August 29th, 2008

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1. do you want to come to the bizzaro tqc thecuestionqlub with a mock version of an existing tqcer's name and icon and post for fun?

2. do you have a 40,000 lb cheese wheel to share with the class?

3. do you feel that what existed before the universe is irrelevant? (seems weird to me that the same people who contend this also let their curiosities lead them on to search for answers to just about everything else. maybe someone can explain.)

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TQC, one of our chemical plants exploded here in WV! HOW EXCITING

Most of the area west of Charleston (it happened in Institute, the Bayer plant.. with all that fun MIC) is under lockdown and being told to Shelter in place. I-64 is completely closed off to traffic, and a thick haze has already formed in St. Albans. For those of you possibly familiar with the area, people felt the explosion rock their houses as far away as South Hills. For those of you not familiar, that's something like ten miles away.

Are we all going to die?
yellow submarine

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If you're in college and the semester started this week (or before that, I guess)...

How have your first days of classes gone? Any interesting stories?

And especially for our TQC freshmen out there who are experiencing this for the first time, how is the whole experience going so far?

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What was the last thing to creep you out?
My sister is in beauty school and brought home her practice head. I swear its gaze is following me around the room. I need to kill it before it kills me.

And spiders keep coming out of nowhere to surprise me and test my fight or flight response.
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What is the name of a guy with a background in chemistry who won an U.S. Army medal for applying chemistry principles of equilibrium to military logistics?

Is this the guy (shot in the dark)?


What are good leashes for kitties? What about other devices to prevent kitty from straying too far?

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So here's a question for ya.

Is it completely unreasonable for me to feel slightly annoyed with the fact that
a) my boyfriend practically refuses to text me when he's in the presence of any other living being
b) he just randomly decides he doesn't feel like talking... but doesn't ever give me any warning.

Whenever I bring it up, that he doesn't return my texts, or anything like that, he goes off on this tangent about how he shouldn't have to tell me where he is or what he's doing all the time (even though that's not what I'm asking him to do). Even went as far as telling me it was none of my business... though, as his girlfriend... it kind of is, at least for a general outline. I mean... I don't WANT to know where he is every second. But if he's going to be incommunicado for half the day... I'd like to know. 

Or.... he just brushes it off like it's nothing, even when I'm really upset. Sigh.

Opine away.
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How is it possible to go to a college in an English-speaking area of the country and not speak any English? I totally understand when English is a person's second language and they don't speak it that fluently, but they still know the framework and some basic phrases. I get that. That makes sense. That's not my question.

But I work in a coffee shop down the street from MIT, and I get these Asian college students sometimes who I'm sure are insanely brilliant mathematical geniuses, but they do not speak a WORD of English. Trying to figure out what they want to drink is seriously an ordeal, way more extreme than the brief confusion that sometimes happens with people for whom English is a second language. And I really don't understand how they get by and learn in a student body that predominantly speaks English (I assume the professors speak English in class as well). It doesn't bother me or anything; it just genuinely confuses me. I keep picturing myself going to college in a place where all of the students and professors only speak French (for example), but all I know is "bonjour." How could I possibly follow what's going on in class? Or talk to my professors? Or do anything, really?

Anyone have any insight on how this kind of thing works? They must be making it work somehow, but I can't fathom what the explanation might be. And I am deathly curious / intrigued.
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When was the last time someone said something genuinely horrible to you?

[I imagine this post will be depressing so here's another question:]

When was the last time someone said something genuinely LOVELY to you?

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are you like me and are incredoubly paranoid about your computer workings? i find myself deleting the site history, cache's, music/vido history, document history every night before i go to bed just to be sure no one would know if i looked at someting naughty (giggidy) on the computer.

coarse i do it anyways even if i dont, which is usually rare. but yeah, do you delete stuff like that off of your computer all the time like me?

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TQC, what is your favorite kind of alcohol?
TQC, will you recommend some liquor for me? I like fruity flavored stuff and chocolatey stuff. I'm too wussy for straight stuff, though I'll drink it if it's all that's available. I need something delicious yet economical.
TQC, I do not like alcohol that doesn't taste like some kind of candy. How would you like to mock me?
TQC, how are you today?

