August 26th, 2008


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Mainly for students, because we're less fussy, but any input's appreciated.

When you rent somewhere for college (not a dorm/college provided housing), what kind of requirements did you have? Did these change the further through college you got? Did you ever have a requirement you never managed to get?

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In light of slow responses and a thought brought on by current music (INXS-Devil Inside) I've changed my question

How fun would it be to sing "Devil Inside" at some evangelical bible-thumper's holier than thou gathering?
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Taking out a school loan to pay off credit cards.
Bad idea y/n?

When applying for a credit card and it asks for household income do you include your parents income as well?
(assuming you still live with them, which I'm sure most of you do not.)
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Do you remember PRAIRIE DOGGING* as a kid? an adult?
...when was the last time you did it?

*Prairie dogging is where you let your poop come part way out, then suck it back in and keep going back and forth...mostly for pleasurable purposes.

EDIT: Shame on you, you guys would lie about doing it even as a kid?! It's ok to admit it, you wont' be judged. Also, plz stop judging. Clearly you guys are against anal poo fucking. I frequently take my poos and fuck people with it.
little big town - trying to find a place

"sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sounds of you sleeping with my best friend..."

There is an assistant manager at my job that I CAN'T STAND (because I had a huge crush on him when he came to our store, and he knew it, so he started dating my roommate, then tried to hook up with another of my friends, and then was rubbing all over another friend. Umm, pig. Also, he LAUGHED AT one of my friends/co-workers who was having really bad cramps, like it was some joke, when she actually has medical issues that make it like that - she's not just some crybaby about it). Every morning when he sees me, he feels the need to speak to me. Always something stupid like "get to work!" or "hey, how's the new position going?" Not sure if he's trying to make up for a jerk, or what he's doing.

Anyway, would I be totally off-base to say something smart back to him? He said something yesterday morning, about "get to work," and when I was walking away (I don't respond when he speaks), I was like "I love how he thinks I actually want to speak to him!" Dunno if he heard me.

Should I be a smartass to him? What should I say to him? (if it matters, there's like ten assistant managers at the store, so it's not like he's that big of a deal. Plus, he works third shift, and I work first, so our schedules overlap by about an hour a day - I wouldn't have to deal with him for eight hours or anything).

Srs and non-srs are cool. :)
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I just bought an awesome windows mobile device, but found out you can't send direct picture or video messages to other mobile phones. I could probably send it via email to someone's mobile, though. I mean, it's a very cool phone otherwise.

Would you return a phone over the lack of such a small non-feature?

EDIT: Do you ever use that function on your phone, if you have one?
[k.perry] watermelon

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Ugh, I just spent about an hour curling my hair a certain way with my new dark hair and I look like a cartoon witch, and am half tempted to wash out the curl and straighten it. >:\

How are YOU this morning?

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dear TQC,

why am I posting when it's not even 9 AM?

who is that creepy dude that always asks me for a cigarette when I come in to work?

how come my generation is so politically apathetic?

Ringtone on Weeds?

If you know what Marvin's ringtone is on "Weeds", will you please tell me what it is? It goes something like "do-si-do, deedly deedly, do-si-do". I googled/yahoo-ed with no luck.

I must have this ringtone.

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TQC, I used to be a history major, and I was very bored and unhappy, so I switched to math because I though that would be what would make me happy but it's still not.  What should I do? Try another major? I'm scared I will get into another and still not like it.  Should I take some classes in another subject I might want to major in and change if I like it? 

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If you were going to go fill out applications/ask about openings at retailers would you

A)Dress like I would for an interview
B)Nice but more casually than an interview
C)I'd just wear something I normally wear.
D)Something else, which I will explain further in my comment
Party on!

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Poll #1248495 What do you blog about?

Which of these things do you blog about in your journal?

Daily life
Physical health
Mental health
Pop culture

rockin all over the world.

which WORLD CITY song do you enjoy from time to time?

Rio, duran duran
London Calling, the clash
Marrakesh Express, crosby stills and nash
Waterloo, abba
Vienna, billy joel
Werewolves of London, warren zevon
My Woman from Tokyo, deep purple
Tijuna Taxi, herb alpert
I Don't Wanna Go to Chelsea, elvis costello
Girl From Ipanema,
Kathmandu, bob seger
Kashmir, led zep
Barcelona, queen
Eurotrash Girl, cracker
Goddammit, Suzer, if i only fucking knew more of those asshole songs, i might fucking like them, but as it is, i have been stumped.

what should my next poll be about?

