August 16th, 2008

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The villains always get the best lines...and auf Deutsch

I finished watching "The Prophecy" for the umpteenth time on tv tonight because Walken as Gabriel and Viggo as Lucifer should never be missed. From that I give you this question...

1. What's your favorite version of the Devil as portrayed in movies/books/television/etc?

2. Which actor played him/her the best?

3. What actor would you like to see play him/her?

And while we are on the subject of scary figures...

4. What actor would you love to see in a vampire movie? And What type of vampire would you like see him/her play?

And last but not least something completely different.

Can any German speakers in TQC tell me how to write, "Go home!" in German?

I think it's "Nach Hause gehts" but I am not completely sure. It's for a story. Thanks.

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If you have taken the personality test at, what personality type did they determine you have?
Were they accurate?

Mine is melancholy-choleric. Yes, very accurate. Right on the dot.
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Ladies (and Gentlemen, if you're into that sort of thing!), what is your preferred pain relief product for PMS? And when the P is dropped?
idk this is why i am asking y'all

For all the sexes, have you ever done a gender bender with certain pills? If so, which ones? If not, do you have any urge to? (IE Women taking viagra, cialis, levitra; men taking birth control/period relief etc)
No, but after seeing the sex and the city episode where Samantha tries and loves Viagra, I kind of want to.

if this makes sense

1. Is anyone else ever often drawn to sad things -- poetry, songs, movies, etc.? For some reason, I generally prefer things that are heartbreaking or bittersweet instead of "omg and they lived happily ever after."

What are your favorite sad songs/poems/movies/whatever else?

2. Has anyone seen "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2"? What were your thoughts?
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Casual sex Friday

1. Guys: What would you think of a girl if she slept with you on the first/second/third date? Would you want to have a relationship with her? Or would she pretty much become a fuck buddy/friends-with-benefits type of thing automatically because she put out so early? Do you still respect a girl if you sleep with her early on?

2. Girls: Have you ever slept with a guy on the first/second/third date (just pretty much early on in your acquaintanceship with him)? How did that work out?

Let's talk about sex, baby.
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I think I finally figured out why I feel like such shit all the time... I saw a commercial online (ya know, the usual flash commercials that play before shit that annoy the crap out of everyone) for Lyrica and just went HOLY SHIT! I think I might have fibro...

Collapse )</>

Do you guys think this could all be coincidental or am I on the right track here? It's been ingrained in me from when I was little that I'm just a complainer and nothing is ever really physically wrong, so I have a hard time knowing if I am blowing these things out of proportion of not...

ETA: I do plan on going to the doctor, but hubby and I are moving at the end of the month. I'm really nervous that I'm going to go to a new doctor and get laughed out of the office when I bring it up...

Also, I have been to the Dr. about a lot of the symptoms, but I never thought to group them together before

A few.

1. Do you have dreadlocks? If not, skip to the second half.
A. How long have you had them? What do you think of them?
C. Pics?

2. What do you think of people with dreadlocks? Would you ever get them?
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lainy zombie!

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What's the saddest movie you have ever seen?

Extra points if it's blatantly oozing of sap (i.e. Lifetime) and/or purposely trying to make you want to bawl (i.e. cancer, deaths, breakups, main character death, etc).
drawing: sad panda by forensicirulan

mosquito bites of d00m

Why do I seem extra prone to getting mosquito bites?

How come I just got four in the span of 15 minutes despite being fully covered up [no exposed skin on my arms or legs] and my boyfriend was right beside me wearing shorts and a t-shirt and didn't get bitten at all?

I always get them three or four at a time and they always swell up to massive proportions. The worst was one I got a month ago where it swelled up to tennis-ball-size.

Is my blood sweeter or something?
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Say you wanted to partake of some nachos. During mid-chew, you sneezed causing a bit of jalapeno action to go up your nose. Now your left nostril feels numb, yet excruciatingly on fire at the same time while your left eye cries bitter tears.

How do you alleviate this pain?
Will you finish the nachos if the pain ever goes away?
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If you are a Radiohead fan, will you list your top 10 favorite songs for me?

My list:

Exit Music (For a Film)
Paranoid Android
The Tourist
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Pyramid Song
The National Anthem
Motion Picture Soundtrack
Climbing Up the Walls
Planet Telex

If you are not a Radiohead fan, will you tell me what you dislike about them?

