August 21st, 2008

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What is that video with the black dudes humping furniture?

I know this is asked like every week but I need to see

Also I heard there was another version of this with The Daily Show crew. True? - Triumph Of Stupid

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TQC, my workplace sucks. They told my friend that last Saturday was her last day. One person said that they were firing her, but the managers said that they're just taking her off the schedule and waiting for her to quit, because they don't want to give her unemployment.

1. Is this legal? I live in California, if that makes any difference.
2. What is the difference between being "taken off the schedule" and being fired?
3. Won't a significant cut in hours make her eligible for unemployment, regardless of their willingness to give it to her?

4. If you were to quit your job tomorrow and never have the need to show your face around any of your co-workers/clients/customers ever again, is there anybody in particular you would tell off?

5. What is your dream job?

6. What is your current job?
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When you hug somebody, do you go arms up, arms down, or one up and one down? Or some weird other sort of hug? Does it depend on who you're hugging?

I do different things with different people. If I'm hugging a guy I don't know as well, I always go arms down or awkward one-armed hug, because I'm short. But if it's a guy who's a good friend, I go arms up because they usually pick me up. I'm not actually sure what I do with girls, I think I might do one arm up and one arm down.
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You come home early from work one day and find your SO on the computer. Your SO doesn't hear you come in. A closer inspection reveals that your SO is jacking off...while watching a video of two rabbits getting it on.

What is your reaction?

Do you immediately bolt out of the house? Sneak up behind your SO and yell, "What's up, doc?" Surprise your SO later that night by wearing rabbit ears and a fluffy tail? Something else?

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When you were in college, did you pledge for a sorority or fraternity?
If you're not in college yet... will you when you get there?
Why/Why not?
Do you know of any cool greek system horror stories you could tell me?!

I wont, my school doesn't even offer them.
One of my teachers pledged for a fraternity and he told me that they would bury the pledges in snow up past their heads with just a straw to breathe out of. I guess if the older guys(brothers?) saw the snow move that they would pee in the straw. Not sure how true that is.... but sounds shitty enough to scare me away from the Greek system.
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A while back, someone posted a youtube video that was three kids being told they were going to Disney and they were super ungrateful and kept whining that they thought they were going to "Dick's house." I was trying to find it tonight to show my friend and couldn't. Does anyone have the link and if so, can ya give it to me? Thanks guys!
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TQC! Let's try something!

First, I have to ask, what's the most comments you've ever gotten on a post here, if you remember?

Well, my last post reached about fifty, which takes second. My first post EVER on TQC about two years I asked "What is the melting point of spaghetti?" and it got to near 200! I don't think I ever got an answer though...

Now... see if we can get to over 200 comments!
Talk about anything, anything your heart desires! But of course answer my question too. =]

Ready... Set... GO!

ETA: Epic fail? Oh wells. I tried. =\
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what do you take as a sign that someone wants to kiss you?

what do you do, or say, when you want to kiss someone?

do you have any tricks for getting that first kiss?
like fun things... sneak attacks... set ups... that sort of thing.

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cover songs and silver screen...

1. If you could cover any song, which one would you cover and what style would you do it in?

2. Who is your favorite yesteryear (1920's - 1959's) actor?

3. Who is your favorite actress from the same period?

4. Anyone else besides me in TQCland like Peter Lorre?

5. Are you asking yourself right now, "Who's Peter Lorre?"

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Keyboard (piano)

I was wondering if any of you could tell me if Williams Encore Digital Piano 88-Key Keyboard is any  good?
I know Yamaha and Rolands are great brands but I'm on a really tight budget :( and I'm looking for something that comes close enough to feeling like a real piano.

