August 24th, 2008

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Dear kids that bank with Wachovia: Can you access your available balance online? Not posted, just available. I went to check it, and it's not up, and I kind of freaked out. :( Is it just me?

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you're dying in one hour.

you start to regret never reading a certain book and seeing a certain movie. you've always wanted to read/watch them, but you always put them off thinking you had the time later on to experience them.

so what book and movie are you regretting?

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what's gayer:

being a guy and making out with another guy

being a guy and sucking another guys dick


i think kissing is gayer
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TQC, tonight I found out that my local newspaper is looking to fill the position of associate editor.

This is my dream job. Ever since I was five years old and wrote my first "story", writing has been my passion. I worked for the school newspaper in junior high and high school, and also worked as a student correspondent for a newspaper in St. John's (the capital city of my province.)

I've not done much in the way of published writing since high school; the vast majority of my writing has been restricted to my LiveJournal and some bits and pieces of poetry.

I really would like to apply for this job. I'm tempted to email the managing editor of the paper and just say, "Look, I don't have much concrete experience. All I have is an English degree, a lifelong passion for the English language and a burning desire to do exactly this kind of job. I know it's a risk, but would you give me a chance to at least prove myself?"

I do have several examples of my writing, so there's that.

Should I give up the idea, TQC, or should I say "Fuck it, I'm gonna go for it"?

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At around 8:30 when I was driving up to my dorm there was a SUV in a parking spot with some dude sitting in there. The SUV is still there 4 hours later with the dude still in it. Is this fucking weird or what?

There is a little like personal trash can (plain plastic nothing fancy) sitting next to the trash cans in the dorm. It has trash in it, and a weird glass with a huge spider in it. Do you think someone put it there because they don't want the trash can? Should I throw out the trash that's in it, along with the spider, and take the can?The owner of the trash can came to get it while I was getting my laundry from the dryer. Well, actually she came to spray a can of mosquito spray on the spider, and tell me about the spider. Then she was like asking if I thought it was dead. I picked up the glass, which the spider and two inches of mosquito spray was in and dumped the contents in the trash, and finally assured her that the spider was dead, so she and her trash can could live happily. LOL GIRLS.

I have questions, many questions.

Hello again! I have a lot of questions.

1. Do you think you can taste a difference between...
A) Pepsi and Coke
B) Mars Bars and Moro

2. Why do some girls like the Playboy brand clothing? Isn't it degrading?
(This isn't my question, it's my male friends. I love PB clothing, but my only answer is "The little bunny is cute")

The next to are related to some recent questions....

3. Why do some people find the idea of eating Rabbit unpleasant? How is it different from eating beef or lamb?

4. Why did some people choose communism over scientology here:


Hey TQC, what do you do to make yourself less afraid of the dark (assuming you are)? Any silly tricks you do to make the fear of turning out the light go away?

ETA: Guys, I'm curling up with my ninja teddy bear and turning off the light but leaving the computer up. Baby steps!
perfectly sane

random thought

If you could clone yourself, what would you do with the other you's?

Inspired by a randomish moment of asking a friend earlier if he'd clone himself so I could have a copy *grin*
Though I suppose that would only be satisfying if the process induced some sort of hive mind, otherwise it wouldn't actually be him would it?

Me, I'd send a clone to work and make the moneys for me so I could live the life of leisure and travel
and if it came with the hive-mind option, I'd make a clone to indulge in each romantic opportunity that intrigued me... then I would know which ones would pan out and which would be bastards and/or a waste of time... and I could spend quality time with the really awesome ones... I'd probably also have a threesome with myself and my love interests. I suppose it would make polyamory a really deeply interesting situation... as I could keep my boyfriend and still thoroughly indulge in other interests, and he wouldn't have to worry about being neglected...

Its looking like a good thing that I can't clone myself, too dangerous

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I apologize for the lack of a poll,

What country (or... area) do you live in?

Let's pretend!

Ok, imagine I am interviewing you for a job. Some typical, boring office job- say, receptionist. You're not all that excited about the job, but it's good money. How would you answer the following questions:

Why do you want this job?

What can you contribute to this company?

