August 17th, 2008


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sorry, I know I'm pushing it tonight with all the questions. I had a music related question though, but my music major friend is fast asleep :/

Is there a term for when a line in a song is followed by music alone which has the same sound as the line and seems to "repeat" it?

If I'm not making sense, there is an example around 1:25 of Eleanor Rigby-

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I recently read news about a former celebrity dying, and have been all wondering why no one seems to care or notice it. Today I found out the person died in 2006.
Has anything surreal or bizarre happened to you lately?
edit: OK!!! I'm a fan of the Who and read news about Kim McLagan, the (former) wife of the late drummer dying, and was rather amazed I saw nothing of it on LJ communities or message boards. Not really a huge celebrity so I didn't feel like explaining.
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I'm sorry to come with such a weak question, but I don't know what to do.

Should I have tomato soup or "no chicken noodle" soup?

The "no chicken noodle" is basically chicken noodle vegetarian-style.
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What are some movies you'd recommend just for the music?

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium is one of the many I would recommend, but this ones very underrated. A 'various artists' one, Wicker Park.
Clem & Joely

Name Meanings

What does your name mean?
( - if your name's not there, google 'name meanings' or something.)
Like what it means?

Mine means "supplanter". I never knew what it meant. My friend said that it meant "to take over". I just'd it and yeah, says it means "to take the place of (another), as through force, scheming, strategy, or the like."

I like. B]

Good Morning TQC

There was a show on's full episode player that I really really liked. It was only one episode and it was about this awesome dude in an uniform who cleaned up messes that we're 'too weird'? for normal humans to comprehend. He ends up recruiting some chick when she didn't pee her pants after being attacked by some monster.

ABC, being the dicks that they are, took it down and now I don't even remember the name.

Can you tell me what it is, TQC?

EDIT: TY TQC, you never fail me. It's The Middleman.
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Who's life would you ruin if you could? Why? How?

ETA - C'mon people. You're telling me you've never IMAGINED getting back at someone in a big way? There's got to be someone you'd like take down.


How many times per day (/week?) do you brush your teeth?

Do you floss? How often?

How often do you visit the dentist?

How many fillings, root canals, crowns, etc have you gotten? (give a rough estimate if you don't know)
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What classes are you taking this semester?

Writing Seminar I, Modern Japan, Intro to Film, and Quantitative Reasoning.

French fries dipped in ice cream is the best thing ever, y/n?

Especially from Chick Fil-a.
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Do you believe in horoscopes?

Do you follow yours?

What's your zodiac?

Do you know your horoscope for today?

I do, to an extent.
I try to, unless I forget.
I'm a taurus.
My horoscope from Sunday, Aug 17th, 2008 -- Although you want to enjoy the pleasures of this summer day, you may have too many chores to complete before you can turn off your mind and relax. Your desire to have fun goes a long way now toward motivating you to get busy early in the day. But you might also be envious of those who don't have to work before they play. Convert your negativity into productive action, rather than letting it build inside you.


I'm going back to school in 2 weeks (thank god!!!!), and I picked the smallest meal plan in the world, 7 meals a week. I have a fridge and a microwave, but no stove or oven (since we gave up those things for having all single bedrooms in our apartment on campus). We bought like a toaster, a George Forman grill, and a hot plate, so I can definitely make food, I just cannot bake.

What kind of low calorie/low fat food should I stock up on that doesn't have a short shelf life? I bought like 30 boxes of Uncle Ben's brown rice, and now I'm stumped :X 

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TQC, I got my bloodwork back from my latest annual physical, and apparently all is well aside from the fact that I'm not immune to Hepatitis B, even though I've been vaccinated for it. Whatthefuck? How does that happen??

Also, can you tell me where the fuck all these bruises on my legs are coming from?? I'm clumsy but I seriously don't think I've walked into anything recently, and there seem to be more every time I look.

More Comparisons

Which one of these do you like better, and tell me why.

