August 18th, 2008

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ted & robin

Who is your favorite fictional couple ever and why are they your favorite?

And if you feel like it, will you share a cheesy youtube montage of that couple? I love those things for some reason.

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come to the dark side

Homework help...

I know it's sucky to ask for homework help, but I'm tired and stressed enough to do it (the line to throw tomatoes at me is over there)...

So, I'm doing a stats course at uni because for some reason I thought it would be "fun" (surprisingly enough, it is not).

I need to do a "project", where I have to design and conduct an experiment, do statistics and write it up as a journal article. We have to have an "experiment" with a "treatment", so we need a response variable (the thing you are measuring), a categorical variable with 3 different "categories" and a numerical variable with a number of different levels.

The project example that they give is studying the effect of fertiliser on the germination and growth of alfalfa (doesn't that sound inspiring??). So in that case the response variable would be height of the alfalfa after x days, the categorical variable would be the amount of shade (i.e., full sun, part shade and full shade) and the numerical variable would be the amount of fertiliser added (e.g., 0, 2 and 4g per 100cm2). 

I need help thinking of a project that fits these criteria, that is relatively easy to do and that I can collect the data myself (preferrably something that doesn't involve asking a lot of people to "do" stuff - I don't want to impose on people if I can help it). [NB: I came up with an idea, but the lecturer didn't like it because apparently it was more of an "observational study" than an "experimental treatment" study. I tried googling ideas, but haven't really come up with anything worthwhile].

If anyone has an idea that includes a response variable, a categorical variable and a "treatment" that would be great!!
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(no subject)

Okay, that story I posted the beginning to?

Well, I'm going to change the names and make it into a fanfic. Only problem is, there's this big long section where a couple of the characters keep using the word "bloody." I guess I thought it was the height of hilarity while I was writing it, but now I think it's stupid. The reason they were saying "bloody" was because they were watching British comedy shows all the time. I fear that's only a stereotype--I did go to England, and they weren't using "bloody" in every sentence.

What should I do about the "bloody" situation?

Keep it. Maybe they just heard it once and thought "bloody" is a funny word.
Change "bloody" to "fucking" and replace "British comedy shows" with "stand-up comedy."
Remove the part entirely.
Other (please comment)

Here's an example:

“He was adopted. His bloody parents aren’t even bloody married. And they’re not his bloody parents, either. They bloody adopted him because they can’t bloody have children.”
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(no subject)

In one of my classes in high school the teacher told us that there were four races; African, Caucasion, Asian and Latino.
On LJ I've seen people say "There's only one race, the humane race" (which tbh, I've LOLed at).
Now I'm at stupid_free looking at a post that had a picture of a stereotypical mexican guy on a bag of tortilla chips, and someone commented with "his race is white. There is no Mexican race, Hispanic race, Latino race. There are cultures but that is not a race"

So, TQC, in your opinion are there different "races" or does it fall into some other catagory?
I'm not trying to stir shit up, I'm just curious if there's actually a "real" answer to this.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

(no subject)

I'm trying really hard not to jump to conclusions. I live with my boyfriend. I was cleaning our messy living room when he was on a hike, and found a skirt that is not mine. Not mine!! I don't know whose it is. We haven't had any female guests over since we've moved in.

Can you please tell me really hilarious reasons why there would be a random ass skirt in my apartment? I'm jumping to conclusions. Conclusions that I really don't want to jump to. I just need a distraction until I can think of what to do next. 
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Airlines and Bones

Question 1: 
I am trying to book a one way flight from Austin, Tx to Boston, Ma. (Assuming the time of flight, price and layover time are about the same). Would you rather fly Delta Air Lines or United Airlines? 

Question 2: My friend and I found what looks like a large femur bone about 10-12 inches in length on Cape Cod this weekend. What does one do with something like this? It was in the middle of a marshland in very shallow water. Where would you take it to find out if it's an animal or human bone?

elephant 6

(no subject)

1. When was the last time you've given into peer pressure? what was it and why?
2. How about impluse?
3. Did you have a childhood toy/ stuffed animal? What was it and do you still have it?
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(no subject)

Do you find applying for jobs to be a stressful thing to do?

I'm looking for fall internships(I've done this the past two years, so its nothing new), and I always question myself every time I send in a resume or respond to an email with things like "Was I too formal?", or "Crap, did I just send an email with a spelling error?", or "I'm kinda qualified for this job, should I apply anyway?" Am I irrational, or is this normal?

