August 28th, 2008

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Is there anything you've consumed too much of that you possibly got sick off of that has completely turned you off of whatever it was that made you ill?

eg: eating too much spaghetti when you were 8, throwing up, consequently you will never touch spaghetti again


Can you rent GPS thingies?
I know car rental places include them with their vehicles, but can you just rent one if you're taking your vehicle and want one?

Do you think I could buy one, use it and then return it? Is that an asshole move?
Mitty box

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1) What's a good shade of green for a little boy's room? The room is about 11x11 so it's a bit on the small side.
2) What color should I paint my study/guest bedroom?
3) Accent walls: y/n?
4) Do you think my carpet has hardwoods under it? FWIW, the only carpeted areas are the living room and the two smaller bedrooms. The rest of the house is hardwoods.
5) Should I splurge and get those gigantic front load washer/dryers that they use in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition?
6) What did you have/are you having for dinner tonight? I made tacos!!

EDIT: Which paint brand is best? Behr? Sherwin-Williams? Something else? Does it really matter?

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What was the yummiest thing you ate today?

Do you believe people who say they don't care what others think of them?

Will to post a picture of yourself so we can say how amazing you look?
narry twirl


My friend just got a second job and is now working Monday through Thursday 6 am-3 pm and 4:30 pm- midnight. I think this is insane and that he is going to be too exhausted to keep that up for very long. He thinks he'll be fine because he has the weekends to rest. Does his schedule seem ridiculous to anyone else or is it just me?

Have you or someone you know ever worked this many hours a day? If yes, how did that go?
What are the most hours you've worked in a day? In a week?


My husband and I would like to plan a little trip, but we're really unsure of what to do. Our criteria is no swimming, roller coasters, or "natural wonder"-related things (such as the Grand Canyon or national parks). We're up for anywhere in the continental United States, and price isn't really a contributing factor. Oh, and we love spooky things and would like to take our trip around Halloween.

What are some fun vacations ideas?

mad at school work!

1. Has a professor/teacher/instructor ever assigned you 2 take-home essays at the same time, due both on the day of your final? Doesn't that seem...kind of inconsiderate of him/her, considering that we are also responsible to study for a separate final?

2. How do I wrap up these two essays and finish studying for my final tomorrow? I am freaking out over this stupid "supposed to be a breeze" summer class!

3. What is the most busy work that you've had to do for a class? Some stupid workbook to fill out? Weekly essays?

or perhaps I should stop complaining and turn off my internet?!?! ughhhh....

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My boyfriend's psychotic ex-girlfriend hates me to the point of figuring out my cell phone number to leave me lovely voicemails, hacking my facebook, and just being a huge all-around bitch. Low and behold we end up going to the same nursing school. I really, really do not want to live with my mom anymore, she is on a whole different level of crazy, and this school actually has dorms!!! Problem is there are only 14 of them and the crazy ex-gf already lives there. What should I do?

Live in the dorm.
Live at home.

Answer me this...

So lately my friends have been doing this thing where after someone says something that could be mistaken for something sexual another person goes "that's what He/She said"


"I got a little wet"
"thats what she said"

Everyones been doing it, so I wanted to know where did this come from?

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 a random act of kindness;

what was the last one you did?

what in your mind is the best random act of kindness you have done?

me; took my younger brothers to the movies, gave a man i didnt know 10 dollars so he could stay at some place for the night.
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It's now 2am. I just spent the last... seven (?) hours collecting research for a 5 credit economics assignment. The research part of it is due tomorrow (the report writing is not).

Am I going to fail?

I feel like I'm going to die of text overdose. Is there no way out of this fate? How do I save myself from the ultimate death by economics?

Have you ever passed a month+ lon assignment by doing the entire thing on the very last day?
I had a 5 week classics research assignment. It was due on a Monday, I started on the Sunday. At 11:30 in the morning. I spent like ten minutes then went to have lunch and mucked around so I really started it at around 1pm. I passed. With flying colours. It was a very good experience but didn't do anything to correct my procrastinating habits since I passed with the highest possible mark. D= (It even helped my ego grow because I was the only one who got the mark in the whole class.)

So, HOW DO I GET RID OF MY HABIT OF PROCRASTINATING???!!!!!!!! No boobies please.

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guys, why the fuck is telling me that i don't have cookies enabled? they're enabled, and i even went and listed * as a site in the list and then checked allow, then restarted firefox. it still won't fucking work and i want to use a dress on their site to make a dress for my sims and now i can't.

if you can't help me: when's the last time you were irritated with a piece of technology? what happened?