1. Quentin Tarrantino or Robert Rodriguez?

2. Boyz In Da Hood or Juice or Meance II Society?

3. Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In Da Hood or the first Scary Movie?

4. The Simpsons or Family Guy?

5. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air or A Different World?

My Answers:
1. Quentin. He has style and creativity that's unmatched.
2. To tell the truth, I haven't seen either of those 3 films in their entirety. I've only seen random bits and pieces of each. I just know they're similar.
3. Don't Be A Menace. The concept and idea of the whole thing was just beautiful, and the execution wasn't as crude. I love both though.
4. The Simpsons. It doesn't go as far with it's humor.
55. The Fresh Prince. It wasn't as dramatic and wasn't afraid to be unrealistic.

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Trampolining is an Olympic sport. Which of these activities would you most like to see featured in the '12 Olympics?

Hula hoop
Limbo relay
Wheellbarrow race
Three-legged race
Synchronized powerlifting
Four square
Dance Dance Revolution
Duck duck goose
Pogo stick
None of the above
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One of my housemates is being extremely annoying. He woke up, still drunk from the night before and was being loud and obnoxious in the living room. I'm in the living room, working on school stuff that needs to be finished before I start this week (we have internet, but not wireless and this is the only place I can use my computer). Housemate is ranting and raving, boyfriend takes him to McDonald's for breakfast.

Now they are back, boyfriend has made himself scarce but housemate is just chatting my ear off. I told him that I'm trying to do some work and I can't do it anywhere else (local libraries aren't open on Sunday) but he just won't STFU.

WHAT CAN I DO?? I'm losing my mind.

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OK, so I realize these types of questions are asked all the time, and they're probably getting old, and blahblahblah, but humour me, k? Please.

I'm in a rotten mood this morning -- completely down in the dumps. I need a laugh, I really do. The last time I felt like this -- which was a few months ago -- I posted here, and thanks to someone's comment, I discovered the absolute SQUEE that is Jeff Dunham and his puppets.

So, TQC, have at it. Post something that you think would give me a snicker today.
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1. Do you absolutely hate the JCPenney commercial where the kids are pretending to be in The Breakfast Club?

2. When was the last time you sat around waiting for a phone call?

3a. What's something you have to do today that you don't want to?
3b. What's something you're looking forward to doing today?

My Answers:
1. Yes, I doubt half of them have seen the movie in the first place.
2. Right now :(
3a. Clean the house
3b. Celebrating my birthday early - which includes eating cheesecake om nom nom nom
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Would you be offended if a guy told you that "I think it's important that a woman knows how to cook and enjoys cooking a meal for her man."  ?

What's the ideal relationship ratio?

I say 60-35.  Most of the time, 50-50, but when shit goes down, a level headed man must step up and take charge of the situation. 

Are gaylationships usually 50-50? or more so than relationships?
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I hired a moving company to move my mom's furniture (it's a four-bedroom house) from San Antonio, Texas to Albuquerque, NM. Anywhere from five to ten people are going to be helping me pack up valuables the two days before they actually load the truck and head out.

The whole thing is going to cost about $10,000.

Is it proper etiquette to tip the drivers? What about the people who are there just to help pack? If so, how much would you tip each person? I don't want to be rude or cheap, but the move itself, plus storage costs are already taking a lot of money D;

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 When was the last time you bit your tongue?
 What was it that you wanted to say?

Last night I was lighting candles on tables at sadwork, and this one woman was like "HUN THEY CAN REACH FARTHER THAN YOU THINK."  And then a man holding a baby came and sat in the chair I was standing by, so I guess she meant I don't realise that babies I haven't seen have longer arms than I would have accounted for and will play with fire because they're not being watched?  I wanted to tell the fat cunt not to call me hun and to blow out the candle if she didn't like it, just as she should have been blowing dick instead of making a hideous child.  

