August 25th, 2008


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I brought my dog to visit my parents while they were camping today. (Dogs are allowed and he was on a leash) Some guy walked up with two of his dogs (a Pom puppy and a Corgi) and just walked right up to my dad and my dog. He didn't even ask to make sure if it was okay.

Do you think that was insanely stupid of him? My dog is fine with other dogs...but wouldn't you ask before you brought your puppy over to the mouth of my 120 pound Rottie?

Did your parents ever tell you as a kid to ask an owner before you pet a dog?
Any dog bite stories?

(This makes me think of the dog and mailman macro)
burning goodness

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I have to meet with my orchestra director tomorrow. He's probably going to give me bad news about my seating audition. Either that or ask how my health will effect my ability to participate in orchestra.

Should I wear normal school clothes, or something a little dressier? If dressier, how dressy?

burning hands!!

What do you use to help subside pain on the skin from jalapenos?

I've read a lot of home remedies so far. A LOT. And can find absolutely nothing on a substantial medical/poison control site. Only comments on threads about soaking hands in bleach, which I don't have, or lemon juice or olive oil or whatever else.

We've tried good old soap and water, milk, milk of magnesia, aloe,...

Does anyone have any advice with actual evidence? My poor boy is in a lot of pain.

cross posted out of desperation.

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TQC, I was filling up my ice trays and was reminded of something that might have been on Bill Nye the Science Guy way back when and could not remember how it came out-
Does water freeze faster into ice cubes if you put hot water in the tray or cold water? or does it even matter?

what do you do to relax before you go to bed?

When is the last time you or someone you knew had an allergic reaction to something?

My brothers fiance is allergic to mushrooms and somehow got in contact with some from our dinner and passed out in the shower a bit ago. :(

awsomely dumb question

lets say you are in a sex shop, you know, sex toys, cloths, movies, all those things.

and you see your grandparents there.

where is the one section you wouldnt want to find them? 

and what is the one thing in that section you wouldnt want them to be looking at?

me would be the cloths, and the fish net stalkings and matching top.  
so i'm back to the velvet underground

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1. Why do people on the internet feel so desperate to prove they have the bigger penis are the biggest fan of whatever and turn it all into a competition?

2. Why do people seem to think that the more useless crap or even useful crap they own related to a fandom, the bigger/truer fan they are?

3. Why do people think that if you're fan of thing A that you HAVE to hate thing B?

4. Why do I fail at HTML?

Serious and non-srs answers please.
MUSE // butterflies & hurricanes.

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Out of the following, what film should I go and see with my dad tomorrow?
- The Strangers
- Taken
- Tropic Thunder
- Pineapple Express
I've already seen The Dark Knight multiple times, so I'm going to have to pass on that one.

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Will you tell me about your Craigslist experiences?

I'm supposed to meet some lady to pick up a kid's toy tomorrow. SHE WANTS ME TO COME TO HER HOUSE! IS SHE NUTS?!
I'm not like psycho or anything, but people actually have these strangers come to their houses? lol I just want to meet her in the grocery store parking lot.

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1: when swallowing a pill with liquid, do you put the pill in your mouth then drink? or do you put the liquid in your mouth, then the pill?
2: what was the last pill you swallowed?
3: of all the typical warm weather vacation places, where would you most like to vacation to?
Mitty box

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TQC! I have a dilemma!

My mother lives with us and is usually home to watch my son while my husband picks me up from work at 11. She is out of town on vacation this week and I requested that at my work to only work til 10pm on Sunday and Monday so that I could finagle a ride home. Well, they put me on til 10:30 tonight and 11 tomorrow. I was able to get a ride home tonight from a coworker's mom (lol) but tomorrow no one is leaving at the same time as me. My question is:

Should I make the husband wake the baby up at 11 to come pick me up?


Should I drive myself even though I have no license? It is only a 3 minute drive either way and there will be no traffic. I'm okay at driving and everything is up to date with the car so I don't think I would get pulled over in the 3 minutes it would take to get there and back.

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For my intro to acting class, I have to bring in a physical object (people/pets not allowed) that means a lot to me, and be prepared to talk about it in class. I have no idea what to bring, as I can't really think of any physical object that is really more significant than any others...any ideas?