Particular Years
Suzer, these are all swell ideas, i leave the poll in your capable hands-whatever the theme.

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 I'm now experiencing my first week of college life.

Tell me- how do I deal with a roommate who insists on not coming in until 12:30 every morning, and thus waking *me* up, who usually crashes between 9:30-10:30pm?
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Can you guys name or maybe even have them in your media player, some really good cover songs?

recent examples i found were:

rufio - like a prayer (madonna cover)
quietdrive - time after time (cindi lauper cover)

along with the question do you haev a cover song that you like better than the original?

A group of teenagers with attitude

Where did the Power Rangers get their powers?

In other news, the wikipedia entry for Power Rangers is hilariously serious:

A Power Ranger is a fictional individual who "Morphs" from an unpowered form into a powerful superhero usually wearing a brightly colored battle suit usually made of spandex featuring a helmet with an opaque visor.[3] In many cases, the helmet serves to protect his or her secret identity. (In some cases, more powerful Rangers may have extra shielding on their suit to protect them from strong blows.)

A morphed Ranger generally possesses superhuman strength, durability, and hand-to-hand combat ability; unmorphed Rangers may possess other innate abilities such as telekinesis,[4] super speed,[5] invisibility[6] that are usually not directly related to his or her Ranger powers.

Rangers appear to retain their original physiology beneath their suits when in morphed form, as Rangers' helmets have been seen removed or broken on numerous occasions[7], revealing his or her natural form underneath.[8] Helmets aside, the suits are donned and removed nearly instantaneously with a glow of light or some other effect. Sometimes, Rangers "de-morph" involuntarily due to powerful physical attacks.

way too freakin early

Why in the world is my grocery store selling HALLOWEEN CANDY in AUGUST?

Did you dress up for Halloween last year? If so, would you care to describe your costume or show me a picture?

Are you going to dress up this year? Any idea what you're going to be?

How old is too old to dress up for Halloween?

How old is too old to go Trick or Treating?
don't walk

screen printing ink & work training

1. What store do you think is most likely to have screen printing ink, Michael's or AC Moore? If I can't find it at either of those places, what other types of stores do you think might have it?

2. I had training for work yesterday and today from 9 AM - 2:45 PM. I just woke up 10 minutes ago and it's almost noon. If I got ready immediately I couldn't be there until around 2. Should I still go? What should I tell them when they call to find out where the fuck I was?

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Is it possible to have a key fitted for something without the original key?

I inherited this lovely old dresser that locks, and lost the key.  It's not locked, and I doubt I would have reason to ever lock it, but I feel like the value is lessened without the key.  Any ideas, TQC?

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TQC, what should I have for breakfast?

- Taylor ham & cheese on an everything
- Toast and peanutbutter
- Frosted miniwheats
- Great grains pecan crunch cereal

I know I post this question all the time. SORRY! I am just a very indecisive person. lol

Also, I should make peach cobbler at some point tonight, y/y?

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What was the last thing that got you upset?

My mom is in Bakersfield, CA right now--I'm stuck at home in Los Angeles, where there are no Sonic Burgers, and the commercials always make me want to try their food but I cna't because Los Angeles fails at having Sonic Burger-- and she calls me and says "I'M HAVING SONIC BURGER FOR LUNCH, NEENERNEENERNEENER" I know it's silly.

ETA: OK, I get it. LA has In-N-Out. It's not that special to me, just as Sonic burger isn't as special to you, for those who have them. I just want some non-regional fast food :(


So I got dumped the other day. I am not usually one to be too upset over this kind of thing but this time I am kind of bummed. :(

I was gonna buy some weed killer and write something obscene on their front lawn but I thought posting in TQC was a much saner option.


In your opinion:
What is the best way to cheer yourself up after a break up?
How long should you feel upset about a break up, if at all?

And finally:

Have you ever done anything out of revenge to your ex/exes? Stories plz.
red sox- dp raindrop.