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TQC please come to my rescue. I am a junior in college majoring in Mathematics. I need a minor.
I want to do something in engineering but am unsure which branch to major in. I like to take things apart and fix them. Not really electrical things but mechanical. So I should go with mechanical engineering?
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What's something age-inappropriate of you?

Me: I probably have many, many things, but this question came to mind because I'm watching Rugrats on TV. I'm 19. It's always been a favorite. ;D


1. 2pac or Notorious B.I.G.? And tell me why.

2. Pepsi or Coca Cola? and tell me why.

3. Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs? and tell me why.

4. Which Outkast member do you like better? Andre 3000 or Big Boi?

5. Rock or Hip Hop? and tell me why.

My answers.
1. 2pac. He wasn't as pop oriented and had deeper material.
2. Pepsi. It's sweeter.
3. Pulp Fiction. I found it more entertaining and it kept my attention.
4. Andre 3000. I love it when people aren't afraid to be different.
5. Hip Hop. I like a lot of rock as well, but hip hop is my comfort zone, and I know more about hip hop.
Cats pawing at mommy&#39;s face

TQC, will you be my mommy for a minute?

I'm newly living alone, and I'm sick. I've been throwing up everything I swallow for about 8 hours, including water. I've tried juice (for electrolytes,) I've tried crackers... my body just isn't having any of it. I seem to remember something about BREAD (Bananas, rice... other things? Maybe apples?) being good when you're sick, but I can't remember anything but those two/three, and google isn't yielding any results at all, except for results about banana bread made with rice flour... Did my sick brain make that up? If not, what are the other things which are included?

I'm taking Excedrin to lower my fever and help with my aches. Could that be making the upset stomach worse?

Will you interpret my fevery dream? I was friends with John McCain's daughter, and we had to create a party theme for his fundraiser. We talked them over, and the obvious choice was Zombie Schoolgirls. We even showed up to his office in costume to pitch the idea, and he loved it. What the hell was that all about?

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Poll #1242914 Which would you most like to be real?

Which would you most like to be real?

Loch Ness Monster
Jersey Devil
Bessie (like the Lock Ness Monster just in Lake Erie)
Michael Jackson
All of the above
None of the above

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is anyone else really just not enchanted by the Olympics?

i seriously couldn't give a crap. i tried. it also annoys me because America goes and does so well at the Olympics and then we can't even get out of the fucking group stages in the World Cup. but they drew with Holland, who i'm sure sent a B team, a few days ago so i don't know what i'm hoping for.
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Good morning! I'm fixing breakfast. What would you like?

What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?

What is your favorite way to eat cheese?

What is your favorite way to eat tomatoes?


 How do college dorms handle student mail?

Say, if I was living in a dorm room and I ordered something offline [not school related] could I have it mailed to the college?
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Who's your favourite Russian dictator?

When you think of said favourite Russian dictator, what traits or physical features come to mind?

(I'm trying to incorporate several costume ideas together from this post, and will be going in formal wear and as a White Russian cocktail, but thought I could try to add something else to it.)
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We're moving. I'm at work. My boyfriend and his friends are at the apartment moving stuff down into the truck.

I have stuffed animals and my boyfriend is just giving them away to his friends' kids. Particularly this giant pink unicorn (the thing is as big as an English Mastiff).

I was saving it for our baby girl (if we have one). When I get pregnant again, if I don't have a girl, I'm going to give it to my twin neices.

Verify my anger! Don't I have a right to be upset? He thinks I'm being an irrational hoarder...

(He finally did tell his friend that he can't have it... but he's just giving away my crap!)

Edit: so after almost an hour (and some pictures of his friends with my stuffed animals in lude positions), he called and said he was sorry for making me upset.
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On a PC you can highlight a bunch of files, and title the first one something like, "Test (1)" and the rest of the files will be named sequentially, "Test (2), Test (3)" etc. Does anyone know a way to do this on a mac?

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1:  Have you ever used dry shampoo?
The link says it's growing in popularity but I've never heard of it.  =\

2:  What was your last fail?
I put a load of laundry in the dryer then washed another load.  When I went to dry the second load, I realized I forgot to dry the first.

