August 12th, 2008

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Hey guys,

I'm selling some stuff on eBay and having some technical issues.

Can anyone who has the time click on the above link and let me know the following?:

1) Under "Starting bid:", "Your maximum bid:", and "End time:" you should see "Shipping costs:". What appears to the right of "Shipping costs:"?
2) If "Calculate" appears, can you click "Calculate" and let me know whether the shipping calculator works (i.e. whether it gives you an amount of money)?
3) Do you live in Canada or elsewhere?

Edit (12:17 p.m.): I just fiddled around with the shipping settings...*crosses fingers that she solved the problem*.

Edit (12:56 p.m.): Okay, new question: How the heck do I fix this?!

When I click on "Revise your item" and scroll down to "Give buyers shipping details", this is what I see:


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To those who have gauged their ears... have yours ever got infected?

I went up a size the other day and it hurt, but they were fine. Then today I woke up and they hurt like hell and now are pusing really bad. Is that normal? How would you care for it?

Will you show me a picture of your ears?

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TQC, am I allergic to coconut?

I sure as hell hope not, because I just ate two popsicles with coconut in them.

even then, its okay, I suppose. Everybody needs a good hurl once in a while, as my dad recently said. :P


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What do you think is the hardest musical instrument to play?

Do you play any musical instruments?  What?

I want to learn how to play: the banjo (#1), harmonica, and jug.  Any musical instruments you want to learn?

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If you're an atheist, where do you get your ethical code from? Why do you think you follow them?

If you're religious, why do you follow that particular religion and not another?

If you're spiritual, what gives you faith?

For you tea drinkers -- sweetener/no sweetener?
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Females who have had a pelvic exam:

How old where you when you had your first exam? Were you sexually active yet? If not, and if you were under 21 years old, why did you get the exam?

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Poll #1239217 Weird questions involving money

For $10,000,000....would you travel to each McDonalds in America and eat an apple pie? Every single restaurant in continental America.'ll have to do it by segway. It will take months. Maybe years. You'll be given a certain card that, when shown, will get you a free apple pie. Everything else will come out of your own pocket. You don't get the money until you visit every McDonalds. Would you do it?


For $25,000...would you watch Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector 1,000 times in one year? Each viewing, you will have to sit directly in front of the tv, with no other distractions. So, no multi tasking. Almost 2,000 hours of your life wasted, but you'll be a quarter of 100k richer. Would you do it?


An aging billionaire wants to play a single hand of poker with you. If you win, you get $5,000,000. If he wins, he gets one of your kidneys, 10% of your liver, and 2" of your lower intestine. Will you play him?

QC - winslow
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This isn't a homework question

How do you solve quadratic equations?
For example:
What are the solutions to the quadratic equation x(squared) - 2x = 48?

I'm going to suck so hard tomorrow taking the assessment test. Plz 2 b tellin me how 2 solve quadratic equations.

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How big of a faux pas is it to go to a job interview with a bad sunburn?

Maybe I'm overthinking this, but I'm planning on going to two different open interview situations tomorrow. I got a bad burn two days ago and I'm still all red and peely. I feel a little weird going in looking like this, but I really need a job ASAP and don't want to wait a week for the next available interview. Thoughts?

(If it matters, I'm applying at Peet's Coffee and Disneyland. I'm pretty sure Disney won't be an issue, since they don't really judge by appearance during the interview process. I still feel kind of lame showing up extra-crispy, though.)
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1) Will you post some of your favorite musicians and see if anyone would hang out with you?

Mine: Jonathan Richman, Ben Kweller, Simon and Garfunkel, Flight of the Conchords, ABBA, The Decemberists, Jack and Jeffery Lewis, Bright Eyes, Flogging Molly, Ok Go, Brett Dennen.

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There's a yummy slice of cake sitting in the fridge. Should I eat it now or tomorrow?