What is your biggest flaw?
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My cat will not stop trying to eat my cheese. Besides shooting her, how can I express to her that the cheese is Mommy's food and she needs to back the fuck off?

Should I just be proud that she has good taste? This is kinda expensive cheese she's lusting for.
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How long does it usually take you to fall asleep (after you turn off the lights and get into bed)?

It usually takes me at least an hour. Sometimes more like 4... I just lay there and think about my future. And the fact that I'm not sleeping....
Lemmings Falling
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Okay, here we go.

Tomorrow you're going to die. (Sorry)

How are you going to die?

What will you be wearing at the time of your death?

What do you want to be buried/cremated, etc, in? (Clothes wise or object wise)

And if you can make sure one thing is said to one person after your death; what would you say and to who?
(It'll be a big fanfare and Bob Barker or someone you want, will say it to the person you choose) And better yet, who(famous/or not) would you choose to say what you want, to that one person?
Friends: Unagi.
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The Finder icon doesn't have the arrow underneath it anymore and it also seems to be sitting next to the dock. How can I make the arrow reappear and move it back to the dock?

okay lets say...

lets say you could only turn into one animal for one day, but the only think that you could do that whole day is have sex with an animal of the same species, what animal would you be?

i would be a sea turtle, cuz at least then i could swim around some. lol.

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Which comedy actor do you think does the best job at turning off the funny switch and taking on serious roles? Which funny guy do you think can handle a serious movie, if he hasn't done one yet?

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Today a cute young woman knocked on my front door while I was jumping off the stairs with my friend. She asked me if my cat was my cat (it was my cat) and told me it was following her around the street (she was out for a walk). Was my cat trying to hook me up with the hot chick from down the street? Should I use the cat to find me more hot chicks from down the street?

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What are some WEIRD people you've known?

And by weird I mean amazingly freaky and just crazy in the scary way you don't like.

Like I knew this one dude who loved to read the Bible aloud on the bus, even though things were thrown at him, and nasty things were said.  He thought the way to woo the girls he liked was to basically stalk them and write them long creepy letters about how they were destined to be together because God had it planned out for him.
Are you drunk?

2 questions

1. Have anyone of you ever had your car wrapped with some form of advertisement?
a. Were you paid for it or did they give you a car to drive?
b. Know of any legit companies where I could look into this?
I found his site but I'm hesitant to just hand over cash to a company I dont know much about even if it is only $9.95.
I found this too;

2. I tried re-setting the "maintenance required" light on my '02 civic and the bitch wont turn off. I know how to re-set it :) My friend says its because it has a bajillion miles on it (about 130,000) and needs a tuneup. I know this, but now I'm terrified. The car runs fine, its just got a lot of miles on it and needs some tweaking in areas. Any ideas as to why it would do this to me?

Edit: The light decided to turn off! yay
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What do you do when you really want to cuddle and feel loved by someone but you don't have anyone to do that with?\

What is the chance that if I added a class today & school starts Monday will I be on the professors roster?

Did you know bra size AA exists?! Why are those people wearing bras?

ETA: LOL danity kane will be at my university on thursday... for a free show. how many people do you think will show up to watch?

if this makes sense

Has anyone else had a crush (in high school or junior high, perhaps) and stopped seeing/talking to that person -- only to run into them in the future and realize feelings were more or less unchanged?

If so, do you have any cute (or not so cute) stories to share?

before i go NASCAR

i hate it, why do you hate it?

i hate it because people around here get up early to watch it, and i sleep in...really late. blah. and its such a dumb thing to watch! i mean, come on, i get its hot in the car and blah blah blah, but besides an endurence challenge, what is the freaking point?