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for those of you that believe in karma: do you think that you can get bad karma for THINKING bad thoughts about people? i believe you would if you were just shit talking to people but what if you just kept it to yourself?
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so, I've been saving up 20 dollars per week to get a cycling trainer It's where you hook your bicycle up to it and ride your bike indoor. I am only worried that it won't hold my weight I am 270 lbs. Maybe this is a bad idea?? I didn't see anything about a weight limit and im not comfortable about asking someone who works there if it will hold me.

Also, I am deaf but I can still enjoy tempo, and beats to music. Can anyone refer me to a good music cd to buy so that I can bike to it? I tried to look it up on the community info but no luck there. I saw that u guys have a website now, congrat! I checked it out too, but I must be missing it somehow. I am not seeing the music list.

I am TRYING to get back into exercising again. Having a very hard time doing that. It's on my mind all the time now.

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I took a planned day at work because I have a surgery consultation this afternoon. Should I go into work after my appointment or stay home and work on my final project that is due next monday and paint my foyer?

My ex-MIL has my daughter today, so I will have quiet until I pick her up tonight.
Today is a paid day off so that is not an issue.
This weekend I will have my daughter plus my parents are coming down to visit from NJ.

Con: After this I will only have 3 paid vacation days left.

Another point: I work until 1230 am. Maybe do what I can until 8 and go in for a few hours?

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I'm trying to start using recyclable tote bags more when I go shopping for groceries and things. I don't normally count the plastic bags that I have, but I usually have a lot when I'm done grocery shopping (I know it's more than 5), so I don't know a good number to go by with my recyclable bags. How many should I get?

Do you have recyclable bags for groceries? How many?
brooklyn rage

Discipline? No thanks.

So I'm a lowly babysitter, and three of the four kids that I watch are usually well behaved.  However, there's one of them that, even though I think I've been rather fair with him today (although he's been a complete brat), he still thinks he can do whatever he wants.  He's 12 years old, and thinks it's alright to swear at authority figures, scream, and throw a hissy fit.  When I was 12, most of the boys I knew were afraid to even shed a tear, especially in the presence of a girl.  I told him that because he swore at his nine-year-old sister and kept calling her names in the presence of his very impressionable younger siblings that I was going to cut his Xbox playing time in half.  Of course, that ensued in him screaming and crying and throwing a huge hissy fit.  He always ends up telling his parents how awful I am to him just because I make him actually face the consequences of his actions.  He also thinks I hate him because I won't let him play with his BB guns or have his knives out while I'm here, especially because he aims for little animals (birds, squirrels, chipmunks, etc.)

How would you discipline this child?  Serious and nonserious answers welcome.
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Why do my shins bruise so easily?
I have a couple of yellow brown bruises on my shin but no recollection of hitting them. Yet the other day while walking a dog at the shelter I had my arm slammed into the side of the metal kennel and while it hurt like hell and I got a raised mark it was fine a few minutes afterwards.

Have you ever done an really big yawn in a place you shouldn't have?

I was driving home today, and usually yawning doesn't interfere with my driving but this one was huge where I had to fully clothes my eyes-only I had to fight it because I was going around a sharp curve.

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Ok so, as per the last part of my previous entry (the part regarding peach cobbler), I've looked up peach cobbler recipes only to find out that that is not, in fact, what I want to make, but I don't know what I DO want to make is called! It has like a sweet brown sugar/cinnamon/butter/flour topping, not biscuit topping.


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Have you tried Skyn (polyisoprene) condoms?  Do they stretch?  I'm just wondering if they are more elastic like latex condoms for people who don't like polyeurethane because it doesn't stretch.  (I need to make sales here!).

Should I go camping on Catalina Island for a two days with my man thing, or go to Magic Mountain with him?  Camping sounds fun...but also gross.  

EDIT:  I have a 50% off coupon for Magic Mountain too, so it's like 30 bucks a person.  I can take 6 people, wanna come?
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TQC, how do you like your oatmeal?

Me: I microwave a half a cup of old fashioned oats with three quarters a cup water for 3 minutes, then I mix in 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds and a small handful of raisins. Good chow.

Note: It tastes a lot better when I do it over the stove, but I am WAY too lazy for that...
Alex Clockwork

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So last night a coworker and I went back and forth asking the old "which would you rather" with the provision that your life depends on it and you have to pick one or the other.

Here are two questions that came up.

1. would you rather have buttsex with John Leguizamo in drag or Dame Judy Dench?
2. would you rather have a big fat dude barf on your face or take a dump on your chest? And your hands are tied and you can't block it.