But instead I went and planned out how great life will be when I'm done training at happywork and can have lots of hours and quit that terrible place.
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Good Morning TQC:

I hope you are all having a moderately enjoyable day! Here is my question:

I have some MEAT in the refrigorator, it is steak tips. The package says SELL BY: 8/15. Today is 8/17. Is the meat bad? Should I cook it or will it kill me if I eat it?

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TQC, make me feel better about my family having exploded into batshit crazy.

What are some things your family members have done that were just insane?

Also, are any of you the person who tries to be sane and deal with everyone's shit in your family?
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oh noes ipod help

Are there any programs that will enable me to transfer music from my iPod to my computer via USB that won't fucking freeze up or stop at 1000 songs? I have 6000 songs that I want to move and everything seems to be stopping at 1000. Torrents are cool too.

What is your favorite spice?

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Poll #1243469 Circle this

You have the option of earning $10,000 by being in the center of a bukake. There's 10 individuals in a circle around you. You have a say as to what gets sprayed on you, if at all. What do you select?

10 guys. You get spurted with semen. Here's your 10k
10 squirting women. You get drenched when they vag-geyser all over you (remember not to get any up your nose!). Here's your 10k
No money for me, thankyouverymuch

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 When was the last time you went from "meh" to over-the-moon happy in a very short period of time?

about five minutes ago. I got a message from the audience coordinator at the Colbert Report that the gift I brought for Stephen in June is somewhere in his office and that he was really excited when he got it. C:

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when i eat some fruit, namely pineapple and blueberries, my cheeks feel like the ocean. that's the best way i can describe it. it's like this strange cooling sensation. i was wondering if anyone feels like this?

if not, what foods are you allergic to? do you still eat them? what happens if you do?

kinda tl;dr, but read it anyway, bitches

I'm a substitute teacher, and I like to bring my own lunch to work everyday (unless the cafeteria is having pizza or something, in which case, hell yeah pizza!) as well as bring one to school so I don't have to spend more money than necessary, but I really suck at everything that involves a kitchen. I've been thinking about doing bento boxes for a while, but I don't know how to go about it, and I don't know if I'd even be good at it. Doing the sandwich/chips/drink thing everyday gets a little old, though.

Am I required to be a culinary expert to start making bento boxes?
For those who make them, do you have any tips or helpful sites? I plan on googling, obviously, but I'd like to get some opinions first.
Do I need to buy an especially cute little lunch box thing or what?

I've been browsing this site because it's for kids, and I'm an incredibly picky eater, but I doubt it'll be what I need.
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Are you a Rocky Horror fan?

Have you heard of the plans for a remake?

Will you sign the petition that wants to protest it?

Yes I am. Yes I have. And I already did.

Almost cried when I heard about it.

EDIT #1: Notice that I said the petition wants to "protest" the movie. I never said it would actually stop the movie. I'm well aware that petitions are weak.

EDIT #2: TQC, in response to this entry, half of you are like PMS-ing and thinking that I'm losing mental stability over a Rocky Horror remake. I'm just annoyed, 'kay? Not freaking out here.

EDIT #3: Are you going to take the crying comment seriously? Yes. I'm sorry, I overestimated.

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1. If you could win a gold medal in any olympic sport at the summer games what sport would you want to win?

2. How about the winter games?
Collapse )

3. just found this out edit: Did you know Tug-Of-War used to be an olympic sport? Why did they get rid of it? That would be awesome to watch!

4. Also I've got a coupon for a free drink at Lollicup. I usually get vanilla snows, but I feel like trying something different for a change. What would you recommend I get?
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My boss has decided that my shift needs to have a store meeting with her on Monday because we're the black sheep of the clan not running things efficiently enough.

However, the day shift, which I used to work, has been shirking a lot of their duties and leaving us to pick up their mess as well as do our tasks.

How do I point out issues with the day shift, aka the shift my boss is in charge of, without sounding like a petulant child?
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Why won't you do my homework for me while I go watch Phelps' race?

