August 14th, 2008


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You wake up after a drunk bender, and you find that your bicep hurts. You look over, and you see a Sailor Moon tatttoo. You have no memory of getting it, but damn, there it is. It's rather nice, as far as SM ink goes. How do you feel?

SWEET! It's so cute. I'm happy now, since apparently I wasn't conscious for the pain
I feel so embarrassed. I start looking up tattoo removal joints immediately
I'm indifferent. Makes a funny story to tell
It's cute. It wasn't part of my plan, but I'll enjoy it for now. When I get tired of it, I'll get it removed or covered up
mermaid and the ship

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What is it with this summer and terrible driving conditions? I just drove home in the worst fog ever, which was frustrating because of all the construction on the expressway near where I live.

What's the worst weather you've ever driven in? Have you ever stopped?

Would you rather drive in rain, snow or fog?

And for those of you that don't drive, or are bored by these questions: Should I wear a blue or orange shirt tomorrow?
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How many of you/us/TQC are starting college this year?
If we made a TQC Class of 2012 spinoff comm would you join?
EDIT: I'm totally making it. Should it be tqc_classof2012, or tqc_freshmen08? since cosmologists is apparently graduating in three years. 08 it is!

here we go: tqc_freshmen_08. go join!
would anyone like to photoshop a bacos icon into a userpic?

those of you who are either more or less grown:
What is your favorite TQC spinoff community?

Five random.

1. If you have a snack before you go to bed, what is it?
2. Who is your favorite poet?
3. Coffee or orange juice in the morning?
4. What is on the wall in front of you?
5. Would you consider yourself a 'happy' person? Why/why not?
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Have you ever hit/killed anything with your car?

Today, I smooshed a possum that ran out in front of me. :( I didn't check, but I'm assuming it's dead by the number of THUNKS I heard. I may be traumatized for life.

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id like a new icon, is anyone willing to find me one?
animated ones a plus

what are you jealous of?

MY SISTER GETS EVERYTHING THAT I WANT!! WAHHH hahaha tyra you funny bitch
oh but to be honest, im jealous of people with dogs..i want to walk 1

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I heard a song that I liked and can't remember any of the lyrics to it. Why does the radio station refuse to display the songs it really played on its 'last played' list? Instead it shows that is plays nothing but Timberlake, Rihanna, Avril, Chris Brown, and September, and that it only plays 3 songs an hour.

Are radio stations paid to play the same boring shit over and over, or do they actually volunteer to be the "#1 hit music station"?

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Dear Tee Cue See

Apologies if this is a repeat, as I am not fully caught up on my lurking, but:

Which Olympic sport's athletes have the most attractive body type, to you?

(other than the 13-year-old gymnasts, you pedos out there)

I say volleyball for women (both beach and indoor/team), and synchronized diving for what I've seen so far of men.

name changing

A few of my mom's friends changed their names and they will completely ignore you if you don't use their new name. Also, I've been helping my mom make name tags for her 40th high school reunion and one woman named Gloria requested that her name be spelled with a lowercase g. What kind of pretentious bullshit is that? Two other woman that have been known as Bobette and Liz for the last fifty or so years now want to be called Bobbie and Lila. These three woman are all friends.. I see a trend! High school drama forty years later ftw!

Anyway my question is, have you ever changed your name? If so, do you still respond when people refer to you by your old name?

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I was walking across my room, and suddenly I stepped on something that made pain shoot up my leg. I lift up my foot, and some insect flew away, buzzing. I assume it was a bee or hornet, because now the bottom of my foot has a red dot and is slightly swollen. And hurts like a bitch.

My question is, how did it managed to get STEPPED on, sting me, and still get away? Does it have superpowers? And what was it, anyway? There's no stinger in my skin so I'm thinking not a bee. But the thought of a hornet in my room quite frankly terrifies me. (I don't hear anymore buzzing now, is it dead?)

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Girls, if you were a guy what would you want your name to be?

