August 19th, 2008

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So, TQC, I need your help. Here's what happened:

Me and two of my friends were sitting on the back of my friends car tonight. One dumbass decided it would be fun to start the car and start driving really fast. I got thrown from the back of the car, going about 30 or 40, twisted my ankle, got a few gashes on my side, and hit my head really hard.

I've never had a concussion before, but I feel I might have one. My head is pounding and my vision is a little blurred. How can I find out if I have a concussion?

ETA: The majority of you are telling me to sue/get a lawyer. Thats's not something I feel I should do, because it was my brother who was driving. But I am going to the hospital soon. Thanks guys. =]

ETA2: My brother says he didn't know we were on the back. It was really dark, and he came from the front of the car. Plus, his best friend and his girlfriend were on the car too, though they didn't get hurt as badly. I really don't think he meant any harm.
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Poll #1244314 Huh What?

How much do you LOVE buying office/school supplies

I hate buying anything. The establishment shouldn't get to decide what paper products I need.
I prefer the old tablet/chisel method
It's alright, I guess.
I like organizing them, but that's it.
I love school/office supplies!
I make comprehensive, coordinated lists! I put a lot of time into it.
I practically have orgasms when I step into Office Depot/Staples/random supply store

What kind of pens do you like?

pen 15

I think Michael Phelps is

Totally Overrated

Pandas are

too Asian
teaching America's youth about sexual harassment
macaroni murder lady

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Hey, guys, you'll recall I got laid off (except that was with a different icon, so you have no idea). This Friday was my last day, and right in the middle of gearing up for a drunk tqc marathon we got the call that my husband's mother was being rushed to surgery for a major GI bleed that ended up being the death of her (she finally died this morning).

What happened on the worst day of your life (so far)?
Am I that badass that you remember who I am with new default icon?
Will you forgive my shitty, shitty post because my man is distraught and I'm super underslept?
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Does it tickle when someone kisses your fingertips? (Yes, there is a story behind this question.) ETA: If it's never happened to you, try kissing your own.

If you were going to get a tattoo, what would you get?
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i have a strange desire to have sex with my boyfriend's brother. i don't think he's particularly attractive, but something about it just excites me.

does anyone else have similar feelings/stories?

How does one acquire a backstage pass?

So my favoourite band (AC/DC, no dissing please) is touring at the end of October of this year. I would like to know how to acquire a backstage pass. Would it be available on ticketmaster, with the tickets? Do I have to be a member of the American Express thing?

Please tell me how you have acquired backstage passes in the past. Thank youuuu.

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What was your high school campus layout like?

Mine was a dozen or so buildings spread out over a few acres with lots of space between things. The buildings were all 1 story with only the theater being taller than than the rest.
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I just found out I have to get my wisdom teeth out, and I completely freaked myself out Googling "wisdom teeth" and accidentally clicking a link to a YouTube video of a wisdom tooth removal!!

1) Have you had your wisdom teeth out?
2) If yes, were you freaked out beforehand? Was it awful? Were you awake for it? What was the worst part?
3) Can you tell me something reassuring to calm me down?

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In my living room, there are two TVs: the one we watch and the one we're just keeping in there for storage until we get the front office painted. I was turning off the one I was watching so I could go to bed. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them, the second tv was on, being all salt-and-pepper-tastic. I already checked, and the main tv's remote is not compatible with that tv.


What would you do...

What would you do if someone came up to you and said that you sucked and gave you no explanation?

What would you do if you asked and they replied with, "I'm not here to critic you."?

This happened to be just a few hours ago, though they didn't say I sucked. They said one of my stories sucked. I just wanted to know why and they replied with "I'm not here to critic you". Am I the only one who thinks this is very annoying?
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Let's talk about random, perhaps illogical dreams you have

Such as, I kind of want to become a photographer for National Geographic. However I know shit about photography. D:

Also, I want to get into advertising now, purely because of Mad Men.

AND, I'd like to write for, or study any kind of science, but I'm SHIT at math.

What kind of ill-chosen professions are you considering?