What is your favorite instrument to play? To listen to someone else play?

What color post it notes do you prefer? Traditional yellow, or one of the brighter colors? Furthermore, the regular 3x3 or the larger ones?

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Does the term "the latter" refer to the first or second option in a sentence?
As in, "Does he grab the movies that I won't notice missing because he knows I won't notice because they're shitty, or does he just like shitty movies?"

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so lets say you are a guy who shaved your head, then asked me what i thought.

would you be insulted if i said you reminded me of lex luthor?
does it change anything if ive always had a crush on him (lex luthor)?

edit: smallville lex luthor.

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I will save you all the teal deer, but I need drugs. I exercise, I eat right blahblah. I don't want any suggestions for some hippie bullshit.

Anyway-how the hell do I bring this up to my doctor? I was on Lexapro for about 3 months after I had my daughter because I had a slight case of Das Coo-Coo, but it was easy to get those pills. Part of me is really embarrassed that I am giving in to this route, so I have no idea how to bring this up to my doctor. For those on medication for anxiety, how did you bring it up to your doctor?

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When was the last time you had to sit down and endure something you didn't want to?

i just sat through 4 videos that were mandatory for an online english course. it's been almost two hours and i had to pause halfway through the fifth because i really don't think i can last fifteen more minutes. it's so boring but it's important so i guess i'll have to suck it up and finish it.
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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I've always had a weird crush on the guy who plays Lewis DiMucci in Grease 2 (he's the one who sang Let's Do It For Our Country).  I was just looking him up in Wiki and it turns out he's gay. :(

When's the last time you found out something trivial like this that shocked you or made you a little sad?


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What's the most disgusting thing you've ever had in your mouth? 
Mine's chicken liver, it was only there for about 0.2 seconds before I spit it out.
What's the most horrifying thing you've ever seen?

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My cat, the infamous Mr. Bear, has started to eat her food right out of the big bag when she has a lovely filled bowl that's more convenient. I don't mind, I think it's cute. But why the sudden quirk in personality? Is this a game for her or is she "hunting" for her food?


What's the weirdest display by insects that you have ever seen?

For me it would have to be two butterflies having intercourse. They were doing it in the air.

I do not deny my naivety. Until someone corrected me, I thought they were dancing :P

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Have you ever hit rock bottom?

How did you know you were there?

If not, then if you were going to be on Intervention, what would it be for and what would you be most worried that all of America would see?


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I watched this week's Project Runway today. RuPaul was the guest judge and looked horrifically skinny and his/her cheeks were all sunken in and messed up looking. Do you think he/she has The AIDS?

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"What do you look like? I'm not sure how to word this, but you sound so fucking hot when you post in TQC! Picture plz! :x"


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I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Would it be smart of me to write down all the things I need to talk about with her or would she just think I'm a hypochondriac/self-diagnoser?

I have shitty memory, I'm afraid I'm going to forget something and it took a month to get this appointment, but she's my new doctor whom I've never met and I don't know if making a list is a social norm or not. ):

ty everyone! i feel much better now and will definitely be writing a list while trying to fall asleep (:

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Since this never happens late at night...
will you post your name and then people will say things about you that are probably positive but often in the guise of an insult, seemingly in jest but sometimes misconstrued as a possible assault on their character?


So in the last 24 hours I have learned that
A. Ben Gibbard is ugly
and B. the mayor of my city is black

...I had no idea what either of them looked like until now.

Ever get surprised when you finally find out what someone looks like?

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Which would you prefer?

Kit Kat Bars
Hershey Kisses
Tootsie Rolls
I don't like any of those
I can't have any of those
I found my "hidden" jar of candy, I think I'm going to have to hog the Starbursts.
i say, old bean

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Dear TQC,
about 3 weeks ago I stopped working. On the 8th, I was told I'd receive my paycheck in the mail sometime in the next week. 3 weeks have now passed and I have yet to see this paycheck they speak of. Apparently, I need to take action.

what kind of action should I be taking? lol
has this ever happened to you?

will you tell me about the worst day you have ever encountered at your workplace?

love, reginald

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i have a mac. adium doesn't show text colours and aim for mac doesn't have tabbed windows. recommendations?

what about combined msn/aim programs that show text colours and have tabbed windows?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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You wake up, realizing that you've got nonstop classes starting at 9 am, and your third class that begins at 11 had 40 pages of reading that you have yet to tackle. What do you do? (there might be a quiz. your 9 am is a small class based purely on discussion, your 10 am is a large Biology lecture).