Guys, if you were a girl what would you want your name to be?

None of that if I was a guy/girl my parents would have named me Phil/Barb stuff.
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I'm thinking of a scene from a movie or show where a girl is with her friend, but has to go off with another group because the group doesn't like her friend, or something.

The image I have in my head is of when the girl goes off with the other group, she is turned to look at her friend with her hands up in a sort of frustrated way, and she stomps backwards for a few seconds while staring at the person she was originally with, before turning to leave.

What is this from? It's most likely a teenagery or girly kind of film.

OKAY someone on whatwasthatone figured it out for me. It's Ally Sheedy's character in The Breakfast Club. I had the context wrong.

Who do you love more than anything in the world?

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The song "Almost Lover." Where do I know it from? Has it been in a TV show? A commercial? I don't really listen to the radio... Come to think of it, I hardly ever watch TV, either, but I know that I've heard it somewhere...

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What is your SO's name?

Do you like it?

What is the hottest name you can think of?


No, I really hate it. I love him, but I wish his name was sexier!
It's almost as bad as my ex's name, Craig.. not quite as bad though..

Lucas, Sebastian, Leo, ahh.. sexy names..
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When you missed school for less than honorable reasons, what did you call it?
Where are you from?

Ditching, cutting, skipping. (I always thought that "playing hooky" sounded like something my dad might say.)
Bay Area, California.

My school had an annual "Senior Cut Day" which was not a fully excused absence but it was expected and no work was assigned or due that day. I went to an over-achiever school though.
Kill Bill - Elle

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How disastrous would be it be to smoke during a bath, in my bathroom, with the door closed and bottom portion stuffed with a towel, with the window open?

Your last bad idea?
Willow - Huh?

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 Is this the year of mythical creature discoveries?  
First, the video of the Alien. Then, the Chupacabra video and now Bigfoot has been found.

Do you believe any of these stories?
Why/Why not?
Do you think another mythical discovery will be made this year?
hannibal skull


What's more annoying?:

(A) Someone who is late and never calls/SMS/emails?

(B) Someone who is late and is SMSing/calling too often to say that they are still late?

I am totally doing B right now and I want to know how long I have before she kicks me in the shins.

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So I turned on my shower and walked away, giving it time to warm up.
When I came back, my bathroom floor was soaked.

Now, is this my fault for assuming the shower head would be positioned so as not to spray water out of the shower?

Or is it my boyfriend's for leaving the shower head in a ridiculous spot that sprays water everywhere?

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it's raining outside,

who else finds it relaxing when it gets dark and you can hear the rain?

I have some glitter glue that I've been wanting to use, but I don't know what to make. Ideas?
animals - crabs love you


Have you ever had to call Terminex, the Orkin man or any other extermination services?


Did they rid you of your pests??

I just had to. Our new house has roaches outside. :( And I'm sad about it. We didn't cause them but I feel dirty some how.

I guess they clear out 28 types of pests. My boyfriend said, "Does that include you?" :(
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Top of the Muffin

1. If you smoke, what do you smoke?

2. Do you think smoking is sexy?

3. You are going on a plane ride that lasts 3548237482498 hours. What book do you bring?

4. You are trying to sell me a product, what is it and why should I buy it?

Our bodies, our selves

Aside from orgasm, what do you think is the most pleasurable naturally-occurring feeling your body can experience?

By naturally-occurring, I mean things your body can do on it's own, not a massage or being hit by a 2x4.
pretty road trip

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My boyfriend has a ton of PS2 games, and to be nice, I thought I would alphabetize them for him while he's at work.

Would you put the Lego edition of Stars Wars with the "L" games or put it with the "S" games?

What video game(s) are you playing right now?
Favorite system to play on?
What systems do you own?
How many games do you own?

And if you don't play games...

What are your plans for the weekend?
What's your beverage of choice in the morning? Do you drink it every morning, or different things different days?
What's an old rerun that you watch?
Do you collect anything?
What new fall show looks like it won't be good/might be stupid?

i'll answer in the comments
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is it can be French translation time now plz?