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What books might you recommend for a fourteen-year-old girl who reads at a fifth - sixth grade level? We don't know what books she might be in to because she doesn't read at all. She needs to start, though.

A question, that is to say, a query, a quest for knowledge...

I've been compiling a list of what i've dubbed 'road trip songs'. Songs that when you hear them you're like 'Damn, I should be driving right now.'

Examples of such would be:

Here (In Your Arms) - Hellogoodbye (I blame whatever car commercial played that)

Open Road Song - Eve 6

I'm curious to see if anyone else can think of similar songs, or even if i'm just crazy and no one gets what i'm trying to compile.
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1. If you like strawberry shortcakes how do you like them?
I like using angel food cake, I hate it when people use biscuits:X And I like cool whip better than whip cream.

2. Where was the last place you went out to eat? What did you order?

3. Cool Whip or Whip Cream?

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My hard drive randomly committed suicide :[ (and I missed you, TQC, but now I'm back!).

Anyways, I lost everything, and now I have to start anew.

I'm trying to rebuild my itunes library at the moment. What songs must I add to my collection?
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Does anyone know if it is possible to get a print of the below Kurt Halsey image?

Collapse )

His art isn't so much my thing but a couple of friends of mine would adore it, so I was hoping to track it down for a present. I've found mention of prints of it but no sign of anywhere to actually get one.

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1a:  Do you enjoy debates?
1b:  If so, what is a topic that you could debate on forever?

2:  What genre do you watch most often on TV?

3:  What's the longest you've gone without going outside?
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1. Do you use Rich Text mode, or HTML when you type up an entry?

2. Out of your whole medicine chest arsenal, you have to throw everything out but one item. What one medicinal item will you keep around?

3. Would you rather have to look after a room of ten one year olds or two two year olds for three hours? (they all have already taken their afternoon nap). I should probably note that the two year olds have just eaten a lot of pudding and are looking a little ... excited.

4. What is your favorite condiment?

mmmm meat

canadians: is the listeriosis business affecting what you eat? the recall is pretty far-reaching; some pepperoni pizza is even contaminated.

at work we sell pre-packaged sandwiches and i get all these people asking me if they're okay. no, we sell tainted meat!

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There are all these pictures and lolcats on the internet of cats sitting on keyboards/monitor/laptops.

This always kind of baffles me. I would never let my cat sit on my keyboard. What if all this hair gets in the keys and messes them up? What if they break the keyboard or monitor?

If you have a cat, do you let him/her sit on the computer? If you don't have a cat, would you?

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Do you think society should make every attempt to conform to people outside of the social norms (transvestites, vegetarians, etc), or that people practicing these "deviances" need to put in the extra effort?

A law saying people can use either restroom, regardless of gender, to help ease issues concerning transvestites versus a transvestite working with the issue of "which bathroom?" him/herself.


Is it up to a restaurant to be aware of the specific differences between different dietary lifestyles (vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, lacto-vegetarian, pescetarian, etc), or is it up to the eater to specifically communicate their dietary needs?

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I have a dilemma.

I'm getting married in December, I've lived with my fiance since like 2004, and I STILL cant fart in front of him. He can in front of me, and I laugh every time because I am 12, but I haven't worked up the nerve to just go for it.

How can I overcome my fart fear?

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My friend from college asked me to buy and send her a window cling for her car because she is now in another state and the school bookstore charges 5.99 for shipping and handling...the cling costs like 5 bucks. I mailed it in a padded envelope and it cost me 85 cents to ship. What the fuck guys, how do they get 6 bucks for shipping?

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Good morning, TQC

What are you doing for the 3 day weekend?
i am going with my SO to visit his mom and his sister in Miami.

I just got a new phone! What kind of phone and service do you have? 
I have Verizon and I just got an enV. it's red.

What kind of shoes do you have on today? 
black reef flip flops

Who watched President Obama speak last night? 
I did!!!!