(no subject)

What are your "moves" for snatching members of your preferred sex?
What do you do/how do you do it?

I'm really bored, obv.
However also serious because apparently what I'm doing isn't working. Give me tips.
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(no subject)

a) how often do you smoke weed? how did you start?

b) if you do smoke weed, do you intend on quitting ever? why/why not?

c) if you quit, will you tell me what you reason(s) were?

d) if you never tried, what's your perspective on people that do? would you try?

e) if you do smoke weed, what if you significant other was against it? if you are against it, what if you significant other smokes weed? who compromises more/less?

(no subject)

I've decided to get rid of most of my clothes. I'll donate some, but I would need the money so I'd like to sell them. What medium is the best way to sell lots of used clothes and make the most money, some of which are fabulous, many kind of meh, some boring/basic but sellable? Edit: Also, most are not brand name. 90% of my clothes are really cute thrift store things.
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

1. I need to make an mp3 out of sections from two other mp3s. Is this possible, and if so how can I do it?

2. I lost the cd that came with my Hello Kitty webcam, and so it wont work. The software I need does not seem to exist online. Does anyone have a Hello Kitty webcam and can send me the driver I need, OR is there any sort of universal webcam driver I could use?

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(no subject)

How many "i-am-attracted-to-you-but-we-shouldn't-date" type of guy friends does a girl REALLY NEED ANYWAY?!

How many of these do you have?

Why am I so undateable?

What is the longest you've been single?
three and a half years now, omgwtfbbq

What are you eating?
almonds and walnuts, mmm


So you know how people always say things like "omg vodka makes me depressed" or "tequila makes me crazy" and so on... is there any real truth to this? Is there any reason why one liquor would make you act differently than another? (Besides obvious things like proof)

(no subject)

i'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out in about 9 hours. i was told not to drink anything for a few hours before hand. does that mean everything or is water okay? why am i supposed to wear a loose fitting tshirt and closed toed shoes?

if you don't care: what was the last really bad movie you saw? really awesome? (define bad and awesome however you want)

(no subject)

So, Why is everyone here still awake at gawd-awful-thirty in the morning?

I have an excuse, it's called a stubborn kidney stone and the loretabs aren't doing much at the moment.

Have you ever had to suffer through passing a kidney stone? How'd that work out for ya?
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(no subject)

Do you think it's strange to tell a family member that you've heard stories of but have only met twice you love them?  And to cry when you go to leave from your second visit because you love them so much? 

(no subject)

have you ever taken a required class that you didn't like and knew you'd never ever need in your future? i think that's pretty common. how did you motivate yourself to do well in it? i'm taking a statistics class currently and the kind of stuff that i'm learning i can't imagine EVER needing in my future career as a speech language pathologist.

have you ever had someone in your life who, after a while, became a total pain? i'm talking about a person who you were close to, but, now that your relationship with them has changed, that you don't want to have anything to do with them? you don't want to pick up their phone calls or ever reminisce about the past you shared or ever catch up with them to hear about their current life? i'm experiencing that currently (see below) and i never have before so i'm a bit confused about how to act.

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(no subject)

I planned a "girls night" with two of my girlfriends for this coming Saturday, which would include the typical girly froo-froo alcohol drinks, brownie making, movies and sex talk in my cozy little 1 bedroom studio.

My best girlfriend, let's call her K, asked if she could invite a friend of hers, B.
I never really answered her because I don't care for B. She's a nice girl and all, I just don't click with her. I wanted it to be just us three. I was planning this.

Then last night she texts me and asks if she could invite B, and now M as well, and that she wasn't gonna have anything to drink, and we could have it at her house because it's bigger. I don't care for M either, the whole "clicking" thing.

I'm really bummed that MY plans have extended to other people, and now K isn't drinking. She argues that we can still have fun without alcohol, and I agree whole-heartedly, but spending the night with two other girls I have nothing in common with, I'm gonna need some sort of alcohol.
I don't want to do this anymore.

Am I being silly that my original plans were totally flipped on me, and should I suck it up, or do I have a legitimate reason to be a little annoyed?

[Okay, alot annoyed].
My Boys

(no subject)

I'm kinda broke for the next ten days or so, although I have a little bit of money put aside for groceries.