Does anyone speak French fluently? I'm getting my fiance's wedding band engraved today. I'd like to have 'One love until death" translated as closely as possible, and then translated back, so I could get an idea of the nuance. If I can't get an accurate translation in the next hour or so, I'll go with 'For good or for awesome!" or "in the the dark" which, while both pretty freaking great, jtus don't suit the original sentiment well. Merci!
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this may or may not be a stupid question, but if i am going to canada and live in the united states can i use my US debit/credit card there or do i have to do something ~fancy~? or am i better off using cash and getting it converted to canadian dollars? what is the easiest way of doing this?

what is there to do in windsor, ontario?

what kinds of things (like poutine, rolo mcflurries, real canadian superstore, ETC?!?) do they have in canada that we do not have in the US?


For the sake of the question, pretend you wear skirts even if you don't.

You're wearing a pencil skirt with a lining, and walking quickly. You're late/in a hurry and the pace you're walking at is causing the top lining of your skirt to ride up leaving the under lining exposed.

Which of the following do you do?

slow down in hopes your skirt stops riding up
keep walking, skirt be damned!
walk, tug at your skirt, walk, tug, walk, tug, etc
something else I will (probably not) explain in comments

What can I do for my sore throat?

I had a sore throat a couple days ago, but it mostly went away, until it returned today, more severely than I had expected. It's practically unbearable to swallow. My doctor's nurse is on vacation, so they all worked only until 10:30 (I was in no condition to go) and I don't have any access to medication. How should I try to easy the pain?
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Have you stopped beating your wife?

Ha! She wishes she were my wife.
Ask me again later when the rage dies down.
I haven't had a wife since the playground incident :(

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Have you ever walked in to a meeting and told you were scheduled to present but nobody told you; so you were completely unprepared?  How did you handle it?

That just happened to me.  OMG!!! how embarrased was I?!!!!!!!
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for you math wizzes out there

Okay, so say I enter 10 sweepstakes a day.

say 9 of these sweepstakes are for $250,000 and 1 is for $75,000.

For the contests I have a chance of about 1 in 3,000,000 to win, based on one entry. But lets say that I enter each contest once a day for 169 days, does that up my chances to 169 in 3,000,000 or is it some other combination? I'd think it would be 10 different cases of a 169 in 3,000,000 right?

I cant remember statistics class at all, but is there any way to combine all 10 of my probabilities to find out the chances of me making any money off of this?

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on a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (the maximum possible amount), how much does your life suck right now? care to tell us why?

how much is gas today in your town?

what is the most you've ever paid?

what is the cheapest you can ever remember gas being?

9. various reasons, most of them are dollars that i don't have.
.89, back when i was like 12.

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Random, but I just remembered that I've been meaning to ask:

1. Do different brands of bottled water taste weird to you?
2. Do you have a favorite brand of bottled water?

My Dasani tastes funny to me :(

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1. I'm having left over bbq ribs for lunch. I'm super hungry, what should i have with it?
        a. mac and cheese
        b. rice
        c. green beans

2. do you think different kinds of hair cuts (lengths, specifically) look better on different kinds of body types?

EDIT: everyone tells me I look better with short hair, but im a bit chubby and i'm afraid i look fat with short hair. thats why I ask about the hair.

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I'm watching Animal Planet's Most Extreme Odd Couples.  One of the "couples" they profiled was the tarantula/frog relationship.  Frogs are one of a tarantula's favorite food.  It showed a frog that was guarding a tarantula's egg sack by eating insects that might attack the sack.  It was sort of like a body guard.  Because the frog was helping the tarantula out, the tarantula let it live in its safe, dark burrow.

Let's say that homicide is in your nature.  What would someone have to do in order for you to let them survive and live with you?

I would let them live with me if they always made dessert for me.
cubs hat

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I just made pickles for the very first time. Bread and butter ones, to be exact.

