August 13th, 2008


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Congratulations! You now own a fortune 500 company!

1) What ridiculous luxury is in your main home?

2) Where are your 3 homes?

3) What one thing do you give your employees to be a nice boss? Something extra, as I assume you are not being a schmuck and already giving them health care.

4) Conan O'Brien and Jon Stewart both want to interview you. Who do you choose?

Collapse )

I am a virus, are you the cure?

Do you like any old time radio shows?
How old are you?

True of false, Danny Elfman is full of awesome?

Where did that post asking about what to do until they went to the Navy event?

me-Yes, Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, Edger Bergen, and Stan FrebergI'm almost 25 (on the 19th)
if I knew I wouldn't ask.
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tqc, my dog is breathing really fast... almost like he can't catch his breath. he does this weird choking thing a lot, and sounds like he might have some fluid in his lungs. what can i do??? he won't sit down at all... he just stands there panting and weezing. i'm going to take him to the vet tomorrow morning but is there anything i can do right now to help him?
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There is this movie with three sisters, one is a goody goody, one is a slut and one is kind of in between. They are rich and there are these two poor brothers who are in love with them. All I remember is the boys' mom dies. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?
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Poll #1239881 Oh noes!

You are on an island ruled by a group of invisible humans who talk to you via a PA system. They only become visable when sexually aroused. In order to be able to leave the island, you must have sex with one of them. You can only choose based on what they've said to you via PA when you are on the island. Who do you choose?

"I wish you all could see the fur on my fox suit!"
"Second star to the right, and straight on till morning!"
"I will give you $300 if you let me cum on your foot."
"I think Bush should run for a third term."
"I lost my copy of Dianetics, god damn it."
"Can I pee on you R Kelly style?"
All this person does is scream
I'd rather die

On this island, you have to select one celebrity from a list to hear talk...movies, comedic acts, and music. You have to choose one celebrity to overhear for the next few week, 24/7. Who do you choose?

Paris Hilton
Jared the Subway Guy
Clay Aiken
That crazy Jesus lady (GOD WARRIOR) from Trading Spouses
Ryan Seacrest
Tom Cruise

After this whole ordeal, turns out they are going to kill you anyway. How do you go out?

You are stuffed with a combination of cheese cake and salsa until you die.
Internal injury from dildoes (dildos?)
John Goodman sits on your chest until you stop breathing
The Joker lets you know how he got those scars
Ursula from The Little Mermaid threatens you with tentacle rape until you off yourself
You are placed on a raft out over a deep reef full of sharks, and chum is hanging from body piercings off your body

Have you ever been peed on R Kelly style?

I've pissed on someone R. Kelly style
I have no idea what this means
Bring on the piss!
ticky box?

=/ x 10000

I don't eat mayonaise. I don't eat mayo, or Miracle Whip, or anything like that. I just HATE the taste, smell and texture. It's slimy and tastes horrible to me.

My fiance (Of three weeks, w00t!) and I went out to dinner with his mom. I mentioned I'm not a huge fan of 'kraut, but I'll eat it if someone gives it to me. His mom went "LOLOLOL (laughing.) yeah you don't eat food that us NORMAL people do!!! LOLOLOL"

Now, normally I love this woman. But seriously wtf. I'll even TRY stuff that has mayo, cause I know sometimes you can't taste it, and they've gone out of their way to GIVE me food with mayo, without telling me. To see if I can taste it. And always seem surprised I can. =/ x 1000 AGAIN. she doesn't like STRAWBERRIES. she's not allergic, she just hates them, and i find that so weird. but i was raised polite, so i don't say shit to her. just to livejournal. :D

1) so tcq, what is the number one thing you won't eat?

2) how do you react when people make fun of you for it?

3) what's the one food you could eat everyday for the rest of your life without getting tired of it?


1) mayo. like i said, i'll try stuff with it in it, but i just don't like it. i'm also from OK, but live in TX. most people prefer mustard here anyways.

2) i just kinda laugh at first, cause i know everyone has something they don't like. then i get pissed if they just HAVE to comment on it each time.