Excluding any type of meat (I already have all of that), what few things can I buy at the store that will that will make meals that produce a lot of leftovers (I'm only feeding myself), or will make a bunch of different meals that don't all taste the same?

Recipes if you have them?
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(no subject)

Ok, TQC, I need some help!

My husband and I are sending out an Evite, inviting people to the Bears vs. Colts game. You can choose your response headings instead of just 'will you attend', 'yes', 'no', and 'maybe'. We want them to be football-related terms.

I was thinking of doing:
Will you attend - Who's Playing
Yes - Colts (we're Colts fan)
Maybe - Not yet on the roster
No - Bears

Husband thinks it will be too confusing because we do have some Bears fans coming, but didn't have a better idea.

Can you come up with something?

(no subject)

What happens to you when you're nervous?
How do you calm yourself down?

I tend to get really bad stomachaches. I woke up way too early for my job interview and I'm just sitting here feeling sick to my stomach. I draw circles in my palm with my opposite finger...I read it helps reduce stress, I'm not sure if it does

(no subject)

I have a long boring flight out to B.C. this afternoon, TQC. Which of these movies should I watch on my iPod to alleviate ze bordoms?

Army of Darkness
Fritz the Cat
Resevoir Dogs
Red Dragon
Brain Candy
Heavy Metal
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Yellow Submarine
Jeff Dunham's Spark of Insanity Show
Lee Evan's XL Show

(no subject)

What can I use to get rid of this friggen POISON IVY?!
I've used cheap creams, expensive creams and I even pat the rash down with rubbing alcohol any time it gets itchy.
NOTHING IS WORKING AND IT'S SPREADING! (it's been about 8 days since the rash first showed up)

Can a doctor give me a pill to get rid of it? I'm even up for them burning the rash off or I might even just douse myself in gasoline and light a match.
That's Not Who I Was!

(no subject)

Is it petty to stop hanging out with your best friend when she insists that her other friend (who annoys the hell out of you) is tagging along?

And what should I have for breakfast? Coffee or a can of Coke?
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

Are there any words that you sometimes(or always) pronounce wrong on purpose? Why do you pronounce it wrong? How do you pronounce it?

example: Pronouncing garbage as "gar-bahhj".
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(no subject)

1. Can you tell me about the first time you moved out of your parents' house? (Not counting college, unless you weren't planning on ever living at home again.) For example, how old were you, why did you leave when you did, what was your first place like, where did you move and why there, anything you want to say about the experience.

2. What's your relationship like with your grandparents, aunts, and uncles? (Or what was it like in the past?)

(no subject)

What's something that you've bought recently? 
I just ditched my ten year old piano for a shiny new acoustic guitar. 
I'm pleased with my purchase. Are you?

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(no subject)

Let's imagine for a moment that you are a female and that you're engaged to the man you believe to be your soulmate. You've been together for a year and everything up to this point has been amazing. He treats you like a queen, you get along famously, etc. One night he tells you that he needs to "confess" something to you. He then proceeds to tell you that, four years ago, he was involved in a sexual relationship with a man, who he lived with for a year. He says that's the only time he's ever been with a man -- there was no one before that time and no one after. He swears that he hasn't even been attracted to a man since, that it was just a phase. He will understand if you can't get past this, but he hopes that you will, because he loves you more than anyone in the world.

How would you react? Would you immediately dismiss him as being gay and therefore someone you no longer would want to marry? Or would you see this as a phase he went through? Or something else?

Additionally -- would your opinion change if you were male and your female fiance told you that she had been with a woman at one point in time?

(no subject)

what do you think of people who wear band shirts?

i never had an opinion(except of people who wear metal t-shirts every day, but i'm an asshole) until my friend told me she thinks it's stupid. it made me feel kind of bad because i wear mine fairly often, especially in the summer. now i don't know what to think. i'm sure i'll be over it in a week but right now i'm kind of :\
Got Rat

B*tch i slept with (with a condom)is pregnant and wont abort after saying b4 having sex she would.

what is the best way of tricking her into aborting are there any herbal remedies that can abort a baby

she lied and we used protection and i dont want to be a father at this age it would ruin my life and she knows it she even said she wants to have it just to spite me

should i just punch her in the gut heaps of times or accidentally push her down some stairs/over a cliff or what? im serious i dont want to kill anyone but i dont want a baby either and feel trapped

i am not asking for ethical points of views simply the best way of getting rid of an unborn child thanks


recovery CD, taxes

1) I need to make recovery CDs for my laptop and plan to use DVDs for them. Does it matter what brand, kind, type of DVD I get to use for them?