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Gooooood morning, TQC!

I am applying for a job at Starbucks today.

Have you ever worked there? Or known someone who has?

Did you/they hate it or love it? Horror stories?

Is this a totally awful idea?

ETA: What is their starting rate? I have no idea what to put in the "salary desired" field.

Dear TQC Abby

I have an amiga. The shortest version possible of the story is: Her mother and her biological father were married, had her, and then he decided he didn't want to be a part of all this. He took off, and her mother dated and remarried someone else when she was four. She considers her stepfather her Dad, and when she was 15, he legally adopted her. They get along great, yada yada. She doesn't hear much from her biological father over the years, save for a few cards on and around her birthday. Flash forward to now, she's 23, and her biological father wants to rekindle the relationship. He calls her every other day, wants to talk, wants to come see her, etc. SO:

1) Does she have the right to tell him to STFU and go away? Does she owe him anything?

2) He wants her to call him "Dad". Does she have the right to tell him no?

3) What would you do?
Someday I'll be a flower

Grandma Goes High Tech

but is having problems with the mouse.

My 85 year old grandmother just got a laptop. I'm so proud of her :) I'm trying to teach her how to check her email and chat, but she's having issues because as soon as she gets the mouse where she wants it, by the time she clicks, she's accidentally moved it out of place. (Her hands are a bit unsteady even if she's an excellent typist.)

Any suggestions for a better mouse for her?

Anyone else here have a high-tech grandmother?
Hell no kitty

Bumble and Bumble hair products

1. I was getting ready to order some Bumble and Bumble curl conscious conditioner (best conditioner for curly hair that I've ever tried) on Amazon and I noticed that they have an additional 15% off when you order at least two Bumble and Bumble items. Do you use (or have your heard about) anything by Bumble and Bumble that you'd recommend?

2. Will you tell me some stories of you being subjected to TMI/over-share?
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Dear TQC,

I recently saw the most awesome of all avatars ever. It was Michael Phelps breathing flames after a win. 

And now I want to show it to someone and I cannot find it.


Edit: Mission accomplished, much with the thanks. :D
titanic, rose, jack

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I'm a high schooler with two jobs - I spent all summer (ten weeks, average 15 hours per day) working at a summer camp, and the week I got back from camp I was sick so I basically spent the entire week sleeping, with family engagements, or working out school stuff.  I called my other job to let them know I was back, but now for this week, they've scheduled me the only three days I have free, once working a double, and twice working the worst shift  - the five hour middle of the day where NO ONE comes in and they won't let you do homework or read even though...NO ONE COMES IN.  It's a restaurant and I'm a hostess, btw.  I wouldn't complain (much) except I have a ten + page paper to write and research that I didn't have time for in the ten weeks I was at camp, mainly because I was working 15 hour days and had two hours of free time at night...maybe three days per week.  I realize I could have worked on it in those two hours, but let's be honest, when you spend all day with kids who are whining because they can't ride a certain horse or because you won't let them make a friendship bracelet, you wouldn't exactly be jumping to spend the only two hours you get with people your own age to write a paper. 

So my question is, should I try to get out of working, and if so should I just tell the truth, that I have to finish this paper in the next three days and I really can't do it if I have to work, or make up some ridiculous lie like that I had an anemic episode or a stress fracture or got strep throat and lost my voice?

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The head of the building where I work decided that it would be a good idea to paint the walls purple, bright yellow, and magenta. It looks like a Skateland in here, or a McDonald's playground, and I wish it'd just go back to plain white so as to not look ridiculous.