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I am thinking about getting a hand held gaming device but there are some MANY!

Do I get a PSP, a Nintendo DS, or a gameboy advance?

As for what I would be doing with it game-wise... I'm thinking anything that would amuse me (am easily amused) and isn't scary (eep) and possibly those brain age type games.

I'm mainly buying it so that I can have something to help me destress and preoccupy myself on lunches and breaks when I'm not drawing or writng.

Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance yall! :D

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One of my friends recently got rejected from buying a house because he doesn't have enough work history. So I tried to Google this and failed, hence this question: How much work history does one need to buy a house?

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Hay TQC;

I'm attempting to prepare a last-minute package o' stuff to send to my manboy on Friday. I already have a hoodie and this critter to send, but I need ideas for moar thingz.

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Srs and non-srs answers please.

ETA: I will also be sending him a Corner Gas hat, because I'm awesome.

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1. If someone is yelling at their child and is way over the line, do you step in and say something or mind your own business? If you decide to step in what do you do?

2. What has the worst aroma?
Mothballs. God I hate mothballs.

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i'll be 22 on November 2nd. thus i have 2 questions:

since my golden birthday was when i was 2, should i treat this one as if it were mine?

i'm almost 22 but i still look really young. so young, in fact, bus drivers still think i'm in high school and i can get away with paying the reduced fare. should i continue to ignore the slight pangs of guilt and milk this for all its worth?

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1)How are you ruining your life?

It's 9 o clock and I'm not getting ready to go to the library.

2)I have underarm boils. help me?

3)are you sad that the convention season has started?

a little.
The Receptionist Classic

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It hurts - a LOT - when I yawn. My chest and shoulder and neck, and only on my right side. What does that mean, Dr TQC?

Is it possible to yawn too much and do damage to your body somehow?

What was the last TMI tidbit that your boss or teacher shared with you? My boss just announced that his prostate is in good working condition. D:

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What are some things that you MUST do today?

I have to mail a book that someone bought from me on Amazon. I have to tutor at 1 and then I MUST buy a pair of black pants for my new job on Saturday.

How do you clean a reallllly messy space? My room is disgusting and overwhelming. Should I just take a corner of it each day until it's cleaned?

I tend to start cleaning and then get into something, like a photo album, and then stop. Do you do this, too?

anybody know

what's that gorillaz song (might be with space monkeys) with all the horns and shit honking in the beginning, and then they form a beat?

i can not fucking remember and google isn't helping. thx

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What are your answers to the Political Compass questions? If you feel like answering them they're in poll format under the cut because I'm interested in seeing the individual answers rather than just the results. Note: It's in multiple polls because of the question limit, so you should submit each poll as you go because it doesn't keep your answers to the other polls once you submit one.

Edit: These are the questions from, not my own. I know that many people have done this before and figured some may be bored enough to want to fill it out again. Thanks to any who do.

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Jasper glasses

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why is my CanoScan LiDE 7 scanning so light?

more frustrating yet, why do images i scan with that then adjust in PhotoShop look ok on there finally but when I upload them they look light again ??!!!

this was scanned with an old Mustek 600 1200 USB on a Windows computer running XP, using ImageReady (or the last PS with IR)...

Collapse )

this one was scanned with the CanoScan LiDE 70 on a Mac OS, with PhotoShop CS3 Extended:

Collapse )

the original images are both bright and bold, but the supposedly better equipment is giving me craptastic results :( ANYONE KNOW WHY ???

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My doctors office requires you to register online and then wait 24 hours for confirmation. However, I have tonsils the size of cherries, barely any voice, and am having trouble swallowing. I need to see a doctor and don't want to wait until Tuesday to do so. Urgent Care/Emergency Room isn't really an option.

What would you suggest I do?

I called and managed to get an appointment for this afternoon. Yay. :)

If you don't care about me dying, what's the next thing you're going to eat?
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What's one semi-irrational fear you have (a fear that kind of makes sense, but you blow it out of proportion)?

Mine - I'm afraid that, on long car trips, I'm going to pull off the highway for gas and not be able to find the on-ramp back on, or I'll make a mistake and turn onto the highway going the wrong way (south instead of north, not against traffic). It's only semi-irrational because my sense of direction is horrible and I have run into an exit or two where the ramp back on was in a weird place, or on a difference street.
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I was watching MTV's Parental Control, and am shocked at the general douchebaggery the kids show to their boyfriend/girlfriend's parents.