It isn't maths, I'd like to do that myself.

Would you do my homework if I told you that sex is involved (as homework)?

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For those of you with big dogs:

Do you give them any special vitamins? Do you have any tricks for when they're limping or achy?

For everyone else:

Will you tell me about the most annoying member of your family?

I have an Aunt who comes over for hours at a time, eats all of our food, doesn't wash a dish and loves to tell everyone what they should do. There's a possibility of her stopping over tonight and I'm trying to think of a way to lock up my house so she can't get in

Honey, I baked

HAY TQC, I just created my own recipe and made some banana cookies!

Collapse )

Poll #1243505 I just made some banana cookies.

Do you want one?

Hell yes, those look and sound delicious, hobogloves! I would certainly like to eat one.
No, wtf is a banana cookie? Why couldn't you make some kind of established cookie so that I know what I'm getting myself into?
Yes, I am lierre, and if there are bananas involved, I am very interested.
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring . . . BANANAPHONE!
Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding . . . BANANAPHOOOOONE!
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What is the one thing someone in TQC can do that will make you dislike them faster than anything else?

Outside of TQC, what annoys you most if someone else on LJ does it?
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The true theory of our Constitution is surely the wisest and best, that the States are independent as to everything within themselves, and united as to everything respecting foreign nations. ... Let the General Government be reduced to foreign concerns only, and let our affairs be disentangled from those of all other nations, except as to commerce, which if merchants are left free to manage for themselves, our General Government may be reduced to a very simple organization, and a very inexpensive one -- a few plain duties to be performed by a few servants

Do you live in a state that's endorsed the Liberty Amendment?

Was Thomas Jefferson short-sighted, or would his assertion that the general government's frugal fiscal fashion be reserved for foreign concerns of commerce have taken the nation down a significantly different path than where we've been led today?
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I am going to start my period on my boyfriend's birthday if I don't start a new pack of birth control today to skip the placebo week. Should I skip it?

What kind of adventures did you get into this summer, TQC?
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I've become stupidly addicted to Ameba/Ameblo (a Japanese blogging site). What internet thing have you become stupidly addicted to lately?
Do your internet habits affect your schoolwork in any way?

Classes start back up on Monday. I've been on vacation since May. I'm afraid this won't end well <,<;;

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 I found out on Friday that I have a very important interview this Wednesday which will determine if I'm qualified to student teach in the spring semester. I have to submit a resume, and I can't think of the last time I actually had to CREATE one. I am using a template, but it turns out that my work experience and awards have pushed my resume to two pages. 

Should I print them on one page front/back, or should I have two pages? 

If you're a teacher, did you have to interview for student teaching? How was it? I feel like the school hasn't prepared us for the interview for student teaching, although they reference the actual school interviews. 

What's It Like Where You Live?

I want to move out of California, but the only other places I've ever been are Michigan and Oregon, and yet I don't want to make a big move and then realize that some perfect little paradise was sitting on the other side of the country (or world) and I never knew it existed.

So, that brings my question: Where do you live? Is it your paradise? Why? If not, do you know of a place that a nerdy nerd like me would love?

  • Does the place where you live have a developed coffee culture (or at least one really really awesome coffee shop?)
  • Does it have a nerd population? (Computers, world of warcraft, anime, SCA/renfairs, D&D, ect?)
  • Is there a comic book / gaming store? (Is it worth going too, or are there more then one?)
  • Is there a video game store, or a mall?
  • Is there a music loving population? A store where you can buy musical equipment?
  • Is it horse friendly, yet urban enough to keep one busy and comfortable?
  • Is the landscape pretty? Any natural monuments such as forests, mountains, lakes/rivers?
  • What's the culture like? (Old buildings, history, politics, ect?)
  • Is the population mainly liberal, conservatist, or neutral? Is religion a big part of it or is religion pretty much personal choice that people respect as private?