3) mashed potatoes! yum yum.
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if you had a baby tomorrow, what would you name it?? i've been thinking about names all day and i wanna know what everyone else likes. i've got boys names picked out for a mile long list so i focused on girl names today..

i'll comment with mine later after i see what you all say =)

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I've decided to quit my job. I have no other job lined up. I want to pick up unemployment until I find something else. I was told you can only collect unemployment if you are laid off---is this true? And if so, is this true in New York State, and how do they know if you left your job willingly or not?

i met my best friend this way.

omg, im still awake, shit!

wanna talk on yahoo?

leave SN! send me a message at my lj email instead. actually, you can just do that and forget yahoo altogether if you want.


were you a member of randomquestions?



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My husband and I are going to Nashville this weekend. Rather than putting our stuff together into one big suitcase and checking it in, we think we're each going to use smaller suitcases and use them as a carry on. Either way, we'll both have messenger bags with us.

Besides the whole 'liquids in a baggie' that's still going on, do you see this posing a problem at all?

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1.Is there anything that makes you feel better just having it in your home? If so, what is it?

2. When people tell me they are *glad* about something, I feel like they are being insincere. What word/words raises your insincere flag?

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1)Favorite melodramatic line?

Our love ended on that day, two years ago[kare kano]

2)what's the weirdest thing you've seen on the internet?

soul bonders. why do they think they are fictional characters?

3)how thirsty are you?


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Poll #1240064 RIA YOU SHOULD TOTALLY....

Go to San Francisco, CA the last week in August.

Wut?! NO WAI! You must be responsible and not put your ticket purchase (etc.) on that one credit card of yours.
YES, you only live once.. and you really need the vacation, sure.. you'll be charging it on your cc but who cares? pay it off later.
other, I will explain in the comments.

eta: TQC, what should I do? HALP ME DECIDE.
me - with gun

Inspired by very stupid debates I have with friends...

Is everything permanent until it's temporary?

As an example, some one finds out they have a life-long disease... as in, permanent, so they call it such. But then later they're completely cured. So was the disease EVER permanent, or was it always temporary and they were just mistaken?

(My personal answer was that in that situation, the disease was temporary the whole time and was only mistakenly called permanent and that it wasn't "permanent for that time period"... yes... this debate went on for an hour... :P)

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1:  Why does my brother-in-law always leave tinkle sprinkle on the toilet seat when he knows girls sit there?

Sometimes I can't see it and sometimes I forget to check and I end up sitting on his pee =(.  Other times it's obvious because there are dark yellow spots.

2:  Why did my mother-in-law ask if I've already eaten when she saw me taking my dish to the sink to wash it?

3:  If you live with other people, do you have specific chores or do you help out where you can?

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what's your least-favorite post-9/11 airport security restriction (in the united states)?


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Recently, two male wrestlers at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln were dismissed from the team for posing nude on a gay pornography website.  They were cited as having broken Rule 1 of the student athlete handbook: Always present a positive image; don't do anything to embarrass yourself, the team, your family or the university.

Is it a double standard or homophobia to dismiss amateur male athletes for posing nude?  Should female athletes, such as cheerleaders, be dismissed for posing nude in Playboy?

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Ok so I have no one else right now to ask this, and I'm stressing out; hopefully someone can help me.

About a week ago my car began to overheat, after putting water in it, it was fine for about 3 days. It began to overheat again, my dad looked at it; couldn't find a leak but the radiator cap was old, and wasn't sealing well so we replaced it, and so far all has been going well. This was exactly one week ago today, and my car has been fine.

however I am possibly the most paranoid person you will ever meet, and am now constantly watching and overanalyzing my heat gage in my car. Today I noticed that it was going up (which is normal I know), but it went past the half-way point... what is normal for a car, is it beginning to overheat on me again, or is it fine and I'm being paranoid? Below is a picture of about where the arm went in my gage....can anyone help me?


(its the pink arrow, if you couldn't tell)

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Has anyone been in a toxic relationship that brought you down over and over again?
(For example an alcoholic/mentally abusive boyfriend who makes you feel as though you'll never be worthy of him, but somehow you keep finding yourself crawling back into the situation)

I've been on and off with this guy for about 3 years now, and I obviously understand I'd be better off without him - but I guess I just have a personality flaw that leaves me wanting to call him. Things will be amazing one moment, and then he turns around and leaves me feeling like absolute shit about myself.