When you were under 18, would you ever have sworn at your girlfriend/boyfriend's parents?
Insulted them in general?
Do you think it's just being exaggerated for the camera or are they just that horrible?

now with another question

Are you a dog or a cat person? WHY?


My two male housemates have gotten so comfortable with me that they try to get me to relinquish control of the remote by farting loudly. How can I get back at them? This is my last night here :(
Hurry up and look back

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lets get dirty

what would you do if

you met a guy and made a connection with him but you
1) didn't know he had a live in gf for the past few years
2) he told you about it after initial connection
3) you have not hooked up with him yet
4) he's told you that he's willing to make a "choice" prior to doing anything
5) you feel guilty for being a homewrecker
6) he tells you that things between the two of them have been rocky for some time now
7) while you have not hooked up you do talk/hang out all the time and have emotionally become intimate

what do you do? what do you look out for?

EDIT: have you ever hooked up with a married guy or a guy who has a gf? what happen? tell me a story

Funny instruction

My dad bought a laminator. So we're reading instructions and it says 'Exclusively for hot and cold usage!' WTF? What more is there? Wet?

Once I bought some food and it said 'For people in early, middle and late stages of life' !!!

So have you eevr seen some stupid or funny instructions on anything you have ever bought? 

Bert Shocked

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HR just sent an email letting everyone know that the office will be closing at 12:30 PM tomorow for the holiday weekend!

I am so excited!

If a stranger lays in your bed, do you prefer that they keep their shoes on or off?

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My ten month anniversary with my boyfriend is tomorrow, and we don't really do much (if anything) to celebrate them (at our 6 month, we coincidentally took a trip to NYC, but it was not planned FOR the anniversary, just happened to be the same day) and it got me wondering what other couples do.

Anyway, do you celebrate your monthly, but non iconic (re: one year) anniversaries with your S.O.? If so, what do you tend to do?

Edit: one reason I am curious is because a former roommate I had celebrated every month, and it seemed odd to me, so I am wondering if it's common.
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SORRY for bugging with this, but i'm a little closer to figuring it out!!, so:

1. i think it's the browser now. why would Firefox be showing certain JPEG images bright and colourful and others drab, where Safari is showing all images in question as bright and colourful? eta: OK, NM! THANKS EVERYONE WHO ANSWERED! IT'S JUST A KNOWN MAC OS PROBLEM! whew

2. also, if you've had it obv, do you like Hershey's ("chocolate")? i had it all the time as a kid and then none for like 10 years and now it tastes like heartburn to me. and why does the chocolate around a reese's taste different, what do they do different to it?

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1. what is your computer/device-you're-using-to-read-this-question doing right now besides "being connected to the internet", providing you access to whatever it can do, running up someone's electricity bill, etc.?

2. how does your body change when you fight or are attacked? (tension, stance, movements, anything) if applicable, is there a difference if it is an organized competitive fight, brawl, battlefield, nonhuman(s) involved, etc.?

The Spambox Files

According to a message in my spambox, I can impress the ladies with my new and improved "man tool".

1) What is a "man tool"?
2) How do I get one/where do I find one?
3) CAN I get one, being as I am a female?
4) what would you do with a "man tool"?

i don't know anyone who would answer this question srsly, so non-srs answers only. :p

Baro Bitch Stare

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Just want a quick opinion on something I find fishy. My aunt that I lived with for about a year during high school just contacted me asking for my social security number. My most recent news about her and her family are that they are going through bankruptcy and foreclosure of their house.

So is it fishy that she wants my social security number for taxes dating 2003?

Were you aware that taxes could be filed backwards like that? Can they?
*ETA* she did say in the email that it was to claim me as a dependant

How's the weather where you are? What's the temperature outside?
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Do you think Twilight would suck less if told from Edward's point of view, with his mind-reading powers?

The book is being written, this isn't hypothetical, just fyi.

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Will you  post a picture just for the hell of showing it to other people?

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For those of you I sent bracelets to, ARE YOU STILL WEARING IT?
I have mine on!  You cannot see it through all the other shit on my arm though.  My best friend is still wearing hers.

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I love next-day Chinese just as much as the next fatty, don't get me wrong. I had some white rice and sesame chicken for dinner last night, and just microwaved some in a bowl to eat for lunch. I put rice in the bottom of the bowl, then a few tablespoons of water on top of the rice, then put the sesame chicken & broc on top of that, then microwaved it for a total of 2:45.