-It's cake and I believe it's calling my name
-I'm a little hungry and I'm going to stay up all night working on my essay so will probably need the energy

-I'm only going to sit in front of the computer all night so all the fat will accumulate on my belly and I'm trying to lose about 10 pounds--I could eat something healthier instead
-If I eat it now I can't eat it tomorrow to celebrate the completion of my essay


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Is you best friend male or female?
Are you male of female?

What is your favourite boys name?
What is your favourite girls name?

How far away is your uni/college/school from where you live?
Nottingham is about 2.5 hrs drive/4 hrs train from Bristol, and personally that was a big mistake- too far
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I have an indoor cat that keeps getting out and he gets hurt. I need a good way to keep him away from the door so he stays inside. I've been looking online and there are ultrasonic deterrents and static mats and things that spray compressed air, prices varying from $20 to hundreds of dollars. I have no idea what to get, what will work, or what is worth the price. Would someone help me with this decision?

Take Shelter

So does the expression "take shelter" actually mean "rent a house, hotel or an apartment" nowadays or what? Just wondering. Given the consumerist attitude, I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

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so i FINALLY got a new phone (enV 2) and i want to get some cool ringtones, but don't have the money to pay for them. my friend used a website that made ringtones for her from songs on her computer, and then sent them to her phone for free. anyone know the name of this website?

for anyone who doesn't, last brand new thing you bought/received?

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Obviously, the definition of "masculine" or "feminine" varies from person to person, and some may argue such ideals exist only in our heads. Nevertheless, most of us have our own ideas of what constitutes "masculine" or "feminine," and I would like anyone who answers this question to take that into account.

1. Do you think there's something attractive about men who look like women?

2. What about women who look like men?


1. Normally I'm not attracted to effeminate men, but I think some can look very nice. If he's overly feminine, I'm not really interested, but if it's sort of the androgynous style, I think that can be attractive. I do prefer men who are on the "masculine" side, though.

2. It depends. If their features are masculine, I don't find that particularly attractive. But "tomboy"-looking women--petite, small breasts, short hair, and in men's clothing--I think are very attractive. And I'm normally not into women. :p


3. Do you love puppies?
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ticketmaster woes

If you go here and click on Girl Talk you immediately get this. In my experience when something is sold out Ticketmaster still makes you fill out how many tickets you want, and get the capthca right, and then they tell you there aren't any tickets available.

Do you think this means it's already sold out? Or do you think there actually will be tickets available later? There aren't any tickets on ebay for it yet so that makes me think it's not sold out, and the venue's website doesn't list it as sold out. I'll be really sad if I miss this =[

EDIT: Now it works!

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For some ungodly reason, I am writing a RESIDENT EVIL MUSICAL, with characters from both the movie and games.

What songs do you suggest certain characters sing? Srs and non srs answers.

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Do you like toast? I think it's my favorite food now. How do you eat it, burnt to a crisp, lightly toasted, heavy butter, hardly any butter? I cook it until it's ~golden brown and use a looot of butter.
Bob dylan

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Have any exciting news from your life that you'd like to share?

I just started my first real, full time, salary and benefits type job! I'm working at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. It looks like it's going to be lots of fun and rewarding, and the salary is enough that I will probably be able to move into an apartment with my boyfriend in a couple months. :D I am so crazily stoked.
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Aliens come down to visit planet Earth and find you wandering around. They take you up to their spaceship (and because of cultural differences, they do not ask permission of course. Random abduction is more acceptable in their society... so you'll have to forgive them)... once you're up there, sitting alone in a room, waiting for your anal probe and pondering what exactly you'll tell the nice people at the National Enquirer, the aliens step into the room.

"Greetings, pink fleshy Earth thing," they say. "Don't worry, we're not sticking anything up your butt, we recently discovered the Internet and goatse explained everything we really wanted to know. We actually have some questions about your human society we want answered!"

You agree, and they ask the following questions.

1. "We have heard of this 'Jesus' fellow... from the pictures we have seen, he looks like nothing more than a glowing hippy. Will you please explain why he's so popular?"

