August 31st, 2008

boringly random.

What is your favorite spongebob episode?


What is your favorite episode of your favorite show?

Will you tell me something cute about a cute toddler you know? feel free to include a pic to demonstrate cuteness.

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If you were in the hospital, by yourself, would you expect your SO to at least text you once a day, just to see how you were doing?

I'm in the hospital about 20 minutes away from home, so my boyfriend doesn't get to come see me that often. He is the only one I have in the area (my family is all back in Boston, I'm in LA), so I figured he would at least pretend to be concerned, but so far, he hasn't called or texted, it's all been up to me. It's kind of pissing me off. Do I have the right to get upset? Or should I just brush it off as him being a guy?

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Do you pee while talking to people on the phone?

I dunno. I think I pee too loud. I always have to tell people I need to put the phone down for a second and then go really fast. I'm also always afraid that I'll drop my phone in the toilet.

Which brings me to another exciting bathroom question:

What have you accidentally dropped in the toilet?

I dropped my underwear in the toilet once (don't ask). It was at school in the dorm bathroom, so I couldn't just walk out with soaked underwear. Aaaaawkwaaaard.
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several questions:

i was watching tekken kinkreet and at the end i was kind of hopin for the pain charecter to embrace his darkness and run around the city killing poeple, do you sometimes find yourself rooting for the bad guy?

what if the budda came to you in a dream, and you expect to learn the secrets of the univers but instead he talks to you about how wonderful toyota makes trucks, would you in teh morning think about buying a truck? (the excperience was magical to you for some reason)

lets say you could go into space but when you came back everyone else is 5o years older than you, would you still want to go?

and lastly; would you rather date a guy with a shaved face, or a face with some bad ass stubble?


Come 1st of September I will be studying part time while holding down a full time job. The study load will be rather heavy, and my working hours tend to be long. Has anyone ever done the same thing before, and how did you manage it? I'm looking for advice basically on how to do well at both instead of dying at both ends.

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I work in a hotel and we are completely sold out for the night. I enjoy telling people looking for rooms that we have none. What bitchy little thing do you take joy in?
One of my guests is a buyer for a large (Claire's like) company and gave me some freebies including a couple of necklaces and a really cute hair tie. Have you ever gotten random gifts from random customers?
I hate checking the pool for chlorine and pH (even though it's really easy and takes about 5 minutes) What's your least favorite part of your job?
Blow Me

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When I visit my friend's house, she tells everyone not to flush toilet paper down the toilet, but to place it into the trash can. The only time I have ever encountered anything like this was at a cottage, where the toilet used a septic tank system. But she lives in the middle of the city. Personally I think it's gross, since during parties you go into the bathroom and see wads of toilet paper with shit on them and it kinda smells....

Why does she enforce this rule? Any idea? Anyone ever visit someone who does this? Or do you do this in your bathroom? Why????
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Have anyone visited Okinawa Aqurium in Japan? Was it really pretty like in photos? I was like ... O.O when I was the picturesssss.
Do you have pictures?

What did you have for dinner today? Yummy? Heh.

What is your current ringtone?

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i was a dumbass and downloaded the new Firefox and now my LJ layout is all fucked to shit.

what can i do?!

has anyone else had troubles with the new firefox?
is there a way to downgrade?


would it be retarded to myspace message the guy from the band i saw tonight to ask him about the guitar he was playing? i was too chicken shit to do it when i bought his CD tonight.

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What's the last thing you ate? An apple and a bag of 100 calorie Smartfood popcorn
What have you never eaten, but would like to try? Escargot, vodka pasta sauce.
If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Potatoes

lulz 21 and validation

What should be my first legal drink(s)? My birthday is 9/29

Validation: I just want to sit home and get piss ass drunk and have wild and crazy monkey sex with my husband for my 21st birthday. No friends. No bars. Nothing.
Why do people think I'm not normal for this?

