. Keep in mind you've taken an oath to put the patient first and never reveal any personal information to anyone. Your career will almost definitely be completely over, you'll never get a job in the medical field again. And this is still, at the core of the issue, a 17 year old girl who wasn't taught about sex properly.

Do you risk your career and rat her out to the media?

(no subject)

While I was grocery shopping a little while ago, I walked into the cart like a dumbass and stubbed my toe really hard, consequently splitting my toenail in half and making it bleed really badly.

Will you tell me about the last time you accidentally physically hurt yourself?

(no subject)

After the incident with my boyfriend i realized i dont have such a weak stomach. But after thinking about it, and reading the post about the shopping cart and the stubbed toe, i realized that the idea of PAIN makes me sick. I can look at blood and guts all day, but thinking of the pain that might have been caused makes me want to throw up. This is weird, cause i am heavily tattooed, and i experience pain all the time.

So, what gets you? The gore, or the idea of pain? Or are you just really tough and nothing can get through your steel soul?
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

(no subject)

Inspired by the Labor Day marathon on SOAP,

1. Kelly or Brenda?
2. Brandon or Dylan?
3. Kelly/Dylan or Brenda/Dylan?
4. Andrea or Donna?
5. Steve or David?