Porn free as the wind free as the grass grows

Poll #1245664 Poll for the ladies

You're talking to a billionaire at a party, and for some reason, the subject of sexual records comes up. The most sexual partners in a row for a woman is somewhere in the 600s. "That's amazing. I think I know how to beat it. I'd like you to be that woman, and our goal is 700 different male sexual partners. The trick is, I'm also the president of the National Premature Ejaculation Society in America. There's thousands of us, and that's the pool you'll draw from. Each one can only got a minute tops. If you're willing to put up with 12 hours or so of an extremely disappointing sexual marathon, I'll pay you $7,000,000. That's averaging $10k per wiener. You have to finish or you get nothing though. No money for half the dicks serviced. I hate quitters. Wanna do it?"

Yes. Gimmie the legion of minutemen and the loads of cash
No. That's way to horrible to contemplate doing
I'd probably do it for considerably less, tell the truth
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TQC, why is sweetlove2go's existence necessary? Why?
At least their existence in this community...

ETA: What's something important you could have been doing, that her attention-whoriness [for lack of a better term] may have distracted you from, because it was just too funny to ignore?

uhmmmm, sleep? and a bit of cleaning.
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What are some good examples of TV shows Jumping the Shark?
Did you know the movie equivalent of Jumping the Shark is Nuking the Fridge*?
What are some good examples of movies which have Nuked the Fridge?

*see: Indiana Jones 4
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So I'm doing a show for my college radio station that's all remixes and covers.
What are a few remixes/covers that I absolutely MUST play at least once?

Second question: What's your best messed-up cake story?
My aunt and uncle ordered a cake for my cousin Rebecca's birthday or something from a really nice bakery. When they picked it up, instead of "Happy Birthday Rebecca!" it said "Happy Birthday Rubella!"
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I'm going to a Neil Young concert in October, and the only Neil Young I've ever heard is "Old Man". If I want a crash course in Neil Young songs, what songs or albums should I download?

I looked him up and he has 44 albums, so it's safe to say I won't be able to listen to ALL of his songs before the concert :P.

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Do you suspect that the avg 'home-owner' even knows what he's buying into, chemically? It's more than merely bright lights and a lot of cute artwork bullshit. Do you really think it's worth his money?

The reason I ask this is because I watched a program on Youtube about Nuclear Power Plants, and was kind of shocked myself to find arsenic of all ingredients mentioned, which I even commented on. I was just watching a true-crime show the other day where some dude in Dallas (back in the 80s) poisoned his wife with it.
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Earlier st_secular and I were chatting over delicious ice cream about TQC and brought up the following questions:

1. If you were to replace the high-ranking government officials in your country (ex: United States Cabinet) with TQC members, who would be doing what?
2. What cabinet positions would you create specifically for TQCistan, and who would fill said positions?

We decided jacktripper/poo for president and vice president, seanseansean for Secretary of Education and shinga for Secretary of Defense. Then we got too wrapped up in the ice cream to finish.
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did anyone see the women's platform diving semifinals? if so, do you think the woman who interviewed the cute little japanese-american girl was horribly insensitive and did you want to punch her in the mouth?

yes, yes, and yes! fuck me i'm getting so fed up with the american announcers, they're all tools.

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So, TQC, let's say you're having an awesome makeout session with someone you find incredibly attractive. You want to turn them on to the fullest extent of being turned on.

What do you do to send the other party totally over the edge?

What pushes you over the edge?

What are your "moves"?

Non-vampiric immortality?

Kayso I'm writing a story, and it's kinda fantasy-esque fiction :P  The main character needs to be immortal in some fashion, but I don't wanna do a vampire. Way overdone. Any ideas? 

I'd appreciate it muchly.
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shoot 'em ups.

So, what sort of shoot 'em up games have people here played, and what are your favourites?

I have two favourites, one is the western made tyrian (which was made available for free a while back), and the other is the japanese doujin game (basicly, indie-game) series touhou project.

A good site for info (and to download) tyrian is this fan site.

The reason I like tyrian is that it has so much customizability for your ship. Also, the music is probably some of the best game music from its time for a PC game (though master of orion also had good music).