Does it have stuff for tech-junkies? (Raves, clubs that place dance music - not just hip-hop - electronic stores where you can buy enough stuff to make a computer from scratch if you wanted too?)

Any nifty things to do like museums, video game arcades (the adult kind too?), maybe paint ball wars, SCA, hiking trails, rivers or oceans, theme parks nearby, ect?

And how much does it cost to live where you do?

I'd love to hear all about the homes of people who live in places I have yet to explore, and if you have pictures or a local community website that's even better! Please tell me all about it.

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Not-so-little schoolgirl...

Tomorrow I'll re-start college. (I quit about eight years ago - long story short, I had a kid instead of a degree.) All of a sudden I'm trying not to have a panic attack.

1. Any advice? Serious more than welcome, non-serious expected and welcomed.

2. Should I put any special effort into dressing a certain way, or is the dress code still strictly "as comfy as possible without being nekkid"?
2a. How big of a loser would I be if I wore the t-shirt I got from the college bookstore?

3. I'll be juggling work, school, and a family. How do I stay sane? (Again, serious welcome, non-serious expected.)

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 What is Aerosmith's 'cool status' these days? 

I'm confused, because when I mention my love for them, people react as if I just admitted to liking music I should be embarassed of, like 80s hair metal or the BeeGees (I do like the BeeGees, as it were xD), or as if they've completely forgotten Aerosmith existed.

Anyway, last I checked Aerosmith was loved pretty hard by rock enthusiasts. But I could be mistaken. I'm usually completely out of the loop.
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Husband made chicken curry with 40% chili that was the spiciest thing I've ever eaten.  It was so hot that I began sweating all over my body and I had to hold back tears and I have a moderate tolerance for spicy.  I told him I probably won't eat it if he makes it again.

1:  What was the spiciest thing you've eaten?

2:  What effect did it have on you?

3:  Would you ever eat it again?

4:  How high/low is your tolerance for spicy food?
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My computer might mutiny and kill me if I don't clean it up somewhat, so I'm trying to free up some space on my hard drive. I was going to use the Windows Disk Cleanup thingie, and I noticed that there's a LOT of stuff in Temporary Files.

Does anyone know how I can tell what's safe to delete?

Windows says anything that hasn't been modified in the past week, so I may go with that guideline. I'm just a bit nervous because my computer came from my school and came with a ton of software pre-installed...which means I don't have discs for a lot of this stuff and if it gets messed up I won't be able to reinstall on my own. Presumably all that big name software was coded well enough that it isn't trying to use anything in the temp files, but I'm still hesitant. Some vague googling only yielded a lot of arguments about whether or not it's safe to delete stuff, so that didn't exactly calm my nerves.

Also, does anyone have any other recommendations for ways to clean up my hard drive? I'm sure there's stuff I'm missing that would help.

Sorry for the boring questions guys.

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I've decided that I'm too broke to go out to cut AND dye my hair at a salon, so I'm gonna leave the dying to myself, and the cutting to professionals. I've done it at home before, and I've always used Revlon Colorsilk, and it seems to work ok. 

Are there any other hair dye brands that you prefer over anything else? I want to try a new brand! 

night porter

Pet rent

Have you ever heard of such bullshit? I'm looking for a new apartment and I'm noticing places are now charging a "pet rent." This is in addition to any pet deposits required to move in. What is this jewery?
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i want to take screencaps of a movie i made (saved as a video file) without having to hit the printscreen button 1000 times. is there a program i can download to help me with this?
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Hi TCQ, this is my first time posting so be nice ok? ^__^

Don't you just hate it when your roommate comes home late and you find your bf sleeping on the bottom bunk with a red balloon tied around his dick reading Twilight?

nonsrs and/or snarky answers are ok.

-anapnea ^__^

a poll free of HAIR BANDS.

which of these WAITING songs do you enjoy?