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A guy that I used to 'date' called my friend randomly (after 5 years) and left the message "Hi, it's Mike. I don't know if you remember me, I met you at [such and such place]" As she pointed out, they weren't even really friends and the last time she saw him, he was rude to her and the guy she was with (understandable because we were in bed at the time about to get it on). 
What do you think he wants?
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mommy dearest.

My mother doesn't like it when I'm in the bathroom long enough to wash my face AND brush my teeth. So if she hears me in there for longer than it would take to pee, she will wait at the door she can tap her foot and glare at me in shame. None of us can figure out why. I've asked her why it bothers her and she responds "Because I have to use the bathroom!" Likely story.

TQC will please tell me a story of how insane your mother is (or somebody else you regularly interact with) so I don't feel so alone?

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my tummy rolls over belt when I sit and lean forward.
But it looks OK when I stand.
Am I fat?
WHAT do I need to do to get rid of those last jiggly inches?

Halp me Tee Kew're my onliest hope.
Dr Pepper cave-y.


For those of you who use BPAL (vials, not imps) how do you apply it? 

Finger over the opening in the bottle, touching the edge of the bottle to your wrist, decanting it into a whole 'nother little roller bottle altogether....?

ETA:  Lady of Shallot today.  Mmmmm.
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Alright, TQC, this may be a stupid question but ... when I turned on my laptop this morning (an HP with Windows Vista on it) everything appears to be ... larger. The icons on my desktop, my taskbar, all of my menus. Even my Firefox window is larger. My bookmarks toolbar no longer fits when it did yesterday. Any idea why the sudden change and what I can do to fix it?

And so that this isn't just a computer question:

What is the weirdest pet name your SO has called you? Last night, out of nowhere, my boyfriend called me Muffy.

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What's a great board/card/etc game you know of?

I played Apples to Apples last night, and it was pretty amazing. Catch Phrase is super fun (especially when you're drunk around a campfire).

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1) Will you tell me any amusing anecdotes about livening up a boring job?

2) I am not excited for school to begin at all. Harbinger of doom y/y?

3) Which of these books do you like better: Wuthering Heights, The Picture of Dorian Gray, or Tess of the D'Ubervilles?

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TQC, in honor of me still not being able to get over my ex after a few months, it's time for a question.

A) Which music albums and/or movies is it hard for you to watch because they remind you of your former significant other too much?  Or, can you watch them and you just don't care?

If you just don't give a damn about relationship questions...

B) What's the farthest you could stretch 1000 dollars if you were really pinching pennies?  How long (days, weeks, months) do you think you could make it last for?

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  I am doing pretty good with GH Aerosmith. We borrowed it from a buddy. I am stuck on Toys in the Attic Expert. 2 songs left, tell me that ain't a bitch, lol

As much as I found the songs annoying at first.. and I am an Aerosmith fan, just made horrible song choices for the game... they are really starting to gorw on me and I am feeling the urge to buy more Aerosmith... right now all I have is Nine Lives. The rest of my collection got old, scratched, lost, borrowed, etc. Its been awhile.

Should I get Big Ones or Just Push Play?? 

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1. You have a job interview, the interviewer asks you to tell them about yourself, but not what's on your resume. What do you say?

2. Do you think they honestly care about the answer? Could you say your hobbies are making scale miniatures of civil war battles and making rubber band balls and still get the job?

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If you go to the nudge page, what is the longest someone on your flist has currently gone without updating?

Do you nudge people who haven't updated in a while?

ETA why do you keep people on your flist if they haven't updated in years?
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I've got a Targus computer bag - it's got lots of small pockets, zippers, and those straps you can use to connect it to your waist. Do you think I can put it in the washing machine to clean it?

Do you take hot or cold showers?

Do you like white chocolate? Green and Blacks puts burbon vanilla in theirs and it is heavenly.

OK TQC! I've brought some chocolates and you may each have two pieces. Unfortunately, I do not have the chart that tells you what piece is what, so you'll just have to guess. Which ones do you hope you get? Which ones do you hope you don't get?
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 I think I just got caught browsing TQC again, while I should be working, by HR.

Can I plead internet addiction?
Will you help me find evidence that this is a real condition?