The touhou project is also good, becuase when you considder that the main games of the series are made by one person, they are very impressive. Also, unlike some other bullet curtain (danmaku, bullet hell, whatever you call those sorts of games) games, the bosses have bullet patterns that make interesting patterns rather than just spamming the screen with lots of bullets. Also, like tyrian, this series also has some great music (enough that there are major fan groups that sell remix cds of the games' music at conventions).

So, anyone have anything to add, or have a differant shoot 'em up game or series that they like?

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have you ever felt like every time your life seems to finally be going your way, something bad happens? if yes, how did you cope and not get discouraged?

my boyfriend and I are trying to make it on our own without help from parents and we were doing very well for ourselves. then i get this text message "my car just died". 

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I am ill, TQC. The freshman are doing all their orientation stuff today, so there's no going home. We're too busy.

1) Do you have any tips for getting through the workday when you're ill? Not tossing my oreos, but dizzy, tired, etc.

2) What's your favorite thing to do when you're sick?

3) What's the sickest you've ever been? Hallucinated? Cried?

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1. Is it racist, or just a sad truth, for a person to look at their schedule for college courses and moan/complain about the class being bad already when the name of a professor appears very foreign?

2. If you've ever played any form of Super Smash Brothers, what's your favorite character to play as?

3. What do you do with yourself when you have a 4-hour block of free time in the afternoon?

4. Cake or death?

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i know i just posted, but i need help. my boyfriends car needs a new alternator. of course, hes working, so i (who knows absolutely nothing about cars) has to make phone calls.
the last place i called said i needed to know the size of the engine and the amperage of the alternator. i have no idea how to even find this information out. anyone know?

EDIT: thanks guys. i ended up calling autozone cause i couldn't find a damn thing and they were able to help me. :)
The Receptionist Classic

The REAL Olympics

The Beer Olympics are coming up and the boys are trying to come up with a team name. TQC, if you were forming a team for the Beer Olympics, what would your team name be?
And what color T-Shirts would your team wear?


So I usually stay up til 1am and sleep til 10am. School has started and my kids are now gone. YAY! I went to bed at 10:30pm and have been awake since 6am. This is new to me. I am tired. But I could stay up. The school schedule has never been so early and I have never been rid of both kids for the whole day. Last year I slept again from 9am-11am. Then I had to pick up my son. But now he's gone all day!!!!!

What would you do? 

working 9-3

Alright TQC

1. Whats the one thing that bothers you more than anything?

2. How do I get my Xbf to leave me alone without being a complete bitch?

3. What's the best smell in the world?

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Why have I been waking up with back ache (between my shoulder blades) for the past few mornings?

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and noticed I had it, and still do this morning but by later in the day I'll be fine.

What's in a name?

Poll #1245834 Another for the ladies

Say you're seriously dating a guy and you seriously love him to death. One day he proposes and asks for your hand in marriage. However, his last name is Hooker. Would you take his last name?

I'd hyphenate it with my current surname

Same scenario as above, except his last name is Dikes. Would you take his last name?

I'd hyphenate it with my current surname

Same scenario, except his last name is Kuntz. Would you take his name?

I'd hyphenate it with my current surname

Same scenario, except his last name is Focker. Would you take his last name?

I'd hyphenate it with my current surname

Same scenario, except his last name is Slutskaya. Would you take his last name?

I'd hyphenate it with my current surname

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Another dumb sunburn question:

I've never been sunburnt before, so I'm kind of paranoid. I got burned on my back, and it was very pink for a few days and hurt, and now it's not pink, but my skin feels flaky and is peeling, which I know is normal. However, where the skin is peeling, the skin underneath is white, so I basically have white spots on my back, and my back is still not done peeling. 

1. Will they go away? 
2. Is this normal? 

It may be dumb, but I've never experienced this before, and I'm terrified I'll have permanent white spots on my back :X

berry tart

medical reasonings

What was the reason for your last hospital/doctor visit?
Have you had surgery?
If so, what for?
Have you had your tonsils removed?
What about your wisdom teeth?
Gall Bladder?