How in the fuck can I make my rice moist and delicious again, after it's been in the fridge for about 15 hours, instead of hard and not-so-appetizing? :( I mean, I already made it, I'll eat it... but I just NEED to know for future reference.

Super Senior

Have you ever gone to a High School football game *after* you graduated High School (specifically from the High School you graduated from)?
Why do I think this is so lame? (lame to go to a game after you've graduated)

put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

which of these FOOTWEAR-inspired songs do you enjoy from time to time?

Walking in My Shoes, depeche mode
Blue Suede Shoes, elvis presley
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes, paul simon
Goody Two Shoes, adam ant
Bad Sneakers, steely dan
Rock in My Shoe, hank williams
Angels Want to Wear My Red Shoes, elvis costello
Boogie Shoes, kc and the sunshine band
Old Brown Shoe, the beatles
Fuck Me Pumps, amy winehouse
Those Shoes, the eagles
Red Shoes by the Drugstore, tom waits
New Shoes, paolo nutini
These Boots Were Made for Walkin, nancy sinatra
suzer, this poll makes my itunes seem BAREFOOT, but I might likem if i knewem.

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1. Did you stay in your school network on Facebook after you graduated?
2. Can you picture yourself online as a 70-year-old? Can you picture yourself getting tired of the Internet?
3. Which percentage of your work day is spent surfing the 'net as opposed to actually working?

1. no, I immediately switched to a regional network. I guess it just seemed lame to me.
2. I think the Internet will follow our generation and we will all be communicating with each other from our nursing home beds.
3. I spend about 70% of the time online and 30% working, probably.

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I'm going to a bigass conference for my area of study in October, and I need to register. Just attending is $65 alone, and I'm also planning on attending a concert that is part of the conference for $20.

Should I also go to two receptions offered at the end of each day? There will be light food and a cash bar at each, and they cost $10 and $15 respectively. I'm already driving to the conference and back each day, so the price of gas is something to consider as well.

What should I say to all the big names I'm going to meet?
Have you ever been to a big conference (academic, anime, whatever)?
What should I expect?
Ms. Michonne

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I'm in class right now, and I have an excruciating pain in my lower back. The only thing that has helped thus far is lying down, which I can't do in the middle of lecture.

Is there anything I can do to help relieve this pain?

(no subject)

Which of you ladies wants to satisfy my loins?

Do I at least get points for setting myself up for failure?

What about for having the confidence and audacity to ask?
bitch please

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what are you listening to right now?

did you choose it? or are you listening to your music on shuffle/random/a radio station which you do not control?

how would you rate your satisfaction with this song on a scale of 1-10? 10 being excellent, obviously.

if you aren't listening to music, what does your planner look like? is it physical or digital?

if you aren't listening to music and don't have a planner, what color is the layer of fabric closest to your genitals?

beans, beans, the magical fruit

I soaked some kidney beans overnight, but was unable to finish preparing them due to stomach flu in the family. I drained the beans and put them in the fridge the morning after they'd soaked overnight, and they've now been in the fridge for four days. They don't smell funky.

Can I continue cooking them, or should I toss them? They'll be cooked well, so I'm not too concerned about bacteria, I just don't want the texture to be off due to sitting for a few days.

The dish I have in mind involves cooking the beans with other ingredients, so I can't cook them up and see how they are without the risk of wasting more food.
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Abundant redundant

Someone on my flist just posted sexy modelling pictures and I never realized she's such a smoldering hottie until now. I've got my mind firmly planted in the gutter now (moreso than normal) and I can't stop thinking about naughty subjects. Rather than suppress, I think it's best I encourage this hormonal drive. a sexy pic you'd like to share with the class?

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How much money could I make by rinsing out used condoms that I find on the ground and leasing them to people? How much should I charge?

Do you think it would be enough for me to support my drug habit?

(no subject)

I didn't get paid today. I was supposed to get £780. I need to pay for my dog's neuter (£100), to get home (about £50), my rent (£340), my gas and electricity (£74) and owe my Mum £200!

What should I do?

The money that I owe my mum can wait, I can talk to my landlady and get the rent put back but the rest needs to be paid!

What should I do to the people who f*cked up my wages?

Srs and non-srs answers welcome. Make me smile!

Are you afraid to fail or afraid to succeed?