Srs&NonSrs answers welcome.
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1. What's been your favorite part of the Olympics thus far (if you've been watching them)?
2. Have you ever been horseback riding? My fiance and I are going to go to a ranch in the Catskills and I've never done it before and I'm afraid of falling off and busting my collar bone or something. Is this a reasonable fear?
3. Has anyone ever been to Antigua? I'm going there for my honeymoon and was curious to know what people who have been there thought of it.

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I forgot to shut of my laptop's screen before leaving for work today and I won't get back for 10-11 hours. It's got a screensaver, but I don't think I've ever left it on for more than a few hours at a time... how long before it fries?

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 I had 5 hours sleep last night because I was asked at the last minute to do a bar shift as well as my day job and I'll probably have to do the same tonight. Is it bad of me to go find a corner and take a nap whilst at work?

My dog is in the vet to be neutered. Will he be alright? I'm worried.

Post me a picture of your pet and make me feel better?

Oh hello there allergies.

TQC, I have allergies. Only they're not regular allergies. I go to sleep perfectly fine, sleep all night, and wake up in the morning to a stuffy nose. As I go about my morning, getting dressed and so forth, the nose unstuffs and begins to drip. This creates an irritatingly runny nose that I have to combat with tissues, and since tissues are my nose's worst enemy, this sets off an allergy attack, which I have to combat with Claritan. My question is:

How can I get my nose to stop stuffing up at night in the first place, if I can?
Is it bad that I use Claritan pretty much every morning (this happens quite often)? Can my body get "used" to the Claritan's effects? Probably not, I know, since it's non-addictive, but still. I'm curious.
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I think it's time for a friending meme, y/y??

Would you leave a comment if you're interested in making new friends so that you can be friended by other TQCers?

Edit: Now respond to the comments of others......go!

Edit 2: I guess this only works if people list who they want to friend.

sorry, no hair bands.

which of these SWEET-ASS songs do you enjoy?

Sweet Emotion, aerosmith
Bittersweet, big head todd and the monsters
Sweetest Thing, u2
Sweet Jane, cowboy junkies
Sweet Home Chicago, the original-robert johnson
Sweet Dreams (are made of this), the eurythmics
Sweet Talkin' Woman, elo
Who's Gonna Be Your Sweet Man When I'm Gone, muddy waters
How Sweet it Is, Marvin Gaye
Sweet Child o' Mine, guns AND roses
The Sweet Escape, gwen stefani
Sweet Home Alabama, lynryd skynyrd
Sweet Caroline, neil diamond
My Sweet Lord, george harrison
oh suzer, it was sweet of you to ask my opinion, but i don't know some of these songs
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1. Let's say you have a headache, probably a migraine. It isn't going away. How long do you wait before calling your doctor?

2. Which wording do you prefer: "it is not," "it's not," or "it isn't"?

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TQC, I'm going to break up with my boyfriend. It's been a LDR since May, and he's talked to me maybe 4 times since. He's back in the states now, but I'm not going to see him til next week.

Is it shitty of me to break up with him after this whole time?

Tell me some good breakup stories.

edit: I broke up with him, thanks guys for not making me feel guilty about it!
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Pitchair time

I just put a poster up in my office and I love, love, love the image for some reason. It makes me all relaxed, calm and happy.
What images make you inexplicably happy? (images please!)

I wish I had another question, but I don't so will you ask me a question?

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Hunker Down!

Ohnoes! There is a tropical storm heading heading my way! Am I goings to DIE, y/y??

Should I leave work early, just on general principle?

Should I point and laugh at the TV weathermen filming beach grass swaying gently in the breeze and getting all hot & bothered by the 'destructive windz!'?


Has anyone here gotten their gallbladder removed?

Mine is coming out next Wednesday (thank God! That means I can eat without feeling really sick and/or throwing up). But I was just wondering about experiences. I work as a nurse in the O.R. so I know what a lap chole is and what they do, but I don't know anything about the recovery.

Did you stay in the hospital after (they said I might have to)?
How long were you in major pain?
How long till totally normal and I would be able to work out again?
What pills did they give you?