Follow-up on girly stuff
Tonsils+adnoids removed

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Do you take vitamins? What kinds?

Do you think it's worthwhile to take a multivitamin? Thoughts?

I take target brand women's vitamins (more calcium? whats the difference?) and I'm wondering if it's even worth it. I do notice that my bones crack less when I take vitamins regularly than when I don't.
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1. Will you share a pic of your piercings?

2. Make my decisions for me! -- I've been wanting to stretch my earlobes forever but my ear piercings that I had done as a kid are way noticeably uneven, to the point where I haven't worn earrings in ten years because the unevenness bothers me. Should I stretch them despite being uneven or just scrap the idea and keep resenting my useless holes?

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Do you think if someone opened up a crack house on your block, you should have the right to burn said house down?

What if you were robbed/mugged and beaten and you see your attacker one afternoon walking down the road, (he was never prosecuted due to lack of evidence) and you freak out and shoot him. Should you be prosecuted?

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My mom had filed for divorce to my stepdad last week. She also had sent him a restraining order because he kept following her around, calling her at work, and just being overall creepy and possessive. He's literally delusional and thinks she's cheating on him even though she just goes to work and the gym then comes home. The day after the papers were sent to him, she had noticed a car following her around everywhere with the license plate "ICU". She looked it up and it's a private investigator he's hired. She talked to the police but they said there's nothing they can do about it.

There has to be some kind of law against paying someone to stalk you, after you were served a restraining order for stalking.. is there? We're in Rhode Island so I don't know if there are certain laws for different states.

Our town...or yours, anyhow

Oh, TQC! It is your lucky day. A celebrity that you love and admire is coming to your town, and through some strange stroke of luck, you end up getting to show them around.

1) Where would you take them?

2) What about lunch? Dinner?

3) A bar for after-dinner drinks?

4) What souvenir would you send them away with?

ETA: OKay, let's assume other then your bedroom and hot sexxors.

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If you could pick anywhere to do community service, where would you do it? Why?

(I have to do 20 hours of volunteer work for a Human Services course I'm taking this semester and I am fresh dry out of ideas.)

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I'm starting my first ever job at a pizza buffet joint tonight at 5. I have no idea what position I'll be filling and they gave me a 20-page packet to memorize when I "got the job" (there's been a lot of drama and misleading on their part). I'm not worried about the job part, really, except that I don't want to work the register or be around customers, but I am more worried about whether to wear my baggy linen pants or the more conservative (read: ugly and ill-fitting) slacks for my first day and where I will change into the shirt they give me (and what to wear when I walk in so it's less of a hassle to change or whatevs) and meeting the other employees and messing up and that sort of thing.

If you've worked at this sort of place before, how did your first day go?
What kind of paperwork did you have to fill out?
How did you calm your nerves and talk to your coworkers?
Care to give me any advice or tell me anything at all about this sort of work (I already figure it'll suck pretty hard)?

I have no idea how the jobworld works. :[
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1. I tend to look at the clock everyday at 11:14. That is my birthday. What does it mean?

2. What was the last random kind thing you did for someone?
I let this cute little boy walk Liberty and I grilled a hamburger for him even though its still early here.

3. Do you want to know your future? If so, give me four details about yourself and I will tell you.
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I lost 60 pounds with weight loss surgery and maintained for two years.

I gained back 30 pounds after going on the generic form of Ortho Tri-Cyclen for birth control in just four months.

What birth control are you on, have you gained weight, and do you have any recommendation ((that is not progestin-only, I bleed like a stuck pig non-stop on that stuff))?


What kind of cell phone do you have? I have a red LG Shine.

boys to men.

of these songs about fellas, which do you at least sort of enjoy?