What's a change your boss or corporate office has made that you absolutely disagree with? 
Jasper glasses

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can someone recommend me a program for editing and creating HTML/CSS files as simple text for Mac OS before I BREAK SOMETHING ??

this TextEdit thing is driving me absolutely crazy, I DON'T WANT THE FUCKING RICH TEXT CRAP OMFG AND I CAN'T TURN IT OFF FOR GOOD $ZHIUGP()Wgs687igFI%RP)(OGHJFJPi

eta: elaboration from a comment: i don't want any colors or autoformatting or autoANYTHING, a serious peeve of mine is anything ending up in my code that i myself did not personally hand insert D: D: D:
Dracula - Count D


1. If you have albums that you really don't listen to much any more, do you leave them in your library or do you prune?

2. I started putting all my odd single downloads in an album folder in iTunes, called Singles inventively enough, but now there's nearly 500 tracks in there. How can I divide them back up?

3. Do you still buy music in physical formats?

4. What's #6 when you order your tunes by play count?

5. Last album or single bought?

6. If you could only take one artist's entire collection to the desert island you'll be staying on forever, who would you take?

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There's a picture on a PDF that I am trying to save as a file on my desktop. How do i do this?

What's your prefered souce of energy? -- Energy bar, energy drink.. what brand?


What's your favorite brand of BBQ chips?

books and links

i have to write an essay type paper for family court. i need books that i can site from that talk about how certain cultures and/or racial groups use extended family for helping raise a child.

if anyone can point me to any books or links id appreciate it.


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I was feeling sick to my stomach this morning, so I took the day off of work. Now I'm feeling okay and am very, very bored. So bored that I'm watching The Price Is Right. What should I do for the rest of the day?

Do you feel guilty when you take a sick day when you're really not all *that* sick or when you feel better halfway through the day?

How much longer do you think The Price Is Right will last with Drew Carey as host? This is painful.

I need YOUR help

 I have this wonderfully fuzzy bathmat/toilet mat duo but they have no rubber matting on the back so they slip around and you nearly die when vacating the shower.

I need them to not slip... 

What do I DOoooo? TQC how do I fix these mats? Tape? Glue?

Srs and
non-srs answers! 

Edit: Rug pads! How did I not know about these things?!!? I must live under a rock.

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What is something that just really weirds you out? Like... spooks you?

For me, it's supersized things. Like, really big bugs or even CREEPIER, really big fish. Like a six foot catfish or a huuuuge bass. This is the reason I don't swim in water where I can't see the bottom. OMG gross, I just totally gave myself the heebie jeebies, imagining it.

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What strange eating habits do you have? (e.g., your food can't touch, you have to eat from your plate in a clockwise direction, etc.)

If you don't have any strange eating habits, will you share some that people you know have?
Haruhi disappearance

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1) For a lot of us, the warm weather is going away soon. What do you want to do before it gets cold?

2) Do you enjoy autumn? What is your favorite part?

3) The town where I work passed out a notice that there's traces of arsenic in the water. Higher than the required standard, but not lethal or anything. I drink the water here all day. (filtered, but still). What's gonna happen to me?

4) What type of top do you look best in? (polo, oxford, babydoll, tshirt, etc)

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Is there a movie you've enjoyed, but to everyone you've recommended it's been called subpar or worse?

Is there a movie your friends recommended to you, but it wasn't nearly as good as they made it sound?
hello lion-o

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So... have you ever accidentally posted a personal journal entry to a community?
Did you realize it right away, or did it take an flood of comments into your inbox?
Did it include anything embarrassing?

Haha I noticed right away because I usually proof my entries after I make them, and it didn't show up on my LJ. Lucky it was about dinner... nothing too interesting either.
gentleman and a scholar.

*contact lens newbie*

I have soft contact lenses (daily wear), each of which apparently lasts for 30 days of usage, but I've fallen off the wagon and have abandoned all my unopened lenses for the past twelve months.

Everything on google about "how long do contact lenses last" assumes you're talking about usage; but I was wondering if there's any harm done by having left them in the original case, unopened, for like a year or two? Or are they ~pristine and preserved~, and the wear/bacteria buildup only occurs once they're out? Anyone know?
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just wondering

I don't know if anyone here will actually know the answer to this, but if you kiss someone who smokes weed, is it at all possible for you to test positive in a drug test? Specifically, can the THC from their saliva get into your body? 

