August 27th, 2008


A bit morbid perhaps but..

If you could, would you want to know the exact time that you'd die?

How about your family?

How would you prefer to die (in your sleep is out of the question)?

How would you prefer your loved ones to die? (I struck it out because I feel bad asking, and I'd forever think that I was jinxing them)

Your enemies?


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Has anyone here had any interesting encounters with Salmon/TroutBots?
(If you don't know what those are, explaination can be found here)

If you don't have any stories, do you think this bot sounds like a fun idea? Annoying? Creepy?

Also, hello to the member here who I happened to be connected to earlier lol

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I want to make a cake and have a bite of it. Can I freeze the rest and save it for later? 
It really won't be pretty if i have to eat the whole thing.

What else should I  NOT FREEZE EVER?!


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I'm bored and I'm not tired yet.

Can one of you peoples invite me to chat? I've learned that there are limits to Trillian and finding my way to TQCchat on my own is one of them

My screen name's bedlamgreene

If no one invites me, I'll assume you're all planning a surprise party for me or something
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Firefox question

I've just updated to Firefox 3 (Firefox 2 started to nag) and I've run into a problem.

When I click the magnifying glass next to the search bar, the results open in the current tab. When I press Enter, they open in a new tab. I want the results to ALWAYS open in a new tab. Does anyone know of a tweak/extension that would fix this?


Hey has anyone from Canada bought a Squishable from this site:

If you did, what did your final total come up to?

Background: I'm in love with the octopus squishable but the site states that they have no idea how much customs, brokerage will be, etc.  I tried using a website estimate ( and the total came to $103.  OUCH!  Say it ain't so...

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I guess I am never having sex again. My boyfriend is reading a new series so I don't exist.

1. What should I do to get his attention?

2. If it doesn't work what should I do instead?

3. Whats better than sex?

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What are somethings that a boy and a girl can do together, if they are broke?
Sex is out. Oral sex is out. Makeout sesh is out. Hookers and blow are out. Hanging out at each others houses are out.

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What is your favourite song of all time? If there's a tie and you have more than one, feel free to share.

My favourite songs are the ones that make up the Genesis album entitled Selling England by the Pound. :)

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There is this little curly haired beast who follows me around all the time and calls me "Mommmmmmmyy!!" and she has gotten her little beastly hand prints all over the t.v. It is an lcd flat screen so I am going to assume that spraying it with windex will not benefit anyone. I looked for some tips online but everywhere I found just wants you to buy their fancy-shmants lcd cleaner. What do you use?

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Are Red Robin burgers /really/ that fucking awesome, or are the commercials bullshitting?

What's your favorite commercial?

What's your least favorite commercial?

Fave commercial: The Lowes commercial with the 'Paint me!' door.

Least fave commercial: That goddamn Secret commercial with that brunette chick. I want to punch her in the throat.
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I need ideas on what to bring to a Labor Day BBQ as a side dish. The real food and desserts are taken care of, and I'd really rather not bring coleslaw or potato salad.

What are your favorite dishes at a BBQ (besides hookers and blow, of course)?

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tqc, the other night I slept in the same bed as the new guy I'm crushing on. nothing happened. the next day he texts me and says "if you wanted to cuddle last night, I would have. don't be so shy"

so does this mean that next time I should just shove my hand down his pants? y/n? non srs answers plz.

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wtf it is 48 degrees outside.

do you like "sweater weather"?
do you like wearing clothes in general?
what's your least favorite article of clothing?
would you wear a mu-mu all the time if it was socially acceptable?
how cold is too cold to walk around naked?

(no subject)

1) Who was the last crush you had that for one reason or another, was unavailable/ couldn't happen?

2) College goers: What looks to be your most promising class this year?

3) What does the day have in store for you, TQC?

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I keep having a recurring dream where I'm cheating on my boyfriend. Well, not cheating, but being very flirtatious and WANTING to cheat. And it's always with someone I used to be friends with/had a crush on, with the exception of one where it was with... my boyfriend. not a clone of him, more like his twin from another dimension. I dunno, that one was weird.

WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MEAN? do i secretly want to cheat on my boyfriend?

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i was reading that question about how horrible you were to your mother when you were being born and it got me wondering: if your pregnancy is going so late that the doctors want to induce, what would happen if they didn't?

i can't imagine the baby would just never come out and you'd be preggers forever. why not just keep waiting? like, what's the reasons behind it/the risks?
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If you obtained a parasite of some sort from a third world country, what would you name it? Would you keep it around for a while until you couldn't stand it anymore or would you demand that your doctor remove the disgusting fucker from your skin/eyeball/intestine/what have you?

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Gooooooood morning, TQC!

How'd you sleep?

What's on today's agenda?

-Meh, can't complain. Got a full 8 hours in, thanks to some Tylenol Simply Sleep.

-Homework, then class (American Government, then Overview of Human Services, then Social Issues from an Anthropological Perspective, then French) from 2-8, then going thrifting with bf.

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I pulled my right chest muscle yesterday somehow. :( It cut my Disneyland/California Adventure trip short since it started hurting too much for me to be going on rides (luckily I got to go on the new Toy Story Ride!).

Tell me about a time you got hurt which couldn't have been such bad timing?
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There's a blood drive across the street on campus today, but I didn't know about it until now, and I therefore haven't been drinking a lot of water. Am I safe donating, or am I going to get sick? (I've donated blood 4 times, I've only gotten ill once)
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D: How do I link to a community with the little community icon thing, tqc?

Is it raining where you live?
Are you excited for fall, if you live in the northern hemisphere?
How often do you wash your jeans?
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I am so tired that I may pass out at any moment, but I HAVE to work today. I use Pandora, so what music should I listen to in order to stay awake?

What news story are you tired of hearing about?

What is the most valuable thing you own? Do you own anything that you'd risk your life for?

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Bert Shocked

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 would you like to have a minature, intelligent, and sentient twin head with the ability to speak attached to your left shoulder?

lets just say it would be easy to hide with turtlenecks and clever layering.

 are koffie and I the only people that think that this would be awesome?

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I am making a personal entry to my journal about how I couldn't finish reading Twilight because of how lame it was. I browsed a little for Twilight icons, but couldn't find any funny enough. I've seen some funny ones on here...

Will you comment with your favorite funny Twilight icon?
In your comment will you include the answer to this question: What are you currently reading? Is it good?
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I just got accepted as an ChaCha guide - I know this has been asked, but I can't remember. Is this really legit? Have any of you gotten paid yet? And what is this going to look like on my taxes ... ? I am really wary of giving out my social.
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I  was up late finished a project for my stupid Horrors of Growing Old class. I have another project and a take home final due today at 6PM.

I am very tired, and would very much like to go sleep right now, but, there is work to be done. I think I should go get a coffee, but caffeine...I don't know how to explain it, but my legs get all twitchy and I can't sit still. It's aggravating as fuck.

Should I get coffee and deal with my twitchy legs?

Any other advice as to how to stay awake? (I can't work with music, so that's out)
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I've been doing some research, but so far too much conflicting information.

Back story:
My roommate, Cait, moved into our apartment about 2.5 weeks ago. She lived here alone until last Tuesday, when a second roommate moved in. Cait left the apartment at some point on Sunday because she had a rash; it was scabies.

I moved in Monday afternoon. I live on the opposite side of the apartment as Cait, with the second roommate. I share a bathroom with the second roommate, not Cait. I got a call yesterday from Cait telling me about her scabies and that I shouldn't worry, and that she is no longer contagious, so she will be coming back tomorrow (tonight).

Anyone know anything about scabies?
If I haven't touched her clothes, bedding, etc, am I likely to have the mites, too?
If she never sat on the couch, does the couch have the mites?

Help! Thanks!

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1. does anyone know where i can find reputable information about becoming a phone sex operator? google is riddled with advertisements and sites that require you to do internet trolling. i'm not sure if that's just the only option to make money at it anymore or what.
2. got anything funny to say about phone sex?

make up

so, make up.