2) for example, what's the difference between Memorex Lightscribe 16x DVD+R Media and Memorex DVD+R 16x 4.7GB?

3) Could I use a DVD-RW? After all this laptop is not going to last forever and when it dies I can reuse the RW?

4) I often hear from people that they have attended conferences and gotten a tax refund on it, or something similar to that effect. What's that about?

(no subject)

1. I remember someone posted a link once to a website that used your textbook's ISBN number to look up which site has the best deal for the book. Can someone post that link again? GOT IT!

2. If not, can you recommend me a yummy greek dish? My coworker is treating me to some greek noms tonight at a restaurant in the city, but I've never had greek food before, so, suggestions!


im dawg tired.

which of these CANINE songs do you enjoy?

Black Dog, led zep
Dogs of War, pink floyd
Hound Dog, elvis
Atomic Dog, george clinton
Walkin' the Dog, rolling stones
Dog & Butterfly, heart
I'll Be Doggone, marvin gaye
Hey Bulldog, the beatles
Bird Dog, everly brothers
Dirty Old Egg-Suckin Dog, johnny cash
Peace Dog, the cult
Dog Breath, frank zappa
Dirty Dawg, new kids on zee block
Puppy Love, donny osmond
oh suzer, i might like more of these songs if i actually knew them!
Kitty lite
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Girl schtuff

I'm about to start skipping periods... have any of you tried that? Why'd you decide to do it? How'd it work for you? How long did you do it/have you been doing it?

For guys: Other than the insurance that she's not preggo, would you care if your female SO was skipping periods?

What (if anything) about modern medicine weirds you out?

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(no subject)

if you have your own website what website do you use to host you? i used to use but i was wondering if there was anything better out there.

is it stupid to try to pursue a romantic relationship with someone if you think it probably won't work out in the long run?

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(no subject)

 Do you have IP tracking enabled on your posts?

Does it annoy you when people ask unrelated questions in posts?

Do you usually post more than one question at a time?  Are  your questions related?
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

How hard is it to make a decent macro? I get pissed off at people who make their own that look like shit with shitty writing. IT IS NOT HARD.

Did you watch that episode of Intervention with that girl who was addicted to inhaling computer duster?

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(no subject)

Say there was a country that was very scenic and doing pretty well economy-wise, and you would be considered a 10 on the 'am I hot' scale. Your kind of look is just what they like. If you lived there, you'd be flirted with, complimented and hit on all the time. Would you move there?

No, but I'd vacation there a lot

(no subject)

related to this question.

what percentage of the time does your sexual experience contain some kind of oral component (giving, receiving, 69ing or whatever)? eta: to clarify, say you have sex 3 times a week. would each of the 3 sexings have some oral mixed in there, or would it just be handjobs/PIV/assrape/whatever?

for those of you who had bad sex last time you had sex, why was it so horrible?

for those of you who had great sex last time you had sex, what was so great about it?

should i get a betta fish for my desk at work? it would keep me company when i got lonely.

ETA: you people who do the oral thing <80% of the time, wtf are you doing for foreplay??
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(no subject)

1. long-haired ladies and gents, do you tie your hair back when you go to sleep?

2. what's worse for your hair, leaving it down or tying it back at night?

3. why does the cheek i sleep on break out when the other's mostly clear? i've tried changing/reversing the pillowcase every day, sleeping in different positions (i always wake up lying on that cheek!), tying my hair back, etc.

i had short/medium-short length hair until like, last year.

i need advice, tqc!

I have an employment-conundrum.

- I am currently working at a veterinary clinic. I like the diagnostic aspects and working with critters, and my coworkers are really nice people. However, I only make 8.00/hr for doing the workload of about six people (my job also includes a lot of manual labor like scooping poop in the sun and weeding on the side of a busy avenue). My hours will be cut when I return to school, and I don't think it will be sufficient for rent/utilities/food when it comes time for my partner to go back to part-time hell in October. Also, my boss is a raging bipolar jerkbag, and he is consistently on my ass.
- I have an interview tomorrow at a bookstore across the street from my college. It's 7.50/hr but I'm guaranteed almost full-time hours during the month or so textbook-rush season. I do not know if this job will turn into a permanent position, but will be asking during the interview. It is in an awfully convenient location, but I'm not thrilled about the prospect of retail.