2. "Through discovering this human device 'television', we have learned that your world's greatest pleasure is watching fellow humans stand there on camera singing terribly and being ridiculed. Why is this?"

And lastly,

3. "All of the Internet and television is a little overwhelming and while it answers some of our questions, it is overwhelming. What would you say are some of your culture's most important qualities? What is it about this planet that makes it worthy for alien races to not destroy?"


How do you answer? (the funnier the better... these aliens have a surprisingly good sense of humor)

Letters of recommendation:

Have you ever gotten letters of recommendation from an employer to help you find your next job?

How many of you have had to write these letters yourself, and give them to your employer for signature?

If so, what did you say?

I've never NOT had to write my own. I hates it, it burns.

ETA, and this is more fun: What should I say in my letter of recommendation?
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To what extent do you give your friends honest dating advice? If your friend is dating someone you think is really wrong for her/she could do a lot better, do you say anything?
Do you have stories of times when you've interferred with a friend's love life?

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Who doesn't like their job?
Do you/have you ever let it get to you on those days you'd rather hit snooze and roll back over?
Or are you the type to rough it out and not complain?

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I just got a thanks in my comments from a post I made in my personal journal about some of the acts I like on America's Got Talent from Dan Myers the sword swallower!

Has anybody ever randomly posted a comment about something you've said in your personal journal?

Have you ever been contacted by someone who's famous or at least semi famous because of something you've said?

Amusing Quotes

My favorite commentary during last night's Olympics:

"He's moving so fast he makes everyone else look like they're going backwards."

This was during the men's 100m backstroke.

What was the last comment that made you chuckle and/or shake your head?

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 Do you think you can be in love with someone you've never met (like, in love over the internet)?  Do you think it truly is love?  Does it matter if you factor in daily phone conversations to that?

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So when a police officer asks to see your license and registration...what exactly is the registration?

I recently bought my first car, but haven't gotten tags for it yet. All I have is the title and a little card that has my VIN on it.

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1. Will you tell me about the last car accident you saw?
2. When is the last time you went swimming? What was it in (pool, ocean, lake, Jello, etc.)?
3. What's the oldest object in the room you're in? How old is it?
4. What's the last fruit you ate?
5. Did you have a treehouse as a kid? Or one of those wooden play structure things? That one is pretty badass.
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For all you married people! If you had people fly in from out of town for your wedding, what did you DO with them all weekend?

The wedding will take like 3 hours, maybe, at lunchtime on Saturday. So then there's Saturday night and all of Sunday to get through. I feel terrible that we'll have invited all these people to come, and then just abandon them, but we can't possibly cram everyone (20 or so people) into our house and make small talk all day >_
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I had an interview last week. The person called me back yesterday around 3:30 but I missed the call. Their message said they wanted to discuss a position with me. I called them back right away and got a voice mail and left a message. I also called back around 4:45 but didn't leave a message. I haven't heard back yet.

Should I call them back again today or am I getting stalkerish since I did leave one voice mail yesterday?
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Hair disaster

Due to a tl;dr series of misfortunes involving repeated applications of hair dye, I now have hair that has roughly the texture of cotton candy, and it is sitting on top of my head.

Is there anything I can put on it to make it look more like hair and less like fried fluff? It's pretty short, and is about to get even shorter after my visit to Supercuts today.

Should I just shave it off and tell people I've joined a cult?

Will you tell me stories of your hair mishaps? Bonus points for pictures.

ETA: I know you'll all be thrilled to know that slathering on a ton of conditioner and leaving it for a while, plus having Hair Guy wield his scissors, fixed a lot of the problem. My bangs are too short and since that was the part that was most damaged, I still have a small clump of dry looking hair at the front, but overall it looks tons better and I'm no longer convinced that people are pointing and laughing.

Law School Applications

Hey TQC,

I am applying to law school in the fall (probably around October). Do y'all have any tips? I really am struggling with coming up with a topic for my personal statement. Any ideas?