I've been using cover up... its not quite liquid, but its not power either. It's sorta of a paste. But it's been making me break out so now I look like the chicken pox girl, and I clean it off the mintue I get home from work.

So, I need a cover up brand that won't make me break out. What's a good brand/type to check into?

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what is the largest useless file that you have found on your computer?

For me, it was a log file from the microsoft antispywear beta that somehow kept logging its failure to run (after the beta ended) for over two years, and ended up being 4 gigs. I found it only when viewing a pre-defrag report that showed that i had a huge log file that was for a program that was not being used.

not meee. JUST CURIOUS!

say you're married. you have a credit card & your spouse takes it & maxes it out without your consent then puts it back. is that considered fraud? or is it considered negligence on your part? (i'm talking about in court)

what about a check? if he/she writes and signs one of your checks without your consent? is it negligence on your part because you didn't keep your checks safe?

*not joint accounts btw.

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Way back when, I used to read a blog of an employee in an erotica shop and the stories were HILARIOUS. I'm trying to use to find it, but I can't remember part of the url. She post on a blog site that began with a D (not deadjournal), and it's driving me crazy. tiendadelsexo.(blank).com?

Did anyone else ever read this blog?

What was that damned url?!?!
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blah blah college blah

so i know there's always a bunch of questions about university/college/etc., but i think this one's a little different.

i always here about people going to community college for 2 years, and then transferring to a university.
has anyone gone to a 4-year school for a semester or maybe a year, and then gone to a community college?

i'm at a 4-year school right now, but i'd like to transfer back to a CC just for financial reasons, and comfort reasons in general.
the only problem is i've never heard of anyone doing something like that, so if you know anyone who has, or if you have, let me hear your stories!

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Has anyone tried the various Dr.Pepper flavored food items for sale?

I love Dr. Pepper, but the thought of jerky, BBQ sauce, and marinade via Dr. Pepper is a little strange to me.

What other carbonated beverages do you think would make a good transition as food seasonings?

Yard sale

You stumble across a yard sale, and there's all these awesome clothes. They're just the kind you like to wear, of all colors, and they're your size!! It's a dollar a piece, and you're prepared to spend $40+ on the clothes. You get to the owner of the clothes, and she's a middle aged woman, and she sees you with the clothes and holds back a tear. "That's the last of Daryl's wardrobe. She/he always did love to dress up. She/he died in a car accident a month ago and I just had to get rid of everything. Too many memories. Now, do you want those clothes?" All these nice duds are from a dead person. Would you purchase them now?

Only a couple of really nice ones

Question for the ladies. At another yard sale, you find a bin of bra and panties. Normally, you wouldn't look but the colors draw your eye, and you see that the underwear is all high quality and very expensive. The bras and panties are matching. They look clean. The bras, surprisingly, are your size. Would you buy any?

Bra and panty sets. I'd get a few
Just the bras
Just the panties
Ewww. Nothing for me

You're walking around this same yard sale, and you see a Real Sex doll. This doll's particularly well made and rather pretty, for a doll. These things go for thousands brand new, and the price tag for this one is...$10. Do you get it?

Yes. I've always been curious and this is a way to try it out
No. I can't imagine what's been done with it, but I sure don't want sloppy seconds/fifths/hundreds
Yes. I plan on reselling it myself on Craig's List for a lot more
Yes. I'll gift it as a practical joke
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1- This has been bothering me for a few days. Is "Warranty void is seal is broken" inappropriate in discussing accidental pregnancy?


You a sailor trapped on the inside of a boat playing a card game with a man who is holding you hostage because you looked at him funny while on land. Apparently he took your wink and nudge to mean something more than "I'm a sailor winking and nudging and there is nothing at all inappropriate about this." Suffice to say the result of this card game will determine whether or not sitting will be done comfortably for a while. He also said something about knives and the possibility that you won't be walking away from this boat. But that's not important.

What is important is that you've come to realize that he's cheating. Mostly because, in one hand, he managed to get four aces. Which isn't so bad, except they were all Diamonds. And you're pretty sure there's only two of those in a deck. But you've also never played cards before.

