August 30th, 2008

Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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Guys, I need a change in my life.  I feel like I don't even know who I am anymore.  I'm not sure just a haircut is going to cut it.  What do you do when you need a change?

I am gonna get a haircut though.  I'm also thinking of dying it a reddish color. HALP PLZ?

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years go by

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I changed my cell phone number last month. Does anyone know how about long it will be out of service before they assign my old number to someone else? (If it makes a difference, I have Verizon.)

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you found an exact sculpture of yourself in a public park, though it was completely naked and had every detail about your physical body correct. would you want it taken down? oh, and everyone knows its you to.

i say no, because people would probobly go out of their way to avoid it!
chan marshall

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Do you have any of these things in your pantry?

dried/canned beans
plain flour
tomato sauce

Quentin Tarantino - finger
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Will you please tell me about a scar of yours? First-person perspective would be awesome, too, as in "So I was sitting here, formerly a piece of flat arm, when the woman whose head sits atop us began crying, dripping salty eyeliner filled tears onto our surface. She drug the blade across me as she wailed 'SATAN FOREVER SHALL I BE YOURS'..."

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how much do you think a graphic designer for a small corporation would get paid?

i just got a job as one. the girl that did all the graphics stuff before quit today so i basically get her job since it's easier to find someone to answer the phones than to find someone who is good with photoshop. i didn't inquire about pay because i don't really give a shit if it increases, i just want the job. i make $8/hr right now. i dunno what she made.

ETA: I have a necklace with a pendant that is a pair of angel wings because i like angel wings and think they are pretty. now everyone assumes i am a devout christian and my necklace is some kind of guardian angel type thing. what the fuck is up with this?

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i am in fucking love with vegan food! D: but i cant get to 'squid and ink' to get any. but i want it soo fucking bad!!!
and im non vegan, but falafals kick ass!!! and tofu boritos!...i need a car...and some money for food! :3

do you like vegan food?

and why are vegans so freaky about meat? my cousin touched some meat once and had to wash her hands for like 5 minutes. not even good meat~!

...i think i am turning veganish....i dont like pig any more...T.T

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last post was 30min ago so dont freak out i know, but im going to bed soon and my cat is hunting.

do you like to watch your cat hunt?

oh, and do you feel fat when you eat nacho chips with nothing else like salsa?

i do, i was doing it a second ago as a midnight snack because we have no FUCKING FRUIT! ahem, sorry about that. because we have no fruit or snacking foods.

mine eats moths and spiders, i like it because if there are any in my room i pretty much just point and she goes for it. plus its crazy to see somthing hunting something else.

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What songs remind you of your childhood? How?

-Maggie May by Rod Stewart. My step-dad had his Rod Stewart cassette playing in the car when I was about 4. I heard Maggie May and fell in love with it. He let me keep the cassette and I played it in my own little player in my bedroom ALL THE TIME. Every time I hear that song I think about playing with my Barbies on my bedroom floor at the old house.

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I have a head cold (just stuffed up nose/swollen sinuses) and I had to take an hour long plane trip. On the way up I felt okay, but as we began to descend my ears totally wouldn't pop, and it hurt so bad that I started crying and the flight attendants came to help out (gave me hot cloths to put below my ears and chewing gum). It relieved it enough so my eardrums didn't burst obv.

However, both ears still haven't popped and my nose is barely stuffed. It's still a mild, throbbing pain and I'm having trouble hearing (it feels like someone stuffed my ears with cotton).

Has this ever happened to you? What can I do to help my ears pop? Is it worth seeing a doctor about (and when)?

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have you ever dated someone who worked third shift while you worked and went to school during normal hours? how did that work out for you? how often did you see your SO?

my boyfriend started working third shift about two months ago. i've seen him twice this month, even though he only lives 40 minutes away. any ideas? it's important to me that i spend the night with him at least a few times a month.