EDIT: For females on question 1, presume that you're going to be strapping one on.
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anyone know who this is? its super tiny, i know.

edit: thanks guys, it's mussolini. i don't know much about the guy, but what would you assume about someone who had this picture as their facebook default?
unnecessary cuteness

baby feets

Kinda hit an interesting discussion recently and I just wanted to double·check something.

Just a silly thing I've observed: Do you think it's normal for people to take a baby's foot into their mouth?
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stone kitty

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 One of my friends from high school I recently became reacquainted with just answered the phone 'moshi, moshi'. TQC, is she a weeaboo?

On a related note, why are there so many weeaboos in art school? I've been listening to them squeak out randomly butchered bits of japanese and chatter about yaoi for the last hour and it's grinding on my last nerve.

Of Nazis and Wizards

Which of these are among your favorite things?

Raindrops on roses
Whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles
Warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
Cream colored ponies
Crisp apple streudels
Sleigh bells
Schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
None of the above

Which makes you more wary?

Peope who still say 'oh my'!

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So regarding  this post , I called my mom again to tell her something of importance and told her there was a Sonic in Anahiem, and if we could go. She said no, then told me the food was terrible. Okay, that clears that up. My sonic craving is going to be fulfilled by take-n-bake pizza in a few hours :3

SO TQC! What' is your favorite fast food chain?
What do you usually order as your entree?
Your side?
Your drink?
(optional) Your dessert?

been MIA for a while...but now i'm back ....

so my question is....

you lend money to a friend who claims to need it, and states they will re-pay you when they get money. A week later they call you and ask if you want to go out to the movies with them cuz they got their unemployment/child support/whatever money. DO you first bring up the fact that they owe you 50 bux???

well I did bring it up, and now she isnt speaking to me cuz all i care about is the fact that I want the money owed to me.

have you ever had this happen to you ?
what do you do about it? - Where the party at?

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1. What is your LEAST favorite fast food joint?

2. We are having a picnic on the beach on Thursday. What kind of food/drinks should I bring? Or should we just ditch the picnic idea and go to Pizza My Heart?

3. What do your slippers look like?

4. Did you know that there's a secret menu at Jamba Juice? If so, what's your favorite? If not, what do you usually get?

1. Long John Silver's doesn't do much for me.
2. Both sound really good. HALP PLS.
3. Pink, with hearts. Very fuzzy.
4. I just found out about this! I'm in love with the White Gummi Bear.

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You just died and the powers that be have instructed you to haunt someone for the rest of their life. Who do you choose and what kind of stunts do you pull to scare them?

After haunting them for 50 odd years they die and you get reincarnated - Which country do you choose to live in and why?
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cubs hat
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I get to go back to work tomorrow - three days without students to set up and all that.

Looking at the schedule, it seems as if we're going to be in meetings from 9am - 2pm, with a break for lunch. Our meetings will be whole-school (200+ teachers plus other staff) in the auditorium that will seat 900.

They are at least giving us coffee, but I think I'm going to die from boredom.

What sorts of things can I bring with to keep me entertained? During the year, we'd all just bring papers to grade, but there are no students yet!

We already pass notes, play tic-tac-toe, take turns going to the bathroom, and I knit (as long as it's a small project and keep it in my lap).

Question 2:

What is a good punishment for high school students who are late to class? The school doesn't have a tardy policy, so it's up to the teachers to come up with one. I used to not accept homework, but too many kids' grades went down. Then I made them stand and administrators told me I couldn't. I don't think anything will help the kids who are late *everyday*, but I have to have something to show the administrators.

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does anyone else here have an evil stepmother?

my stepmom is the equivalent of some prissy rich bitch from highschool who lives off of her dads money and whos only aspiration was to marry rich

ever since she moved into our house nothings been the same and my dad has completely changed, hes whipped like you would never believe.

what did you do to ease your step-parent troubles!
Haruhi disappearance
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What's the last thing that left you dumbfounded?

I just got a call from a customer at work, he was looking for one of the sales reps. I told him that he was busy. The customer then says, "So tell me something. Is he straight? We've been exchaning e-mails and he seems very sensitive, like I hurt his feelings or something. Just very sensitive."