You have to think fast. What will you do?
1- Whip out your Dark Charizard card, and, in the confusion, kill him with the knife he has stabbed in the table?
2- Double-click your boat's power cord?
3- Call him on his cheating and see just how many times he can stab you before he realizes it?
4- Remember you have a gun and shoot him?
5- Just accept your fate as a sailor with a sore ass?
6- Ask him to record it, so you can be famous on the Internet?
7- Kill yourself?
8- Start singing Ace of Base songs, because Ace of Base is rad?

i want to F you like an animal!

Poll #1249101 lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

which of these ANIMAL songs do you find yourself enjoying at least occasionally?

I am the Walrus, the beatles
Octopus' Garden, the beatles
Piggies, the beatles
Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey, the beatles
Wild Horses, the rolling stones
Monkey, George Michael
Pigs, Pink Floyd
Black Horse and a Cherry Tree, kt tunstall
Shock the Monkey, peter gabriel
Hungry Like the Wolf, duran duran
Crocadile Rock, elton john
Horse With No Name, america
Barracuda, heart
Puff the Magic Dragon, peter paul and mary
dang, suzer, these songs sound swell, but i bet i would like more of them if i actually knew them!

you have ONE bullet left in the chamber...which host of the VIEW do you put out of my misery?

whoopi goldberg
barbara walters
joy bahar
elizabeth hasselbeck
sherri shepherd
since i don't know that show, i will donate my bullet to you, suzer, so that you might heal us all from their reign of terror.

(no subject)

i really hate walking, where's my bike? and my gun for that matter?

why do tourists go shopping? haven't people heard of mapquest? i don't know how to get your cottage~
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(no subject)

What's the coolest/funnest essay that you've ever had to write for school?

I got to write an essay on old people in science fiction. I wrote about Professor Xavier, Bruce Wayne (in Batman Beyond, when he's all old and crotchety), and Admiral Adama from Battlestar Galactica.

(no subject)

Poll #1249169 Real Sex Doll related question #2

For the ladies. Someone gifts your SO with a Real Sex doll for his birthday. It's a gag gift, and at the time, no one realized that the doll is the splitting image of his ex-girlfriend. It's a well made, pretty doll. Everybody has a good laugh about it, and the doll jokes are made, and then the party's over and the doll is put in the closet. One day, you come over and you find the doll in his bed. When asked, he sheepishly admits that he was curious and had sex with the doll. It was pretty good and better than masturbation. He asks you if it's ok if he bang the doll when you're not around. How do you feel?

Jealous. I'm not sure why, but I wonder if he still has a thing for his ex. I say no to the doll banging
Go for it, baby. It's just a sexual aid. Just save some libido for me
I'm too busy laughing. I just think it's funny that he screwed a rubber woman
I'm jealous of the doll. I demand he get rid of it.
Hmm. I've been curious about having a threesome. Maybe if the two of us have sex with the doll together, it'll be baby steps to inviting another girl into the mix, to see how I feel
When he's not looking, I go after the doll with a knife. Cut her up so she's not so pretty and he won't want to bang her no more

(no subject)

1. Yesterday my good friend I were walking around Philadelphia around 8:30pm, and these saleswomen from the Gap pulled us into the store for a "private event" where they were offering 50% off everything in there, gave us champagne and finger foods, had stylists and a DJ, and gave us some free shit on the way out. When was the last time you were in the right place at the right time?

2. Is the champagne from the Gap what's giving me the sinus headache I've had since last night?
3. Should I go swimming today? How can I keep the water from turning my hair green (it's platinum)?
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(no subject)

There's a politician dude (Democrat, since I've seen him at the convention hovering around)
whom I can't for the life of me recall his name.... here's his description, any ideas who it is?

**possibly a senator or governor but I looked through a list of senator names and none rang a bell
**sort of buzz/cut hair but possibly slightly grown out
**salt & pepperish color hair, I think leaning more toward salt
**nice smile
**clean cut
**fairly attractive for a probably 50-something dude

Ideas??? (pls post a picture of ideas)

edit: No, it's not Bill Clinton :D
I decided he looked a LITTLE BIT like Howard Dean but, yanno,
not nuts.
This is so ridiculous.