What's the Frequency Kenneth, r.e.m.
Boy Named Sue, johnny cash
Hey Joe, jimi hendrix
Fernando, abba
Samson, regina spektor
Jack & Diane, john cougar mellenhead
Hit the Road Jack, ray charles
Me & Julio Down by the School yard, paul simon
Daniel, elton
Levon, elton
Bennie and the Jets, elton
Happy Jack, the who
Bad Leroy Brown, jim croce
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, paul mccartney and wings
Jesse's Girl, rick springfield

more more more boy songs, which of these do you care for on some level?

Rocky Racoon, the beatles
Hey Jude, the beatles
Mean Mr. Mustard, the beatles
Maxwell's Silver Hammer, the beatles
The Ballad of John & Yoko, the beatles
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill, the beatles
Johnny B. Goode, chuck berry
Louie Louie, the kingsmen
Space Oddity (Major Tom), david bowie
The Ghost of Tom Joad, bruce springsteen
Tommy Can You Hear Me?, the who
Chuck E's In Love,
Sweet Baby James, james taylor
You Can Call Me Al, paul simon
Jumpin' Jack Flash, the rolling stones

mo' men, which songs do you like?

Johnny 99, bruce springsteen
Tom's Diner, suzanne vega
Luka, suzanne vega
Mickey, tony basil
Me & Bobby McGee, janis joplin
Tom Sawyer, rush
Jeremy, pearl jam
Ziggy Stardust, david bowie
Anthony's Song (Movin' Out), billy joel
Ben, jacko
Buddy Holly, weezer
Bo Diddley, bo diddley
All the Young Dudes, mott the hoople
All the Young Dudes, david bowie
oh suzer, i wish i knew more of these songs about the mens, and i might enjoy them.

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Horses used to have seperate toes but developed what we now call the hoof due to centuries of having their feet bound in metal horseshoes by humans.

What other interesting facts can you make up off the top of your head?

(no subject)

These are all welcome to srs and nonsrs answers:

Why do my legs always itch real bad after I shave lately?

Will you show me any tattoos you have? (pics encouraged)

What did you have for breakfast today?

What's the most ridiculous and/or obscene pick-up line you've heard or heard of?

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when you go shopping out with friends and trying on clothes,

do you neatly put up your clothes in the dressing room or are you the type to throw it all over the place on the floor with gum and then pee on it later?


What have you eaten so far today, TQC?

I had half a ham sandwich for breakfast, and some potato chips. I'm at school now, so i probably won't be eating lunch til 2:30-3pm ish.

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Do you find that decaf coffee and tea makes you need to pee just as much as the caffeinated stuff?

When you say "privacy," do you pronounce the "i" as in "it" or as in "eye"?

Should I join another dance class? (I'm currently doing 4)
sport for our neighbors

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I'm not changing my name when I get married in February, and I'm getting all kinds of crap about it from almost everyone except my close friends and my fiancee. I honestly thought we were past this being an issue, but now I'm not so sure. So I turn to you, TQC, for scientific research.

Ladies! If/When you get married would you take your husband's last name?

I would hyphenate
Only if he took mine too or we both hyphenated
Only if it was really important to him
I'm gay, and this question offends me deeply, but I would take my partner's name
I'm gay, and this question offends me deeply, but I wouldn't take my partner's name
I'm gay, and this question doesn't offend me, but I would take my partner's name
I'm gay, and this question doesn't offend me, but I wouldn't take my partner's name

Boys! If/when you get married, would you expect your wife to take your name?

Yes, and I wouldn't marry someone who wouldn't
Yes, but I would marry someone who wouldn't
No, but I'd secretely be a little upset if she didn't
I'm gay, and this question offends me deeply, but I would expect my partner to take my name
I'm gay, and this question offends me deeply, but I wouldn't expect my partner to take my name
I'm gay, and this question doesn't offend me, but I would expect my partner to take my name
I'm gay, and this question doesn't offend me, but I wouldn't expect my partner to take my name

Boys again! Which of the following arrangements would you be agreeable to in a marriage?

