August 20th, 2008


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How can I look as tired as possible tomorrow? I'll get in trouble with a friend, unless he think's I'm wrecked. I need to maximize under-eye bags/dark circles, and stuff like that.

And staying up all night won't work, because my body will take it's sleep, no matter how hard I try and stay awake.
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What are some things you are srsly addicted to for srs? Do you have any will to take control over it? Does anyone tell you that you should?

I probably have an addiction to the internet to some extent. I'm not on it all the time but I spend more than what I would consider to be a healthy amount of time on the interwebz. I don't have much will to change it, though. It doesn't feel like its hurting. :D Besides that, no addictions. I try to avoid addictions. I only ever drink caffienated things every once in a while to avoid getting addicted to it. (It seems like everyone over the age of 18 is addicted to it.)

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im not a coffee drinker, i just cant drink it cuz it makes me sick. but i dont know how else to wake myself up in the morning and get that morning jolt that keeps you going for a bit.
any suggestions? thanks

Hooking up...

So I had this idea to organize my iTunes library into various playlists for various moods or occasions. I decided to make one of them a "hooking up" playlist... but as I was going through my library, I realized I didn't have many songs that I would necessarily hook up to, or set the mood to.

SO, TQC: What are your favorite setting-the-mood or hooking-up songs?

One rule: No Barry White, Boyz II Men, or anything cheesy. Sorry!
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If you had to compare your relationship with your SO to one from a TV, movie, book, etc, which one would it be?

What about your relationship with your best friend?
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Do you have issues with swallowing pills?

I just had to swallow one and I'm on TQC right now so I was like "why not, lets ask".

I hate swallowing pills. After I swallow one I can still feel it like its in my throat. Swallowing pills makes me want to throw up. XD A friend of mine on the other hand has no issue whatsoever. She dry-swallows them all the time. Egh.

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What's the most disturbing poster for a guy to have on his wall? Ladies, assume it's someone you just started dating

Full House
Jonas Brothers
The Crying Game (movie poster)
Hannah Montana
Katy Perry
Lotus Boob
Scene from 2 girls 1 cup
Scene from 2 guys 1 athletic cup
Elect George Bush in 2004
My Little Pony
L. Ron Hubbard forever!
John Wayne Gacy
Picture of you, enlarged to poster-size
Graphic picture of seals being clubbed with caption "Some days you're the seal, some days you're the club"
Tom Leykis 101: DTB!
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TQC, I'm curious...

When you were little, did you get bedtime stories?
If you did, what were they about?
Were they from books or did your parents/guardians make them up?

If you didn't, do you wish you had?

I never did, and I feel I might have been slightly deprived...
Dr Finitevus

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You are a superhero/heroine.

What would be your "cool" super name?

What sort of day job would you have?

What would be your weapon and/or superhero power of choice?

What is your single weakness?

Be as silly/creative/stupid as you like.

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i'm not engaged. in fact, i'm not even dating anyone. should i try on wedding dresses this weekend? you know, just for the hell of it.

should i drink beer at a bar and then go swimming at a hotel pool tomorrow night?

my boss wants me to model for a photo shoot we're doing this weekend because he was too lazy to get real models. should i acquiesce to his request?

i have a new crush and i think we may hang out this weekend. should i make the moves on him?
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Anyone here seen The Tomb? Was it absolutely dreadful?

With horror movies I tend to assume any I'm gonna see won't be good. But I'm searching FearNet movies OnDemand, wanting something to watch, and so as long as the movie isn't too bad I'll go for it.
Clem & Joely

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I'm asking all sorts of shit tonight.

Someone mentioned something about choking in my pill-post, and so I'm here to ask:

Have you ever choked? Did you need reshkewing?

I've choked twice, sort of? When I was a kid I was choking on a chip in a mexican restaurant. My mom did the bad-choking-rescue-attempt by trying to stick her fingers in my mouth and pull it out. The waiter came along and did the heimlich on me. I don't remember any of this.