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1. You're a young woman in a large (800,000-ish in population) city an hour from home to see a show. You know no one in the city. Due to a series of ridiculous events, you and your friend Jane are left behind by your ride home, a jerk-off who intentionally left you behind. Now you and Jane are in an empty, albeit lit, parking lot and freaking out. Suddenly a well-kempt man appears. He stands about 30 feet away, holds his hands out, and says, "I promise I'm not a mugger or a creep or a scam artist. I just need to ask you ladies a question. May I approach you?" You and Jane both have your cell phones out, and Jane has a purse over her shoulder. You allow the man to approach.
He further reassures you he just needs to ask a quick favor, and keeps his hands in view. He says he was at work (working third shift) and his wife's water broke. She was taken to the hospital via ambulance. En route to the hospital himself, he blew a tire. He explains he's contacted the fire department, but due to liability issues they can't personally drive him to the hospital. They can, however, provide him with a donut/spare tire for $25. The man, now fighting tears, explains he has only $17 on him. He again promises you his intentions are completely pure, and asks if he can borrow $8 from you. This man also, after hearing your story of being left behind, points you to the nearest open business and insists you go there asap because it's much safer than a parking lot, as it's well lit and full of people.

Assuming between the two of you, you and Jane have $8, do you give the man the money, or assume he's a very crafty scammer and say no?

2. Why do st_secular's thighs get itchy at night?

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4. If you're in or around Indianapolis, Indiana, have you seen the Cardboard Village community art project in the Mass. Ave. area/arts district? If so, it's cool as hell y/y?
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Are there any parents here who have a child who has clasped thumbs/adducted thumbs? Our daughter does, and also metatarsus adductus in her feet (kind of like clubfoot, but less severe). We've been taking her to Shriner's Hospital since she was tiny, so she is being treated; we just haven't met anyone who has a child with either of these problems, and we'd like to hear what another parent's experience was like.

I asked this in another community but didn't get any responders, so I thought I'd try here.

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Good morning, TQC. What do you think of Joel Osteen? I always find him while flipping through the channels on late at night or early in the morning. His giant teeth and Southern twang are oddly comforting, as are his sermons (however cliched and common sense-based they are) - and I'm an agnostic. I heard he and his wife are kind of ca-razy though, so, whatever.

If that question bores you, what's your personal mantra?

Because I can't handle my own life

I have a "personal goals and expectations" meeting with my supervisor to take place probably sometime next week. I am really, really struggling with my internship and don't think I'll be able to handle it for many reasons. On the other hand, she and I are leading a study tour together in mid-September and I was going to wait until after it was over to truly assess whether or not I want to continue with the internship.

Should I mention anything about my doubts to her at the meeting or should I lie and just wait and see what happens after the study tour is over, so as not to lead her to think I will abandon her or preemptively put an idea into her head? Or is it important that I voice my doubts now so that we can try to think of a solution together?
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I took a bite of my roommate's cheese the other night when I was really drunk. Like, just picked up the block and gnawed off a corner. I forgot I did this, and he's noticed. I blamed my boyfriend and he was like, omg no I never would have done that.

What should I do from here? I feel badly, but uh...I've already passed the buck onto boyfriend - who is very confused.
Assembly line

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1) What is the last concert you went to?

2) What is the next concert you are going to?

3) What are some concerts you would like to go to but most likely won't be able to?

*You must post with your faceyourmanga icon*

1) Strike Anywhere


3) Sigur Ros, MSTRKRFT

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I usually wake up feeling like shit, but have been blaming it on my AC. Last night I didn't sleep with the AC and the left side of my neck hurts to the point where I can't move it. It's not a stiff neck, it's painnnnn.

Would you guess that it's my bed or my pillows that's making me feel so crappy when I wake up? Does this happen to anyone else?

Last night I picked up a package, wondered why it was wet and then looked at the slug that I was holding (he was attached to my textbook package). I then had to PEEL SLUG GOO off of my hands for ten minutes.

What's the last gross thing that happened to YOU?

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Poll #1247497 How protective are you as a parent?

Say you had a kid. They're now 11 years old and their school is 2 miles away, opposite to where your job lies. How do they get to school?

Bus. They can catch the bus
I wake up earlier each morning andI drive them every morning
They can walk. They're old enough
Carpool. I work it out with the nearest classmate's parents in exchange for gas money each week
Homeschooling solves everything

Your son is 8 and wants to go biking with his buddies from school. No adults will be around. Do you let him?


You have an important date and you need a babysitter. A friend of yours tells you about this one girl she uses. You decide to give her a try. You're almost ready when she arrives. When you open the door, you see a 17-year old girl with a mohawk a piercings. Your friend trusts her with her kid. Do you let her babysit yours?