What do I do, TQC? Sacrifice my sanity (and possibly have to find another job if my hours are cut, anyway), or take the risk and work at the bookstore (if they can guarantee me a permanent position after the rush season)? I love working with animals, and plan on doing nothing short of that when I can afford the part-time wage woes.

(no subject)

1a:  When you shower, do you wash everything in a specific order or do you wash your parts in a random order?
1b:  If you follow a specific order, what is it?

2:  Body wash or soap bar?

3:  When you dry off, how do you dry yourself?  In what order do you dry yourself?

4:  Are there specific parts you dry in the bathroom and other parts you dry in your room?

5:  Do you get dressed in the bathroom or bedroom?

Printing question...

Ok, I don't know if anyone here will be able to answer this, but who knows!

I've made some baby annoucements that I would like to get printed. They are photo announcements, and I'd like them printed on a thicker, glossy card stock. I just want it to be better quality than photo paper. I've never been able to find anything like this in stores, and would rather just get them printed professionally anyways. So, does anyone have experience with this, or know of a good place I could order prints from? A website or a store would be great.

(no subject)

What's your favorite day of the week?

What's your least favorite day of the week?

What does your schedule look like this week?
Completely empty and boring :(

Do you have certain activities that you do on a certain day of every week? (i.e. going to the gym every Tuesday)
I don't

(no subject)

I've gotten two facebook spam messages that, when you open them, it sends one to every single person on your friends list. I knew about it from a friend so I deleted them.

Have you gotten one of these messages? When did facebook go all myspace with the spam/virus messages?

Have you seen the movie The Wackness? (With ben kingsley, that chick from juno who was the bff, one of the olsen sisters and that guy from that one nickelodeon show, drake and josh) Thoughts?

Whats the last thing you've watched on TV?

A Change

I'm mixed and I have really curly hair, and I want to get thin dredlocks with it since im sick of straightening it. I also want my nose pierced, but my boyfriend is really against the nose and I can tell he doesnt like the hair idea too much. But I really need a change, but I cant do too much with my hair because of the texture of it. But what do you think of people with dreds and nose piercings? Do people really think they look dirty and unprofessional, and should I go through with it and if he doesnt like it make him deal with it? I'm so torn on this idea... 
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Dr H - Hammer Penis

(no subject)

Is it possible to bruise/fracture your ribs by sleeping on your stomach if you're really bony?
  cause I'm in major pain and I can't think of anything else that could have done it.

Have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog yet?
  If yes what did you think?

Do you think we (the USA) on the brink of WWIII?
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(no subject)

I accidentally bought 2 tickets (from different websites) for the same show tonight. What should I do with the extra?

I don't want to bring someone with me. I'll probably end up throwing it away, but I'd like to avoid that.

EDIT: I don't want to sell it either, I would feel weird about it and it just wouldn't be worth it to me. I'm pretty much out of luck, right?

(no subject)

I ate a Lean Cuisine: Roasted Chicken in Creamy Herb Sauce with Mixed Veggies for lunch. I asked my co-worker, "Do you eat Lean Cuisine?" because I wanted to tell her that the meal I just ate for lunch was very tasty. Her reply was, "No...I eat real food."

I know some frozen dinners are very very unhealthy and you shouldn't completely rely on frozen food as your only food, but do you agree with her that frozen dinners aren't real food?

If you're answer is, "They are real food"- what's your favorite kind? 
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(no subject)

Will you state your name initials and see which other TQC member has that in common with you? [if any]

What day of the week is your birthday going to fall on next year?
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(no subject)

What do you wear when you are not wearing jeans?

I feel like I wear jeans sooo much that it's boring now, so I'm trying to wear non-jeans sometimes... I have some dress-casual pants in black, gray, and pinstripes, and some brown cords.... but I still feel like if I wear any of those too much then it looks like I'm always wearing the same things over and over.

Do you know of a good brand or store to find some cute girly khakis? I never see them anywhere anymore but I loved my khakis in the past.

Sort of inspired by the shower question.

Is there something that you do that must be done the same way every time, or it just feels "off" to you? Will you describe it?