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so i got up to watch the Manchester United game but i forgot it'd been postponed so they could play in some Nobodoy Gives a Fuck tournament yesterday.

what can i do to get back to sleep? i haven't had caffeine or anything.

also, i have yet another day to have to entertain myself. just like last week. what could i do?

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TQC, I just woke up from a nightmare.  It was the kind of dream that will probably stick with me all day and I'll never really forget.

Should I try to go back to sleep or should I take a nap later in the day when my brain isn't so focused on the nightmare?

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My cat is sleeping upside down on a partially knocked over chair. Is this normal? IF you don't care, then have you ever eaten a done that have you burps or the illusion that You've eaten another food? I ate bread with olive oil and italian seasoning last night and I feel like I've eaten pizza.
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My boyfriend is taking me on a spontaneous overnight trip to Washington in about an hour.

1) What are some cool touristy things to do/see in Washington?

2) I want to go shopping, and I haven't driven across the border in forever. How does it work with paying duties? Is there a dollar amount which, if you exceed, means you have to pay fees?
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If you don't complete this your account will be deleted. TRON told me so.

1. Silver or Gold?
2. Whats on your bagel?
3. What book are you reading?
4. What is your favorite porn site?
5. What is something you will never try?
6. What is something you want to try?
7. You must have a talent, what is it?
8. What is the best breakfast food?
9. Should we make a TQC_madlibs?
10. What would make TQC better?
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Twice in the last week, one of my LJ icons has been replaced by an icon I've never seen before. Deleting and reuploading the old icon fixed the problem, but I was wondering has it happened to anyone else?
?? hamtaro

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I need an "elective" type of plastic surgery. It's considered plastic but it's to correct an incredibly painful physical problem. It costs anywhere from $5000, to $9400 for this surgery even though its outpatient and will take MAYBE 20 minutes. Anyway, I'm a student who doesn't really make much a year, probably about $8,000 a year at best working my campus job. I have no problem putting about $4000 down then paying the rest off. I'm having trouble deciding if a loan would be worth it. I need to get the issue corrected, it's really important but paying something off monthly scares me.

TQC, if you were in my position, would you get the surgery?
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leave your turntable on

I really, really want that dress.

Let's say that there was an article of clothing that you wanted, and it was available through an online vendor. They are the only place that has this item, and it's only left in a size way too small for you and one way too big. Do you:

A.) order the item in its larger size and later get it altered,
B.) try to forget about it, or
C.) find as many pictures of the item as possible, and try to find someone who would be able to custom-make a version of it for you?

If you watch Gossip Girl, who do you think is the best-dressed character on the show? I may dislike Blair, but her clothes are amazing sometimes.
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I hate college sports- with a passion. I see them as coddling a bunch of meat head athletes that have been held by the hand so that alumni and other brain dead people can feel good about their school. Now that college football has begun again, we can sit back and pretend that student-athletes are really there to learn first, and play second, when we really know that they are only there because the NFL teams won't sign them any earlier.  Am I right,  or am I just a bitter non-athlete? y/y?
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If you have a pet, what is your pet's favorite toy?  Will you post a picture of your pet playing?

For everyone else, do you have a TV in your room?  Why or why not?

Money changes everything

Given the choice, would you rather have $30,000 in one lump sum right now, or $3,000 a year for the next 20 years?

30k in 1 payment
3k in 20 payments

Getting to know you. How much debt are you in right now?

Under $1,000
$1,001 - $3,000
$3,001 - $5,000
$5,001 - $7,000
$7,001 - $10,000
$10,001 - $15,000
$15,001 - $25,000
$25,001 - $50,000
$50,001 - $100,000
Over $100,000

Let's say a rich person came up to you and layed down wagers for double or nothing of your debt in a single game of 'high card wins' (each person draws a card and the higher card wins). You could erase your debt entirely, or double it. What would you do?

Accept the wager
Refuse the wager

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Random assortment:

My mom is in the next room, sending me IMs.
Does anyone in your house do this? I can actually hear her typing to me.

My dog has some DEADLY farts. Does your dog? Anything I can give my favorite little cow that will make it smell a little less disgusting?