(no subject)

Can someone tell me what exactly this Zeitgeist movie is about?

I come home from the Peace Corps and my little brother starts going off on a rant about the American Union or some shit and how China is going to take us over because we are going to try to take THEM over first, and how the Free Masons are apparently running everything, and this is all part of some grand scheme dating back to the Revolutionary war. I call bullshit, but that's just me.

I'm not big on conspiracy theories, so I don't really want to watch it.

Edit This was all spurred by the fact that I watched the worst biographical movie ever, "Che," and the fact that my brother figures anything that Che Guevara ever did that could be seen as negative can be pardoned by the fact that he was a guerrilla (what we will all be when we are fighting the Chinese, apparently.)

What are YOUR thoughts on El Che?


Dr. TQC, do you ever get those sores up your nose? Like a cut or an irritated spot that take forever to heal? How do you make them stop hurting or heal faster? Or do I have a flesh eating disease... is my flesh melting away? Is it AIDS? Is my promiscuous lifestyle catching up to me?

(no subject)

Poll #1249202 Real Sex Doll related question #3

On your birthday, someone gets you a Real Sex doll of the celebrity you fancy the most. Whoever it is, be Depp or Jolie or whoever, it looks a lot like them. The hair feels real, and the skin feels similar to human skin. The doll is dressed in your favorite outfit (from the movie or pinup). After everybody has a few laughs and go home later, you're left with the doll. It's anatomically correct and built to please. Would you try it out?

No, I just couldn't
Maybe. I dunno
Julia Murney

(no subject)

I am sofucking bored, omg.
I am officially on my school sleeping schedule, but school doesn't start until next Tuesday. So.

Wtf should I do?

Also, is that Neil Patrick Harris Old Spice commercial new or old? Where he jokes about being a pretend doctor and recommends Old Spice clinical strength deodorant?

(no subject)

how much do you hate that "singin' sweet home alabama all summer long" song?

Collapse )

it's on the ~rotation at work and we bolt for the back room to change the song when it comes on. fucking horrible song.
careful what you ask for

your own criteria, please

Yesterday I made a blurb about how I'm often naked when I'm home. Shortly after I woke up this morning, for no particular reason, I put my glasses on and it just sorta hit me... I really naked if I'm still wearing a ring and my glasses?
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(no subject)

1. How much do you like talking about things you don't know anything about?

2. My friend just got a grill (like a mini-charcoal grill), and grilling is really hard. Our steaks were uneven and really gamey. Grilling/barbecue tips?

turnpike woes

I was getting on the NJ turnpike today and went through the lane for people without EZ pass. I was under the impression you could use EZ pass in all lanes. It told me to take a ticket but I couldn't because I was going EZ pass speed. It never said "go EZ pass" or whatever it usually says. When I got off I went through the EZ pass lane and it said "EZ pass paid."

TQC, am I going to be receiving a ticket in the mail or not?

Hai, my name is Liz

So, how's it been hangin', TQC?

Tomorrow is my last day at work, and I'm super shitty at saying goodbye. I figured I'd bring in a big cake or some shit (I'd have to buy it, all my baking crap is packed in some box somewhere) in order to say, you know, "So long, mofos," or whatever, with food instead of words. Have any of you ever done anything for your coworkers on your last day at a job? If so, what was it?

Does the cake sound good, or should I do something else?

(no subject)

What would you do if your mother told you she thought you should attend anger management classes when you... really aren't an angry person? Obviously getting angry won't work.
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(no subject)

Ever worked in a restaurant as a server or in a bar as a bartender? Where?
Did you make good money?
If you haven't, have you heard of some good restaurants or bars to work in?

Edit: might be helpful to know where

(no subject)

1. What is your earliest memory of music?
2. How about movies?
3. Books?

Mine are my mom singing opera/my dad dancing with me to 'Taxman', Legend with Tom Cruise and Mia Sara, and a book called Dad's Back!
nkotb - joe - yay


This is sad... :(

My sister has to put her sheepdog down tomorrow. He's very old and it's time.