And one time I was being stupid and was eating sweet tarts while laying on down. Dropped one right into the back of my throat, would've started choking if I breathed in but I had to turn over and hack-cough from the back of my throat to get it out. It was fun. Its interesting to think about the fact that I was alone and could've died, maybe?

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does anyone watch the freak shows on tlc? You know; two headed girl, old kid, half person, elephant girl, etc
does anyone else find it sick and horrifying?
These people are "freaks", y/n?
Is tlc just pandering to the freak show crowd, like back in the late 19th/early 20th century with circus folk?
How can a ten year old sit in class and not go "holy fuck, I'm sitting next to a two headed girl" everyday?

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Have you ever cut off communication with someone completely, only to start talking again a substantial amount of time later? Did things work out between the two of you? Stories are welcome if you'd like to share.

And for all the cool kids that want to punch me in the throat for that question, what is your favorite flavor of chapstick/lip balm/lip gloss/whathaveyou?

Valley Forge

Anybody visit the log-cabins at Valley Forge or a lob-cabin like those anywhere else? If so, what was it like?

And if you've ever seen "Dark Shadows" the movie, could you agree that that's the most beautiful crypt a vampire could ever have? That's about what I thought when I watched it on Chiller.

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Will you start posting some fucking questions so I don't have to deal with the boredom and have to face my own crippling insecurities?

Note: questions do not necessarily have to revolve around fucking, but it's not discouraged.
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history 101 and a riddle....

1. In the entire history of humanity, who do you think got the bum wrap?

2. With Hitler being the most obvious choice for number one, who is the second most evil historical figure? Why?

3. Favorite historical religious figure that isn't Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad? Why?

4. What is the best period of history fashionwise? Would you wear those fashions today?

And now a riddle,

I am one of your oldest possessions and yet others use it more than you do, what am I?

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Menstruators of TQC:

Do you use tampons? What size tampon do you use?

If I have a hard time getting a regular sized tampon in me, does it mean I going to have a hard time fucking? (Like...I can get it in me--but I feel like it takes too much effort. Maybe I'm overreacting. I hate wearing tampons.)

What's your opinion on paintings made from menstrual blood?

I'm bleeding RIGHT NOW. Anyone else?

Finally, do you think this post qualifies as a set of fucking questions for godlikespong? I told him I wouldn't ask any, but then I remembered which ones I meant to ask earlier.
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book lovers of the world unite!

Forget plot, forget characters and think prose only, what's the worst written book you have ever read?

Again, forget plot, forget characters, again, what's the best written book you have ever read?

Which authors do you like to read simply because of the way they write, characters and plots be damned?

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What do you do when you get a pimple?

Do you do any diy/at home pampering? (i.e. making your own face mask, etc) If so, what is it and how do you make it?
i saw a woman on the Ellen Degeneres show make a face mask out of kitty litter. It wasn't used, but still. I don't think I'm down.

hannibal skull


I sent myself 4 X 30 kilo boxes in the attempt to move from Hong Kong to Australia. They arrived today! FINALLY!

How much of my stuff did Australian Customs keep for themselves?

When you send yourself something, do you forget what is in the boxes you packed up and are you pleasantly surprised when you finally get them again? I know I sent a lot of books and DVDs and kitchen stuff. I forget the rest.

What was the last nice surprise or item you received via post?


1.) Do you judge people by the livejournal communities they are a member of?

2.) Blueberry or poppyseed muffin?

3.) What are some things a woman can say that a man can't?

4.) What are some thing a man can say that a woman can't?

5.) How come getoffmyspace rejected my application to rejoin?

6.) What's your favorite song right now?
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How TQC has enriched my life

Browsing in a library or bookstore makes me have to poop. I really did think I was the only one for years and years before I found TQC, someone else asked the question, and it turned out to be a reasonably common pattern. I love TQC because the very existence of it makes the question "am I the only one?" unbearably stupid.