I would appreciate any advice y'all have! Thanks in advance.
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Why the hell do people give me shit when I say that the name I go by, Meghan, is my middle name? My middle name is just as 'given' as my first name!!!
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Idea is partially (mostly) stolen from hersecretsmile

1. If you're in high school or college or university, what are THREE classes you've taken previously that you absolutely loved, and why?

2. Also, what year of your studies/grade are you currently going in to, and what is your major/degree program (if you're not graduated high school yet, what do you want to major in?)?

Collapse )

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What children's toys do you secretly still think are the coolest things in the world? do you still play with any of them? have you figured out more "adult" utilizations of these toys?

I still play with legos, and I just recently bought a Nerf gun. I actually figured out a way to play russian roulette with it, which can totally be used in a drinking game or a strip version.

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inspired by my own comment...

ok so everyone knows that the inflicted turn into werewolves at the full moon. but isn't it also true that the moon is only technically 'full' for a few minutes? so my question is: if the moon is only full for a few minutes why aren't werewolves only werewolves for a few minutes? is it that those few minutes trigger a certain amount of werewolf hours?

BONUS QUESTION: my hair is not thick. so why does it take 3 hours to dry?

Email You Love?

1. Do you have a web-based email service that you adore? 

I have Gmail and hotmail currently. I love my Gmail but it's freaking time for hotmail to go and I'd like to use a separate company from Gmail. 

2. Don't Care? Would you care to tell TCQ something you DO care about?

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happy fun time

For those of you with photobucket, or whatever, will you please...

1. Post the last picture you uploaded?
2. Post the FIRST picture you ever uploaded?
3. Post a random gif from your gallery?
4. Post a totally random picture and offer no explanation?
5. Post a totally random picture and offer an explanation?

I'll do all this in comments.
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 When you are at an event and your country's national anthem plays, do you sing along?

When you are at home and your country's national anthem plays, do you stand up, remove your hat, and sing along?

Do you know the words to any national anthems from other countries?  Which ones?  Do you know the words to your own?
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Can I return an opened pack of disposable razors? They were $5.99 and don't work AT ALL. My legs are still quite stubbly. I feel like I can't because the package is obviously opened and one razor is gone.
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If someone promised you that you'd be taken care of financially (FOR THE SAKE OF THIS QUESTION IMAGINE THAT WHAT THEY'RE PROMISING IS LEGIT. NO, YOU HAVEN'T WON THE LOTTERY AND NO, THEY ARE NOT ABOUT TO BE YOUR SUGAR-DADDY, etc.) if you were to quit your job/career THIS VERY INSTANT, would you do so?

On a scale of 1 - 5 (5 being the best) how much do you enjoy going to your place of employment and doing that which are you getting paid to do?

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Poll #1239531 Pigs in a blanket

In some unusual turn of events, you end up in the mountains hiking with a bunch of random hikers. Among them is John Goodman. There's snow all around you and the lot of you are trudging along, miles from civilization. Half of you are carrying camping supplies, the rest are carrying food. Suddenly, there's an avalanche, and you're separated from the rest. It's just you and John Goodman, holed up in a cave. Both of you are soaked to the bone. Luckily, he has a sleeping bag. "We'll have to strip down to our bare asses and huddle together to avoid frostbite", he says, as he hops out of his wet duds into the only sleeping bag: a single. What do you do?

Get naked. Cuddle with Goodman. Anything to fight off the chill
Strip down to my wet underwear. Climb into the bag. Hope it's enough to stave off deadly pneumonia
Climb into bag fully clothed. Fuck that pervy shit
Stay the hell away from the naked Blues Brother. Shiver to death in a corner somewhere. There are some fates worse than death

Edit: You were carrying food, not camping gear

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boys and girls, i need a new laptop. will you tell me about your good/bad experiences, what brands to stay away from, etc? is it worth spending over $1,000?

please note - i will just need it for email, downloading and watching movies, online shopping, and general surfing of the interweb - so it doesn't have to be super crazy lightning speed or anything.
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Where can I watch Olympic events online that I missed that ISN'T I can't watch it there because I can't install Silverlight on this computer/use it with firefox, and when I try to do the Windows Media Player way of viewing it in Internet Explorer, it says there is an error on the page, and nothing plays.