If you've gotten over it, how long did it take you?
Did you "relapse"?

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What do you love to eat that everyone else thinks is strange?

I just had Easy Mac for lunch and I mixed a spoonful of cream of mushroom soup and some tuna in with it. Many of my coworkers gave me a funny look.

Google is very unhelpful here

Do any of you know anything (from personal experience or otherwise) about transitioning FROM being a vegetarian and reintegrating meat into your diet? My husband wants to do this, and I know you can't just go out and start eating steaks (not if you dislike throwing up, anyway); it has to start small. But I'm wondering if there's anything out there with maybe a good timeline to follow as far as upgrading one's meat intake.

Gotta love google. They have ONE article about a guy's frustration for being unable to find info on transitioning FROM vegetarianism. Everything else is about transitioning TO it.

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 I have a friend who is 18 and wants to do porn because she doesn't care who she sleeps with and she wants some money.  I am entirely against this idea (mostly because she doesn't need money, she just wants it).  She's asked me to go with her to wherever it is she'd go to do this so she could "check it out" and since I'm not supportive of this idea I totally don't want to go, but if she goes through with it I don't want her to go by herself and get into trouble.

So...what would you do in this situation?  Also, I already feel conflicted because I don't see too much wrong with being in porn, but I still don't want one of my good friends doing it :(

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1)Do you believe that the whole Chinese gymnastics team is of age?


2)did you do anything dumb today?

I bought a large volume of magic knights rayearth for mom's classroom, and then remembered that 'magic' in the title might not be allowed.

3)do you like handmade soap?


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Inspired by the sudden rush of car related questions:

In your opinion, what state breeds the worst drivers?
Massachusetts and New Jersey. If I ever find myself behind these people on the highway I flee as quickly as possible

And before you ask, no, your opinion doesn't count if you're not American :P

ETA: Why are they the worst?

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1. What was the last thing that happened that made you say or think HOLY SHIT?

2. What could we do to improve the computer? Creative answers please.

3. If you could make the perfect chip, what would it be called? What would it taste like and what would the texture be like? Chips are serious business.

4. Do you like mushrooms?
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For those of you who use Diva Cups (or Keepers), how do you store your cup when you aren't wearing it?

My Diva came with that little bag, but the seams on the bag fell apart and I don't want to just throw it under the sink.

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1) What do you do when you're feeling depressed? Not depression level, just blue for a day or so. Tips?

2) Tomorrow is my birthday. What kind of birthday cake should I make for myself?

3) How should I decorate it?

4) What is the best birthday cake you have ever had for your birthday? Why was it so awesome? 
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heh heh

Inspired by this post:

Which Canadian province has the worst drivers?

Or which city, if you want to get specific.

I haven't driven across Canada or anything, but I have to vote Ontario drivers. They stop are green lights and drive in your blind spot. They're also incapable of judging speeds, for some reason, and fly into intersections.

QC City drivers are a different breed of insane. They just don't make sense and I can't even describe it.
only a trekkie would understand

your trekkie kung·fu is not strong

9:08 PM 8/12/08 · By and large there's been a lot of changes in Star Trek continuity from Kirk's time to Picard's and onward. Like how Picard and folks absolutely cannot exceed Warp 9 yet back when Kirk was in charge they periodically popped the bubble past Warp 11. Typical unfounded explanation is that there's been a quality shift in warp travel between the two eras but that seems a bit off.

Transwarp was supposed to be the jump up from warp in Kirk's time but I believe from the Next Generation on they still haven't perfected transwarp...

...which isn't my question but feel free to jump in on that if you like.

Back in Kirk's time most Starfleet vessels carried at least two weapons of mass destruction cutely referred to as planet busters. They're mentioned more in the novels than the show, though I vaguely remember Kirk onscreen using some form of cobalt device as a bluff. My point is that roundabout when Picard was in the big seat I don't recall any mention of planet busters being incorporated in starship weapon systems.

Kinda thing like that would've been handy against the least once or twice.

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So, my home has been blessed with a hornet's nest. I noticed it last night (it's on the small to medium size, maybe twenty of the little things buzzing around). I hosed it down (and am continually hosing the same spot), but the things keep trying to rebuild the nest every five seconds.