Will you show me a picture of your room?
Do you have any secrets for organizing it?
Typing Monkey

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Have you ever been to The Melting Pot? Or any other fondue restaurant? What was your experience?

I am thinking about buying cupcakes later today. What flavors should I purchase?

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My Mom told me yesterday that 2 of my birthday presents came in the mail. I didn't ask for anything that needs ordered, so I have no idea what I'm getting. TQC, what am I getting for my birthday?

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1. What's the difference between the Muppet Show and the Sesame Street?
2. I used to hate watching those muppets when I was little. The show wasn't 'bad', it just made me feel uncomfortable in a way. I can't really explain. So is there anything you don't like that everyone seems to love? It can be really anything.

Miroku Turn

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What was the last random thing that made you laugh harder than you should have?

I was just thinking about how pcthirtyone and I were in the car recently, listening to to the 80's station. Do you know that weird 'aHEEhee~!' sound Michael Jackson makes? Well, the song ends, and the DJ comes on and is like "DID YOU KNOW MICHAEL JACKSON HAS TICKLISH FEET? aHEEhee!" and I laughed super hard thinking about it just now.

Why are radio DJs so weird?

What video game have you been playing lately?

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I know I keep mentioning this (but I'm so excitedaboutherbeingpregnant!!)
My sister's about 9 months pregnant. She takes the subway into Manhattan for work every day and home every night.

People don't offer her their seats.
Do you find this to be as rude as I do?
Would you offer your seat?
Should she say anything?

edit: I don't expect people to automatically jump up, but if you're sitting there, watching her, clearly she's about to pop. I think it's kind of the polite thing to do*
Raver Sam

For the lulz

1. So did McCain's VP pick yesterday change your mind about who you're going to vote for come November?

2. What do you think of his pick of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin?

3. What's your favorite flavor of snowcone?

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My boyfriend goes to hospital next week for 2 days. He wont be able to move his right arm, but other than that he's going to be fine. Well, hopefully.

What should I get for him for when he's in there or for his recovery time (8 weeks)?

Presents, food, blowjobs..?

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two questions

1) I have a powerbook G4, and I tried to upgrade to firefox 3. It worked when I first installed it, but now the icon bounces once and nothing happens.

What's going on here? How can I get Firefox back (because I REALLY hate safari)?

2) When you're moving, how do you pack your clothes hangers (without the clothes on them)?

(I'm moving on monday, and these things have been nothing but a nuisance for me. I can't figure out how to pack them in an efficient/organized manner)
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tqc, are you going back to school? how do you feel about this?

i'm excited ~ i miss my friends and my apartment and my little campus. i also miss my awesome professors.

if you are not going back to school, then what's the last song you listened to?

for me it's The Greater Good, by nine inch nails. :D

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what is the most uncomfortable, awkward thing someone has ever asked you?

was it awkward because of the other people around you or because of where you were at the time?

or was the question just blatantly rude and uncalled for?

(i.e someone asking you if your pregnant when you're just overweight or other stereotypical, rude things someone can ask you regarding anything in your life, your race, your gender etc etc)

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1)what should you write on a chalkboard a thousand times?

people who don't work 12 hour days are also valid and useful people!

2)what have you accomplished today?

Read a chapter, took photos of items, listed items, advertised items, wrote down all assignments, did the dishes.

3)Tell me what video games you're playing.


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Have you ever had to re-evaluate a long term friendship you've had?

What were the reasons behind second guessing your friendship?

How did you manage to remove this person from your life? Did you explain to them why you don't wish to be friends with them anymore, or did you just ignore them and hope they went away?

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dam drugs
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Too many tags

I'm a paid LJ user, and I've reached my limit on tags (1000).  LJ says that if I delete some tags I can add more.  I've deleted a bunch of stupid and redundant tags, but I still get the same warning when I try to make new tags.  What should I do?