What Happens When You Throw a Tantrum at the Olympics

My dad and I are having a disagreement about Swedish wrestler, Ara Abrahamian getting his bronze medal taken away.

In case you don't know, here's the story-after he lost a competition, apparently because of a decision officials had made over a disputed penalty. His teammates had to hold him back as he stormed the officials table, after which he stormed off to his dressing room slamming the door so hard the wall shook. He almost refused to continue and go on to participate in the competition for bronze but friends convinced him to do it-he ended up getting the bronze. At the medal ceremony he walked off the stand, throwing his bronze medal do the ground. He'd said something about how the bronze was pointless, he'd come for the gold so he considered the Olympics a failure-not sure if he meant his participation in them or the Olympics all together-since he seemed to blame officials for his loss.

So, the International Olympic Committee disqualified him and stripped him of his medal citing that "Abrahamian’s actions amounted to a political demonstration and a mark of disrespect to his fellow athletes." and "It was felt that his behavior on the medal podium and during the medal ceremony was not appropriate,” IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies said. “His behavior was not in the Olympic spirit of respect for his fellow athletes. Whatever grievances you may have, this was not the way to go about it.”

edit-nobody will get the bronze for that game because it wasn't taken away because of the actual match

So, do you think the IOC was right in their choice or do you think that it's his medal and he can do with it what he wants?

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I own a Macbook that I use for everything, except gaming. The only time I game is when I come home from being on the road, which is hard because I get really into my computer games and love spending good chunks of time on them. You should see my Sims town, it's scary how much time I put into every little detail. To be honest, it would be a welcomed distraction from life on the road to be able to bring my sims and whatever other games I play with me.

Would it be stupid to buy a PC laptop to bring on the road with me, simply for gaming purposes? (Think traveling with two laptops, airport security, etc) Assume that money isn't an issue.

If you spend as much time as I do gaming and really care about your graphics/quality/performance, what laptop(s) would you recommend off the top of your head, if you know of any?

How many computers do you own/work on? Do you carry (or have you ever carried) around more than one? Do you use different computers for different things?

I would so love to be able to take my entire Sims town, all expansion packs included, plus Spore and a bunch of smaller games on the road with me.

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most hotel rooms you have to pay for each person staying, regardless of how many beds, correct?

how hard is it to book a room for 2 and sneak 2 more in?

eta question:
let's say you got caught, would they kick you out or just make you pay?

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What do you think the (US) national average for gasoline per gallon will be January 1, 2009?

Also, gas prices have been falling for, like, 30 days straight now they say - but prices seem to rise where I live the past two weeks. Anyone else noticing the same thing where you are?
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Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Yesterday while I was at work, the lovely and talented sunow made snickerdoodles. I got home too late to enjoy them, so I'd planned on taking a few to work this morning. Sadly, they'd been attacked by ants sometime during the night.

How do I get revenge on the little bastards for depriving me of homemade snickerdoodles?

ETA: I know how to kill ants; we had another colony invasion a few weeks ago that I stomped out (these are a different colony/species). I'm asking how to be purely, psychotically medieval on the fuckers.
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I am out of it, really out of it, not your typical sleeply/tired out of it.. I feel wide awake.. but my mind isn't.. it's only been three hours into my shift and I already failed at running the bar plus a gazillon other things. So now I'm in the office  "doing paperwork and inventory".. Surprisingly it doesn't feel like a bad day..and I'm quite chipper.. but just a tad worried..

Have you ever had a day like this?
What did you do to make it better?

oh and Hello :D


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1. Say you come home one night and your house/apartment/cardboard box that you live in is on fire, like the whole roof is in flames and about to collapse at any moment. Inside you can hear your pet cat/dog/hamster/fish/whatever still making noise. Do you go in and try to save it?

2. For those of you without pets, what was the last DVD that you bought?

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1:  Do your LJ notifications go to a separate e-mail or your primary e-mail?

Mine go to a separate e-mail that I use just for LJ.

2:  How many e-mail addresses do you have?

I have 3 --  my primary, one for LJ, and one for junk mail.
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For those of you who live with your SO or who have lived with an SO:

What was it like those first few weeks/months together? Details are nice.
Did you move in with them or did they move in with you?
Did it change your relationship dynamic at all?