I couldn't think of anything to say but "What?!" The guy backpedaled a bit and asked for his voicemail. WAT. Who the fuck asks things like that in a professional setting? How is it any of his business? Rude! And for the record, the sales guy in question is an ~*~Italian Stallion~*~ type frat boy, straight as an arrow and probably homophobic as well. o_O

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What is something I can do that will shock people?

I have an assignment for a class (no im not looking for you to do my work for me i just think you all have a good imagination) where we have to go out and be "Deviant", which basically means anything. And just record what people's reactions are.

Previous people have: "peed" on themselves in public, put on a pregnant suit/thing and gone to the bar to drink, dressed up as a homeless person

So what are your crazy ideas?

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what's the grossest thing you've taken away from your dog or cat?

I am regularly having to take old fish bits away from my dog-we live on the lake the birds conveniently drop leftovers in our yard for him to snatch up
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i have to go to the summer party for one of Germany's major political parties tonight.

i refuse to wear those pants with only one leg (aka skirts), what should i wear? D:

one of these (ironed or whatever, obv) or some other rough idea you have? i only have like two hours! i didn't know about this far enough in advance! or i knew a little sooner but it didn't register! ANYWAY:
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eta: i also have the option of an all-black short-sleeve button-down, maybe with the orange pants.. or a white one with black and olive pin stripes. but black and white aren't really colours i usually wear, throwing it out there anyway.

eta2: Collapse )
little soul

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HOKAY. I need your guys' opinion/input for work. (Apologies for weird
formatting, this is posted by email.)

What do y'all call the square or rectangular piece of latex (or
non-microwaveable saran wrap) used during oral sex as a barrier, to prevent
STI transmission?
(So, for oral on a girl, it would be put on the vulva
then you'd essentially go to town on the latex. Same concept for the ass,
not so much for penises.)

Your choices are: SEX DAM or DENTAL DAM or OTHER, but then you have to tell
me what you call it.

Age and vague location are likewise appreciated.

MS Office 2007 help!

I am using mail merge option to print envelopes. I am having trouble with one step. Everything works fine, except when it comes to merging the ZIP/Postal Code. It only shows the ones that are 5digit zip (I am mailing within the US). The ones that show in the following format #####-#### (the full zip code) don’t show up. They show up as “0” in the merged document.

Is there a way to work this out?

I really am keeping the doing it manually (either creating two columns for 5digit & 4digit zips and merging by that or editing them out individually on the merged document) as a last resort.

^_^ Help is much appreciated!


EDIT: Data is coming from Excel sheet.

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Whats the farthest distance you've ever walked (not for working out, walks of desperation only)? I just looked at Google Maps and realized one day walking home from a hotel party and crossing two towns, I spanned twenty one miles.

(no subject)

1. What current fad do you love, regardless of how 'everywhere' it is? Past fad?
2. What would you say are the fads of 2008?
3. What one thing do you wish would become popular?
4. Do you answer list questions like this double spaced or single spaced?
Ted-Cool Cat

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I'm going on a road trip. What cities/landmarks/points of interests in the following states should I visit?

Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and California

Thanks. :)

  • ice489

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 What defines a good website to you?

What are some websites you think are good?  (Good can mean pretty, well-constructed, easy to navigate, lots of info, etc.)
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Ok, for the guys: do you get/buy Playboy? If yes, when did you start getting it? Finally, who is your favorite playmate/centerfold woman?

For the ladies: same question as above, but insert Playgirl where Playboy is.

For our homosexual/bi TQC friends, you can pick either :)

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What habits do you have that you HAVE to do by yourself, nobody else can be around or you won't do it?

I listen to Italian and French pop-rock and look up the lyrics and sing at the top of my lungs. Can't have anyone around to witness that, lol.

ALSO, I asked about peach CRISP(!) earlier. Now I'm wondering, should I make a peach-APPLE crisp, or stick to the original plan of just peaches?

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Did someone happen to save an image that says something about "If I was in a band I would throw in a 30 minute section of me just flailing on the strings and say 'THIS IT TO PISS OFF EVERYONE WHO PLAYS GUITAR HERO'?"

If yes, plz share.

If no, which one is the better sub: meatball or classic italian?

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I'm going camping for a couple of days and probably will be so bored, I'll end up painting my nails.

What colour should I paint them???