What did you do for your 21st birthday? (if you're over 21, of course)

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What's your favorite quote? Have no fear of perfection, you'll never attain it ~ Salvador Dali
Do you prefer Border's or Barnes and Noble? Borders
What kind of car do you have? Pontiac Grand Prix
How old are you? 24

OMFG! I didn't realize I'd posted so much. So oops and sorry.


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tonight i read on a bathroom stall:



i totally agreed with it. i meant to get a picture of it but i went in without my camera and forgot to go back.

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Dear Tieck Jussi,

I am going to bed now and I have what should probably be a slow, slow day of Labor-Day weekend Sunday tech support. Can you help provide amusing things to await me in my inbox tomorrow when I get to work?

(no subject)

1. have you ever written graffiti on a piece of public property? where was it & what did you write?

2. what's the last alcoholic beverage you consumed? did you get really drunk?

1. yes. I wrote ~deep~ song lyrics on a bathroom wall at a Starbucks in NYC
2. I had Jägerbombs tonight & barely got a buzz.

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I just took lunestra, will it help me sleep?
I did several other things today that may interact poorly with sleeping pills, will I die?
why do people bitch a lot when it's late and things are dead?

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I like to have the news on the television with the volume down, with music of my choice in my big ass speakers while the little kitchen light is on while I'm in front of my computer next to a few candles in front of the fish tank so I can hear the bubbles.

1. How do you like your space?

(no subject)

1. If you get jewelery changed at a piercing shop, do they charge you to actually put it in? If not, how much should I give the piercer for helping me? I want to buy new nose studs and have them bend them into the right shape for me and put them in.

2. What's the last thing you bought for someone else?

Birthday presents

One of my boyfriend's favourite bands is touring in November. Sadly the venue in our home town has sold out. However tickets are still available in Edinburgh which is an hour's drive away. However it's during the week and Boyfriend has no holiday allowance left. I want to get these tickets for his birthday but would it end up being too much hassle? To get to the venue he would probably have to make back the time and there's no guarantee his boss would agree.

Or should I just go ahead and get tickets?

Edit: The band is Feeder. I'm not too bothered about seeing them myself, I just think it would be a nice present :)
The Dude Abides

Dream ?

If you have a dream where the day of the week is not explicitly stated, what day of the week do you assume the events of your dream take place?

Does your answer change if your dream is a nightmare?

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Did you watch any of the Democratic National Convention last week?

Are you going to watch any of the Republican National Convention this week?

Poll #1251212 Genetic abnormalities

If you had to have one of these genetic abnormalities which would you rather have?

wings (nonfunctional)
a tail
fangs like a sabertooth
cloven hooves
cat ears
webbed feet and hands

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I grew up swimming in the ocean. I just moved three hours away but it is still hot as balls out so I really want to go swimming. Is swimming in a river going to blow my mind? What should I expect? I know this is a really stupid question but c'mon, I'm new in town and don't have anyone to ask :(.

Oh, also - Why would someone post a listing for a yard sale on craigslist and not list an address or phone number or respond to emails? I want their cheap stuff, dammit!

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1a. When going through a drive-thru for food, do you check your order to make sure it's all right or do you just drive off and assume everything is there?
1b. If the order is wrong, do you go back to get it fixed?

2. Where are the best french fries?

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Good morning, TQC. Random questions for you today.

My screen name is "A Cerebral Mosh". What does that make you think of? 

What's for breakfast/lunch? Or even brunch? 

I'm staying over a friend's house right now, and we went to bed around 4 this morning. Should I let her sleep until 12, or kick her butt out of bed sooner? :)

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At church when we all greeted each other, a man came up to me and said "I can tell you're feeling good because you're wearing pink.  I heard that women who feel good like to wear pink."  I was, in fact, feeling good.

1:  Do you think this is an accurate general assumption?

2:  What color(s) do you like to wear when you're feeling good?

3:  What color(s) do you wear when you're not feeling good?


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Internet Explorer 8 to sport traceless browsing

Microsoft is testing a new feature in Internet Explorer 8 which will allow users to surf without recording data.