Will they eventually give up, or should I go get some hornet spray?

What you'd do for 5k

Poll #1241163 For $5,000...

...would you put a sign on both sides of your car (or rented car, if you don't have one) that says PEDOMOBILE, and in large letters FREE CANDY, put a temporary bumper sticker on the back that says LET'S MAKE KIDDIELOVING LEGAL....and then, cruise around a local middle school for an hour, circling the block repeatedly and slowly, when classes end for the day? You must circle around for an hour. Would you do it?


...would you go to Disneyland, and pull Mickey Mouse off his photo-op throne, and start pummeling the costumed character in front of dozens of young, horrified children who were waiting in line to sit on his lap? You'll suffer no legal consequences


...would you have safe sex with Ron Jeremy? Things to consider: the relationship you're in right now (if it applies)


...would you spend the night in an abandoned, reportedly haunted prison? You'll be given a sleeping bag and a single flashlight, and will have to spend the whole night in the lower chambers, where the electric chair was kept. Just you. No one else, with no other light source in this humungous fallen-into-neglect prison except your flashlight


...would you get a 'Bush for President in 2004' tattoo on your arm?


...attend a week long Scientology retreat?


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Which is more personal - thanking a husband and wife through a thank you card or calling them on the phone and thanking them (and run the risk of only catching one of them home)?

My grandparents who I haven't seen in about eight years sent me a nice sum of money for my university tuition through a congratulations card, and I'm contemplating on how to thank them since I can't exactly see them in person.
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So, I was watching the Opening Ceremonies with my mom, and we got into this rather un-PC conversation during the parade of nations. Which leads me to ask:

1. What country do you think produces really good looking people?

2. Which country do you think produces people that aren't that attractive?

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How can some people sell shit to a sewer? I really need to know. Because this woman is selling shitty ass jewelry down the street from me and people are loving it. Its fake knock offs!
Evil Me

Couch To 5 K

Have any of you started a running program after being a fat lazy slob for most of your life? For some reason today I became really interested in starting to run. Probably because I could really stand to lose some weight.

Do you have any advice for a starting runner? What made you stick to it? I think I'll start on the treadmill in my building until I get a bit stronger, I live on a hill...

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 Imagine you want to watch the Olympics, but you can't because of other obligations. You DVR it, record it, or something. You want to watch it after work, so you try to avoid conversation about the event, but you're sitting at lunch and someone says, "Did you watch women's gymnastics last night?" You respond, "No, I recorded it, so I don't know the results and want to watch it when I get home." To which they reply, "Oh.... [insert how they placed]". Would you be upset?

I sure am. This seems to be the trend at my one is smart enough to understand that when you say, "I am waiting to watch it" that means "Don't spoil it for me..."


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Can I exchange an item at Target (for the same item, this one is just missing a piece) without a reciept? My other half paid for it with his card, which I know they can look up the purchase. Only he's at work, and I need this rice cooker for dinner tonight. 

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1:  Inspired by this post, some of you have multiple LJ accounts.  Someone mentioned that it's for personal things.

For those of you who have multiple accounts, why do you have more than one?  If you have it for private entries, why don't you make them private on your primary journal?

2: I was falling asleep to a documentary where a guy escaped from a Canadian prison and killed 6 (I think) people, one of them being a priest.  He was eventually caught and sentenced to "life in prison with little or no possibility of parole."  I'm having trouble wrapping my head around "a little chance of parole."

Would you allow this guy to be up for parole?  If he was, would you ever grant him parole if you were authorized to?

ETA: I'm not implying the priest's life is more important than the others. The narrator gave him a special mention, so it stuck in my head that way and I guess I ended up quoting him.  As for why the narrator gave the priest a notable mention, I'm not sure.

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what small thing is a major pet peeve for you? I HATE HATE HATE when people capitalize the first letter of words other than the first Word of a Sentence. It makes me Want to Kill them. If I'm ever in a position where I'm hiring someone and they send a cover letter where they do that, I will personally call them up and yell at them.

and- what should I get my mother for her birthday? She's not picky at all, but I'd like a cool idea if you have any.
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TQC, I'm about to go apply for jobs as a bartender. Most bartenders in this town (college town) wear polo shirts, work pants, and non-slip shoes. I don't want to be as formal as I would be when applying for a job at an office, but I don't want to be too casual. What should I wear?