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I need a power adapter for my hp photosmart C3180 printer. I don't have time to order one online. Anyone know where I could buy one? Unfortunately I do not have a fry's anywhere near me. (Michigan)

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Is it sad that at fifteen I've only kissed one guy? And that was more like drunken tonguerape than a kiss. And to end the assumption that I was drunk as well, I was not. I don't drink. It's lame.

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So while bonding with my little brother, he revealed to me that once he stuck a dead fly on my head because he wanted people to look down at my head and go, "EW" but then he had a change of heart and brushed it off.

Want to tell me about a time someone told you something that made you go D:?

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Dearest tea cue sea,
I'm moving into my apartment tomorrow!!! but the internet guy doesn't come until Friday. There probably won't be any wireless to mooch off of. I don't have a home phone. Is there any way I can get internet for a week? If not, I can just hang out on campus with my laptop, I guess.

Doctor Who question

I have seen a dozen episodes of Doctor Who, but have just started watching the series from the beginning (er, 2005 revival). I am watching Season 1, Episode 2. The plant thingy woman says to the Doctor 'I just wanted you to know how sorry I am.' What is so tragic, where is he from...? Don't worry about spoiling me :) That is, if it has been revealed in the 4 seasons.

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Ladies of TQC, do you get super emotional during/before your period? If so, how do you cope with that?

Everyone, what kind of birthday cake should I get this year?

Also, do you watch Coupling? (the UK version)


Is there a nice way to tell my mom, "No, you cannot call me on my cell phone from another continent because I am impoverished, and I don't want to talk to you on the phone anyway because if I hear your voice I will have an emotional breakdown of homesickness"?

I've already told her it's really expensive to call me on my cell phone (I have no idea how expensive but I don't want to know) and that she should get Skype, which for some reason she refuses to download. She really wants to talk to me but I don't think I could deal with it. She has no idea how much I've been not enjoying my experience abroad and I want to keep up the illusion that I am doing all right. But at least if we just talked over Skype I could occupy myself with other things on the computer while I talked to her.
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When giving babies alcohol to settle them (especially while teething), should you give it to them neat, or with a mixer? If with a mixer, a carbonated drink, or a juice? I was going to mix vodka and coke, but don't want to let her have coke yet.

When mailing said baby to someone else to take care of, would it be better to pack them with shredded paper or styrofoam pellets? Other than food and water, what else should you include?
im french

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1. Do you share similar political beliefs with most of the people you hang out with?

2. If you find out that someone has very different political opinions than you, do you think of them differently in a negative way?

3. What topics really get you worked up?

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Inspired by this post, when you post a picture of someone soley for the purpose of sharing it with others, do you ever ask the person if you can share the picture in an online community?

Do you ever link them to your post?

Tbh, I don't.  I always friends lock the entry in case they ever come across it by fluke.  =\

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Should I just suck it the fuck up and cut my hair off already?
But what about when my ears get cold when it's snowing? :[

My kittehs are makin' nuzzley lesbian luvins on my bed. Do I give them privacy or tell them to get a room?
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sorry for all the srs questions


what do you guys do to get rid of cramps? These are the WORST ONES OF MY LIFE, and ibuprofen/pamprin/midol/you name it is not working.

all i can do right now is curl up in a ball, cry from pain, and waste time on the internets.

I just took a shower, and I couldn't even stand up straight for the whole time.

also: do you ever get cramps on just one side of your body? Mine are focused on the right side right now...

ugh, please halp. i am supposed to go shopping with my mom tonight, and I can't stand up straight.

Help Me Name My Sugar Gliders! :)

TQC, will you suggest some awesome names (male and female) for my two new Sugar Gliders?  I kind of want to give them beautiful and exotic sounding names, and something with a cool meaning would be neat, but I'm open to anything!  Thanks in advance, TQC... I really appreciate the help!  Here they are under the cut:
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Evil Me

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Poll #1250843 Parking

On average, how much does it cost to park for the day in the downtown area of your city or the city nearest to you?

chan marshall

the pictures

Have you seen these movies?

big trouble in little china
short circut 2
bill and ted's excellent adventure
the muppet movie
the goonies
gremlins (the first film)
the neverending story


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It's Saturday night and I have nothing to do and it's too cold to go outside.