So tell me; what was it for you? What weird quirk or predilection made you think you were the only one, before you met TQC? Did you ask if you were the only one that was like that? Did someone else? Did it come up in a more general question? Were you relieved or disappointed to find that other people shared your uniqueness?

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I'm a 20 year old college girl. What kind of shoes should I get to wear around campus with jeans and polos/oxfords/t-shirts? They need to be comfy, slip ons, not give me heel blisters, and look good, all for less than $50ish. Pics are nice!

I live in Upstate NY, it gets cold, it snows a lot (so they should be able to get slightly wet) and I'm looking for something to cover my toes and heels

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Poll #1245154 Movies

Which of these movies have you seen?

Tropic Thunder
Pineapple Express
The Dark Knight
Mamma Mia!
Step Brothers
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
I haven't seen any.

Any recommendations, TQC?
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What sites do you use to buy prints of your digital camera pictures?
Have you ever had a little photo album printed from one of those websites? How did it come out?

If you've had a baby, what was one thing that you wish you brought to the hospital with you?
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1. What kind of body part model could you be? (E.g. hand model for lotion ads, hair model for shampoo ads, butt model for underwear ads)

2. Do you say AD-ver-ties-ment or ad-VER-tiss-ment or something else altogether?

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As a few of you already know, I started running again this week and man, am I sore!

Any tips from you runners out there? I need good running shoes (oh, and I have high arches), and what are some good post-run routines? I am really excited to start phasing out the elliptical and switching to full time running for my cardio hour, and I want to do it the right way.

For those who don't give a crap about running, what is something new you've gotten hooked on that you're really excited about?

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why is my dog doing all the naughty things she does in the kitchen when we're gone or asleep, like getting in the cupboards and running through the living room with tupperware, when i'm sitting not 15 feet away?
oh mr. tea

A veritable question frappé

1. Do you remember a time when you would go to a gas station and attendants would fill your car with gas for you and clean the windows and take your money all while you waited in the car? When was the last time you went to one like that? (If it's regional, I've simply been traveling in all the wrong places ever since 2000!)

Yes - the Gulf stations used to always do this (my family had an old silver volkswagon bus so they always recognized us and were really nice 'cause they loved our car). Around 2000. Haven't seen one since I moved away from that area of PA.

2. Do you like grits?


3. What do you think would be a good name for a band?

All Intents and Porpoises.

4. For those of you with new roommates/housemates for the school year, how's that going so far?

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1) Nastia Liukin or Shawn Johnson?

2) What is your favorite women's gymnastics event?

3) What is your favorite men's gymnastics event?

4) Do you think they should lower the age limit for Olympic gymnastics? There are lower limits for sports like diving, so why not gymnastics?

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Grocery stores

What are the names of your local grocery stores? Feel free to post where you're from if you're comfortable doing so.

Here in my area of South Carolina the big ones are Piggly Wiggly, Bi-Lo, Publix, Food Lion, Harris Teeter (I think that's a grocery store, I've never been there) and I know there's an old empty Winn Dixie but I don't know if there are any non empty ones.

This question brought to you by the fact that it always seems weird to me when I mention a big grocery store and someone in another state has never heard of it.

cha ching

which of these MONEY songs do you enjoy?

You Never Give Me Your Money, the beatles
Money, pink floyd
Lawyers, Guns and Money, warren zevon
Take the Money and Run, steve miller band
If You've Got the Money (I've Got the Time), willie nelson
Penny Lane, the beatles
Mo' Money Mo' Problems, the notorious b.i.g.
Money Changes Everything, cyndi lauper
Money for Nothing, dire straits
She Works Hard for the Money, donna summer
If I had a Million Dollars, the barenaked ladies
Money, the beatles
For the Love of Money, the ojays
It's All About the Benjamins, p. diddy
oh suzer, i feel bankrupt since i don't know some of these songs

le yeah right

the new issue of gourmet magazine came this morning. it is all about paris. they make it seem like everyone in france is a bunch of little dainty french women running around in cute clothes eating macarons and crusty baguettes in front of 4 pane windows with natural lighting accenting only parts of their face, and that everyone only eats elegantly plated duck legs and expensive wine in front of the eiffel tower.

what is paris (and the rest of france) REALLY like?

what are other countries you have been to really like? really.