Again, I like details.
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tqc, let's play a game to get to know each other shall we?

here's how you play~
you start a thread by commenting a fact about yourself.
~people who reply MUST use the last letter in the sentence(s) the person before them used.

ninja: i like to use nunchucks
---- reply: napoleon: sure! but i'm better at it
TC2 by lady_agrias

I'm color blind help!

So I moved into a new condo a few weeks ago and the yellow color that it's painted is about to dive me batty. I'm horrible at decorating though, so what color do you think I should paint it that might match better with my couch, fireplace and carpet? (not white please)
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So TQC, my birthday is Monday!

The husband and I are celebrating today. He went and got me the best birthday cake ever..which totally fits the video game geek side of me.

Collapse )

What's your favorite kind of cake (icing included)?
If you don't like cake, what is your favorite dessert?
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Why would a bagel, cream cheese, or yogurt give me heartburn? Better yet, as somebody who never gets heart burn, why in the last few days would I be getting it suddenly and fiercely after every meal, along with slight nausea? Do I have a hernia? I am going to die, y/y?

What did you have for breakfast?
What state of dirtiness are you in right now?
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HI TQC, THIS IS DESPERATE. My mom's birthday is today and I have to get her something (wel, something ELSE I already got her one thing.) I woke up at 1 pm lol :( and it's almost 2, I am meeting them for dinner at 7:30 wtf should I get?

Also, do oyu get along with your siblings? How do you deal with spending time with someone who is a completely condescending cunt?
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How often do you step on the scale?

What is the number that you see?

What is the number that you would like to see?

I used to step on the scale like everytime I went in the bathroom, out of habit; but now it's broken and says I weigh 90 pounds so I feel like it's mocking me for using it so much. Stupid scale.
i get the same ol&#39; dreams.

(no subject)

also, can anyone tell me what the movie is about the kid who gets killed on the train tracks and it's... sad and stuff?

uhhh sorry hahaha. i've been trying to figure it out for awhile.

(no subject)

For dinner, I am having roasted salmon with lemon and rosemary, and sauted green beans and yellow squash. What are YOU having for dinner?

I am also making cookies for dessert. It is a tie between sugar cookies and snikerdoodles. What should I make?

If you do not like that type of cookie, what kind of cookie should I make?

I am looking for new music, what should I get? I like everything.
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Well, I think it's sweet.

One of my professors has a hyphenated name, and he mentioned to the class that part of the name is his wife's maiden name, and that hers is hyphenated with his as well. I just about swooned because I thought it was so sweet that he took her name as well. However, the rest of my classmates thought this was seriously weird and almost reacted with disgust when we were outside of class.

What do you think?
Unmarried TQCers, would you do something similar?
Married TQCers, whose name did you take/keep?

(no subject)

1. What credit card company would give a student with no credit a card without any hassle?

I've asked credit card questions before, and everyone usually just posts websites for student credit cards, but I've applied for 3 of them already, and have been turned down even though they say they only require "limited or no credit history." I would prefer personal experience! 

2. Also, how long does it take to establish good enough credit to take out a student loan? I can't keep relying on luckily being favored upon by my financial aid director, so I'm gonna need to take out loans myself, but can't without good credit. 

ETA: I do not have a cosigner and cannot get one, I've already thought of that! Thanks though!

Capital One approved me! Yay, thanks everyone! :D

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(no subject)

Can anyone direct me to a picture of that girl with no chin? Or a deformed chin? whatever it is...someone was making a face that looked like her and I wanted to show her the girl it reminded me of.
Bert Shocked

(no subject)

its been a long day and its hot has "H" "E" double hockey sticks outside.
in your ideal world,
what beverage does your half-naked servant hand you as you collapse onto your lazy boy?

is chet faxed yet?

(no subject)

why won't my friend call me back? i've called him three times since summer started, twice in the last month and left a message but he won't get back to me. i know i didn't do anything.

i mean, what's up? busy? depressed? werewolf?


BONUS QUESTION: what are you listening to? i'm listening to Kate Nash.
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Bubble wrap

A person at a party is wearing about 2 meters of bubble wrap, taped and stapled to their clothing and a wig. (no bubbles in crotch/bewbie area)

How long would it take you to pop all their bubbles?