For instance, I smoke. Before I open a new pack, I have to pack it 15 times. Then when I open it, I have to flip the third one as a "lucky" (started out as a superstition in high school, now it's a good way to differentiate my pack from all my friends' packs), and smoke the fifth one first. If I don't do this, for the life of that pack of smokes, everything seems weird.

I also shower the same way every time. And after my shower, I only ever use 2 Q-tips, but I always have to grab 3 and put one back.


In the song Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks, when she says "And I said to my friend… nothing else matters" do the backup singers say "everything sucks" between the words "friend" and "nothing"?

Like, does it go

I said to my friend… everything sucks… nothing else matters.

That’s what I’ve thought they said since like… forever. But it just occurred to me that they probably aren’t actually saying that.

What do you think?

That line is right around 0:45.

k.bell ♥ biggest smile

(no subject)

What is your computer's desktop/wallpaper at the moment?


what is your current favorite graphic of some sort?
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Spring Break

Okay, i have to save up $1300 by probably december so i can go on my senior spring break trip to mexico :), i work already and make like 80 a week after gas money and stuff, and im thinking of selling my old prom dresses, but how else can I make money (Thats Legal)  before december and be able to go on my senior trip? ( I'm 17 so i cant work over 18 hours along with going to High School)

(no subject)

You're on a first date with a new person. When you met them, they seemed really cute and appealing. Which of these would be the most disappointing to discover about this person and would probably make you less likely to go on a second date?

They're dull. They prattle on about the most ho-hum of subjects and don't seem to pick up your body language of boredom
They're more stupid than you figured. They have limited scholastic smarts, limited pop cuture smarts, and generally don't seem to 'get' things you take for granted
They have giant, yellow horse teeth
They're a complete asshole to the waiter for no reason
Body odor
They just got out of a serious relationship, and even though they say they're ready, you can tell they're really not ready to date
They keep making sexual innuendo. They keep bringing every subject back to sex. During the date, they 'playfully' joke about making you breakfast later after a night of lovemaking
They don't have any money on them. They make up some excuse, but ask you to pay for the meal. And the movie afterwards. And ice cream later. But they ask in a very nice way
You find out they still hold ill feelings towards their ex. Real grudge stuff. They bring up the bitterness more than 3 times during the meal
Admits they're bisexual and have dated both sexes evenly throughout their life
They seem to be unmotivated and lazy. They live at home, don't have a job and haven't looked for one recently
You're going to a nice restaurant, and your date is dressed really poorly. Bad wardrobe, no fashion sense, and their clothes don't even fit well
Due to some deep rediscovery of themselves, they've sworn off sex for at least a year
They reveal that they've never had a boyfriend/girlfriend before. Due to work, school and general lack of game, they've never had a relationship
They swear too much. Every other sense has a cuss word in it. And they talk really loud. You're sure everybody in the restaurant can hear you two

(no subject)

Will you share with me some interesting facts about your best friend?

(If you can't decide who is your bestest friend, just tell me something cool about any of your friends. If you have no friends, tell me something cool about yourself.)

(no subject)

The washing machine got really pissed at the crotch of all of the pants I washed so now every pair is either torn open or very threadbare.
What is the best way to fix holes that appear in threabare clothes? Iron-on patches come off in the dryer and I'm not allowed to line-dry my clothes where I live (the air-fluff cool setting does not dry clothes either). Also the material is so fragile that when I sew a patch on it tears off in the wash. Any ideas of how to fix the pants? I'd rather not go out and buy new ones.

I'm getting my car back on thursday. so with my new found transportation- what sort of summery things shall I do? Going to the library and swimming are on my list so far. What else can I add?

My music collection is looking a little sparce. My zune hasn't run out of space yet. Could you suggest some band/artists for me to listen to?

I hate summer. It probably won't start cooling off until October. When does it start feeling like autumn to you? (I can't wait for the first frost)


My gf and I have been brainstorming Halloween costume ideas, preferably matching costumes. We're both pale and short with dark hair.

Gomez and Morticia was one thought but the lil' woman is unsure if she can really pull it off because she's all of 5'2". (She has been Wednesday in the past which was apparently a success.)

She also suggested Johnny Cash and June Carter which would be cool, but I think we'd have to explain who we were most of the evening(s).

Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone would be fun but, again, she doubts that is a good fit for her.