What do you think of this new feature on Internet Explorer 8?

Have you ever watched tv or listened to the radio and gotten completely annoyed by the voice of the person talking? For example, I can't listen to Woodhouse Dodge commercials on the radio because the woman is super annoying sounding.

(no subject)

How often do you doodle?

I'm sitting here filling out one of those online dating things (yes, I'm a loser, i know) and it's asking what my doodle tend to look like. I've sat here thinking about it for a couple of minutes and have realized that I don't think I've ever just doodled randomly in my entire life.

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I dowloaded The Sims 1 for the PC a few days ago & have wasted my time away since playing it.

I had a copy for the PS2 a few years ago and you could change their outfits, accessories, hair etc more than what you can  with the version I have now. Is it because I've downloaded it or was it a different version I had?

Tell me about your Sims?

Where do you go to download things for them?

Hypothetical, amirite?

You're very good friends (no, you don't wanna do him) with a guy, and lately he's been not just talking to you less, which is ok, but when you do talk he's very impersonal about the things he says (as in he'll talk about the weather, but not stuff that is actually happening in his life like he would a week ago).  So you confront him saying hey, why are you treating me like a sometimes friend and not a good friend, and he says to you "I'm afraid that being good friends with you will scare other girls away."  (Keep in mind that you're 100 miles away from each other).

How the fuck do you react to that?

netflix watch instantly?

TQC Netflix members:
can you recommend a movie for me to see that is available through the Watch Instantly feature? The Instant area is so unorganized, it's hard to filter through all the 2-star movies to find anything good.

when you accidentally fart audibly in public, do you excuse yourself or say nothing and pretend it didn't happen?
Betty Boop

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Poll #1251380 Hitchhiker's Guide tattoo

If you get the references, which amuses you more for a lower back tattoo?

"Don't Panic"
"Mostly Harmless"
I don't get the references.
I get the references, but don't like either.

If you don't get the references, which one would you find more amusing for a lower back tattoo?

"Don't Panic"
"Mostly Harmless"
I don't find either amusing.
Moot point, I get the reference!



I already have Don't Panic as my tramp stamp, but have always been equally amused by Mostly Harmless =P

Heh, forgot to give an option for those who can't choose... TOUGH SHIT!
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper


Anyone here watch the show Damages?
What do you think?

I started watching it when it first came out but I had to stop because it was TOO FUCKING INTENSE. Now Im nearing the end of the first season and I am so upset I stopped watching it 7 episodes in!


Anyone know when the second season starts/started?

TC2 by lady_agrias

(no subject)

Should I even bother to be somewhat excited about the third season of Heroes starting soon?

Despite the crappy ending the first season was pretty good but the second season was so bad and boring the best thing you could say about it was thank god it was short because of the writers strike.

What other shows have you missed from last year that are coming back soon?

(no subject)

dear TQC,

I'm driving 6 hours to Vegas to pick up my friends. I dunno where they're staying. All their phones are dead. I have to be back before Labor Day.

Will you please please please wish me luck?

(no subject)

what software can i get for my mac that is like paint shop pro & free? ( i used to have paint shop pro for free on my PC by putting the clock back to when it was in trial & made graphics :] )

who do you want to win BB9?

(no subject)

Will you show me ghost videos? or something scary?
Do you have any links to any interesting ghost sites / storys?


Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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Following a surprisingly poor encounter with a police officer (You didn't realize that people could bleed THAT much) you're now on the run with everyone and their brother chasing after you with sharp pointy things and things that look like they're on fire. You tried talking with them, but all that really ended up causing was a large man throwing what looking like his child at you-- a child that happened to be on fire.

The police, angry that you shot one of their co-workers seventeen times in the face, have decided to just let this mob of very angry people kill you in ways that would make even the most hardened torturer vomit until his face was paralyzed. However, you feel that you shouldn't be forced into sea urchin sodomy or whatever monstrous torture they're planning to do to you after they get out of that buffet across the street (damned if it wasn't fried chicken night) and are going to take action while they're distracted.

