August 15th, 2008

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Who is your favorite Olympic athlete, not necessarily for "hottie" factor?

I think Shawn Johnson is precious.

If you're not into the Olympics, what are you wearing right now?
Julia Murney

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I'm revamping my chucks.

What should I put on them? I like pink, Broadway, and.. cooking. :x
I do have a little white embroidery thread, a bunch o' sharpies, and pink nail polishes 

Have you revamped your chucks/other types of shoes? What'd you do? Anything extremely frickin' awesome?
lulu guinness clutch

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I managed to overflow the toilet in my downstairs bathroom. It's covered with about a half inch of water. I've been trying to soak it all up with towels and I've been soaking some of it up with a mop but idk what to do. I really don't want to wake my dad up since he has to get up early tomorrow. Other than the towels and the mopping, how can I clean this up?

TQC should have made gold medal icon meme

which of these up songs do you enjoy?

Up Where We Belong, joe cocker & jennifer warnes
Up Around the Bend, credence clearwater revival
Up on a Roof, james taylor
Up on Cripple Creek, the band
Burnin' Up, madonna
Tangled Up in Blue, bob dylan
Start Me Up, rolling stones
Shake it Up, the cars
Stir it Up, bob marley and the wailers
Don't Give Up, peter gabriel & kate bush
Wake Me Up When September Ends, green day
All Shook Up, Elvis
Shut Up and Drive, rihanna
What's Up, 4 non-blondes
oh suzer, i would probably like these songs more if i actually knew them

if you were an olympic gymnast and you just won your last GOLD MEDAL, what is your first instinct?

eat a fucking sandwich
start training for 2012!
slug my coach for all the times he berrated me in the gym
pledge to win a gold in the summer olympics in curling!
slip the 13 year old chinese gymnast into my bag and smuggle her home
cash in on medal...HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICE OF GOLD?
i dunno, suzer, but i sure would love to be on a wheaties box

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One of my bestfriends wants to have sex with this guy she knows. However she's not looking to date him, she just wants to "mess around". She is also a virgin technically although she's done everything else.

Is this a bad idea, TQC?
What can I say to convince her this is a bad idea??
Am I just being old fashioned?
so fetch

ew, facebook

Hey tqc.

So my Facebook account was deactivated. Apparently I tried to add too many people without waiting for them to add me back or something. I received a warning and therefore logged off the site. But when I tried to sign in about 12 hours later, my account was deactivated. I sent an email asking why it was shut down and if it could be reactivated, and got:

Collapse )
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lolz @ news anchor chuck on nbc saying "osama bin laden" then quickly correcting himself and saying senator barack obama during the late night news. did anyone else see it?

tell me other slip ups where someone is "supposed" to be professional? (ie. newscasters, teachers, preachers, etc).

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1. Does your opinion of a person change if you discover they use drugs? Is it different if the person is an addict or an occasional user, or if their substance of choice is legal or illegal?

2. Is that last question grammatically correct? I keep looking at it and I'm not sure.

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What's your incoming call ringtone on your phone (if it's a song)?

What song should I make a ringtone out of?

Also, want to post your most favorite random picture you've taken? I'll post mine in comments.

brain pains

For a couple of years now I've been getting these really weirdly brief yet pleasekillmenow intense mini-migraines...  The first few times it was a blinding, doubled over holding my head and sobbing kind of pain that would last 3-5 minutes before fading to blurred vision, dizziness, nausea and general blah-ness...  Lately its a few times a day of having a sudden red hot ice pick stabbed into my brain, usually beside or behind my right eye, or just beside the right temple.  It lasts maybe 30 seconds, definitely less than a minute, then it fades except for a bit of blurred vision and some dizziness that lasts for a few more minutes until its like I imagined the whole thing.

TQC, I ask for both serious and non serious suggestions on what is living inside my head to cause this bit of random screaming pain.

My current theory revolves around the plot of Stephen King/Richard Bachman's The Dark Half, though I'm equally willing to consider that there might be a tribble trying to gnaw its way out from beneath my thinkymeats.

(Yes, I plan to see a doctor and let them shoot radioactive waves at my head to see if there's something bad going on in there...
I just need to figure out how to go about doing that without insurance)
Clem & Joely

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How many of you have experienced a Charley Horse? How many times have you gotten it/one/him/lol?

My sister was surprised when I told her I've only had it happen to me once. I remember the pain being unreal. I woke up and it hurt like damn, I felt my calf muscle, it felt stiff as a rock. I knew I was the only one at home at the time so I let myself scream some curses about. Do they only happen during sleep? Has it ever happened to anyone while they were awake?