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When you take eggs out of a carton, do you make sure the remaining eggs are symmetrically distributed with a central center of gravity? I mean, does intrinsic balance really matter to you? Will you redistribute the eggs if the previous person just pulled them all from the left end, or whatever? Would you think it weird if someone else in the household went around rearranging the eggs in the carton?


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Okay. Im going to Jamaica in two weeks. I havent been on a plane in 4 years. How early do you think i should get to the airport? I'll be at Logan if that matters. And my flight leaves at 8am.
I've been reading the American Airlines website, but i still have some questions about what i can bring in my carry on bag. It says "Common bic style lighters may only be carried on." Does that mean i cant pack a lighter in my luggage? it has to be in my carry on bag? would they freak out if i packed like 4 lighters? Can i carry on cigarettes in my bag? Can i bring like 5 packs of cigarettes in my luggage? 

And finally, has anyone ever been to Couples in Negril Jamaica?

Thanks for any help!


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What have your pets done recently that made you LOL?

My pets are currently taking turns chasing each other around the house. There is something incredibly hilarious about a 10lb Siamese cat chasing a 65lb mutt.

My son is finally asleep. Should I take this chance to shower? Or should I get another cup of coffee and stink it up on the internet some more? ETA: I showered! And I have more coffee! w00t.

Do you ever get on a kick where you watch the same movie over and over again? I've been watching Mean Girls every day for the past five days.
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Have you ever taken a class in college that you never attended, but still passed because you got notes from someone else who did attend class?

Let's assume that the class was a lecture, so attendance was never taken.

Gas pains

A friend asks to borrow your cell phone and they walk away for some privacy. They come back a few minutes later and return your phone. Suddenly, the good looking coworker/co-student/neighbor whatever approaches to talk to you. You make small talk, and suddenly, loud farting sounds erupt from you. It's not you, but it's coming from your person, noisy flatulent sounds escape from your presence. You're mortified. The cute person walks away with a cringed look on their face, and you're at a complete loss to explain what happened. You rifle through your purse/pants and find that your cell phone was ringing. Your friend had changed your ring tone, setting it to the fart sounds, and turned off the vibrate, so you couldn't tell it was your phone making the sounds, and then, called you on their cell phone. Your friend is ROFL, literally. How do you feel and what do you do?

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what's the argument behind some vegetarians eating fish? has anyone ever argued this with you? do you think it's a valid thing to call yourself a vegetarian if you're eating an animal?

and, yes, i know about pescatarianism, so you don't have to tell me. :D

EDIT: what i'm trying to ask is, what are some reasons that vegetarians eat fish?

EDIT2: i am not a vegetarian myself. i saw the word pescatarian recently and i looked it up and wondered this to myself, because my dad has looked to me before for all the answers on "hip" culture. you know, because i go to college, so i'm educated on all things, ever. i didn't write this entry to start arguments. i am curious.

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Do you find it easier to be happy for other people when you're happy with your own life?

Like .. are you more likely to be happy for your friend's new boyfriend when you have a boyfriend yourself, or are you just happy for them regardless?

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Does anyone else LOVE the musical Evita? Like, obsessively? As in seen it three times on stage, got loads of cast recordings, and watch the film time and time again?

And if yes: Who is your favourite Evita? Mine is Elena Roger, with Patti Lupone coming a close second.

Mitty box

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TQC, I'm selling my Wii. Do you want it? It's in excellent condition! I'll give you a discount! Or we can do a trade for your Kitchenaid stand mixer!

Those of you who already have Wiis: Have you gotten bored with the lack of quality games yet? In the 8 months since I've owned it, I've purchased one physical game.

Should I attempt to make Alton Brown's homemade marshmallows tomorrow? Will it be a failure since I only have a handmixer?

Should I make a pudding pie instead? Cookies N' Cream or vanilla??