Your 15 year old daughter was invited on her first date. She's excited. Do you let her?


Your 9-year old son is invited to a sleepover. He wants to go. You don't know any of his friends, nor do you know the parents who will be hosting the sleepover. It's tonight and there's not time to meet them. Do you let your son go?


outside opinions

Sometimes I feel like I can't look at situations objectively because I get so overly excited about them. So I will question anonymous people who know nothing about me or my situation. The background info I provide may be tainted with bias, but it must suffice.

I'm in a long distance relationship with a girl I haven't been dating very long- a month or so. I care for her very much and besides some jealousy issues (and the distance) she is great! I was treated like shit in my last relationship but she treats me wonderfully and values me so much. Unfortunately, I am one of those "out of sight, out of mind" people which means I am pretty much terrible at long distance relationships. The last one I tried I failed at miserably.

I have actually already fucked it up by making out with a friend that I have had a very long-standing crush on. So now I am in a pickle.

Should I keep going with the girlfriend and put this crush business out of my mind? Or should I pursue the crush because (according to our mutual friends and this has been confirmed as a rare and special thing) she apparently likes me? Also keep in mind that the crush is one of my closer friends at school and it would suck to screw that up... but we would probably make the best couple ever.
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I just chipped a tooth eating a rice cake.  I am pissed.  What stupid thing have you done so far today?

Edit: The rice cake was fine!  My teeth slid off of each other when I was chewing and that was that.

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Every week I post a question to respond to on this website as a writing practice. Some of the more popular question have been "What's your favorite weather" or "Why do you write?". However, I'm looking for less cliched and more interesting questions. Any ideas?
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I have a Compaq laptop that I've had for about 2 years.  I was just playing in Paint and now the left click isn't working (there's a touchpad with a left and right mouse button underneath).  When I mouse over the links, the pointer runs over it like I could click, but it won't let me left click.  Clicking with the actual touchpad works, and the right click also works.  I tried Googling about a disabled left click but nothing was coming up.  I know everyone hates computer questions, but can anyone help?


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Do you wear prescription eyeglasses?
Why do you need them?
Any suggestions/advice for someone who's never worn glasses and now they have to? Is it worth it to buy really expensive glasses?

Nobody in my family wears glasses and I just found out that I have astigmatism in my left eye.

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In a time of low self-esteem, have you ever dated someone that is significantly less attractive than you with the intent to feel better about yourself? (Read: to make people on the street say "What is she doing with HIM?" or "What is he doing with HER?")

Stories and/or pics?

Baby drama

Dear TQC,

Is it not nice to rip someone's baby out of their hands and then throw it really hard onto the ground so that it's crying and there's even a little blood dripping down the side of their head? Especially when you and your baby haven't really don't anything other than happen to give them a short glance as they walked by, you know, as people often do?

And then when you say, "No, stop that -- that's my baby, and you don't do that to babies." They're all *stabbitystab* and now blood's flying everywhere, and baby guts are all over your shoes and your baby is sitting there lying, slowly dying on the sidewalk, and she's looking up at you like it's all your fault? It's not all your fault, is it? That was kinda mean, right?

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TQCers of the UK:

is there a such thing as a cadbury crunchie mcflurry? or is this a myth?? if it exists, what is it like?!!?

what kind of mcflurries do they have where you live?

for those who do not care about mcflurries, what kind of regional specialties are there where you live?

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Will you tell me about your parent's weirdness? What makes them crazy? I'm looking for some funny, what the fuck stories, or maybe even some of their favorite crazy sayings.

I just offered to drive my mom to my parent's camper and she started CRYING because she is stressed about whether or not she should go. She also likes to use the term "it smells like cow dick" if something doesn't smell good. I enjoy her craziness...but I hate when she cries
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Should I ask out the leasing agent at my apartment complex I've wanted to ask out since I met her but refrained due to not knowing how long I'd be living here?

At which location in the TQC circle-jerk do you reside?
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How do I get a baby chipmunk out of my room?

I have no idea how it got in here in the first place, considering I'm on the second floor of a dorm, but I want the little guy out before it poops on my stuff or gets into my food.