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I'm having a rather annoying brain fart at the moment. I need to program my outgoing message on my work voicemail and can't figure out how to clearly state what I need to convey. Currently it just says the system default of my name and extension number. However, this causes much confusion. My line is the main receptionist line but before they get to me, they go through a recorded thing about who we are (a museum) and how to get basic general info, etc. But, if they press 0 or just stay on the line, my phone rings and if I don't answer, they get my voicemail. So I get voicemails specifically for me and ones left by people who call afterhours or when everyone else is tied up and can't answer the phone. I need to convey that I am me but that I am also the information desk and they can leave me a general inquiry, too. I'm also thinking about having a version that goes up on the weekends saying that I'm only here Tues-Fri so if they leave a message, it wont be returned if I'm not here.

How do I say that all that simply and professionally?

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Apologies in advance for this stupid stupid post. I am very confused....

The other day I was trying to download Limewire when my boyfriend's friend said "No just get iTunes, Limewire is so bad blah blah"

So I go to the iTunes site to download the free version. Long story short, As a result of my not paying any attention whatsoever to what I was doing, I ended up buying some 3 year VIP membership for $49.96. I called their billing support immediately after I noticed what I did. They said the money would be refunded in 24 hours. Last night I checked my bank account and, still no refund. So I called again, got the same story, 24 hours, and now Collapse )

Basically my question is, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!
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TQC, I told my friend I might go see a movie with him today. I was pretty excited, but today I woke up and I don't want to go. I feel icky and my mom is sick - I declined a movie with someone else yesterday because she was sick, and today she's worse and going to the doctor. On top of it, I have no money. The movie's free, though.

I feel bad bailing on my friend, but I don't want to go today, and I work at the local theater so going to the movies sucks a bit anyways. Still, I don't know when his next day off is. :\

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1.] Does anybody know that website where you create your own "country", design your flag, etc..
Everyday there's a new topic that you have to make a decision on, and your answer influences the type of country you become?
I know the name "jennifer" is somewhere in the URL.
Any idea?

2.] I dunked a donut in coffee for the first time ever today and was baffled by how delicious it was. Do you dunk your donuts in coffee? Take this literally or sexually, as you wish :)

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What is the most inappropriate outfit you've seen at a wedding (or other such occassion: graduation, company party, etc.)?

ME: at a company function, a man brought a woman who was wearing a lace bodysuit with pink pasties covering her nipples. Four years later, it's still all people are talking about.

(no subject)

what's the cheapest international mail delivery service for which you can track packages?
(*since USPS has terrible tracking, what is the second cheapest?*)
thanks guys.

: )
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1) Why does Oprah magazine have such expensive clothing in it? $1000 coats? and the 'affordable' options are $100 dresses?

2)My mother has taken to her bed[ok, the couch]. How can I cheer her up?

3)Do twins run in your family?

yes, my aunt has twins.

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1. My boyfriend and I have been apart all summer and its finally almost time to get back. I'm staying with him for a little and I want to surprise him with a cute dinner one night when he gets home from work. What's something simple and sexy I could do that's also vegetarian for me? Plus, while I've been gone he bought a new place, so I'm not going to know where anything in the kitchen is. Simple, simple, simple.

2. I just got my wisdom teeth yesterday and I realized my doctor failed to mention how long I need to wait before smoking-- ya, it's dirty, I know-- but really, how long should I wait?

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Do you take care of responsibilities immediately as they come up or are you more likely to let them pile up and take care of them all at one time?

What is something you could improve about yourself?

(no subject)

1)Who's stealing manhole covers in Lufkin, TX?

2)What are the worst covers you have ever heard? Were they terrible versions of good songs or songs that someone covered where you said to yourself "What idiot thought it was a good idea to cover THAT song? It's not even good to begin with"?

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More help on what to stuff in my face, yesterday I asked where to go for dinner for my birthday and now, what sort of yummy dessert should I get, chocolate cake or Boston Cream pie?

On a related note, a Boston cream pie is actually a cake and a cheesecake is actually a pie, why must the world of confections be so mad?

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Do you ask for a water cup at restaurants with self-serve drinks, then fill it with something other than water? Why? Everywhere, or just certain places? Have you ever been caught? What did they do?