What will you do?

Enjoy yourself some of that fine fried chicken, and hope that they wait until after they eat to kill you?
Double-click the building's power cord?
Run inside the building with a suit made of active grenades and blow everyone up?
Run, run, run, as fast as you can? And then change your name to "Ginge R. Breadman" and live in some other country?
Accept that you are a horrible, murdering bastard, and allow them to do horrible things to you out of retribution?
Kill yourself in an overly dramatic way?
Use Dark Charizard to burn down the building, and kill all of the people inside?

(no subject)

1. What keeps you from behaving?

2. If I were going to die tonight, what music video do I need to watch before my departure?

3. If I asked you to move to Spain with me right now and never return home, would you come?

(no subject)

TQC, I want differently colored hair. I don't want to go blonde because of the damage, or black because of the permanence. So I'm left with red. What semi permanent box dye or vegetable dye red lasts the longest?

(no subject)

Um. There's a spider in my room. What should I do with it? Is it going to kill me?

It's only like two millemeters long and it's brown and it has little black spots on it.

Is it going to eat the little ants that hang out in my room?

How much is the life of a spider worth?

ETA: OMG I can't find the spider anymore! WHERE DID IT GO?
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I currently live in a two bedroom apartment in upstate NY with a roommate.  She moved in 1 month ago.  The landlord wants us to sign a new lease.  I went under (what I thought was going to be) a month to month lease when my old roommate left in April.  Here are my problems:

1.  It turns out the landlord had me sign a year lease with a 90 day out, not 60 like he told me (I know I was stupid  to trust him on that and not read it carefully, but whats done is done).  I told him before my new roommate moved in that I still wanted a month to month because I'm a college student and may transfer soon. 

2.  I don't like the roommate.  She is messy, eats my food, and is emotionally needy (I don't have the time to do homework AND listen to all of her problems. Yes, she has a therapist).  "Why don't you talk to her?" Because she gets all upset and emotional when I ask her to do things like put her laxatives in the medicine cabinet (Its ok, they're fine on the mocrowave...). 

3.  I don't like the landlord.  I feel like he's trying to screw me over.  He didn't give me a copy of my current lease.  He didn't get us a copy of our new lease to sign until she had moved in for three weeks.  Theres more, but too much to get into. Seems fishy all around.

I want to move, but my roommate doesn't have the money to keep moving around and thinks the 90 day out is too much as well as she's looking into getting another job somewhere.   He doesn't want to budge on it.  I feel guilty for having her move in here and then say i'm going to move out a month later.  What should I do??
archer / pam.

(no subject)

TQC, I just spent 40 minutes on hold trying to speak to someone about my cell phone, only to be hung up on once I actually reached a real live person.

What is the last thing that happened to you that made you want to kill?
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Do you have a charm bracelet? What charms are on it? Are you/others annoyed by the constant clanking of it?

*Edited to add that I have these charms:*

A sandollar
A red car
A lipstick tube
A fancy coat
A giraffe
3 charms of Belle (from Beauty and the Beast)
A skull with a ruby embedded in the eye socket
Marie from the Aristocats
A cross with Jack Skellington's face on it
A flower
A Mickey Mouse hat (the one with the ears)
And Mickey Mouse with rhinestones

(no subject)

i read 3 books over the summer for my ap english class and this wednesday she's giving us 4 essay prompts and we pick one to answer. any tips on the best ways to prepare? i want to make a good impression.

(no subject)

In your personal experience when does the honeymoon period start to wear off?
I'm at month two now and I'm starting to notice slightly annoying idiosyncrasies. That seems awfully early. (I'm aware is different for different people/relationships)

(no subject)

and now for the incredibly cliche...

if your life had a soundtrack, what would be playing right about now?
A Lack of Color by Death Cab for Cutie.

Did you realize that you can sing the words from Green Eggs and Ham to the tune of "Iron Man?"