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1. What's the most common word that you misspell all the time?

2. What do you think is the best American remake of a foreign movie or show?

Poll #1247518 What should I make for dinner tonight?

What should I make for dinner tonight?

French toast

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I was outside today with my dog, and I don't know what happened, but she began to limp. I noticed about 20 minutes later her paw began to swell. I am VERY worried about this, and since it's sunday there are NO vet offices open (I guess animals don't get sick on sundays)

Collapse )

Has this happened to anyone else's dog before?

What other methods can I use to reduce the swelling (besides a cold cloth)?

What could have possibly done this? I did not hear her yelp, she just began to limp. Is it a possible bug bite? Or likely she stepped on something?
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1a. What is your favorite cereal?
1b. Do you like it crispy, soft, or soggy?

2. What is your favorite ice cream?


Which would you rather be?

the girlfriend, who gets on his damn nerves but gets to hug him and kiss him and sleep in his bed
the best friend, who he confides in and tells everything to but doesn't get to hug him and kiss him
alone and lonely
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if my loan dispersement date for college is 8/25, can I still get a loan after that? I'm trying to get a Parents PLUS loan, if it matters.
(It would have been done already if my dad wasn't such an idiot and would tell me things that are necessary for me to know...)

[plz to be giving srs answers on this first one kthx.]

What classifies something as a berry?
I've always wondered this.

What would you do with a Master's Degree in Philosophy? O_o

My car is 11 years old, scratched and dented to hell, and has some small spots of rust. (It runs like a charm otherwise!) Someone threw an egg at it last night. Nothing is broken (except the egg).

Is it weird that I'm not really bothered by this?
The egg will come off, and my car was far from clean in the first place.
If my car was your car, would YOU be upset if someone threw an egg at it?

How rude! Laundry Room Drama!

Dear TQC,

Is it rude to remove someone's items from a washer and place them in a dryer without their consent? Especially if there are other washers are available, but not right next to the first one you used? And the load has been done for, oh, about three minutes?

And when said people come down to switch the stuff over, you stand there looking like idiots while they frantically search for their articles?

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Poll #1247594 Futurama Fuckarama

Who would you LEAST want to bang?

Turanga Leela
Bender Benging Rodridguez
Hermes Conrad
Amy Wong
Dr. Zoidberg
Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth
Zapp Brannigan
Robot Devil
Threesome with Leela's mutant parents

Who would you most like to bang?

Philip J. Fry
Zapp Brannigan
Dr. Zoidberg
Amy Wong
Someone else (surprise me in the comments below)

Which is sexier? Cyclops or robots?


Which would you rather have caressing your naughty bits?

Lobster claw
Robot hand clamp

Edit: Bending Rodriguez. Typo
Bert Shocked

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Guize, is it time for a pic post?


What should be the theme of the next pic post?

Halloween Costumes
Last time you were drunk
Last time you went to da beech!
You dancing
You and your family/friends/So
Pics of you smiling
Pic of you frowning
Wonky BJ pics / noodz
Other (will explain in comments)
lead me

ds and gba games

my gf has a game boy advance (at least we think it's somewhere in the dorm) and i'm really thinking about getting a ds tonight. we're bored. ti cue si, will you recommend some games? i like puzzles and short term stuff like the stuff on wii play, she likes runescape and the sims.
zac - aviators

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My friend just got a new dog and is trying to name her! She's an eight-month-old black lab. The other dog in the house is an adult male, a black German Shepherd named Max.

What name fits best?

Lauren (her original name)
Sugar (her foster family had her responding to this name)
Something else (which I'll mention in a comment)

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Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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If you still live at home with your parents (let's say you're 18-21), do they ever punish or ground you?

My dad unplugged the internet earlier because my room isn't clean up to his standards. 

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is kate voegele good live?
i can buy two tickets, 10 each for saturday night at a place i've never been before. i can ask around on the venue because i know people who have gone. but i was wondering if anyone has seen her and what your critic is

(no subject)

1)any interesting tan lines?

I've got a sandal tan line.

2)How many seasons of the office have you seen?