- "Black is Black" -> obv. black
- "Violet Shimmer" -> metallic purple
- "Sparkle Brown" -> a really nice brown and it's my ~favourite~
- "Pur White" -> obv. white
- "Shooting Star" -> metallic grey
Kitty lite
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I'm heading up a team for a chili cook-off at work. The theme is "50" and can do with anything, such as a 50th anniversary or the Fifties... What should our "catchy" team name be? What should our theme be?

If it helps, we'll be serving sweet cornbread with our beef based chili.

If you could give a rat about chili, what's your favorite ringtone and why?

(no subject)

Why do we live?
Why do we die?
If it's better to broil, why do we fry?
Is there a god?
Why are we here?
When you're walking backward, is your butt still your rear?
How long is time?
How big is space?
What the hell is that thing on your face?
Why do we laugh?
Why do we cry?
How big is the universe?
Who is that guy?

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I have pretty much no gas in my car so I figured I would run out and fill up the tank real quick. There is a Sheetz right at the end of my street that takes less than two minutes to walk to. I leave my apartment and think "It's right there, why am I driving?" And start walking. Fucking Christ. What was the last ridiculously stupid thing you've done?
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My attractive friend just called to tell me he's coming over to medicate my cat for me (worms) and is bringing along his attractive brother.

How do I increase my chances of getting in a sexy threesome with them?

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Ladies, have you ever used a douche before?
If so, was your first time a good experience or bad experience?
How often would you say you have a meeting with your good friend the douche?

Also, Tropic Thunder was amazing, y/y?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I have a friend who I have little in common with anymore. She also needs to make every conversation about her, and often in not very subtle ways. She also likes to point out how stupid people are in public, and often the bigger the crowd or the smarter the crowd (i.e., college professors), the more likely she is to do it. And many other flaws as well.

But I think last night came the final straw. We were talking about books we were reading and she said, "Have you read Twilight?"

I LOL'd and said, "Yeah, that piece of trash? It reads like a 12-year-old wrote it!"

She then got mad at me for "bad-mouthing a wonderful, creative book."

I should end my friendship with her quickly, y/y?
Feet Pyramid

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My brother passed away last Saturday. I am getting another tattoo in his memory. Since he was so into music, I decided on two small music notes.

My question is, where should I get it? My wrist (I already have a small tattoo on my left wrist), top of my foot, or behind my ear? Which is the least painful and which would look best? Thanks guys...

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When you go on and can buy used books from people.  Are the people you are buying from selling them through Amazon? I don't understand how that works.  Do you pay for it all at once? If you buy from multiple sellers at once do you get everything separately or is it sent all together?

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It turns out the speeding ticket I got in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, Georgia (95 in a 70, first offense) amounts to an $800 fine. My court date will be anywhere from 1-3 months from now, depending on how many times I can legally delay it.

I am a college student with a meager office assistant's income and an unsympathetic mother. How should I save up the money in time? Srs and nonsrs answers welcome.
macro - procrastination cat
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I know Sims 2: Apartment Life was supposed to come out today, but I couldn't find it in the stores. Is it available where you are and what part of the country are you in?

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For those who are spiderfree:

1: How old were you when you knew you didn't want spiders?

2: Was there a defining moment when you became 100% sure you had no desire for spiders?

I am not judging either. It's not everyone's destiny to like crawley stuff that has like 1000 eyeballs. It's a lot of hard work.

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1:  What's with all the Twilight hate?

Three of my friends can't seem to put it down but TQC seems to hate it.  I haven't read it and I don't know much about the series, so I'm really curious.

Thanks to venus_orbiting, I got my answer.  Blech!

2:  When you go to a restaurant and they give you soda in a can, do you take the soda with you when you're done or do you leave it on the table?

Halp my friend with his computer!

A few days ago my friend’s computer got a virus or has just gone wacky. Every time he tries to open up explorer it freezes and just generally won’t let him do anything at all. He’s reformatted the computer at least twice to try and fix it, did some type of system wipe, took the battery out of the back, reset his bios and nothing has worked.

Dose anyone know what else he could possibly do to fix this himself or should he just give up and take it in to the shop/buy a new computer?

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Today at work, I worked for three hours setting ad sets and plannograms only to find out that they were ALL in the wrong place. Naturally I was very frustrated and pissed. So my boss says "ooooh, lets order food, she always gets giddy when we talk about food!"  My other co-work says "oh yea! she's always hungery, that'll cheer her up" I didn't know people classified with me eating all the time.