She's conflicted if she wants to be there or not, in the room with him.

Have you ever had to put a pet to sleep?
Were you there when it happened?
Do you regret your decision of being there or not being there?

Me? I'd have to be there for my pet. I don't know. I know it's a deeply personal choice but for me, I'll feel a need to be there when my cats have to go.
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(no subject)

What's worse:

Finding out you have a papercut while soaping up in the shower
Being VERY PAINFULLY AWARE of a papercut as it happens?

If you could change your name to ANYTHING, with no limits or consequences, what would you change it to?

Did you take a foreign language in college/high school?
 If so, did you guys pick names that were native to that language?

[I was OMFG PAINFULLY AWARE of a papercut on the back of my hand earlier this week. I was SO freaking squicked out you have no idea..

I would change it to Phoenix. I have no idea why, but I would.

Yep, in high school. I took German, and I was always "Katja". ]


How often do you think is normal for a couple to have sex after 10 years and 2 kids still running around?

Yes, I am asking about my relationship. We are at once a week. Considering he works until after I am asleep and we have a 8 yr old and a 5 yr old, its hard to find privacy. He thinks it should be more often (like most men) and I am thinking WHEN IS THERE TIME???
Colbert Paladin

(no subject)

Does anyone know a lot about the Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D)? I'm currently an undergrad and I'm currently considering my options for continuing my education. I heard that it's less research-based, and can be an appealing option for people hoping to become a clinical therapist (like myself).

Two simple questions:
1.) Is there a large gap in credibility between the Psy.D and the Ph.D for someone hoping to be an adolescent therapist?

2.) Are there any universities with excellent Psychology programs (specifically Psy.D programs) that I should look into and to which I should consider applying?
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Poll #1249272 Another question about sex since I have a filthy mind

In this scenario, you're single and lonely. You were with a friend at a bar, and he/she left, and you stayed behind to finish your drink. Suddenly a really attractive stranger sits down next to you and starts talking you up. The ice breaks really early, and playful banter escalates to sharp, pointed innuendo. He/she smells really nice and has a tight, sexy body. He/she leans in close to show you a picture and you end up kissing. It's electric and neither of you can stop. You're irrepressibly turned on and your head is swimming with lust. He/she talks you into going back to your place, and as you're standing in the doorway, intensely making out, your new 'friend' stops you and says that to proceed further, it'll cost you $200. Yep, he/she is a prostitute/gigalo. You're more aroused in your entire life and surprisingly, you have 200 in your possession. What happens now?

Aw, hell with it. I could really use some lovin'. God knows I'm going to be immensely frustrated to get anything else done unless I get my rocks off. I pay him/her
What an ass. They couldn't tell me this up front? I throw him/her out on their ass
I plead poverty and see if he/she gives me a pity fuck. I can tell they're just as turned on too

It's never too early!!

I normally despise the holiday season.  But this year, for the first time in a very long time, I have a large family to get gifts for.  My minimum gift list is already at 21 people!!

Have you started thinking about Christmas gifts yet?  Made a list of gift ideas for family? For yourself?

How early do you start shopping? 
David Cook Phone

(no subject)

Can anyone point me to a site that tells how to make a writing portfolio that also includes pictures?

I'm a senior journalism major, and I want to compile some of the things I've written into a portfolio to show to potential employers.  I have newspaper clippings as well as some old articles that I've written in classes.

I've googled this, but all I'm getting are pictures of leather portfolios to buy in office supply stores as well as wordy descriptions that don't include pictures.  I'd like to know how to deal with newspaper clippings.  :)

(no subject)

I'm currently browsing the casual encounters section on craigslist and I happened upon Collapse )

Is this guy a rapist or what?

Would you do it?

ETA for my own peace of mind: No, I'm not REALLY looking for casual encounters lol

(no subject)

What do you do when you're in an elevator with a stranger? Do you feel as awkward as I do half the time?

What cover songs do you have in your music library? They don't have to be good to list them, lol.