Neo and Trinity would be cool and I think, as of right now, that's in the lead in terms of suggestions.

Any other ideas?

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six of one, half a dozen of the other, yes?

So, I'm planning to make this tomorrow, I think:

What I find odd, though, is that the recipe calls for maraschino cherry juice. I'm supposed to buy maraschino cherries and just use the juice. But... that's grenadine, I thought. So is there some reason I shouldn't just buy grenadine rather then a bunch of cherries I don't need?
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Poll #1243983 Omnomnom

What should I have for dinner?

Pasta with tomato sauce
Veggie burger
Chicken patty
Hot dog
Yellow rice with beans and sausage
Italian sausage sandwich

What side dish should I have?

Tater tots
Onion rings
Mixed vegetables

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Poll #1243986 pictures please!

Which of the following apply to you?

I have at least one extra finger.
I have at least one extra toe.
I'm missing at least one finger.
I'm missing at least one toe.
I have the correct number of fingers and toes.

haven't flown since 2000; about to spend 48 hours with a first-timer in San Francisco

taking those parameters into account:

1. what should i make sure to pack in the overnight bag?

2. what should i make sure *not* to pack/wear other than the q-bomb, a shoe-bomb and omg-mystery-liquids/gels?

3. where will the snipers be posted on wednesday?

4. where else to make a brief stop other than f's wharf, moma, the de young, paxton gate, lemongrass and postrio? [no thanks, not x-posting to sf groups, barely have time to do laundry]

edit: fellow traveler doesn't and won't drink/smoke/etc.
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How may friends do you have in the area you live in- as in close by enough to hang out. By friend I mean someone you would feel comfortable calling up on the weekend to hang out.

What is your favorite kind of lotion for dry/itchy skin, if any?
2 - I didn&#39;t quite get hear that

"standing on the edge of a dream, looking over to the other side, will you love me if i make it through to another place and time"

Trying to find the song for my friend KelliPePe but only have that bit above. Can you place those lyrics?
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Mmkay, I have a dorm related question.

My dorm for the fall has a very nice kitchen with a stove, oven and everything. I have to share it with 3 people though, so I'm looking for recipes that are cheap, pretty easy to clean up and can be refrigerated and enjoyed later if I don't eat it all. What's your favorite recipe that suits these *constraints*?

And, let's say you come home from an afternoon out or work or whatever and there was a FIRE. Or some other kind of disaster. All your junk, including your groceries, are gone. What are the first 10-20 things you go out and buy at the grocery store?

Strange kink

What would your reaction be if you showed your SO 2girls1cup, fully expecting the typical "OMG NASTY" reaction, but instead they got all throaty and serious and said "That is the hotest thing I've ever seen. We have to do that. Right now." ?
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There has been a new development in the world of sexual science. You can now have a chip implanted in your back that would give you big orgasms whenever you pressed a button on a detonator pad.

Would you get the chip implanted?

Do you think if someone got hold of the detonator pad someone would have too many orgasms and die or whaaat?
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Yes, it's one of those "I need music" questions...

Since this place has more people than you can shake a stick at, I am hoping if I may pick your brains for some musical suggestions?

My tastes are a little unusual but I am always up for something new.

Here is a sampling of my collection;

Pre-punk/Garage/Classic Rock - Iggy Pop, David Bowie, The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Zombies
Old/Middle/New School punk - The Adicts, X, The Clash, The Damned, U.K. Subs, Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols, Misfits, Fugazi, Lunachicks, Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly
Post-punk/Grunge - Killing Joke, System of a Down, Nirvana, Hole, Jane's Addiction, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Cake Like, Hot Snakes
Goth - Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Big Electric Cat, Tones on Tail
New Wave - Gary Numan, Duran Duran, Talking Heads, Missing Persons, Gang of Four
Electro/Dance Punk - Ladytron, Le Tigre, The Presets, Klaxons, Death from Above 1979, LCD Soundsystem. Faint, Rapture, Santogold
Techno - Utah Saints, Daft Punk, Justice, Underworld
Brit Rock/Pop - Blur, Supergrass, Dirty Pretty Things, the Young Knives, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Smiths, Elbow, Bloc Party, TV on the Radio
Ska/Rocksteady - Hepcat, English Beat, The Specials, Madness, Aquabats, Desmond Dekker
1930/40's - Edith Piaf, Noel Coward, Billie Holliday
Rockabilly/Psychobilly - Stray Cats, Tiger Army, Cramps, Reverend Horton Heat

And Tom Waits because I have no idea how to label him. Blues? Folk? Jazz?