I applied for a job recently that pays approximately twice what I make now. It sounds challenging and interesting, all that crap. The problem is that by getting it, I'd have to move to another state for six months.

I am a loser who still lives at home, I've never gone away except for college... What will I do when I have to leave and live hours from everyone/everywhere I know?? I'm getting so nervous just thinking about it.

Today I learned I got the job, and I'm excited but terrified. How do you deal with living completely on your own? (money obviously is not the problem) But where do people make friends? How will I find the proper grocery store... aiee!

(yeah I know, i sound pathetic)

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My parents are recently divorced, today would have been their 32nd anniversary. Should I buy my mom flowers or something to cheer her up? Or would that make her feel worse?
what now milo and kristen staring

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Why the hell does my computer make a weirdass fucking laughing sound every ten or so minutes?
It sounds like MUH HUH HUH HUH.
Do I have a virus?
I just killed all the shit on my comp, though!

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Not even a full week into school: TOO GODDAMN EARLY for my roommate to try to sexile me right now, y/y?

Especially since it is 3:30 here and I have been out of the room since eight this morning. TQC, validation please?

Interrupted, hahah.

Less bitchy...Have you ever attempted to learn a foreign language, whether in a class or by yourself? What was it, and how far/good did you get?

(no subject)

Where will the members of TQC be in 10 years time?

Will there be a sequel TQC on some future internet space sort of like the whole 90210 return?

What will you give me to remember you by?
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Eternal Sunshine

TV shows

Which TV show would you say had the best series finale? Not season finale but series finale.
Which TV show had a horrible series finale that was so bad you wanted to harm someone (or something a little less violent)?

(no subject)

I have stuff to do but no motivation.

How should I get myself in the mood to pack my house for my move in September? I've been lazy and I only pack a little before I decide to stop and do other things like sleep.

(no subject)

My friend's dad just died last night. My friends and I feel awful about this and want to do something for her. She was super close to her dad.
Problem is, shes up in Connecticut and we're all in Florida.

Do you have any ideas?

We were thinking of a card or something, but we wanted something creative and uplifting.

keep in mind we're all broke college kids. =]


so i was just invited to go to a hookah bar tonight. i've never been.

1) if you have done hookah, did you like it?

2) anything i should know before i go?

and if you can't participate in the hookah convo... make a decision for me:

3) should i go to the Red Jacket dining hall or the Richmond one? lol

Weird question

Do you know what would happen if you were turned away at an international border? Would you be put in some kind of holding area or escorted to book a ticket right back out of the country or what?

Do you know anyone this has happened to?

jury duty vs. class

I've been summoned for jury duty. (who hasn't?) Anyway, it's on a Wednesday morning and I have class. My brother told me that if I call them and tell them I'm a college student, they'll probably let me go. But I'm in a small school and know these teachers pretty well, and I know that they'd also let me off the hook if I say I have jury duty. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I'm actually asking, "what sounds more fun?" I'm a right gossip and I know we probably aren't allowed to talk about the case but it sounds so exciting just going to do that! I mean, right?

(no subject)

The GM employee discount sale commercials made me think, when you sell cars where do you park yours if it isn't a brand sold by the dealership?

Because obviously they don't want customers to accidentally stumble upon an employee parking lot full of other makes.

(no subject)

A bizarre series of events has led to my dad's defrosting an unopened box of frozen prawns in diluted bleach. Now he seems to think that, because the prawns were encased in plastic the whole time, they are fine to eat. What should I do now? What would you do?

Watching Darwin claim one's own parents=traumatic, y/y?


Poll #1249815 Wet is sexy?

Are girls are (usually) sexier when wet?


Are guys are (usually) sexier when wet?


Could you post pics to try and sway your opinion, either way?

(If you see pics that change your mind, you can change your votes here.)

(no subject)

I have a desktop. My speakers are packed away somewhere. I have my headphones plugged into the computer, but I'm not getting any sound. Is there any way to get sound if I have the headphones plugged in? What do I need to do?
odd enthusiasms

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Why is my dog so cute, TQC?

Do you have a pet that is diabolically adorable?
If so, do they appear to have an evil scheme (world domination, table scraps, etc?)

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It is thundering and about to fucking RAIN here.
When it really RAINS my direct tv will go out.

I am petrified that i will miss obama's speech.
To avoid my impending panic attack:


i got it.
multiple sources!

yes we can!