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How do you motivate yourself to do something when you are the only person holding yourself back? You are your own worst enemy, can't escape your own thoughts, etc.

Which would you rather come in contact with: a ghost or an alien?
hannibal skull


Should we have 2 Olympics - Roidympics for those clearly under the influence and the Cleanympics for those athletes who actually *gasp* train and do it honestly?
Clem & Joely

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What noises can you hear right now?

Me: The buzz of electricity, the funny fuzzy noise my comp speakers make, and...well, there was a ticking/clicking sound but it went away. ._. It's a quiet morning here.
*betty draper reading

name that song

Yesterday on Morning Express with Robin Meade, as they went to or came back from a commercial break, they played a clip from a song I KNOW I'VE HEARD BEFORE, but haven't the foggiest idea what it's called.

I think it was an '80s song. The lyrics I heard were:

"Disappointment. Once more.
Disillusion. Encore."

Or something like that.

I tried Google to no avail. Do you know what song that is?

EDIT: ANSWERED! TQC never fails!

New Camus

Shit on a stick

TQC, CarMax crashed my car this morning into a concrete pole. (I took it in to be fixed for the brakes and turn signal, and they smash it into a concrete pole. A+). They gave me a Lincoln Navigator as a loaner because it was the only thing of comparable size. It's a V8, which means it takes premium only, right? The manual says it needs premium.

TQC, do you think I should shell out ridiculous amounts of money to put premium in this bitch?

If it matters, this is the latest on the laundry list of how many times CarMax has bent me over and fucked me.
Dr. Horrible...

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Why do you ask so many questions? Do you honestly feel that it's necessary? Are you filled with a thunderous torrent of inquisitiveness? How do you formulate such cogent and meaningful queries? Are you ever disappointed by the answers? Do you ever feel as though people put less thought into their answers than you do in your questions? What was the best question you ever asked? Did the answer satisfy you?

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Where would you go on vacation, RIGHT THIS MINUTE? (must be in one of the 50 states)

CALIFORNIA ppls, what city in the big ol' state of CA should everyone try to visit at least once? (aside from LA, SD & SF)

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1)what tv shows have you dropped from your watching schedule?

I've stopped watching ugly betty.

2)I pop my jaw a lot. is that normal?

3)Give someone you know a super hero name.

My dad is earth logic man.

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1. Are your nostrils different sizes?
2. What features do you have that is clearly asymmetrical? (I know most people have asymmetrical features but it's very subtle, not obvious)
macro - procrastination cat

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Which of the following categories is lowest on the social scale?

Otherkin (People who think they are non-human creatures like elves or fairies)
Otakukin/Otherkin (people who think they are reincarnated fiction/anime characters)
soulbonders (I married Sephiroth on the astral plane!)

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Can your car be towed from a parking lot with no signs stating that its residential parking only or authorized cars only, others will be towed? Do they have a right to do that? Or would someone get a ticket first?

Has this happened to you?

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2 weeks ago I accepted a new job that Im relocating for. They couldnt give me a start date until my new manager came back off holiday. He returned to work on Monday. I havent heard from him yet. Im free next weekend and so are my folks and if Im starting soon we'd like to go and scout around for houses.

Is it too cheeky to email him and ask for my start date or should I wait for him to contact me?
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I refuse to flash them.

TQC, I now have a corner office with 4 windows. Two of those 4 windows face other buildings and worker bees who rarely look up from their computers. So far my coworkers and I have tried standing in the window and staring, holding up signs, and shining a laser pointer in their window. Nothing has made them notice us.

What can we do to get their attention?

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1. I'm getting a deli sandwich for dinner. What's your favorite deli sandwich? Feel free to be detailed if the mood strikes you.

2. I'm also recovering from a kidney infection. How do you take care of yourself when you're sick?

3. Hot tea or Iced tea?
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 Is LJ being weird for anyone else when it comes to editing things? Every time I tried changing my layout, all the words in the customize section would heap together, and I couldn't click anything, and then I tried changing my userpic, and I keep pressing "proceed" and it won't do it! And now I have no icon!

TQC, what the fuck is going on?
elephant 6

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I moved into a new house.. and we're deciding what color to paint the walls.. What color should I paint my wall?
[I'm only planning to paint the wall opposite the window.. we've got pale hard wood floors.. I like lighter colors..

any other suggestions on how to decorate would be appreciated too..

oh and I have a 40 gallon fish tank.. if that helps..