(no subject)

Two little girls just came to our door asking for donations for their grandmother because she has cancer. One of the little girls held out a Crown Royal bag for said donations.

How would you have reacted?

(no subject)

What's sexier, a man in a (business) suit, in uniform or in shorts and t-shirt? (If your answer is "It depends", think about your favourite guy in the world/yourself and select the best clothing for them/you.)

(no subject)

What is something you need to work on?

I've just had a bad attitude for the past few months.  I get annoyed and fed up with people so easily and just try to isolate myself from them when it happens.  :/  Need to stop that...

Also, I need to paint my bathroom!
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

Nub computer question coming through.

I'm trying to create room on my C drive. I have a lot (a lot) of ZIP and RAR files that have the songs extracted and relocated. Can I delete the ZIP and RAR files without losing the music? Will it fuck up my iTunes and cause me to want to rip my face off?

ringo starfish

(no subject)

last night I had a dream that I was sitting outside at a coffee shop with my two best friends, current (new) boyfriend, and my most recent ex. I remember thinking it was "play nice with the ex" time -- we had just run into each other at the coffee shop and decided to be civil/friendly with each other. and I talked about cute romantic stuff with my boyfriend in front of him.

then, later, I was in my boyfriend's room (he was in a different room) with my friend Elisia. she pointed out a book to me, and I picked it up. and I flipped through it and realized that it was my sketchbook. my boyfriend had stolen my sketchbook, and on one of the pages he had written something sweet.

what do you think this all means??

(no subject)

Guys, I got a new computer (Toshiba laptop, running Vista fwiw).
I set firefox (3) as my default browser in firefox's settings, as well as my computer's settings.
But when I use yahoo IM and open up mail from the little alerts it gives me, it opens up IE. HOW DO I FIX THIS?
(I tried looking around Y IM settings, but didn't find anything about default browsers)

Also, do you enjoy country music?

ETA: If you've had a manicure (with nail polish), did they apply the nail polish to the entire nail? Cause I just got one and um, they missed the sides. Wtf?
gasp zooey

(no subject)

I just got in a car wreck and now my damn back hurts, and I feel like making generalizations against the driving habits of girls, teenagers, and people in shitty-looking cars with bad brakes.

When was the last time you were in a wreck (if ever)?

Did you make generalizations against the other driver?

Were you hurt at all?  If my back hurts just a little bit, would you reccomend that I go to minor med, or should I just stick it out and see if it goes away after a while?  I mean, it is to be expected that you'll hurt a little after any car wreck.

(no subject)

to those of you who wear a significant amount of makeup every day:
have you ever noticed that there is a clear line between the (fake) color of your face and the color of your neck? were you super embarrassed?
i'm watching true life: summer romance and this girl has a ridiculously visible makeup line on her jaw.

can you tell me about a nice surprise you've had lately?Collapse )

can you entertain me a little? maybe some new internet games!
qaf ; excatly what I want to do -


Inspired by the post over at ONTD:

What is the one bad!fanfic review journal where they spork fics in the vein of MST 3000?

& What is the most hilarious/disturbing fanfic pairing/fandom that you've ever read?

As they danced through the game, she looked over her right shoulder, and of the three remaining queens, only one returned her gaze. They paused a moment, mutually entranced. There was a quiet beauty to this Queen of Spades, a sort of demure passion that the Queen of Hearts, with her typical erotic bent, could only think of claiming for herself. Red on black, the way it was supposed to be.

Status dictated that they could never be together. Always sandwiched between the self-righteous King and arrogant Jack. But the Queen of Hearts had hope for their love. She had faith that someday, somehow, they would be face-to-face.

That day, however, seemed farther and farther away all the time.

And besides, the game was almost over, and the stacks were getting fat. She could hear the groans of the aces, and she knew that they didn't have much longer.

Sadly, she glanced over at the Queen of Spades, who was trying to fend off the advances of the King of Diamonds. That cad. The Queen of Hearts sneered at him in distaste.