Taking her name
Switching last names
Both parties hyphenating/using two last names
Neither parties changing names
Creating a hybrid name (i.e. Jones + Smith = Jonesmith)
Taking an entirely new name (i.e. Jones and Smith become Johnson)
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Hey, kids with tattoos. I got a tattoo last Saturday, and it's reached the point where it's not really red or painful anymore, but the skin is almost peeling, perhaps? It looks like it might be wanting to scab, but I'm not quite sure what it's doing. Is it normal for a tattoo to be sort of peely around/in it for a while? The guy told me care instructions, but he never gave me a sheet and I can't recall anything about what was normal/abnormal being said.

(no subject)

Why why whyyy wouldn't they allow double sided tape in a dorm?

Also, what class should I take in place of calculus? I realized that it is totally unnecessary so I'm dropping it.

We caught the tail end of a song on the radio and it ended in some humming and a phhttbtbbh (better known as the sound that happens when you stick your tongue between your lips and force air out.) What song was that? It sounded fun.

(no subject)

So I used a depilatory cream on my bikini line, and got a bit carried away.
I've now been left with pretty bad stubble.
As amusing as I find it, and i'm sure the boy will, how can I sort this?
Theres enough of it to shave, but i'd rather I could just reverse the situation! Would re-doing the cream work to rid me of this horrible stubble?!

(no subject)

1. Does anyone know of any cool music fesitvals going on in the US this fall?
2. If you don't, where would you recommend going for a weekend trip in September/October (in the US!)?

I wanna take my SO on some sort of trip. We like to travel, and want to travel together for once, so even if it's small, it'd be cool. We're situated in Jersey right now, boorring. We wanted to go to the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco, but roundtrip plane tickets there are mad $$$. D:

3. If you don't know/care, what's the weirdest thing that'd happened to you lately?


(no subject)

When you visit a website frequenly, how do you go back to check it?

From my favorites folder
From my browser history
Using the search engine
Entering the URL

When you visit a website for the first time and you know the URL, how do you search for it?

Enter the URL
Use the search engine

Which search engine do you use most?


(no subject)

do you have anyone in your life you feel like you can always depend on and trust with anything?
if so, who is this person?

what's the last thing you drank?

are you the kind of person that shares food?
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(no subject)

In the college vein:

I am currently not attending any college/form of higher education. Because I am 20 and a product of an upper-middle class household, people often assume I go to college. When they ask me where I go to college, what should I say besides, "I don't"? I don't want to be an asshole, but I also dislike having to explain why I don't go to college at the moment.

(no subject)

How do you read a book that you have no interest in but you MUST READ?

It's for summer reading and I have like 5 days to read Mythology by Edith's nearing 500 pages and I don't want to. We get a test on it apparently.
im french

(no subject)

1. Do cigarettes make you poop? Be honest.

2. What should I do with freakshownia while she's in New York? Are there any other New York-area TQCers that want to hang out?

EDIT: Sweet, if you guys want to hang out, soon or soon in the future, you should e-mail me at so I don't forget about you if we all do decide to do something!


how do you indirectly get somebody to sit next to you on a bus?

i'm going to band camp in a few days and there's this boy who i love and haven't seen in a while and i want to sit next to him on the 4 hour bus ride. we both like the same music and basically all the same things.


I'm writing this from a co-worker's computer because ever since I returned to the office from my lunch break, every single address I type into Mozilla and Internet Explorer comes up saying "Invalid Address"

Obviously, this computer is working just fine. The problem is only on mine.

OHMYGOD Did my boss block my internet access???

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My air conditioner is really old. So old, in fact, that I cannot find a picture of it on teh intarwebs. Nor can I find instructions on how to clean it. If none of you can help me, I'll call maintenance. The guy's an asshole so I'm kind of afraid to call him D: Anyway, this is an incredibly bad MS Paint rendering of my A/C closet:

Collapse )

OK, the big yellow thing that says water heater is an elephant my water heater, duh. The big gray rectangle is the tray that holds the resulting water from condensation. The thing with the grate in front of it is where the AC filter goes. There is a pipe in there that is supposed to act as a drain, I think. But there is so much gunk that it is not draining. I really need to learn how to clean the damn thing so I do not run into this scenario again. I had a damn waterfall in my A/C closet. (Oh, and the brown thing on the right is the door, lol.)