(no subject)

Someone made fun of me the other night for dressing and acting girly. How do I act or dress more manly?

Do you think the way you dress or look gives off a certain impression?

(no subject)

It would be wrong of me to spend a $20 gift voucher I bought for a friend who left it at my house 6 months ago. I never ever see her. It would be wrong..right? My head says it's wrong but I want it to be right..I could mail it to her..but......console my guilt with logic so I don't have to?

EDIT: No, she hasn't asked for it back or anything. But like I said we never talk/see eachother...but I guess the few times we did speak between now and then, she didn't mention it...

(no subject)

I know this varies for a lot of people, i'm asking in the very general sense of it....

How long do you think a relationship should/could be before you start expecting or hoping to be proposed to?...or at least start discussing and moving towards that step of the relationship?

Whether it's a live-in SO or not....1-2-3 years? longer? shorter?

Have any of you wanted/hoped for/expected that/thought it would happen in long term relationships? how did it turn out?

If it hasn't happened a few years into the relationship or been discussed much (living with them or not)....would you consider that a problem?
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(no subject)

I checked out this airplane last summer. At the time, the seller was asking $59,000. It's in excellent shape and I would have snapped it up if I'd been able to get financing.

Over a year later, it still hasn't sold, and he's just raised the price by $6,000.

What's dude smoking, and is it approved by the FAA?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Do you know any fun...talking games? Kind of like Twenty Questions, but, you know...not Twenty Questions.

Boyfriend and I are going are a road trip, and need to do things to pass the time. We play this game sometimes where we kind of vaguely describe a fictional characters' past (like, say, Luke Skywalker: "I grew up out in the sticks with my aunt and uncle. But then they died. So I decided to go with this old crazy hermit man to the big city, where I met this pilot and his dog in a bar..." and so on). But we're running out of characters.

So yeah, any ideas?
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(no subject)

What's the longest amount of time you've spent on LJ straight (breaks for bathroom/quick trips to the kitchen are allowed)

How many TQC posts are deleted by the OP per day, on average, would you say?

Has this community made you more snarky?


If TQC were a B-rated horror film, which people would be which generic roles?

who would you be?

who/what would the killer/monster/other be?

would you live to see the credits?

same questions, but what about in your group of IRL friends?

ZOMG EDIT: what would the movie be titled? who WOULD live to see the credits?

(no subject)

We were supposed to leave exactly 2 hours ago to drive down to San Diego for a 10-hour drive but my mother is taking forever to get ready.

Who in your family takes the longest? Who takes the shortest?
Veronica &amp; JD

(no subject)

 Do you have that one band that reminds you of your friend, or perhaps even a loved one?  If so, what's the band?

For me it's Marlyin Manson [though I can't stand him, my friend loves him, and that's why it reminds me of her.]
Or Snow Patrol or Santa for another friend.

[[This is a general, lame question, I got that. haha, I'm just extreamly bored.]]
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mac animated - prayer works!

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Back in May I borrowed $300 from my mom to get a new computer. They were having a good tax rebate deal plus I work for Dell so I had a good discount. I planned on paying her back as soon as my husband and I got our tax rebate check in the mail, which showed up in early June.

Next thing I know she is going to Florida to visit her friend and doesn't know exactly when she'll be back so she tells me to hold onto it. Months later, and she calls me asking for the money. I go to the bank, get a money order, (she refused to let me write a check as she doesn't have an account) and send to the address that she gave me.

She left a zero off the end of the house number and it's been over a week since I mailed the money order. 

How long do you think it will take before I get it back? Do you think I'll ever get it back?

(no subject)

Okay, this might make sense and it might not.
When I sign on AIM, I'm IMed by someone with the name (adjective)trout/salmon/etc. They claim I IM them first.
Now I pretty much figured out that its some weird internet thing that masks two people and puts them together. They see my name as somethingTROUT and I see theirs as somethingTROUT.
What the fuck is this and why does it happen?

Re-closing bags

How can I get my husband to learn how to CLOSE bags after he opens it to get food out? Examples: He never crinkles down the cereal bag, can't ziplock the cheese bags shut and always leaves the bread wide open on the counter.