It looked like the Queen of Hearts would be “playing solitaire"


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I have NEVER been a 'shoe girl'. Being 5'10 I always avoided them because I didn't feel like I could wear the pretty heels.

Yesterday I bought my first pair of heels and they're fabulous. So, three questions:

Can you walk in heels?

What are your favourite shoes? (PICTURE PLEASE!)

And, do you like these:

[Cephalopods] Need love!

(no subject)

I am home for the weekend in San Francisco, and my mom wants to take me out to dinner. And OMG there is so much good food in San Francisco, I don't even know where to go. I'm going back to my college town tomorrow -- SO THIS IS MY ONE AND ONLY CHANCE.

I know a really good Mexican place, Japanese place, Chinese place, Indian place, Italian place, and burger joint. I want to go to all of them, but I obviously can't. :(

Which place should I go to, TQC?!

(no subject)

1) Are you happy with your weight?

2) What is the most ridiculous diet you have ever been on?

3) Did you know you're beautiful, not matter what they say and you shouldn't let words bring you down (oh no)?

4) If you woke up tomorrow in the body of another member of TQC who would it be?
girls » barbie

(no subject)

How often do you feel happy?

0% of the time
10% of the time
20% of the time
30% of the time
40% of the time
50% of the time
60% of the time
70% of the time
80% of the time
90% of the time
100% of the time
somewhere inbetween because i can't round to an even 10

(no subject)

Are there any high schools in New York City that are just for art students? Art as in the painting type, as well as the drama singing dancing type. More the painting though.

(no subject)

My sister is trying to get me to join a gym with her, and LA Fitness is at the top of her list. Have you gone there? Do you like it? Does it scam you like crazy on money? Is the personal trainer helpful?

(no subject)

What's your most prized possession?

Do you believe some can find love, at any age?

Would you rather go out, or stay in?

Texting? or talking on the phone? Why?

What do you want to be for Halloween this year?

(no subject)

How well do YOU have to know someone who died (or their surviving family members) before you will go to their funeral?

A guy who I know and went to university with's younger brother died this weekend in a car crash and I don't know if I should go to his funeral or if it would be weird because I didn't actually know the guy who died.

Okay, Dr. Eljay

How do I know if I have a social disorder or if I'm just a screwed-up freak?
And if I am a screwed-up freak how do is that different from having some kind of social disorder?

But seriously, would seeing a psychiatrist give me a more in-depth answer as to why I feel/behave the way I do? I don't want to go on medication, I just want a diagnosis - is a psychiatrist's role primarily to prescribe drugs, or can I seek a different kind of analysis from them? Every single therapist I've been to has said I'm "normal", yet the evidence speaks to the contrary.

(no subject)

I've been marinating some boneless skinless chicken breasts in a garlic lime marinade for the past few hours to make for dinner.

1. Should I pan-cook it, or use the George Foreman?
1b. If I should use the George Foreman, what temperature should I set it to? My roommate's GF is an old school one with two separate entities and you can select the temperature. WEIRD.

2. What should I make to go with it/to put it in?
Salad (spinach with apple pieces, pecans, feta cheese, and red onion with raspberry vinaigrette for me [or prob garlic ranch for bf])
2b. If I should make pasta, what kind of pasta should I make? (i.e. what should I put in it to make it delicious)?

(no subject)

I was helping some friends pick out a homecoming dress today, and in the process found an awesome one myself - Collapse )

However, since I don't have a date yet (and don't really care whether I go or not), I didn't buy it. But now... I might have someone to go with. So do you think if I called Nordstrom tomorrow and asked them to put it on hold, they'd do it? The thing is, it was on clearance and I don't know how to describe it other than "that one silvery, beaded flapper-ish dress," lol. So I'm not sure if it's feasible.

It's not really that big of a deal - I won't cry over it - but it would be a nice dress to have.
aw | blink

(no subject)

Do you say sorry when someone (a stranger) bumps into you? For example, when you're taking transit or another situation where there's lots of people. Walking downtown during rush hour or lunch time, perhaps.

What country are you from?