How likely is it that in 6-8 weeks I will be asking TQC what the symptoms of Botulism are? - Triumph Of Stupid

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TQC, I've had my journal for almost 8 years. Should I buy a rename token?

What's your favorite kind of lotion?
St Ives makes this really awesome 24 hour moisture lotion. I swear by it.

Is anyone else craving sushi?
If so, what's your favorite kind?
Our local sushi joint has an out-of-this-world baked scallop roll

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So  I have a potential first date with someone tonight. Problem is, I slept 2 hours last night and I'm absolutely exhausted (I'm at work) and I have to work tomorrow as well. 
Should I postpone the date or just suck it up?

eta:  we just met at a party briefly, so we're essentially strangers

dance, motherfuckers.

which of these DOWN songs do you enjoy?

Don't Bring Me Down, electric light orchestra
I'm Goin' Down, bruce springsteen
Down on the Corner, credence clearwater revival
Land Down Under, men at work
Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, elton john
Don't Let me Down, the beatles
Down, chris brown feat. kanye
Upside Down, diana ross
Sugar We're Goin Down, fall out boy
Burning Down the House, talking heads
When the World is Runnin' Down You Make the Best of What's Still Around, the police
19th Nervous Breakdown, the stones
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard, paul simon
Brokedown Palace, the grateful dead
oh suzer, i would probably like more of these songs if i actually knew them
MLP - pinkie chicken

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How do you pronounce these words? What do you call these things?

How do you pronounce "caramel"?


How do you pronounce "zebra"?


How do you pronounce "water"?


How do you pronounce "pawn"?


How do you pronounce "aunt"?


What do you say when informally addressing more than one person at once

You guys

What do you put your groceries or purchases in?


What do you do when you jokingly guilt someone out or pester them?

Take the piss
Egg them on
Josh them

What's a fizzy, carbonated beverage called?


How do you pronounce "sorry"?

hanson - lweo lyrics - are you listening

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For those of you who work, do you have any sort of uniform (or uniform components)?

I just have to wear a name badge.

ETA: Well of course not only the badge. But aside from that, there's not really a dress code unless you're going out to sites (which I don't do). We have a couple shirts and a jacket with the company logo... I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear the shirts.

Favorite person

1. Are you the favorite person of anybody?
2. How sure are you of this -- "very certain," "confident," "you think so," "not so sure," "could be"?

(questions originally found here)
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drugs and the flow of creative juices!

Will you show me a photo, painting, sculpture, story, poem, song, journal entry or other creation that you made/wrote/took when you were drunk or stoned or high or otherwise under the influence of chemicals?

What drug were you on when you did it?

If I find something, I'll post in comments.

from different angles

What sexual habits of yours make you insecure with another person?

What physical traits of yours make you insecure during sex?

What sexual insecurities of your current sexual partner do you personally find endearing (physical, mannerisms, or otherwise)?

TQC, will I ever have sex again? When?!
im french

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1. Do you think vaccines are harmful? *In what ways?

2. If you have children, are they vaccinated? If you don't have kids yet, do you plan on vaccinating them?

3. Are you completely vaccinated?

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How does petty cash at a company work? I am starving and waiting for the one at my job to open because I forgot my wallet at home :(

Have you ever heard TMI sex life type info about someone else secondhand, and then been uncomfortable around that person as a result?

Are you at all interested in the video game Spore?
macaroni murder lady

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I am asking about the band named "My Favorite." Would you consider them to be well-known? Do you know who they are? Why hasn't anyone I know heard of them, even the people who listen to the unknown artists? Do you like them? Why or why not?