Have you ever google image-searched something, and received completely different results than you expected? What was it?
(I wanted to see who Bianca Golden, the ANTM contestant was... apparently Bianca Golden is also the name of an adult star)

How frequently do you wear perfume/cologne/body spray? What type do you wear?

Randomly thought about this on my cigarette break....

My cousin used to work in the World Trade Center (I cannot recall which building)

She had a severe cocaine addiction.

She worked like...two floors above where the plane hit on 9/11

On 9/11 she was in rehab for the aforementioned cocaine addiction.

Is it safe to say that cocaine saved her life?

If not, under what circumstance is it safe to say cocaine saved a life?

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 Does this sound yummy to your tummy?
graham cracker crust, banana pudding with banana slices mixed in and topped with cool whip or a dab of peanut butter?

What is your favorite dessert to eat?
What is your favorite thing to lick off of your sexual partner?

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dear TQC,

I want to know if it is possible to ignore certain video results on youtube search. because I am tired of getting tinfoilhatters in my results because they have done keyword spam (with targeted spam fail, as a number of people they target tend to be the types of people with the critical thinking skills to not believe in random pieces of "evidence), and it is annoying fishing through the results.

Not to mention that some search results havbe been taken over by idiots that dont know what they are talking about (search pyroclastic flow, and you will see what I am talking about, heck, it will be the FIRST BLOODY RESULT).

so, in short, how do i block the tinfoilhatter's videos from my search results on youtube?
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1) I wanna eat something junk. Should I have a Take 5 candy bar, or some pizza rolls? (If the former, I can eat it now. If the latter, I have to wait until I get home tonight)

2) Can you tell me about your last brush with irony?

3) Am I pregnant? What makes you think that?
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Annoying Habits

I have this really annoying habits. I'll go to Borders, my preferred book store, spend about two hundred dollars on various books that just look interesting, but it will take me forever to read them. Because I always like to re-read books I've already read that were really good. I get to reading them eventually, but this is the third time I've done this and I have about eleven books on my shelf I still have yet to read.

What annoying habits do you have that just piss YOU off?


Do any of you know a site for which you can get quotes from all the major shipping companies (UPS, Fedex) for international package shipping?
I have to find the cheapest shipping rate for 27 30 lb packages that are being sent all over the world and I don't have the time to check each one...!
Does this make sense?

also if you HAVE to input the postal code for the country i can't use it, because i don't know them yet

something like, except for free.

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Since we're talking about books:

1. Can you suggest a new author for me to try out? Authors I usually read (to give youa better feel of what I like): Bukowski, Vonnegut, Wilde, Salinger, Dostoevsky, Kafka, etc).


2. Planet Sun or Beach Bum tanning? Why? How much is a single session for bronze level at Beach Bum? (They won't tell me directly D: ).
3. What stores carry sweet graphic tees for chicks that aren't $50? Everytime I step into a store, I see tons of flowers and stupid phrases. I love my plain stuff, but I need to switch it up!
4. What stores carry sweet posters for my walls?!

I'd rather not know of places online because I like to try on stuff to see how it fits rather than guess online. Same goes with posters. I hate ~deception~.


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Have you forgotten your old shipmates?

My boyfriends eyes are killing him and he has trouble focusing and he says it makes his eyes feel uncomfortable. Any idea what this is? Or should I just tell him "DOCTOR NOW!"?

Have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? Did the last part make you feel all heart broken?

Pepsi or Coke?

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Inspired by the September 11th post:

Do you know people who were supposed to be in the World Trade Center on September 11th but for some reason, were not there when they were supposed to be?

A friend left her wallet home, and didn't catch her train. My teacher's husband was sent out of his office to get breakfast that day. My cousin was told to stay in her building and wait it out, but the people in her office left (needless to say, every computer in her office was melted when they went back through it)

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Are there any types of teeth whitening that will whiten my tooth-colored fillings on the front of my teeth? I want to whiten my teeth, but I'm not sure if it's possible to whiten the fillings or if I'd have to replace them.

Sorry if that was worded weirdly.

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1. What is your favorite pair of shoes that you own? Gotta picture?