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my superviser is bi-polar!! but my manager doesnt see that because shes never around!!
like she freaks out if the pants are in the wrong place and then goes and gets us all candy and shit like that. then about ten minutes later, she goes off on everyone if the mirrors arent cleaned everytime someone uses the dressing room.

this has been going on since day 1! also, she doesnt shower =/ body odor YUCK!!! idk..shes just so unfit to be a superviser. she comes into work wearing shit from like the 80s and its all one size to small.

i guess what im trying to say, HOW DO I GET HER FIRED

srs/nonsrs =D

what kind of toppings do you have to have when you get a pizza?

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1. What song always relaxes you and or/soothes your nerves?
For me, it's 'To Sheila' by Smashing Pumpkins.

2. I am taking my GRE tomorrow at 8:00am. Any last minute advice or tips? I'm not nervous yet, but I will be afterward.
me - with gun

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TQC my car, I think, is dead... not a quick fix sort of dead but the kind not even the words "Neon, drive forth" from Jesus could fix. Needless to say, I am very upset and sobby about this.

Tonight I think I will eat chocolate and curl up and watch Scrubs to feel better.

Which episodes of Scrubs should I watch to cheer up?

If you think Scrubs would not work as well as (insert something else) here, what should I do instead*?

*Early morning tomorrow so booze is probably not an option, sadly.
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Should I do laundry all day or should I bake cupcakes?
Chocolate or vanilla?
How do you separate an egg without an egg separator?
For recipes that call for instant coffee can you use brewed coffee instead? If so, what's the exchange rate?
Can you find me a good icing recipe that doesn't call for shortening? I don't have any on hand.
Do you bake?
What's your favorite thing to make?
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I've been commuting to school while living at home. When I graduate, I'll be going to a State School and sharing an apartment with my brother. Should I be sad that I missed out on dorm life? Would a Junior ever stay in a dorm?
Haruhi disappearance

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What do you do if you take a bite of something and realize it's incredibly, mouth burning-ly, HOLY SHIT hot? ETA: Temperature hot

What about if you're in public with no napkins around?

(no subject)

 Will you please tell me about an annoying person you had to sit next to on a plane?

Will you tell me about bad movie theater behavior that you witnessed?

What is your favorite kind of sandwich?
Luis sloooow

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Hey guys!

I feel like I don't recognise anyone 'round here any more! So will you all tell me a little something about you so that we can be friends?

EDIT: I want to play! Hi. I'm Alexia. I'm a half-Greek, half-kiwi 20 year old female, living in NZ. I like TQC because it wastes time, but I also learn lots of cool American stuff. I would love to visit America, but I am gonna visit Europe first. I have a claw nail on my little toe, and sometimes my friends call me a yeti because I dance likeone. I use WAY too many exclamation marks, especially in this post 'cos it made me super excited!
Hurry up and look back

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hey boys who date girls, or girls who date girls. I have a question for you

when you've been in a long term relationship, what are some of the things that your partner does or says that makes you feel loved and special like you did during the first few weeks when you first hooked up? what are the stuff that they say or do that makes your skin crawl and feel absolutely annoyed with them?
Clem & Joely

Pirate-related novels?

Does anyone know of any pirate-related novels that present a more realistic picture of pirates/pirate-life? Not like the common adventure-pirate books?

Has anyone read On Stranger Tides? I heard its a good book but I haven't read it. If you've read it, did you like it?
don't tread on me

"...well i was standin on a corner in winslow arizona..."

Poll #1248073 US CITIES.

which of these city songs do you enjoy?

Philadelphia Freedom, elton john
Cleveland Rocks, presidents of the united states of america
Angel from Montgomery, bonnie raitt
LA Woman, the doors
Kansas City, the beatles!
Allentown, billy joel
Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans, harry connick jr. and dr. john
Jackson, johnny cash & june carter cash
Detroit Rock City, kiss
Get Out of Denver, bob seger
I left my Heart in San Francisco, tony bennett
Leaving Las Vegas, sheryl crow
Atlantic City, bruce springsteen
Okie From Muskogee, Merle Haggerd
Woodstock, crosby stills and nash

and which of these city songs do you enjoy?