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what is the absolute nastiest house you've ever been in?

mine: this fling I had.. he lived at someone else's house that was ridden and infested with roaches. I mean literally thousands upon thousands of them. they'd be crawling on the couch, ON THE TOILET, in the shower, on the toilet paper roll itself. things in the house were caked in roach poo. there was one on the bed when we were making whoopee :(

ETA: I saw the roach problem after the attempted sex.. I looked at the rest of his house and he turned on the lights. we had just.. went straight to his bed, a roach was on the bed, and I investigated further. hahaha *shudders*

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What's the longest period of time that you've been unemployed, when you were actively looking for work? Or, if you were still employed but looking for other know, same question?

Do you have any funny/sad/horrifying stories about interviews?

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Have you ever coveted the items your Sims have?

I mean, seriously, I wish I had a pool, a jacuzzi, and one of those egg chairs. Of course, I could do without the spontaneous combustion, sadistic genies, and total lack of common sense.
bitch please

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for those of you who wear glasses, how many pairs do you own? if you own more than one, how many are your current/correct prescription? do you wear them equally? when do you wear which? tell me about your glasses wearing habits!

- i own four pairs of current regular glasses and one pair of sunglasses. this is the first time i've owned more than one pair of regulars and i want to put them all on my face at the same time!

what's the last thing you got in the mail?

- glasses. oh and lipstick from besame.

why does my stomach hurt so much right now? did i anger god by making jokes about jesus on the phone with my dad this morning? i'm sorry, jesus. :(

how you doin' today, tqc?
Mitty box


What's your favorite flavor Skittle?
What's your favorite flavor Starburst?
What's your favorite flavor coffee/tea?
What's your favorite fast food restaurant?
What's your favorite color?


I'm pretty much poor, but I have $100 that is supposed to be for stuff for college. (clothes, anything I need for the room, whatever.I already have the school supplies.)

I have some people I know in NYC and a really cute boy- should I use that money for a train ticket to NYC, and stay there for a few days and have fun?

OR, since I'll be seeing all of these people in less than two weeks, should I spend that money wisely on things that I supposedly need but could live without?

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I bought two new bras yesterday and I thought they were *THE ONES*. I'm noticing today, unfortunately, that there is boob pop-outage. :(

Should I return my bras and try to hunt for some new ones? I jumped around the dressing room and my boobs stayed in, but as I'm going about my daily business today...they look awful.

I went on my job interview (half up/half down). As soon as I sat down she said "Well, the position HERE has been filled but we have the same position open in our other location, thirty miles from your house."

Do you think they should have called me to tell me this BEFORE I drove there?
I'm sort of pissed off about it, but my mom sees no problem with this at all.


there's this weird guy I used to talk to maybe 8 months ago or so that won't stop texting me. for the past month or so he's been texting me randomly. sometimes he'll even repeat the same text messages. this pisses me off because 1) I don't care to have any contact with him and 2) I get 200 texts a month and he's taking away from that. it has gotten so bad that I stepped outside of my usual mannerisms and told him bluntly to fuck off, stop texting me, lose my number, please STOP STOP STOP. I called at&t and the only way I could make it stop is to change my number, which isn't ideal right now.

and then 5 minutes ago I get another text.

so.. who wants to help me beat this guy up? or on a srs note, what should I do about this asshole texting me? have you ever dealt with someone this annoying before?

Writer's Block...

Today's Writer's Block question is too good not be on TQC. After being challenged to write an entire story using only six words, Hemingway came up this; “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He said it was his best work.

Are you up for the challenge? Can you write a story in six words?

Here are a few of my own;

Two down. Eight toes left. Snip.

Poisoned failed. Gun failed. Next, hanging.

The Mafia answered. I never called.

They stole the tank. Damned hippies.

I found God. He looked terrible.

Last fix. After this rehab. Again.

The waitress coughed. TB. "Check, please!"

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This article tells the story of a messy man who held his wife and four kids captive and that the neighbors had no clue he was married and had a family.  There is a pretty shocking video that shows all the thousands of bugs in the most frightening places, garbage strewn about, and a toilet that hasn't been flushed.

How dirty does your residence have to be before you decide to clean it?

If you saw the video, what was your reaction?
Haruhi disappearance