3)what do you think about the state of education today?

eta: how many episodes of futurama have you seen?

around 30
I Love Always

Video Format

I'm attempting to send my husband a video clip of our son crawling.  All I was told was that it 'cant be AVI"  I'dlike to get it to him before he wakes up, but I dont know what other formats there are to convert it to.  Help!!

(recommendations of free programs to use to convert it would be appreciated too)

Apparently I need to add some question marks so here you go


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So, you're sitting around the old boob tube, watching some re-run of a mediocre reality tv show and wondering when the pizza man is going to show up because it's been 30 minutes and your meal should be free.

All of a sudden, you hear something moving around in the bathroom. You thought you were the only one home, so you call out. No answer. You approach the bathroom door cautiously, heart racing, blood pounding in your hears, when the door slowly swings open. You yelp in a mixture of shock and horror as the person who stands before you is you. Except older. Older You explains to you that he/she is from the future, and you have time to ask him/her any one question before he/she must return to the future.

What do you ask?

burning DVDs

I want to burn some videos onto a DVD for my friend but some of the videos I want to burn are only available in pretty low quality (like YouTube level quality). I need a DVD making program that won't stretch the video to fit a TV screen but instead something that will play it at the best possible resolution (even if it doesn't take up the whole screen). Does anyone know of one that can do this?

(no subject)

Do you have any organizing tips? If you have a bunch of art supplies and other crafty crap, how do you store it? Pictures?
I live in an eensy apartment, and find that I have no space to work or do much of anything and I need to figure out how to set my things out so I can function and not feel like a hoarder.

(no subject)

 I am fascinated by the idea of reading books that my (future) high school students will be reading, and I might want to start a YA fiction club as kind of an after school activity, depending on the school where I am teaching. If I never do have a club I would at least like to have book recommendations that I can give to students.  Other than Twilight and Harry Potter, what books would you recommend I add to my list? 

EDIT: I don't want to teach or use Twilight or Harry Potter. I just didn't want them to be part of the answer... I'd like other books, please. Thanks!
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I'm trying to find a camisole, with padding (or molded cups), no underwire, and no band (aka, no "shelf-bra"). Does this exist? If so, where can I find it?

im french

(no subject)

1. Are statutory rape laws any concern to you? Have they been in the past?

2a. Do you personally know anyone who has gotten in trouble for violating a statutory rape law?
2b. Do you know anyone that legally SHOULD?

3. Do you agree with the laws?
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I don't know anything about technology.

I have a TV. The volume works fine. However, when I hook up my playstation 2, the volume doesnt work (picture is fine.) I thought I had the wrong attachment so I went out and got another one, same story. Is it possible for the audio output to be broken but the volume on the actual TV be OK? I'm not sure what the problem is here- obviously I'd rather it be that I have the wrong cord or it be the ps2 then have it be the TV :(

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Poll #1247648 I now pronounce you Chick and Lezzie

Inspired by the Adam Sandler movie. Let's say your closest friend of the same gender is single, with a kid and struggling financially. However, they come across the idea that they can qualify for domestic partnership benefits, which would help her kid tremendously, and your friend asks, pleads with pretend that you're her/his fiance/e and get married so that the benefits can start coming in. You can take advantage of those benefits too. You fill out a prenup and in a couple years, you divorce and go back to just being friends. To show you how much this means to your friend, he/she promises to pay you $5,000 over the next 5 years. Would you do it? Know that the marriage is real, and you would be a divorcee afterwards

Rocky Horror Batman Show

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You get out of the shower all nice and clean and you grab a towel to dry yourself off with. You finish with the towel. Do you A) Throw the towel in the laundry after one use, or do you (2) hang the towel up to dry for usage tomorrow?

Again with the car comparison: we decided to forget about the Kia and the Suzuki dealership is jerking us around, but we're still considering the Grand Vitara. However, we've also found a demo Ford Escape. It's only got a few hundred miles on it, like the Vitara, and it comes with 100,000m Bumper-to-Bumper warrenty. Like the Vitara, it comes with a sunroof, cruise control, aux audio jack, and power windows/locks/mirrors.