So how do I clean this fucker?
Tony Little

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I am fascinated by the idea of nine alignments in role playing games (the wiki article specifies Dungeons and Dragons). Which do you think you belong to and why? Also, what is your favorite demotivational image associated with alignment?


(no subject)

I've recently started buying make-up again, but I run out of money very fast, so I'm limited:

Are there make-up brands that are reasonably affordable, but also work really well? Mostly when it comes to eyeshadow.

tropical storm fay

Is anyone else in Central Florida and being affected by this annoying storm? I have been stuck at home for days and I'm going stir crazy.

How do you get your dog to pee outside when it's raining? I've been crouching over her with an umbrella and I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy, lol.

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TQC, I'm bored and my bf is playing video games or doing something equally uninteresting to me. What should I watch?

Big Fish
Finding Nemo
The Wedding Singer
The Neverending Story

OR, can you recommend to me a website that I can watch movies or tv shows (specifically BIG LOVE, SEASON 2 EPISODE 8) online? (Surfthechannel is gone and I can't find it anywhere else. :( granted, I don't really know where to look... but still.)

(no subject)

What is the tackiest car you have seen?

Lately there has been a bunch of ones here with namebrands or other crap.
these are just a few
Spongebob car
one with candy brands all over it
a Yankees one that had baseball decals all over
and then one today that said 'nappy boy' across the windshield and had decals of the owners face on both of the back windows.
Kitty In Window

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 If you had a fairly large visible tattoo and were going to a job interview where you knew the didn't specifically say no tattoos allowed, would you cover it up anyway?

Would you ask about the policy on tattoos in an interview? Or say nothing and hope it would be fine? Would you except a job where no tattoos were allowed and be willing to cover it up everyday? (and by covering it up, I'm suggesting like having to wear long sleeves or pants all of the time...) 
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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What's more annoying than one of your earphones playing music, stopping, playing music, stopping, playing music, than dying completely, while the other one works perfectly normal?
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Am I naive to believe this comes with no strings attached?
Can a guy and a girl be roomates without having sex involved?
If you were a guy and your gf was in a situation like this, how would you handle it?

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A single mother of 3 children makes a salary of around $40,000. Is she middle class?

How much money do you think somebody needs to make to be considered middle class?

Do you feel that you relate more to poor or rich people?

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This was asked a few weeks ago, but since he passed away, I'm wondering if more people picked it up...
Have you read "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch?
Is it sad or is it upbeat?
I have it and want to read it, but I don't think I can get through it if it's really sad.

Have you heard of Leo Buscaglia?
If you have, do you love him?!

What was the last artsy/craft project you did?
I framed some pictures from my calendar and hung 'em on my wall. I looove it
Hood Houndz

Chinese Barbecue Restaurant

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant that described itself as "chinese barbecue"? What was the food like? Is there any dish that is typically good?
We have a Chinese barbecue restaurant that has just opened here, and I have never heard of this style of chinese food before.
Just wondering if anyone has any positive or negative thoughts on it?

I'm bored

...And when I'm bored I want to eat. Right now I want a BLT. But I have no bacon, no lettuce or a tomato. I 've just polished off half a jar of peanutbutter.
What else should I eat?
Anything else I can do to get my mind off of FOOD?
hate pimentos

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Hot banana peppers stuffed with hot sausage and cheese, baked in tomato sauce, so spicy that your ears warm up... best stuff ever, y/y?

What's the most amount of jobs you've had at once?  How many hours did you work per week?

Should I call my friend to see how her fight with her boyfriend is doing, go to the thrift store, or stay home and clean?

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If you were to put together a CD designed to make someone's ears bleed, what songs would you put on it?

In this entirely hypothetical situation, let's say you already have the annoying Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, and Katy Perry singles.