2. What is the most evil thing you do on a regular basis?

3. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?

4. In which way would you want to be killed? (if you were to be killed, inevitably.)
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According to an article I just read, in an SF based survey of 5000 victims of violent crime (i.e victim's of violent crimes like rape, attempted murder or family members of victims of murder) 90% of victims want to meet their offenders. If you were in that situation, what would you do? Would your answer change if you were the actual victim or the family member of the victim?

To meet or not?

Meet and Forgive
Refuse to meet
sneaker love

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What school trip did your school take you on (up till now or will take you to soon) that held the most awesome?

What's your pin number? (For anything, doesn't need to be for a bank account.)

Today, the classics department took the Classics students to watch The Dark Knight - their reasoning was we needed to see how modern day heroes are portrayed. In other words, the teachers just really wanted to watch a movie during school hours - initially they wanted to go watch Indiana Jones but couldn't be bothered doing the paper work.

My library pin used to be 6895.

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Ok yeah I'm posting again. I mentioned needing a birthday present for my mom. She's a big dog nut, and I was thinking about signing her up to sponsor a dog at a national shelter/sanctuary- does anyone know of a good one that is A) legit and B) gives you something other than a form letter in return for your sponsorship?

(no subject)

1)what recurring dreams do you have?

I have the packing for college dream- I can never decide what to take and what not to take.

2)what unfinished business does this indicate?

I don't know.

3)I'd like good fiction based on the Bible- like bible fanfiction, but uh..published and good. Like say, what happened during jesus' teenagehood? here's a good story about it.

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When you drop a piece of food down between your titters into your bra, do you take it out and eat it?

For those on the pill, did you get fat and pimply when you started it? Grow hair in any weird places? Just curious.
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You're vacationing in a foreign country. You're out on a hike through the forest by yourself, when suddenly, a woman appears before you. She's radiating white light and wearing long white robes. Oh, and she's floating.

She starts talking to you. The problem is, it's not in English. It doesn't even sound like the language of the country you're visiting. She keeps talking, and suddenly, a wooden staff appears in your hand and a gold ring around your head.

She holds her hands up and a glowing image appears, of two hills, with a tree on the top of each one. In between the two trees is a waterfall. She motions to the waterfall, says something else, and then disappears.

What do you do now?
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My first ever password was raspberrykeychai(r). How old was I?

QUICK! Google has died, how will you respond? HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE?
Will TQC explode due to a massive influx?
You wake up one morning and find out Google has been banned. How will you respond?

Due to some strange reason, you are crowned The Ultimate Ruler of the Universe except TQC and anything or anyone who links to TQC. The only person who can pwn you is TQC's THE ONE. How will you run The Universe?

Are hookers and blow the answer to everything when AIDS and Lupus can't make the cut?
Will this be the downfall of TQC's The ONE if you were The Ultimate Ruler of the Universe?
adriana lima kiss kiss

pet names

what does your significant other call you?

what do you call your significant other?

if you dont have a signficant other, what would you want to call him/her and what would you want to be called?

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Why do people feel the need to try to fill the emptiness in their pointless little lives by supplying the demand for the papparazzi to violate personal space of celebrities just so they can "get the latest scoop" on what they wear or buy? i dun geddit. Why don't they just waste their time stapling firecrackers to the neighbors dog instead?
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What movie can you watch over and over again without it getting boring?

This morning I watched the third Die Hard movie for the twentieth time in a row. This is what happens when you don't have cable. =[

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i want to know what (if anything) is making you feel nervous and/or what you're currently stressing out about. something that's always in the back of your mind, giving you that queasy feeling whenever you think of it.

please, none of the typical "i'm afraid i won't get a job after college" kind of stuff.

(no subject)

1. okay, so, when was the last time you felt REALLY relieved? you know that moment when the nauseous feeling in your stomach finally subsides and you can go back to living your life happily.

again, please no lame answers about when you passed your math quiz. unless you actually got gut-wrenchingly nervous about it to the point of losing all concentration on other things.

2. what do you do to calm your nerves?

(no subject)

1. Do you like corn?
2. If so, do you prefer fresh, canned, or frozen corn?
3. What is your favorite way to make corn on the cob, or any other use for fresh corn?
4. How much do you pay for an ear of corn?