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Ok.. so my girlfriend and I are in disagreement so we are asking Wise TQC Dog Owners WWYD?

The dog's current setup: a large crate up next to a pet door to an outside back yard (about 20x20 area). She can either be outside or inside in the crate. This way she doesn't have puppy energy to tear things in the house up but can get AC if she gets hot.

This is her daily setup while we are at work and seems to be working fine. So now we are going to Vegas Monday night for Vito's B-Day and I say have her niece come over Monday night to visit the dog and feed her and then again Tuesday afternoon to visit and put out more food. We will be home sometime Tuesday night.

GF thinks that since she is a puppy that it is bad to leave her by herself for that long and wants a co-worker to watch her.

I said she needs to remember the wisdom of the Dog Whisper that she is a dog and not a child and she will not remember or hold ill will against us and she would be fine. I also don't want to be responsible for damage she might cause at her co-workers house.

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Gooood morning TQC!

Have you ever had to go to court for anything more then a speeding ticket or any violation having to do with your vehicle? (Unless, you know, it was like vehicular manslaughter or something serious...)

What did you do? If you don't mind saying.

How did it turn out when you went to court?

I have to go to court in about an hour, and I'd rather not say for what. I'm hoping I'll just get a fine or something...

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TQC, North Texas has been having very strange weather for a few weeks. August in Texas is famous for being hotter than Hell every stinkin day of the week, and believe me, it certainly lives up to it. This month, however, hasn't conformed to the norm at all. At the start of the month, we had our typical days of blistering heat with no relief in sight. Come the second week of the month, however, we started having rain every single day! We've not had any sort of normal weather since. (Not that I'm complaining about the rain - I love it <3 - but it's very odd and starting to freak me out a little)

So my question to you is, what is the most bizarre weather you've ever experienced?
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TQC, I AM ALL ALONE ON MY BIRTHDAY. What should I do? I'm staying with my grandparents in a podunk town and they are not even home and I don't know anybody here. I'm underage and can't buy booze, and I don't have the energy to find a way to acquire it.

Also, what do you think of the world podunk? I've been using it a lot lately.

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If you were moving out of your parent's house for the first time and going into an apartment with a few friends, what would you buy at the supermarket?

There is absolutely NOTHING in the cabinets and fridge .. what are some things that EVERYONE needs, at least in the back of the cabinet?

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Tomorrow, I get my GCSE results (exams in England you take at 15-16 to basically determine whether you can continue your education for 17-18) and I'm pretty nervous. TQC, if I fail my exams, what do you think is the best course of action for me to take. Shall I run off and join the circus?

When were the last major exams you took and how did you do? If you did badly, what were your options and what did you do?
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have you ever seen cute couple pictures of your significant other (past/present) with their previous gf/bf?
how did it make you feel?
are you better looking than the ex(es)?
Zooey face

tell me tell me

Dr. TQC! Or...formerly pregnant (or currently pregnant) TQCers:

How early can morning sickness start if one gets pregnant? What were your earliest symptoms of pregnancy?


What is your favorite dessert?

Do you know how to knit? What is the most complicated thing that you have knitted?
nkotb - joe - yay


Do you reapply your make-up through out the day?

If you do, what do you reapply? Lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, blush... ?

I reapply pressed powder and lip stick only. But I'm thinking about bringing my eye shadow to work... =-\
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No one better cross me today.
1. What should no one do to you today?

2. I have no patience. What do you have NONE of?

3. What do you wish was in your hand right now?

4. What is a typical thing someone says that makes you judge them?

5. Why are you so hard on yourself?

6. Answer all of these questions and I will give you a cookie. Ok?
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1. If you're walking on the sidewalk or whatever and you come upon someone taking a picture, where you continuing on your way would involve walking into their shot, do you stop and wait or keep walking regardless?