Srs or non srs I don't care anymore, because my method (nagging and/or ignoring LOL) hasn't worked in the past year and a 1/2.
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work question.

I'm designing an ad for an "adult store" it's the last ad of the day and nobody else is here on a saturday so I have no one to ask!

They want a model and the instructions say "use a fantasy costume girl, think burning man look"

I have no idea what that means, and nobody to ask. I did an image search for burning man but I still have no idea what I'm looking for in regards to fantasy girl costume.

Anybody able to help me out with what a "burning man fantasy girl costume" look might be?

Castaway with the Stars

Poll #1243166 Get creative

You're trapped on a desert island with one celebrity. Who will keep you company?

Rachel Ray
Donald Trump
Sarah Silverman
Paul Reubens
Sharon Stone
Clay Aiken
Katy Perry
Tyler Perry
Paris Hilton
John Travolta

Pick one item/package that washed ashore

Suit of armor
Duct tape
Laminated screenplay of Gigli
Steven Buscemi mask
Whiffle bat
Build-your-own-hangglider kit
Hula hoop

Pick a second item that washed ashore

Human-sized hamster ball
Hair clippers
10 hand puppets
6 ton replica of Michelangelo's David
Rabbit suit
Juggling kit, 6 balls
Year's supply of jello mix
Tattoo kit
Monopoly board game

Considering your desert co-occupant, what kinds of activities or occurances do you think will occur regarding your 2 items to pass the time? Be creative

Edit: I have to say, these answers have made me lol
Pug in wig

Obscure scary movies?

I'm in a horror/suspense/thriller movie mood tonight.

Problem: The obvious horror movie faves that top every list (Shining, Exorcist, Evil Dead, etc.) I've already seen.

Can anyone recommend a few less well-known scary movies they've enjoyed? The last one I watched and really liked was "The Orphanage/El Orfanato."



I have to  plan my Step-mom's stag party...

1) what should I do? what is appropriate?
she is 37 years old, most of her friends are around 34-35.

I was thinking about pole dancing lessons, a limo, a dinner. 

2) do you think we should go to a bar? a strip club?

3) who pays for everything? does each woman pay for themselves? 
for example: for the limo, does eveyone pitch in??


4) have you ever been to a stag? ...what did you do?


(no subject)

Do you ever think that the terms for two opposite things would be better off switched?
For example, my dad says as a child he always thought non-fiction should have been the word describe books that aren't true.


How many of you are fully waxed down below???

I been thikming bout it for a while but i went to book and the woman scared the shit outta me saying how sensitive i will be!!

Anyway is it worth it and how bad is the pain?

I have never waxed down there before but i shave the whole thing but i just wanna be smooooooooooooth!!

is it worth it? how bad??? any tips??

And is it a bad idea to go from shaving with no wax  down there ever to waxing everything??
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(no subject)

What are you doing on this Saturday night?

I'm eating pizza and watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Speaking of which, why am I addicted this show?

Do you really think Kim and her mom are doing Dancing With The Stars? Would you vote for them?

I think they might and I'm not sure since Adam West is allegedly doing it and he is made from awesome.

ETA: How the HELL does Bruce Jenner put up with all this shit?

(no subject)

OK guys, so yesterday I asked if the capris (or whatever they were) made me look short and gave you a picture of my normal jeans to compare-a lot of you said those didn't fit me well either-which I agree with, I'm just really picky about my pants. Today though, I decided I needed to just find something that fit better. So,

Collapse )

My first Doctor TQC question!

With the help of several gin & tonics, I got pretty drunk last night. When I woke up this morning my arms hurt like hell. It almost feels like pulled muscles, but with a slight burning sensation. Presently, only my left arm hurts now.

I was telling my friend about it and she told me this also happens to her after a night of heavy drinking.

Has this ever happened to you?
What is my diagnosis?
Is it hiv or full blown aids?

(no subject)

i downloaded Azureus(i guess it's called Vuze now) for torrents a year or so ago and it had this feature where you could download the files individually, like tv episodes. i got a new laptop a couple months ago and got the new version and now it's not letting me do it anymore.

can you still do it?
is there another program that does?

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It's weird that my mom's 57-year old boyfriend still refers to his parents as mommy and daddy. Y/Y?