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1. Do you take out your anger or frustration on one friend or family member in particular?

2. Do you love sonic?

3. What are you doing this weekend?

4. What is one thing you forgot to do this morning?

my answers:
1. yeah..well on my bff or the boyfriend or my sister i guess

2. yes! and my boyfriend is going to go on his way home to see me and i don't get any cause it's too far away we don't have one in wisconsin!

3. seeing the boyfriend, maybe going to Mongolian BBQ restaurant, Buffalo Wild wings, Sweet corn festival, he's going to meet my puppy, and hopefully cuddle cause i need lots... he thinks i'm depressed :/

4. I forgot to put on deodorant b/c the puppy wouldn't stop barking and i went down stairs as fast as i could!

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I think I'm going to make some breaded fried chicken. How do I get the batter to stick to the chicken?

Vegetarians- have you ever tried eating meat to see if it tasted the way you remember it tasting before you became a vegetarian?

Where can I find an odorless sunscreen? Even if it doesn't have an added fragrance sunscreen still has a very distinctive odor and I really do not like it.

I'm feeling pretty down. Do you guys think you could try and cheer me up? Or in the very least give me a more valid reason to feel so down?

My parents strongly suggest that I read 'The Shack by William Young. I a little wary about their reading suggestions. Without giving away major plot points- what is the book like?

I'm thinking about retiring this icon. What do you suggest I do for my next default icon?

To be a kid again

Is there something that you did as a kid that was THE COOLEST/FUNNEST THING EVAR! but now you realize it is pretty lame? What is it?

Mine: I thought riding the greyhound bus was fantastic, but I now realize that it takes forever to go anywhere and I kinda want to gouge my eyes out. 

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Do any of you get cystic acne? How do you deal with it? What's the fastest way to get rid of it?

I get it because of my depo shot and it hurts and it's gross and I have a date tonight and omg ahhh what do I do?

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What do you freak out over on a regular basis?

Me, it's my finals. Not before or during taking them, but afterwards I feel like I need a serious party or serious medication.


Question -- if you meet someone and they unashamedly use big words (like "counterintuitive" and "perfunctory" let's say,) even if it's in a matter-of-fact 'I assume you're intelligent and literate' manner rather than a boastful 'look how smart I am' fashion ... do you think they're arrogant and pompous??
Izzy and Alex

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TQC, what should I do?

My 21st birthday is on monday, and I can't decide how to celebrate.  Almost all of my friends who are 21 are going to be out of town (of the people who will be around, one has another birthday party to go to, one is an ex-boyfriend who I probably shouldn't be drunk alone around), so going to the bars is out.

I was thinking about having people over to my house, but I don't have enough room for everyone to sleep, so they can't get drunk and then stay.  However, none of them have licenses, and I live too far away for people to walk back home in the middle of the night, drunk.

Any ideas/solutions?

If you don't care, what did YOU do for your 21st birthday?
anontang DA

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I'm about to pre-order a book, and by the time it delivers, I'll be at college. How do I provide my college address? I don't know how to get it the two lines. My address goes something like this:

Residence hall, mailbox number
City, state, zip.

I'm asking because I don't know if I should include the name of the university, and that would take up more than two lines [I'm aware that there are separate boxes for city/state/zip]. I hope this makes sense. Help?
Feed the kitty

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1. Why have telemarketers been calling my direct line at work, trying to sell me diabeetus meds, a credit card with a LOWER INTEREST RATE, an extended warranty on my car, and cell phone service for my company?

2. All telemarketers should die in a fire and get put out with a bucket of AIDS, y/y?

I guess I'm glad the rules haven't changed

In relation to my post mere minutes ago, what are some work-friendly initialisms/acronyms or terms that have originated from the internets (or phone-based text messaging) that you would use as an example of internets lexicon?

Mostly words. I can think of acronyms, but not any words. Okay, so I can think of "jellis", but I don't want to use something quite so retarded.

So....paging Dr. El Jay

 *Sigh* Hey guys, so my brother and his friend were stupid and they went to a pond near our house. My brother came home a few minutes ago and he was crying and yelling that he was stung by a catfish. He is bleeding slightly. My brother tends to over react and he is acting like this is the most painful thing in the world. Have you been stung by a catfish? Is it really that painful? Is there something I should do to the wound?  

Most importantly, what can I do to stop his wailing? 