Have you ever been looked at in a way/stereotyped  that made you feel awful?
Bonus points if you had no idea and were completely surprised by this.
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answer any or all or none, whatever

1. What is something that has been said to you that made your heart seriously swell?

2. What is something that has been said to you that made you want to crawl into a hole and die?

3. What is the worst thing you can remember that has been said about your physical appearance?

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Will Animal Planet commence airing The Jeff Corwin Experience, or do they plan to permanently air Pet Star and torture viewers with the fake contest where Mario Lopez makes stupid comments like a jabbering 7 year old at the zoo?


Might be a weird question..

But have any of you been on trileptal? If you have, have you ever had the dose cut really quickly? Any side affects?

I started on 600 mg. in July and they slowly raised it to 900 mg. then to 1200 mg. I was on that dose for a few weeks. Then I was having horrible problems and they cut it to 900, then 600 in two days. I had the most horrible headaches ever and no headache med. would help at all. My doctor said it wouldn't cause anything like headaches just by being cut down. Now I'm just a little curious.
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TQC, I picked up my rescue kitten today from the vet. She was spayed this morning some time between 9am and 11am, and it's now about 8pm. She seems bright and has lost the wobbles she had when she first got home, but she is meowing constantly, I mean over and over and over without a break. She was quiet when she napped for about 20 minutes. I have painkillers for her but the vet said the first one was for tomorrow, and I have her a little bit of dry food and 7 and some more at 7.30. Is she still just hungry? Did I adopt the chattiest cat in the universe? Is she in pain? I wish I could record this, it's nuts. Help?!

hush little baby, don't say a word.

Poll #1248765 I made up my mind...I'm keepin' my baby. Yeah, I'm gonna keep my baby. Ooooh. Yeah.

which of these BABY songs do you enjoy every now and then?

Baby Love, the supremes
I Can't Quit You Baby, led zepp
Baby, I Love Your Way, peter frampton
...Baby One More Time, britney!
Baby You're a Rich Man, the beatles
Somebody's Baby, jackson browne
Santa Baby, eartha kitt
Baby I Love You, aretha queen of soul
Baby Got Back, sir-mix-a-lot
Cherry Oh Baby, ub40
Baby Hold On, eddie money
Rock Me Baby, bb king
Baby Grand, billy joel & ray charles
I Got You Babe, sonny & cher
Suzer, bb, if i knew more of these songs, i am sure i would enjoy them and add them to my iTunes.

Have you been polled yet on the phone about the presidential election?

yes, but i hung up. i am paranoid they are trying to spy on me
yes, but i was too busy to answer the questions.
yes, but i faked all my answers to fuck with their stats.
yes, and i was completely honest because i want to be a part of it!
yes, and i will explain my conspiracy theory to you in comments
yes, but i am not even allowed to vote (not a citizen, not old enough, am a felon, etc)
no, because i don't have a phone
no, because i am not eligible to vote (citizenship is in dispute, am a felon, currently jailbait age)
no, because i am too fucking lazy to register to vote
no, because i am but a single voiceless nobody in a sea of political hype!
no, but i hope to be!
i can't remember.
i don't have to tell you ANYTHING, suzer.
i am the one doing the polling here.
what election?
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1. I am trying to withdraw from Myspace (laugh all you want). What are other websites that are entertaining to help ease the withdrawal pains?!

2. What is a time when you behaved completely out of your character?

3. Cash, credit or debit?
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I had an enormous bowl of hot buttered noodles with breadcrumbs for dinner tonight, and it was amazing.

So: Fresh pasta! Steaming hot rice! Delicious noodles! Warm crusty bread! What's your favorite grain or grain-based food, and what's the best way to eat it?

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why are little girls, i'd say between 3 and 9, always staring at me? i don't have any piercings or dress particularly funky and when they do, i always check to make sure i don't have boogers or something hanging from my face.

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What was the last thing that put your life into perspective? Or maybe, what was the last thing that made you realize your life isn't as bad as it seems?

When I was very, very young, a friend's dad died, pretty suddenly, from cancer. Cut to last week, his mother's boyfriend died in a freak accident. I feel terrible about it and especially about feeling shitty about my not-shitty-at-all life.