What is your default ringtone?  
Behind Blue Eyes LimpBizkit version

Do you have specific ringtones for people? How many? Who is it and what's the tone?  
Just my husband but I plan on getting more for a few other people. His is ThereForYou by Flyleaf

k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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I have Friends, Supernatural, Psych, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, The Golden Girls, The Brady Bunch, The Fresh Prince, and Arrested Development all on dvd. Which one should I watch while I eat lunch?
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The past couple days I've eaten my weight in all things fatty and delicious. Now I feel gross.

When's the last time you overindulged in something? (doesn't have to be food...although it's the most delicious option!)

(no subject)

what is the most ridiculously lavish thing you've done for yourself/bought for yourself/etc? why did you do it?

mine: I had a pedicure at this spa one time and I let them convince me into spending like an extra $60 to have them brush on this caviar based stuff on my legs and feet. the lady wore gloves while she applied it with a brush so as not to 'steal anything' from the caviar goop, whatever it was.

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McDonalds Sweet Tea is delicious


For a cold sandwich, I like to go to

another place that I will mention in a comment

For a hot sandwich, I like to go to

another place that I will mention in a comment

When I'm stressed / anxious / upset or anything that isn't "good," I like to

take a hot bath
something else I will mention in a comment
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decide my life plz

Pretend you've lived in the same city your entire life. You're going to be done with school in 6 months and are faced with two options: Stay in that city and accept a job at the same place you did your internship, or pack up and move wherever you happen to get a job?

I've been considering this for like 3 months and can't make up my mind. The salary would be roughly the same wherever I go, so that's not really a factor. On one hand, it would look good on my resume to be hired by the hospital where I did my internship, I already know the people, the work is really interesting, and the hospital is good to its employees. On the other hand, I'm really tired of living here, I'm afraid of getting sucked in and staying here for the rest of my life, and I want to experience living in other places. Then there's the fact that there's been no official job offer, just vague statements by everybody superior to me that they hope I stick around after the internship is done.

I'm leaning towards accepting a job here but being up front that I plan on reevaluating in say 2 years and possibly packing up at that point. What would you do?

(no subject)

For those of you that have been hypnotized on stage before:

1. Were you actually hypnotized, or was it all a lie?! Stories please.

For those of you that have not:

2. Do back/shoulder massages hurt you? Everytime anyone, including myself, applies any pressure to my back or shoulders it hurts, but I think I need a massage because my shoulders are so tense and knotty. I wish I could get one without feeling such extreme pain :(

guns; shoot your eyes out

(no subject)

Do you think it's important for a presidential candidate to have a family (spouse and children, or at least a spouse) to be a good president?

If your SO were president of a nation and cheated on you, would you file for divorce/leave them or stick with him/her through the term?

What are some situations in which you ALWAYS feel awkward?

bored, with a LOT of spare time.

What are you like irl? Like,...what kind of personality do you have?
What do you do/want-to-do for a living? What are you passionate about?
What are some completely random things about you that are tiny indicators of who you are?
Who are your heros? Explain or not at your own discretion. (And you're not allowed to say one of your parents, unless your dad is fucking Stephen Hawking, or something like that, that's a lame ass answer. We're not in 3rd grade anymore, think up someone who actually did something for the love of god. [and raising you doesn't count. thats nothing spectacular, it just means your parent isnt a piece of shit])

What's up with YOUR username?

What sterotypical genre do you fit closest into?
What kind of people do you hang out with?
What is your favorite thing about the people you hang out with?
How many "best friends" do you have?
What are they like?

Feel free to write a 387 page novel here, people. I want good thoughtful answers. And I've got alllll night to read these things.