EDIT: Okay, so I've run warm water over his wound and  put alcohol on it. I've also managed to convince him that he is not going to die. Thanks for your help!
MLP - pinkie chicken

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"Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen and his colleagues at Cambridge's Autism Research Centre have created the Autism-Spectrum Quotient, or AQ, as a measure of the extent of autistic traits in adults". How many autistic traits do you exhibit? "In the first major trial using the test, the average score in the control group was 16.4. Eighty percent of those diagnosed with autism or a related disorder scored 32 or higher."

Poll #1242445 AQ Test

How many of these autistic tendancies do you exhibit?

I prefer to do things on my own rather than with others
I prefer to do things the same way over and over again
If I try to imagine something, I find it very easy to create a picture in my mind
I frequently get so absorbed in one thing that I lose sight of other things
I often notice small sounds when others do not
I usually notice car number plates or similar strings of information
Other people often tell me that what I've said is impolite, even though I think it is polite
When I am reading a story, I can easily imagine what the characters might look like
I am fascinated by dates
In a social group, I can easily keep track of several different people's conversations


I do not find social situations easy
I tend to notice details that others do not
I would rather go to a library than a party
I find making up stories easy
I find myself more strongly drawn to things than people
I tend to have very strong interests, which I get upset about if I can't pursue
I do not enjoy social chitchat
When I talk, it isn't always easy for others to get a word in
I am fascinated by numbers
When I read a story, I find it difficult to work out the characters' intentions


I don't particularly enjoy reading fiction
I find it hard to make new friends
I notice patterns in things all the time
I would rather go to a museum than a theatre
It upsets me if my daily routine is disturbed
I find that I don't know how to keep a conversation going
I do not find it easy to 'read between the lines' when someone is talking to me
I concentrate on the small details, rather than the whole picture
I am very good at remembering phone numbers
I usually notice small changes in a situation or a person's appearance


I do not know how to tell if someone listening to me is getting bored
I do not find it easy to do more than one thing at once
When I talk on the phone, I am not sure when it is my turn to speak
I do not enjoy doing things spontaneously
I am often the last to understand the point of a joke
I find it easy to work out what someone is thinking or feeling just by looking at their face
If there is an interruption, I find it hard to switch back to what I was doing
I am not good at social chitchat
People often tell me that I go on and on about the same thing
When I was young, I used to enjoy playing games involving pretending


I like to collect information about categories of things (e.g., types of cars, birds, trains, plants).
I find it difficult to imagine what it would be like to be someone else
I like to carefully plan any activities I participate in
I do not enjoy social occasions
I find it difficult to work out people's intentions
New situations make me anxious
I do not enjoy meeting new people
I am not a good diplomat
I am good at remembering birthdays
I find it easy to play games with children involving pretending
{wow} sin'dorei pride

what did you with your bugs

When you were a kid, if you didn't kill the bug - what did you do with it?

I had roley-poley bugs and centipedes and I'd keep them in glass jars with holes at the top... with soil and grass and stuff. And I'd catch dragonflies by the wings and bottle them too.

What has brown stains done for you?

Ladies, for $5,000, would you wear a short short dress to your high school reunion and dance on a table where lots of people you haven't seen in years are seated...while wearing white underwear with large, mysterious yellow and brown stains? Just one song, then you can sit back down


Gentlemen (and ladies who like the ladies), if there was a really cute girl in a mini skirt dancing on a table, and she had a big brown stain on her underwear...but was otherwise giving you bedroom eyes, would you get to know her better?


You're running late for work, and you're running over a grassy park area when you trip and fall on your ass. You were wearing light pants that day, and when you turn around to inspect the damage, you noticed that you squashed a pile of dog shit with your butt, and now, the back of your ass has a large brown stain. What do you do?

Go to work. When I arrive, I get to the bathroom and try and clean it out as best I can
Call in sick. Then, go home
Find some more dog shit and roll around in it. Hopefully, it'll make my pants uniformly brown and no one will know it's not natural

i might be procrastinating a little bit here.

which rich celebrity kid would win in a no-holds barred death match?


which TQCer do you miss more while they are spending time alone without us?

i miss the blending of their personalities in TQC
i miss them both with equal emo feelings
i am completely neutral on the new TQC supercouple

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Poll #1242490 Crediting Iconmakers

When it comes to crediting makers when you use icons you've found here on Livejournal you feel that:

crediting is a must, it's only fair to those who've made the graphics.
crediting shouldn't be necessary.
you only use your own icons, so you have no opinion on this.
you don't really care.
other - will explain in comments.

My main question is: to credit, or not credit?