What's for lunch?
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Favorite cartoon duck?

omg you left out my most favorite duck ever, _______!


i'm not an art major by any means but have to take an art requirement.
should i:
a. take intro to drawing and design? (a 2.5 hr class where i basically sketch and there are no papers, but im a horrible artist)
b. take intro to visual arts? (a 1 hr class where the teacher is extremely boring, but is so called a verryy easy class with 2 quizzes and a paper)

what is your greatest memory from college?

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Do you know anyone named Shamila? If yes, how is their name pronounced? If no, how would you guess this name is pronounced?

I have a job interview today with someone named Shamila and have no idea how I should pronounce her name when I ask for her.


I had surgery in my right eye yesterday for strabimus, I bled from the eye afterwards when we were going home but a quick check with the hospital learned us that it was uncommon but nothing to worry about. This morning it had bled again, now after reading all that comes the question, I feel like cheering myself up because the discomfort in my eye and blurry sight isn't funny. What kind of fun can I have with the fact that it looks that I'm crying blood from my right eye? What kind of bad puns and jokes should I make? I can't come up with anything myself sadly enough.
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1. When you learned to draw the standard 5 point star, did you learn with the pseudo-mnemonic of "Upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, through the hall, downstairs?" I didn't, but my sister swears that's how her teacher taught her when she was in 1st grade.

2. What's your favorite mnemonic learned in school? I think I liked "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally," for equations.

3. For those of you with etsy sites - How do you handle taxes when it comes time to file? Do you just not report that income? Do you decide whether you'll report your income based on how much money you've made?

I'm getting ready to open up my etsy site and I'm not sure about that part of it.

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My sister brought me stuffed french toast yesterday with NO syrup, so I put it in the fridge.  If I go buy some syrup will it taste good if I microwave it?  Or would I be better off buying some more?  No, making it myself is not an option with NO KITCHEN >:(

Would you pronounce the name Juli as Julie or July?


This is something I am sure that everyone has done.
You open your mouth, a sentence comes out. Only one problem. The words are in the wrong order, but the results are entertaining.

For example, today I meant to say:

Damn! New shirt, hole in it!

What came out:

Damn! New hole, shirt in it!

Maybe I am just an idiot, but this came across as pretty funny to me. ^-^

So TQC, what examples do you have of things you meant to say that came out wrong, but hilariously?
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Do you have a "phone voice"? That is, is there a voice you use when you talk to strangers that is differently from the voice you use around people you know well? My voice is higher-pitched and kind of fake-sounding when I answer the phone to a stranger.

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Which do you think would have the biggest negative effect on sales, the most positive?

A thin person gets hired at Lane Bryant
A female is hired at a men's ware store
A make is hired at a female clothing store
A person who doesn't wear makeup is hired at a beauty supply shop

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What's your favorite font? Do you have a link to it for those who don't have it and want it? My favorite is Georgia, and not just because I live in that state, it is like Times New Roman, but a little more old style I guess.

in your mind's eye.

My friend was explaining to me that he visualizes the year to be eye-shaped -- January to July being the top curve representing "summer", and August to December being the bottom curve, representing "winter".

I visualize the year in a color-coded linograph, starting with December.... December to March is purple, April to August is yellow, September to November is red-orange.

How do you visualize a year?
evil dat is me

heh heh heh

5:48 PM 8/27/08 · There's this one thing they poked fun at on The Daily Show a couple weeks back that's been popping back into my head a lot and I can't seem to shake it. I'd like to present it to you now to get your thoughts on the matter.

Do you think it bothers our current President that he shares a bed with his wife in which his parents used to sleep and possibly bumped uglies?
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Nood and improved

You HAVE to go streaking somewhere, or else, vague yet certain bad things will happen. You have no choice. Here's your selection of possible locations to run around in the buff (for at least 5 minutes or until subdued). You get a 'get out of jail free' card and all fines will be paid for. You cannot wear a mask or conceal your face. Where will you exhibit your birthday suit?