The Waiting, tom petty
She's Waiting, eric clapton
Don't Wait, dashboard confessional
Wait, the beatles
I'll Be Waiting, lenny kravitz
Waiting for the Sun, the doors
I've Been Waiting for a Girl Like You, foreigner
Heaven Can Wait, meatloaf
Waiting for a Superman, flaming lips
Waiting for a Train, Beck
Waitin' for the Bus, zz top
Waiting on a Sunny Day, bruce springsteen
Wait in Vain, bob marley
Waiting for the World to Change, john mayer
oh suzer, i would probably enjoy more of these songs if i actually knew them.
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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Would you feel upset if you found out your SO had sex with someone pretty much immediately before you two had started dating (assuming you had been flirting and/or going on dates and/or doing all those things people do before they start being in a committed relationship)?

Bike Tard

I've spent most of my life mastering running and swimming but I'm a tard on a bike. Oh, I can ride one but I've never properly mastered the gears. I know that low gear is for going down hill (more resistance) and high gear is for uphill (less resistance)...or something like that. My question is how do you shift the gears smoothly? That is if you're going uphill and want to coast down, when do you actually do the shifting? At the crest? On the way down? (I have a 10-speed).

(no subject)

Did you ever have names picked out for future children? (Either when you were a child or not.)

What were they?

When I was little, I wanted to name my kids Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond. Lol. I'm thinking of following through on that.
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My manager was on vacation last week and 3 of us were left in the office. One I get along with great, the other constantly picks at me. On both Mon and Fri we got into heated arguments that wouldn't have happened if manager was there. (On Mon she accused me of stealing money from her accounts, on Fri I made a mistake with her account and she lost her shit)

She is definitely, 100% going to tell the manager about it. She is actively trying to get me fired and I've only been there 4 months.

Should I try to explain what happened to the manager when she arrives at work, or wait and see if she approaches me after the bitch tells her?

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do you have a babygirl or boy in your life?
how long have you been together?
do you see them as your life partner?

for those who are already married, whats your favorite thing to do together?

You can answer as many or few of these questions as you want.

1. Are you going to vote in this presidential election?

2. Are you still undecided as to who you're voting for this year?

3. Are you considering voting for a third-party candidate?

4. Did you ever support Mike Gravel or Ron Paul?

5. Who are you going to vote for (if you're sure)?

6. Who's looking best right now (if you're not sure)?


1. Probably.

2. Yes.

3. Yes. I'm pretty sure I will.

4. YES! I was a big supporter of Mike Gravel. I told everyone I could about him. I liked Ron Paul too.

6. Probably Nader.
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1. My roommate just got a bike and I want to ride it around but I'm scared. Tips on bike riding on busy one-way city streets? This is scary D:

2. How often do you ride a bike? And why do you bike, if you do- for fun, to get places, etc.?

(no subject)

Would you rather live in a neighborhood where you're one of the richer people or one of the poorer people?

Edit: You can't change your actual net worth, guys. I'm just asking about your neighborhood.


When you take a shower, do you wash with soap only parts like underarms, and privates, or do you wash everything?(legs, arms, back, feet, toes)

Is it really necessary to wash places like your upper back, legs, and feet?
Because I just realized I never wash my upper back with soap, and it's neither smelly(I guess the water than runs cleans it good), nor with zits. I also never wash my feet and toes with soap or anything(just the water of the shower), and they never smell bad!

(no subject)

Have you ever woken up suddenly and had the feeling "something" else was in your presence? Or with all the hair on your neck or arms standing up, or a feeling of coldness or dread?

Yes, as embarrassing as it is to admit. I am not a superstitious person at all, but this happens to me quite frequently at home. I often can't get back to sleep for a while afterwards because of it and because my heart is racing so much. That's also when I grab my dog, hah.

If you could only listen to one band/singer/musician for the rest of your life, who would it be?