ETA: When I first joined Lj I didn't really credit, just used icons I saw that I liked. But then I had a few different hardcore makers chew me out about crediting. The only reason I see crediting necessary is so users can get a link back to the rest of your icons.
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{wow} sin'dorei pride

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My goal in these two weeks of break is to read 5 books. I have completed three: The Silver Kiss, Blood and Chocolate and Garden Spells.

I am not sure which to read next. I have three choices with me currently, and they are:

Sweet Blood by Pete Hautman
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
Hail Caesar by Thu-Huong Ha

I also have Firebird in the mail by Mercedes Lackey but unfortunately it's not here yet.

TQC, out of the three previous, which one should I read right now?
Clem & Joely

Inspired by the toy-post

Did you play imaginary games when you were a kid? Pretending you were something else/someone else and going on adventures? (Remember any you want to share?)

I thought everyone did but the creepy private school I went to seemed to be inhabited with children that had no imaginations!

I remember pretending to be all sorts of different animals with friends. And I remember riding bikes with a friend and pretending we were hobos that found motorcycles and lived on them. We also hunted for bigfoot. Was kind of imaginary, we thought we saw him. ;D
Mitty box

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It just started thundering. I was about to get in the shower with my son. Should we wait or risk electrocution?

EDIT: GUYS WE DIDN'T DIE! We're okay! But I did get shot in the crotch with a water gun a few times.

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The lease for my apartment begins on September 5th. Once I give the manager lady the rent check I can move in. My roommate however, won't be moving in until a week later on the 13th. So I have a couple options:

Should I move all my stuff to the apartment on the 5th and live there on my own for a week?

The rent is due on the 5th, no acceptions. So if I'm going to be there anyway that day (only a 35-minute drive from home), should I move in some of my stuff, and sleep at home until the day my roommate comes?

Or should I wait until the 13th to move in on the same day as my roomster?

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All about babies:

This chick who was on maternity leave at my job just came today with her new baby thing.  Everyone is besides themselves trying to hold it, take picture of it, burp it, and say stupid things to it (like: "what a good burp! that was such a good burp, you're such a big boy askjdhlasjkdh).

1. Why do people feel the need to flock to babies?
2. Does anyone agree with me that babies really aren't that great?

If you don't care about babies:

3. What should I do to entertain myself tonight at my friend's birthday party? Too many people I strongly dislike will be there, but my parents are buying me a 30 to bring, so should I just get drunk and ignore everyone?


(no subject)

what is something you or your friends say a lot/do - not like an inside joke, but some phrase or slang in your area or between a few friends? and what is the meaning behind it
im french

(no subject)

1. Are there sushi restaurants in the middle of the US? If so, where do they get their fish? If you live in the center of the continent, do you eat sushi? Can someone elaborate on this general idea for me?

2. Does anyone here have a pet bird? I'm interested in getting one as a pet. A small one. I like birds.
hate pimentos

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What's that website that's like postsecret but has stories behind the postcards, too?  I googled "postsecret rip-off" but it didn't come up, and my head hurts and I dont want to look any further.  Do you know what it is?  Will you tell my pathetic self?
odd enthusiasms

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Have you ever heard of Picholine?
It's a restaurant in New York that sent my sister a gift card. We are obv not in NY. She doesn't want it.

Do you live near a Picholine? What sort of food do they have?

If you got a free $50 gift card, where would you want it to be from? (Brick and mortar stores only: no online stores like Amazon or Overstock.)

(no subject)

What do big name stores with their own brand of clothes (i.e. Old Navy, Victoria's Secret, American Eagle) do with all the items that they can't get rid of, even after multiple sales and clearance events? I've never seen them at TJ Maxx or Ross so what happens to them?

ETA: I was hoping for at least one coincidental Clueless viewing. No? Nobody? Poor Cher. :(

I feel weird doing a Dr. TQC post but I am feeling very faint and lightheaded, dizzy and tingly. Usually this means I am like STARVING but I am totally not hungry (I had an unsually big lunch). I do however feel under the weather and I think my coworker gave me her cold.

Is this related? What gives? Like it's lasted for a long long time and I am having trouble focusing and concentrating. I AM NOT PREGNANT

Also, for those who don't give a shit about my weird tinglies/dizzies, here is a poll.

Poll #1242609 My heart rate seems weird too!

What are you going to do tonight?

Club hopping
Designated driving
Processing pickles
TV watching
Fuck if I know
Web surfing drunk/high
Web surfing sober
Web surfing while sexing