Your work
Your school
Republican national convention
A sexual addiction seminar
The nearest Seven Day Adventist church on the Sabbath during the most highly-attended mass
Local kindergarden during recess
Random church wedding for complete strangers
Gay or lesbian bar (same sex of whatever you are)
Your SO's work
MTV's VMA, on the red carpet
Your grandparent's house
Westboro Baptist Church anti-gay gathering
A 'streak-for-furry-pride' parade
Bring on the bad things. I'd rather have something awful happen to me than show my privates to the public

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What is your favorite word?
Why is it your favorite?
How often do you get to use in over the course of the day?
Do you like chicken potpie? Why?
Shinga's post got me wondering ( ) If they come out with the christian version of GTA what city will it take place in?
I need to clean out the fridge, wash dishes and remove the hard drive from two computers sitting in my car. What are you procratinating from doing by being here?
im french

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Sooooo, I'm banned from the mall. For taking money out of the fountain ($50!) after hours with a friend who works at the mall. My friend is not banned, but he has to sign in at the security office every time he goes to work. I'm just banned.

1. ...are they serious?! BECAUSE I AM SO SERIOUS.

2. I really like that mall. How can I continue to shop in that mall without getting arrested for trespassing or something?

3. Where have you been banned from?
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Following sunow's teachings, I played blackjack solo yesterday for the first time. After two hours, using the basic strategy, I ended $30 down ($5 table, started with $100, cashed out $70).

Should I continue playing in the hope that I'll be able to consistently emulate her winningness, or give up now?
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Tomorrow I am going to a BEAUTY AND THE GEEK party so I either have to dress up as a Beauty or a Geek.


I don't have any money and my glasses are broken [although I have selotaped them back together so technically that makes them more geeky right?]

p.s. i am female



So I am going to be in a play tonight. I have a pretty big part. It is my first play ever outside of elementary school. I am terribly, terribly nervous. I am the kind of person that will ditch school to get out of an oral presentation, take an F over giving a speech. My friend is directing the play and kind of guilt tripped me into doing it, otherwise I would not be in this position.

So my questions are:

1. Have you ever been in a play?
2. How nervous were you for your first play? How well did you do?
3. Do you have any advice or tips for not throwing up on stage? Or helping with nerves? When I'm nervous, I get really shaky and I stutter and I talk too fast. I don't know what I can do to help that!

Thanks guys!
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If I wash my hair everyday my hair is limp and blah.
If I wash my hair every other day, my hair is really full and beautiful when I wash it.

Is there something I can wear every other day to cover my rat's nest? By the end of Day 1 my hair is getting oily. On Day 2 is disgusting, but I can't wash it just yet!

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Do you keep a physical journal or just a blog?

If you keep a blog, is it on LJ or another site?  Have you ever forgotten to privatize an entry that was super personal?  How did that turn out?

Do you update your physical journal/blog regularly?

If not, what do you do with all the thoughts and feelings that you need to put out there (even if no one reads it)?

Trying to un-lame my life.

Hey TQC. I go to school in Raleigh, and I'm at a bit of a commuter school. This weekend, none of my friends will really be around, but i don't want to spend all weekend being a lame kid and sitting around my dorm. I'm going out tomorrow during the morning/day, but I want something to do tonight. For the record, I don't have a car, and my 21st birthday is a whopping two weeks away (so close yet so far!). I'm planning Chinese food out for dinner and walking around Whole Foods, but I get bored of that pretty easily. Any tips as to what I could do? 
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cheshire cat

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I absolutely CANNOT STAND to see "Om nom nom" or anything to that effect in people's posts when they are trying to express that something is delicious.

Does this bug anyone else?

What is your posting/blogging pet peeve?
[lost] Goodbye lost

Bitten by the Travel Bug

Hi TQC, I need your help again. I have decided to try New York for my birthday. I will be staying in the City. Which is the best hotel for me stay at? I will be traveling alone during Thanksgiving weekend if thanks makes a difference. Thanks!

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This is kind of vague, but do you know a TV series about two sisters? One is wacky and irresponsible (possibly an actress or singer?) and one is more responsible (uumm... amybe she has a family?). The primary focus was on them.. the ttle fo it was their two names, I think.