It's also weird that when he corresponds with an old friend who's in jail, he laughs when friend talks about how he's going to get back at the ex-girlfriend that put him behind bars. Y/Y?
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Yesterday afternoon, I noticed two adult birds (same size) doing something very strange. One bird would open its beak expectantly (like a baby bird would), and the other bird would pick up some crumbs and put them in the first bird's beak. They did this again and again. The second bird alternated between eating the crumbs itself and picking up crumbs for the first bird and feeding them to it.

Why do you think this was happening? Nothing seemed to be wrong with the bird being fed!
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I may be getting a new desk chair, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestion for a comfortable one (god knows I spend hours in it) that doesn't look totally office-y, a la this or this? The big leathery ones are nice but I'm finally in the process of decorating my own place for the first time and I'm trying to find something more classic and homey looking and I don't know how to start looking. (My desk is a medium-dark wood and antique-y, something vaguely like this.)

For the sake of this exercise, price doesn't matter, since I just want to see some styles you guys recommend and then I'll try to find something similar within my budget.


(I know, I disappear for weeks and then come back with boring questions.)

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1) Who in TQC would you go gay (or straight) for?

2) Have you seen the Pandas?

3) Who is your favorite news guy (or girl)? (CNN, NBS, Comedy Central, whatever)

4) And, because I'm a sci-fi geek, did anyone happen to catch the episode of Stargate Atlantis last night?
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two questions.. completely unrelated

1. did you know that the alanis morissette song "you oughta know" was written about dave coulier? aka joey gladstone from full house?

2. did you gain any weight your freshman year of college? how much?

1. yes, i did.

2. zero. because i didn't go to real college. i lost weight from being depressed at community college.
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Ey Wii owners of TQC, I'm about to play through Twilight Princess again for the first time since completing it on January, how many times have YOU played through it giving Link hilarious names like 'OK Motel'??

DID YOU KNOW, that Ganondorf's full name is Dragmire Ganondorf aka Mandrag Ganon??

You think Nintendo should change the name of this series to acknowledge only Link on the title? Would you rather have more of Ilia instead of Zelda?

Speaking of which, is that A Link to the Past remake still happening?

BONUS STAGE ( not Zelda related )

Is there anything from The Future Sound of London worth hearing other than Dead Cities?
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When you go to a bar that has a jukebox, what song do you have to play or happen to play the most?

Mine is 'Hair Of the Dog' by Nazareth, and usually my one friend has to be there, otherwise it feels a little sac religious.
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I'm in a room with my boyfriend, browsing the internet. Every time I see something funny, obviously I laugh. He keeps asking why I'm laughing.

TQC, what should I tell him that'll make him stop asking?

Also, how do I shot web??
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 There's cops blocking off the span of four blocks including my own, a helicopter beaming it's light everywhere, dogs and house to house searches. I got stopped trying to enter my block, they searched my car and escorted me back to my house then asked me to close all the window and lock all the doors. Suppositely there was a robbery and a fatal [?] stabbing.. 

Have you ever been involved or stuck in a policey situation like this?
What happened?
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Is owning a bluetooth headset solely for the purpose of talking on the phone while driving make me a snob? I can't drive and hold a phone at the same time. According to some friends, I'm a snob indeed.

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What is your favorite texture?

You know those mats they have for cats so that when they step out of the litter box, the sand doesn't cling to their feet? I love the feeling of those on my bare feet. I bought one, even though I don't have a cat, so I could use it for myself.
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TQC, I absolutely love Nickelback, but I haven't heard most of their earlier stuff yet. I have their album "All The Right Reasons", and I'm in love with it.

What older songs of theirs should I download and listen to?

What's your favorite song off of "All The Right Reasons"?

mine's Fight For All The Wrong Reasons.

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Hey fellow TQCers!

Can you recommend some age-appropriate movies for a two-year-old? I'm thinking most Disney movies should be okay, but this is a child who is a little sensitive -- he watched Ratatouille and got scared during a scene when a roof collapsed and rats started pouring in (well, I guess they are rats, even if they're animated rats.)

I'm currently downloading some movies for him, and since I don't have kids of my own (he's my cousin's son) I'm not all that sure of what would be considered "appropriate" for a child that age.