2. Is suicide the ultimate selfish act?
MCR Gerard Red Hair

Awesome doesn't cover it.

So my tickets for Reading finally turned up this morning.

Are you going?
Are you going to Leeds instead?
Who do you want to see most?
What's one essential item (other than toilet roll & baby wipes) to take to a festival?

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If you don't care about that, who is your favourite band/artist?
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A friend of mine borrowed my car this morning and subsequently crashed it into a dumpster about three hours ago. He is now furious with me over the fact that I requested he pay the $637 fine he acquired. "It's your car, you pay it," he says.

Was I wrong to ask him to pay it? 

Edited to insert that this is my live-in boyfriend of six years and the car is completely totalled.
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What kind of jobs can a 16-year-old get? Everyone's hounding me to get a job, but you have to be 18 to work pretty much ANYWHERE.

What's your job?
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What do you use to clean the inside (dashboard, etc) of your car? I want to clean the inside of mine because it desperately needs it, and I was thinking dishsoap and water. Y/N?

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I'll keep this simple because the full backstory would make no sense:
I do what could be considered volunteer work online, only it's really petty and involves a video game. With school coming up, I don't know if I'll have time to keep up with my quota every week, but I love working with the people I do. Should I resign or give it a shot and see if I can work something out?

I'm gonna be living in a townhouse with five other girls this year. What should I bring with me?

EDIT: Okay, so I know it's not volunteer work as anybody else would think of it, but it is kind of work, and I did volunteer for it. I don't know what to call it, but I work for two groups that do such work, and then I run my own, too. The point is, I don't know if I'm gonna have time to keep up with all three when I head back to school.

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Which is more edgy?
A song about a peeping tom
A song about a dude having sex with a little girl
A song about a dude having sex with a little boy

What's the most edgy song you can think of that made it to the top-100 of some chart (as in, not some obscure Cannibal Corpse tune)?

Do you think the band is better for having made that song?

performance reviews

I have a performance review coming up at work, and I have to answer the following retarded question:

To help improve [company]'s overall work environment and develop greater teamwork with all my peers, primarily those in the [city] office, I will set the following three personal goals for the upcoming review period:


Can anyone answer this for me?

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Do you live near a Fred Meyers?

I'm getting the feeling that they only exist in the Western half of the US (although there's a Fred Meyers jewelry store in our grocery store...weird).

Where do you buy gas?

My boyfriend only buys from Shell & Sunoco and wants me to do the same, but when I have $1.80 off gas at Giant Eagle or Krogers, come on!
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This morning, a lady knocked on the door. Being the goober that I am, I decided to just stand there and stare at her through the window until she left. Like Norman Bates kinda. Apparently she was delivering a package from VOS.

Who the hell is VOS and what's in the package?

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I decided to go off of my birth control in Feb but since then I've been plagued with TERRIBLE SKIN. I don't want to go back on it but I want my clear skin back... it's really terrible. Does anyone have any experience using facial cleansers or astringents that help their skin? I've tried Clinique's three-step and also St. Ives blackhead clearing scrub and neither of them do anything to help nor prevent any pimples. I'm contemplating proactiv, does anyone else have any horror stories from proactiv or use anything else that works?

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Do any of you TQC-ers take naps?

If you do, how long do you usually nap for?

I just meant to go on a 15 minute break at work, but turned it into a 25 minute nap in my car. Now I'm groggy, bad idea.
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I just found out that the building I'm living in this year got a new housekeeper! I am so excited, because the old housekeeper didn't do a very good job. Last time I lived here, there was mold growing in the showers, and the carpets in the hall were always nasty because she never vacuumed. Thus, I am excited because we got one of the best housekeepers on campus!

What's happened to make you excited today?
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TQC! I'm having a great day. =]

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When was the last time you felt incredibly relieved? What happened?

And just because I'm curious...

How long have you had your livejournal?
How long have you been a member of TQC?
Do you post everyday for fun? Or only when you really need something?