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after what i just witnessed a second ago

would you ever intervene in an argument made in public between two people?

i really don't think it's my place, but the guy just totally reminded me of how mine acts. i can relate, because it is so draining & not to mention, embarrassing. i didn't see any physical abuse, but he was just so incoherently angry with this girl. i dunno.

cartoon nightmares

1. How or Where can I watch old episodes of Captain Planet and the Planeteers? I once had a nightmare once about a certain episode I saw a long time ago. It was one where they were trapped inside a virtual reality simulation kinda like The Matrix I guess. It was a simulation of the environment. Whenever an animal went extinct, it would freeze and turn to cement and crack up. Towers of smokestacks and pipes spewing brown & green sludge were erupting from the ground everywhere left and right. Birds turned to stone were falling out of the sky. Toxins were causing the animals to become mutated and distorted before they froze into cement statues. The water planeteer lost it and started crying when she saw a huge bloated walrus turn to stone. Just as they barely escaped from the VR simulator alive as it was overrun with pollutants, a man emerged from one of the towers, struck a dramatic pose and then turned to stone himself, signaling mankind's own self-inflicted extinction.

I want to see it again. It might help put my mind at ease to see as an adult for what it is. Recognize it? Where can I find it?

2. What are some cartoons that gave you nightmares? Here's another one that haunted me when I was 13 years old.Collapse )

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Should the entire city tax base take the burden of paying for graffiti clean-up or should this cost be levied exclusively against the homeowners and businesses directly affected?

Omaha, Nebraska is considering a proposal that would require home and business owners to report graffiti to the city. The property owners will then be given an estimate of what it will cost for the city to clean it up - when city crews can get to it.  If an owner doesn't want to pay the city for cleanup, they'll be given 10 days to clean it up themselves or face city charges.
Clem & Joely

For the sake of statistics and my own curiosity.

I was reading this article today about TDK's success and the writer asked "why are you going back and seeing this film so many times. I know this film didn't make $473,194,356 based on folks going and seeing it only once." I knew that people had been seeing it more than once, I've seen it twice, myself, but it made me wonder...

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On another note, sorry about having to make you press "submit poll" three times. This is my first poll. I'll know how to do it next time. =x

(no subject)

I slept in this morning and blew off going to the gym.
Will I die from fatness now?
Will all that weight I lost come exploding back?
Will Batman ever be invited to childrens birthday parties?

(no subject)

I have to write to my landlord about the repairs needing done. There are 4 or 5 things needing done, mainly the washing machine which hasn't worked since February.

What's the best way of putting this across? I don't want to sound like a bitch or start any hassle as he's the first decent landlord I've had in a while but at the same time I NEED a working washing machine.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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I am babysitting the devil's spawn. Don't believe me? He's four and he just called me fat. He hit my kitten with a golf club and then told me it deserved it because I didn't buy him McDonald's. He keeps punching my boob and telling me he doesn't have to behave because he's a big boy.

How can I make this more bearable until his mother comes to pick him up!?!

PS. I accidentally posted this to my journal. Did you ever post something in the wrong place? Did hilarity ensue?
Clem & Joely

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Inspired by this post

When was the first time you saw the dirty parts of the opposite sex? How old were you? Was it purposeful/accident? If you were young, did it absolutely scar you?

I remember I was 8, up in the mountains skiing with my class. There was this treesy area we'd all go to play in and make forts. I was going through one fort area, walking through some trees and I saw this man peeing a little ways away. I was like "woah!" I saw his...his thing! No long-lasting effects but I was embarrassed to tell people what I saw. XD
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Ethical dilemma! tl;dr!

TQC, I have a bit of an ethical dilemma. I was thinking of ways to get some more money, but could really only think of the guitar that my grandma got me when I was 11. She gave my dad money to buy me and my brothers all guitars so we could learn, although I had NO desire to learn the guitar. At the time, I begged to be able to trade in the guitar for a different instrument, but my dad said I should keep it. So, I did.

Flash forward to now. I'm living with my SO, trying to make ends meet, and was thinking of anything I could sell. I have had no desire to learn the guitar. I *am* learning the cello. The guitar came to mind. My dad's been using it all these years. It's a pretty black acoustic with a good tone.

I e-mailed the 'rents to see if they'd let me sell it.

My mom called today to say my dad would pay me $125 for it.

Ethical dilemma: do I take much-needed money for a guitar he's been using all along, while I wouldn't be losing anything?

I feel wrong "selling" a guitar to me dad...when he's been the one using it all along. :/ My mom says she totally sees what I mean when I said this, but she can understand my need for money as well.