Do you make yourself do anything, along with job/school/life obligations? (For example, eat a salad/something healthy a day, exercise a couple times a week, squeeze in some "reading for pleasure" time?)

(no subject)

what things did you do to scar your younger siblings? or, if you're the younger one, what did your older sibling do to scar you?
i totally convinced my sister that she was adopted (not hard because she's blonde/blue eyed unlike the rest of us) and i made her watch the movie 'tommy' when she was 8yo.

i have a meeting tomorrow afternoon with a guy i work with. this guy is kind of a flake (HUGE understatement). we're supposed to work on a project together. should i just assume that i'll be doing the whole project from start to finish or should i actually try to get him pinned down to specific tasks (did i mention he's flaky?)?

what's for dessert?

(no subject)

My boyfriend and I have conflicting schedules now D: I've seen him for twenty minutes since oh...Earlyish Sunday evening. I'm making us dinner tonight since we'll actually be able to see one another. We both really want some broccoli cheese casserole, sorta Cheddars style but not as ridiculous as I don't need an entire pan of that stuff.

Do you have a tried and true recipe for broccoli cheese casserole? I've tried a few and haven't been all that impressed. Everyone elses is always so much tastier. Will you share with me? D:

(no subject)

If you applied for a job via email, and someone responded saying the position had already been filled but they'd keep your resume on file, would you respond? If so, what would you say?

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For those who bring laptops to class:
Say you are taking notes on your laptop (or IMing friends, let's be realistic) but you have to pee/get a drink/make a call and thus leave the class room.
Do you take the laptop with you?
Close it but leave it on the desk?
Leave it there, open?

I closed it and left it on the desk, but a friend was sitting next to my desk, so I wasn't too worried.

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How accurate a representation of a hospital is Scrubs? I mean .. are surgical guys stupid jocks and medical guys nerds?

Do you think real doctors get mad watching hospital shows like Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy and House and all that?

What was the last thing you said that you regretted?
Danny 2: The Return

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Dear thequestionclub,
The night before last, someone slept on my arm, and when I woke up it was asleep. Now this is a very common occurrence for me; but what followed was not. I spent a good 3 or 4 hours with most of my arm remaining asleep, and now more than 24 hours later my thumb, middle, and index fingers are still asleep. It kind of feels like I'm wearing a band-aid on each fingertip. My question for you, thequestionclub, would be 'what is wrong with my fingers and how do I fix it'?

Alternatively, do your parents ever speak or act awkwardly around you? What are some experiences with this sort of thing?
My parents will often tell me that I smell good after a shower, and I don't know how to respond to that.

Gun suspects not a threat to Obama

Basically, three white guys high on meth made racist remarks about Obama and started "planning" an assassination. Police didn't consider it a serious threat, even though they found them with guns, bullet proof vests, and drugs. I just started thinking back to after 9/11, and how even saying you didn't like Dubya could get you in some seeeeerious trouble--like, feds busting down your door and you disappearing for 5 days. That kind of crazy shit.

So the question: Do you think police would have reacted more harshly if it were Dubya they'd been talking about? How about McCain? Do you think the police are treating it more lightly than they should for racial reasons?

Yes, I definitely think these guys would be in serious shit if it were Bush they were talking about. Mccain too, probably. It's possible they're not taking it seriously enough.

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has anyone ever had a seriously frightening hallucination?

mine was fever-induced when I was about 11. I don't remember anything especially vivid, besides the sound of millions of people entering & exiting a large, amorphous hotel. Yes, amorphous. My parents tell me I was screaming "they're all dead!" as they tried to rush me to the bathroom to poor water on my face. It felt like I was moving at the speed of light.

I have my hammer and nails ready...

Clouds have been raining hard non-stop for the past four days in my city with no end in sight. At what point should I start building an Ark?

If I did do this, what should be the first pair of animals that I save?

In unrelated news, I've had this headline, Dad chops son's hand off in banana fight stuck in my head ever since I've read it two days ago.

What was the last sentence, not song, but sentence that managed to become stuck in your head because it was that bizarre?