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You know how car dealerships mostly advertise new models for sale? What do they do with the ones they don't sell at the end of the year? They can't sell them somewhere else as used, can they?

What a bad day for Clayton County today, eh?

(no subject)

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So: I intend to, after i've retrieved my vehicle, go over to the parking division and protest that I would not have been towed had they upheld their part of the deal. I'm hoping to get my tow fee, or overnight fee, reimbursed.
1) any tips? I'm trying to compose myself so I don't go there and freak out on people, but if you have tips for it that'd be great.
2) Is it likely that, if they use towing company A over Towing company B, Towing Company A is giving them some sort of kickback/referral bonus?

Was thinking i might call towing companies other than whatever they used, as well, because if they used anything but the cheapest one I'm going to be even more pissed.

(no subject)

This has been asked a thousand times before, but I never read replies cos it never applied to me, but now it does.

So, how the Hell do I get over this guy who has broken my heart or something? I just kind of want to stop thinking about him/obsessing over him cos it's doing my head in.

Also, what's the worst pain (physical, not emotional) you've ever been in?
years go by

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LJ ATE MY POST, hang on, I'm going to retype it! PLEASE HOLD.

Oh fuck it, it was long and TL;DR, I'll try it again later.

My question for the moment: how often do you send text messages? Do you like them, or do you think they're pointless? What do you use them for -- chatting, or just important information (like "I'll be there in 10 minutes")?

what makes a good villain?

Dear TQC,

The other day I was discussing with a friend the subject of villains. I've been working on a book for a while and the story line is at the point where I have a major villain showing up. There have been several minor bad guys up to this moment. All of them have been swimming the gray area. However, with this character, whose name is Leopold, I want to make him a truly evil and remarkable villain besides stating the fact that he's a sociopath. Which he is.

Now my friend and I have been going back and forth on what makes a good villain. We've been doing this since we've read io9's article called, Why we deserve better villains and how to get them. The article says that best villains are the ones with the shady past and who don't redeem themselves. This is why Joker was such a refreshing breath of air compared the slew of recent fictional bad guys. His past was multiple choice and he never apologized for who he was.

But I am not sure about this. There has to be more that makes a fantastic villain just that, fantastic.

So, the TL/DR version of this questions is, what makes a villain for you work?

What villains do you like?

What did you like about them?


(no subject)

does it irk you when people refer to obama as an african-american?

ETA: if you like nightmare before christmas, are you considered "one of those people" aka hot topic-loving, "i-want-to-marry-jack-skellington" obsessive? i'm pretty normal, but i'm embarrassed to like it now.

(no subject)

my friend was born in November of '86(like me!).
her brother was born in May of 1977(...).

she says they're 9 years apart.
he says they're 10.
i say they're 9 1/2. but they're talking about rounding up or down.

they keep going back and forth about this so i've come to you, TQC, to end this nonsense once and for all.

would you round up to 10 or down to 9?


My job

If you were just beginning to take a foreign language and on the first day of class your teacher was talking too quickly for you to understand, would you run around trying to immediately transfer into another class or would you raise your hand and ask the teacher to please speak more slowly?

Did you know how to flush a toilet at the age of 20, 21, or 22?

Why did I think that working with college students was going to be fun?

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I'm thinking of breaking down a buying an iPod, TQC. I'm planning on getting the Classic, but does anyone know if it's possible to get the "old" model, with just the white face/dial, rather than the silver/black kinds they're selling in the Apple stores now? Or have the "old" ones been discontinued?

Are you going to Dragon*Con this weekend?

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[Outlander] say could that lass be I

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Is there a way to buy some of the souvenir items from the DNC if you aren't actually there? For example, I saw a car air freshener with Hillary on it that says "He's your man."

My SO really wants it and I'd get so much play if I could find one.
This is so ridiculous.

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1. Have any of you ever flown Spiritair? Is it good or is it shitty and that's why everything is half the price of every other airline in the world?

2. Have any of you ever flown Copa? How does it compare?

3. If you were in my situation, what would you do:

a. Fly spiritair for 241 dollars from Detroit, MI to Panama City, Panama, with a ten hour layover in Fort Lauderdale/Miami?
b. Fly Copa/Continental for 365 dollars from Detroit, MI to Panama City with a three hour layover in Newark?

4. If anyone lives near the Fort Lauderdale/Miami airport, is there anything to do around there? I have never been to Miami, so I guess I could use that huge expanse of time to explore....