My parents aren't well-off. Am I right in feeling this would be ethically....wrong?

edit E-mail sent to mom just now:
I've already thought about it, and I'd feel really, really crummy asking dad to pay me for a guitar that's basically been "his" for so long anyway. Tell him it's okay, and to keep it, with my blessing. :) I'd feel tremendously guilty asking for $125 from you guys for it, and really, the more I think about it, I'd feel guilty taking the money when he'd just be using it same as always.
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(thank God for computer labs)

So, my laptop decided to be dumb and not work this morning. After an hour on the phone with tech support, they're sending a technician out tomorrow to replace something on my laptop: they've said they believe my motherboard is fried and will need to replace it. Does this mean that I will lose my saved information? I'm mostly concerned for my music collection.

I hate textbooks.

Why can't I have books ordered from shipped to an address that's different than my billing address?

I DON'T LIVE AT HOME, I'M AT COLLEGE ARGH D:< I spent like 40 minutes trying to find my books... and then I try to check out and they give me a big ol' FUCK YOU.

Also, will the same thing happen if I try to find them on Amazon? Am I just wasting my time there too? D:

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Do you ever have food in the house but none of it appeals to you, even though you're hungry?

Sometimes I wish I could be like my dog. He gets the same food every day twice a day (once in a while we'll switch up the flavors) and yet every time it's time for him to eat he gets insanely excited and runs over to his bowl full of joy.
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So on a scale of 1 to ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE IDEA, how bad would it be for me to transport my beta fish in a cup w/ a lid (and air holes) while I drive 400 miles back to school? He's be in the cup holder.

Any better ideas that don't involve killing/leaving my fish at home?

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If you knew your mother was doing things (like flirting with another man) behind your father's back, would you tell him? How would go about doing so?

And I'll keep this one simple:
Pokémon - Yay or nay?

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Yesterday my boss asked me to work for an extra week even though my internship ends this Friday. Since I had 3 days off this summer, she said I had extra hours and money if I wanted/needed it. I already told her that I was committed to my other job full time that week, but brainstormed, and offered to come in early, not take my hour lunch break, and stay late this entire week to help out (more money for me, more help for her!).

Anyway, point: I'm sitting here at my desk with, my boss is in her office, I haven't heard from her for a half hour, so is it okay if I leave? Or should I just stay until she says something? Should I ask her?

Also, everyone I walk with to the subway station is gone already. How can I prevent myself from getting shot/kidnapped/raped/"hollered" at in the Bronx on my hike to the subway?

Srs and nonsrs answers welcome.


Kind of inspired by a post below...

Let's assume two things:
- You like your Dad
- He's either widowed or divorced

So, on a routine visit to 'ol Papa's, you meet this girl he's been dating. You've only heard of her from him, and you know he really likes her. You get to your Dad's, and as it turns out, she's 20-25 years younger.

Do you disapprove? Why?
Are you worried she wants to somehow take advantage of him?
What do you say to either of them if they get married?
Does your answer change any if it's your Mom instead of Dad?

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Hello TQC, long time no see.

I was curious if anyone here has ever used Copic markers.

If so, what did you think of them?

I currently use Prismacolor markers, and I must say that I am not very fond of them in the least with the sudden drying out of the fine tip among other things.

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Do you like to debate?
Do you ever take positions in a conversation just to argue it?
Have you ever made yourself realize something new?
Are you a convincing liar?

I love to debate, I like playing devil's advocate. Since the world is not black or white, every side has a point, despite personal standings. I also like to see people open up their eyes to the possibility that they are just simply wrong. Its good for the soul.

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Is it slightly unrealistic for an intern whose job description does not include working at home to be expected to check her e-mail at home, at odd hours of the day, so she can rush into the office from 30 minutes away to do grunt work if necessary?

Because my predecessor just wrote me an e-mail telling me how to access my mail online (which I was doing at the time, actually) and has told me stories about how she checks her e-mail all the time and checked it once at 7 in the morning to find a request from a professor to make several copies for a class that started at 8....and she did!

We're already in the office 8 hours a day. If I'm not in the office, I'm going to pretend I don't have access to my e-mail, unless someone notifies me way beforehand that I'll need to access it at non-office times.