The Ford, however, comes with step rails, 6months of Satilite radio,and is a 2008 instead of a 2007. The dealership will also give it to us at 0% APR for 72 months. The Suzuki is 7.89% for the same amount of time. Both are no money down, sales tax paid. My mum's told both of them that payments will be below 300$ a month or no deal. The Suzuki has already knocked about 10$ off the payment in the first couple of days, and then another 20$, but it's still above 300.

I get to test drive the Ford tomorrow overnight, so we'll see how spacious it is for a fat girl, but I'm thinking it looks pretty big.

Do you guys have any thoughts on the Escape? Is it better than the Vitara?
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Dr H - Hammer Penis

(no subject)

If I opened up a banana and apple restaurant (I would serve things like banana pudding, banana bread, apple pie, apple dumplings, etc)would you eat there?

Describe to me the perfect murder.

What's you middle name? Is it a "family" name?
   mine is Lee, its been the 1st born's middle name for well ever

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For those into serial killers, namely Zodiac, what book is a good well rounded book on the killings? I like Arthur Leigh Allan also, but I really would like to read about other suspects.

Also, those two cops that let him alone after the cabbie was shot, didn't one of them commit suicide?

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Does it sound yummy to have meatballs with yummy chopped up pieces of bacon in them? Its Sunday so I am cooking dinner and I'm going with spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, and ceasar salad. It is all homemade except I didn't bake the french bread (but I am making it garlicy) and these aren't my homemade noodles because I am lazy. So would the bacon be too american in the meatballs?

Would you like your future SO to cook everything from scratch?

What do you run out of first in your pantry?
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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biking on campus?

For those of you who ride on campus/on your school grounds (or TO your school grounds), do they disallow you to ride on the sidewalks?

I've not ridden a bike for nearly 8 years and it's my last year at college so I finally got one. I'm a little nervous to ride, because I don't want to be hit by a car!!

When I'm on the sidewalk (cycling to school), I follow pedestrian rules. When I ride on the road, which I hate doing, I follow traffic rules. That's... how you're supposed to do it, right? What uh, rules do you follow? I keep on looking at my school website but I am not finding a thing.

Feel free to laugh T_T, though.
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I don't mind burning my mouth on pizza sauce because I am eating pizza.
1. What do you not mind?

2. Whats your favorite comfort food?

3. What was the last thing you were tempted with?
berry tart

(no subject)

What are your dinner plans tonight?
What was the last movie you watched, whether it be in theaters or on tv?
How have you been feeling today?


Husband is making taco casserole
Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers on TNT
Happy ^^
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Have you ever had someone you loved unintentionally hurt your feelings and make you cry?  Because my husband did today and I had to go into the bathroom and cry so he wouldn't see me. 
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My air conditioner has been broken for 3 days and it's 88 degrees in my apartment. Can't get a new one until tomorrow. I'm surviving with cold showers, fans, and popsicles, but my cats are panting. Is there anything I can do to help them cool off? My husband won't let me put them in the refrigerator.
eknock, Ash

TCQ I dyed my hair purple

The ultra violet stuff by L'Oreal. So I currently have stains on my forehead and the back of my neck. I've been googling stain remover (I'm sitting with it in my hair right now) and what suggestions do you have to remove hair dye from skin that are tried and true?

Typos, lmao. I have my glasses off. :(
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Have you ever contacted a seller on Etsy (or any other site) to ask for more information about something you had no intention of buying? Would you be pissed if someone did that to you?

Also: Law and Order CI fans, what do you think the secret from Goren's past is? Other than involving Nicole Wallace, I haven't a clue. Maybe she's his illegitimate daughter!

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I just had the tastiest homemade buffalo chicken calzones. they were like an orgasm in my mouth. what was the last thing you ate that made you decide that if possible, you would, in fact, hump it?

face food

If someone says their a vegetarian but will eat fish and other animal seafoods...

are they really vegetarian?

Edit: I totally had this written out a different way at first.... I see I forgot to correct everything. :p

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Does anyone know how an ISO image work? Do you just burn it onto a CD and put the CD in and BAM! it works?
I've tried googling it but I'm dumb and can't find anything that explains it in a way I understand. Hmph.

Also is startaintedsky here?
...Just wondering.

I have a question for youuuuuuuuu...