What crazy fun can you come up with for me to have a go at?

Will you entertain me?
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1. Have you ever been here or heard of this place?

2. Do you love to eat like a pig and drink like a fish?

3. What food do you love to pig out on?

4. What drink do you love to fish out on? (lol)

5. What's your favorite of nicknames that have been given to you?
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Do any of your family members read your LJ?

Edit: I know my mom's probably too lazy to, and my dad wouldn't care, but my sister asked me for the new name since I changed it. New filter time.
Feed the kitty

The fountain of youth for computers?

What would cause a SMART-enabled hard drive in a DL380-G4 to suddenly report its Service Hours as approximately 10,000 hours less than its actual service time?

If you're not a computer nerd, should I get ice cream from the cafeteria vending machine in an effort to soothe my foul mood, or just punch out the clueless idiots who make my job that much more difficult?
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I just watched about 2000 youtube videos of people popping the juiciest zits ever.

What is something that you do even though you shouldn't?
Share a gross story with me?

I also drink ALL the pickle juice out of the jar even though I hate it.


DO you use different icons for different moods/opinions/emotions?

OR are you a lame D*CK that only sticks with one?

What is the first rule of fight club?

(tomorrows question is going to be: How many icons is TOO many?
I see profiles with 1,000 icons. WHO uses that many I mean rly?)

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TQC, my debit card is missing.

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how long should i wait for him to call before i call to cancel my card(assuming i don't find it in the meantime)?


i was just calling to cancel it when my elbow hit the table really awkwardly and revealed it was stuck to a piece of paper. i picked that piece of paper up about 3 times looking for it. it's been sticking to it the whole time. wth.

prepare me for rejection

Last night I ran into a guy I hadn't seen for over two years. I had left him a message on Facebook a few weeks ago asking him if he wanted to get together, and he never responded. Last night he said "we should get a cup of coffee together sometime" (how many times have I heard that phrase?).

So, what are the odds that if I ask him to get a cup of coffee he'll say yes?
Does anyone who asks this question ever actually mean it?

(no subject)

What does XXX mean to you?

Kiss kiss kiss
I win at tic tac toe
That Vin Diesel movie
3 illiterate guys had to sign their names
Someone's going away for prison for a long time
cabaret voltaire

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Dear TQC,

I'm finally in college, yai! There's this dance tomorrow, see? And I was wondering if you would go with me.

No, not really. There is a dance and all, and I don't know if going would be a good idea for me. I know it would be a great way to meet new people and all that shit, but I have horrible anxiety in such situations as being by myself at a party or whatever. I freak out and hide in the bathroom and reaffirm to myself that I'm the worst person ever. So should I go? Or no?
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(no subject)

i'm missing about $100 on my paycheque at my part-time job. is it unreasonable to demand it RFN?

do you think the credit card company will buy that excuse?
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books & stuff

1. Do any of you read multiple books at a time? Like one book at work for your lunch break, and a different book for bedtime or whatever...

2. Do you use a bookmark or dog-ear the corner?

3. Do you have a suggestion for something I can use as a sleeve for books so I can carry them in my purse without damaging them?

4. What are you reading? What's it about?
Friends: Unagi.
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(no subject)

1) Why can't I see pictures posted by anonymous people?
2) Should I download Firefox 3 even though it means my ColorfulTabs won't work anymore?
3) Which other Add-ons should I have?
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Wedding Officiant/Justice of the Peace in Woodbury MN?


I'm looking to book a wedding officiant in Woodbury, MN for next summer, but I don't really know where to begin looking. The cheaper the better, really, since it will be a formality anyhow, as we'll already have done the actual legal wedding proceedings prior to the wedding ceremony. I am considering trying to get a justice of the peace from the county to come out to the wedding site but am unsure if they offer that just yet. So I basically need a place to start looking for someone to conduct a nondenominational ceremony.