So, can you help a lady out? What should I be listening to next?

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Do you think it is OK for a landlord to criticize how often a tenant scoops their cat litter?  Or is it none of their damn business?

After having the maintenance guy come when my upstairs neighbor's toilet water began raining into my bathroom, I got a call from the head of the property company saying that my litterbox was not adequately taken care of and I needed to check on it.  IMHO, it was a little beyond where I'd like it to be (I actually had already cleaned it in the interim between the maintenance guy coming and when this woman called me) but not disgusting or gross, due to today being my first day off in a week where I both went out of town AND worked about 70 hours.  I think it's none of their business as long as the place isn't filthy, gross, and/or hazardous.

ETA: it is this kind of litter box, so any poop stays on top and it's not scented so fresh poop smells a little until you take it out.  that said, it was not actively stinking of cat piss or stinking up the whole room/apartment.  I think he may have been put off by the poops siting on top, but that's the nature of that litter box.

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This might be a dumb question but here it goes! I am covered by Tricare/Healthnet because my dad is a retired marine. If I were to go to the doctor on my own and have some sort of procedure done/prescription prescribed what happens? Does my dad get sent some sort of statement or claim?
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I want to make a playlist of songs about Chicago and Nashville.

I've found songs about Chicago - what is your favorite from this list?

Do know any songs about Nashville, or that have Nashville in the song?
Izzy and Alex

Clothing Dilemma!

Tonight I could wear a red wrap dress that I adore, with black shoes.

OR I could wear a black dress, that's cute but not as comfortable, with adorable shoes that I never get to wear because they don't match most of my things.

Which should I choose?

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Do you think the 'writer's block' questions are corny?
I usually do, but sometimes they make me think of better topics so they're not totally useless.

What would YOU change about your country if you could pass any law? (Specify what country)
I wouldn't even know where to start, but it would be in the US education system and the prison system.

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My boss is in Florida and will not be returning until tomorrow.

I should totally just go home now, right?

Also, I'd like to make my SO some dinner tonight. Would you like to lend me a delicious recipe?
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What's the worst haircut you've ever had? I thought I'd had it until last night.
Pictures will help me feel better too ]:
ETA: Have a picture for your viewing displeasure D:
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Except the steps are longer than they look because my natural color is white blonde and it's coming in

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With land lines, do you pay for incoming calls?

After how many rings do you hang up when you call someone? What should I set my answering machine to? (I think my options are 2, 4 and 6).
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I haven't baby-sat in YEARS, and just handed my phone number to lady, who I hope uses it!
Last time I did I charged $2.50 a child per hour.

What's more reasonable now-adays?

Is $10 an hour per child too much? Not enough?
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Okay TQC, make a decision for me.

I am a cashier for an evil retail place and we are allowed 3 callouts within a 6 month period. I think mine are all done. The evil retail place has a lot of crappy cashiers and call out more than 3 times. Should I be a good girl and not call out? Or should I take a mental health day and call out later this week?

EDIT: I work at Wal-mart if that makes a difference.

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"They" say that for going to graduate school, you want to pick a university that is different from the one that you did your undergrad work at (not necessary but it helps to get a diverse education). Someone I know was saying that you want to get out of the same university system that you did your undergrad work in (for example, if you go to UC Berkeley you may not want to go to UC Davis). Is this good advice?

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1) What do you consider to be a "high paying job"?   
(either per hour, for example over $20 per hour, or yearly salary based on 38hr/5 day week, like over $70k a year, $90k, etc)

2) What does your job pay? 

3) Do you drink? 

4) If so, why do you drink? If not, why don't you drink?

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When you're reading a book, do you ever read words characters speak or re-enact actions outloud?

I just read a book where someone did a low whistle and I found myself imitating my imagination's version of the whistle :)

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I think I hurt my back playing with a 4 year old today (lifting him up, making him jump really high, etc.). It only hurts on the right side, in the middle.

Is there anything I can do to help it? I have no one here to give me a massage. :(

For those of you that work with little kids or just do lots of heavy lifting, any tips on saving your back (besides "lift with your legs!")?