EDIT. Thanks, I got the answer! :D
I <3 TLV

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I have a painful pimple thing by my collar bone. HALP. I do not have experience with non-face pimples - it's been there a few days, how can I make it die???

What is there to do on a friday afternoon/evening/night when you're in the middle of nowhere with no friends? I'm bored D=

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Does anyone know of any colleges or universities where I could get a bachelor's degree, Master of Arts in teaching, and teacher licensure in five years? Is there a list somewhere?

ETA: Preferably in Maryland, or states near Maryland. Feel free to suggest others, though.
Betty Boop

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TQC, is this old meme? It's the first time I've seen it, though I've been known to be behind the interweb times. Either way, I died laughing.

Collapse )

If it is, I apologize, here's a backup question...

Anyone else really miss the (America's) old $5 bill from a decade-ish ago or is that just me?
Feh, it's not old meme, so no need for this silly back up question.

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to all you amercians......

My best freind was recently in NYC and somone told him that having like 3 drinks is considered going on the tare..( as in llike  a session i dono what you people say)

but right im from Ireland and on a normal night out i would have 4-8 drinks and im considered a HUGE lightweight. Most women my ages have 5-14 a night

what im asking is..
is that true is that all you drink??

how many drinks do you normally have???

But who is Starbuck?

Ok, stick with me here.

Supposing McCain gets elected. He is a little old, so let's say he dies and Sarah Palin becomes president.

Is that not awfully like.. Battlestar Galactica?? Some little bodunk lady gets elected and leads this ragtag fleet country to Earth Kobol I don't know where, I haven't thought it out all the way? She bans abortions! She runs the military ragged! She rules with an iron fist and airlocks those who oppose her!

I'm considering voting for him now, myself.

MLP - pinkie chicken

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Dear TQC, I was just the passenger in a bad, car-totalling accident, where the car got t-boned and I was the passenger. I obviously got hurt, but I'm all right, as is the driver and the other passenger - if that car had been any bigger or going any faster, I'd be a goner. Can you tell me about your near-death experiences so I can feel better about myself?


Yes, I'm going there. My ass hates me today and has inspired me to ask you these questions.

1. Where is the strangest place you gave a shit? I say gave a shit because took a shit doesn't make sense to me unless you are taking it away with you.

2. How many times on average do you wipe?
Lain Out

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My boyfriend used to work as a dishwasher at a restaurant in our town. He was fired this week, however, for taking a half hour break after they had him work nine hours straight. They didn't want to give him a break but since he had worked nine hours non-stop and had two more to go he told them he was allowed one by state law.

They let him take it but then fired him the next day.

I told him he should file a complaint with the department of labor. Should he? Also, is there anyone else he could contact?

This isn't about suing so much as stopping them from treating future employees like crap. Other instances my boyfriend had to deal with before this was a $500 shortage in pay that they took months to pay him and an on the job injury that they told him he couldn't get workers comp for since he got it "sitting down."
Bandit Driving

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I have been at work for 9 hours and still have 3 more to go. What should I do to keep myself entertained until we close? What do you do to keep yourself entertained at work when there is no actual work to be done?
happy monkey

so i didn't get it.

1. want to wallow with me? what was the last thing you cried over?
2. want to help me feel better? what's the last thing that made you jump up and down with joy?
3. how's everything in your neck of the woods?
MISC - moustache

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TQC, make decisions for me!

There's a show tonight that I'd like to go to. However, it starts late and it's in a somewhat questionable neighborhood, it's half an hour away and I'd be going alone. But they're one of my favorite bands, I've seen them twice already. They'll probably be playing a lot of stuff off of their new album, which I haven't really listened to. If I go I probably won't be home til midnight, and I've got to be awake at a relatively reasonable hour tomorrow.

Should I go or not?

Edit: Issue resolved. My mom (i.e., the owner of the car I'd drive) basically said, "No fucking way, you'd get yourself raped." So there's that.

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The roof of my mouth is really itchy today, like crazy itchy. I also feel like I'm getting a cold.

AIDS in my mouth, y/n?

What can I do to make the itching go away?
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