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I have a cold. I'm going to be on an airplane in two days, which makes the congestion a bit more annoying.

My mom found out about the cold because I sounded funny over the phone, and then she started repeating the idea that I must get a neti pot so I can irrigate my nasal passages with saline solution. this sounds totally gross and I'm not doing it, I don't care if she is conspiring with my husband to make sure I get one, or that she saw it on oprah.

have you ever tried anything like it?

would you?

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So I work at this educational place where I was a student once (you know, the place I want to quit, haha) and I now have access to all past and present students' grades, and I'm having a really fun time looking up my classmates' and co-workers' grades...especially since many of them got MUCH worse grades than I thought they would.

So when was the last time you used your powers to make yourself feel superior to others?

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I need to do something creative.. I haven't made icons in ages.. Should I make some? or banners? or something to get my mind off the pain it's thinking about?

What should I make? Do you have anything you Really want?

(no subject)

Do you have cousins you hardly talk to because you have little to nothing in common with them?

Two of my younger cousins are playing guitar hero in the same room as us but we haven't talked at all since we got here.

Tell me about your favorite cousin please?

Laurence, he's 20 years old, and lives in the Philippines. He's the oldest of 3. He's intelligent (went beyond calc. in high school), loves video games, and is shy, although very sweet. I feel bad for him since he doesn't get opportunites that he deserves because he comes from a poor family (ex: he sleeps on cardboard every night, can barely pay off school dues).
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Poll #1243551 Hmmm....

One of your best friends (whom you have a sexual history with, but right now, you are just good friends) informs you that all of their belongings have been stolen (they were in a moving truck). Your friend is totally devastated. Shortly after you hear this news from them, your hot date shows up to go out. What do you do?

Tell your date something came up and you can't go.
Tell your date what actually happened (even though they may be upset that you're with a former lover)
Tell your friend you will talk to them/help them out later
Totally flake on your friend, leaving them belongingless and alone
Tell your date what happened, and invite your friend along to a friendly (and possibly awkward) dinner
Cut you date short, and invite your friend over for a nice dessert/friend time to talk things over
Something else I'll explain in comments

Your SO was out with friends at a lovely museum, and they overhere a couple on a tour of the building, they are having their wedding ceremony at this museum. Your SO is filled with intrigue, and inquires about the venue. They are very interested in having a wedding there, even though you two aren't engaged. Your SO puts their name on the 2 year waiting list "just in case". You are at home, and you get a phone call from the venue asking to inquire about the "yourlastname, theirlastname" wedding. How do you react?

Immediately assume my SO is crazy and never speak to them again
Ask the person on the phone what the heck is going on
Get excited that your SO may actually be planning on proposing!
Call your SO and ask for an explanation
Never bring it up
Freak out on your SO, and then once you realized what happened, apologize.
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You start dating a GORGEOUS person from work (assume no complications will arise from dating a coworker). You go on a few dates, take them to your place, have dinner, and you are having a fabulous time. You wonder why you've never seen their place, but don't question it. One night, you are staying late at work, and you walk by a door. You do a double take through the window, and see your SO sitting on a bed in underwear and a teeshirt playing video games IN your place of employment! You open the door, and ask for an explanation. They explain that they aren't crazy, and that they just live in a room at work because they never had time to go home before, and it helps financially. How do you react?

Dump them, right then and there. That's freaking weird.
Ask them if anyone knows about it, and offer to help them find a place of their own.
You're super excited! Now you can leave work, eat, go back to work, have sex, sleep, wake up, and work again! Save on gas!
Tell them you won't tell anyone, and never bring it up again...this probably isn't going anywhere anyway.
Inform your employer and have them fired.
Something else I will explain in a comment

I have dated/had sexual relations with:

a coworker
a teacher
a professor
a friend of my parents'
someone 10 years older than me
someone 20 years older than me
a boss
an elected official
a police officer
a fireman


an 'erotic dancer'
someone of the same sex