What do you think is the cause for high divorce rates?
Do the right thing?

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I've just recently heard that a cinema chain in the UK is banning popcorn (for a trail run). So I ask you oh great and wonderful TQC

Should popcorn be banned in cinemas?

Who else wants buttered popcorn back?

(no subject)

For those who are in college, what do you do when you have four hours between classes, and still don't have material to study in?

Does your university have places to waste your time in?

One for all the travelers out there

Hay TQC, I haz a questionz.

I'm taking a short trip tomorrow that requires I get on a plane and I'm pretty much aware of the basic rules (no big bottles of shampoo or other liquid etc) but I can't really find a good answer on these two points - so a little help maybe?

1.) I read on the TSA site that prescription meds are allowed, but that they have to be declared at security; is this right? Do I have to pull the bottles out of my backpack and show them or is it okay as long as it doesn't come up?

2.) Are batteries allowed in a carry-on? I'm not talking about the "it'll explode if you look at it cross-eyed" type of batteries as much as the standard AAA batteries needed to power a faux!pod. Is it another case of let them know you have it or is it better to just let it come up?

Thanks in advance for the help, TQC!
Family tree.
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 I've got to post some letters and I only have "Christmas edition" stamps in the house.

Should I just use these or should I go to the post office and buy new ones? 
Purple Forest

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Do any of you have Verizon FIOS? How is the service (compared to iO, DirecTV, etc. etc.)?
We're supposed to be getting FIOS soon and right now we have DirecTV (which I don't recommend anyone ever getting) but I want to know if it really is all that or should we just go back to iO which we had before DirecTV.

If you have any other TV + internet service provider you think is pretty good, what's the name of it?

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unemployed folks, how long you been out of work?

4 months. Maybe I should try to fit in another part time between school and prac, but I don't know.

employed folks, how long have you been at your job?

what's a bad euphemism for vagina?

axe wound.

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I'm finally living on my own for the first time. I'm trying to be as economical as possible when it comes to cooking. Do you know of any first-timers websites on tips to build a pantry of things you will use up before they expire in a collection of recipes? For example, if you buy eggs, bread, milk and cheese, you can do all sorts of combinations - grilled cheese, french toast, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, an omelette.

Most of the websites I'm coming across give the obvious pantry list, but don't really give me some creative ideas of what I can whip up with everything. If it helps, I consider myself a pretty capable cook; I'm just not efficient at coming up with ideas of things to throw together.

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I'm seriously sick of shopping for car insurance. It makes me GRRR.

What kind of vehicle do you have? Who do you have your car insurance through? What kind of coverage do you have? Care to share how much you pay a month? Have you had to utilize your car insurance? Ever thought of setting your car on fire and buying a bike so you don't have to deal with car insurance anymore? That's what I'm thinking of doing.

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Poll #1239634 Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get them X-Ray Peepers?

You have the power to see through clothes! However, every time you use this power, you gain 5 lbs. By the end of the year, how much weight will you have gained?

More than 100, less than 200
More than 200

Where would you use your power?

Strip club
Construction yard
Bar/dance club/disco
Baseball games
I wouldn't use this power

Around the time you got this power, you noticed that your SO has gotten really fat. Even if they denied it, would you assume they have x-ray vision too?


You can see someone in TQC completely naked. Who do you pick?


Rhetorical at this point...

How come I can embed this video (see cut) in an LJ post, but not in a fucking comment? ETA: This shit only happens with Myspace videos. Youtube ones are fine. And I am aware that Myspace sucks kthx ;) (Although it makes my videos look better than Youtube does!)