What Made Milwaukee Famous, jerry lee lewis
Viva Las Vegas, elvis
East St. Louis Toodle-oo, steely dan
Tulsa Time, eric clapton
Wichita Lineman, glen campbell
Hollywood Nights, bob seger
LaGrange, zz top
Sweet Home Chicago, the blues brothers
New York State of Mind, billy joel
Tupelo Honey, van morrison
Walkin in Memphis, marc cohen
Lodi, credence clearwater revival
Funkytown, lipps inc.
oh suzer, if i actually knew more of these songs, i might like them.

math class

so i'm a college freshman, a biology major.

i am enrolled in a math course that meets the requirements of my major, but everyone else i know is in a higher level course. I took calculus AB in high school, which is supposed to be equivalent to calc 1. i scored VERY poorly on the AP (didn't study, knew i wouldn't do well etc.) and i did "average" in the course. i don't think i'm going to like my math teacher that i have right now (she is a graduate student just teaching after 3 years of being a TA) but the advisors think i'm too stupid to take the higher level math.

so what's better, taking an easier less in depth course with possibly a lesser qualified instructor


taking a class that i might struggle in with a teacher who is able to explain etc.?

i'm taking 17 credit hours this semester: bio, chem and a freshman university experience class.


What makes you squeamish?

Me... cardboard edges scraping, wool/felt, cotton balls that squeak, a just-broken fingernail that is all stringy...
Haruhi disappearance

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What is something not many people know about you?

Me: I don't get angry often, but when I do, I absolutely FLIP and I become livid - yelling, screaming, violent sometimes, the works. I can get cruel, too.

(no subject)

A lot of times when I eat, I start to feel really nauseated. The only thing that helps is to burp.

Does this happen to you?
Is it okay for me to belch loudly at a restaurant as long as I explain that I have a "medical condition"?
cubs hat

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This was a topic on the radio today!

How do you know that people are wealthy or rich? Is it when they have X houses, or $Y in the bank? What is the definition of rich to you?
chan marshall

(no subject)

When your family write letters/emails to you is it worded funny or presented oddly?

My mum always puts spaces


each little thing. And then lots of ???????????????///
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When you're on AIM or any other instant messenger, how do you decide whether or not you'll IM somebody? Do you ever think that you've IMed a certain person too much and just wait to see if they IM you? Or do your friends and you general IM each other equally? Any other criteria for IMing?

(no subject)

In the bathroom in my office building there is a sign in every stall that reads:


Poop isn't toilet paper. Neither is pee. Should I not flush it? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of keeping the bathroom CLEAN?
[k.perry] watermelon

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At what age [if ever] did your mind and body first tell you that you wanted/needed to have a baby?

I know this happens to a lot of woman as they get older and they're around babies, a mothering instinct.
But I'm only 20 and am feeling this, and I feel weird about it, I hope I'm not alone! :|
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1. How did you find the place you currently go to get your hair cut?

I'm not having any luck =[ I just want to get a nice haircut before school starts.

2. Would you think it was unusual if the person cutting your hair had never heard of Frédéric Fekkai?

3. Do you by chance know of any good places to get a hair cut in the Howell/Freehold/Colts Neck/Ocean Township, NJ area? I've been looking around at reviews of places but they are kind of hard to come by. Asking around hasn't exactly worked out.

I can has money?

Sry for the double post TQC, but can anyone recommend some good books/trufax on investing and/or anything about the moneyz, I am at the point of my life where I need to understand what the hell is going on. To quote Liz Lemon: "I've got to do that thing that rich people do where they turn money into *more* money. Can you teach me how to do that?" Alternatively:

Jack: What?! Where do you invest your money Liz?
Liz: I've got like 12 grand in checking.
Jack: Are you an immigrant?
(This is me now, except checking is like .0001 cents)

What do you do with your money? Is it it under the bed? Swiss bank account? Internet stock?
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Who is your internet and cable television provider? Do you like them?

My roommates and I have always had a package deal from Comcast but they fucking suck so we are trying to find some else. Thanks!

(no subject)

A couple friends and I were just discussing what shampoo/conditioner would be best for dyed hair.
I personally use Biolage.

For shits and giggles, I decided I'd ask you: What shampoo/conditioner do you use? Not necessarily for dyed hair, just in general.