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So, TQC, today, I got in my car, and allthesudden there was an eighteen-wheeler behind me. I looked in front of me, and there no car parked there, so I thought to myself- "Well, I'll just go on through." I conveniently forgot that there were parking bumps. 
What kind of stupid mistakes did you make when your were a new driver?


I'm planning a cruise to Mexico with the bf. Any cruise lines to avoid? Any to definitely consider? We'll be leaving from somewhere in Florida, preferably Cape Canaveral or Ft. Lauderdale, but we're not opposed to Miami or Tampa.

Will you post a picture of you on a cruise/vacation?

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Are you double-jointed anywhere? Does it let you do any cool tricks?

Bonus points if you're double-jointedness is even more useless than mine (middle knuckle on the last three fingers on my left hand, and middle knuckle of the pinkie on my right hand).

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There is a country song I'm trying to think of, but this is all I can remember about it:

-It's about a woman trying to steal another woman's man, and the song is pretty much a warning to the "other woman"

-I think the name of the song is also a common name to call "the other woman" in a cheating situation

-The video was creepy.

Does anyone know who sings this song/what the song is?

I liked the girl who sings it but I can't remember who she is, so the artist is the important part here.

real men read


Yesterday I bought some thin pretzels and as soon as I got them I KNEW I needed to have them with hot cocoa.

1. What things must you have together?

I'm feeling craptacular and all I want to do is leave work, go home, get in PJs, and lay on the couch watching ProjRun.

2. What do you want to be doing right now?

Someone was so busy being a dick — speeding around a car that was backing out of a space and blasting his horn trying to stare down the other driver — that I had to jump out of the way when I was walking on a sidewalk to avoid getting hit.

3. What would you want to do to someone like that in a situation like this?
  • slyfoot

Cell Phone for Visually Impaired Question

Can anyone tell me if Doro HandleEasy 330gsm mobile phone can actually be used in the United States? It is dual-band, and unlocked, if that helps. I have been searching high and low and this is the most awesome phone for visually impaired that I have seen yet, and it includes SMS... but it looks like it's only available for the UK.

Trying to find a suitable phone that I can see is giving me a massive headache. I have never had a cell phone before, so I feel kind of clueless. Somebody please tell me if I can use this in the US... if not, can anyone recommend a cell phone with a display and keypad that is as easy to see as this?

Can&#39;t sleep wrong

For godlikespong

When fucking, do you like to be spanked?

What do you think about when fucking?

If your partner could read your thoughts when you were fucking, would they be shocked at what you think about?

When was the last time you fucked someone? Good bad or ugly?

Are you going to be fucking later tonight/today?

I love doing comparisons.

Which one do you like better? And tell me why.

1. Gatorade or Powerrade?

2. Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson?

3. East Coast of the USA or West Coast of USA?

4. Jungle Fever or She Hate Me? (The movies, if you've heard of them)

5. SNL or MadTV?

My choices:

1. Gatorade. Sweeter, and it's usually cheaper.
2. Music wise, I prefer Michael(but I love the music both of them make, regardless), but as a person, Janet, hands down.
3. I haven't experienced that much of either coast, so I can't really answer, i'm just curious about what everyone else's answer would be.
4. She Hate Me. I found the concept and style of it more interesting, but Jungle Fever had a better story and seemed focused on it's main plot)
5. I used to LOVE MadTV back in the 90's/early 00's, but it's really gone downhill. I've just recently received more exposure to 70's, 80's and 90's SNL, so I have to pick SNL.

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How often do you brush your teeth?

Three times a day
Twice a day
Once a day
Once every other day
When I remember to
After every meal
Honestly TQC, how many times a day do you brush your teeth? (answers are anonymous so be honest!)

This is my first poll, so lets hope i didnt screw it up

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Hypothetically: You're a sophomore in college. The school year has just started, and you and your room mate, who is a stranger to you, have just arrived at your dorm room.

How disgruntled are you to find that your room mate's parent of the same sex will be spending the first night there? Really super annoyed? A little bit bothered? Indifferent?