Collapse )

I made a comment too so you could see what I'm talking about.

Also sorry if this falls under LJ support. I think it moreso falls under "general HTML fuckery".


OK, I checked the FAQ. Why, then, DO Youtube videos work in comments? LOLZ.
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You're sitting in your local coffee shop, reading, by yourself. You have to USE the bathroom RIGHTNOW.

Do you:

A: Grab your purse and leave your stuff at the table while you use the bathroom
B: Grab your purse and ask a stranger to watch your stuff while in the bathroom
C: Grab all of your stuff and toss your drink in the trash
D: Grab all of your stuff and bring your drink in the bathroom with you
E: Other, explain
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Of all the people you have lost, how many have you managed to say goodbye to before they past?
Ratio? 23 dead, 1 real goodbye, 7 parting goodbyes before death seemed like it would happen
What about pets?
over 10 dead. goodbye to 1.
How many human funerals have you been to?
Do you feel cheated when you don't get to say goodbye?

(no subject)

What do you thin of the icon of the person who commented before you? First comment is in reply to mine then reply to the comment of the perso whose icon you are grading. Kai?

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i just cut up a fresh cucumber to try to squeeze an extra round of pickles out of a jar of spicy pickles my uncle made. i put them in the juice and they're sitting in my fridge. does any one else do this? how long should i wait?

some of these are kind of retro. open your mind.

which songs do you enjoy?

Baby I'm a Star, prince
Just Like a Star, corinne bailey rae
Shining Star, earth wind & fire
Video Killed the Radio Star, the buggles
All Star, smashmouth
Lucky Star, madonna
Shooting Star, bad company
Stardust, nat king cole
Good Morning Starshine, from the musical HAIR
Ziggy Stardust, david bowie
When You Wish Upon a Star, from Pinocchio
Swing on a Star, bing crosby
Superstar, the Carpenters
Wishing on a Star, rose royce
oh, suzer, i would probably like more of these songs if i actually knew them
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(no subject)

If you went to someone's house, and knocked on the door or rang the doorbell and no one answered, under what circumstances would you open the door or try the door?

If the door was open, would you go inside?
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(no subject)

For those of you who write:

Do you force yourself to write every day, regardless of whether or not you're feeling inspired? Or do you only write when you really feel compelled to write about something?

(no subject)

I was driving past a bench at a bus stop and it had an old picture of a young man. Written next to it was, "Where is Raymond Harris?" and then, "Missing since [Month] [Date] 1971". 

Do you think after 37 years this guy will ever be found? 

(no subject)

How agonizing are mosquito bites on the bottom of your foot?

When you have a bite or an itch, which do you say: "I need to itch it" or "I need to scratch it"? I've used the latter all my life, but when I got to college I heard many people use the first. A bite itches, so you scratch it. Right?

ETA: For the second question, I know I'm right, I was more interested in seeing what more people say. :) Perhaps it's a regional thing - a lot of my friends from the Midwest use the first. Can anyone confirm or are my friends just stupid?

(no subject)

I want to go apply to Babeland as a sale associate today, but they require a cover letter.
How do I sound qualified for the job without making myself out to be a creep but rather full of awesome?

Any tips for writing a bangin' letter for a sex shop?
Halloween 2

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If you were me which would you choose?

go home, eat cereal, go to west coast swing class, get money from bank
go home, vacuum, get money from bank, grocery shop, eat tacos
go home, eat cereal, vacuum and do laundry, get money from bank, go to bed early

ps the order in which I do these is non-negotiable.
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1. If I used a recipe for chocolate chip cookies and just left out the chocolate chips, they wouldn't turn out as mutant death cookies, would they? Surely the chocolate chips aren't integral to the recipe(?).