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You have a time machine and can go back in time to witness one tragic event of your choice. You wouldn't actually be involved in anyway, just kind of a silent observer. What event do you choose?
Kill Bill - Elle

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Do any of you have Aetna insurance for health care?
What the fuck is an internist and why are they different than a family practice doctor? I need to see a general practitioner that doesn't deal with children. Help me out plz.

Are you depressed?
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If you're going to a friend's house for a handful of nights (2-4, let's say), what do you take of your own and what would you expect her/him to provide? If this person has wireless internet at their house, do you take your laptop, or is this just considered rude?

Cats as contraband

Poll #1241469 No puppy for XY chromosome owners

Saudi Arabia bans the sale of dogs and cats to men on the grounds that pets can be used to pick up women. Who's the big loser here?

Saudi men. They'll have to find a new way to meet women. It's back to the dating drawing board for them.
Saudi women. There will be less men trying to talk to them
Saudi cats and dogs. More of them will stay in cages, awaiting homes
Saudi Arabia. The oppressive country has once again become the butt of the world's jokes
Islam. Banning pet ownership isn't really about Islam in this case, but everybody will assume it is
Religion in general. If keeping the genders apart is so important that even dog ownership is a slippery slope to sin, maybe it's time to rethink the role of religion in your life
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1) What was the last choice you had to make?

2) Have you ever been to Santa Barbara, California?


3) Have you ever seen the movie, The Return starring Sarah Michelle Gellar? Is the whole movie as bad as the first 20 minutes or does it eventually get better?

ETA: What's the furthest away from home you've ever been?
jon snow

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I remember a few years ago, I went to a kosher deli. Among the food that was there, they had fried chicken and mac&cheese. I wanted fried chicken with mac&cheese on the side and the worker there refused to sell it to me. I eventually gave up and just ordered the chicken.

I'm considering joining a nearby Y for the pool and gym. It's a Jewish Y. It says that all food brought onto the premise must be kosher. Meaning that if I want to bring a snack with my water, I need to check to see if it's kosher.

My question being, why do Jewish people care what I eat? How does it effect them?

ETA: I give up. The only explanation given is that it's their religion. If that's the only reponse, I've wasted my time.
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I had braces when I was 14 because I had a cross-bite. I got them off when I was 15 and stopped wearing my retainer like they told me I could when I was 18.

I am 23 now and my teeth are exactly as they were before I got braces. My crossbite is in full existence.

Call my parents and congratulate them on their waste of money, y/n?
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dear TQC

do laptops look at the regions codes on DVD's, if so, is there any software you can download to make sure you can play regoin 1 dvd's on your laptop if you're in region 2?

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1. If actions speak louder than words, and a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words does punching a camerman in the face equal?

2. Is your life what you expected it to be at age five? OR better yet, what did you expect life to be like when you were five?

3. What do you rely on more; thought or emotion?

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So I'm going on vacation in a few days and I'm putting together a "cheese" cd, here is what I have so far...

I Need You Tonight, INXS
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight, Cutting Crew
Wind Beneath My Wings, Bette Midler
Im Too Sexy, Right Said Fred
Heartbeat, Don Johnson
All Night Long, Lionel Richie
I Wear my Sunglasses at Night, Corey Hart
Detroit Rock City, Kiss
You Took the Words Right Out Of My Mouth, Meatloaf
Copacabana (original disco version), Barry Manilow
Said I Loved You... But I Lied, Michael Bolton
I Would Do Anything For Love, Meatloaf
Never Gonna Give You Up, Rick Astley
What a Fool Believes, Michael McDonald
The Final Countdown, Europe
Don't Stop Believing, Journey
Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice

What else should be on here?
brooklyn rage

Candy and sweets

1.  What's your favorite kind of candy?
Stracciatella truffles.

2.  Are there any local chocolatiers near your place of residence?
The Hebert Candy Mansion in Shrewsbury, Mass.  It's about 30-45 minutes from where I live.

3.  If you could mix your own chocolate, whether it be a bar, a truffle, or any other chocolate shape, what kind of chocolate would it be, and what would be in it? (In it: caramel, toffee pieces, etc.)
Marble chocolate with peanut butter inside.