I would not like to start off on the wrong foot with my room mate, but my mom thinks she will be spending the night in my room before she goes home. I'm not really sure if my room mate will even be there yet. And my mom does not really want to sleep in the car or in the apartments of any of my actual friends. It's unlikely we will be able to get a nearby hotel. So I'm not really sure what alternative to propose to her.  I don't think I would like it much if my room mate's mom spent the night but I don't actually know if I would mind at all. And I can't ask the girl ahead of time because she hasn't been using Facebook and the school did not see fit to provide me with her phone number or address (though they gave her mine.) Anyway, what would you do? What should I do?

PS. The top half of Florida is engulfed in a Tropical Storm. How bad of an idea would it be to go driving through the top half of Florida?
Gaga: Elegant

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Have you ever had one of the 5-Hour Energy drinks?
Would you agree that they are absolutely disgusting?
I just had barely a sip of the orange flavor and thought my throat was going to explode.
Opem Arms...

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I have a huge collection of VHS tapes still, cluttering up boxes and shelf space that I'd like to get rid of...

Would trying to sell the on ebay be really worth it?

Or would anyone really buy them from a thrift store if I took them there?

I'm debating just throwing them all in the trash, but I'd like opinions on what to maybe do with them.
emmett, QAF

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Do you have a motor scooter ? Do you like it ? Will you post a picture.

Do you have a bike ? Do you ride regularly ? If you have a bike will you post a picture of it?

I recently got into bike riding again but all I have is my 6 year old commercially produced bike until I can get a new one. I think I want a Schwin.

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Will you, please, name 7 different meals I can make for the rest of the week?

I hate whenever I get to the grocery store and I'm like, "ummm ... um..." and I walk out with 102 pound of hamburger and a can of corn.
Mitty box

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Dear TQC,

I just bought a house! Have you ever bought a house before? Were you terrified as well?

Black, white or silver appliances?
Should I mount my flatscreen tv or get one of those entertainment centers with the stick that you put the tv on?
What colors should I paint the walls?
What kind of dining room table should I get?
Do you think I'll ever use the fireplace?
What are some fun kid-related items I can put in the back yard?

I'm so excited!


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1. Are there any CDs you won't buy because you like the music so much you don't want to burn out on it?

2. Have you ever let anyone put their peen in your butt?
2a. Who?
2b. Did you like it?
2c. Did they like it?
2d. Would you do it again?
at seven

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Time to brag on yourself, TQC:

1. What's a Good Deed you've done lately? Did it end up benefiting you in any way? (That doesn't negate it, that just makes it more awesome.)

2. What's something you've accomplished recently at work or school (or similar)?


3. Will you tell us about a dream you've had about a celebrity or notable person of some kind? I had my first Obama dream last night and I was sad that I dream of Barack isn't updating any more.

New Yorkers!

Are you going to the State Fair? What day?
I'll be at the NYS Fair a week from today. My brother's marching in the parade Monday night.

For everyone - if you like fairs, what's your favorite part?
The food. Totally the food.
Kitty lite
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I'm supposed to go on a trip to Oregon to see my half sister (4th time ever seeing her) and her newborn.
I really effin don't want to go for many, many reasons (incl. a 10 hour car drive with 3 yappy little dogs) but know my folks will be upset with me if I don't. How can I get out of this?

What would you do?

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Have you or anyone you've known ever been in the ROTC program at a university level?
What was the experience like? Would you recommend it?

I have absolutely no intention on ever joining the army, but I'm thinking of taking the class freshman year in order to train with them, is this a bad idea?
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Happy Cherry Popping Day to Me

For those of you who lost your virginity more than a few years ago: Do you still remember the date? Do you do anything to celebrate?

I lost mine 13 years ago today. I don't do anything except think to myself how long ago it was and how thankful I am that it's only gotten better. :-D I don't think I'd remember the date except for it was a few days before I was a labor and delivery coach for my best friend at the time. Usually her mentioning her daughter's birthday reminds me, LOL.