2. What's the last cartoon you watched?

3. Did you have a favorite stuffed animal/toy as a kid? What was it? Do you still have it?

4. Where is my camera?

5. Would you like to buy the rest of our stuff so I don't have to keep listing stuff on craigslist and taking stuff to Goodwill? TQC DISCOUNT!
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Is there a (children's) movie or a (kid's) tv show that made you anxious or scared of when you were a child (excluding horror-themed ones)?

The reason I ask this is because my brother's kids are watching All Dogs Go To Heaven downstairs, and although I don't remember the full story of it, I remember bits and pieces that make me feel really nervous to watch it... there was also another movie about these little bugs that were possessed and that freaked me out for a long time.

(no subject)

1. Would you partake in an orgy if you knew that that one person you have lusted over forever was involved, but not knowing the other participants? You do not have the option of just being selective; once you dive in, there will be penis and vagina everywhere, with sexual preference taken in to account (no strange insertions for those that like to keep their holes pristine).

2. You're a super villain. You're allowed to destroy one historical landmark, erasing one of man kinds greatest endeavors. What would it be?

3. You have to fuck an animal to save yourself and your loved ones, but you get the choice of species. What species? edit Humans do not count unless you are not one.
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

*dumb question*

Where do I go to register to vote? I tried googling but I didn't want to give away info online if it wasn't legit. Can you do it at a library or post office...?

Have you ever filled out an absentee ballot?
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1. I'm trying to lose about 5lbs by my birthday which is at the end of this month & possibly 25lbs by Christmas/New Year's, as HEALTHY as possible. I need some foods (ie. lettuce/salads) that I can eat a TON of that won't cause me to bloat up like a balloon! (: So what do you eat when you're trying to lose weight? (cuz I've been +2 lbs, -1 lb, back and forth with different weight plateauing/fluctuating).

2. Favorite books? (I'm trying to get back into reading again)

3. Worst dining experience ever?
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1. Females of TQC, how do you feel about being with a guy who is skinnier and/or shorter than you? Is your current partner bigger or smaller than you?

2. Males of TQC, how do you feel about being with a girl who is bigger and/or taller than you? Is your current partner bigger or smaller than you?
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My dad just gave me $30 to use for a taxi tonight because he is convinced the Bowery subway station is dangerous and I will be shot/stabbed/robbed/beheaded if I'm there alone late at night. I took the money, and said I would take a taxi, but I'm actually going to take the subway like I always do.

Am I really that much safer taking a taxi than I am waiting around in the always-empty Bowery subway station late at night?

What should I do with the $30? What would you do with it? I'm definitely spending some of it at Crumbs.
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What's the craziest thing you've seen on freecycle?

What is the best thing you've gotten off freecycle?

What is the "best" thing you have offered?

And for those of you not using freecycle, do you donate things to Goodwill or other similar organizations?

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1. You may never know whether or not my questions are original! What do you think of that?

and also because the first question is kind of boring

2. What would you think of a guy who wears two ponytails?

I think it looks stupid.

3. What's the most recent thing you searched for?

" fellatio"

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If someone tells you they are "really getting into those vampire romance novels", what books would you think they were talking about?

The only vampire series I'm aware of are the Anne Rice books, which have some erotica in them, but I don't think they are the ones being referred to.

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Is there any appeal to going to a male gynecologist? AT ALL? idgi
Edit: Unless it is in fact Nathan Fillion a la Waitress.

For those of you in school, what do you do to keep your assignments and stuff straight? Do you have a system with a planner or what?

Is there an artist/band that you've really started to love recently? I have really gotten into Rilo Kiley and Santogold lately.

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do you ever get a random phrase in your head and then you can't stop saying it out loud for no reason?! what phrases?!!?

the other day i had the phrase 'teal deer' in my head so much!! i was with my friend and every time she'd ask me a question or anything i'd reply 'teal deer!!!' straight away!! i think she was confused and annoyed!!

today i have 'OM THE GODDOM BOTMON!!!' in my head, i keep running around my flat shouting it at nothing! i do a particular facial expression to go with it too!!