Thanks in advance for any help.

(no subject)

i'm a very picky eater so it's up to me to decide where me and my friend are going to Oscar nomnomnom before we get beer and see a local band we really like. something small and quick, like fries or something.

cubs hat
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(no subject)

What's your favorite trilogy?

While I love Jurassic Park and Back to the Future, I think the X-Men trilogy is my favorite.

Edit: movies, not books. We'll do books another time!

(no subject)

1 Is there a show you've expressed an interest in, but hardly get to watch because someone with control of your remote doesn't like it?

2 My mother wants to meet someone she just barely met on the intertube. BAD IDEA Y/Y?



1 Yes. Even when she's on the phone, I can't watch Sex & the City.

(no subject)

Concerning UPS, is labor day a business day?

I ordered stuff using the 1 - 2 business day air service, do you think I'll get it by tuesday night?

For fun, have any horror stories regarding ups/fedex/etc?

What do I buy her?

My friend's (female) birthday is in two days. I haven't gotten her a present. I don't know what to buy her! She virtually has no interests in her life whatsoever that I could base my gift on. We've known each other practically since our birth and possibly the only reason why we still speak is because she lives right across the street and has no other friends but me and two other girls.

So, what should I buy her? I don't want to spend much money, but I don't want to buy something truely cheep and cheesy. Or should I?

EDIT: Forget gift cards. We don't have them where I live.

(no subject)

Ok so I was supposed to meet a guy I've been talking to online today. However, I freaked out and postponed it for tomorrow. I got really nervous and just don't do very well in these situations..

1. Was it a bad idea to postpone? He said it was no big deal, but I dunno, I still feel kinda bad.
2. How in the world do I get over my extreme shyness/nervousness/anxiety? Any tips on what to do tomorrow? We're going to eat sushi and catch a movie.


I need to memorize my times tables. Yes I am 20. No I don't know them. Laugh all you want. I still need to memorize them.
Any websites/tips/suggestions would be appreciated.

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Poll #1251024 Homeless is where the heart is

You gotta do something with a bum, or else, you go to jail (the law works in mysterious ways in this Bizarro world). The prison sentence is for 2 months. The homeless people are not completely filthy, but they are pretty darn dirty and they stink. Which of these activities would you choose to do?

Make out with a homeless person (either gender) or 5 minutes. If they want tongue, you have to oblige
Give a homeless person oral (either gender). Your mouth + their genitals for 5 minutes
Wear homeless man tightie-whities over your naked bottom. Straight from their crotch to yours, and you must wear them for a half hour
Send me to jail.

(no subject)

I came home from dinner   a lot of beer drinking with friends most of the late afternoon into evening ,  to find that my cats have knocked over a large glass bottle of olive oil on the ceramic tile.  I was able to sop up most of the exces oil but I can't seem to get the oil off the tile.
Any suggestions on cleaning up olive oil spill on ceramic tile? I have used vinegar and water but that is not breaking up the oil, do you think sprinkling baking soda might help absorb  this mess?

EDIT - FIXED!  Thanks so much Azila and Shotie

(no subject)

I bought a textbook Wednesday from a seller on Ebay. I gave my po box as my address. So far I've gotten three emails, one per day starting Thursday, saying I needed a physical address. I've replied to all three emails giving a physical address in addition to sending it to the seller twice on Ebay. Will they ever get the address and reply to my emails? What should I do?

pooper scoopers and chicken

1. i just got to use a pooper scooper and clean a litter box for the FIRST TIME EVER!! it was really exciting and like an archaeological dig, except smellier.

do you like to clean the litter box?!

2. i got carry out from an arabic restaurant like an hour ago, and the special sounded good but i didn't know what it was and wanted to look it up when i got home, but i forgot what it is called. it is something like belfine, beltine, beline, chicken, but not actually any of those things because google says they don't exist. do you know what i am talking about?!